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  1. Oct 27, 2012
    The entire game brings much more than just impressive atmosphere and graphics. The game style is really good, the interface is superb, nice although really easy maps.

    I would definitively recommend this game to anyone if it wasnt so damn short. Its just a few hours of gameplay. I would expect at least twice the number of missions.
  2. Nov 14, 2012
    It's a shame really, Dishonored is not bad. And merely not bad. The stealth "system" is sadly not a patch on the ancient Thief games and the selection of weapons is quite good but not really anything new. The steampunk setting and artistic style is interesting but plotwise there were no surprises. I am intrigued to play it a second time to find all the secrets but sadly this game didn't live up to the hype. Close but no cigar. Had they made light make more of a difference in stealth I might have really enjoyed this. Expand
  3. Oct 11, 2012
    This game has a lot going for it, but isn't perfect. The game gives the player a lot of freedom in how to deal with a mission. The game's story is somewhat linear, however you do get to make some big choices. The game's strength is in how many branching paths are able to be taken in a mission to get to that somewhat-linear story (an obvious example being the path of stealth versus the combative approach; but even within those two broad approaches there are so many different ways to reach the objective), which separates it from a lot of the competition. The Steampunk setting suits the theme of the game. With that said, the game isn't a graphical marvel, but the way the art-style is done makes up for that: in other words, the game doesn't have the graphical fidelity of Battlefield 3 or the Witcher 2, but the Steampunk, gloomy and 'pasty' (don't know how else to describe it!) style more than makes up for it. When you interact with NPC's in dialogue they are always doing something rather than standing still and it is very refreshing to see. For example, quite a lot of characters enjoy having a drink while talking, it's a minor thing but it imports personality into a virtual world. The weapons feel visceral, especially the pistol. Combat is pretty fun, but I always feel more satisfied taking the non-lethal stealth approach (personal preference), and it's incredibly rewarding to do so. Stealth is done very well in Dishonoured: the enemy AI isn't completely retarded, shadows allow you to stay hidden, hiding bodies is just as important as taking down your mark, etc. However the AI has a particular problem with looking up in many situations (I don't think I've ever seen a patrolling guard look up - it would add a significant layer of challenge if they did). The gadgets available are very cool and allow for an array of combinations to do away with enemies, though the possibilities aren't as expansive as to be infinite (however, we'll have to see what the community does -- there's obviously more creative people than myself that will be able to figure out some very interesting combo's) they are definitely there. Additionally, the game allows you to use hazards for your own device (e.g. reprogramming an electrical field to target enemies rather than intruders like yourself). The PC port itself is great: you have a host of options available to you including FOV (it's capped at 85, BUT you can edit the .ini files and increase it further), disabling mouse smoothing (thank GOD, I hated how Skyrim forced it on without a .ini edit), AA (choice of two), re-bindable keys, etc. The menu and hotkey system work well on PC and I'm very happy we get to use the number keys to change through weapons/gadgets instead of having to cycle through them individually, using a radial menu to equip them, or use an inventory screen to equip them. Overall a great game. One caveat however and it relates to the length of the game: If you are a person that DOES NOT like exploration AND would rather blast through the game as quickly as possible then this probably isn't worth your money (get it on sale?). If you rush you're probably only going to get like 5 hours out of it (maybe less?). I took the stealth approach, explored a ton and kept reloading saves to see if I could approach a mission differently, and in the end I clocked up about 14 hours. I'm replaying the game as we speak with a lethal approach to see how the story changes now so there's definite replayability, but my warning still stands: if you are the type of person that doesn't care about testing different approaches to missions, or exploration, or trying both lethal and non-lethal styles then I would avoid this game at full price.I for one wholeheartedly recommend this game. Expand
  4. Nov 13, 2012
    For me this is one of the best games of the year! Its open sandbax areas make it a breathe of fresh air after all the gorridor based, hand holding games of late. Choices, decisions and actions all pull together to give a unique experience, offering various play styles the ability to influence the outcome. There are a few minor niggles i experienced with AI and especially the 'blink' ability but they were few and far between and didn't tarnish my enjoyable experience. Thoroughly worth spending a few of your hard earned pennies on Expand
  5. Nov 15, 2012
    At the time of writing I have 106 games on Steam AFTER being a console gamer since the birth of them - please believe me when I say that this is (for me) simply the best game released up to this point on this planet.
    Graphics are lovely, controls are solid and fluid, story is epic, world is beautiful...I could go on and on.
    To give maybe purchasers my opinion on what you are getting
    would be to most closely associate with Bioshock. It has that kind of feel about it but with a bit of Thief and Splinter Cell thrown in for good measure.
    There are so many worse things you could do with you hard earned money - but not a lot better - trust me. A solid 9.5 pushing a 10 (always room for a pinch more). This is up with the Skyrims of this world as a masterpiece
  6. Dec 27, 2012
    The best game I played all year. I got the game a little late, but I don't regret it since it gave me the time to enjoy the game instead of rushing through it. The lore is fantastic, and the amount of side hints make the game a joy to explore fully. The options the game presents are fantastic. Stealth is not limited to one route or to one way of completing the objective. Some of the later levels are very engaging and interesting. One of them in particular was really fun. Playing full stealth I completed the level by bypassing 3 quarters of the entire map, and it was awesome. The story is a bit thin, and there are occasional hiccups but neither detract from an amazing game. Can't wait for the sequel. Expand
  7. Oct 12, 2012
    I expected less of this game, but I was surprised in the beginning, this game is very similar to the "Commandos" where you can choose kill all the enemies without making a noise using the knife or kill all the weapon and make a tremendous noise, very good its engine, congratulations Bethesda
  8. Oct 19, 2012
    I enjoyed the game. Gameplay is a combination of Might and Magic: Dark Messiah and Bioshock, with a Bioshock and Half-Life 2 environmental aesthetic. A couple of the characters were a little weak due to bad voice acting and/or just falling flat. A lot of them were well done and rounded out, though, interesting to talk and listen to. Also, The Heart.. that was an excellent and immersive mechanic to add, spent quite a bit of the game just listening to it. More then willing to play it a couple more times for the different endings. It isn't an industry changer, it probably won't stand the test of time, but it was more than worth the money, and I would love to visit the world again in the future. Expand
  9. Oct 21, 2012
    It has been quite some time since a game really caught my attention. The number of options available to meet an objective is amazing but unfortunately I felt that the game was too short. Overall its well worth the time and money.
  10. Oct 17, 2012
    This game has so many moving parts, I am amazed it came together as well as it did. Arkane's pedigree didn't exactly leave me high in expectation. They delivered with some beautiful, understated art, characters and setting I remember after putting the mouse down hours later, and greatest off all, a set of abilities and options that are all handled with a fine degree of precision. In the span of 4 seconds, I can teleport to the top of a fire escape, leap down and silently snuff the life out of one poor soul, then subdue his partner, while maybe alerting three other soldiers. You can then decide to stop time, assassinating all three with your blade/pistol/crossbow, create a gust of wind to knock them all back, or simply cook a grenade to explode in their faces. The moment to moment action is an interlocking chain of checks and balances. My only possible gripe with the encounters is that later on (After 'the twist') the player is forced by sheer design of some of the foes into a more deliberate and brutal (and less creative) form of interactive expression. On the whole, a fantastic new IP, one I hope to see more of. Expand
  11. Oct 13, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Just finished it, and I got to say this game just blew all my expectations away. Great art style, genius map layout and an overall good feel that fits right inn. The whole stealth system is very well made and there is a huge amount of possibilities on how you go forwards, one fine example is the last mission where you have to get up the light tower, Samuel says that there is only one way inn and that it is extremely well guarded. But just by looking around you can see many possible ways to get inn, and no they are not just there for making the level more appealing and they are not blocked by invincible walls or anything.. So yes you guessed it, you CAN actually go on them and use them to your advantage, and this goes for all the levels without the first mission as you don't have gotten the "Blink" spell yet. But... as always there is one thing that breaks the game a little bit.. And that is the story, it is just to short... 9 missions is just to little for a game of this magnitude. I felt that there could have been much more, the story was a little to thin for me, I completed the game in about 12 hours on Normal difficulty, by stealthily going trough every inch of the maps before finishing the missions. So I give it a solid 8/10, for brilliant art style, great map designs, godlike ideas and gameplay. Expand
  12. Oct 20, 2012
    Having a big problem with this game. It IS fun to play. It IS fun to explore. There ARE various ways to deal with missions, but they all are about stealth. Walking in gun blazing isn't really an option here. If You choose to play this game on high difficulty without killing innocent people the replayability doesnt exist, cause there is nothing that could amuse You anymore. The biggest disadvantage is the plot. I was really, really hoping (based on the interesting world, interesting protagonist and the hype) that the story would be deep. It isn't. The narration is very poor and no twist will really suprise You. When You get the mission that should end the game in 3rd hour of game You know it'll fail, don't You? Expand
  13. Oct 24, 2012
    I was so excited for this game when it was announced, I couldn't wait. And I was not disappointed with the game. At first I thought it was a little too short, but then realized I wasn't at the end yet. There are so many different ways into your target areas, multiple ways to accomplish a mission, and numerous ways to combine your powers into great combos. The scenery is beautiful, although a little washed out looking. But when they tell you you will not be seen while leaning, it's a lie. Because I did so many times. Of course it has its kinks and its bugs, but what game doesn't? Whether Bethesda decides to make a sequel to this or leave it as a stand-alone game, I will be happy either way. I can't wait for the DLC! Expand
  14. Oct 24, 2012
    I personally think we have all been tricked. The hype and amount of awards this game came out with is undeserving. I am a HUGE Bethesda fanboy, so I pre-ordered this title months ago, and I am more than a little upset. The more you play the better it gets but it is a sad version of what could be a great game. If you are playing on PC then you have a leg up, if you were unfortunate enough to get it on console--I'm sorry for your loss. Graphics---Week, Storyline---Seen it before, Concept---Truly awesome... Basically it is Bethesda's answer to BioShock fans. As a reviewer of games as a hobby (Liquid Gamer Podcast), I get to play a lot of games, and this was disappointing. Although the idea is outstanding, the execution is lacking. Hear my full review on the show, Expand
  15. Oct 13, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Dishonored is a game that requires you to make your own fun almost. If you approach this game meaning just to finish it,don't buy it. You need to spend your time in each level, finding all the nooks and crannies, uncovering some of the lore reading those books that are scattered around the levels, it simply adds so much more to the experience. And that's what this game is, an experience. The stealth is a bit simple, the same can be said for the combat but together with the beautiful world that has been created, it is much more than the sum of its parts. I distinctly remember when in the second mission I was dealing with the High Overseer and I had knocked him out and the uncle of a girl that she had asked me to save. I was doing great when I went around the corner to find an overseer with this back turned. So I knock him out and then return to my plotting to get this uncle guy to a safe location and the High Overseer to the interrogation room. Then I ran in to another overseer, and another and another until I had basically knocked out every overseer on the floor that I was in. So I rushed away when I saw that I had missed a rune, already seeing the way that I could do it better next time. I can definitely see myself re-playing this game as a ruthless, kill everybody, kind of character, which is different from the, I will not kill my targets but if s**t goes down I will kill the guards type of character that I have been playing. I would also suggest at least playing on hard if you are going stealthy, as well as turning most of the user interface off. Finding bone charms and runes by remembering the direction the heart was beating and the how frequent it was, with a faint red glow indicating the object, is much more enjoyable than seeing a sign telling you what it was, where it was, even though you weren't putting your heart near the direction, and the amount of meters you need to travel to reach it, is way over simplified. So basically, in summary, if you are one to squeeze out every morsel of a game, then this is definitely a game for you, and will provide plenty of motivation to do so. If you simply were interested in this game because the some of the kill cams look cool then you will be disappointed and I recommend that you stay away from this game. So what if you are in the middle of the spectrum? Well, I was there too and I found that if play this game with an open mind, you will enjoy the game. I can also honestly say this is one of the only games that have actually motivated me to spend 2 hours on a level finding that last obscure rune or bone charm, the only rune that I missed was on the second mission and I am still kicking myself for letting it go. Expand
  16. Dec 18, 2012
    Fantastic game. the gameplay is a blast, there are many ways to go about each level, good progression and a compelling story. The ending is a little "meh", being a lame slideshow of half a dozen~ "what happened in the years to come" images. The game is also a tad easy unless you take the stealth/no kill approach, even on hard difficulty. Don't let that discourage you from the game, however. You will fully enjoy this game and almost everything it has to offer. Even hunting for bone charms for upgrades, or doing petty side quests, are entertaining and not so overly out-of-the-way that they take away from the experience. 9/10, would've gotten a 10 if the ending was on par with the rest of the game, but in all fairness, not many games being put out have very good endings, not even the great games like Dishonored. Expand
  17. Mar 24, 2013
    This game is so much fun The story is pretty good itself, the world is original, but at this point it wouldn't be worth 10/10. What makes Dishonored strenght is liberty not like in a GTA (open world, etc), but you can find your own way to reach your goal, there is always several paths to reach it, and depending on your powers and you personal goals (ghost each path can be played several ways.
    In the end of the 15 hours of play, I've never felt so urged to start a new game to try other powers (you won't have all of them !)
    The only bad point would be that there are only a small set of powers available, if you add that to the fact you won't have all of them, you end up with a very limited set of skills. Hopefully there very well used, and you'll want to start another game to try the other ones.
  18. Nov 3, 2012
    Varying situations, non-linear levels with more than two options, loads of ways to eliminate your targets - all of this basically makes Dishonored an exemplary stealth-action game. When I saw the trailers, I expected it to be some kind of a first-person Assassin's Creed, but I was wrong - the game itself is closer to the Hitman series - it's not open-world, but each level is a sandbox where you are free to do whatever you wish. The tools of the trade are pretty damn impressive - you'll have a lot of fun combining the teleportation, time stopping and possession. Dishonored's only flaws are its shortness and the main plot. First one is neglected by the game's replay value - you'll definitely want to use all the gadgets and adopt the aggressive playstyle after you beat the game in a semi-nonlethal way. The quite lame plot is a bigger problem - the twists (the only one, actually) is predictable, and the whole story is too cliche and serves merely as a connection between the missions themselves. Which is a shame, because Dishonored is set in a very well-detailed world with its own mythology. Arkane Studios 's Dishonored is probably the only original (not a sequel, not licenced, not a reboot) AAA title this year, it delivers a refreshing experience, doesn't put the player in any limits and is overall a great game. Don't miss this out. Expand
  19. Jun 20, 2013
    I always love stealth-action games but i cannot play this. Stealth mechanic is not work, enemies uses nightvision and you are so weak. But this game is great. Because made by Bethesda. Bethesda is great developer and everyone likes their games. Anyway save your money for hitman or human revolution. Or you can wait new Thief. :P
  20. Oct 15, 2012
    Поздравляю всех любителей stealth с выходом достойного проекта, что бывает довольно редко в нашем жанре. Любители гранат(тм) могут смело проходить мимо. Expand
  21. Oct 21, 2012
    Before I start, let me just say Dishonored may very well be my vote for Game of the Year. First of all, the game is quite simply beautiful, even though texture resolution may be a bit low in places. The art style is just that good. Furthermore, the levels are all beautifully fleshed out and almost flawlessly convey the game's rather horrifying mood. The levels are also wonderful from a gameplay perspective: there are multiple ways to accomplish all objectives, and almost all of them feel natural and balanced. The game world will also react in many ways to your actions; this can range from changes in each character's story arc to simple changes in notes and wanted posters. I'd like a little more of the former and less of the latter, but that's something a lot of games struggle with and Dishonored does it better than most. A couple of the levels also drag on a bit, and as a whole you can blow through the game in a handful of hours if you want to. But if you do, you're really doing yourself a disservice. And like most stealth games, the AI can seem blind, stupid, and melodramatic at times, even on the maximum difficulty. But all in all, I really wish there were more games that were trying to do what Dishonored tries. It's not quite perfect in many respects, but the developers deserve huge success for making such a beautiful and multi-faceted game, and getting the majority of it right. Expand
  22. Avi
    Dec 8, 2012
    Definitely worth playing. The level design is excellent, with a multitude of different ways to accomplish goals and reach certain areas. Developing a certain skill will open up different options for getting a task done. The magic skills that you can acquire are pretty interesting too - teleportation, possessing animals and people, slowing/stopping time, etc.

    The atmosphere of the
    world is probably the best part of this game - it has a gritty, steam-punk feel with Victorian era style technology and magic. The graphics are done in a manner that makes it look sort of like an oil painting - a very nice effect. My one major complaint is the that the stealth mechanics could have been done better. Hiding in shadows doesn't always keep you from being seen, even if you're also obscured by a thick bush or something. But it's not a deal-breaker, and so I only knocked one point off my score because of it. Expand
  23. Nov 3, 2012
    an overpriced game considering its relatively low replay value and length. however, many players will find solace in the multiple endings and loose plan of action in completing the mission. the real challenge in Dishonored comes in keeping your low profile throughout and getting the only satisfying ending (finishing with high chaos ultimately leaves you with a sour taste in your mouth). there's also something to be said about the methods of killing within the power wheel, something that's both refreshing and creative. the story is pretty good on its own and at times unexpected. the side quests don't even feel like side quests due to their unique nature and characters, which is a big plus. one thing that bugged me occasionally was how some characters' heads seemed too small, but this is a very minor complaint and has no real impact on the game's image. overall, a great ride, an excellent boredom beater, and highly recommended Expand
  24. Nov 19, 2012
    Once again, I am appaled by the seemingly rediculous amount of negative reviews the PC version got compared to the console versions. It is set in stone that the PC crowd in general seems to be a whiny bunch of elitist piss pants, that would go and vote 10 for an obscure indie game and give a mainstream game a zero, just because it's mainstream. This is a truly great game, with one of it's only faults being it's short length.How could people say it's unoriginal? What other FPS/Steampunk/Assassination games have you guys played? The combat is very fluid and challenging if you get a couple enemies at once (I played on Hard). The enemies don't take turns attacking (Assassin's Creed) and block and counter your attacks well. Each mission can be approached in a variety of ways, you can choose the non-lethal route, the stealth assassin route, or the kill everything that moves route. Obviously, you can have a mix of all three. The powers, for the most part, are fun to use and have more utility than first meets the eye. For instance, you can freeze time just as a guard shoots, then mind control the guard, move him in front of the bullet path and then press play. PC gamers are such a whiny dissatisfied bunch that it makes me ashamed to say I love gaming on the PC the most. No wonder developer's don't focus on the PC anymore, they have spoiled **** to deal with. Expand
  25. Aug 21, 2013
    A surprisingly good game. I was afraid of sneaking and those sneak-achievements, but after playing a while, it became a nice experience. Now, I can hardly imagine to play it violently.

    The graphics is acceptable, the mechanics is good and the music is non-intrusive, except when it sounds too similar to the "you have been detected" sound. The music brought up some nice Fallout 3/NW

    One thing I kind of missed is the in-game progress on the collectibles and kill/detected counts; the collectibles show up temporarily, but the counts are shown only between missions, that is, hourly long missions.

    Once played through, the locations can be easily memorized; in a achievement-hunter-friendly way, but what annoyed me somewhat were the unskippable boat-landing sequences.

    I would give it 8.5
  26. Nov 3, 2012
    Absolutely amazing game overall. AI patterns can be kind of annoying, the graphics probably aren't as good as they should be, but those are the only faults I can come up with. I love how this game plays out, and It should be a definite buy for you
  27. Nov 4, 2012
    The main plus and the best thing in this game is the atmosphere/setting, this is what keeps you thrilled during your journey to Dunwall. Great visual style and locations/characters/machines design. As for the gameplay: I preferred do make it through in a stealthy way (because I wanted to have a nice ending!!), so I crawled at first but when I was bored I used the tranquilizer bolts to neutralize the enemies or just used the "cheating" teleport to run away. At the beginning of the game it was all a bit chaotic. but later I got used to it and even got some fun. About the "Chaos system", which affects the ending - I don't like it, because it causes you not to use creative killings, bombs, mines, grenades, guns, rats, name it! to get rid of the enemies because you just should not kill them if you want a good ending, and thats why you lose a lot of fun. In total the game is nice, and I'll repeat myself, mostly because of the Atmosphere. Expand
  28. Jan 11, 2013
    Dishonored feels like Thief with cool magic abilities, a similar equipment and much less likeable characters.
    I admit I've had some fun with this game, but not as much as I expected. The powers are the most interesting aspect to toy around with, along with the equipment which is more or less a steampunk version of the weapons from Thief (bow, dagger, mines). I am not entirely happy with
    the graphic compartment, which has good level design but it seems a little dated in quality terms; especially the dark vision is incredibly dull, with those boring plain color items and enemies. The one thing I hated most were the characters; the protagonist is silent, lacking the personality of some Garrett or Azio Auditore; the NPCs are simply unpleasant to interact with and don't add much to the gameplay, I can't really connect or care about any one of them, even princess Emily, because the game doesn't allow you any real chances for conversation. I dislike especially their design, with deformed heads and huge hands they seem like caricatures more than regular human characters. The steampunk setting in general is interesting and... weird... though not as involving as my experience with Thief (sorry I keep bringing it up but it's clearly the older brother of this game, with sneanking around, loot and all!). Unfortunately the story itself hasn't much to offer, I could tell all the plot "twists", predictable as they are, hours before they actually happened.
    Oddly enough, the game gives you a homicidal arsenal to play with but rewards you more for a non-lethal approach, which doesn't make much sense to me. In Thief you were a thief, not a killer, so it made sense the game rewarded you for NOT killing people, but in Dishonored you ARE an assassin, so why make the player feel punished for killing enemies? It's what the game is about!
    Overrall, the game builds up a lot of tension and sadness in the player, with the plagued city, the rats and the sick people everywhere; it does it so well, I actually felt anguished in real life after playing Dishonored for several hours. Unless you decide to take out your weapons and crack some heads, you don't have much chance to let that tension out. I missed, in fact, some moments of adrenaline rush, when the stealth approach is off and you have to punch your way through enemy lines with brute force. I also missed a few simple things here and there, such as maps of the city in your inventory to get around, and highlights on the rat tunnels which are hard to spot.
    Dishonored is a nice game, but it could have turned out much better. It has good mechanics but not so well implemented, and sorely lacks bright moments, character interaction, surprises and in general, a deeper player involvement. I hope in a sequel to give it a higher rating, it's a 7- in this review.
  29. Nov 22, 2012
    I just finished the game and I can say it's simply fantastic. Ignore all of the people saying it's "just hype" or "nothing new" because I honestly have no idea what these people are talking about. Dishonored offers it's own feel with a taste of cartoony graphics in a gritty steam punk world, with excellent and complex gameplay to compliment it. The story is good and though the missions are linear, the missions themselves are a sort of open area where there are many side missions. If you rush through the game like a lunatic you'll probably finish the game quick like a good number of foolish reviewers...but if you actually take your time and play the game it'll last a fair amount of time, maybe just a tad short. Make sure to note that the "choose your own way to do the mission" holds true throughout the entire game, Dishonored does this extremely well. It's not about making some original amazing breakthrough game that'll make you go insane with astonishment like many seem to think, it's about making a fun game. All in all, no what you say about how original or good it is, it's definitely a very fun game that's worth your time. Expand
  30. Nov 25, 2012
    As a dear friend said: "This is the Frankestein of the videgames, it takes parts of another games (The Thief, Deus Ex, Bioshock) and does not do a serious story like those". I say: Many game makers just wait for sale success instead quality success.
  31. Jun 29, 2013
    Any true PC aficionado will find this game mediocre at best. Not only is it a console port with aim assist AND auto aim set to 'On' prior to any options tweaking, but I found the aesthetics and dialogue to be very underwhelming. The game has interesting mechanics and extremely smooth and vivid animations, but the plot is almost nonexistent and the character you play as is a mute homicidal maniac bestowed with what I can only describe as god-like magic powers by an unexplained supernatural humanoid; excuse me, what?? Sad excuse for storytelling. How this game was allegedly loved by both players and critics alike is beyond me. Expand
  32. Oct 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. ฉันชอบเกมนี้มากเลยระบบการเล่นสะใจมาก และมันทำให้ฉันนึกย้อนถึงเกมเก่า ๆ หลาย ๆ เกมที่ฉันคิดถึงมาตลอด Expand
  33. Oct 12, 2012
    I am having a really good time with this game. It reminds me of System Shock and Deus Ex but definnitely has its own personality and style. You have so much control over how you proceed with your objectives its crazy. This is a game that demands exploration and experimentation. I definitely recommend it.
  34. Oct 12, 2012
    Good game, is an entertaining title at the hands of the guys at Bethesda (arkand) but with some errors to correct give my point of view.

    A very weak fighting system, which have been fixed with a little mix of action role, skill system that softens a little thing, to cover the little DEPTH at the interface and use of weapons.

    Very good soundtrack for my taste and no bugs (at least for

    I hope that work well in some DLC "well done" rather quickly that the game is short. But overall it's a good game and highly recommended to buy especially for PC which is a bit cheaper.

    And to put an end, the city would have to be a little more lively as always repeat the lepers and the guards (I know that history says no sickness and all that) but with a great decoration and design art environment and low points with repetition and shallow characters and some cinematics

    A greeting from Spain
  35. Oct 12, 2012
    If your going to play this game understand it does not tell you the best way to complete its tasks. I have pleasantly been surprised how much I can complete by not doing what the mission tells me to do and then finding another solution. Currently I Am trying to beat the game without a single death of myself nor of a Enemy. SO HARD TO DO but I love the challenge The game is worth a few playthrough's and Try to beat it deathless on max difficulty will def keep my time occupied. If you play on casual and just chop through the main storyline then never pick up the game again then You have missed what this game is all about. Expand
  36. Oct 13, 2012
    This game is totally awesome , ı have never played a game like that , ı mean ı dunno what to say , game is perfect , story ,atmosphere , game-play , graphics (could be better), when ı'm playing the game ı feel like ı'm kinda inside of it , it's not something which you can tell , you have to live , 10/10 -sorry for my bad ing-
  37. Oct 13, 2012
    While this game was hyped up a lot, I still think it's underrated at only a 91%. I went into this game quite skeptical that it could live up to its advertising, but it has done that and more. HOWEVER. This game is a reflection of your creativity as a gamer, as it uses manifold ways to reach your objectives. If you are an unimaginitive person then the story you live out will be an unimaginitive one. So if you want mindless action look elsewhere. This is a game for people who enjoy thinking.

    Dishonored is a fantastic piece of art that values creativity and choice and plunges you into an amazingly immersive environment. I am a very involved gamer and have played and beaten countless games, both on PC and on standalone consoles, and I can say without a doubt that this is honestly the best game I have ever played. The immersive atmosphere of Half-Life and Bioshock mixed with the stealth of Thief and Deus Ex are an amazing combination. The graphics, while simple, are beautifully done in painting-like tones, and the lighting engine is phenomenal. The soundtrack is both breathtaking and adrenaline-inducing. The storyline is quite solid and very dark, the world expansive and deep, and the game can clock you 23+ hours on higher difficulty if you explore a little. The controls are extremely responsive, and the fighting mechanics, contrary to some peoples' beliefs, are solid and difficult to master, although intuitive enough to learn. The voice acting is marvellous. Almost constantly you'll overhear guards or civilians having conversations, but it's almost always a unique, scripted dialogue made specially just for those two NPCs, that can last for upwards of two minutes in many cases, which adds incredible depth to the already intriguing environments. AND THE CHOICE - You can do anything, from combat, to stealth. Be lethal or non-lethal. Exploration is key. Multiple passageways always exist to reach your goal, and your actions will always result in different outcomes. Simply fantastic. 10/10.
  38. Oct 13, 2012
    Anyone who listens to the negative reviews for this game deserves what they get.....nothing.This is by far the BEST first person,stealth and story game I have ever played....period!I am a SENIOR gamer and have seen many games since 1982.(Atari)I personally own over 400 PC games,over 200 of which are on Steam.The game mechanics,graphics,and smothness of the game are second to none.Those complaining of choppy graphics have puter problems.My Q9650 is over 4 years old and the game runs OUTSTANDING with NO slowups anywhere.If you take the time to visit everywhere and do all the side quests you will get upwards of 30-40 hours of game play.Those who breeze through it in 12 hours are missing the point.I have not done ALL the quests and I am at about 20 hours and am at the start of the last chapter.Thsi THE benchmark for FPS,Stealth games in the future in my book.Do not miss this one kiddies. Expand
  39. Oct 14, 2012
    Amazing! For me this is the best game in the last few years! I did not expect that it would delay me so much. But now I'm playing and I can not tear myself away from it.
  40. Oct 14, 2012
    Only few games live up to the hype that has been built around them and Dishonored is one them. Both stealth and combat mechanics are absolute blast to play with and level design makes great use of them. Its lot of fun to jump around the roofs or crawl through sewers as a rat whenever you fell like it, but biggest surprise for me was how incredibly the game looks. Art direction is amazing. Characters have memorable faces and stylish clothes. Weapons, buildings, vehicles, everything is extremely well designed and together with rich color pallet create Illusion of city which is dark and corrupt, but is joy to explore. Expand
  41. Oct 15, 2012
    Just started this game yesterday and I LOVE IT! I've always been a big fan of stealth games like Thief, but was missing the action factor. Bethesda really took the best stealth elements from Thief and augmented them with powers and awesome weapons. I highly recommend this to any fans of stealth and action alike.
  42. Oct 15, 2012
    Whether or not you will like Dishonored depends on what you expect from it. Despite being a Bethesda title, it is not the "steam-punk Skyrim" many had come to expect. Dishonored goes to the same school as Bioshock and Half Life 2 in that it is a first person shooter with an interesting toolbox of abilities to help you out. The biggest complaint I keep seeing about Dishonored is that people flew through it in under 5 hours. While this is certainly possible, this actually demonstrates one of the greatest qualities of this game; it plays however you want it to. At the start of each area, you are given an objective, a large area, and your trusty toolbox of supernatural abilities. The game then leaves you to determine the best way to approach your target, and believe me, there are a lot of different ways you can get it done. In addition, your decision on how to approach each level (especially in terms of body count) has a very tangible effect on how the rest of the game plays out. If you make a point to run as fast as you can from objective to objective, never stopping to do side quests, explore, or talk to the characters, then I can see how you would come out disappointed at the end. This is a game the encourages you to stop and think, and the results of a little creativity can leave you feeling like a real badass. Dishonored is not without it's flaws of course. The controls take some getting used to, the designers went a little crazy with the head bob (thank god you can turn it down), and some of the later enemies can see you from what seems like a mile away, but these are small problems overall. I have yet to finish my first playthrough so I can't comment on how the story rounds out, but I'm already looking forward to playing it again just as soon as I am done. Ultimately, Dishonored is whatever you make of it. If you take the time to let it show you everything it has to offer, I don't see any way you can walk away unhappy. Buy or rent, this is definitely one you don't want to miss Expand
  43. Jun 23, 2013
    Flavorful and graphically stylistic steampunk-style FPS brought to you by the makers of Orc Kicking Simulator with Conveniently-placed Spike Traps. Even though the melee combat is fantastic, you are made of paper and the game is designed to be played stealthily; I feel a lot of the tools provided to you are half-thoughts, only thrown in to appease the console audience who wants to try to run-and-gun through a stealth game. This brings forward another problem: not enough non-lethal options. The whole game can be beaten by blinking behind enemies, choking them, and hiding the body in a dumpster and, sadly, this is the most effective way to beat the game.

    For being so plot-centric, Dishonored's story is disappointingly predictable and the ending boils down into two paths (high or low chaos). Dishonored is missing something thematically at it's core but I can't put my finger on it. Perhaps this is one of the few FPS games that would benefit from stylistic cutscenes instead of locked & zoomed camera interludes.

    Dishonored is a refreshingly creative stealth game with very stylized graphics that will stand the test of time (the same can't be said for the gameplay sadly). I think this is worth playing but it is disappointing to see what could have been if Arkane stuck to creating solely a strong stealth game.
  44. Oct 26, 2012
    I'm more a shooty FPS guy, but I was intrigued by the high scoring reviews and memories of playing Thief all those years ago. Dishonored isn't vastly different from its ancestor 'Thief', you are given a goal to accomplish, some tools and a map populated by guards and zombies. You're then left alone to figure out your own way in and out and in your own time.

    The graphics aren't
    brilliant, its the relatively old Unreal engine reworked, but the gameplay can be fun as you try to get inventive getting past guards. You can hack your way in and out, but the levels get tougher security if you do so it rewards sneaking. You end up playing like a combination Thief and Batman, staying high on buildings and dropping down to knock out guards as chance permits.

    The maps are not large, but they are stiched together to make long levels with loads at certain doors. With the multiple routes and tactics available to you, plus the time it takes to clamber around, you get a lot of gameplay time and high replay value. Its a diverting and quite challenging game, if not inventive or good looking.
  45. Oct 27, 2012
    Concentration is all on creating a certain type of atmosphere and a 'cool' way of killing someone. Game play is completely forgotten and it soon gets very tedious which is quite a feat considering how short the game is!It makes me wonder whether the critics writing these reviews are spotty teenagers who frankly don't know what they are talking about.
  46. Oct 27, 2012
    Para ser un juego de Bethesda deja bastante que desear, sobre todo después de ver títulos como Fallout o Skyrim.

    Un juego lineal a más no poder con un absurdo sistema de lucha.

    Una trama que no engancha para nada.

    Muy mal Bethesda, muy mal =(
  47. Oct 29, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Pretty decent game with some minor things to hate on and some things to like. MILD SPOILERS

    its not open world and its not super linear perfect for a story driven game in this regard, but there is no real negative consequence for failing at sneaking as the combat is super easy and you can gun down the entire base if you wanted/had to and since you know how the game is going to end from the beginning there is no real deep storyline so i just ended up running through it murdering everyone with the ending justifying my actions anyways and not really having any negative consequence to murdering civilians or countless guards.

    as for the artstyle it looks pretty nice and i like it a lot, and as the art director is the same as half life 2, i found myself looking at the bosses bases and the same blue steel look on all the bad guys stuff going... hey wait a minute i have seen this before. but even while not exactly original it is still different enough to be good and enjoyable.

    finally there is very few weapon choices, i only needed to use 2 of the magic skills and the sword/pistol. the storyline was very very predictable but not bad or corny, but overall i still enjoyed the setting, the characters and some of the missions themselves were very enjoyable.

    -dont believe the hype decent game but not worth buying, though it is the PERFECT rental game.
  48. Oct 29, 2012
    Dishonored = "Thief" remade, and I am so glad to see it back in this way. It has that same "Steampunk" look and feel, the sneaking around everywhere, the various arrow types for the crossbow, eye zoom, pickpocket and item-theft, place-able mines, silent kill/knockouts, even the sounds and music - it's all there. Certain guard NPC types even remind me of the "Hammerites". This is a very well-executed game. I noticed zero technical issues. The game gives the player a sense of being on his own with few boundaries to contend with. Linear play is noticeable, to a degree, but not so much so that it detracts from the fun and interest. When I'm in game, I am consumed with the experience and I cannot say that about many games. What a splendid break from all the run-n-gun, bust-in-and-blow-everyone's-face-off type games. There is some thinking to do here if you want to get past that guard point unnoticed. You'll need to move that body out of the way, and quickly, unless you'd like to attract more heat than you can handle. Very good. One man shouldn't be able to take on more than two others, and yet even Dishonored will forgive you, to an extent, if you try. I'm glad I bought this game. But, ah, I will say this: I'm giving it a 9 instead of 10 because I don't like to be penalized for killing. In Dishonored, if you choose to kill your way through, you'll have to deal with more of the carnivorous rats, than if you had chosen to merely knock people unconscious (and by choking???.... that takes more than 2 seconds). Minor annoyance I suppose. The game is still a fabulous work, to me anyway. I'd definitely buy a Part II. Expand
  49. Nov 4, 2012
    Dishonored is an incredibly original game which brings up the fight or flight instinct that you have. I would have given this amazing title a 10 but the ending felt a little sudden.
  50. Nov 9, 2012
    Who likes stealth games, they will probably enjoy Dishonored! . What the game gets right is the gameplay. I was having fun killing enemies silently with a sharp blade and a crossbow. The power of teletransportation works well, but sometimes gives annoyances. The upgrades of weapons and powers are included and placed perfectly. Graphics artistically are phenomenal in Dishonored, and the characters are interesting. What about the story? Was It any good? Well, It was mediocre. It has some intense moments, but It is predictable. Despite of the mediocre story, Dishonored doesn't disappoint with the gameplay. Worth playing. (9.0) Expand
  51. Nov 11, 2012
    Dishonored you incredible sunnuvagun!
    Whales! How could we not have seen it before! They're big. They in the water. They have blubber. They can't run away very well on land.
    Why DON'T we turn them into an energy source? And food? And trophies? And super economy?
    Heck if I wasn't suffering back spasms I'd drive right on out there and bring it back on the roof of my car to power this
    I'm sure there will be nay sayers, but I'm sure if I asked a whale if it wanted to be an energy source or not it would just go "waaaaaaaaaaahbbbbwaaaaaaabbl" which isn't even words.
    Not a very sound argument Mr or Mrs Whale. Quite immature.
  52. Jan 7, 2014
    Absolutely brilliant game. Combines intuitive mechanics and exciting gameplay with an enthralling story and strong graphics, Everything a game should be. This comes very highly recommended.
  53. Nov 15, 2012
    To keep this short this game was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed the game play and had a blast playing through it 2 times. However it lacks in story and depth so if you are looking to be entertained for a few days then I highly recommend giving this game a play through! However don't be disappointed if this game doesn't fully reach your expectations.
  54. Dec 17, 2012
    I've just finished Dishonord. It is very nice game with steam-punk atmosphеre, remarkable passage, but very boring story. I will not dwell on the gameplay. it is beautiful, but the characters are not finalized, the plot is clear from the start, and the denouement completely sad. I recommend this game to people who do not think about history, ready to pass the levels many times and did not pay attention to the obvious mistakes. Expand
  55. Nov 27, 2012
    Dishonored is a game that sets out to recreate the greatest parts of gaming history into one game, stealth game play from Thief, an art style that rivals bioshock, freedom of choice like deus ex and assassinations as creative and violent at assassins creed. Unfortunately from the minute the story starts to unfold the whole game unravels as they forgot the most important part of single player gaming (which all the above mentioned games have), story. The writers from Days of Our Lives or Bold and the Beautiful create a more believable storyline than what is in dishonored, this unfortunately makes every character you meet uneventful, every assassination a meh moment, and the twist in the storyline can be seen from the very start. The rats in the game actually have more personality than the main characters. Overall a very disappointing experience if you were expecting something as great as the above mentioned games. Do yourself a favour, and by the above mentioned games for the price it would cost you for dishonoured. Expand
  56. Dec 1, 2012
    This how video games should be made. You can tell a lot of work went into it. Too short? Hardly. I would rather play a quick fun game than a long tedious bore fest.
  57. Dec 20, 2012
    This was a highly enjoyable game, i have finished it a couple times and I am considering starting up a new one. The player abilities and gear allows you to play the game multiple ways with different results.
  58. Dec 22, 2012
    Now lets get one thing straight, this game is not perfect, it is not a 10/10 and does have some flaws however, Everyone who is giving this game silly low scores obviously haven't played any games in the last 2 years or even longer since nothing has really been released that is as engaging or rich than Dishonored.

    I'll start off with the Graphics, sure, they are not the highest end
    graphics, but that's not a bad thing, It means it runs fine even on laptops, besides, the artwork and design is so good, the atmosphere really takes hold which brings me nicely to the sound and noise of this game, Bone charms have "songs" and everything makes some kind of noise all of which, are usually very UN-nerving, creepy almost, in sound, this adds a lot to the atmosphere, for the people saying the atmosphere was rubbish, are you using £1.99 speakers? or iPod headphones?

    Now to the story, I like the way it has been told, Most games kind of just plonk you in the game and explain itself all at the start so you play through a part of it, In dishonored, you kind of have to explorer different paths, listen to conversations between NPC's and read the books, notes and simply listen to everything to get the full story, it makes a change compared to the usual way games tend to tell a story and for that, Dishonored should be given some kind of award for trying something new in a recession.

    Now the actual game play and powers, the Assassin skills have been done before admit-ably, but in Dishonored, I don't have to go through some silly button bashing or "press-this-sequence-of-buttons-to-do-a-cool-melee-move" its just a simple matter of good timing and returning enemy blows. I like this as it makes it far more engaging to fight and the enemy are quick to fight back.

    The game rarely challenges the player due to the powers making it easier than normal to go through the world but I think that's the point, if you use no powers at all, damn it's difficult!

    Anyway bottom line is, sure, it has issues, but when compared to the competition in the last 2-3 years, its absolutely brilliant.
  59. Feb 14, 2013
    I really enjoyed this game. I played through it right through again right after I finished it. If you like stealth-espionage games, this one follows in those footsteps pretty well and I recommend it. The gameplay is challenging, engaging and tactical and the world is interesting and has it's own character. The graphics aren't top notch but the game is attractive and immersing enough that it held my attention. And the level design I'd have to say this is about the best level design I've seen in a while kudos to the level designers. I do, of course, have a few minor nits. The narrative is not all that great. Not that the plot and the story is bad, I just found the dialogue and the characters to be on the bland side. That and I wish that Corvo was actually a character with dialogue of his own. To me it felt like there was a missing component to the game in that he was silent. The gameplay, while quite engaging, didn't really feel especially groundbreaking. If you've played thief and deus ex, the gameplay will feel very very familiar. Having said that, if you're stepping up to a stealth-espionage game, you know ahead of time that you're picking up a thief-deus ex progeny so what the hell. Anyways, the magic, especially blink, makes a nice little twist in the gameplay that's fun and interesting without feeling excessively overpowered. I know alot of people think it is, but to that I say: how many times when you used it were you not thinking about your situation and using timing to use it properly? Kinda the point of the game??? Despite the familiar feeling of the gameplay it is a refinement over older instalments, though I hope the next stealth-espionage game I play feels fresher. Expand
  60. Feb 13, 2013
    Dishonored is best described as a combination of Tenchu, Fallout and Splinter Cell yes, it's a technological ninja RPG. It is easily one of the best games to come out for PC this year. The graphics are not up to snuff for a PC title though. Otherwise I would have given this game a 10.
  61. May 18, 2013
    I'm a fan of the first Deus Ex, I still remember nights spent thrilled by the plot of illuminatis, templars and men in black, picking up phones with exquisite entities on the other side, finding easter eggs, this kind of thing.
    Sadly there is an utter lack of games like Deus Ex, games that feel like you are reading a book, games that present you with a coherent and thrilling story and an
    innovative game play at the same time.
    Dishonored offers this, not with all the glory and deepness possible, but it offers a plot, dialogues and a different combat system. Indeed it is repetitive one time or the other, or it presents you with a forced and non-sense way, but overall is enjoyable.
    Also the design was great and they were very successful in creating a british victorian inspired world.
  62. Jan 2, 2013
    This game is no where near a 91/100, Ill start with a positive. Your hand animations are great, well animated and makes you feel more immersed but you cant see your legs so that's all ruined. The graphics are outdated, this is a 2012 game and games over 5 years ago look much better, it's like an uglier TF2. The environment is the same old style of depressing concrete, random pipes and industrial themed, and of course a sewer level. There is garbage everywhere to make it look like the world has gone through a tragedy but its just another way developers can be lazy and put random crap everywhere instead of planning out the maps, it feels as if everything has just been placed randomly. The blink power ruins all the stealth because instead of sneaking you can just teleport everywhere, the "see through walls power" ruins the stealth because there is no challenge when you are aware of everyone's positioning and what direction they are looking, and no point of using keyholes to look through doors. The stop time power lets you skip content so they might as well put a button saying "skip to next level". You will be confused about whether someone on the street will be passive and leave you alone or start attacking you for no reason. The combat is very repetitive and will get boring, just left click to swing sword and right click to shoot or use some power and if you are feeling fancy then you can block by holding ctrl, you are discouraged from combat if you want a good ending anyway. You can quick save and load everywhere, so you don't feel in danger of being caught or getting killed. The AI doesn't respond as you would expect and kills any realism and immersion. The "story" is terrible because of how predictable and unoriginal it is, you feel no emotions towards any of the characters in the game because of how bland they are and the dreadful voice acting. Lastly you will get bored by the limited weapons and powers quickly. If you want a good stealth game go try batman arkham asylum/city because you won't find one here and don't be mislead by all the high rating reviews. Expand
  63. Jan 6, 2013
    It is unbelievable, as many have stated, that critics alike are giving this game such terrific overall scoring. This game does many things well, but as you proceed into it's rather thin an uninspiring story, we start to notice that the game is incredibly one sided in the sense that presentation and atmosphere are the standalone achievements of this development, not the story nor the game play. While the faults of this title are not the worst in the genre, they do stand out enough to make DIshonored a 6 or 7, in my book. Even with the RUSHED ending, so so characters, the lack of tangled character twists, Dishonored is still worth checking out for the graphical experience. While the game play is not very involved, Dishonored still lets you (but never forces) create your own ways to go about infiltrating monstrous environments that are crawling with foes. Always fun, even if you can't help but think how other titles did it better than Dishonored. Pick it up at a budget price (19.99) but, please, don't listen to the hype on this one. Expand
  64. Jan 9, 2013
    What can i say? It felt short and easy. AI is a bit dumb, and blink makes everything too easy. Dishonored is fun. Good level design though. But i can't say it's a game worth 60$.
    It's worth the try though, it isn't a bad game, but it's simply mediocre. Could have been more
  65. Jan 20, 2013
    Dishonored .... what an awesome game it's like a combination of Bioshock and AC3 making this into a FPS in a strange world of magic and chaos. It also has that Deus ex stealth experience or you just can kill everybody that comes in your way.
  66. Feb 4, 2013
    Dishonored is a blast to play. It's not your topical stealth game; it's an unique stealth game, that succeeds with it's gameplay. Having many unique options to kill an enemy, stealthy or detectable, is remarkable, by using some magical powers. And the open-world environments are entertaining to explore However, the story is dull, the characters are forgettable and the game is short. Dishonored is a great game, but far from perfect. Expand
  67. Feb 5, 2013
    Its between Dishonored and Far Cry 3 for game of 2012. Dishonored had such a unique theme, level design and it was a great take on a genetically modified Victorian England. There were so many ways/routes to complete a mission and traverse the streets and buildings. This sense of freedom really appealed to me. Never did I feel stuck in a 'corridor shooter'. The runes/powerups were similar to the plasmids of Bioshock however they all had their own feel and were interesting to combine and upgrade. I loved Dishonored and when I have time will play through again. 9/10 Expand
  68. Feb 13, 2013
    Dishonored stands out against the current crop of games with a very high level of polish, accessibility and atmosphere. Its one of the few games that upon completion I've immediately begun to consider replaying with a different style. Its not however great at everything it does. If like me you experienced the tension of sneaking around castles in the original thief games then Dishonored's stealth is not going to impress as its far too simplistic and not remotely convincing.

    Dishonored is a relatively linear FPS with options. To describe it as an RPG or in any way open or infinite would be wrong. That said, its solid entertainment, good story and set in a beautifully visualized environment.
  69. Feb 13, 2013
    A lot of effort was spent in creating the art for the game as the graphics and atmosphere are pretty cool looking. A lot of the visuals seem reminiscent of watercolor paintings which I thought was unique. The game mechanics are geared for and indeed rewarded the use of stealth and non-violent resolutions to game situations. What you do throughout the game affects the rest of the game in a *mostly* common-sense way changing the overall game "chaos," e.g.: more kills causes more guards to appear later in the game. The sword fighting mechanics are okay, not great, but are irrelevant if your goal is to use stealth to achieve the Ghost/Shadow achievements. The special abilities were pretty neat and some even demoniacally fun such as the possession ability. The game also includes some "mini-games" such as finding objects to enhance your abilities, although I found that most of the bone charms were pretty irrelevant to game play. Every level has several ways to achieve goals both violent and non-violently.

    I am a big fan of stealth shooters such as the original Deus Ex and Deus Ex Human Revolution. Also, I think games like Far Cry 2 Max Payne 3 are too repetitious and boring. I never found Dishonored boring in this manner and I thought that the game length was a good match for the uniqueness of the game content. I'm the kind of person who likes taking some time finding the stealthy way through so this game appealed to me.
  70. Feb 16, 2013
    This game has all the best features of bio shock and assassins creed. my only wish was if the campaign had a better ending and maybe a more interactive story
  71. Mar 6, 2013
    Overall an awesome game that has this slight Half Life 2 feel to it because it has these huge walls blocking your way just like in HL2 and sometimes you can hear sounds in the background that sound very similar to some of the background sounds in HL2.
    Graphics are pretty and nice to look at. Environments are very detailed and just look amazing. There are plenty of places to explore and
    there are some little side quests you can do. Game mechanics mostly feel solid but teleporting does not want to work every time the way you want it to work. Sword fighting can be bit frustraiting because enemys tend to block your hits quite well and there are some enemys who become immune to your sword for a few seconds when they block.
    It is very easy to sneak around. AI seems to be blind in some cases and they don't see you when your above their heads.
    Story was good but nothing amazing
    Well... It would of been nicer if it had slightly bigger world and you had more freedom like you have in GTA or Assassins Creed but overall it was a nice experience and definitely one of the best games of 2012.
  72. Mar 9, 2013
    Dishonored is the perfect mix between old games and new games. The game is presented with some old gameplay stiles. The first one which we can see is Thief's stealth system based on sounds and on darkness. The second is surely the "Bioshock Superpowers" that the main character has. The third one is a city very similar to City 17 (Half Life 2), in facts the city has been designed by Antonov, Half Life's designer. If we consider main quest's length, we could see that is very short, but the levels could be repeated a lot of times, using different action methods and changing the difficult. The main character, Corvo Attano, is muted like Gordon Freeman and Mario due the developers who would to made silent character to have a better representation of themselves in the game. The other character, anyway, Emily, is very important for the game and for Corvo, in facts the two people will be united by an affection link, and this relationship will be very visible and moving. So, Dishonored is one of the best game I ever play, considered I played other big games like Bioshock, Deus Ex, Thief, Half Life and a lot of Elder Scrolls. If you love this games too, so you should absolutely try Dishonored. Expand
  73. Apr 13, 2013
    One of the best games I have ever played. Everything in it is so great that You would like to spend with it every single minute of Your free time. Music, plot, climate, NPC, main character are awesome. It is only a peaty that game isn't very long. If You ever imagined what will come from matching Bioshock and Deus Ex You don't have to do this anymore, because answer is simple Dishonored.
  74. Apr 28, 2013
    So it took me a long time to finish my very first play through of Dishonored, I think thats partly down to my play style. I knew stealth would be too easy, and just fighting through the enemies offers little challenge unless I was playing on a harder mode. However as with most games that try to walk this black and white line of do good/bad I decided to try and be the most stealthy serial killer. Essentially imagine being Ezio from Assassins Creed but having the violent tendencies of Mr. Hyde ripping through enemies and you'd get a general idea. The main game mechanic at play here is the Good vs Evil debate of how you choose to play and for me there was one particular bit that made up my mind. You play Corvo, a man wrongly imprisoned for a crime he didn't commit, very much a wrong place, wrong time cliche, but thats fine. Your first act as Corvo is to break out of prison and this involves getting past all the guards. Its your choice obviously kill/sneak past. Initially I chose kill given that I was to be executed for a crime that I obviously didn't commit, yes unfortunately vengeance was in the forefront of my mind. So I hacked and slashed my way through. This posed very little of a moral quandary until I got to part 2 of the break out; escaping through the sewer. This is where I found one of the many notes you're bound to find spread across Dunwall. In this note a man told a short story of how he and his wife couldn't buy enough elixir to live on and that hopefully the fire they lit would keep the rats at bay. Very sad, I'm sure you'll agree. However what really got me was that when I put the note down and turned to leave there I found huddled together as lovers would these 2 people. I knew the more I killed people the more the disease would spread and I would be subjecting the innocent civilians of Dunwall to a plague that would kill them en mass. However after a quick peek at the achievements I realised that I'd already discounted myself from several of the available challenges and thought to myself "Screw it, onward and downward in my spiral of death and depravity but, this couple warrant a 2nd, peaceful playthrough". In that moment the writers had already convinced me to play peacefully but the real world satisfaction of achievements meant I had to do this twice... So be it.
    The game does have many fun little minor changes between good and evil choices made by the player. Its a wonderful system that pays off, but maybe you won't realise until you too have played a 2nd more drastically different playthrough. However before I jump into some of the fun facets of the Good v Evil outcomes, one of the things the game does is something that even larger developers with bigger games have done and it never works. At the beginning before you're imprisonment you must meet the Empress and her Daughter Emily. Through reasons that are later explained the Empress is killed and her daughter kidnapped right in front of you and you are left to take the blame. Now I have a problem with this. As a player I'm meant to have some sort of attachment to the Empress and Emily, these 2 women I hardly know and they instantly go and kill one and remove another. Why should I care? I don't know these people, I haven't had time to build an actual immersive relationship with these people enough to care that they're gone. It comes across as more of a "...Oh, tough scenario not a "Oh my god NO!" moment that the writers clearly want me to have (fallout 3 did this with the Users Dad). Its unfortunate that writers keep seeming to think that I'll care if someone I don't know but am supposed to, dies. It just brings me out of the experience. However you do build an emotional bond to Emily through the game later as you see her change with what's gone on, but the fact that I'm punished so unfairly is a better emotional hot poker in order to get me taking action.
    So the repercussions of Good vs Evil are one of my favourite tiny mechanics at work here. For instance if you kill everyone you come across when you do talk to Emily later in the game she's far more dark and emo, at one point she draws a picture and on an Evil playthrough you see something that I'd imagine Damien the Devil Child would create, however on a Good playthrough Emily draws sweet child crap like Rainbows (Don't think any of the writers stretched their imaginations there, but still its a nice touch). Also part of the Game involves your use of magical mystic powers given to you by some spectral being called simply "The Outsider" (which does sound like a nickname given to the weird kid at school with a snot bubble). On a Good playthrough he appears as he did the very first time you saw him, however after slaughtering your way through Dunwall for the 5th time he appears more darkened and a scarier being overall which is probably the most appropriate thing.

    See my full review at, thanks for reading
  75. Mar 16, 2014
    Just finished playing GOTY edition of the game and it was great, I don't have much to complain about. You can try either a stealth or more hands on approach (lethal or non-lethal) and it works both ways. The game leaves it up to you to find many creative ways of neutralizing enemies and it affects how it all ends. Story is nothing new really just your typically save the day lazy story that you find everywhere but it works I suppose. The 2 story DLC's are also very good. Expand
  76. sft
    Aug 11, 2014
    There’s a rat in the kitchen -- and everywhere else

    I loved this game and can find only one fault with it (more about that later). Arkane Studios have created a compelling game that ticks just about all the right boxes for me. It looks great, with very striking design and a unique painterly style. The city of Dunwall is beautifully realised and is a joy to explore. The gameplay
    successfully fuses the use of powers and weapons and the choice between stealth and combat is nicely balanced. The mission design is quite varied and allows for a number of ways to complete each one, thus offering decent replay value. The voice acting is always convincing, thanks to a star-studded cast, and the story is reasonable, although not strikingly original. Where it falls short is in the level of humour. Aside from one amusing line about someone not wearing pants I don’t recall there being many laughs along the way. And that’s a shame, because if not for the lack of humour I would have given DISHONORED a full score. Expand
  77. Jul 12, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I quite enjoyed this game with stealth movement is the favourable way to move through game.
    Pros: Numerous powers and upgrades to weapons
    - Story of loyalty, betrayal, tenacity and commitment
    - Great gameplay layout of cities
    - I would buy game although when on sale
    Cons: Linear games with many buildings out of bounds
    - Short game unless you play slowly to improve stealth

    This game would be amazing with larger, open field and additional collectible items.
  78. Jul 12, 2013
    Not the worst game I've ever played, but certainly not the best. Stealth is made easy with all of the different powers that you have, and just going around killing is no fun whatsoever. The entire game is basically doing the same thing. Go to this place to kill or silence this character you don't care about, and then do the same thing a little while later. The runes and bone charms are fun to customize, but I feel as though there aren't enough of them. The story is pretty predictable, and isn't worth playing for alone. If you enjoy stealth games, this is the game for you. If you do not, then avoid it. Expand
  79. Aug 6, 2013
    I well and truly loved Dishonored. Of all on the games I have played over the past few years it is one of only and handful which has managed to distance itself from the crowds and shine about them. The world of Dunwall is immerse and alive, every character from the lowliest guardsman, to the lord regent himself, appears as an individual with his or her own personality. Like a Victorian oil painting come to life, Dishonored's unique graphics blend the brackish and the bright into a chiaroscuro world that silhouettes both the best and worst in mankind. While the game's main story is very average, the choices it gives you throughout allow the player to breathe life and detail into an otherwise unimpressive narrative. Yet what really stands out in the world of Dunwall is just that, Dunwall. The city, and universe as a whole, combine a creative setting with enough information to allow the player to truly believe in the universe they are playing in. Combat feels visceral, if a bit simplistic and the gadgets and powers all have unique effects which synergize to create a strong range of options for every encounter. While stealth imposes restrictions upon these its role within the story and the satisfying feeling of completing a level both undetected and without kills more than make up for it. There are a few minor bugs which can frustrate (particularly when playing on hard/hardest) but the game runs very smoothly and is a true pleasure to immerse yourself in. Expand
  80. Jun 6, 2014
    Excellent game, i enjoyed a lot this game, very good looking graphics, good ambientation, very comfortable controls, hope this game is the first of a succesfull franchise. The storyline is very complete, with pros and contras, but looking at the details you can see how well designed this game is. The only problem i have was with some executions, too quick executions, not too creative. The enemy IA is okay, and you can go around being stealth or fighting like a man, i love the realistic effects in the combat system. The game is linear but at the same time it give you the oportunity to explore and search for runes and stuff, rescue people or just enjoy the beautiful landscapes. Overall is a great game, but it is not perfect. I totally recommend this game, it's a very decent release. Expand
  81. Jul 18, 2014
    What a great game. I love it that I was given the choice to avoid killing, and I made it all the way through my first run without killing a single person. I sat down for my next run, intending to try the game with a different tack... and still didn't kill anyone. It just didn't make sense that a man who was trying to prove his innocence of one murder would kill other people in that process, and the game's ability to answer that throws a harsh light on so many other redemption stories in which more killing is mandatory.

    The AI is not the best, to say the least, which is problematic for a stealth game. In some ways, their predictable natures and poor decision-making skills makes the NPCs into useful opponents; you can watch their patterns and wait for your moment. However, this does knock you out of the game a little bit and makes the clockwork of the game too apparent when it should be invisible, and it also diminishes your own feelings of smartness when you outwit these stupid guards.

    Another downside is that in order to connect with the story, you have to scour every area and find some essential messages that are hidden behind secret walls. It would be very easy not to see some vital story notes even if you were being pretty careful about hunting around, and that's a problem. We're looking at a game which, although environments have many branches, are mostly quite tight pathways within themselves. I guess that these little gems were hidden away with the expectation that almost all players would be motivated to hunt them all, but my conversations with many Dishonored players proves otherwise - I knew many things that they did not.

    Overall though, this is a great game with a new movement mechanic, and the DLC is for once not only good but essential - some of the best moments of the game are inside that extra content.
  82. Jun 23, 2014
    Excellent stealth dystopia. SCORE 95/100. Steampunk dystopian Hitman Absolution. That, by the way, makes for an awesome game. Superb controls, good RPG upgrade system, extremely cool story, and graphics that still look great almost 2 years later. If you like Assassin's Creed, Watch Dogs, Hitman, Thief, Bioshock, Deus Ex, or Tomb Raider - then you will think this game is simply a masterpiece. You will not soon forget it. Expand
  83. Apr 15, 2013
    The best single player first person experience I had since Half Life 1. Yes, I think it's even better than Half Life 2! It's a masterpiece. It took me 2 hours to finish the first mission I just wandered around, feasting my eyes on freaking best art direction ever. And the game-play is amazing too! It's not a shooter like so many other average games, it gives the player plenty of equally attractive choices.

    One of the best games I've ever played.
  84. Jun 8, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Dishonored is a great adventure. From start to finish, the game packs an incredible amount of action and stealth that can perfectly be mixed up to a point where you swap from one to another nicely with no interference.

    The game puts you in the place of a betrayed guardian who is entitled to work out his reputation back by helping the rebellion to rescue the empress daughter, and to take back the throne. Most (if not all) of the missions encompass a set of goals, which ultimately take you to the assassination of a key character. At the end, you're an assassin, and killing is a key gameplay part of this game.

    Though this could be considered as repetitive at first, the game's design and plot makes it pretty interesting and worth to look out, specially considering all the ways you have at your disposal to achieve your goal, and Bethesda has proven that they are very skilled at providing a good dose of variety for this.

    Although the story is somewhat empty at first, evolving along the main character is a rewarding experience, just as much as the silent kills. Using the special powers is a very entertaining feat, and the AI is well-developed, responsive and interactive at any given time.

    In resume, I have found that Dishonored is a great experience for the fans of Splinter Cell, Thief, Deus Ex and the Matrix, and it packs enough action to get FPS fans into its arena, and enough creativity to entertain while never disappointing. If you have yet to play it, go and grab a copy. You won't regret it.
  85. Nov 9, 2013
    I cannot deny my love for this game, and it's been a long time coming for a review. Also, I am not being paid to do favorable reviews FOR ANY GAME. That is the most garbage, disgustingly cynical, and annoying thing any gamer would think about other people. It's strange too, because Dishonored is exactly what cynical gamers wanted, but apparently even that is not good enough, so let them drown in their own sea of irony they created themselves by crying about how games are awful now compared to retro or older games. Moronic retro hippies, gosh darn it! I bet if this was a sidescroller pixel game, they'd think it was amazing. Idiots.

    Alright, now I got that off of my chest, let's talk Dishonored. I had this game for awhile already, but it earns some of my highest accolades for being the only stealth game I enjoy immensely. I don't like stealth games, for the most part, but this somehow reeled me in. First, I was immediately drawn in by the beautifully rendered setting. A dark sort of steampunk setting where instead of steam as a powersource, it's whale oil. Within this setting, you have absolute freedom to choose where you want to go, and when. There are hidden items everywhere in these places, and loot lovers like me eat that right up! However, it is mostly in a controlled, smaller environment that never feels too linear. Each mission within these areas can be completed in any way you want as you have so many awesome abilities, equipment, and accessories to help you with them. The combat is annoying and honestly far too difficult, even with my favorite spell, Slow Time, but you have that choice! I just hope you find a better way to deal with foes if you want to go on a murder spree. Otherwise, prepare for annoying cheapshots every second during combat!

    Also, your choices do matter in these environments. It makes you think hard about killing, and whether or not it is the right thing to do. You can change the course of the game by these decisions, with some choices causing more of the zombies called "Weepers" to appear in later areas, or security to greatly tighten in other areas. Each area, by the way, being a mission. But even then, you can take a break from the tough decision making and go on plenty of side missions, which is an awesome bonus! You can even spend your hard earned money on upgrades, which is also great as well. I am a fan of that kind of game mechanic!

    Anyways, Dishonored, as well as all of its DLC, is amazing. If you don't like it, then so be it. Just be careful, because Corvo might be in the dark, waiting to punish the haters.
  86. Jul 20, 2013
    I honestly thought 2012 was a bad year in gaming, but I explored some additional releases that slipped by me recently, and Dishonored left me astonished with its phenomenal gameplay, an engrossing story and some unforgettable characters. The silent protagonist Corvo, the innocent little Emily, and the spooky Outsider are some remarkably interesting characters. Unfortunately though, that’s where the list of memorable characters ends. There’s no distinguishable antagonist and we’re given little to no background information on Corvo’s assassination targets. Besides the bizarre chaos system, the gameplay feels like a hybrid of Deus Ex and Bioshock, and it’s literally flawless. Gameplay is very smooth and hotkeys allow fluid transitions between secondary weapons/powers during combat. Players can collect unique equipment called bone charms and use them to fit their playing style.

    Throughout the game, I was reluctant to kill *everyone* because not all of Corvo’s targets were necessarily evil and corrupt aristocrats, so I wanted to deviate from the ordinary assassination tactic, and thanks to Dishonored’s versatile gameplay mechanics, I got to. During a mission, you’re given “Lethal” and “Non-Lethal” methods of dealing with your target. In addition to the replay value, the versatile gameplay mechanics immerses you into Dishonored and enhances its story.

    The chaos system itself isn’t the problem, it’s how this new feature was implemented into the game. Simply killing a hostile enemy will raise the overall chaos rating and ultimately make Dunwall a gloomier city. It’s not necessarily “difficult” to maintain a low chaos rating, but I did pass up on some awesome combat opportunities in effort to keep my chaos rating at bay. Fortunately, Dishonored gives the player leeway and won’t punish you for taking advantage of some fun assassination opportunities.
  87. Jan 18, 2014
    [DISHONORED SteamPC Score10] One of the best games I have ever played. Play as a Master Assassin and Bodyguard framed for the death of the Queen. Get thrown into the dungeon, escape, take revenge. Play with Stealth or Action, Level up and choose Skills for Magic and others. Released Oct 2012 and played 9 months later. Add to cart with all the DLC. Enjoy this game smoothie….

    [DRM] Steam
    only, thank goodness there is no GamesForWindowsLive on this title, nor Uplay, nor Origin. I did not have to create an alternative account.

    [MyPC 2011] i7-2600K 3.4GHz / ASUS Z68 ProGen3 / 8G RAM / Radeon 6870 / W7 PRO SP1 / Samsung 275T @1920x1200 / Logitech G15 / Kensington ExpertMouse / Sennheiser HD600

    [NowPlaying] BrokenAge [MyFavorites] [Win7] TombRaider Dishonored TheKnifeOfDunwall TheBrigmoreWitches TheDreamMachine Ep1-4 30FlightsOfLoving Fez BioshockInfinite Antichamber Stacking Metro2033 Rochard Crysis&Warhead&2 JustCause2 Rage [XP] Papo&Yo DeuxExHR&TheMissingLink DeadSpace1&2 Fallout3&NewVegas HalfLife1&2 Bordelands1&2 BatmanArkumAsylum AssassinsCreed Magicka RedFaction Portal1&2 FromDust MrRobot Sam&MaxSeasons1&2 CulpaInnata TheSecretOfMonkeyIsland DreamfallTheLongestJourney Syberia1&2 CrayonPhysicsDeluxe DefenseGridTheAwakening PlantsVsZombies Prototype Bioshock1&2 UnrealTournament3 Quake4 [360] AfroSamurai BrutalLegends [XBOX] HALO KOTOR1&2 Crackdown ArmedAndDangerous AggressiveInline BeyondGoodAndEvil DeadOrAlive1&2&3&ExtremeBeachVolleyball Psychonauts [AppleG4] FullThrottle DeusExMachina ONI ReturnToZork Suspended UnrealTournament TombRaiderSeries [Born 1964 I do not know anybody who works in the game industry ~ I just enjoy games : - ]
  88. Nov 23, 2012
    Lovely stealth game that presents great challenge on precision and execution. The story is good too but I can't really say I played it for that, but I will play through it again just to see what the other ending is and see what other ways I can go about completing my missions.
  89. Oct 15, 2012
    I'll just keep this brief, everything about this game is awesome, except the story, which is in no way interesting, it has no climax, and has an abrupt ending. What this game really has, is options, for every obstacle their can be 2-7 different ways to defeat or bypass it, while also offering an adequate stealth aspect to the game, its not shadow stealth like the older Splinter Cell games, but Line of sight stealth, its decent, what more could be said. The game also provides you with many different weapons, gadgets and powers to sneak or kill with, its just plain fun, while having a moderate amount of replay-ability. Expand
  90. Apr 8, 2013
    There are some very good and some very bad decisions behind this game.
    The good:
    The background, the environment, is top notch. You can clearly see bethesda at its best in the small details, a very good steampunk, grimdark environment gaining some depth with every book you find. The plot is believable, even tough nothing new, and thankfully it's about one city and its government, not
    another "save the universe" cheap crappy plot. Music and graphics are also very good, and you can see that a lot of work went into this game. In fact, while horrible messes like Mass Effect 3 are probably mistakes to blame on a corporate timetable imposed on the developers, the problems of Dishonored are mostly about the game mechanics themselves.
    The bad:
    The stealth is quite shallow, being built around skills that allow you to blink around and stop time. It is in fact a better game if you simply refrain from using such skills most of the time, but you will come across some section which will force you to do that. Going for a killing spree is just plain boring, and I wouldn't recommend that, in the same way I wouldn't recommend it in Deus Ex HR.
    The game also has pretty much no replay value. Maybe I'll pick it up again in some months, and then forget it forever.
  91. Jan 25, 2014
    You can tell there's a lot of work behind this game. Very good graphic with its "comic book" style and so "dark" you will really immerse in this plagued world. Level design and non-linear ways of completing missions is the best part of this title. But ... at the end it's not that long and even it the game authors think you will replay it a lot of times... i think you won't. Buy it if it comes cheap. You will have fun. Expand
  92. Aug 8, 2013
    An amazing game. Stealth, action and narrative are all top notch here, Having played through the base game I literally can't understand some of these low score reviews they make no sense to me. The combat is fluid and with the various magic powers at your disposal, fun and varied. The stealth works intuitively and is one of the better examples of the genre. The world is amazing and deeply intriguing, if the game has a flaw it is compared to how interesting the world is some of the characters seem shallow and that at some points near the end the games limited funding shows (but just barely)

    I usually reserve a 10 for games I feel people are unfairly bashing en-mass. Not so this time, a true gem of a game definitely worth experiencing.
  93. Nov 3, 2012
    The most frustrating thing about this game is how close it comes to greatness. Although I genuinely enjoyed it, I couldn't help but think that Dishonoured could have been so much more. In gameplay terms, Dishonoured could crudely be called a steampunk Deus Ex: Human Revolution. You can kill enemies or knock them out. You can drag their bodies around and create a big old heap o' men (although bodies in Dishonoured have a habit of vanishing after a while). Each level offers a decent variety of ways to sneak, climb, charge or slay your way through. But Dishonoured lacks some of DE:HR's sophistication. The cover mechanic in Dishonoured, while straightforward, makes for the slightly ludicrous notion that an enemy cannot spot a player peeking out from behind a pillar. Corvo cannot talk his way around baddies. The plot is a good one for a computer game, but the efforts at character immersion are futile, given that Corvo is a blank canvas without character, and the dialogue sections contrast most unfavourably with DE:HR. Of course, it might be said that Corvo's personality reveals itself through actions rather than words, given that each mission's body count affects both the disposition of NPCs and the way that subsequent levels are played. This is a great idea in theory, but it also acts as a powerful disincentive to use one of the game's more interesting features: the combination of sword-and-pistol combat. Given that Dishonored has so few original features, discouraging the exploration of one of them in this fashion just feels perverse. Dishonored does have some interesting magical powers which stray pleasingly far from established RPG tropes, possession being the most obvious and delightful example. The downside is that such powers tend to make relatively easy missions even less challenging. And Dishonoured borrows one of Dragon Age II's most annoying attributes in converting collected loot instantly into cash, rather than offering the player the opportunity to do anything with it. If casks of whale oil can be made to explode, for example, could not a flask of refined whale oil make a jury-rigged grenade? Could not the medicinal herbs be sold to deserving (or undeserving) characters who might, in turn, offer some quid pro quo? While Dishonored is a fun and diverting 15 hours, is is not nearly so immersive or original as some reviewers would have you believe. But the really infuriating thing is that it could so easily have been great. Expand
  94. Dec 18, 2012
    Does the PC gaming need an other FPS? Answer: NO. It may have a nice quality but this is something we have seen already many times.
    Good graphic but old game, puck effect guaranteed.
  95. Dax
    Dec 20, 2012
    If you are not a sneaky person, you will probably give it a lower score. Cool tricks, cool game play, semi-crap story.. buy it play it. but beware of some sort
  96. stg
    Dec 30, 2012
    Pretty awesome. The graphics are just good, but the gameplay is great fun. This game is very much structure toward stealth, so don't buy it unless you like the genre.

    The universe of Dishonored is a steampunk city half destroyed by plague, and is fairly well executed.

    You can go around killing everyone (but you better keep it stealthy because you won't survive being attacked by
    several enemies at once), slip around, or put them to sleep. You can also upgrade several magical powers, such as teleporting sort distances, slowing or freezing time, having enemies turn to ashes as you kill, and much more. Expand
  97. Jan 21, 2014
    Based in a fictional setting of Dunwall, Dishonored tells us an interesting story of political corruption, betrayal, oppression and resistance, and of course lots and lots of death, whether it’s at the hands of the plague or the never-ending conflict that goes on. The immersive setting and nice story-telling are then assisted with gameplay that gives the player a chance to tackle every challenge in their own way.

    What I greatly enjoyed about Dishonored is the diversity in which it allows you to approach its challenges. It’s a similar style of gameplay as the Deus Ex games. The player can go in with stealth, or they can go guns blazing, or maybe to try some diplomacy, or even to mix and match all of those. Even the primary targets can be handled in ways other than violence. That’s right – it is possible to complete the game without killing any major antagonist.

    Depending on how the player handles each mission, they will acquire either high chaos or low chaos. Being merciful, using non-lethal ways of taking down regular enemies, and not triggering alarms all lead to low chaos, which in turn leads to a good ending. The opposite leads to high chaos and hence a bad ending. This greatly adds to the replayability of the game and makes it interesting to complete it at least twice.

    Apart from standard weapons and equipment used in each mission, the player also learns supernatural powers throughout the gameplay. They can do so by acquiring special runes which are found in many areas of the game. Many of these powers are very interesting and provide excellent opportunities to try out new and creative ways of getting past a challenge at hand. Perhaps the most commonly used power is Blink, which allows the player to quickly teleport short distances from one cover to another, which is extremely useful for stealthy gameplay. There are several great powers to use, but the ones that stood out the most to me were Possession, which allows the protagonist to possess rats and other small animals and to get through small crawlspaces this way, Dark Vision, which allows the player to see nearby enemies through walls, and Bend Time, with which the player can temporarily slow, and with an upgrade completely stop, the time.

    There are few minor things to criticise about Dishonored, like the lack of ways to take out the enemies non-lethally (sleep darts and upclose seem like the only ways), or how sometimes enemy AI and behaviour can be a bit unpredictable. The ending also felt a bit rushed, but once I got to the end of the game, I realised that it’s not so much the ending that’s important in games like these, but the journey itself. All those are just small drawbacks and were nothing compared to the unforgettable experience the game as a whole provided to me. A single playthrough may go for only 15-20 hours, but each minute of that playthrough keeps you fully immersed in the game’s rich and somewhat gloomy steampunk setting, not to mention its great replay value.
  98. Oct 17, 2012
    Very good game overall, one of the better ones to be released this year. It's held back from true greatness by some minor flaws however. The good: choice. There are so many different ways to play this game it's ridiculous. You can be stealthy and go through the game without killing a single soul, or you can be an instrument of chaos, slaughtering innocents and hostiles alike. This difference in play styles can influence the ending that you receive, similar to Bioshock. The powers and equipment that you receive throughout are fun to use and make you feel like a badass. The art style and art direction are phenomenal, also similar to Bioshock. It's a mesmerizing world. Most of the voice acting is decent, and the replay value is through the roof. Combat is visceral and strategic, with an emphasis on parrying and countering. The bad: the story isn't as great as I would like it to be. I felt that I just didn't' care enough the about the characters, and the empress' assassination at the beginning just didn't hit home. I personally would have rather seen a lengthier introduction to give us a feel for the characters, which would allow for a more emotional investment in the story. Also, the graphics, from a technological aspect, aren't really up to snuff, even on PC. Textures are murky and blurry up close, and the animations are a bit stiff. The art direction previously mentioned makes the game still look decent though, Overall, a good contribution to my gaming library. If you want a blend of Assassin's Creed and Bioshock, look no further. Expand
  99. Nov 8, 2012
    A game that is absolutely wonderful and quite long if played stealthy and possibly without killing anyone, but also rather frustrating, since while the developers pushed for a stealth approach, actual stealth mechanics are stripped to a few options, compared to the wide range of powers and gadgets aiming towards direct assaults or killing galore. The graphics are fantastic: sure they're not hyper-realistic, but they have a very personal style, which makes it way more fascinating than the usually dull AAA 3D. The story is ok: predictable but nice, though it lacks some emotional power. Expand
  100. Oct 19, 2012
    I read a few reviews before I even started playing Dishonored, and I wished I hadn't. I was expecting some top-shelf title that once again is touted to produce ecstatic experiences in the media blitz, but only manages to produce nausea once released. While Dishonored is not carved wholesale from diamonds rent from the earth by Vestal Virgins, it is not a bad game. I didn't get what I expected going in, but after a steady diet of Assassin's Creed titles for the last four years my view of 'stealth FPS' had been greatly skewed. Dishonored has much more in common with titles like Hitman or Thief, where one is much better off staying hidden, picking off guards one at a time, than leaping from the shadows in a flurry of steel a-la Ezio Auditore. The more I played the more I found myself enjoying this Predacious style of gameplay. It is both challenging and fun. Not in the human blender style of Assassin's Creed but more the patient planning and observation of Hitman or Thief. Sadly, where the game falls down, hard, is in the writing. The setting and set-up have the makings of an excellent novel but the execution is quite basic. Without preamble, without the chance to get into the skin of your character (Say with an introductory mission) you are told that you are the Empress' personal bodyguard, that you are a formidable swordsman, and it is hinted that you are secretly (or not so secretly) in love with the empress. My first gripe here is that the swordplay is incredibly basic, it is shot through with some glorious animations, but none of them are within your control. The second is, that I am being TOLD what to think and feel. Before I even have a chance to meet the empress I am being told how to feel towards her, a few extra minutes of dialogue, an extra scene or two could suck me right in here, but alas I am left wanting. If you liked Thief, Hitman, or Deus Ex Dishonored is a welcome addition to the genre, but go in for fun, not world-changing ideas. Expand
  101. Nov 7, 2012
    I was really hyped about this game, like i think everyone was.. Im a hardcore gamer and i always try to get best score. In this game that meens you need to go non-lethal on enemies and that make game ubber boring. After getting my hi-score i went true game second time , this time killing everything and going kinda loud. It was so much more fun... And here is my problem, becouse that game supose 2 be stealth game, which meens killing silently should give you more fun and satisfaction. It definetly didn't and more, this isnt stealth game at all, it could be if designers wouldn't fail on making it so... Enemys AI is just redeciolusly stupid, and game have many bugs which makes it ubber easy even on hardest difficulty. It' FUN game to play but NOT a stealth game like it was advertised... Collapse

Universal acclaim - based on 29 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 29 out of 29
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 29
  3. Negative: 0 out of 29
  1. 90
    We can draw comparisons with other titles all day, but everything is based on something. Dishonored remains a unique gem in a beautiful, yet chaotic world, with flawless gameplay. [December 2012]
  2. Nov 9, 2012
    Dishonored rarely challenges the players, but it doesn't take them for fools, either, so that's an achievement compared to other games in the genre. Just don't expect strokes of genius like the Shalebridge Cradle level from Thief: Deadly Shadows.
  3. 100
    Dishonored injects new life into stealth actions and their sophisticated worlds. Awesome work in every detail. [Nov 2012]