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  1. Oct 21, 2012
    Before I start, let me just say Dishonored may very well be my vote for Game of the Year. First of all, the game is quite simply beautiful, even though texture resolution may be a bit low in places. The art style is just that good. Furthermore, the levels are all beautifully fleshed out and almost flawlessly convey the game's rather horrifying mood. The levels are also wonderful from a gameplay perspective: there are multiple ways to accomplish all objectives, and almost all of them feel natural and balanced. The game world will also react in many ways to your actions; this can range from changes in each character's story arc to simple changes in notes and wanted posters. I'd like a little more of the former and less of the latter, but that's something a lot of games struggle with and Dishonored does it better than most. A couple of the levels also drag on a bit, and as a whole you can blow through the game in a handful of hours if you want to. But if you do, you're really doing yourself a disservice. And like most stealth games, the AI can seem blind, stupid, and melodramatic at times, even on the maximum difficulty. But all in all, I really wish there were more games that were trying to do what Dishonored tries. It's not quite perfect in many respects, but the developers deserve huge success for making such a beautiful and multi-faceted game, and getting the majority of it right. Expand
  2. Avi
    Dec 8, 2012
    Definitely worth playing. The level design is excellent, with a multitude of different ways to accomplish goals and reach certain areas. Developing a certain skill will open up different options for getting a task done. The magic skills that you can acquire are pretty interesting too - teleportation, possessing animals and people, slowing/stopping time, etc.

    The atmosphere of the
    world is probably the best part of this game - it has a gritty, steam-punk feel with Victorian era style technology and magic. The graphics are done in a manner that makes it look sort of like an oil painting - a very nice effect. My one major complaint is the that the stealth mechanics could have been done better. Hiding in shadows doesn't always keep you from being seen, even if you're also obscured by a thick bush or something. But it's not a deal-breaker, and so I only knocked one point off my score because of it. Expand
  3. Sep 8, 2013
    Dishonored. What a story, what a game. It seems that anything Bethesda issues becomes success.
    In order to keep it short. Story is fantastic, diluted in beginning but later on shines like a diamond. I started the game on very hard mode with an objective to finish a game without killing hostile or civilian. However, the kidnapping of little girl and betrayal by your ''allies'' changed my
    mood from stealth thief to stealth assassin. I wanted justice. And that is what happens when the game is good. It changes your objectives and affects your gameplay. Like a good book. Once you finish it, you feel sorry there is no extra page somewhere hidden or you hope for a sequel.
    I will give 9,0 to Dishonored. The graphics is not top notch, and characters should have been better detailed, however everything else is pure 10.
  4. Jan 7, 2013
    Nearly a perfect execution for this genre (Superpower FPS like Bioshock or Crysis). Borrows heavily from some of the best games of the past 10 years. Artistic style inspired by Borderlands, superpower system inspired by Bioshock, architecture...think Victorian Half-Life 2. Allows you to play in a way that suits you, but primarily limited to stealth/non-lethal and aggressive/lethal. Aggressive approach can be a bit too easy and one-note. Stealth can get frustrating at times when the availability of take-downs gets nit-picky about exact position relative to adversaries and makes you feel more like an assassin robot than a fluid ninja. It was entertaining enough that after first completion (stealth/good guy) I immediately started my second play-through (aggressive/bad guy). Doesn't bring anything new to the genre, but brings some polish to some old and proven elements. Expand
  5. Oct 9, 2012
    The game play is absolutely great but the story is not smooth. The combat system feels like a mixture of Skyrim and Deus Ex H R. There are many dilemmas that the player must decide and many hidden places to explore. The player's decisions and skill selections will change where the player can go and cannot go. It means the player must replay the game several times to explore everything.
  6. Nov 19, 2012
    Once again, I am appaled by the seemingly rediculous amount of negative reviews the PC version got compared to the console versions. It is set in stone that the PC crowd in general seems to be a whiny bunch of elitist piss pants, that would go and vote 10 for an obscure indie game and give a mainstream game a zero, just because it's mainstream. This is a truly great game, with one of it's only faults being it's short length.How could people say it's unoriginal? What other FPS/Steampunk/Assassination games have you guys played? The combat is very fluid and challenging if you get a couple enemies at once (I played on Hard). The enemies don't take turns attacking (Assassin's Creed) and block and counter your attacks well. Each mission can be approached in a variety of ways, you can choose the non-lethal route, the stealth assassin route, or the kill everything that moves route. Obviously, you can have a mix of all three. The powers, for the most part, are fun to use and have more utility than first meets the eye. For instance, you can freeze time just as a guard shoots, then mind control the guard, move him in front of the bullet path and then press play. PC gamers are such a whiny dissatisfied bunch that it makes me ashamed to say I love gaming on the PC the most. No wonder developer's don't focus on the PC anymore, they have spoiled **** to deal with. Expand
  7. Dec 7, 2012
    Dishonored is a steampunkish hybrid of RPG-elements using Melee/FPS/magic combat-styles set in an Industrial-age imperial city being ravaged by a rat plague. It also has a Bioshock vibe to it. If none of that sounds like potential fun for a game, Dishonored is not for you. For the rest of us though, this game is a really good time and well worth the sale price of $30 I paid for it during Steam's post-

    thanksgiving sale. Although I thought the emotional attachment was a little thin from a player perspective, the main character's motivation was quite clear, so his actions during the game made sense to me. My only significant problem with Dishonored was that it crashed on me 7 or so times during my first playthrough.

    **COMPOSITE SCORE: 8.875/10**


    Arkane Studios gives the player the opportunity to complete the mission objectives in a true role-playing manner. If you believe Corvo wouldn't want to kill a couple of hundred city guards in order to meet his goals, you don't have to do that. Or, if you think he's so angry that he'd destroy anyone in his way, you can do that too. This gives opportunities for varied playthroughs. I recommend going stealth your 1st time, because it's more challenging than rampaging through the city. Save that for the 2nd.

    **GRAPHICS: 9/10**

    Although Dishonored is a console port, Arkane did a good job at making it feel good for PC gamers. I would have liked more people in the cities and larger areas, but the people who were there looked pretty good, and the settings were fun and looked good as well. I did not like all the fog, but I think that was an artistic choice rather than hardware. Being only DX9 limited how good water looks, but it's still decent.

    **SOUND: 9/10**

    The sound was solid although not ground breaking. The music was fun though. ...drunken whalers. haha


    Like I said before, you have options on how you want to play. I don't want to get into what your options are too much, cuz that might spoil things, but you can either move around and kill things really fast, or you can go super slow and sneaky, or you can be somewhere in-between. It's pretty cool. There are definitely easier ways to complete the missions than others. And, the side missions are just that. If you skip them, they don't really affect the game's difficulty... just the ending. I did not like how picky the achievement for Clean Hands is. If someone finds a person you knocked out, that counts against the achievement. I also didn't like how sometimes mobs will completely miss seeing you in broad daylight but other times see you in shadows from about the same distance. Lots of daytime missions. Makes it tough to be a magic ninja with all that light.

    **GAME LENGTH: 10/10**

    Playing the stealth path, it took me ~28 hours my first playthrough. With the different options to use, Dishonored offers a lot of replayability. People who complain about the game being too short (7 hours) are skipping most of the exploring and side-quests. It would be like doing only Skyrim's main line and finishing in 10 hours... why do it??

    Have fun!
  8. Aug 30, 2014
    I had high expectations for this game but it is far better than I believed a game could be. The number of ways to approach any situation is limitless. You can kill everyone or not touch anyone at all throughout the entire game. The city of Dunwall is masterfully sculpted with the incredible art direction. The character design is very creative. Dishonored is truly a breath of fresh air from the tonne of dumb shooters out today and truly demonstrates what a game can be and is the benchmark of what every developer should aim for. 9.5/10 Expand
  9. Nov 2, 2012
    Dishonored's beautifully designed world makes an unforgettable experience to all gamers, and the bloody, fun ,mostly-stealth gameplay is extremely polished. Maybe the story is a bit dull, but still the game manages a great gameplay.
  10. Aug 21, 2013
    A surprisingly good game. I was afraid of sneaking and those sneak-achievements, but after playing a while, it became a nice experience. Now, I can hardly imagine to play it violently.

    The graphics is acceptable, the mechanics is good and the music is non-intrusive, except when it sounds too similar to the "you have been detected" sound. The music brought up some nice Fallout 3/NW

    One thing I kind of missed is the in-game progress on the collectibles and kill/detected counts; the collectibles show up temporarily, but the counts are shown only between missions, that is, hourly long missions.

    Once played through, the locations can be easily memorized; in a achievement-hunter-friendly way, but what annoyed me somewhat were the unskippable boat-landing sequences.

    I would give it 8.5
  11. Nov 3, 2012
    Absolutely amazing game overall. AI patterns can be kind of annoying, the graphics probably aren't as good as they should be, but those are the only faults I can come up with. I love how this game plays out, and It should be a definite buy for you
  12. Jul 5, 2013
    I will preface this with the fact that I am a big stealth/action story driven game fan. Dishonored is an incredible game in many ways. The lore of the world that Arkane has created is deep and well fleshed out in this moderately long gem. There were times where I would do a beautiful stealth run and the next mission blow it but recover and simply go about killing and giving up much of the stealth approach. The game leans toward a more stealthy and non-lethal approach with the level of chaos determining just how rough the world is for you to survive.

    The graphics are gorgeous and the art style is very Steam Punk, which I happen to enjoy. Corvo is unfortunately a silent protagonist which is a shame but I can live with it. The story is deep and VERY dark. Well written dialogue and limited but impactful cut scenes really help to carry the story without getting in the way.

    If you like gadgets, a sort of limited magic, stealth and action with a design that allows for either or both within a single mission and a truly unique and engaging but not very attractive grungy steam punk world you will love Dunwall and enjoy Corvo and all that Dishonored has to offer.

    At this point you can find Dishonored for as little as $24 and its a steal. There are only 9 missions but I played it and completed all of the optional mission objectives and got 21 hours of solid play time.
  13. Aug 5, 2013
    What i really love about this game is that it gives you the freedom to choose how to kill your enemies or not(stealth approach).The game is very good at storytelling,combat and at last but not least establishing a steampunk Victorian London look a like(Dunwall city).I think that when it came out it was and it still is a a breath of fresh air in videogame industry.
  14. Nov 13, 2012
    Great job Arkane Studios!!! Let me start by admitting that Dishonored is not a flawless game. The AI and the stealth system could use some improvement (better overall AI, and a stealth system more similar to Thief's Dark Engine). The game has great art design and story (a little bit predictable, but still good...). The music and sound effect are really good. The city of Dunwall, which is modeled after late 1800s-early 1900s London and Edinburgh is just amazing!!! The world of Dishonored is rich and complex.

    I enjoyed the non-linear and flexible maps, and the different powers the player can upgrade during the campaign! That adds a lot of replay value to the game!

    I wish there have been more weapons in the game...
    A Great overall game!!!
  15. Nov 27, 2012
    I am puzzled to see 86 negative reviews. I read about 10 of them and most of these started with being oversold on the hype by the press. I mean, wtf, there are trailers, youtube videos, forums, user reviews and critic reviews and yet, people still can't made a judgement and had a very different expectation. And when it didn't meet, the game bet punished.

    I went into this game without
    seeing a video. I read forums impression. I know of the names behind this game: Harvey Smith and the guy who did City 17 in Half Life 2. These are strong designers. So, I went into the game expecting stealth, expecting strong story. And I was blown away by the graphics, atmosphere and the gameplay! This is a GoTY for me... and yet, I got bored with Syrim pretty fast. So my suggestion is read users reviews, watch youtube videos. Judge for yourself. Don't penalize a game because you had high expectation! Expand
  16. Nov 22, 2012
    I just finished the game and I can say it's simply fantastic. Ignore all of the people saying it's "just hype" or "nothing new" because I honestly have no idea what these people are talking about. Dishonored offers it's own feel with a taste of cartoony graphics in a gritty steam punk world, with excellent and complex gameplay to compliment it. The story is good and though the missions are linear, the missions themselves are a sort of open area where there are many side missions. If you rush through the game like a lunatic you'll probably finish the game quick like a good number of foolish reviewers...but if you actually take your time and play the game it'll last a fair amount of time, maybe just a tad short. Make sure to note that the "choose your own way to do the mission" holds true throughout the entire game, Dishonored does this extremely well. It's not about making some original amazing breakthrough game that'll make you go insane with astonishment like many seem to think, it's about making a fun game. All in all, no what you say about how original or good it is, it's definitely a very fun game that's worth your time. Expand
  17. Jul 31, 2013
    Dishonored features a great environment. The city of Dunwall is well built and the graphic style works well. Gameplay suffers somewhat from linearity both in the story and in the missions, but this is saved by the fun of the various gadgets and powers which grant the player a lot of ways to "mess about" in the levels. I don't really see the plot to be that weak, or the levels to be too small. The game feels and plays like a pretty GOOD console port. Definitely worth buying and a couple of play-throughs. While nothing is really outstanding or surprising, it's a solid game with an interesting setting and definitely will give some good memories. Expand
  18. Oct 9, 2012
    This is one of the better games that I've bought in the last few years. It exceeds guild wars 2, battlefield 3, and many others in terms of how much I've enjoyed it. The gameplay is smooth as silk, and you get very immersed when you are stalking your prey. Huge fights give an adrenaline rush from all of the unpredictable chaos that happens which is a big bonus. I'd give it a 10, but the game is a little more cartoony than I would have expected, and the blood effects leave just a tiny bit to be desired in your killing sprees Expand
  19. Oct 10, 2012
    I haven't completed the game's campaign yet but it's game-play is great, the art-design of the game's environment makes an applaud for me. The setting of the game is unique and original. What else could I say? One problem I did not enjoy was the NPC s suddenly shooting something at me out of nowhere and stopped. A minor bug I suppose?
    Still, another Great Game Of The Year.
  20. Oct 11, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. ฉันชอบเกมนี้มากเลยระบบการเล่นสะใจมาก และมันทำให้ฉันนึกย้อนถึงเกมเก่า ๆ หลาย ๆ เกมที่ฉันคิดถึงมาตลอด Expand
  21. Oct 12, 2012
    This was an excellent game. From the terrific atmosphere, to the complex back round story, Dishonored gives a fantastic gaming experience. I look forward to seeing if the creators will expand this universe even more. The only downside to the game is that the story is a little predictable in some parts.
  22. Oct 15, 2012
    It doesn't have the best stealth (the Blink ability is a mixed bag; it opens up for some interesting tactics, but can make sneaking a bit TOO simple in some environments) or the best action ever (only three weapons not including your powers, some of which are impractical in combat) but it makes up for it by offering a breadth of freedom and choice to the player while still being approachable to players who are more used to simply following a linear path. There's an "obvious" solution to your missions, but there's also less obvious solutions that are often more satisfying than the former, encouraging you to really explore and weigh your options. Some people still say it's too linear. To these people I have to ask... how open do you really expect this sort of game to be? Even Deus Ex and Hitman have a finite amount of ways to approach objectives, and this game is still pretty open.

    I's not a perfect game but coming from a fan of Deux Ex and Thief it's a heck of a lot of fun and does more things right than it does wrong. I can only imagine most of the people who are actually rating this game as a 5 or lower are nostalgia-goggled, disillusioned old gamers who won't be satisfied with anything other than the games they played as kids.
  23. Oct 16, 2012
    Definitely a great game. The most fun part of this game is the number of choices you can make to proceed through a mission, mostly because of the variety of ways you have to do your kills.
    Their main soundtrack (Drunken Whaler) fits the game perfectly, users usually love when guards whistles it.
  24. Nov 11, 2012
    This game is awesome, the story is very interesting, the characters are very believable, the stealth system is very fun. I gave it 9 because of the combat system, it's the worst thing in the game, if you want to play the game you should try being sneaky, it's way more fun.
  25. Oct 28, 2012
    Despite my rig being below the minimum specs of the game, I nonetheless bought it on steam, and loaded it up. After tweaking the graphics so it could run on my PC with a good FPS, I jumped right into the campaign, and was so involved in it that I beat it in one sitting. The story was creative, with different twists and turns. But the most impressive feature was how in-control you felt the entire time. You could take down that guard however you wanted. Want to rush in and engage him? Go ahead. Want to silently sneak and assassinate him? No problem. Want to hit him with a sleep dart from afar? The game won't stop you. Want to freeze time and just walk right past him? Yep, you can do it. And unlike other stealth games, it feels balanced. So you are not completely underpowered and can only take a sword swing before dying, instead, you could hold your own easily against a number of opponents. Every choice you make affects how characters react to you, and affect the total outcome. After beating the game with an evil ending, I truly felt as if I HAD to go back and complete it with a non-lethal ending. I'm a long-time fan of Bioshock, so had no problem jumping into the radial-wheel, dual weapons formula. The controls are easy to grasp, and by the first level you are already killing like a true assassin. I have no idea where the negative reviews are coming from. Dishonored reached my expectations and more. My only regret is the length of the Campaign. I'm not personally into the "bone or rune" hunting aspect of the game, so after I beat the campaign on all endings in about a day, there was nothing to do. Hopefully the new DLC will fix that. Overall, Dishonored is a great, innovative game and is like a well needed breath of fresh air before the big names come out to play later in November. If you are looking for a game to play till Halo 4/Assassin's Creed 3, this is it. Expand
  26. Oct 29, 2012
    Dishonored = "Thief" remade, and I am so glad to see it back in this way. It has that same "Steampunk" look and feel, the sneaking around everywhere, the various arrow types for the crossbow, eye zoom, pickpocket and item-theft, place-able mines, silent kill/knockouts, even the sounds and music - it's all there. Certain guard NPC types even remind me of the "Hammerites". This is a very well-executed game. I noticed zero technical issues. The game gives the player a sense of being on his own with few boundaries to contend with. Linear play is noticeable, to a degree, but not so much so that it detracts from the fun and interest. When I'm in game, I am consumed with the experience and I cannot say that about many games. What a splendid break from all the run-n-gun, bust-in-and-blow-everyone's-face-off type games. There is some thinking to do here if you want to get past that guard point unnoticed. You'll need to move that body out of the way, and quickly, unless you'd like to attract more heat than you can handle. Very good. One man shouldn't be able to take on more than two others, and yet even Dishonored will forgive you, to an extent, if you try. I'm glad I bought this game. But, ah, I will say this: I'm giving it a 9 instead of 10 because I don't like to be penalized for killing. In Dishonored, if you choose to kill your way through, you'll have to deal with more of the carnivorous rats, than if you had chosen to merely knock people unconscious (and by choking???.... that takes more than 2 seconds). Minor annoyance I suppose. The game is still a fabulous work, to me anyway. I'd definitely buy a Part II. Expand
  27. Nov 4, 2012
    Dishonored is an incredibly original game which brings up the fight or flight instinct that you have. I would have given this amazing title a 10 but the ending felt a little sudden.
  28. Nov 4, 2012
    It's a mixture of Hitman,Bioshock and Assasin Creed which makes it stunning. Thumbs up for " maps(gorgeous distopian city), puzzle(finding bone charms and runes,also diffrent pathways you can reach your goal), other side tasks". One can choose to kill every enemy on his path or chose not to be seen(using magics and maps) to achive his goal. Thumbs down for 'story' which is predictable, otherwise it's like 'Game Of The Year' to me. Expand
  29. Nov 5, 2012
    Awesome stealth/frontal assault game. All you need is patience and timing, and you can complete every mission with little to no deaths, or just go in guns blazing and killing everyone in your path. All the different abilities let you get creative about how you want to do each mission. The only thing i wish they had added was a button to hide your weapon/put your weapon away (there may be one, but after looking through the settings and keyboard binds, i haven't spotted it). Expand
  30. Nov 9, 2012
    Who likes stealth games, they will probably enjoy Dishonored! . What the game gets right is the gameplay. I was having fun killing enemies silently with a sharp blade and a crossbow. The power of teletransportation works well, but sometimes gives annoyances. The upgrades of weapons and powers are included and placed perfectly. Graphics artistically are phenomenal in Dishonored, and the characters are interesting. What about the story? Was It any good? Well, It was mediocre. It has some intense moments, but It is predictable. Despite of the mediocre story, Dishonored doesn't disappoint with the gameplay. Worth playing. (9.0) Expand
  31. Nov 10, 2012
    Dishonored if a very pleasing game that includes lots of things you would want in a game like it. You are able to play it with loads of different game types such as stealth, just going all out and killing everyone or just doing anything to beat the game and there are probably more + if you wanna play with those than you can play with those without changing, it is even possible to not kill anyone in the game. I myself do not enjoy the map design as much as other might. If you want to play stealth its one of the best stealth i have seen in a game, so it is more enjoyable and challenging while playing stealth. The graphics are alright but if they were better it would not hurt. Overall i love the game and all the game types to play it with. The mappings a bit worse than expected, but you can play with any game type and take different paths on the map to fulfill your game type. Expand
  32. Jan 7, 2014
    Absolutely brilliant game. Combines intuitive mechanics and exciting gameplay with an enthralling story and strong graphics, Everything a game should be. This comes very highly recommended.
  33. Dec 21, 2012
    Ever since I became an adult, I've seen games for what they are, but primarily focus on the gameplay. 2012 was a really **** year as a gamer. I mean, REALLY ****. I thought I became cynical like Stan on that one episode of South Park. Then I see Dishonored comes out, and very quickly picked it up for 50% off on a Steam sale. Holy **** **** do I love this game. There's so many different ways you can approach this game: killing people, sneaking around, knocking them unconscious; so many side-quests/optional stuff to do, so many collectables, customization, oh god is there a lot to do. It does have a few small flaws though, like Blinking all over the place (Blink really shouldn't have been in the game, or at least made way less powerful), and the story is just so... bleh. Having the rat plague was just dumb to me, and essentially, the Story and overpowered Blink is what keeps this game from getting a 10 from me, but don't let those two minor things stop you from playing what is most definitely the best game of 2012. With all the other garbage that's come out this year, this game TOTALLY deserves the GOTY 2012 award. Expand
  34. Nov 18, 2012
    Although I have some issues with the story and the difficulty balancing throughout the game, I find this game a must play. The level design is at its best, giving players tons of ways to clear objectives. The game is concentrated fully on gameplay, having few cinematics, which works well in this game. The atmosphere is great, the steampunk universe is very well created.
  35. Nov 20, 2012
    This game didn't made to the tops for many reasons but it deserves to be in your library.
  36. Nov 24, 2012
    I loved the look of the game from the time I saw the first trailers. The gameplay is a good mix of Assasin's Creed and Bioshock. Stylewise it looks like something straight out of China Mieville's New Crobuzon. Great game.
  37. Dec 1, 2012
    This how video games should be made. You can tell a lot of work went into it. Too short? Hardly. I would rather play a quick fun game than a long tedious bore fest.
  38. May 13, 2014
    First off, I do want to say that I love the world that they've created - the locations, the characters (some are admittedly shallow/bland), the lore/history. I found myself wrapped up in it. Although admittedly the whole "Outsider" thing is very... odd. The graphics and the sounds are good enough too. Yes, this type of plot has been done before, but why is that considered such a bad thing to warrant such a low score? How many movies, shows, books, and songs have the same themes and storylines over and over and over again?

    Second, while this is dubbed as a stealth action game, I do have to admit that the options for stealth are fairly limited (mostly blink+choke or blink+avoid or maybe a sleep dart here and there). Plus you really can go around running and gunning, although on the harder difficulties that's obviously more of a challenge to do. However, I still found myself enjoying the gameplay and I don't think it's bad but I don't think it's great either. It's definitely not as complex as you would think.

    Third, I do have gripes about the game although they're relatively minor. My biggest gripe would have to be the lack of options for equipment. You're basically stuck with a sword, a pistol, and a crossbow. I'm a sucker for new items and equipment in games so I was somewhat disappointed when I found that you don't use anything other than those three main items. Of course, there's the whole magic component, but that's a different matter.

    Honestly, for all those people asking for something completely new or different, I wish you the best of luck. Those games are rare for a reason: coming up with completely new material that not only works well but sells well is extremely difficult nowadays. Not to mention all you whiners about "they stole this from that game" etc etc... you do realize that every single step of progress humanity has ever made was because of "stolen" ideas/material from what we've done in the past?

    Overall, I enjoyed this game. While not a perfect 10, it's a solid albeit short game and one that I'd recommend to my friends.
  39. Dec 11, 2012
    This game really impressed me, I read the reviews saying how good it is, but I had to check it myself. And it was worth it, this is a great game! Great gameplay mechanics, great memorable characters and a good story.
    It has its flaws of course, I found it frustrating that some levels didn't let you use the powers as you wish, for example, "blink", you can't use it on all roofs (even if
    they are very close to you), making you adopt other paths. The graphics aren't amazing, but they are decent and its part of the game's own style.
    I think there will be a sequel, and I'm certainly looking forward to it.
  40. Jan 31, 2013
    A great game, let down by some very minor issues. The stealth is fantastic. There is a tendency in stealth games for there to be a lot of waiting around for someone to walk away, and then a lot of sneaking up behind them only slightly faster than their walking pace. The blink skill completely eliminates this, and keeps the gameplay to a great pace. The story is pretty generic- your classic revenge plotline with a slightly disappointing twist. The graphics, however, are astounding, and the sprawling level design is always fun. The main problem with dishonored is length, balance and the whole moral choice thing. The game is only about 6 hours long, even when doing it stealth-mode, albeit a very enjoyable 6 hours. The balance is a problem because once you have acquired the power to teleport long distances, possess enemies so you can literally walk through tricky bits, and stop time, there's not much that will really get in your way. I found the moral choice thing a problem because there are realistically only 2 ways you're going to play this game: trying to get no kills at all, or killing everything that moves. The problem is, for a game that encourages stealth, with lots of ways to complete a mission and special extra challenges for people taking the non-lethal approach, most of the gear is designed for the lethal approach. I found that I never used grenades, my pistol or most of the powers when doing the stealth approach, and in doing the lethal approach you miss out on most of a game that was DESIGNED around being stealthy. The game would have definitely been a 10 if it didn't have the binary moral choice, I wouldn't mind it if it had some middle ground, with lots of possible endings. Even so, it was one of my favourite games of 2012, with some REALLY cool ideas and lots of originality, and fantastic game mechanics. I know that a second game is in planning, due to the success of this one, and I am really looking forward to it. Despite its flaws, I would definitely recommend this game, it is a lot of fun. Expand
  41. Dec 18, 2012
    That is awesome. Sometimes it's like an Hitman, other-times it's like Assassins Creed and of course this is FPS and action as well. Incredible mix of gaming genres, interesting story line. I like it very much.
  42. Dec 20, 2012
    This was a highly enjoyable game, i have finished it a couple times and I am considering starting up a new one. The player abilities and gear allows you to play the game multiple ways with different results.
  43. Dec 24, 2012
    A little jewel this one. Beautiful atmosphere and setting. Story takes a couple of twist and turns, nothing to fancy, but it definitely isn't bad. Graphics are a bit outdated, but if you ask me, it only adds to the scenery and world of Dishonored. I found the combat enjoyable and all the different kind of spells you can utilize really add something to the game. Whether you want to sneak around, undetected or just run in and slaughter everybody, everything is possible. The only thing this game is missing is more of a sandbox mode, as now you are pretty tied to whatever zone your current mission throws you in. Nonetheless, I really had a good time playing this game and I hope they make some sort of sequel, as the entire world does have some potential in my opinion. Expand
  44. Dec 19, 2012
    I feel that the people who read user reviews on Metacritic are usually casual gamers, as if you want information about the game/mechanics/story you would read a critic. So I think what you are here for is whether or not I feel my money was well spent. I payed $79 for this game, and it was the most enjoyable time I've had with a game all year. Well worth it.
  45. Feb 14, 2013
    I really enjoyed this game. I played through it right through again right after I finished it. If you like stealth-espionage games, this one follows in those footsteps pretty well and I recommend it. The gameplay is challenging, engaging and tactical and the world is interesting and has it's own character. The graphics aren't top notch but the game is attractive and immersing enough that it held my attention. And the level design I'd have to say this is about the best level design I've seen in a while kudos to the level designers. I do, of course, have a few minor nits. The narrative is not all that great. Not that the plot and the story is bad, I just found the dialogue and the characters to be on the bland side. That and I wish that Corvo was actually a character with dialogue of his own. To me it felt like there was a missing component to the game in that he was silent. The gameplay, while quite engaging, didn't really feel especially groundbreaking. If you've played thief and deus ex, the gameplay will feel very very familiar. Having said that, if you're stepping up to a stealth-espionage game, you know ahead of time that you're picking up a thief-deus ex progeny so what the hell. Anyways, the magic, especially blink, makes a nice little twist in the gameplay that's fun and interesting without feeling excessively overpowered. I know alot of people think it is, but to that I say: how many times when you used it were you not thinking about your situation and using timing to use it properly? Kinda the point of the game??? Despite the familiar feeling of the gameplay it is a refinement over older instalments, though I hope the next stealth-espionage game I play feels fresher. Expand
  46. May 2, 2013
    You have to play this game at least twice to really maximize gameplay experience. It's a bit limited in that once you complete a mission you can't return to that section of town to continue exploring or get any treasure left behind, however, the game is very tactical and thoroughly enjoyable.
  47. Feb 13, 2013
    Dishonored is best described as a combination of Tenchu, Fallout and Splinter Cell yes, it's a technological ninja RPG. It is easily one of the best games to come out for PC this year. The graphics are not up to snuff for a PC title though. Otherwise I would have given this game a 10.
  48. Jan 1, 2013
    A great game with eye for precision, many possibilities and a great story. Stealth is pretty easy but that doesn't really bother me. Playing non-lethal might get a little boring because you are 'forbidden' to do cool stuff like drop assassinations, and limit yourself to boring chocking and tranq darts. The game really stands out in it's sense of detail, every character in the hub area has different dialogue for every mission, and that dialogue reacts to your decisions. A real gamers' game. Expand
  49. Jan 3, 2013
    What a superb game. Storyline is pretty good and the graphics aren't too bad either. But the main feature I liked was all the stealthiness of it. Really good. I completed in probably 7/8 hours which I think is quite good. Got nothing else to say about it, other than, it is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone.
  50. Jan 3, 2013
    Absolutely adored this game, quite frankly! It's a wonderful world and there is a ton of lore/backstory to this title; it's obvious that Arkane put a long of effort into this game. The characters are hit and miss, but the ones that I did like, I liked a lot. The combat is quite challenging enjoyable, but could use some work; I found myself simply not being able to hit someone, just get kicked back and repeat. But as for the powers, from blinking to possessing people to summoning up hoards of rats, they were really enjoyable and I found them very useful throughout the entire story. As for the length of the story, it's true, it does feel kind of short. It felt like the game kind of ended before it even climaxed, and I feel they could have vastly expanded on it. However, that being said, it did still take me 12 hours to beat the game, but that was also doing all the side questing and exploring. Anyone who does not do so are setting themselves up for an extremely short ride, some saying that going for only the main objectives took them 5 hours to beat the game; but that is their own fault, quite frankly. Arkane have built a beautiful game and a magnificent world, and I'd highly urge anyone to not let this game pass them by. Here's to a Dishonored 2! Expand
  51. Jan 18, 2013
    Story:A good story for a stealth game and has its twist and turns.
    Gameplay: If bioshock and skyrim are mixed Dishonored is the result.
    Sound: Stunning voice work by Susan Sarandon,Chloë Grace Moretz,and Billy Lush give the a artistic feel and the kill sounds are awesome
    Graphics: great artwork by Viktor Antonov and its just stunning
    Verdict: 9/10
  52. Jan 20, 2013
    Dishonored .... what an awesome game it's like a combination of Bioshock and AC3 making this into a FPS in a strange world of magic and chaos. It also has that Deus ex stealth experience or you just can kill everybody that comes in your way.
  53. Jul 2, 2013
    I had previously written a rather middling review for Dishonored, giving it a '6' and calling it barebones with potential. However, since that point, I have come to realize that it is truly one of the most important and artistically driven games in the current state of the industry. Thus, I have returned to revoke my previous statement in exchange for a more positive, enlightened view on the game.
    To begin, I would like to state that while Dishonored's core story is still, in my opinion, lacking, its lore and ambiguous backstory is absolutely fascinating, and the setting is rich in history and intrigue. Learning about Dunwall isn't as easy as picking up audio diaries or listening to conversations- you will really need to piece things together and listen to the Heart to build your own impression of what this place truly represents. The main plot remains uninteresting and somewhat half-hearted, but at least enough to keep you going along with each of your little stealthy capers.
    The gameplay- oh, the glorious, glorious gameplay. Dishonored provides so many different organic choices to how you approach its levels that you feel the only way you can do the developers justice is to replay it as many times as possible. Whether it be crawling beneath tables, gunning your way through rooms, or climbing to the highest vantage point, Arkane's gem plays almost unlike any other game this generation. Your actions are performed swiftly and accurately, and for once first-person platforming is executed very well. Violent players will find a number of delightful tools to their exposure, while hardcore stealth veterans will really delve into its Thief-esque non-lethal side.
    Of course, the non-lethal portion of the game is still rather bare in features- I stand by the ideas of being able to shoot sleep darts through keyholes and the ability to tackle enemies in order to knock them out, as well as shadow-based visibility and water arrows. Other sneak-based spells would be highly-appreciated, but it becomes clear the further you play that Arkane clearly intended you to discover stealthy options available with otherwise-violent powers. But even as it stands, I've come to really enjoy the option of knocking out my enemies one by one, stacking them all up in a high perch with the knowledge that they'll all eventually wake up and look around at one another, feeling awkward and terrified.
    Dishonored's visual and level design are also excellent. It does indeed take time to appreciate all of the nuances, but they are there, and you will be happily awarded for relishing in them. The game does an excellent job of providing you with an environment that's a blast to explore but never dives into confusing, labyrinth territories, such as many adventure games with frequent loading screens. Its hub-like areas really help the overall package, as its easy to get the lay of the land and work out your strategies from there. Plenty of nooks and crannies can be exploited for the treasure-hunters out there, which really adds to the game's borderline love-letter degree of inspiration taken from Thief.
    Voice acting is middling to top notch, with Piero being absolutely maddening to listen to, but deep, engaging characters such as Lord Pendleton having real, tangible soul. The sound effects are high-quality work, especially the change in the pitch of sounds when transitioning from Blink or Stop Time. Two major complaints that I originally had with the game do persist, however: the ending is very sudden and unsatisfying, and the lack of a New Game Plus feature is insult to injury. In a game that focuses on collecting upgrades and powers, it seems odd that this was not a no-brainer for Arkane. The already high replay value could have been made limitless if they had continued to stack the levels of bone charms and spells. Of course, these are two of only a handful of blemishes on an otherwise sparkling game. Dishonored should be recognized and praised for being one of the few truly niche games around, aiming for the audience it knows is interested in its concepts and polishing all of those concepts to a fine sheen. Hopefully, for the sequel, Arkane will up the intrigue, go open-world, and further increase the arsenal of powers, weapons, and sneaking moves at your hands.
  54. Jan 27, 2013
    Oh my Dishonored, what a great game. I think it's safe to say that this game surprised us all and probably the most unique game we got from 2012. Loved the level design and game play with the added bonus of choosing your own game playing style. This was worth every penny and look forward to seeing more from this franchise.
  55. Jan 28, 2013
    This game is so fantastically glorious that I hardly know where to begin. It's style of play is similar to that of Deus Ex: Human Revolution (another great title). Each of the many styles of combat are fun, and there are a ton of ways to experiment with the combat here. The story is excellent, and every bit as immersive as the gameplay. One of the best things about this game is that the choices you make, as well as how you handle conflicts, have a huge impact on the final outcome. If you see this title on sale, definitely get it. And if you don't, you should probably go ahead and get it anyway. Expand
  56. Feb 5, 2013
    Its between Dishonored and Far Cry 3 for game of 2012. Dishonored had such a unique theme, level design and it was a great take on a genetically modified Victorian England. There were so many ways/routes to complete a mission and traverse the streets and buildings. This sense of freedom really appealed to me. Never did I feel stuck in a 'corridor shooter'. The runes/powerups were similar to the plasmids of Bioshock however they all had their own feel and were interesting to combine and upgrade. I loved Dishonored and when I have time will play through again. 9/10 Expand
  57. Mar 4, 2013
    Dishonored is a great game. While not perfect (I don't think there ever is a perfect game) it comes close. It clearly draws its inspiration from Thief. It also has a little of Deus Ex, System Shock and Bioshock in it. If you like any of these games, especially Thief...Buy this game!!!
    You play as Corvo, Protector of the Empress of Dunwall. You are framed for murder and are out to set
    things right. There is more to the plot but I do not want to spoil it for you.
    The game is broken down into a series of missions aka Thief style. At the end of each mission you will see a detailed score of your actions. Once you start a mission, there are many ways you can go about it. Even though the mission area is not really open world, it feels like it. You can be stealthy or go in Rambo style. It is up to you. The combat is fun and I really enjoyed experimenting with the powers. There are many ways to kill or incapacitate a person. The only downside for me are the ending cutscenes. After such a great ride with all the wonderful missions, I felt that the ending is bit rushed. It is a very short ending cutscene and I wished it were more fleshed out. Overall I love this game and I really am looking forward to a sequel!!!
  58. Aug 7, 2013
    Let me start off by saying that Dishonored is a masterpiece among all the lame & bore 12 hour RPG first person games in 2012.

    The graphics in this game is 'OK'. If you have played BioShock Infinite, it is definitely noticeable that there is a small graphical boost with the UE3 that Dishonored also uses. But not much. People who are too obsessed with in-game graphics, this might not be a
    game for you.

    The plot of the entire story is well landed out. But what I didn't liked about it is during the cut scenes, the protagonist is muted during the entire story. Whereas in Infinite, Booker talks almost all the time in the game.

    The stealth mechanics of Dishonored is somewhat bland and definitely needs more variety of skills powers. The game also does reward the player for completing different puzzles in order to obtain the hidden runes bone charms. Aside from these two relatively negative points of the game, the game is perfect.

    Lastly, for the price, this game definitely worth 10 bucks during its peak sale discount of 66% on Steam, big steal. Even for 30 bucks, it is still worth getting. Knife of Dunwall is superb, and is kind of the only DLC that is worth. Runes, money can be obtained through using a Cheat Engine. So the extra coins from the Void Walker's arsenal is useless. Dunwall City Trials isn't fun either.

    One of the best RPG I've ever played. Hope Arkane and Bethesda keeps up the good work and land in a Dishonored 2 asap!

    (Seriously, if you have high hopes for EVERY SINGLE video game, you shouldn't be playing them at all. That being said, I never trust any critics but myself, by trying out the game)
  59. Apr 21, 2013
    This is a fun game where you can be sneaky and do stealth things like looking through key holes and killing white people. There is lots of replay value and you can find money to upgrade your stuff. This is a really fun game, I like it a lot.
  60. Feb 21, 2013
    It was a long time since I last played a well-structured game like this. The silent character is unfit for anyone who can't totally immerse himself in a character, i know, but Corvo was great, his feelings quite clear at the end without a single word spoken (at least fr me, but maybe it's just my practice with D&D not so power-player chars)...the rest, is just for the player. Awesome, it deserves all the money! Expand
  61. Apr 27, 2013
    This game is the best fps action game I have played in a long time. I do not understand what made Bioshock Infinite out-score this game. Gameplay, story, and progression are much better here, though Bioshock gets credit for its completely unique world. The only thing I can really complain about, which is minor, were inaccessible rooftops. This game really catered to my roof-hopping fantasies, so when an inaccessible roof was encountered, I would get annoyed. When I completed the game I was not itching for more, so it will not receive a 10/10 from me, but I am still very eager for a sequel. Expand
  62. Mar 12, 2013
    A very well put together game with an amazing aesthetic and setting. Gameplay was well devised with multiple ways to approach each objective. The game world is linear and mission based but this is a good thing and whilst the plot (or more specifically the characters) could have used some more fleshing out it was suitable and compelling. The principle issues I had with the game was a somewhat arbitrary right and wrong system under the hood. The game has wonderful non lethal options which are still suitably dark and punishing (awesome) but it could have used more nuance. Other than that some AI issues and some niggling questions left unanswered at the end of the game were my only criticisms. Expand
  63. Aug 6, 2013
    Dishonored is amazing game that has amazing elements of other games that i really love super powers like bioshock stealth mechanics like thief and great combat system somehow like assassin's creed giving you the ultimate game with interesting story and great replay ability as it has multiple endings i could easily say it is one of the best games of 2012
  64. Mar 16, 2013
    Dishonored is a game not about stealth or action, but about freedom. Freedom to choose your own way to get things done, whenever it's sneaking into a building or fighting your way through. Freedom to explore the level or to run through it. Freedom to kill people or beat the game without harming anyone at all.

    Dishonored was developed by a mixed team of game developers, whose previews
    works included Half-Life 2 and BioShock. From Half-Life 2 Dishonored has it's level design, there's is a HL2 equivalent to literally every location from Dishonored's city, Dunwall. BioShock gave Dishonored some of it's game mechanics, as well as the graphics design.

    I'd give Dishonored 9 out of 10. It's a really really good game, but nothing historical like BioShock, Deus Ex or Half-Life. It is a combination of many great game ideas, but nothing really innovative, that's why not 10/10.
  65. Mar 22, 2013
    A great game,maybe is a successor of great series of Thief.The gameplay is awesome and action thrills you anytime.Stealth and run is a great combination.
  66. Mar 23, 2013
    Dishonored's stunning visuals immersed me into It's interesting locations, and It's great gameplay is extremely fun. For the stealth gamers out there, they'll love Dishonored. There's a lot of options how to kill an enemy stealthy, and that's why this game is amazing. Sure, playing sneaky in this game is more recommendable, but If you like to fight enemies while detected, Dishonored doesn't disappoint. Read the full review here: Expand
  67. Mar 24, 2013
    Dishonored; doesn’t really dishonor fans at all (SEE WHAT I DID THERE!?) I guess at this point, telling you it’s great is a waste of time; I’m pretty sure you bought it regardless of what people have said about it, but at least with this particular Bethesda title, the game is actually worth playing through.

    I don’t care what anyone says about Fallout and Elder Scrolls, those games are
    terrible; a game can be massive and open without being poorly crafted as a whole with convoluted quests, whilst not going on for a millennium pretending there’s more to it than the intro quest. This is more down to the game being crafted by Arkane Studios though, a company that honestly cares about bringing great stories to the water cooler; rather than ones where you fell through the floor and completed the game by default.

    I honestly don’t appreciate pretense in the players of common video game series, especially when they play the same series over and over and think that the same swill should be game of the year while new and innovative titles get pushed to one side. In that sense I hope Dishonored is a stepping stone back into a genre that isn’t rinsing and repeating. It’s still part of the swill, but it takes a big enough step away to be its own ‘thing’ for players.

    It’s like Assassins Creed if Assassins Creed didn’t suck and drag on too long and didn’t staple stupid cameo’s and mini games in that extended play. I guess what I’m really saying (when I stop attacking over paid franchises) is that a game can be great for what it is without trying to last a long time; I honestly think if a company is trying to make the game longer than it has to be just to stop a player saying “THIS IS TOO SHORT” then they’re making the wrong choices.

    I don’t like Dishonored for the multiple outcomes to events, even though it’s cool, and that’s because the endings aren’t as multiple by comparison. I like Dishonored because it does what it has to in the stealth department without being all like “GO ON A FETCH QUEST TO GATHER INFO BEFORE PLAYING THE GOOD PART” or “DEFEND THE PORT FOR A WHILE” or “HI I’M IN THE HISTORY BOOKS AND DO STUPID THINGS”; the game simply is a game with a good narrative and game play which does what I expect, and the end isn’t constantly pushed back, yet doesn’t rob from the experience when I finally make it there.

    Next time you play a game, ask yourself if the experience is really dragging out to last, or whether every part of the game really feels well justified in it’s being there. A game’s length means nothing; the real deciding factor is what the entire product brings to the table, after all, you wouldn’t replay a 100 hour story of the same old stuff, but you can relive and enjoy a greatly paced game, much like how you can re-watch a great movie over and over.
  68. May 16, 2013
    Great stealth and atmosphere. The best part of this game is the open-ended level design. This combined with your awesome abilities, makes it super fun to traverse the environments and figure out how to stealthily take down your targets. You don't have to be stealthy, but the draw of this game is its stealth. Sure you can go "guns" blazing, but it def wouldn't be very fun. With that said, if you don't like stealth, you wouldn't like this game because you're pretty much forced to play stealth. Otherwise, it's not as fun. Expand
  69. Mar 31, 2013
    Fun game that posed a challenge in the stealth department, sure while easier to outright kill the enemies it does change the city around you as you progress and just have to say screw them rat hoards! But great game, great mechanics and wonderful story bring out a fantastic experience playing this game.
  70. Apr 3, 2013
    Great game i love it well worth the money, the only problem i found with the game is the lack of weapon variety for stealth play and the fact that is your go for a stealth no-lethal playthrough the weapons thin to a total of 1 weapon only
  71. Apr 10, 2013
    Jogo muito bom, me rendeu ótimas e várias horas de jogatina sempre muito intensas e em varias vezes cria aquela tensão que te prende ao jogo, te causa "raiva" e te faz querer vingança(no jogo claro)!

    Recomendo jogar em consoles ou com joystick porque não achei muito legal a conversão feita pro PC, o jogo foi feito pra jogar em controle na minha opinião...
  72. Apr 18, 2013
    Normally would give it 7, giving it 9 to balance all the stupid 0 and 1 reviews (and also to prove that user review system is terrible).

    - Very cool setting. Elements of steampunk, modern technology and architecture, strange magic and mythos combine into something quite interesting. I wanted to learn more about that place.
    - Stylized graphics. I'm sick to death of
    "uber-realistic" games. The graphics paint the picture very well and don't distract. It was also free of any visual glitches or any visible lag in my playthough, and my PC is not really top of the line.
    - Gameplay is satisfying. I tried to complete missions with minimum bloodshed and I had fun. The levels are big, but not big enough to get lost without a map. In fact, traversing Dunwall trying to reach the target was definitely my favorite part.

    - "Assassinations" are lackluster. I mentioned that getting to the target was a lot of fun unfortunately actually removing the target was not so much. You can't construct elaborate plots like in Hitman games to make it look like accidents. Once you reach the target, it's usually alone and can be killed quite easily with any of the tools you have no puzzles there. And if you wanted to go bloodless way, your options were even less. You would usually get one quest with specific objective that can only be accomplished one way to reach the "bloodless" solution.
    - Too short. I finished my first playthough with low chaos, while getting most of the runes in slightly less than 9 hours. I mean, 9 hours is fine for a game like Call of Duty, where it's basically 9 hours of non-stop action, but for stealth game, where most of the time is spent timing and sneaking, it's way too short.
    - Too easy. One of the first magic powers you get, Blink, is insanely powerful and makes levels trivial. Even worse that it doesn't use any mana (unless you use it in rapid succession), making normal movement pretty much pointless. Roofs, for the most part are absolutely safe, and guards rarely look up. Possession and Time Stop are fun to use, but also end up making the game even easier.

    I realize that this is assassin game, but it is much more similar in gameplay to Thief rather than to Hitman/Assassin's Creed. So I'd compare it with Thief. Don't get me wrong, Dishonored is a very fun game, I enjoyed playing it a lot, but I think it would have been so much better if it borrowed a few more elements from Thief namely 1) extra objectives on higher difficulties 2) more focus on stealth and problem solving rather than fancy magic tricks.

    Summon rats spell symbolizes basically what was wrong with Dishonored. It is the spell most often mentioned in the reviews and also the most useless in the entire game.
  73. Apr 26, 2013
    I was totally hooked on this game. The world and characters are so enticing. I can't wait for the DLCs. I hope this is a birth of a franchise. Oh I finished the game with low chaos.
  74. May 1, 2013
    A truly great game (though a little shorter than I'd have liked).

    As far as stealth goes I agree that blink "breaks" the stealth mechanic a bit but not to the extent that it breaks the game.

    The graphics are pretty good, I never encountered any bugs, the story was pretty good (apart from the outsider... he always felt cheesy), the powers were all pretty cool/useful, and the choices
    you made in both power upgrades and the game actually affected the world around you.

    I do wish there were more upgrade levels to the powers though.

    I've heard people complain about the "tedious" gameplay but that is essentially what a stealth game is. Some people complain that "blink, choke/kill, hide body and repeat" is boring however that is not how you have to play the game. If you want to 100% every level in terms of collectibles and gold then yeah you will be doing a lot of that... however a big of the game for me was finding ways to interfere with the world around you as little as possible.

    Overall a great game.
  75. Mar 16, 2014
    Just finished playing GOTY edition of the game and it was great, I don't have much to complain about. You can try either a stealth or more hands on approach (lethal or non-lethal) and it works both ways. The game leaves it up to you to find many creative ways of neutralizing enemies and it affects how it all ends. Story is nothing new really just your typically save the day lazy story that you find everywhere but it works I suppose. The 2 story DLC's are also very good. Expand
  76. Jul 15, 2013
    Brilliant game! But do yourself a favor and play on hard.... The game is very easy and it is too easy to just kill anyone who opposes you. The visuals may not be the best but they are very artistic and suit the game!
  77. sft
    Aug 11, 2014
    There’s a rat in the kitchen -- and everywhere else

    I loved this game and can find only one fault with it (more about that later). Arkane Studios have created a compelling game that ticks just about all the right boxes for me. It looks great, with very striking design and a unique painterly style. The city of Dunwall is beautifully realised and is a joy to explore. The gameplay
    successfully fuses the use of powers and weapons and the choice between stealth and combat is nicely balanced. The mission design is quite varied and allows for a number of ways to complete each one, thus offering decent replay value. The voice acting is always convincing, thanks to a star-studded cast, and the story is reasonable, although not strikingly original. Where it falls short is in the level of humour. Aside from one amusing line about someone not wearing pants I don’t recall there being many laughs along the way. And that’s a shame, because if not for the lack of humour I would have given DISHONORED a full score. Expand
  78. Jun 18, 2013
    Options, you have surprising amount of them on your way through levels and that makes the gameplay really refreshing and standing out of modern linear games. Cool mechanics like teleportation and possession are helping the most in that regard. Cool chaos mechanic changes the ending and the state of the world you are in. (if you kill more people there will be more guards, more dead people, more plague, more abominations). Original character design. Very nice game. Expand
  79. Jun 21, 2013
    Despite being painfully easy even on the hardest difficulty the story is one of the greatest uses of player emotion, and really shows the modern gaming industry just how to do first person, although not necessarily stealth as it is just so easy.
  80. Jun 2, 2014
    Dishonest is one of those rare games that appears out of nowhere and does almost everything right. From the amazing characters and script, to the beautiful art style and environments. The true achievement of this game was its ability to fully immerse me into its character rich world, filled with unique game-play and ever so amazing stealth mechanics. Not many 1st person games have made think about the consequences of my actions.
    There are multiple endings to this game; depending of course, what path you choose to take.

    Action, mixed with stealth and puzzles a plenty. Dishonest has achieved to find the correct balance, that so many games fail to capture, while being able to offer a great story.

    If your growing ever tired of the annual onslaught of military shooters being offered; Dishonest may be just the game you have been looking for. Especially if you looking for something a little more cerebral.
  81. Aug 21, 2013
    Dishonored all in all is a well built game. At first it seems like it would be more fun to go through the game killing with all your fun little killing tools but when you try to go through the game without killing anyone or being detected it suddenly becomes more challenging and more fun. The stealth works well, so does the combat. There are plenty of side routes and options to take. The story's a bit predictable but it's not the worst I've seen.

    In the end 9/10. A very good use of your money.
  82. Aug 30, 2013
    Dishonored is absolutely great piece of work and I really can't understand how it's possible that someone can give this game a mark lower than 7. The only 1 thing I don't like is game's length. It's short and took me something like 15 hours. Of course we can pass the level again and again. There are many different ways we can pass this game and that's the biggest advantage.
  83. Sep 13, 2013
    This game is knock-out, I truly enjoyed the three playthroughs; each time trying a different method to complete the game's sensational story. The latest play through I done without being seen or killing anyone, I really appreciate the depth and challenge in the game even though it has no leveling up system it feels as if you are actually Corvo the Lord Protector who has been stitched up for the murder of your protectee. I felt genuine hate from my prosecutors, I wanted to punish them. this game really makes you think about morality, do you go in and cut down the innocent plague victims and the guards 'just following orders' or do you spare them and make examples of the kingpins and dictators. the game even gives you an alternative to killing you can make them 'disappear' into the night never to be seen again. The game chaos system is a well meaning but flawed system, for example when nearing the end on my first play I had to fight my way through a map this changed the outcome of my game because i had to kill, it should have taken if you were defensive or offensive into account. The games story is well written if a tiny bit predictable at times, the major U-turn in the game made me feel a like I had been taken for a fool for the second time and made me bay for the blood of the figures behind it, this game is one of a dieing breed; it makes you think and consider your options, figure out different routes while be still thoroughly entertaining and engaging, this game is one of the few titles that will be remembered with rose tinted glasses in years.In my opinion this should be in a top for top games of the 21st century (Alongside the Mass Effect series and Elder Scrolls) Genuine must have. Expand
  84. Sep 23, 2013
    Although slow-going at times, Dishonored has a creative plot that keeps the player interested through pure intrigue, even in parts where the proceeding is a little ponderous. Needless to say, the graphics are beautiful (though I am a bit biased in favor of 1800s decor as it is), and the mechanics are quite fluid. As previously mentioned, the game has the potential to get boring for someone looking for a simple shoot-em-up action game, but there is a reason the game is classified as "stealth." When played with the appropriate attention span and attention to detail, this game provides a stunning positive experience. Expand
  85. Feb 14, 2014
    The "chaos" system makes this game feel quite unique. I really liked to see that killing or not really affects the world, not just the ending. Also, the game has a true meele combat system, that makes swordsplaying really fun.
  86. May 6, 2014
    hugely impressed by this game, tons of fun and has so much replay-ability that you can have fun with it for 20+ hours. The chaos system is also a cool addition even though its nothing new, the whole good/bad has been seen before but with separate endings for each level of chaos (good and bad that is) it means you can play the game a second time to find out how it ends for the other type of play-through, but instead of playing the exact same game and only having a different ending, the game itself changes as you play in either good or bad, it doesn't change drastically but enough that you notice it and even small things like dialogue or ennemy position change. They have also gone for the scavenger mechanic, where there is loot scaterred across the levels for you to find, and these levels, finding all of it can be a real challenge because the levels are HUGE and have many paths for you to discover to complete the level (you can literally finish the entire game without having to kill anyone, at all). The gameplay is slightly different but not super different, some have found it boring but i believe its still pretty good. This being a stealth(ish) game, it doesnt do that well in the actual stealth, it's to basic, hiding behind walls and peeking out to see your ennemis is about as far as it goes. However the devs decided to put in a series of spells which can be used to do some pretty crazy stuff, blink is the main spell that is a short teleport of a sort and you can do some pretty cool stuff with it, but what really caries this game for me is the crazy combinations of spells you can do in combat or to setup to best ambush ever. so in summary, cool choices to make story wise, fun and inventive combat, nice art style and levels ,plenty of replay-ability, believable storyline, not many interesting characters, boring stealth mechanics. Expand
  87. Mar 2, 2014
    I love this game.

    I've played through it 3 times in full, and plan to play all the DLC as well. The world it's in, the experience of choosing revenge or rising above, the variety of fun "toys" with which to take down all adds up to a great game.

    I own both the pc and the ps3 version (well I gave the ps3 to a friend, but wanted to play it again and got the pc version) and
    I'd say the pc is slightly (but only slightly) inferior to to ps3. I almost always prefer games on pc, but in this case, I've noticed the gameplay is ever so slightly less smooth.

    Rare for me, if you have both a pc and a ps3, buy the ps3 version...but if no ps3, don't hesitate for a second to buy it on pc. It's a wonderful game.
  88. Feb 21, 2014
    Great game. Super fun and challenging to play if you choose the complete stealth route. Not a whole lot of story but I mainly gravitated toward the game play. Lots of fun!
  89. May 18, 2014
    I've spent about 58 hours, and frankly I want more :). This game may look cartoon-ish, but please don't be fooled by this - the game tests your humaneness from its 1st second till its last one: you may kill every foe you see, or you may kill no one at all - it's up to you. And like Sir Isaac Newton said, every action has a reaction (simple form) - I mean, whatever you do in the game, all your actions have a consequences.
    The main part of the game is dedicated to Corvo. Alas, he is silent, which I don't like. But in the add-on (The Knife of Dunwall, Brigmore Witches), you're playing as Daud, who is much more talkative. Well, Michael Madsen, as Daud, is fun.
    For those who love stealth games, especially Thief 1&2&3: IMHO, this game is more Thief-esque than the last Thief (2014). It has a good story, a nice NPCs and their dialogues, a lot of perfectly hidden stashes with loot, and you're free to hide from your foes and neutralize them in old Thief style - by sneaking from behind. Also, the game has a lot of tributes to the Thief series, so you'll definitely smile every time you see them.
    Bottom line: it's a must-have.
  90. Feb 22, 2014
    Love this game. I love all the choices you can make. I particularly love that not only can you always use stealth but the rooftops and gangways are well developed and fun--not just a toss in. Also, you can sneak as a human or as a rat or other animal or person. I also love that you can play through the entire game only having to kill 2 or 3 NPCs. The world is cohesive, the art is great, the NPCs are engaging. All around best FPS game I've ever played. I wish there were more games like this! Expand
  91. Jun 11, 2014
    This is one of the most groundbreaking games ever made!

    Excellent Visuals
    Strong Gameplay
    Moral Choice System
    Steampunk Setting Mastered


    Overall, this game will blow your mind!
  92. Nov 12, 2014

    Dishonored is a brand new IP from Bethesda and it is the pinnacle of stealth games, the game revolts around choices, player freedom and immersive environments. Simply one of the best stealth games of all time.
  93. Jul 19, 2014
    A FUN stealth game, reminds a lot of the Thief series, very nice graphics, nice worlds and the City of Dunwall is fantastic although there is a little gloomy side of the city considering the plague... BUT! A fantastic game, very good work on behalf of Arkane Studios
  94. Jun 25, 2014
    Dishonored has been one of my favourite gaming experience. The story and the gameplay will change with your way of dealing with the enemies, which adds a replay value for those interested, and the special powers are very well integrated in the story.

    The music is perfect, from the trailer to the last song of the game, making the atmosphere very dark and spooky

    Never have I been so
    implicated in a storyline. I mean I REALLY wanted to kill the bad guys and I even realized at the end that I had just killed everyone in a rage run at some point, although I started the game all stealthy "because I was a good guy". The story really made me change my character's personality, and that's why I give a 9.5 to this game

    The last 0.5 would have gone the a longer storyline. I think the story could have been longer, and the "special power" part a bit more developed.

    Conclusion : A game for thieves and for warriors too, a fantastic journey in a dark world. Get it for nearly nothing on Steam !
  95. Jul 18, 2014
    What a great game. I love it that I was given the choice to avoid killing, and I made it all the way through my first run without killing a single person. I sat down for my next run, intending to try the game with a different tack... and still didn't kill anyone. It just didn't make sense that a man who was trying to prove his innocence of one murder would kill other people in that process, and the game's ability to answer that throws a harsh light on so many other redemption stories in which more killing is mandatory.

    The AI is not the best, to say the least, which is problematic for a stealth game. In some ways, their predictable natures and poor decision-making skills makes the NPCs into useful opponents; you can watch their patterns and wait for your moment. However, this does knock you out of the game a little bit and makes the clockwork of the game too apparent when it should be invisible, and it also diminishes your own feelings of smartness when you outwit these stupid guards.

    Another downside is that in order to connect with the story, you have to scour every area and find some essential messages that are hidden behind secret walls. It would be very easy not to see some vital story notes even if you were being pretty careful about hunting around, and that's a problem. We're looking at a game which, although environments have many branches, are mostly quite tight pathways within themselves. I guess that these little gems were hidden away with the expectation that almost all players would be motivated to hunt them all, but my conversations with many Dishonored players proves otherwise - I knew many things that they did not.

    Overall though, this is a great game with a new movement mechanic, and the DLC is for once not only good but essential - some of the best moments of the game are inside that extra content.
  96. Sep 27, 2014
    Dishonored is a game unlike most other on the gaming market. In this game the freedom of choice relly have a meaning. There is alomst alway severel ways to complete a objectiv and wich one you chose is completly up to you. I have completed the game twice. One the first playthrough I tried to be as sneaky as possibly and almost always went for the unleathal approach. On the second playthrough I was more ruthless, killing almost everyone that stood in my way. The second playthrough felt like a completly new game and the best part is that the story itself change depending on youe approach.

    The missons are great with a superb leveldessign. And if you want even more I strongly advice that you buy the two add-ons that exist. Both the Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches are a solid and fun addition to the main game.

    The only weak spot of the game is the story. Its not bad but it simply pale in comparison to the rest of the game. The endings in particularry are a bit unsatifying. If they had nailed the story this would have been a 10/10. But still, its a really good game and I strongly recommend it to every gamer out there, regardless if you like sneakgames or not. Cuz in this game its all up to you how you want to handle the situations.

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  1. 90
    We can draw comparisons with other titles all day, but everything is based on something. Dishonored remains a unique gem in a beautiful, yet chaotic world, with flawless gameplay. [December 2012]
  2. Nov 9, 2012
    Dishonored rarely challenges the players, but it doesn't take them for fools, either, so that's an achievement compared to other games in the genre. Just don't expect strokes of genius like the Shalebridge Cradle level from Thief: Deadly Shadows.
  3. 100
    Dishonored injects new life into stealth actions and their sophisticated worlds. Awesome work in every detail. [Nov 2012]