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Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 20 out of 20
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 20
  3. Negative: 0 out of 20
  1. There are few racing games that can boast about the pains taken to authenticate the sounds of their vehicles. DiRT is one of those games.
  2. DiRT offers many hours of rallying gameplay, beautiful graphics and a true definition of speed that will keep die hard fans and newcomers alike engaged for a long time.
  3. So in all, DiRT definitely stands out as a premiere racing game. The gameplay is great—though it may take a bit of getting used to for those you stick to common racing games—and the graphics help push it along as well.
  4. A gloriously pretty and tacticle world to hurl a wide variety of cars around in. It's just a shame I can't share that with friends. [Aug 2007, p.46]
  5. McRae's finest outing to date (minus, of course, Colin himself). The new types of racing offer far more variety of gameplay, the sound effects are impressive and there are eye-searingly gorgeous graphics and an excellent career mode to boot.
  6. For now DiRT is the only serious rally experience on a next-generation box, fortunate for us then that it’s also pretty damned good as well.
  7. It forms a natural companion to "Richard Burns Rally," which will likely remain the more technical racer's weapon of choice. In many ways, DiRT supersedes it, the sheer viscerality of hte roads putting the shoe to anything the older game can offer. [Aug 2007, p.78]
  8. 84
    DiRT is one of the coolest racing games I have ever laid my hands on. Though the framerate is sometimes suspect, there's never been a racing game with this much detail.
  9. For fans of rallying, who have been spoiled for choice in previous years, this is the first really good rally simulation on a next-gen system and as such is pretty much a must-have.
  10. As a graphical showpiece, DiRT is an unbridled success. It also happens to be an entirely enjoyable rally racer.
  11. A fantastic rally racing game that aims to be a fantastic all-around off-road experience, but like internet porn, next time it needs to get a little dirtier.
  12. Besides suffering from a mild identity crisis, this is a very good racing game. It is complex, demanding, and it can get pretty intense, especially in Rally races.
  13. If your PC is powerful, however, and you stick to its infectious single-player game, DiRT delivers in spades. [Oct 2007, p.60]
  14. In the end, it all depends on how you look at DiRT. If you want a serious racing simulator, perhaps this is not the best choice, but if you are looking for a really fun game, one that offers long hours of gameplay , great replayability options and looks great in the process we have a winner.
  15. There are, however, times when the game betrays it's cross-platform development (such as telling you not to switch off your computer while it saves your career progress), yet there's a lot here to make the game worthy of purchase if you're even remotely interested, while snapping this one up should be a no-brainer for established fans of the series.
  16. The core racing is thrilling yet accessible and the amount of content on offer will keep players enthralled for some time.
  17. 80
    Dirt is an excellent counterpoint to the shallower, more arcade-y MotorStorm, offering serious racing fans a full-bodied game replete with HD-gen graphics, physics, sound, and a great depth of off-road racing types.
  18. The plethora of vehicles available combined with the multitude of different types of races, this game will keep you busy.
  19. A worthy follow-up to the last Colin MacRae game, but while it's competent and looks fantastic, it leaves a little something to be desired in a few key areas.
  20. 80
    The lack of a real multiplayer mode is a huge disappointment to us. What makes this omission even worse is how short the single-player campaign is.
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  2. Negative: 3 out of 20
  1. Apr 5, 2012
    I am yet to play DiRT2 and DiRT3 but this is simply superb. A really good rally game with excellent graphics (considering that it was made in 2007), very good gameplay and the kind of game which gives you a satisfaction once you have completed all the races. I have finished this game twice and I am sure I will give it one more go :) Initially it may appear tough especially if you come from the Need For Speed side of the world but once you get the hang of things and understand how the vehicles handle this is the game that you will recommend to one and all. Full Review »
  2. Jan 6, 2012
    This is a nice rally. Why, because it has a lots of RALLY in there! Not like Dirt 2 and Dirt 3, they don'thave more then 3 diferent maps and some rally. So this Dirt 1 is the best Dirt of all three. Full Review »
  3. JayE
    Aug 10, 2009
    Wow! This game is impressive. I've played all the Need For Speeds, Midnight Clubs, Test Drives, etc.. nothing comes close to the detail and gameplay of this game! The graphics are unbelievable and the sound is great, the vehicle dynamics are honestly the best I've ever experienced! Its very realistic, but not over the top and annoying like other games. I agree that the controls are tricky and hard to get used to, so if you want to play a simplified arcade game like Sega Rally or Daytona, you have come to the wrong place. When you do master the controls (which should take a few hours+), its fun and challenging at the same time. Some tracks can be very hard to finish 1st, but its the kind of game where you don't get bored replaying the same track over and over. Every time you play, you improve your skill, and winning the race is rewarding. Driving on the German slopes in a Peugeot 307 with a Logitech G25 Steering Wheel set to 270 degrees rotation - amazing stuff! Full Review »