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  1. Mar 17, 2014
    Reduced my rating from 3 to 0. D3 no longer exists in it's original form. Blizzard killed the game with patch 2.0 for worse. All they needed to do was give us simple things like more acts/areas to play, events, etc, not revamp and facelift the entire game balance and mechanics. Barbarian class is garbage now, whilst Wizzard is godly. Main stats are on steroids, life steal buried, AH buried, BOA and no trading possible. PvP still doesn't exist as was promised >3 years ago. Blizzard/Activision is a garbage company still trying to ride on their past glories from decade ago. Expand
  2. May 18, 2012
    While Diablo 3 isn't perfect it is still a GREAT game. I was worried that the skills trees and stat points were removed. BUT the rune system really allows you to differentiate your play style and the stats are now WAAYYY more straight forward which is actually nice. There are some problems with the story and some of the lines are hilariously bad. Overall I love this game though and will probably be smashing up demons for a while. Also it seems like people who didn't buy the game are reviewing here which is ridiculous... drm! servers! rabblerabblerabble! Expand
  3. May 20, 2012
    I found that the looting system in Diablo 3 disappointing. Once you hit hell the grinding begins and there doesn't seem to be any reason to do it because your options don't really exist but in some lame ass skill runes. The skill runes suck because they're just a breakdown of what each skill should have been without the runes anyhow. Its a graphically impressive games with some real pro work on fx but thats doesn't excuse the poor design. Expand
  4. May 25, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I have been a Blizzard fan since they were making console games. It was a long time ago. I have seen over the time amazing game after amazing game come out from them. Until now. Don't get me wrong. Diablo 3 from a game play stand point is amazing. But thats were the good things end. Everything else is surprisingly average. The sound, the music, the voice acting, the graphics. All fail to impress in any way. There are glimmers of great in the sea of mediocrity but that doesn't make up for all the mess.

    Speaking of a mess. The story is a disaster. It is so bad there is just no place to start. So i will just make a list of things it fails at: It fails:

    - at creating atmosphere
    - at creating scary villains
    - at making any kind of sense for the game
    - at making the player feel anything

    So it pretty much fails across the board. All the things a story should do in a game context the Diablo 3 story doesn't do.

    So what do we have in the end. A game with great game play, mediocre sound, music, voice acting and graphics and a story so bad it laughable. Buy it according to what matters to you in a game.
  5. May 28, 2012
    Huge disappointment. Story was meh. Servers are crap (I love lag in a single player game...) and are constantly being brought down/restarted. AH still doesn't work. PvP isn't even in the game. Act 4 was never actually finished. Nothing is remotely balanced. Endless bugs (from pathing/jittering to stupid follower AI to item stats that don't even work to boss abilities that bug out, I could go on for pages...) End game revolves around the AH, as there's no feasible way to grind or farm the gear needed to progress without buying off the AH (the one the doesn't work). With the RMAH in the works blizz made sure that the only way to succeed was to buy your way through inferno. In the end its a 60$ bug fest that is pay to win... Oh how the mighty have fallen. Expand
  6. Jun 12, 2012
    This is a good game,with many fixable problems(servers/loot/diff). But! This is not a diablo game,it lost its atmosphere,its feeling,it turned into a grind game with roles, Yes just like wow.I'd rather had 5 more diablo 2 expansions thans this gam,and i want Jay wilson to gtfo of diablo and these guys come back!( The game, with its dark fantasy and horror themes, was conceptualized and designed by David Brevik and Erich Schaefer, who with Max Schaefer acted as project leads on the game. The producers were Matthew Householder and Bill Roper.) - taken from wikipedia - Diablo 2 Even if i played like 120hrs now,i will play more but it bores me now,diablo 2 never bored me for 4 years, Everybody say that D2 became good after lod and patches,in my opinion if this is true why couldn't they bring those goodies in D3. If this game hadn't been called Diablo it would be a 10+++++ rated game,but because it bears the name diablo,and cant exceed the minimum for it,it gets only 7. Expand
  7. Jun 20, 2012
    I've put about 150 hours into game with 3 high level characters so you know that i have played this long enough to tell you DO NOT BUY THIS GAME:

    The game was exciting although repetative up until inferno (last difficulty). In order to get past where i'm at i need millions of gold because of the broken economy in Auction House. In order for me to get that gold i either have to grind for
    one hour per 100 thousand gold or i can just buy from the "real money auction house" for 1 dollar per 100k gold. So basically grinding becomes extremely boring and repetative and makes you almost forced to pay real money to continue. If not, you're literally grinding for 1 dollar an hour. In order to get the gear i need to finish with second act of inferno I need min 15 million gold which means i either grind 120 to 160 hours the same damn part of the game or pay out of pocket 150 dollars. Than it gets worse in act 3 and 4. This game is cheap in the fact the content is so short only made harder several times over (they did that in diablo 2 which was fine cuz of limited space on CDs , now its just an excuse of being lazy in order to not make further game content). The art is pretty, but the graphics are terrible at least a good 10 years out of date. Expand
  8. Jun 5, 2014
    Updating my review past all of the changes.
    Finally they did what players wanted. They made the game about loot. It still gets tedious very quickly solo player, but the new Adventure mode is great to play with friends
  9. Jul 24, 2012
    Got to say, massive WoW and SWToR fan, love Mass Effect, Dark Souls, SkyRim etc, so massive RPG type fan.

    This game is just click the left button at baddies, no skill required bug ridden game, GFX are dull, gameplay is so basic, it predates pong. Quite shocked how well rated by the real critics this game is.
  10. Jul 28, 2012
    I remember playing Diablo 1 & 2 many years ago. These games were stunning, perfectly shaped and will always be some kind of a quality symbol for me. I've waited for Diablo III for a long, long time, to be honest - ever since I've finished playing D2. When I finally got to play it I was extremely disappointed, to say the least. Tons of problems, infamous Error 37, and all this to find out that the game is awful. Terrible story, totally screwed up loot, lots of bugs and bad graphics. I can't express how tricked I feel.

    This game is by far not worth its name. Maybe our mind would be different if this game was just a no-name, it's still not that bad after all, but this is not an ordinary one - it's descendant of one of the most important series in all time and as such, we had right to expect something much, much better. Shame on you Blizzard!
  11. Aug 6, 2012
    4/5 (Good) Come on guys, the game is good or at least it's "ok" (3/5), but I understand the negativity around it. Do you remember the FIRST time you played Diablo? and the feeling of reaching yet another "section" of the "main dungeon", where everything was new and dangerous (and you where DEFINITLY closer to hell)? How about the first time you played Diablo 2? I remember playing the DEMO where you play the Barb for the first two quests, and think: "Wow, this is... nice!" --- WHERE IS THAT "FEELING" IN D3? It's not there. So the game is good, but is NOT the game we were waiting for. Expand
  12. Nov 21, 2012
    For a game that has been postponed for 10 years Diablo 3 left much to be desired. From a short campaign to the online. Act I - II were decent lengths whilst, Act III and IV seemed to be rushed and left more to be desired. The amount of hot fixing that has been made to the game shouldn't have if Blizzard would have originally listened to the community. The legendary drops were mediocre compared to that of rares. Diablo 3 becomes a grinding mess after finishing Hell mode. It seems it was set up to prevent the player from advancing through inferno mode keeping them to do endless runs trying to obtain decent gear. Many players found ways to make this easier and Blizzard either changed or nerfed their methods. It also seems classes were and possible are not balanced. While a hunter could take out enemies in inferno mode with one or two hits, another player using any other class could have much more difficulty on doing so. It made the player base just run around with DH characters instead of actually offering variety. No PvP upon release is another reason why this game has failed and the overpowered DH must be the reason why. The combat system is basic and not as complex as the other Diablos and falls far behind them. The only plus to this game is the RMAH and AH where players can sell items for real money or player money. I have to say after playing Diablo for 3 months I left the game and never looking back. It can continue be the failure mess Blizzard made it to be. Expand
  13. Mar 6, 2013
    TL;DR A quick cash-in on some nostalgia and the genre defining previous game, nothing but a sign of the state Blizzard has slumped to.

    If you want an Korean Grindfest MMO with a paid auction house, then you might enjoy this. Welcome to "Grind through the game 3 times on easy until you get to Inferno: The Game". Always Online, dumbed-down classes and gear system, lackluster story,
    gameplay and art design that hits a brick wall after Act 1, ridiculous gear gap between Hell and Inferno that will force you into the AH, Always Online also basically denying you your game if you have internet problems or LOL BLIZZARD SERVERS on your damn SINGLE PLAYER GAME. The fact that Hardcore mode can be influenced by the state of your internet/Blizzard's servers is almost downright sickening. The couple good things I will mention at least are the graphics, art design in Act 1, enemies that do feel like relentless hordes on occasion, animations, and the gear design is alright but definitely borrowed from WoW.

    I can't argue though if you enjoy the MMO style grindfest that Diablo has now become. Overall, this was simply an Acti-Blizz cash cow that they had to milk, at the expense of all the hype and fans.
  14. Aug 26, 2013
    I will try to be as unbiased as possible: + Fluent gamplay and fun combat + Good sound effects + Easy to learn... - easy to master - Horrible story, really the writing is atrocious - Skill system is pure **** - Doesn't offer any real customization - Graphics are always blurred and even highest setting looks bad - Horribly designed skills - Horrible itemization - General design of important game aspects underwhelming

    All in all: 4/10 would not buy again.

    As a Diablo fan you will find the story is an insult to the genre and to its fans. The itemization is just terrible and everybody who was tasked with the job should leave the gaming industry forever. As should the designers of the skill system it offers no customization at all. It is obvious that the D3 developers don't understand what makes a good aRPG because this game is an arcade game that caters to less than casual players.

    As a Diablo fan this game is a: -1 10
  15. Nov 12, 2014
    It's a shame the original release has saddled this game with such a negative score, because as the game stands today it's a masterpiece. I was looking for a game just as addicting as Diablo 2, but with improvements across the board. While I was dismayed by it's original state, I can happily say post-patches and post-expansion it is everything I wanted and more. Even as it was in it's original state I would have given it a 7/10, so it's obvious that those giving it anything below a "4" have the typical "gamer butt hurt syndrome". Some gamers have no sense of responsibility and just want to rag on a decent game because of one or two mistakes. Disgusting. In this day and age people listen to those reviews and act accordingly. Why bother posting an inaccurate review?

    This game as it stands today is highly addicting, fast-paced, loot-gathering fun. The only thing I missed was not being able to assign attribute points, but I understand the reasoning behind taking it away. Thank god finally everyone gets their own loot drops! That was my major gripe about Diablo 2.

    Any fan of Diablo games needs to pick this! And everyone else should strongly consider giving it a try.
  16. May 15, 2012
    I can usually find a redeaming feature in just about anything and never cast straight zeroes (and very rarely straight 10s), but if value returned for money paid is exactly zero, what can I say?
    Being unable to use the product I bought because of a feature I did not want, IS a straight zero.
    Another company brought down by greed, incompetence and unacceptable business practises.
    Why was it
    possible to play Starcraft in offline mode once I logged in, and why isn't it in D3? If I'm FORCED to be online all of the time, there is NO excuse for not enough servers in use or the software not working. I refuse to be cheated and patronized by companies that take my money and THEN treat me like a criminal. No more games with forced online mode in single player for me. Period. Expand
  17. May 15, 2012
    wow what is this i paid for?? so bad, cannot log in or do anything without a stupid internet connection. thank god amazon let me return it. diablo one was awesome, diablo 2 was ok, but this is crap. no more blizzard games ever!
  18. Jun 26, 2012
    After playing D3 for close to 70 hours now, I have to say that while it has fun moments, it has overall been quite a disappointment. I absolutely loved D2, and logged hundreds of hours playing it over a decade ago. D3, unfortunately, does not live up to the legacy of D2. I feel as though I got my money's worth in the time I played and a somewhat enjoyable story.. But as a Diablo game, it falls very short. Expand
  19. May 15, 2012
    It has been a horrible nightmare trying to get this game downloaded and then to get logged in. They let you go through an 8gb download only to find at the end there's a corrupted file and you have to reinstall. They give you a line of bunk that you have to reset your modem and turn off your firewall and all this other crap that doesn't do squat.

    Then when I finally get into the game I
    am shocked at how it plays compared to Diablo 2. No more stat customizations, no more skill choices, no more anything customized by the player to make his character unique. It's just a romper room game of hack n slash. The 8 year olds out there will love this. Look Mommy Look I beat up dah bad guy, I rock.....can I have some juice now peeze.

    It is so simple easy and linear it's just not worth playing. Gawd I hate getting ripped off in the computer gaming industry but you know how they work NO REFUNDS SUCKAH.

    So, I'm just telling you DON'T WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THIS! It's just not worth it and the headaches will be horrible because you'll be sitting looking at the screen to login more than you'll actually be able to play
  20. May 15, 2012

    1-3 The servers are down
    4-6 the servers are up

    It's a coinflip at this point.

    The launch has been a disaster. I thought this kind of crap was over?
  21. May 16, 2012
    This is the first game in many years which absolutely will not let me play it. Two days of trying to install it, patch it and launch it to no avail. I've gotten it fully installed twice, only to sit at the welcome screen, unable to play because the servers are maxed out. I've had about 40 or 50 failed attempts to install it, and then maybe 20 attempts to patch it without success. I must say that I fell for the hype and pre-ordered the game, only to be unable to play it. I'm going to park it for a month or two and come back to it in time. I'm quite disappointed - this is Blizzard, not EA. I expect Blizzard to release it when it's ready, not when they have to. Rookie mistake by Blizz, and clearly a lot of miffed customers. Expand
  22. May 16, 2012
    It is Diablo III. No matter what you get out of the other reviews, it is a great hack and slasher and my favorite since Titan Quest. It's a lot of fun to play (when you can play it) and the skill system is pretty well done. I will say that the game seems to be (at least on my first playthrough) stingy with good loot and it probably won't get as many replays out of me as it could have. Sound is great, spells look great and feel great. All that being said I regret my purchase because this game is not worth $60. The RMAH and always on DRM (that prevents legal purchasers from playing) is patently anti-consumer and has bumped Blizz out of my personal pantheon of greats. This should have been distributed F2P because it is monetized like a MOBA and you have no real ownership at the end of the day. Buy on sale. Expand
  23. May 16, 2012
    very dissapointed blizzard. i was once a very loyal fan of you. but ever since starcraft 2 there has been a missing spark about your games. starcraft 2 had poor voice acting, poor story and the characters seem hollow and empty. diablo 3 on the otherhand felt more like a WoW title with the diablo 3 brand superglued to it. the lack of gothic feel, the cartoony character models, lack of stat point allocation and set unlocks of skills combined with the linear progression is highly dissapointing. i guess this is what you get when blizzard north go packing. Expand
  24. May 17, 2012
    First I will say to people that this isn't an MMO. If you never played Diablo 2 then your lost. This is an action RPG limited to 4 player coop. I'm glad I didn't purchase this game because of so many reasons. 1)Back in 2008 there was that artistic direction petition. 2)The people who did DIablo 2 were not doing this game. 3)DRM in 2011 which there was also a petition on the single player portion of the game.
    4)Real Money Auction House.
    5)WOW player who subscribed a full year got the game free. I played WOW for 5 years and I wasn't eligible for this so I cancelled my subscription when I heard of this.
    6)No Druids or Paladins
    7)What they made Tyreal into.-saw youtube video
    8)The story and voice overs-read about it
    9)The length of the game which is shorter than Diablo 2-someone told me they beat it in 5 hours.
    10)The COW level-smh

    As for the servers not working I say thats BS. Back when Diablo 2 was released I had 56k modem and a pentium 733 with a 20 gig harddrive and I played the game fine with my other friends. We are in 2012 where people have pentium 4 and terabyte drives and fast internet connection. There is no excuse for this crap. None. Everyone should be able to play the game with no problem whatsoever. I'm done with blizzard crap and I will never buy anymore of there products again.
  25. May 21, 2012
    What can I say about Diablo 3? Well, it did a good job gettng me hyped, too bad it doesn't quite live up to it. How could it really? About 10 years in the making, it almost became Duke Nukem Forever, in quite a literal sense too... Too many bad choices by the devs, always online DRM, the dumbed down skill-system and the far to linear levels... Which by the way, aren't that interesting. This game called Diablo 3 just doesn't feel like Diablo, it feels like a chore to play this game. I want to play Diablo 3 by myself, that's what I like to do, so having to log into servers to play singleplayer just feels wrong. The game in itself feels lacking anyway, I can't help to wonder what they've been doing all this time. The only really fun thing about this game is the skills and costumizing them, even though they are quite few compared to Diablo 3. Actually, I can't quite grasp the fact that it's this dumbed down, now town portal scrolls or identify scrolls are needed, just wait a bit. I was actually surprised when I found a piece of armor I had to identify, since I didn't know how I figured I'd learn it later but then I saw the icon, "click to identify", I clicked and after a sec it was identified, I was amazed... What was the point of even having unidentified items to begin with? To make it a surprise what you picked up? I don't know why this game was released this way, new devs mixed in with the fact that it's been touched by Activision? Who knows, but all I know is that it's hard to recommend it even to fans, I'd say those who are most likely to enjoy it is people wanting a gateway into RPG's, but if you want something deeper and more meaningful then just keep looking since even Skyrim has this beat in complexity. I have no choice but to give this the score of 4/10, I'll keep playing it, but I won't feel that good about it... Only good thing about this is the Music and the few Skills there are, if that's enough then go right ahead and buy it. It's more mindless fun than a deep experience, which disappointed me atleast. Expand
  26. May 21, 2012
    Ignore all the butt-hurt idiots whining the game sucks because they couldn't log in day one, or because it made a drastic change of game mechanics from Diablo 2. This is a fantastic game. It has captured the look, sound and feel of Diablo and then some. For veterans of the series, you'll find yourself flying through Normal mode while utterly destroying everything, having the real challenge come in Hell and Inferno modes. No problem there. The graphics are phenomenal, each class is fun to play and unlike Diablo 2, gold is actually a currency as opposed to gems, Stone of Jordan's and poison runes. My best advice is to ignore the idiots who are giving negative reviews -without even playing the game- and looking to rage about really frivolous things. If you're a Diablo fan, or a newcomer, I strongly recommend this game. Expand
  27. May 21, 2012
    Diablo 3 is the Serious Sam of RPGs. You, the player will be bombarded relentlessly with masses demons, the graphics are pristine and the levels are well designed and variant, the skill system offers multiple combinations (so there always something different to try )and the game play is fluid and exhilarating. However.. You now level up in a predetermined manner, your stats are applied automatically unlike it 's predecessor Diablo 2. Having to be online to play results in the occasional connection problems

    .... So in conclusion i give diablo 3 [ 8/10] ... worth buying but i still prefer Diablo 2
  28. May 24, 2012
    No unique character development - auto-levelling, which means every character of the same class is the same, except gear. And surprise, there is a PayToWin shop in game. For gear. See connection? That would be ok for F2P, but an absolute NO for a game costing around 60$. Plus AlwaysOnlineDRM, which forces you to bow to every whim of Blizzard. Short single player campaign. Launch problems and conection issues at day one. All in all - a very very bad direction in gaming. For its current price and state, it is definately a 0. Expand
  29. Jun 8, 2012
    Tedious, extremely easy, popcorn trash. The cynical uber-greedy business model surrounding this plague is also utterly sickening. People with minds and souls avoid.
  30. Jun 12, 2012
    A decent game made worse by the fact that I can't play it when I want to.

    1. Regarding the online requirement: I thought that this concern was hogwash at first. However, the game is often down. I have limited windows of time to play, and more-than-rarely am I unable to play my f*cking game because the servers are down. This is structured as a single-player game with an option to
    co-op, so this really pisses me off. Really.
    2. The game itself is merely ok. First of all the story is weak and seems to become seriously rushed in the second act. Worse than the story is the dialogue which is terrible. I also don't care for the fact that your heroes have all sorts of irritating remarks and one-liners. I preferred the stoic types from the first two games. The gameplay is fun, but not the least bit revolutionary. Thematically the game is vastly inferior to its predecessors. Using the D3dark mod helps the atmosphere, but nothing about the game installs that sense of dread and creepiness that the first two games had.
    All that said, there's no reason to give it a 1. I don't know why it took this long to make a game that begins rushing through the plot less than halfway through and contains a very limited number of Blizzard's signature cut scenes. Meh. Swing and a foul ball, Blizz. Not nearly as good at Starcraft 2.
  31. Jun 14, 2012
    Good combat system, a fairly well-designed skill system that leaves you juggling constantly, and decent presentation. For me, that's where it stops. The storyline and voice acting are verging on spoof, the difficulty levels of late game are nowhere near challenging enough, and it's incredibly short. Once you've finished it two or three times there really is no need at all to ever play it again. Overall a big letdown, in fact I'd hugely recommend Diablo 2 over this, regardless of technical advances. Expand
  32. Nov 4, 2012
    1.05 Patch has Brought life back to a game that should of been great but had a very very very terrible start. Now we await the long need of the next step to this game, PVP.
  33. Feb 27, 2013
    One of the best auction house simulators currently available.
    Though the whole thing is tied to a game, so only 4/10, without the game this simulator would have gotten 10/10 from me.
    The games outdated graphics, idiot-proof gameplay and no depth at all combined with a very very bad and short story sadly drag the simulation down.
    I wish that there was an auction-house-simulator as good
    as this without an unnecesary game atached to it. Expand
  34. Jul 26, 2013
    When you see the startling difference between User Review and Critics Review scores, you quickly draw the obvious conclusion: Diablo 3 has no right of existence and has been hyped beyond belief, while delivering a sub-par experience that has not only been riddled with launch and patch problems in the past, but today still suffers from a bad design, extremely limited content and too many console-friendly mechanics choices.

    Diablo 3 wants to be plug and play for the masses, but that is never the game it was intended to be from part one. Fun for single playthrough on a day off, as eight to nine hours should do the job. Easily. The game does not deserve a single hour more, though.
  35. Aug 21, 2013
    I'll cut this real short and simple:

    -Always online DRM. Hosting own game in D2 worked just fine. No reason for this garbage except No single player mode incredibly insulting. Screams of greed.

    -Real Money Auction House: You may have thought you didn't need to use the AH if you didn't want. You were wrong as gear drop rates are so low it has been clearly designed to force you to
    spend money on top of the $60 full price you spent on the game itself.

    -Storyline absolutely abysmal. I thoroughly enjoyed the Medieval Gothic themes of D1 & D2. Here we have bright colors, non-dark environments and no gothic art style to be found anywhere. Instead we get Starcraft Protoss heaven. Literally everything about the storyline was terrible to me. Tyreal going from this mysterious, cool sounding rebel archangel to a random black guy. Deckard Cain killed for literally no reason. Diablo and all other major act bosses are simply generic villain clones that look like something out of WoW raid dungeons. Game forces you on rails through each quest in order so no skipping quests once you've already beaten the game.

    -5+ years on development would have given sufficient time for a good team of industry veterans to create a deep, huge game world with interesting mechanics and things to do. Instead you can beat the game in less than 12 hours.

    -No skill/talent trees from D2. Can't make interesting builds. Instead you have a limited skill pool to choose from, which is easier for casuals to understand but don't as much customization as D2 skills tree did.

    -Server and lag issues that exist solely because of always online DRM. Hardcore players regularly killed because of lag and coding.

    Perhaps one of the most sad aspects of this whole experience is there are still legions of die hard, fanboy zealots that absolutely adore being spoonfed this kind of extreme From a gameplay perspective and a business perspective D3 is absolutely a ripoff when one has at least a tad of experience under their belt. Do you think other companies could get away with this Imagine all car companies required their cars to be logged in & connected to wi-fi internet in order to work in order to stop automobile thefts. Do you think that kind of business model would work? No. People would be outraged and actually spam them with letters telling them just where they can shove it.

    In the game industry however, I'd wager to say most gamers are between ages 12-28 and as such these people are less likely to have experience in business, thus the industry can still make a profit ripping people off. They get away with it because young people in that age group usually don't care or lack the knowledge to make informed decisions. When you buy Diablo 3, you are literally using your wallet to tell Blizzard to make more games like this. Companies will always trail what was successful in the past. Every gamer should NEVER pre-order a video game and instead read many reviews and watch many raw gameplay footage of said game after release before deciding to buy.

    Thus sadly, Diablo 3 style games will continue to be pumped out by blizzard such as their "Reaper of Souls" expansion pack. Diablo 3 no doubt was commercially successful despite it clearly being an inferior experience to its predecessors that are a decade old. The people to blame for this mess are the gamers who wasted their money on this and encouraged this rotten business behaviour.

    I should know, I was regretfully one of them.
    Never again however. I haven't touched Heart of the Swarm and never will. However the cinematics quality was high, but the way the story played out was laughable.
  36. Jan 8, 2014
    Diablo 3 is a good game. It disappoints in some aspects and really appeals in others. The start up bugs are ironed out and the experience is enjoyable but flawed. The plot has serious flaws and the game progress feels very rigid. Its fun how you can change your skills quickly as you choose but the game comes down to being an item grind. Best gear makes the best character and that's the whole purpose of the game. Its an enjoyable experience overall when approached without overwhelming expectations. Expand
  37. Feb 17, 2014
    Not as good as Diablo 1 or 2 or even Torchlight 1 or 2. Basically 4 things drag it down HARD. 1. Worst of all it is pay to win (but not even close to free to play). Inexcusable for a game you pay for. Obnoxiously so for a game you pay this much for. 2. Story. This story is weak. Some of the characters are fun (I'd like to learn more about many of the followers), but the demon of lies is a horrible liar (being obvious from the get-go) and the boards/missions/quests are not varied or exciting enough.

    3. Loot/drops. Because they decided to make it pay to win, Loot and drops are not worth grinding, on the whole. Merchants are useless, and even legendary drops are unexciting given that they are almost always not even worth selling on the auction house. Its basically this: there is one correct way to play without real money. Grind gold, go to AH, buy items, grind more gold. Alternatively, you can, instead of playing the actual game, play the auction house to make money.

    I don't think anyone bought Diablo 3 to play "stock market, fantasy style" but that's one of the two viable ways to do well in the game. Awful.

    4. Online only DRM (with sweet, sweet server management. Honestly, if the game were good, I could probably/possibly excuse this. I think/hope that it prevents haxx, which sorta ruined any pvp or multiplayer in prior Diablos (especially 1). Given that I primarily want to play with my family, I'd be more than happy to lose this in favor of LAN based play.
  38. Feb 21, 2014
    I played a ton of Diablo 2 growing up. I had high hopes for Diablo 3. The game is really fun, but suffers from replayability issues. I quickly got every class to max level and geared well enough to pile drive the hardest difficulties. I was able to do this much faster than I did in Diablo 2 by using the new Auction House feature. The Auction House feature made it extremely easy to cherry pick the best gear in the game for your characters. In a game where the carrot on the stick is the gear grind... having a Auction House negated the carrot. I'm hopeful that the future expansion's overhaul of the legionaries, shut-down of the Auction House, and new character class will spark my interest. Expand
  39. May 15, 2012
    Amazing game!! People need to stop crying that they can't get on been playing it for 4 hours now its incredibly fun, good graphics amazing sound and the combat is fun and challenging, already compiled some cool rare items and look forward to more treasure hunting :D
  40. May 15, 2012
    It could have been great after so many years, but Blizzard just wants to fleece us: destroying single player and LAN play, and forcing everybody to play online so we spend money in their Auction House just destroys the game, however good it can be.

    Shame on you, Blizzard.
  41. May 15, 2012
    If you want an immersive ARPG, you've come to the wrong place. The design for this game doesn't lead to much. Artistic design, plot, game design, everything seems to be under par. Its impressive how they managed to through down the drain all that money, when an indie studio creates Path of Exile, a free to play ARPG. Go try it, and you will feel what immersion really is.

    click the Ok
    button in the popup window "The game has ended" Expand
  42. Apr 24, 2013
    The game is a soulless version of what it was supposed to be. This is not Diablo 3, this is a sham. Maybe it was never supposed to happen? Maybe it was dead all along and that is okay, what was given was glorious in its day and it will always have that place in history. Let Diablo die one final time, lay it to rest and say goodbye.
  43. May 18, 2012
    don't listen to the people giving it a low score the game is excellent just as good as diablo 2 yes there is less customization yes they simplified it but it is still an amazing game that deserves full attention the story is better in my opinion because there is simply more mystery to it its a lot more fun even though you might not be able to create the character you wanted it is still an awesome game 9/10 Expand
  44. May 18, 2012
    First the bad, then the good...

    Connectivity issues, as others have noticed, do occasionally interrupt gameplay. Stuttering during single player left me somewhat perplexed, since I was playing single player. On one occasion I was disconnected from the server with the only explantion being, "The server will shut-down in 4 minutes." I think a more detailed explanation could be given,
    perhaps the employees at Blizzard could work on that. After the forced log-out I immediately logged back in and found all my progress on that level had been lost and I was inserted back at the beginning of the zone. That is obviously unacceptable. A proper game should always save your progress in the year 2012, pretty much any online game does this including Blizzards own Warcraft. -1 point.

    Companions return, yet are slightly dumbed down. You can choose their jewelry and weapons but that is it- no options to equip them with armour which is a shame given the wide-selection of armour and the crafting possibilites. In my opinion... absolutely shameful given the amount of time and development Blizzard put into this game, especially since Diablo 2 had already incorporated armour with companions. This ommision leaves me rather perplexed at Blizzard. Additionally, companions repeat their speech patterns multiple times, resulting in strange repeated conversations. -1 point.

    Another perplexing aspect of the game: the bank, player gold, and crafting equipment level is shared amongst all of your characters. The bank no longer has a shared section, it is simply omitted. Everyone simply has everything. Now, this is a vast change from Diablo 2, since each new character you created had to be built from the ground up. It was at your option to share gear and gold through the shared bank which made the game more realistic. In Diablo 3, your top-level toon could upgrade all of the bank slots, crafting gear, and puts 100's of components for crafting gear into the bank, and by default your lvl 10 toon has full access to everything. All in all, I find this improper and completely unrealistic. -1 point.

    Now for the good: Diablo veterans will have no problems starting the game without reading the game manual. Hard-copy purchasers will need an internet connection to download a game patch (it took me about 5 minutes to download with a 1MB/sec connection), as well as play the game in any form since game progress is saved on Battlenet servers. HDTV users should have no problems, as the game detected the appropriate resolution for my wide-screen 720p television, which is probably one of the more unorthodox resolutions for a game to render.

    Players can have up to 6 different abilities ready to cast at a moments notice. While that is nothing new in modern gaming, is does allow for more advanced combat compared to previous Diablo games. Environments are now destructable to include doors, chairs, and containers. When objects and enemies are destroyed they will show battle damage from the type of weapon that struck them- electricity fries, fire burns, slashing weapons slice and decapitate, etc.

    The crafting system is an interesting way to get above-average magic armour and weapons, and is a useful addition.

    Actual gameplay is very fun and exciting at times. The music and sound effects are great, some of the FMV's are so-so but the major plot advancing ones are very good. I found the plot a little bit better than Diablo 2, but it was a little predictable.

    Which leaves me at a score of 7. Otherwise, this is an fun and addicting game, but for some reason Blizzard made some obviously silly ommisions and changes which made the game less realistic and more annoying than it needed to be.
  45. May 18, 2012
    Heyyo, The witch Doctor is definitely an amazing addition to the game and I love how it's not the same **** repeated. Also? the game doesn't deserve a user score of 0 just because you didn't like the DRM or Graphics. The storyline is ok for a hack and slash... still more storyline than Diablo 1... I mean, OBVIOUSLY the game is going to be about Diablo so how much difference did you guys really expect? The only way they could drastically change the story is to change the location or time... and then you'd **** if they made a game like Diablo 40k or such and it wasn't just Diablo with different character models. Yeah the skill tree is really basic, but it makes fights more strategic since you have to think about what skills you want beforehand instead of being able to just cast as you please (btw check into the "Elective mode" setting ya n00bs) and if you try to rebind on the fly you get pwned.

    The server issues is by far the lamest thing about the game yes, but Steam had a rocky start... same with each new COD yearly game but you don't hear anyone ****ing about those anymore do ya? Same thing will happen here.

    I find this game more entertaining than Diablo II mainly for the fact it so far hasn't gotten boring after the half way point (I always get bored of D2 in the Jungle part and uninstall). Diablo III seems to be more of a homeage to Diablo 1&2 than it is a completely new experience, so treat it as that, and if you want a different experience? Try a game like Magicka, Torchlight or Silverfall. They are plenty good as well. :P
  46. May 18, 2012
    I was a fan of Diablo, actually it was the first game i've played online and i was waiting Diablo 3 for many years. But what did i get? Copy of Dungeon Siedge III, LOL! Diablo has the same graphics and gameplay. DSIII is a pretty good game, but it was released a year ago...
    Take Dungeon Siedge III, add always-online DRM to it and terrible service and you'll get Diablo 3.
  47. May 19, 2012
    I've played this game for a couple of days now and I must admit that it doesn't come close to the expectations I had before release. After playing through normal and ACT 3 on Nightmare the game still stinks of a grind-fest. I haven't even once had to stop and think on how to defeat a mob/boss. So I think I would rather let this game takes its place in the bookshelf and gather dust for the rest of time cause this game was a let down. Expand
  48. oso
    May 20, 2012
    Most disappointing Game ever. I have to admit expectations were extremely high, maybe couldnt even have been fullfilled. There are failures in every way you look at the game.
    The server management (even expected though) is a joke... i had issues every single day since release. Also entire game elements don't really work properly. The auction house must have been developed by a genius - its
    bugged, has incredible stupid layout and most annoying - can't be accessed while ingame.

    Worst of all is the itemisation. 99% of your loot is crap. You are forced to buy items on the auction house. Without them you simple stand no chance on inferno mode. I suppose thats how Blizzard wants to rob the customers money in near future instead of letting them pay monthly fees. (Yes you pay incredible high taxes on auctions which go directly into their purse)
    Leveling the artisans seems to be also a waste of gold. Prices are ridiculously high and the results of your effort is simply not worth it - better buy on the a.h.

    I have to admit the gameplay is relatively good. Playing with friends still is fun - but simply not fun enough. Game difficulty is defined by random enemy attributes which can vary from freeloot to impossible. That factor has a high potential of frustration because from a certain point on your progress dos not depend on your skill anymore - its simply luck and gear. That would be okay - has been with D2 too but not if all (yes ALL) items are randomly created by the game. So you might imagine how frustrating it will be when you find a barbarian set item with stats like intelligence and dexterity. I mean how stupid can it be?

    At the begining i loved to play this game (so far as i was able to because of server restrictions) but with every day i beginn to dislike it more and more. I miss so many elements of Diablo 2 i just can't understand how Blizzard failed so greatly. The game is simply not finished after a ridiculously long development time. I don't even mind the outdated graphics (which are really **** outdated).

    Blizzard Y U NO LIKE CUSTOMERS??
  49. May 20, 2012
    I only got this game because it came with WoW's annual pass feature. Otherwise, this is far from worth the sixty dollar retail price. Diablo 3 has become extremely simplified. Attributes are adjusted by themselves, talents become available as the character levels up, no talent trees to choose from. Blizzard put emphasis on using the environment to kill enemies, that players will likely never use.This game needed heavier system requirements to obtain a darker atmosphere. Knowing Blizzard, they gotta make an engine that can run across many computers as possible. Story-line? I never really cared for Diablo's story. Probably the worst part is the DRM. There is no offline play or LAN play. The music is great! Diablo 3 is still a solid game with all of it's shortcomings though. Expand
  50. May 23, 2012
    Diablo 3 is a polished but ultimately empty experience, I think the main question here is what the hell (pardon the pun) Blizzard spent the last 5 years doing, because it certainly wasn't producing any form of innovation. Much like Starcraft 2 D3 is simply a lazy rehash of it's predecessor. Add to that the always on DRM via Battlenet and all in all D3 is a decidedly mediocre experience.

    ...oh, and it has one of the worst plot 'twists' I've seen in a long while.
  51. May 23, 2012
    I didn't expect to be so disappointed from this game. I give 2 because I kind of like the graphics, but mainly that is all I like. My review is based on the idea, that I loved Diablo 2 and was really looking forward for Diablo3. I can't understand how can they make such huge changes to the game, at least they should have put a survey for the beta. You can't distribute attribute points and skills. Really? This made Diablo 2 unique and enjoyable for a long time. For example, there is no sense having now 2 barbarians. With this "strategy" people will play far less this game. What was the logic, thinking that young "modern age" kids playing mmorpgs will join this game? You also know that everyone has all the skills that you have (if they are your level), and it's just a matter choice, depending on what has been put in the short-key bar. There are "runes" for the skills, which are a kind of upgrade, they are also unlocked by leveling-up. The game has been made so easy. Even no identification scrolls/town portals. You deleted so many things, which were the uniqueness of this great series! The voices are not even barely similar to Diablo 2, and are so so bad. All in all, if you are not a fan of Diablo 2, and if you enjoy games from this type - Sacred, Titan Quest, you may like Diablo 3. But if you are a fan of the old ones, I strongly suggest to look at the "innovations" first, whether you will like them. Expand
  52. May 25, 2012
    More than a week on and I'm still rather disappointed. Game feels rather shallow compared to previous iterations and is selling on name alone.

    Decent, but nothing more.
  53. Jun 8, 2012
    Seriously? What the **** is this? Blizzard go eat **** II is even more funny. You waste 13 years for this crap? Come on ! I hate you Blizzard.Seriously? What the **** is this? Blizzard go eat **** II is even more funny. You waste 13 years for this crap? Come on ! I hate you Blizzard.
  54. Jul 4, 2012
    Diablo 3 is a game that is a lot of fun depending on what class you play. I researched the different classes before the game was released and believed that I would love the Barbarian class. I did for awhile. Once I reached Inferno mode the game sucked. This game gets a 9/10 until you play Inferno as a melee class. Even with elite gear I believe that it would still be difficult to play as a barbarian. Since the melee classes are almost unsaleable in the last game mode it greatly effects this game overall. I have beaten the game three times as my barbarian just to find out I picked the wrong class. Cool story. Since I am not going to level another character to 60 I am basically done with this game. Expand
  55. Jul 24, 2012
    List of bad things about D3: Loot drops are horrible 99.8% of the time Game is forces you to repeat the same content over and over and over Auction house makes farming seems pointless Game forces you to re-watch cutsceneses and re-listen to dialogues over and over Game forces you to wear all resist No build diversity Random affix generation creates stupidly irritating combinations on elites
    Game is hacked
    Game is run by bots
    Economy is ruined
    Latency issues
    Game is full of scammers
    Co-op is pointless
    Forums will ban you for negative responses
    Blizzard has lost peoples transactions on RMAH
    No endgame goals. Nothing to strive for.
    Pay to win
    Story is boring
    Too difficult unless you spend real money
    Spam bots have hijacked the chat channels
    Blizzard is slow, and unprofessional keepin the community informed
    Technical errors, login problems, disconnects
    No way to reclaim lost or stolen items/$
    Bosses have worse drops than elites
    No skill points
    Skill UI no good
    AH UI no good
    No way to conveniently swap gear
    DRM - No offline play
    Broken gameplay mechanics
    No lasting appeal
    User feels empty and robbed at the end of the experience
    Jay Wilson
  56. Aug 24, 2012
    I'm glad I got my refund for this game back in early June of this year. I played diablo and diablo II, for YEARS. This piece of crud doesn't even have pvp.
  57. Oct 13, 2012
    After 100 hours with my demon hunter i just can say that Diablo 3 is an awesome game that some nerds hate. everything that makes a good game is there but some decisions like DRM or the loot system for lvl 60 players are just crap, i'm glad that blizzard is fixing these issues, when they polish the game we may be can call Diablo 3 one of the best games on pc history
  58. Sep 24, 2012
    Oh...what to say that hasn't been said already by hordes of angry disappointed fans. This is the First BAD game that Blizzard releases. Plain and simple, that's how everyone will remember Diablo 3, (hopefully the first and last). Why?? How a company with so many resources, virtually unlimited for the gaming industry, and so much time could've got it this wrong? I kept asking myself and coming with the same answer every time: "Lack of talent". This new Blizzard Diablo 3 team and specially their lead designer are simply not good enough to make a game that lives up to the expectations of the Diablo fans. Aside the fact that the game was developed around the single and main purpose of serving as Cash-Cow for Blizzard, and the internet always requirement, No LAN support, horrible launch, etc etc...You could've still made a great game out of Diablo 3...if you didn't fail in the next 50 aspects of it. Some of which are Looting system (they simply didn't get the point of it), character progression through talents/spells/attributes (they gutted them in favor of simpler/streamlined game play), the removal of random map generation, and the lack of understanding on how to properly design a grind based point-click Action RPG' mobs (boring easy to One shotted and nothing in between). They just never got it. My opinion is this is due to their lead designer and Blizzard's greediness. I call what happened to Diablo 3: "FPS mentality". Their lead designer's FPS background clearly shows in every step of Diablo 3, and it's sad, because he could Expand
  59. Nov 8, 2012
    Awful and dumbed down in every singe way,The RMAH turn this game in a simple pay 2 win. thx god that i could rollback the charges in my CC. DOnt waste ur money in this crap....
    Awful and dumbed down in every singe way,The RMAH turn this game in a simple pay 2 win. thx god that i could rollback the charges in my CC. DOnt waste ur money in this crap....
    Awful and dumbed down in every singe
    way,The RMAH turn this game in a simple pay 2 win. thx god that i could rollback the charges in my CC. DOnt waste ur money in this crap....
    Awful and dumbed down in every singe way,The RMAH turn this game in a simple pay 2 win. thx god that i could rollback the charges in my CC. DOnt waste ur money in this crap....
    Awful and dumbed down in every singe way,The RMAH turn this game in a simple pay 2 win. thx god that i could rollback the charges in my CC. DOnt waste ur money in this crap....
  60. Dec 6, 2012
    I really wish I hadn't even given blizzard anymore of my money. That dark feel from Diablo 1 & 2 is completely gone and this installment is annoyingly colorful and vibrant as if it isnt about a fictional Armageddon. There are no longer meaningful skill choices, you can change anytime. The story is an absolute joke. I really miss the dark atmosphere of diablo 2. Gone are the days of walking in jungles surrounded by cauldrons of cooked people or claustraphobic tombs with frightening waves of undead. This installment has colorful massive underground caverns with a plethora of Dr. Seuss monsters. And I think its been said enough how stupid the always having to be online thing is. In short, its a shadow of what the series used to be and I after starcraft 2 and this, I will not give blizzard any more of my money. They are a shadow of what they used to be and deserve to fall apart for **** products like this. Expand
  61. May 22, 2013
    Probably the worst gaming experience I've had, or should I say let down, in years. Forced online game play. Repetitive unoriginal gameplay. Uninspired graphics. And let's not forget the auction house blizzard money grab. Blizzard is on a downhill slope.
  62. May 27, 2014
    Review as of May 2014 by a non-fanboy who never played Diablo nor Diablo 2. I think maybe the closest game I've played to this was Dungeon Siege I & II back in the day.

    In Diablo 3 you only have 1 AI follower at a time, except if you play with friends, but even then, the gameplay boils down to INFINITE grinding and looting. The different classes have some depth, but you'll eventually
    find your favourite 4 active skills and 3 passive skills and there's little incentive to change your play style, especially on higher difficulties where you need to be fast and precise and not be burdened by experimenting around. Nevertheless, the combat is ok, the 4 active skills you can choose at a time (from a wider offer which you keep unlocking as you level up) provide some strategy opportunity, but really it comes down to either you can kill the monsters or you need to escape and lower the game difficulty. The different locations are really not particularly interesting, and the progress through them is very linear. The story and its presentation is SHOCKINGLY poor! It's basically a poor excuse to allow to unlock new paths (always very linear, btw) and keep progressing. Progressing? I should say keep grinding and looting. And the allure of looting better stuff can only motivate you so much.

    There is not much lore, interesting side quests, characters or really RPG elements other than combat stats. If you expect an adventure with an interesting story and characters, you'll find none of this, I fear. Instead, this boils down to infinite grinding of monsters. Even if you play with friends, which I haven't, I don't know that you'll get much out of it other than keep grinding to get loot in order to keep grinding and keep getting loot... Frankly, I finished the single player out of spite for the money I spent, which was not a cheap amount... I was not left with good memories.
  63. May 15, 2012
    This game is perfect in very aspect, the cinematics are incredible the graphics are amazing , its the best hack'n'slash of all time, try it and you will love it
  64. May 15, 2012
    Step 1. Take Torchlight
    Step 2. Add voiced dialogues
    Step 3. Release as a whole new game

    This game gets the same score Torchlight got, since it's practically the same game just with slightly different graphics and voiced dialogues.
  65. May 15, 2012
    Piracy and console gaming has truly destroyed the PC gaming industry and Diablo 3 is just a horrific example of developers greed for making money.Diablo 3 is absolute piece of crap and i'd prefer the original diablo 2 billion times over it.Firstly the always online drm truly deprives you to even start that game and once luckily you get to play the SP then you for sure shed tears thinking "THERE GOES MY 60$" Gameplay is repititive,most of the customization elements found in diablo 2 are gone.The game is just a crappy remake of diablo 2 to satisfy developers money greed. DIABLO 3 IS A COMPLETE FIASCO.Stay Away from this one! Expand
  66. May 15, 2012
    It is all about choices. Blizzard chose poorly: No offline mode, no staggered release, poorly updated customer service, and servers incapable of the capacity even on a Tuesday morning. Anytime I buy a game that I cannot play they get a zero, I will re-evaluate when I can play but this is your score for now Blizzard and you're decisions are why this review will get averaged in with the real review once the game actually releases. Poor choices Blizzard, very poor Expand
  67. May 15, 2012
    I was already extremely disappointed from the start because of the overall "WoWification" (which I probably don't need to go into detail about; read the other 500 reviews about it), but with the whole unplayable part I am officially mad. I regret buying this
  68. May 15, 2012
    They took Diablo 2, streamlined it and removed all the nonsense, they dumped the constant need to farm that made Diablo 2 stale quickly, they removed all the inventory issues by making items a set size. Then they dumped the requirement to have identify item scrolls and town portal scrolls.

    The skills are better because now you're set using 6 of them, instead of Diablo 2 where you only
    used 1-2 of them that you maxed out. Alot of people are upset about this but it comes down to the fact you cannot exploit this game like you could Diablo 2 (Sorcerer with Frost Orb maxed soloing the entire game) This requires teamwork, or at the very least a strategy, tactics and an escape plan because it does get hard and you will die.

    They took Diablo 2 and made it require skill to play it, not to troll or rage or be rude, but alot of people were expecting "Skill" games (copy/ paste builds, grind gear, exploit game, be stupid OP) and got a game where if they're dumb they're getting smacked around.

    Aside from the crappy Blizzard/ service right now I would highly recommend this game to anyone that's looking for a great CO-OP/ Strategy- Action game.
  69. May 18, 2012
    Having 11 years of hype and expectations behind it. Blizzard could only go so far to deliver a half-decent product with very little lasting appeal, bland combat mechanics and some very lackluster aesthetic design.
  70. May 19, 2012
    Well i have DRM issues, as many other do, i can't agree with that policy of constant internet connection, of auctions with real â
  71. May 20, 2012
    Barb is Sonic the Super Saiyan, I will never play game that is so simplified that it takes me for a retard. Automatic Attributes, Skills, now even Runes you unlock automatically, I dont see a reason why does it just play automatically and you just watch... Stupid game big disappointment. I dont like new plastic fancy fairy tale design, diablo is about gothic-demons-gore
  72. May 22, 2012
    Writing this review I am around 40 hours into the game, halfway through nightmare difficulty - I feel like I'm ready to review it. I was a teenager when D1 came out and I was blown away by it spending countless hours in the dungeons and hells spawned under Tristram. Diablo 2 was no different for me and God only knows how many nights I spent playing it. I am a long time fan of the series and I was expecting Diablo 3 with great hesitation - after all can you make a game as good as Diablo 2 13 years later? The answer is simple - Blizzard is a kind of company that knows how to deliver and live up to absolutely crazy expectations... I give this game a 10. And it's not to pump up it's score in view of all the 0 marks given by people pissed off by DRM (I don't question their anger although I'm lucky enough not to have had any major problems apart of initial hours when it was somewhat expected). I give this game a deserved 10 because I haven't had that much fun playing a game for years. Diablo 3 immediately appeals to my nostalgia towards the series reviving all the great memories I have of the previous iterations and yet it brings so many cool new things to the table. The presentation, look and feel of the game are all excellent. Graphics are absolutely beautiful and the landscapes you are going to encounter will leave you breathless. The sound and music suit very well - hellish guitar riffs and ambient music of the desert will make you turn your volume up. The interface is clear, simple and functional. The story is OK, CGI spectacular as always from Blizzard. The skill system is absolutely brilliant - each of your 20 or so skills have several modifier runes often completely changing the skill. The so called Elective Mode lets you mix any combination of those runed skills together which leads to amazing amount of builds... every time you discover a build that works together and pump it up with the right gear it feels like you just invented yet another way to be powerful and is extremely satisfactory. The skill system itself is the big part of the game and one that provides the most fun. It replaced the "gearing game" to some extent - now it's not so much about upgrades of your gear - it's mostly about correct gear for correct set of skills. People see it as "dumbed down" and streamlined, I see it as refreshed and giving the game a whole new aspect. The only negative thing I can say about D3 that it's a bit too short although the replay value is obviously there with increased difficulty levels. I can't wait for the expansion already. So pick your arsenal and start ripping through hordes of demons. If you have a stable connection and patience for occasional down time (which I'm sure will be sorted by Blizzard soon enough) do yourself a favour and buy this game. I guarantee you it will provide you with hundreds of hours of pure fun. Expand
  73. May 26, 2012
    I have been following this series since day one, when i was twelve years old and tore open my first copy of Diablo back in 1996, and i immediately fell in love. Click and kill. That doesn't sound too fun, but throw in some demons, creepy environments, and harsh punishments and ill be glued for hours. Diablo 2 perfected this formula, and i found myself on every single day, every hour i could get just to do another "Diablo run". Diablo 3 has improved on EVERYTHING, destructible environments, more varieties of monsters, achievements, more classes, etc. But one thing fell short.... The atmosphere. In Blizzards previous games, i this overwhelming fear of death always hung above my head like a cloud. The sounds, the looks, the monsters, the more "gothic" like atmosphere. In Diablo 3 the creepiest thing was the templars, but that was it. I was more afraid of a monster in act one, than i was with diablo himself. I am sure, blizzard will release expansion sets to this game, and i hope they concentrate more on the atmosphere and variety of drops and making "runs" relevant again with the new "Marketplace". Expand
  74. Jun 2, 2012
    I expected more from Diablo III. The gameplay is great and the overall quality of the game is top-notch but there are a few things about the game I find disapointing. First of all the skill tree does not allow for a great deal of customization and when leveling up we don't even get to choose which skill we want to unlock, it's already determined. Also we no longer get to spend attribute points, they increase automatically as we level up. Personally if there is one mechanic I like about RPGs is deciding where I spend my points. The story is not really engaging and the campaign is quite short, I know that this game is designed to be played more than once to unlock every skills and runes but I think the campaign could have been a little longer for those of us who enjoy storytelling. I am not going to comment about connection issues as this is something that Blizzard will fix soon no doubt.
    Another thing that is a little strange to me is the damage system, the base damage of a weapon will increase your overall damage. I can understand this makes sense for the barbarian but for a wizard it seems bizarre to run around with a mace and a shield to increase spell damage and protection. In most RPGs caster are inefficient with melee weapons and shields and it makes sense like that.
    This is still a very good game... but not awesome. Blizzard could have innovated a little bit more... it's not like they didn't have time! I really wish they would start taking more risks when developing a game, they have to get out of their comfort zone. With the money they are making they have to push innovation and stop sticking to what simply works.
  75. Jun 6, 2012
    This is not a "0" game, though it only deserves about a 6 for the "no single player without internet" and the micro-transaction AH, and a horrible story that destroys its own franchise (Cain dies, the girl dies, Tyrel is castrated...who is left to care about?). Why did I mention AH? Because you can't get drops your own level that enable you to complete the game without buying something there, or leveling up to 60 (why is it capped?) and grinding forever to equip other lower end chars. Expand
  76. Jun 23, 2012
    As always in Blizzard releases, the visual impact is stunning. Colors, models, music, interfaces are just perfect. The average customer reaction is too influenced by early servers issues and does not even closely reflect what you experience in the game. Who accuses the plot to be predictable or puerile plot, maybe has forgot that Diablo has always been about some brave hero wandering and killing demons. If you look for something more intriguing, then the whole franchise is not what you need, not just this third episode. Try some german literature, maybe. Expand
  77. Jun 25, 2012
    Could have been great... but... the lag even when playing single player just ruins the experience. The lag is hit and miss, comes and goes at random. Nothing like getting killed by lag, and the annoying rubber-band slingshot effect. Blizz seems determined to blame the community rather than their servers. I play a lot of online games, from WOW to TF2 and hardly ever have any lag on my 25 meg connection... but in Diablo 3 it is just a frustrating fact that you have to endure. Without the lag I would give the game a solid 8, but with the lag... a 3 at best. Diablo 3 will be the last Blizz game I ever purchase. I have been a loyal customer since Warcraft 2 and have spent hundreds of dollars on their games. Too bad... their loss. Expand
  78. Jun 30, 2013
    It`s a Blizzard Game, and Blizzard makes always very good Games. Do not listen to the 0/10 Points Reviews, the most People make this because they hate to be Online, Error 37, the Auction House or the difficult Gameplay on Inferno. It was made really easier by Blizzard)
    Yeah, you Need to Farm für Month the same Levels, but this was in Diablo 2 and 1 even so.

    When you Score the
    Gameplay, the Game gets a 8 oder 9 off 10. The Game is even better than Tochlight, Path of Exile ore any other Hack&Slay Expand
  79. Aug 18, 2012
    It's a single-player game that requires online. The writing has taken a nosedive compared to Diablo II. The gameplay is repetitive without being as satisfying as Diablo II.
  80. Sep 22, 2012
    Superbad game. Boring, money-making, over and over boring game. Blizzard, what have you done? Where is the spirit of the old "Blizzard North" of the original Diablo? Where? Oh, wait a minute...? It's runic's game "Torchlight II".
  81. Feb 21, 2013
    So they decided to release the console version finaly, well now we know that beta testing is over so you can enjoy it on console (with off line mode and local co-op) Without Error 37 and other things. This game was made for console and that is just like spiting on consumer face. Even before Diablo 3 release (with all those ui changes)people where speaking about but i never wanted to believe, god damn greedy bastards. Expand
  82. Nov 17, 2012
    Diablo III doesn't even deserve a review, it just doesn't. It's quite bad after your first playthrough.

    Not only is the lead designer (Jay Wilson) a total douche who should get his nutsack torn off by chainsaw-wielding killer sharks, but his "masterpiece" (as he calls it) single handedly destroyed the Diablo series (and this is coming from a fan of D1. I'm not even a hardcore fan
    either). All I can really say is that it was created as a cash cow because of the Real Money Auction House. Why do I claim this? There's no other reason they would completely obliterate a specialization of playstyle every single patch, expecting players to buy a whole new set of gear. The Increased Attack Speed nerf as well as multiple nerfs to special Wizard builds are a testament of this. Rather than making the speccs still playable, they nerfed them to the ground completely. Why? MONEY MONEY MONEY!

    I could go on an on about how the game itself actually sucks, but I think the 4.7k+ negative reviews would tell you this. While I'll admit at least 2k or so are from nerd-raging, hardcore, D2 fans, many of them are new players of Diablo, and they too will admit this game is garbage. I feel ripped off and I got this game for FREE.
  83. Jan 12, 2014
    Avoid it at all costs!! I got this title free from Blizzard because of a WoW subscription promotion and even paying for WoW and getting a special mount it DID NOT worth it. It cannot be compared to Diablo I and II. The end was something that most players will feel more painful that ME3 and DA2. Not even for free I got satisfied. You have been warned!!
  84. Apr 5, 2014
    However this game may be considered a failure by most hardcore Diablo fans, I think the new direction and feel really makes the game better for modern audiences. People don't like change. If we wanted the same game as Diablo II we'd end up making another COD franchise with the exact same thing every time. All the negativity and arguments aside, I really enjoyed my play throughs of this game. The changes Blizzard has made since release, really adds more playability and fun to the game. I consider this a worthy successor to Diablo II, however most people won't agree with me. Perhaps that is because despite playing all of the Diablo games, I started with Diablo III first. Expand
  85. Nov 20, 2014
    Diablo 3 was a wonderfully designed masterpiece by Blizzard Entertainment. I would recommend this game to most, if not all of my friends as it gives a sense of fun and entertainment.
  86. May 20, 2012
    I previously scored this an 8, but after having played it some more I can honestly say that it doesn't deserve such a high score. The game is based item hunting, however the more common items are usually better than the rarer items, and the Auction House makes it so that you'll be getting most of your upgrades from other people rather than finding them yourself. Item affixes are a problem too, they are terribly uninspired compared to D2:LoD.

    I give this game a 6, the combat is good but the game has no longevity with one of its most fundamental systems in such a broken state.
  87. May 15, 2012
    The game itself is fun and gorgeous, everything you would expect D3 to be--even though there are some saying they finished the entire game in six hours. I'm not even out of act 1 yet, just got kicked offline after playing from 10 am EST, so either the posters saying this are full of it or they ran through the game like a monster on crack.

    But--and this is a MASSIVE, MASSIVE but--having
    to be online to play is absolute, utter nonsense. Blizz made a big mistake with this and in the end the lack of LAN and offline is going to hurt this game; maybe not in the pocketbook, but through word of mouth. We know, we know, piracy and DRM is the wave of the future and whatever. You have billions of our hard-earned dollars at your disposal, Blizz. There are ways around this that even forum posters have suggested, and you ignored them. So handle the anger coming your way, I can't say that you don't deserve it.

    A five. Would have been a ten or close to it, if there were offline and LAN offered.
  88. May 16, 2012
    huge disappointment, and an unworthy sequel.. no more skill points to distribute, no more attribute points to distribute, skills unlock automatically as you level up.
    Legalized gold selling, pay-to-win, WoW inspired skills, cheesy text, cliché, uninspired dialog, story and scenes.
    DRM that requires you to be constanly online LEVEL 60 CAP Surely to be raised to 70,80,90 and so
    on with yearly expansions that consists of cut content for only another $60.

    Also I know for a fact blizzard datamines WoW players, so I probably was too with D3. Now just what do they feel so entitled to take from players?...
  89. Nov 9, 2013
    No feel of "Diablo". Feels like a juvenile adventure game, not a gothic horror. Disappointed to say the least. Hopefully the expansion breathes new life into it.
  90. May 18, 2012
    WTF is wrong with games these days!!
    Everybody wants another good sequel to our arguably one of the best game franchise, but what blizz gave to us fans and gamers, a **** OF CRAP!! We fans deserve better than this! **** THIS ****
  91. May 18, 2012
    Okay so I am coming into this having never played a Diablo game...which I really regret now because this game is sooooo addicting. I just can't put it down. Everytime I say okay I'm done I just think of killing a few more things, getting some more quests done, and grabbing a few more loot. It nails the formula so perfectly and Blizzard has again outdone themselves. Now bring on Warcraft IV! =)
  92. May 29, 2012
    Pretty fun game. I've had some problems with the AH, but they fixed it (for now...). If anyone gets bored with the game, make a hardcore character, it's MUCH funner.
  93. May 28, 2012
    At the end of the day, Diablo 3 has little life in it. Casual players will be put off by how much the game hates you, hardcore players will be left unsatisfied by it's lack of depth, and everyone will be annoyed with the constant and unrelenting issues. The story uninteresting with weak, stereotypical characers, the graphics are unimpressive for a 2012 game and most of what made Diablo 2 the success it was has been pissed away to service the almighty real money auction house. If you're OK with paying the unusually high price for about 20-30 hours of OK gameplay followed by as much as your patience can handle of unpleasant, frustrating and ultimately - pointless, grind, then go for it. Personally I don't know what I was thinking when I pissed away my money on this. Expand
  94. Feb 12, 2013
    If I walked into this game with expectations based on Blizzards earlier titles I would probably give this a 3. The singleplayer campaign is kind of boring and you can predict a lot of it. The re-run to get to the harder difficulties did feel like a chore at times. I really like the loot however, I like the player base (run in ignore everyone kill and run out). The game didn't feel that randomized to me as well, it did feel like I was playing the same game all three times I played it. The point of these games is the loot and what you can do with it. Blizzard nailed that IMO. Expand
  95. May 31, 2012
    A horrible Disappointment. I bought the game and I can't play it because I have really unreliable internet. This is a single player game, why do I have to log in to play? I only get about 3 hours of gameplay before it logs off and I have to restart my internet. I don't play MMO's because of this, but it shouldn't happen with a singleplayer game.

    As for the actual game. Well everything
    has been dumbed down to appeal to a wider audience. But As a former fan of Diablo, It kills the actual RPG feel the Dungeon Crawler used to have. Expand
  96. May 31, 2012
    Here goes a sincere review from a veteran fan of the series (been playing since 1st version on 1997). At the time of this review I have more then 100 hours played and 3 characters lvl 60 so you can trust me when I will say the things I will say. I wish I could give a higher score for this game (I always loved Diablo series), but sadly I can't. My english is not so good, so I'll go simple on this review: Good and Bad. GOOD: - COMBAT/GAMEPLAY. The combat and gameplay is a vast improvement - GRAPHICS/ENGINE. Despite colorful (matter of taste), the graphics and engine are beautiful, and physics are fun: slaying horde for monsters is really pleasant (on 1080p max settings). That's it for the good points, now for the bad points: - BAD: STORY. Diablo's lore has so much potential, however they managed to give us a REALLY bad storyline with weak characters and everything else you can think of about BAD in terms of history. Be prepared for a ridiculous and horrible experience in this matter. - ONLINE DRM. You can't play the game without a flawless constant internet connection. This means: its impossible to play whenever you want (you only can play when they let you play), you can't play anywhere you wish, you have to deal with constant latency (even when playing single-player), servers being constantly down, and constant connection problems. Any single problem mentioned earlier makes the game completely unplayable and you're stuck on the logon screen. - SIMPLIFICATION OF GAME MECHANICS. This goes for a huge list of things. I won't post everything here. The first thing you'll notice is the simplification of item affixes. - VOICE ACTING. The voice acting sometimes leave much to desire. - WORLD OF WARCRAFT INFLUENCE. One of the bosses on the game is a colorful fairy. Need to say more? - LACK OF EXTERIOR MAP RANDOMIZATION. Indoor dungeons are OK (not great, but ok), however exterior areas are always the same with variations on what you find inside them. Basically, you will always know which way to go and where is the next exit. CLOSING COMMENTS: Compared to D2, this is a inferior game. Compared to other games on the market, it's a "Okay" game. If you're a newcomer, there's plenty of joy to have here, but if you're a long-time player, be warned: you can become seriously dissapointed. Don't go thinking this game will have the same "blast-effect" Diablo 2 made on you at his time, because chances are this may not happen. Expand
  97. Jun 1, 2012
    I think one of the comments on IGN was "I just love clicking the gold and items on the screen and how it has never been so much fun!". That would be fun if it was five years ago and the first iphone came out. Then I would click and slide my finger across a tiny glass little screen. Diablo 3 looks like an ipad game that forces you to connect to the internet to play. The only problem is you're still alone in your room, but wait a second I'm connected to the internet? I'm guessing they are trading your information to other sites to make a little cash on the side while you play one of the most dissapointing sequels of the decade. The problem started when they decided to make the game. Hack & Slash games aren't very good to begin with. We all played Diablo and Diablo 2 because we were waiting for Starcraft, or the next Warcraft RTS game. Probably the same reason why Blizzard eliminated the studio after the mediocre interest of Diablo 2. Then instead of coming up with a new ip, which I believe was rumored, they brought back their B franchise. Think of Warcraft without 90% of the lore. It's like the mouse for the PC just came out and they are showing you what it's capable of doing. I thought Blizzard shifted from making games this bad and wanted to build mmos and advanced rts esports games, the next age of gaming, instead they wanted to release another Diablo with half the content, no PVP, a gimmicky way to rip players off with a store that should be illegal. They forced it to be on the internet so that they wouldn't have cheating. The problem is no serious players are going to play this for long, so cheating might even add a bit of interest to the game after people have nothing else to do which happens after two days and beat it. Hey now try it but the enemies have a lot more health and the same artificial intelligence. Expand
  98. Jun 2, 2012
    Blizzard did not meet the minimum requirement for this game: playable. At launch, you literally could not play the game because the servers were down. On the second day, all the servers were down for another 8 hours. Even a week after its release, servers would go down occasionally during random times of the day. This could have all been avoided if Blizzard simply made a single player offline mode, none of these problems would be an issue. Blizzard is blaming hacking on the victims. I know a handful of friends who have been hacked and Blizzard did absolutely nothing for them. I found out that my friends who got hacked did not have an authenticator. I got an authenticator after those incidents. Days later, I was hacked and Blizzard isn't doing a damn thing about it. Poor customer service and a veritable plethora of bugs make this game an unenjoyable experience. Expand
  99. Jun 3, 2012
    Diablo 3 is maximum boring and redundancy. Diablo 2 is a better installment in the series, while Diablo 3 loses any semblance of seriousness in the environment and characters. I wish I hadn't spent $60 on it, it totally does not live up to the previous games, and is nothing but a total snore fest. Blizzard and gameplay are like oil and water, they just don't go together. Same thing is to be said for Blizzard and dialog, as Blizzard just seems to suck at it in every game they make. If you're thinking about buying this game, save your money. Diablo 3 won't cure your boredom, it'll just make you kick yourself that you're down $60 as well. Expand
  100. Jun 6, 2012
    blizzard is trying some very exciting new things with their character building system. It's unlike everything I've ever seen before, with only one flaw: they didn't pull it off 100%. Theoretically, this system would allow for infinite and flexible builds and unlimited diversity (a very cool concept) but because certain skills don't scale well or are outright useless for the absurdly difficulty inferno difficulty endgame, player builds become homogenized. Sure there'll be a few minor variances, but I challenge you to find a wizard without venom hydras, or a demon hunter without hungering arrow, or a witch doctor without zombie bears. Supposedly this is being worked on as we speak, but in the meantime it's enough to taint the endgame a bit. Also the always online requirement is a big of a nuisance, though I forgave it after I finally caved and started playing the auction house.

    In addition to having an unexpectedly amazing physics engine, murdering demons (something you'll be doing a lot of) is incredibly satisfying. Enemies die in different ways depending on the methods used to kill them. Poisoned enemies begin to rot and peel away on the ground, burned enemies are charred husks, victims of arcane magic continue to glow with magical residue, and enemies struck with enough physical force can sometimes have their bodies completely separated from their skeletons. And just to be completely clear, I am not exaggerating what I just said in the slightest bit. You can LITERALLY hit a zombie so hard, his skeleton detaches and flies away while his body liquifies into a bloody smear. Even the smear is dynamically generated.

    So much has been poured into the fine details of this game to make it incredibly satisfying, so it honestly makes me a little sad to see so many people rating it with zeroes because of things like "it's more colorful than diablo 2"

    All in all, this new ARPG is doing some crazy new things, things I fully expect to see copied by competitors in the future.
  101. Aug 2, 2012
    Having clocked 500+ hrs into this game I'm beginning to see the shortcomings of it.
    The game is ok up to a certain point. All the annoying stuff from D2 has been removed more or less effectively, but has resulted in the birth of new and worse problems.
    The skillsystem is great, and the removal of manual statpoint allocation doesn't ruin the game, in my opinion. The story is ok, but
    could have been so much better.
    The gameplay follows the well known recipe from D2. Battle is fast paced and sometimes hectic, especially in the later difficulties.
    But the game fails on two very critical points - item drops and endgame.
    Good loot is hard to come by, by farming and when you happen to get a rare or legendary drop, it's usually worthless. When you've finally given up on farming loot because it's no fun, the interest in the game drops like a rock. That's when you might go to the AH for gear upgrades......and by doing that you lower your chances for decent drops even further....which again might make you go to the AH.
    It's a death spiral of boredom when you hit that point.

    As far as endgame...well once you've hit the level cap there's really not much more to do but farm gear.
    And since farming for good gear is like searching for water in a desert, it'll soon stop being fun.

    Basicly, the drop system, the AH and the level cap combined secures that the game stops being fun.
    This game can only be saved by buffing the drops significantly, removing the AHs, and removing the level cap, because once you hit 60 it becomes a repetitive wandering in circles with close to ZERO reward for your time.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 86 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 86
  2. Negative: 1 out of 86
  1. Aug 31, 2012
    My one major complaint is that the game never feels very difficult, especially on Normal. There are frustrating moments, hordes of baddies, and increasing difficulty levels, but the same feeling of utter defeat never really happens as it did in the past.
  2. Jul 18, 2012
    For all the game's missteps, though, you certainly can't accuse Blizzard of phoning it in - if anything, the game suffers from the tendency to try a little to hard at times to evolve the design. [Aug 2012, p.61]
  3. Jul 3, 2012
    When it works, Diablo III is the best of the Diablo games. When it doesn't, all it does is make you mad. [July 2012, p.54]