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  1. Aug 27, 2014
    Capcom´s DMC: Devil May Cry consists of balanced elements which make this masterpiece awesome game experience. Enjoy both perfect gameplay, locations design, story, soundtrack and dubbing. It is worthwile to spend money for this adventure with wonderful story, very good gradation and surprising reversal in the end. Enjoy it...
  2. Jun 1, 2014
    I love the DMC series, and when it comes to game play this is one of the best ones. The re-imagining of the DMC universe is spectacular. I love the characters and it was enough to keep me interested to play through almost all of the difficulties. The massive boss fights are beautifully choreographed, the enemies are unique and interesting, and the environment is awesome! My only two beefs with the game is that some of the dialogue is beyond lame, and the boss fight with Mundus was incredibly easy after all of that build up. Expand
  3. Apr 10, 2014
    Challenging, well built protagonist, huge variety of gameplay moves and attacks. The graphics are awesome and the story is non-realistic, but attractive. I guess it's none that I don't like, but it should be more.
  4. Mar 30, 2014
    The game is amazing. Game-play is without any doubt one of the best for me. It has great combos and various attacks which deals different amount of damage. I played the original games too, but Dante was a little over the top there. This reboot brings you to a modern days which makes it more realistic. Story line should have been a little longer but it beats playing all game in one tower (get the reference?) Expand
  5. Mar 12, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. First i wish to say to many people that have posted their score in here that they are being stupid.
    I saw many 3 to even 0. You do not know what a rated 3 game feels like clearly.
    Many of you are **** because of the new Dante. I was kind sad at first because i liked the old one but don't come here and just say **** and give 0s without even playing.
    So let's talk about the game now.
    The level design is awesome and original.the combat feels fluid and realistic.
    Many are talking about being too easy and to them i tell: Show me you playing on hell and hell difficulty.
    They probably don't even know that exists.
    The graphics were above average.
    Not having a lock on system is a minor flaw, i didn't really had any problem with it.
    The story is not something awesome but it as its fair share of interesting concepts.
    While your doing your awesome combos and running around all the places you can hear the awesome music from combichrist and noisia
    So now to talk about the characters including the new dante.
    The new dante kind of portraits what the teenagers are nowadays, and don't forget that this is a reboot.
    I think they are just trying to create a starting point for dante, where he starts as this **** teen but as he gets older he starts to just have more respect and sense in his head leaving him close to the old dante that we know.His hair turned white with the achievement of his full demon potential, so now we just need to watch him evolve as a person.I think that this as already started with him going from not giving a **** on the beginning of the game and ending up caring about the human race and pledging to protect them from what is coming next.This is what i want and i think they are doing,
    Kat is basically there to provide a potential love interest and to give the fans what they think is a hot female. She could be so much more if they wanted her to be,like giving a little more about her nightmares and making us fell more attached to her.She does play a part in dante personality development i believe,
    Now to talk about the one which was the most disappointing to me,Vergil, He starts up as a good guy and nothing really wrong with that, but he just feels too weak, vergil was made to look badass right next to his brother but in here it showed vergil as weak and in need of protecting.I played vergil downfall so i know hes getting stronger but with that comes a new problem. Why the **** do they make vergil just **** out about everything.I don't believe that the strong,intelegent and honorable old vergil would aprove of this ****ty guy. The old vergil would come in and slap some sense into this guy.

    I think is a great game overall and an awesome entry point to new players and a start for what the game could be.
  6. Mar 2, 2014
    First game in the Devil May Cry series I have ever played and I must say it was so damn addictive and it never let me go. It easily became my new favourite game, better than anything I have every played! I aced the game in like 1 day because it was so fun and there's actually more re-playability than you would think. I played it on easy the first time because it was my first DmC, and now I'm doing it on medium and planning to maybe do it on hard too! Definitely would recommend! Expand
  7. Feb 28, 2014
    This is my game of 2013, I'm playing it for the fourth time now. Why? Well:

    The Design: I love the way the "daemon" worlds is build on top of a modern city. That way there is a lot of viarity while the game is always maintaining a fitting mood. The setting Is not necessarily unique, but surly vivid and keeps my interest for the longest time. The well chosen effects add their "WOW" in
    the right moments. Even the enemy and boss designs are kept at this level.

    The Fight-system: Is fast-paced, slick, evolving, making space for a variety of fighting-styles. Even though easy to pick up there is lots of techniques that will take more then one play-throught master. For example changing weapons quickly is actually useful, even in boss-battles, air becomes your friend later on and using guns in the middle of a slashing-spree Is quite difficult but very useful when done right.

    The Story: What do you expect from a slash em up? Well It's much better then that. Not that the overall story would have been ground breaking, but scenery are made with much love to the detail and the characters. For example the background story is being told while Dante and Virgil are walking across a yard and visualised by street-graffiti.

    Unlocks: I'm not talking about Achievements here: What I love is the huge library of character and production artwork you will unlock over the time. I just love it, its well presented and of great quality. Also there Is no limit in hard-modes, there rewarding and different - so again replaying is fun!

    If you're looking for a high quality slash 'n hack with allot of replay-value, then this game is for you!
  8. Jan 30, 2014
    a very good game the combat is what i liked most,if u play it on a keyboard u are gonna have some problems but if u get a controller the game becomes pretty fun u just get to deal easily a ton of flashy kills with style and it feels awesome,i just wanna go on bloody palace mode and kill for hours
  9. Jan 28, 2014
    Seems like the original DmC franchise has one of the worst fanbases in the history of gaming, Even Call of Duty never gets that much hate for changing.
    DmC Devil May Cry is a console hack and slash with a story based on a concept you've probably heard before, but not in a video game, great but a bit simpler then the previous DmC games combat, making the game more accessible to newbies,
    with its biggest flaw being some enemies that can only be killed with specific weapons. Theres enough moves and weapons to keep the variety interesting and restricting how you can deal with enemies isn't really a good thing, but didn't ruined my experience with the game. The combat also feels better, Dante and his weapons now have weight to them, while the previous games didn't felt satisfying enough for me.
    The platforming is great, fast and doesn't changes the pace of the overall game, much better then the previous games.
    The game is also one of the best looking games out there, gorgeous environments, perfect example of aesthetics over graphics. And its the only actually good PC port, works great with mouse and keyboard.
    Out of all console style 3D hack n slash games I've played so far, this has to be one of the few I truly enjoyed. Don't listen to the retarded fanboys, this game is maybe simpler in combat mechanics, but its still a great game!
  10. Jan 16, 2014
    The haters are trolling because Dante doesn't have white hair. The thing is though, this is a reboot, he eventually starts looking more like the old Dante, that was obvious from the get go. The game itself though? Is one of my favorite games this year. The action, the combat, it is all top notch. Even the platforming is fantastic, something I usually loathe in video games. They find ways to make limbo odd, creepy, and even scary in some sections. All with tons of great combat, something they genuinely knocked out of the park.

    Only complaint is minor, and that is the little jokes Dante has which do get a bit excessive. Still super minor, the game is fantastic and I hope they keep making them because the fan hate this one got was misplaced. Tons of these negative reviewers NEVER even played the game. They just saw his hair color and hated on it immediately. It is a shame.
  11. Jan 13, 2014
    This is one of the finest brawler/slash-em-up games ever. On top of the excellent and intuitive control system that lets you unleash your combo fury (that is easy to access, hard to master) it has the most amazing art direction it could possibly have.

    Ninja Theory continues its streak of GREAT games and playing it on the PC on 60 fps really helps the action and the responsiveness a lot.

    Here's to one of the most underappreciated (by users) games of all time. And all because of some hair color.

    It combines the combat of previous DMC games with the Angel/Devil (L/R Triggers) weapons to execute the most seamlessly combat flow ever. The story is not for everyone, though it's certainly an improvement of the series, but the combat is miles ahead both of the previous games and the competition.

    Is it better than... say... God of War, Castlevania: LOS, Ninja Gaiden, Metal Gear Rising...? DmC has the best combat of them all. Not the best game, though it's certainly the best of the series by far.
  12. Jan 10, 2014
    As I have never played a devil may cry game before, I started this game with a very open mind. I'm not a novice as most of my all time favourite games are third person fighters. I Just finished the game and I have to say it's the best of it's type I've ever played, even better then God of war 3 which was my favourite fighting game of all time(yes that's right, I used to be a PS3 player but I heard of the master race and had to be a part of it). That said, the PC version is the way to go as it offers better graphics and yet is still able to achieve very high frame rates due to the game being very well optimised. Overall the game isn't perfect as my score suggests but it's better then a 9 so I rounded up to try and boost the user score a bit as it's far to low! For anyone who has managed to read this far, in case you haven't picked up the message yet... BUY THIS GAME!!! Expand
  13. Jan 5, 2014
    I found new dante quite likable! he may not be as good as original, but still no problems with him. action in this game is perfect i played on pc port os great on gaming laptop with geforce gtx 680m it was running 60 fps stable on ultra most pc gamers have much better rigs so optimisation is very good, story is great and this game has 6.6 it should have at least 8 so i voted 10 great game, very fun i recommend! Expand
  14. Dec 31, 2013
    So lets start off by saying that this game is better than most of the old DMC games, or on par with DMC3. The gameplay in this reboot is more fluid, the story and characters have more depth, and the level design is generally more intriguing than that of past installments. Combos are more fluid compared to that of the old DMCs, where everything flows together perfectly (if you know what you are doing). To be honest, being a near-veteran of the old DMCs, I look back and find that the old combat chopped along when you switched weapons, merely making the illusion of fluidity by having Dante attack freakishly fast. Lets first focus on the story: the plot and characters have way more depth than the past DMCs honestly (I've played through each about 20+ times), where Dante in the older games was just some badass, granted a cool one, he lacked any emotional depth other than: "I should have been the one to fill your dark soul with light!" The new Dante however actually has some true depth as a character who grows throughout the game, and do not worry, there is still some of the old Dante in this game for he is still sarcastic and badass, just rough around the edges. Although starting out as a bit of an emo (which you can't really blame him for) he soon comes to care about humanity, partly due to Kat, and take his role as humanity's protector, showing a true character development which the old DMCs never had, Dante will undoubtedly be even cooler in the next game as he is maturing, if only fans will give him a chance. Kat is also an engaging character as she actually has a role and influence on the characters, Dante in particular; unlike the old female roles in the DMC games, which aside from Lady in DMC3, was there for fan-serivce. Vergil is more interesting as well, in DMC3 he was merely some psychopath trying to gain power, but in this new game he goes from being a redeemable, although conniving, character to a hellbent enemy. The story is also generally deeper than any of the past installments, which consisted of 'oh no, some big demon threat on mankind, lets kill it,' in the new DmC the threat has been there, hidden before humanity's eyes, I won't ruin the story but there is much more depth to be found in the game among it's character and everything than there ever has been. Now onto the main part of DMC: the gameplay. As I have said the gameplay is fast and fluid, far more fluid than the past games, and what it lacks in speed it makes up for in style, which is really all that matters in DMC. The switching between weapons is often more fun than in past games since each weapon has it's own unique feel, the only choppy-ness in combat you may find is with the 'heavy-hitter' demon weapons, but even then the weapons generally match smoothly into combat. Anyone who hasn't been able to play well in DMC obviously just hasn't played other DMCs or generally is just bad as this kind of combat, because being a major DMC fan myself the transition to this games was easy, I was stringing together combos and getting S, SS, and SSS within the first 2-4 missions of the game (just like I did in the old ones). Many have complained about the auto-aiming, but I honestly find this funny since I rarely had any problem with it, except in the case where a ground enemy was under a flying one, which is rare, other than this all you do it point the control stick at the desired enemy, and there, you attack it. Some have also called the platforming clumsy, no, these people just suck, I never had a problem with the platforming, very rarely did I mess up and frankly the platforming was actually really cool and once again: fluid, fun, and fast. Frankly the platforming in the old DMCs was awful (however limited) do to the lack of proper movement and character frames, which is actually a true problem in the design of the old DMCs. All of this being said, the haters are just stuck in the past, and have no desire for a character with actual emotion, that of which all of humanity has. I have faith that Ninja Theory could continue to make an amazing and engaging series if the haters would just calm down and give them a chance. Besides, with how Capcom is being lately, *cough*Resident Evil 6*cough,* would we really want them to continue the series on their own? Expand
  15. Dec 14, 2013
    Как нечистью.
    И атак.

  16. Nov 23, 2013
    The game is great, well throughout combat system, high re-playability value with increased difficulty levels. The art direction is great, graphics are also neat, if you happen to have 3d vision setup you definetley need to check this game out with the helix fix, its flawless 3d and man it looks awesome. You can finish the game by just button mashing but the combat system is one of the best I've seen in my opinion, resembles the one from heavenly sword, too bad so few games similar to this one are released on the PC.

    CAUTION: game is totally unplayabe with the Mouse/Keyboard.
  17. Nov 7, 2013
    Very nice and much better than previous games about white onime!11 Dante!!! I'm only sad about new Vergil, but other stuff is freaking awesome
    A must-buy game for any fan
  18. Nov 2, 2013
    Wonderful action game. Really makes an impression on me every time i play it. Always have to cut play time shorter than would I like to, and for me,its the most enjoyable game I have played this year.
  19. Oct 29, 2013
    it's a really great game. Perfect action sequences, cut-scenes, gameplay. The only reason I gave it 9 but not 10 is the controls. it feels a little beat freaky to play via keyboard mouse (long jumps are most annoying). didn't play the previous DMC games, but strongly recommend it to everyone. Ninja Theory just made their best game ever cheers!)
  20. Oct 23, 2013
    Let me start by saying that I loved Devil May Cry, hated Devil May Cry 2, and never got back into the series, so I have yet to play 3 or 4. With DMC: Devil May Cry, I saw a game attempting to reinvent a stale franchise and originally purchased it on PS3. I played it for 4-5 hours but me being me, I got distracted by Guild Wars 2 for months on end and ended up selling it back. With the recent steam sale putting it on sale for 12 bucks I purchased it again, only this time with glorious fluidity that this game deserves at 80 FPS, and ultra graphic settings, only amplified with the beauty of SweetFX. My, what a game. The battle system is beautifully crafted, the fluid movement from combo to combo is amazing compared to the repetitive bore that is the God of War franchise. The reward of chaining together combos and not mashing buttons to get the highest possible score reminded me of why I loved the original so much. The design and set pieces were top notch and beautifully done. The boss fights were very entertaining adding the scope of the mega bosses needed to make it feel epic, along with combining the battle system and set pieces to add motion and thought to each and every boss making them very entertaining compared to the usual mash X button until your enemy is dead, the Bob Barbus fight was just freaking amazing. As for the story, I was genuinely surprised and entertained by everything they did with the story and the changes they made in regards to re-imagining the story in a new modern way. The game goes about in a very matter of fact tone progressing from mission to mission developing characters while keeping things light and not overly serious. The game had it's fair share of laughs and silly humor not intended for young children, or for boring old geezers whom are prim and proper, though towards the end the game does tighten up and become more serious as the climax comes closer. As for the music, it suited the game design. Fast and fluid during the boss fights, and ambient in the background when you are trying to concentrate, but nothing that I would point out as something truly groundbreaking, just a good job in staying true to the game. Regarding characters, the redesign of Dante was something I was in favor of. His look matches his personality, a delinquent bad ass, and I thought his personality was spot on for the type of game they were trying to create. If I was disappointed in anyone, it was Virgil. He was just, okay, I didn't fall in love with him. I have yet to play the DLC with him but maybe that will change how I feel about him, but overall he was a very mediocre character. Kat on the other hand I grew to love. Her personality and general attitude grew on me, along with her design and the way they progressed her throughout the game. but Kat I really grew to like. As for Mundus, I like that they tried to make him a part of the game and develop him as a real threat, even adding in tidbits of emotion into his character and not painting him as a stone faced demon lord with no care in the world.

    Overall, I found the game to be very enjoyable, with a well crafted story, beautiful graphics, and extremely fun game play.

    Graphics 9/10
    Sound 7.5/10
    Story 8.5/10
    Gameplay 9.5/10
    Characters 8.5/10

    Overall: 8.6/10
  21. Oct 21, 2013
    This game is A W E S O M E!!!!!!!
  22. Sep 11, 2013
    Having an unbiased opinion, (I have never paid attention to the previous Devil May Cry Games in any way) I can say that DmC is an amazingly fun game. It's fast-paced, looks fantastic and has an awesome atmosphere, owed to by it's great soundtrack. The combat is designed well and allows any amateur with enough brain cells to slash through the demonic horde, but more fiendish difficulties and a mind-boggling combo system will keep veterans playing and improving for months. The story is also quality. Coherent and refreshingly simple. The only flaw of this game is that a couple of boss fights feel rushed and stuck together with jam, but the rest are memorable occasions. Overall a great action game for all action game fans. Expand
  23. Sep 11, 2013
    While this game may not conform to the expectations of many DMC loyalists, I think it's shameful that many of them didn't judge it on it's own merits when submitting a user review.

    This game is smooth, slick, gorgeous, wildly inventive, constantly entertaining and most importantly: FUN.

    I adored this game and consider that it should belong on every gamer's list of the top games of
    this past generation. If you're on the fence, buy it, it is well worth your time. Expand
  24. Aug 31, 2013
    Thanks a lot for Ninja Theory to renew this fantastic saga. I've played them all and I have to say my favorite is three. In this game, Dante, rejuvenated, discovers his past that makes us think that it is a prequel to the other games since they do not know who remembers his family. Really recommended.
  25. Aug 8, 2013
    Its a fantastic game.
    Its intelligent, exciting, funny, with incredibly artistic dsign, but just better watch some gameplay to see it by yourself Im not really good at writing reviews
    Nevermind the absurd fanboysm crying, I cant understand all tha hate towards this game, Its a shame because this game is amazing. this game is a piece of art Its beautiful.
  26. Aug 2, 2013
    Wielu zamartwiało się nad odnowieniem tak popularnej serii hack'n slashów. Twórcy podeszli do tego porządnie, i sprostali zadaniu jak najlepiej mogli. Piękna grafika, wciągająca fabuła i straasznie przyjemna grywalność pozwala mi mówić o jak na razie najlepszej grze roku. Twórcy jak najbardziej rozbudowali DmC. Dali wiele broni, wiele rodzajów przeciwników jak i wiele ciekawych miejscówek. Przy tej grze po prostu nie da się nudzić. Tak jakby, bo końcówkę gry twórcy strasznie przedłużali i nie zaskakiwali pomysłami. Gra ma do tego mniejsze wady. Pewne tekstury nie wyglądają na dopracowane, jednak nie przeszkadza to cieszyć się z tej świetnej gry. Jak na razie, gra roku. Moja ocena 9/10 Expand
  27. Jul 24, 2013
    Devil may cry 4 was a HUGE flop, they MUST reboot the story, and the new style is AMAZING.
    The gameplay is pure fun,
    all the weapons are useful, not like in the others, when you can play ONLY with a sword.
  28. Jul 20, 2013
    Fan of the Devil May Cry series. Picked this up off of Steam when it was on sale. Have to hand it to the Ninja Theory developers, they made a very compelling reboot. Enjoyed the new Dante and Virgil, they both were very well written. Combat was fast paced and as entertaining as its predecessors. Overall I give it a 10/10
  29. Jul 19, 2013
    For one I don't understand all the negativity for this new DMC. I'll admit I never played the previous games, so I can see how people would be angry about changes to the series. However I don't understand why pure fun hack n slash game that runs buttery smooth on pc can get such a bad score for being different than other games out there. At least for me its been a really fun game.
  30. Jul 19, 2013
    I loved playing DmC. Game-play is just awesome. Badly waiting for Dmc 2. I agree the characters are not put up well when we compare them to previous Devil May Cry characters but you can't rate a game based on that completely.
  31. Jul 17, 2013
    This is my first DMC game so I had no previous opinion of the series. The game was amazing fun, the music is great, medium difficulty is hard enough so you don't cut through demons like butter but the levels are easy enough to complete in an attempt or two. When you die you know that it was your own fault and not the game bugging out or moves not being registered. I will say that during the platforming sequences the camera can sometimes turn at odd angles and leave you to fall to your doom but these instances are few and far between. The characters are all awesome and Dante really feels like the bad-ass that he should be. Graphics are pretty good and the game seems well optimized, my 670 handled DMC on ultra without any hiccups. Over all this is a stellar game! Defiantly worth a pickup on steam. Expand
  32. Jul 1, 2013
    I played the original Devil May Cry up till 4, and I had fun with them. When I saw this come out I had mix opinions as a lot of times when they do a reboot on things like this. To be honest, I enjoyed it, thoroughly, and when I mean thoroughly, I mean through every difficulty, and obtaining every single extra side quest completion that I could. The story was good, not excellent, not bad, but it hit pretty much a decent progression of story throughout the game that managed to keep my attention. I have to say the best things about this game is the design of the levels, along with the fluidity of the combat system. And while like in the old games you hack, slashed and shot up your combo multiplier they introduced enemies that you had to use specific weapons against to be able to inflict damage, along with a parry and dodge system that allowed you to progress in your combos with the right timing as the enemies became more difficult. This is so far one of the best adventure games I have played of this year, and I will say it is not an amazing game it did manage to keep my interest in playing it for a long time. Expand
  33. Jun 27, 2013
    ok when i first saw the trailer of this game and saw someone that looks weird and calling himself dante i was like hell no this will suck ass cause the older dante played a major role in the success of the series but as a huge fan of dmc i had to play this one and let me tell you it is a great game the gameplay is so good with so many weapons that you'll never see it repetitive and the graphics in this game is so awesome really really good so what i didn't like about this game is pretty much the whole story was predictable and the new dante isn't that bad but what frustrated me is that in a scene a blue fake hair lands on his head and he became very much like the older dante and then he says not in a million year i saw that as an insult to the fans of the series in the end loved the game play loved the graphhics and the story is not that good but still satisfying Expand
  34. Jun 25, 2013
    I'm going start off by saying that i have played dmc 1 and 3 and enjoyed both very much. Now for this game, i know it is being criticized for not being true to the older games and i agree that in some ways it is unfaithful to the old franchise. But, i feel that the people who say that this game is bad are only comparing it to the original dmcs, and not for what it is: a good game. If you forget about the first dmcs and just look at the game you will see how good it is. The combat is fluid, deep, and immensely fun, the story is very decent, and the the environment (limbo) is varied and often mind blowing. Even if you dont like new dante, that doesnt mean this game is bad Expand
  35. Jun 11, 2013
    "Oh they changed his hair" grow up fanboys! Seriously, why do so many people hate this game, it doesnt even matter if its this much fun!!! YAAAAAAY! 10/10
  36. Jun 4, 2013
    This game has to be my favorite game. I like the new dante and i dont know why people are complaining. The missions are so fun to play and vergils downfall is even better. Overall if you dont have the game, get it because its fun
  37. Jun 3, 2013
    DmC: Devil May Cry is a third person action game with some pretty art design and a good story. The game is very stylish and the characters are very interesting. Combat is great with lots of variation in weapons and combos and enemies are fun to fight and bosses are even better. The platforming is very smooth and responsive most of the time. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is look for a stylish new action platformer game with a good story. Expand
  38. Jun 1, 2013
    I grew tired of WoW, loved Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite, and really enjoyed Batman Arkham City. I was lost as to what to play next that fit my taste. I tried DmC on a whim as it was on sale on steam and I have to say I've been blown away. The story is kinda teen-boy fantasy, but it's interesting enough to keep me engaged, and the fighting system is easy to learn but takes time to really master. Super fun, like a mixture of Diablo III and Batman Arkham City, with beautiful graphics. Expand
  39. May 15, 2013
    Well.. here is my point of view: Any one giving this game less than a 7.0 is lying or have no standards at all. The game has high production values, great combat (it gets really deep if you spend some time with it and try the harder difficulties where you actually have to think about what you're doing) and acomplishes to tell a compeling story. It's different from the previous game and it may keep old fans away, but anyone coming with an open mind and willing to give the game a chance may have a good time. just leave your preconceptions at the door and dive in. Expand
  40. May 14, 2013
    This game is fantastic. I thought they did an excellent job showing us a young Dante. I'm 26 and I've played every DMC game from start to finish. I don't understand the hate for this game at all. The action is cool, the voice acting is solid, and the story is fun to watch unfold. I would have enjoyed some longer cutscenes to flesh out the story a bit more, but what's there is interesting and enjoyable. I don't mind that Dante is no longer half-human, not really a big deal in my opinion. I'll be looking forward to a sequel. Expand
  41. Apr 28, 2013
    I'll be quick....
    +Fun game play =)
    +Creative =)
    +Amazing, and sometimes crazy level design. xD
    -Story could have been a lot better, i really mean it.
  42. Apr 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I think I mistakenly clicked NO on a comment I wanted to click YES, but I don't think it is worth a 10. First of all, I haven't played DMC since 1 and 2, but I played 3 and 4 and I confess that this new DmC is pretty good! Yes, I got pissed when they changed Dante, but oh well, marketing strategies are marketing strategies. The new Dante seems to have more character than the old ones IMO. I actually wished there were more scenes showing Dante kicking ass all around showing his stylishness like 3 and 4, but when you play it you feel that he is good at "playing rough" (Like he mentions on the second mission).
    Like all other DMC games, game is consisted of missions. If you are used to playing this kind of game, you'll finish the initial mode in 10 hours or so, so that you unlock more difficulties, and this is where the series starts to spread its wings.
    About DmC combat specifically, I think that the combat system is still very nice, but the lack of a "lock-on" button made me do a lot of mistakes since I was used to the old system. That's maybe just me, though. Also, double tapping into directions to do specific moves is kinda hard on the PC, I almost didn't use the Stinger, my favorite move of all DMC games. That may be me again, though. I played DMC4 after playing this and I kinda felt like arriving home with a partner "It's good to be back with you". Not that I didn't really like the new system, but I still prefer the old one.
    About the story, I like it. It made sense Dante didn't have white hair at first. And once you finish the game, guess white?! YEA, HE HAS ALL WHITE HAIR NOW! See, it didn't hurt that much playing with him having dark hair, did it? I bought the "Classic Dante" skin but that really doesn't look a lot like old Dante, but I mostly use it. Anyways, back to the plot. I liked it. For a reboot is makes sense, it has its interesting parts, and an almost predictable turnout at the ending if you already know that Dante must ALWAYS fight Vergil.
    I must confess that when I first bought the game I thought it wouldn't run on my notebook (a thing from 2011) but when I lowered nearly all settings, the game run smoothly, and man, was it still beautiful to watch! I give extra credits for that. I play with all settings in low, low resolution, and the visuals are impresive. I don't regret at all this reboot, but I still would prefer if they launched a DMC5 or anything like it. I mean, there are like 8 different parallel Spider-Mans, why not Dantes?
    About the DLCs, I wish there were more content to get, like skins, there could be a LOT more skins, and or all devil arms! There is like only one pack of 3 different skins for 3 guns. Always the shotgun, a Scythe he get's when having contact with his mother's essence (an Angel) and the Axe he gets when he has contact with his father (Sparda, a Demon). And only one pack of 3 Dante's skins. I still liked mainly the Classic, though it doesn't really look a lot like the classic, I guess it's because on DMC4 he got older and stronger, and this one still looks like a "Rooster weight fighter".
    Also, I got the "expansion" Vergil's Downfall, when you play with Vergil! What an experience! Playing with Vergil is way more challenging to master, and I liked it!

    So, overall. The combat is sometimes frustrating and you may do wrong moves. The camera sometimes don't help much. Achievements are always cool. The Story and Voice acting are very good (this boosts up the experience very much). The graphics are very beautiful and the Limbo world (a "demonically distorted" version of our world) is very creative and interesting to watch as you go through the missions. I just wished there was fight in the normal world too. The progression is nice and if you have a gaming mouse with a few extra buttons changing weapons to increase combat style points will become easier!
    I think it diserves a solid 9. If you played the other series, just go and play it. You will enjoy the fights and the world linear exploring with hidden missions and artifacts to collect.
  43. Apr 25, 2013
    Well unfortunately some people didn't like the new ideas of the new DMC but the gameplay was awesome, the story didn't excelled in anything but it was eatable.
    Overall it is a great game that it is worth playing and i enjoyed it very much because this is what games truly serve us!
    Also glad a game like this could be so great since we are on a era of shooters were ''bang-bang is everything''
  44. Apr 23, 2013
    The users giving it 0 or 1 are scum who haven't even played the game yet. I've played games in the series since 1. I am a hardcore fan of the original series. I was one of the ones who were first enraged when they revealed the new Dante. Hell, I even made threads criticizing Ninja Theory and Tameem Antoniades. But eventually, the initial rage wore off when someone told me to first give the game a try. And I must say, I wasn't disappointed. We all know the series needed something fresh after the fiasco that was dmc4. And Ninja Theory hit it, and hit it hard!!!! The combat was slower than the original series, but still fun. The concept of Limbo added some variety to the environment. And the story! It was good, yes, definitely better than the Claptrap of the original series. Together, counting the core game, Bloody Palace mode, and Vergil's Downfall, the game definitely deserves a 9!!!!!!! Real DmC fans, Go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!! Expand
  45. Apr 21, 2013
    Ok, first off, to hell with anyone who gave this game below a five. Most of you guys wrote the review on the day of release. my thoughts? they all are a preemptive assault to try to slander what is a GREAT game. so please, you are a coherent human being, avoid the hooting dick-holes. and to said hooting dick-holes; grow up and off.

    REVIEW TIME: this is an AWESOME game. over the top
    action and furious style are dealt in spades here. absolutely stunning level design and combo chaining the likes of which the DMC 3 and 4 have trouble contending. if you're a fan of the series, give it a go. the aesthetic ma be different but the game is all DMC all the time. Expand
  46. Apr 19, 2013
    This was my first game of DmC series.Unlike veterans I don't know about previous installments or previous
    Dante and Vergil so I cant complain about changing the story but the game play is pretty awesome.I found the story and voice acting compelling.And that's what you mostly look for.
    All those who are whining about game play are bunch of idiots.Buy it you wont regret it.
  47. Apr 17, 2013
    great game good fight good story well optimized and also best dante
    i was played all the devil may cry but this one is the best dmc in all 5 hack n slash game in the world.
  48. Apr 7, 2013
    This is a real improvement! Gameplay, Graphics, Movement and Attacks are all improved, game does not lag and so far I've had fun playing the campaign, this is a must play game!
    9/10! The game is not that amazing so i wont give it a 10 but i think it deserves a 9, DmC is very fun too play if your bored and you like killing monsters.
  49. Mar 27, 2013
    I loved DMC. It does not deserve the hate from fans. The game is very enjoyable and has excellent pacing and tight controls. The attention to detail is nice as well. Great mature story is a plus. I really hope there is a sequel to this awesome game.
  50. Mar 27, 2013
    I had a great time with this game. It does not deserve the poor user score that haters have been giving it. DMC is an enjoyable and beautiful game that keeps your interest throughout and never has a dull moment.
  51. Mar 25, 2013
    Great Game! This is best DMC ever! русски!
    Перезапуск CAPCOM, 4-ая
  52. Mar 23, 2013
    I was first introduced to the Devil May Cry word with DMC 4. I enjoyed it somewhat, but I found that the game had a lot of padding. Pointless challenges that did nothing but extend the length of the game. DmC: Devil May Cry is a much slicker, streamlined affair that concentrates more on stylish swordplay than trying to figure out what the hell you're supposed to do next. That's not to say that there no elements of exploration in the latest game, but they do not get in the way of the hacking and slashing.,
    I must admit I didn't care much for the original Dante so the introduction of the new Dante did not phase me in the slightest. Great graphics that perform extremely well even on low end hardware, great fun with swords and excellent level design.
    The low scores you see all over the place reflect the game fan's disappointment with the main character being changed. That's fair enough. But as a game, it's hard not to say it's great.
  53. Mar 22, 2013
    DmC: Devil May Cry, hearing this brings chills huh? Well, don't buy into the fans that killed their own series without trying the game. When I saw the initial press release for this game, I detested it. But do not fret! This is actually one of my favorites, and yes I've played all other Devil May Cry games, starting with the first. The graphics are pushed, the fighting style is different but refreshing. Ignore the fan boys out there, this game deserves way more credit than it gets. Story is pretty nice, some changes with the series, all in all this game is definitely better than this user score. The story can be beat in about 11 hours, but it is short for a reason, it is meant to be replayed to achieve Hell Vs. Hell mode, where if you get hit once, you die, providing the ultimate difficulty and challenging experience. Expand
  54. Mar 22, 2013
    This game is great. I feel bad that I have never played a Devil May Cry game before, but I feel it's helpful to give an opinion as a newcomer to the series. This reboot is a completely new universe with whatever gameplay/story changes they see fit. So when I heard that was the case, I was interested. I picked this game up on release for 49.99, which for Australia is pretty god damn cheap. I was immediately hooked by the general atmosphere. The way it blends the music with the gameplay gives it a really bad-ass intense feel, and the visual are not only stunning on max pc settings, but are also colorful and are play an important role when telling the story. You play as Dante (Like the previous games.) The story mainly revolves around him and his journey towards helping the human race and generally growing as a person. He is half demon and half angel and works with his twin brother and a human girl to overthrow the demons control over the human race. I think the gameplay is the strongest area of the game. You will not get tired of stringing together combos. As soon as you get the feeling of wanting a new toy to play with, the game gives it to you. Great pacing. It knows player. As I said before everything balances into one incredibly polished action/adventure spamfest and it's great. It doesn't set new ground for the genre, but it's an absolute joy to play and I respect the developers. I think this is best played on PC, the game runs amazingly, although I would recommend a controller plugged in though.

  55. Mar 21, 2013
    This game is great and solid. A fantastic reboot. When playing this game, anyone can clearly see that they are using a younger (and possibly annoying/immature) Dante. The reboot offered a advanced fluid combat system. The developers had a lot to play around with the concept of Limbo and the characters were strong. Although this game offers change, the change was good and possibly needed. Overall, great game. Expand
  56. Mar 11, 2013
    Even though the dumb Devil May Cry fanboys can't seem to read, this DmC REBOOT (just pointing out that it's a REBOOT, DMCfans. Reboot.) is one of the visually best games of the year so far, with extremely fun gameplay, an amazing storyline and tons of replayability.
  57. Mar 4, 2013
    Great game, great reboot of a favorite classic! Looks wonderful on PC, is hellova fun to play I really enjoyed the fact that there's a lot more depth to the story at long last.
    Oh yeah, one other thing I really got over the bad new hair by the time the game came to an end ;)
    Looking forward to more in the years to come!
  58. Mar 4, 2013
    I've played dmc 2,3 and 4 and this one is simple epic. I'm giving 10 cause of the fresh air, design and story privded by 5th dmc. I agree that game ending isn't sophisticated, but hey it's DMC, not the longest journey. This game was made to be fun (as all dmc's), and it is clear and undisturbed slasher experience. Not to mention OST that is definitely the best so far if you like both metal and dnb/dstep Expand
  59. Mar 3, 2013
    When I saw the new Dante, I was hating the game before it game out. Beeing bored I decided to buy it, expecting nothing from it, however, I was amazed by how good it is. For those who still have doubt, you can play Dante with white Hair aswell, in fact (little spoiler) at the end his normal hair becomes white aswell. As for him beeing an emo, not true, dont listen to the haters, try it out, for me it was the best DMC so far. Expand
  60. Mar 2, 2013
    An excellent reboot that blends fantastic cutscenes, an engaging story and fast paced demon slaying action. I simply didn't want to put the game down.
  61. Feb 28, 2013
    awesome gameplay, awesome story, fantastic art, beautiful characters and places, Dante is annoying at first but deep down he is the Dante we all Love, AMAZING REBOOT... just amazing...
  62. Feb 24, 2013
    This is an awesome game.
    Great music,intense action,beautiful graphics,and it is well optimized.(Even on my p4 3.0ghz CPU runs it mostly well.
    IF you like slashing demons,and want something really new,try this.
    DmC has a nice replayability factor too with collectables and many difficulity mode.
    This is a must-have game for everyone,even if you didn't like the older ones.
  63. Feb 22, 2013
    Graphic: visual effects are pretty good,and...maybe awesome,realy nice to watch,unreal engine at it best GamePlay: interesting option with demon and angel mod, well number of weapon and combo,tuff enemies,a lot of secret missions.Well done.
    Story: rather fresh and interesting, short i think,has to be expanded. ...
    This game is a good start of a brand-new DMC,not incredible,but
    worthy.Devil may cry and slasher fans-MUST HAVE.
    And,by the way,use gamepad for the greatest impressions and experience.
  64. Feb 22, 2013
    The gameplay is fun, both the combat and the platforming. The visual style was really cool, and had some crazy boss fights. I expected Dante to be a douche, but I actually liked him, he was funny at times as well. Virgil was a cool character too. I think they did an excellent job with the performance capturing, light movements like their eyes made a huge difference. The story was pretty good. People who are complaining about this game either never played it or want to hate it just because it's different. Expand
  65. Feb 21, 2013
    I would like to note some things about this game, first of all, i do believe this game is really good, i like the combat, the style, the music, and overall this game is a really nice work, graphics are beautiful, the other games of the series didn't really focused a lot on the world and i really like that this was not the case, combat also is fun with lots of combos and things to unlock, the story is acceptable, not the blasphemy some people call, but the second thing is, i really hate the fact that with this being a good game with possibility of being even better, Ninja Theory and Capcom will probably scrap this project as the black sheep of the family just for plain hate of the people who gave this so many bad reviews without even giving credit to the good things, it's plain unfair, i would love to see more games with this gameplay instead of another DMC2 (which i believe it was really a flawed game), i do hope they at least maintain some of the things that they brought to this game and encourage everyone doubting to play it and try not hate it from the start. Expand
  66. Feb 21, 2013
    A really nice reboot. I was one of the hater who hated Ninja Theory for redesigned Dante too. The thing is, everything else except the look of the characters has lived up to my expectations. I would like to play the sequel of DmC. The only thing I can complain is that the game is too easy, so easy that smashing buttons can achieve SSS grades. Please make it more challenging in the next game.
  67. Feb 20, 2013
    What can i say: just freaking awesome game after 8 hours i finally finished and it was worth every minute spent on it. Pros 1. PC Port 10/10 there are no camera problems, you can change your controls, graphics, everything you need just to enjoy the game 2.Graphics i was really impressed by how the game looks and performs,
  68. Feb 20, 2013
    Un juego impresionante supera con creces a las entregas anteriores, muchos critican al nuevo Dante pero eso me tiene sin cuidado los haters y nostálgicos no paran de joder a su vez como lo hacen con Resident Evil no lo superan por dios.. los combates están muy bien logrados fluido y muy adictivo una gran series de combos.. el port de PC esta mas que bien optimizado.. espero que los haters cambien de opinión y dejen de pendejadas con el nuevo dante.. Expand
  69. Feb 19, 2013
    Excellent PC port of an excellent game! Ignore the copious amounts of terrible user reviews. People have an issue with reboots, and that's a problem I can understand. The only time a reboot is a positive thing is when the new version of the game/franchise is distinctly different or better. Fortunately, this is a case where the game is both better and different, taking the basic idea of the original series and pushing it in smart, often surprising, directions. Story is fine, quite funny in parts, and generally well directed and acted. The action is smooth, controls are tight, and the combat is easy to learn and hard to master. I can not fathom how the user score is below an eight for this game (oh wait, this is Metacritic, where people spam 0's for games that offend their delicate sensibilities.) This game is a blast to play, and maybe the best Capcom game since Dead Rising.

    This game performs wonderfully, never dropping below 60 fps 1920x1080 at maximum settings on a three year old PC.

    A special note on replayability: The game has multiple extremely difficult challenge modes that are unlocked after completing the game. People who claim this game is dumbed down and easier than the old series doing know what they're talking about. When I see a video of these people beating the hardest difficulty, I will become a believer in their cause.
  70. VRH
    Feb 17, 2013
    This game is pure AWESOMENESS!!! I was always fun of DMC series but this one really delivered! Dante is played very well (The scene with Sucubus is hilarious) story is interesting and gameplay is pure fun! When you unlock a fourth difficulty it is completely new game, Bosses and other enemies behave different...In last 3 days I have passed it 3 times and completed all secret missions and I will play it again! Expand
  71. Feb 12, 2013
    Amazing reboot of the series. Haters are always going to hate, but those people saying the combat is slow has obviously not learned how to chain their combos together. At times I get some motion sickness, and I love it! I have been playing with a keyboard and mouse even though I own an xbox360 controller. The graphics are awesome in full 1080p. The soundtrack is perfect for this style of game. The new Dante is awesome. I thought they him up so much when I first heard about this reboot. I loved that in hte first mission Dante finds a white wig, and says, "Not in a million years." It was a great little addition for the fans. It may have seemed like a shot at the fanboys, but I found it to be hilarious. All in all this game is great, short but great. Expand
  72. Feb 9, 2013
    Epic game. This game combines the combat system of the 3rd part with the demonic arm type addition from the 4th game, while at the same time improving both. The story is really strong with the only negative thing being that the characters development could be a little bit better. Overall a solid game with a great fighting system, solid story and amazing graphics.
  73. Feb 8, 2013
    Awesome game with very fluid combat, would recommend a Nethilim start to anyone who has played Devil May Cry before hand but otherwise amazing with an awesome concept.
  74. Feb 8, 2013
    Obviously, DmC for PC is graphically better than the console counterparts. Fighting with Dante at 60fps is an amazing experience, with all the latest graphical effects you could imagine. Unfortunately no hi-res textures are present, but still it's an eye-candy roller-coaster.
  75. Feb 7, 2013
    This game refused to let me go, until I've killed the final boss. 10 of 10 just for that.                                                             
  76. Feb 6, 2013
    First the obvious. This is a remake (Remember that word) of an over-rated franchise that desperately needed it. Out of all the hack n slash games as of late such as DMC, God of War, Bayonetta, and Ninja Gaiden......DMC felt the most stale.
    The story was hilariously bad, the character was a pretty boy with long hair and really awful one liners spewing out of his mouth. Like most Japanese
    make games that are supposively adult he looked like an ugly anime girl with the personality of a 10 year old. The gameplay was solid and the graphics were fine but did not stand out. Capcom knew the franchise was falling behind the others and decided a shot in the arm was needed. So they call Ninja Theory.
    Ninja Theory are known for great production values mostly because of their incredible voice acting, emotion, and characters. They are also known for well recieved but commercial flops. So how did they do/
    Well this is a remake. Most gamers do not grasp that concept. So they have been on the net crying and complaining like teenage girls fighting over a guy. It has been a pathetic display and shows why gamers are considered genetic fumbles, geeks, and outsiders. Many franchises have seen reboot ps over the years and some have failed or succeeded. This one passes the test head over heals but the butthurt punks of the game community really outdid themselves with their metacritic hate and ignorance.
    The story is great. It sticks close enough to the original while taking out the ignorant banter most Japanese games in this genre are known for. In other words anyone can follow along and enjoy it. It has some great cutscenes to tell the story and move the narrative alone. Amazingly people have complained about this. (Metal Gear 4 gets a free pass though.....) It is easily the first DMC where I paid attention to what was going on.
    The difficulty took a step back but you can open up harder difficulties and the hard ones do pose a challenge.
    The gameplay is standard hack n slash and like a good reboot should, you develope more powers, combos, and such as you go. Like Ninja Theories other game Heavenly Sword, you have to use face button and trigger combos to switch weapon attacks. Takes getting used too. One cool thing that was added is the ability to ty out and switch out combo attacks.
    Dante is a likable character as well as the supporting cast. Some bosses make a return and again.....even though it is a remake the community cried. The choices were good with the bosses included but some of the fights are all too standard with what has already been done for the genre.
    The sound in more western metal instead of Japanese hair metal. It is more rugged and hard edged. The voice work is great which should be expected and the sound effects are well done. Nothing to complain about.
    The graphics and art are in my opinion the best in any hack n slash game that has been released. Not as technical as God of War 3 but the world is incredible. The rifts, shifting, lighting, and film grain and blups in the transfermation into limbo is awesome. Limbo is a screwed up place but the look is awesome. The first level was a shock to the senses and I actually had to train my eye to the art. Amazingly done.
    I do have a few complaints. The levels while they are cool does not get better as they go. They stay consistant but I was hoping for a big final. The boss fights as stated earlier are nothing new. A few on the character exchanges seem forced for shock value but it is miles ahead of the past titles. And finally some of the jumping movements, especially the air dashing can be a bit tricky.
    One last thing. I have seen a lot of crying about Dante saying "No way!" to the white wig during the game. I thought it was hilarious and was a direct attack on the babies who have cried foul this who cried foul the whole time. It said 2 things. 1- This is not the same DMC and 2- Ninja Theory has heard the cries and stayed course with their own vision. Any good dev worth their salt would of did the same thing.
    Well done Ninja Theory. The best hack n slash since Ninja Gaiden Black and a big middle finger to the drama queens.
  77. Feb 6, 2013
    Really awesome slasher. Ninja Theory make the brilliant game that is fun for everyone. No need to run through whole level to "push the button" and back to the start just for another "button". You just sit and have fun, no exceptions.
  78. Feb 5, 2013
    This is what happens when people rate a game based on how it relates to the rest of the series instead of the merits of the game itself. I am a long-standing Devil May Cry fan. I own all the games and have run through them all on Dante Must Die, and I'm still capable of enjoying this new game because I'm not expecting it to be the same game as DmC 3 or 4, and honestly, expecting that is downright unreasonable. This is a reboot of the series made by a new developer, so QUIT GIVING IT ONES AND ZEROES. Moving on. The first thing I noticed is that this is an excellent PC port. While I played DmC 3 and 4 on their respective consoles due to the general crappiness of the ports, I played DmC on my computer and loved it. The graphics were astounding with the HD upgrades, and the combat was butter smooth at 90 FPS. The second thing I noticed was the voice acting. As much as I love the previous installments in the series, the voice acting has always been downright awful, and this change was a pleasant and welcome surprise. The third thing I noticed was that the combat was FUN, unlike what so many users will have you think. Sure, it's missing the style system and the Stylish Rank gauge has been declawed, but the combat is fast, fluid, and completely worthy of any previous DmC title. Sound, visual, and enemy design is perfect, without an iota of overstatement. Limbo is a thrilling, diverse, and visually stunning setting, and the level design reflects that with each group of levels taking you to a new and shockingly unique setting. The enemy design is delightfully dark, featuring everything from weak, shambling biomechanical nightmares to demonic ninjas with masks sewn to their heads. As a fan of the New Phyrexia set from Magic: The Gathering, I just loved *looking* at the bad guys. In terms of sound, each weapon has a unique and entirely satisfying battery of noises, from the classic 'swoosh, schwing' of Rebellion to the ethereal roar of Osiris, and all this is backed up by music that is an awesome fusion of pulsing electronic and hardcore metal. Overall, as a fan of Devil May Cry, as a fan of action games, and as a PC gamer, I've got to say that DmC: Devil May Cry is an absolutely brilliant piece of work. It lacks some of the combat depth and brutal difficulty showcased by its predecessors, and the inability to manually lock on is a genuine frustration at times, but the impossibly high development values and bursting package of thrilling, new visual ideas and epic boss fights more than makes up for the shortcomings. If you're a PC gamer and a fan of spectacle fighters, a genre woefully underrepresented on PC, then it'd be a crime not to pick this game up. Expand
  79. Feb 4, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. The Game ist great! have a good Story, fantastic Level Design, and with ca. 15 hours not too short! ...
    and for all the *peep* with the hair problem: Dante becomes long white Hairs at the End of the game!!!!!! and then you can start the game new, with this hairs!
  80. Feb 3, 2013
    Great game..
    I am impresed. I never played any Devil may cry game. I think 9/10 are objective.

    +combat system
    +good story
    +soundtrack(fu**ing great soundtrack)

    -hmm, I don't know... but there are some I think
  81. Feb 3, 2013
    Good PC Port. You can see the love that got into this game. Presentation is very good, The level designs are awesome! Writing is mediocre but i think it fits the story and the setting very well. Had a smile on my face while playing this game from beginning to the end. It's not like the old dmc games but that was the intention. It was a bit short and a bit to easy on the first three difficulties but after that you can choose even higher difficulties and those are pretty neat. Whether or not you like the soundtrack is a matter of taste but it really fitted the action and vibe of the game. (I really liked it). It's a shame that people weigh the flaws of this game so high in comparison to all the good stuff. For most of those people it probably didn't matter what they would have made this game into, they would just hate it for not being the dmc they are used to. It's not their fault, they were just biased because of the new way the franchise went in and because of it, payed much more attention to the flaws and forgot about many of the great things this game does. REALLY REALLY hope they will continue this version of dmc.

    This game gets an 8 from me but because of the many haters i will give it a 10 over here.
  82. Feb 3, 2013
    I simply cannot to my best understand what is going on with the bad reviews made by the "official" game rating websites. Everyone seems to criticize the shallow storyline and poor character developing and a story that somehow makes you think that Dante is a jackass? Ass soon as you play for more than 3 hours you can tell that is simply not true and that Dante is presented as an evolving persona, changing from the "I don't give a damn" mindset into a good character the player can somewhat relate to (as far as a human can relate to a nephilim anyways). The combat is great! The one exception being the game forcefully making the player have to use angel or demonic weapons against a specific type (read color) of enemy, extremely fluid and well balanced.

    Overall the game has a decent story (appalled at how can the professional websites give full reviews of what seems to be 3 hours of gameplay), great and well paced combat combined with simple yet engaging platforming and puzzle solving (with less emphasis on the latter), and a quite big ammount of replayability, not on doing pointless achievement whoring, but on actually unlocking bonus missions of variable difficulty! Would 100% recommend this game to any fan of the action spectacle fighter style gameplay.
  83. Feb 2, 2013
    A worthy continuation the series. Charismatic character. Wonderful graphics. Excellent integration of Steam. As a true fan of this series, I can say the game is great.
  84. Feb 2, 2013
    Even I was being a crybaby, 'why Dante doesn't have white hair?' 'why he is not so cool, rather serious?' After a hard dilemma and with the critic scores, I gave this game a try. Now I introspect myself... the earlier Dante he was one of the coolest character of Capcom, ever made. I as a fan was not much bothered who he really is, whats his origin. this game has provided me a solid story of Dante's origin... connecting to his cooler side (in the sequel may be)

    this game has provided me a whole bunch of things about Dante, to be fan about... He is no more a mysterious character, eating pizza and flirting his girlfriends
    this origin, and other stuffs about Dante, is rightfully mine, as a fan. Thanks Capcom.

    Mr. Crybaby... whoever is reading this review, to decide to give this game a try.... don't worry to buy one.
    else you'll regret it.

    Story 10/10
    Gameplay 9/10
    Level designs 9/10
    Bosses 8/10
    Presentation, animation 10/10

    overall 10/10
  85. Feb 2, 2013
    I nearly didn't get this because the user score was so low.
    I'm actually extremely happy that I didn't listen to the user score and got the game anyways.
    The game is fantastic as is expected of a Devil May Cry game. When I ask anyone why they hated the game, the most common response is because they hate the way Dante looks. Get over it, besides you can expect him to look way different
    in the next game. As for the story, past Devil May Cry games didn't really have much of a story, they were mostly action games. I personally enjoyed the story for this game, though it was nothing spectacular. The story was still good and interesting. Gameplay was fantastic. I can't wait for the sequel. Expand
  86. Feb 2, 2013
    Откровенно DmC влюбился.
  87. Feb 1, 2013
    the combat and game play of this is fantastic ,only problem is the short story and the boss combate otherwise the game is pretty good, i love the graphics and environment ,i runs smoothly on my pc
  88. Feb 1, 2013
    Visceral, creative, well-written, fun. These are four aspects that instantly spring to mind when thinking of DMC. This game just reeks of high production values and ensures there is never a dull moment. A thoroughly enjoyable experience for action fans. Highly recommended.
  89. Jan 31, 2013
    It is a good game. And it's a great restart for a whole franchise. New music, new characters, new moves, new original levels. DMC 4 was rather dull. There was nothing new in it, nothing original. This is a different story. Just give it a chance.
  90. Jan 31, 2013
    Don't understand the backlash because the game is a little different. It's a fantastic game. The character action genre hasn't been this stylish or crazy in a good long while.
  91. Jan 31, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I'm a long-time Devil May Cry fan, and I enjoyed DmC immensely. Although I still rank DMC3 as the best of the series, I think this comes in a close second for me, easily beating out DMC4. To get the most obvious issue people have taken with the game out of the way first, Dante is still Dante. His dialogue is largely reminiscent of DMC3, and he is still an entertaining character, even with the cosmetic changes. I would have preferred it if he'd followed the original Dante in having a less foul mouth, but oh well...

    While the combo system is not as good as the series high-point in 3, it is a lot of fun, and there is no shortage of ways to put the hurt on your demonic foes. The initial difficulty levels offered are a bit on the easy side, rather like DMC4, but things get more interesting on the higher settings. Level design is also fantastic, with no two stages feeling the same, and a very dynamic game world.
    The story is probably the best in the series, with characters that feel much more human, ironic since Dante no longer contains any human blood. The moment when Kat is captured and Dante can do nothing to stop it because he is trapped in Limbo was perhaps the best emotional moment I've seen in a DMC game, far out-doing anything with Nero and Kyrie. Ninja Theory makes its share of missteps, but on the whole, I was pleased with what I saw, and drawn in to the game world, despite coming in with the reservations of a long-time Dante fan.

    From the point of view of a series fan, it was surprising an entertaining for me to see all of the nods Ninja Theory made to the original series, including a boss fight that was clearly meant to recreate one of the best boss fights from DMC3.

    On a purely technical note, the game runs well. I don't have a monster of a gaming rig, in fact, I ran it on a laptop, but I've had no issues with slowdown or the like. All in all, I found DmC Devil May Cry to be a thoroughly enjoyable gaming experience, and worthy to carry the Devil May Cry title. Despite my initial reservations, I was fully immersed in the world Ninja Theory had created by the end of the first level. Considering the very real risk of stagnation that was facing the Devil May Cry series after 4, I feel that Capcom should be rewarded for trying to give the fanbase a new game instead of a retread of the old ones (of course, they also gave us the HD collection if that is really all you want...). It's a shame that the Devil May Cry fans have so roundly condemned this title without even giving it a chance, because it certainly deserves better from us. I think that any Devil May Cry fan ought to give this one a shot. Note: I would normally give this a 9, but considering all of the user reviews trashing the game unfairly, I decided to try and counteract that a little by giving the game a full 10.
  92. Jan 31, 2013
    I really enjoy this game. Apart from the nice feel to the combat, nice animations and a rather intuitive approach to combos (though maybe a bit too easy), I really like the background story. Sure, the main characters are horrible, but which are not? And maybe everything was better in the past games, as the negative reviews suggest, but that does not keep me from enjoying this one. Good job, Ninja Theory. Expand
  93. Jan 30, 2013
    so sum it up, Im a devil may cry fan, and when i saw the preview of this game i was a little pissed off coz i thought they f**ked up Dante, but i was sooo wrong, this game is f**kin badass!!! awesome game play, crazy graphic, super creative, Ninja Theory really nailed it, they took a risk changing DMC and it paid off.. so badass I dont even care that it doent follow the previous DMC structure, this is now my favourite DMC game!! for all DMC fans out there, give this game a chance.. it is simply a pure badass game.. only thing i would like to add is that i wish this game was alittle longer... Expand
  94. Jan 30, 2013
    Note: The easy-combat-rank-fill which was a main point of protest from old DMC-Fans, as well as several severe (sound) bugs got patched on January 30th (at least for computer). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was scared. When I saw the E3 Trailers one year before the actual release I was like; hell - can it even be worse than that DMC4 cash-in? Dante appeared to be a big, overgrown show-off kid. So, I didn't put my hopes up to high when I picked up DMC. I started the game and - like many other old-fashioned DMC fans I **** my nose when I first experienced the new combat system. BUT: I kept cool and decided to try the game before condemning it - in the end DMC really surprised me in a positive way. The combat system: While I always did love love the style system - this new kind of combat really kicks nuts once you get a hang on it. The weaponswitching has never been as fluent before. While it is true - early missions don't require a lot of special moves - the new system allows you to make combat an art. Weapons really complement each other. Especially AoE-air fight got a serious improvement. Dante: While I didn't like his concept back at the E3 presentation, the final release really did please me. He is young, he is unexperienced - but he has big mouth and the self confidence we're used to know from old Dante. He kindly lacks the humor we all used to love, but he definitely is "a type". The Story: We get to know about Dante's and Vergil's past, their youth and we experience how Dante is forced into the demonkiller-role. I don't wanna spoil anything here, so I'll hint on the setting; the developers took the main idea from and old Movie "They live!" (1988) : A world that is not what it looks like only a few have the chance, well rather the possibilities to see through the Veil society and norms blur the realty with. I'm no fan of that romantic marxistic idea to fight the "bad capitalism", but DMCs developers really had the balls to make this philosophic and critical game. The design: I really don't understand how some people can cry about the look, I set everything to ultra and it looks great on my 42″ TV. Especially the Nimbus (demon-world) is an eye catcher. Dang! I couldn't get my chin back up when I first saw the walls implode in front of me, trying to catch 'n squash me. Music: As good as in any DMC. Bottomline: Taking all these things into account I'm giving DMC 10/10. People who hate this game do hate it because the want to hate it. The new Dante lacks humor, yes but people continuously forget - this is young Dante who's new to the business, not the relaxed old top dog who's feeling completely invincible. The story is great, so is 2 world-concept. The visuals really fit the mood, as does the sound. With the latest patch DMCs only real flaws (too easy to achieve combo scores) and some (sound) bugs have been removed, leaving it a game I really can recommend to new players as well old DMC fans. Expand
  95. Jan 29, 2013
    The people rating this sub 5's and such are being incredibly close minded. Majority of their hatred is stemming from a knee jerk reaction to the changes made to the characters and not to the game itself in anyway. Anyone who calls this game a step backwards in terms of story is already lying to themselves. I loved the old DMC's, I really did. But let's be honest here, they had little to zero storyline and the characters had very little fleshing out done to justify their motives and ideals beyond the most basic.

    Now step into DmC, a world where Dante looks slightly different, but still in my opinion retains his **** charm. What's important however, is now not only is he arrogant, ****, and ridiculously powerful giving you that "I'm a badass" feeling, but he's also got some measure of depth. Dante in DmC now shows off characteristics that suggest he does think, and feel, beyond the relentless drive to kill demons for fun. He's now a complicated character who faces tough moral decisions to protect humanity or follow the only family he has left. I also greatly enjoy the fact they're embracing the Nephilim concept, something that was always there but never realized fully.

    All in all I'd say the game is very solid. It improves over old DMC's where it should. Weapons feel better and stronger. Combat is more fluid than it's ever been. The level design is AMAZINGLY good. Boss battles all feel epic and have interesting mechanics. Though I think they could have seen some improvements. The upgrading system is lengthy and offers many of the old favorites, along with some new. The item system is much same as past with similar things to pick from. Sound quality is good. I know some people aren't happy to see a reboot, changing up a formula that was successful, however shallow it may have been. However, if you're honest with yourself for a minute I'll say the old DMCs didn't pull you in for story, characters, or depth. It was purely about the combat, the styling combos, the over the top action, etc.. and the new DmC has all of those things and does it better than past games have. Now its joined by a storyline that, while not perfect, makes a ton more sense than old games, a main character who actually has depth, a meaningful reason to oppose Vergil (who's not already dead), and the basis for a series of games that could only get better. I support this reboot whole heartedly despite all my previous reservations based on the trailers and screenshots I'd seen in past.
  96. Jan 29, 2013
    I played dmc 1-4 and now this reboot. Dmc 2 is the only one that I didn't get near the end. That said I can said 100% that this game is a good game. It isn't the best in the series but it is certainly a welcome addition. I can safely say that DMC is at the very least better than dmc 2. The PC ran so wonderfully that alone it got high marks. The things I liked
    The settings - ok sure it was
    very strange plot line but come on so is any japanese game. This game is through and through british while the other dmcs was japanese/japanese view of western view on heaven, hell etc...
    combat was smooth camera wasn't annoying
    I never felt lost unlike the other games.
    Very little puzzles compare to other games
    easy - okay yes the game was easy but Sometimes i feel like playing a easy game where i can blow crap up. If i want a challenge i can always go back and play 1-4 on the hardest difficulty.
    few funny jokes - though many fell flat.
    Good boss fights but the designs were not as memorable as 1-4. The things I dislike the voice acting was sometime inconsistent. Sometimes it sounded emotional but sometimes didn't. the facial expression looked stiffed otherwise it looked strange. It was no uncharted 2.

    In conclusion, its a reboot. its a good game. get over it.
  97. Jan 29, 2013
    Get over the "new" Dante people. Seriously, after playing the game to completion and watching the character evolve and change, it's almost as if anyone who just only wanted to see one side of him has something to complain about. Amazing frames on my 550ti, combat is fun, fast paced and the camera flows oh so well with it. There isn't anything about this game that doesn't SCREAM devil may cry. The music choice felt great for getting you pumped as you slash and decimate your demon foes, even though in general I don't like dubsteb. Above all, this game for more was more than worth the buy, even after playing all the other Devil May Cry's. I would even go as far to say just as good as #3, better than 4 and 1. I promise, as long as you're not a close minded, retard who thinks that DMC needs to be a certain way because they said so, you'll love the game and its intense rush it gives. Go ahead, give it shot, see another take on Devil May Cry. Expand
  98. Jan 29, 2013
    Gripping, the intro was such a boost I hoped would not be an anticlimax, but it was through and through amazing, the music with it was a bonus, Combichrist is an amazing choice. The graphics, story, characters and gaming elements all fluid. This is an amazing reboot to a franchise that had become tired and dragged out, much needed and I hope to see more from this now. I fear most negative reviews are old DMC fans who find it hard to move on, somewhat unfair reviews and just very personal views, I am a massive fan of DMC and so are a few of my friends, but them including others new to the franchise all love it. Overall, amazing but personal tastes from others may lead you to think this is a bad game when it clearly is not.

    Get it!
  99. Jan 29, 2013
    It's really amazing. NT show unbeliviable skill of making levels and boses. They choose great music for game (especially Noisia). Not so bad plot and dynamic. I was sitting with opened mouth - I was really shoked. It's AMAZING!!!
  100. Jan 29, 2013
    Beautiful, ironic, talented game with annoying platformer elements and some borrowings from Alice: Madness Returns. Ninja Theory - good job. Not great maybe, but still very good. Waiting DLCs, addons and, of course, DmC 2.

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  1. Jun 10, 2013
    It’s an awesome game, despite its flaws. Whether you like the young Dante or not, is purely a matter of personal taste. But that’s not an excuse to ignore this gem. [March 2013]
  2. Feb 20, 2013
    DMC: Devil May Cry sublimates the best of the genre and conquest PC user with a fast-paced and eye-catching title, made of pure action.
  3. Feb 14, 2013
    Graphical flaws and overly linear gameplay aside, DmC is a solid first installment in the relaunched franchise.