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  • Summary: Dirt Track Racing is back! Offering an extreme style of exciting gameplay that made its predecessors so successful! With new tracks, mind blowing graphics, intense special effects, amazing sounds and introducing a new class of cars to race, the "Modifieds." And if that's not enough, DTR2 will be "backwards" compatible, meaning the racetracks of Dirt Track Racing and Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars will work for Dirt Track Racing 2. [Infogrames] Expand
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  1. 79
    Where DTR2 struts its stuff is in the two areas that matter most -- physics and artificial intelligence. Driving these cars just feels right.
  2. Delivers the most engaging interpretation of grassroots dirt track racing on the PC. [Jan 2003, p.90]
  3. Recreates its real-life counterpart quite well and offers a welcome alternative to the normal racing game.
  4. This would have made a great Expansion Pack to the original DTR game, but offered far too little new to have been a stand alone game.
  5. If you've never played any Ratbag games and are looking for a solid racer with an unusual subject and unusual quality for a budget game, Dirt Track Racing 2 is well worth trying out.
  6. An exciting mud-splattering ride, a comprehensive off-track world, and an approachable price point. [Jan 2003, p.126]
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  1. StuartC.
    Dec 6, 2002
    I am a webmaster for a Dirt Speedway so i am around dirt cars all summer long and i have been playing dirt 1 for a couple years BUT this one blows it away its a 10 in my books. Expand

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