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  1. I'm totally for the idea of a nonviolent FPS, but this one just doesn't work on any level. It's like "Catechumen's" long lost pagan brother. It doesn't even make a good game for your kid brother or son who's hopped up on Atlantis fever. This is one empire that deserves to stay lost.
  2. While the unusually small levels keep the pacing of the game fairly brisk, you'll also find that it takes about two hours of casual playing time to finish the entire game. Unfortunately, the game has little to keep you interested once you've finished it the first time.
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  1. Apr 23, 2014
    had this game forever ago, i remember it not being much fun and it would never uninstall of off my computer!!! ever! eventually got rid of the computer cuz it was old but i bet that game is still on there, unending! Full Review »