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  1. Jan 25, 2013
    I played all DMC games before, I loved them all, personally I loved most first and third.
    At first I was very angry about reboot. Turned blind eye to a game and my opinion was full of hatred... But then... Well it's stupid compare reboot to a old games. I mean story and writting isn't best really, but gameplay, environments, concept is really nice. And music isn't very monotonic. To be
    fair it's something new in gaming, some fresh air.... It might not a some deep masterpiece, but it's a good game to have fun, and games supposed to be fun. Also I'm happy with good PC performance, nice to eye graphics and smooth gameplay.
    Thanks for creating something new, I'm sorry fot those closed minded guys who can't enjoy anything and must act like mindless fanatics. No one forces play it, and I saw a game as a new game. It is nothing like old one, but it's better than repeating old stuff.
  2. Feb 8, 2013
    It's my first review on this site so do not take it too seriouily, however seeing this game receive only 5.6 reviewers rating is what i call a I played throughout first DMC more than few times and playing this one gave me as much fun. It's true that new dante isn't the old one but it didn't stop me from enjoying the gamplay, level design and story. Soundtrack builds tense atmosphere which suits hack and slash game as well. I believe 8 out of 10 suits this game well, it lacks good lock on system and its not much of chalenge but i had tons of fun playing. Expand
  3. Jan 26, 2013
    In short: Great action game, I like the style and everything, but a bad Devil May Cry. In Detail: The thing is, if you have never played another dmc or just played it because your friend had a copy and you gave it a try, you will not be disappointed with the new one. But I always liked the Old Dante and loved the Games, not only because of the action and the white hair, but because of the whole over the top coolness. Dante is supposed to be a smooth dude who always finds the write words to make you grin, he is not supposed to feel like "a real guy" with "real feelings" that Expand
  4. Jan 29, 2013
    Game was pretty bad, story didn't fit in, character looks was terrible and the game was too short and easy no challenges although combat was okay. Overall a pretty big disappointment.
  5. Jan 26, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Graphics:
    The game looks really great. The visual design of the areas you go through is top notch. Limbo has a saturated feel to it with a lot of vibrant colors that I think are really nice. In particular the Nightclub you go through is a very cool area. The way levels twist around you is nice.
    That said the design of the levels is subpar. There is exploration of side paths to find upgrades but other than that the levels are fighting areas with straight lines in between.
    Moving around with the A/D pull is neat at first but the game never really does anything with it. You may as well be walking down a hallway. Its a pretty hallway, but its still a hallway.

    Enemy design is pretty great for the most part. The katana enemies are really awesome looking as are the creepy baby demons. Some are stupid (like the orange chainsaw men) or designed in a really blatant way (HIT MY GIANT BELLY ORB PLEASE).

    Character designs are okay. Dantes looks like a douche though.
    Vergil looks better but his outfit is silly. Kat is odd. In some scenes she looks attractive but in others her face looks retarded.

    Music. Blegh. Most of it is very generic sounding dubstep that can get a bit obnoxious at times. Its not all bad though, there are some good tracks.
    Sound effects are meh. The sounds used for attacks makes them feel weak. Ebony and Ivory feel like peashooters with a tinny sound effect and Angel Weapons and Rebellion dont feel like theyre doing much. The Axe and the Fists have pretty good sound effects though. The big meaty WHUNK when you hit something is nice.
    Voice acting is passable. None of the characters are memorable though. A lot just sounds like actors saying their lines. Also Dantes voice acting really worse towards the end of the game.

    Writing: Average at best and horrible at worst.
    Some of its witty. Dante has some cool lines and has an ok arc. Other dialog is cringeworthy and tries too hard (like calling Dante a scrotum-sack.)
    Unfortunately Dante never really stops being unlikeable. Its hard to get invested because you hate the main character. Several things are brought up once and never mentioned again or left unexplained.
    Eg: The game tells us that 'Demons and Angels have always existed and they have always been at war'.
    But we never see an Angel. If Angels exist, where are they?
    It feels like the writers wanted to make Dante cooler so they made him an Angel/Devil hybrid. Eva became an Angel without giving a second thought to the consequences of having Angels exist.

    I like the idea of Demons pulling the strings of corporations and governments to control humanity. But it goes nowhere. We know they are controlling humanity, but why? Do Demons eat Humans? Do they harvest their souls for power? Why are they doing all this? Never explained.
    Vergils turn at the end of the game comes out of nowhere. It was a complete asspull.
    The game had shown him as willing to sacrifice lives for his goals but it was never foreshadowed that he wanted to rule the world. Gameplay:
    Fighting is fluid. Everything flows together and its easy to dispatch multiple enemies. Problem is its TOO easy.
    The game does a good job at making you feel powerful but it doesnt feel satisfying because of how easy it is. Most enemies will stand around waiting for you to beat the **** out of them. The color-coded enemies are a stupid decision. Theres no complex gameplay around them. Just hit them with a specific weapon. It quickly becomes annoying.

    The game hands out S ranks like candy. You can do even the most basic combos and have the game give you SSS. Feels cheap.

    Boss fights are way too easy. All you do is dodge the telegraphed attacks and occasionally deal damage until the boss falls down giving you 10 seconds or so to beat on them then repeat. Again this doesnt feel satisfying.
    The bosses are well designed visually however. The media boss is stellar in particular.

    I am completely baffled as to why lock-on is absent. It makes literally no sense. The game does a good job at figuring out who you want to attack but not having a lock on is still a bizarre design choice. It limits your combat moves in a series that is all about the combat. Having a lock-on allows you to have different directional inputs for different moves while still ensuring your target is the one you intend. Its not like the controller doesnt have room for it. Both LB and RB are dodge. They function identically. Why couldnt LB have been dodge and RB have been lock on? Devil Trigger is not only pointless in this game its also more of a hindrance than a useful ability.
    Using DT sends EVERY ENEMY into the air and then holds them there. This also plays into the unsatisfying combat. Beating on completely defenseless enemies doesnt feel engaging. The increase in power you get is tiny, so DT becomes nothing more than a way to refill your health or a panic button.
  6. Feb 4, 2013
    I have been a huge Devil May Cry fan since it ported to PC, I only played DMC3 and DMC4 prior to this, and loved them both enormously that I had several playthroughs on all difficulties until I unlocked everything. So...with that headnote, let's begin the review:

    Firstly, I couldn't care less what Dante's hair looks like. We've all had months to get over the fact that he will look
    different from when E3 first previewed the trailer back in 2011. The fact that your styles have been removed in light of making it laughably easy to see which weapon works against which enemy (blue for angelic, red for demonic) is still okay because it's refreshing. The style was steroided in DMC4 already and couldn't really go any higher than that. What really bugged me was that they did away with the whole fantasy, alternate-reality castlevania type feel that was almost a hallmark of DMC games, and now replaced it with this completely stupid real-world real-time, neo-political story in today's modern world. Then we have some really irritating boss-fights. I mean, Farcry 3 this up as well having some weird, looney, acid trip when you doing that ritual thing, and now with DMC when you fight the news anchor dude. What's with all the techno-glitz? It's STUPID. Stick to basics. To be really critical, I'm not sure it's necessary having the name of the game abbreviated and then spelt in full. DMC: Devil May Cry...It's just really dumb.

    The level design was boring, the missions were boring (NO other DMC game would have you running around activating generators!) that I got to a point where I only played the game just so that I could finish it. And no I will not play this game ever again!

    What I did like is how Vergil/Dante's feud is explained, even though character-building is a tad rushed with regards to Vergil. I did like the cool angel/demon weapons, just a shame that there aren't enough neutral enemies in the game to let you decide on your own combo's: red enemies can only be hurt by demonic weapons, blue enemies can only be hurt by angelic weapons.

    Overall not a bad effort for a new direction with DMC but I'm not sure it was entirely necessary. I think Capcom were onto something when they introducted Nero in DMC4 as a new playable character.

    This game could have been a smidge better if the name was changed. To something completely different, like "Ninja Demon" or something totally irrelevant to the DMC franchise.
  7. Feb 21, 2013
    I would like to note some things about this game, first of all, i do believe this game is really good, i like the combat, the style, the music, and overall this game is a really nice work, graphics are beautiful, the other games of the series didn't really focused a lot on the world and i really like that this was not the case, combat also is fun with lots of combos and things to unlock, the story is acceptable, not the blasphemy some people call, but the second thing is, i really hate the fact that with this being a good game with possibility of being even better, Ninja Theory and Capcom will probably scrap this project as the black sheep of the family just for plain hate of the people who gave this so many bad reviews without even giving credit to the good things, it's plain unfair, i would love to see more games with this gameplay instead of another DMC2 (which i believe it was really a flawed game), i do hope they at least maintain some of the things that they brought to this game and encourage everyone doubting to play it and try not hate it from the start. Expand
  8. Jan 25, 2013
    First off I'd like to point out that I've played DMC 3 & 4 in the past. Loving this game so far! I have it running on max settings and its running very smoothly. I suck at fighting/hack and slash games but this is easy to get into (even with keyboard + mouse). Story is relatively good and keeps me on edge. I frankly don't mind the new Dante look and his attitude (swearing). To be honest he sounds like me when I'm playing video games. I love the sound track for this game when you enter combat and also the level design. Level design is far better than dmc 4 by a long shot. Dmc 3 is still my favorite, but I love this one as well. I actually would give this an 8/10 instead of 10/10, but I can already predict buthurt fanboys giving it 0. Expand
  9. Jan 25, 2013
    Played only DMC 3 and 4 before, but this reboot looks pretty good, and Dante is better than in DMC 4 but still worse than DMC 3 IMHO. Overall pretty nice game. Needs more options on PC, at least Vsync and filtering options.
  10. Jan 26, 2013
    First off let me make clear I have not played any other DmC games so am unable to compare this recent incarnation.
    What's not to like about this game. Nice graphics and art design, joyful combat system that on its hardest setting seems challenging enough where pure button mashing will just not cut it, characters with attitude, story line..well a bit meh to be frank but what the heck
    (story by Alex Garland who wrote The Beach?)
    Game runs superbly on my PC even on ultra high settings. If you have a hankering to exterminate hordes of Demons in jaw dropping locations then look no further than this hugely fun and accessible game.
  11. Feb 5, 2013
    I'm rating this in comparison to previous DMC games.

    The combat is incredibly simple and slow. Due to the fact that almost every one of your attacks has a large AoE you can simple mash Y and you'll win most fights and gain SSS ranks on the way, pressing LT/RT is optional. The game basically hands out stylish kills with minimal effort from the player. DMC 3/4 would have you switching
    weapons after every combo, constantly dashing around the battle and making split second decisions, this game however, instead of making the combat complex and rewarding to skillful players it cops out and simply shows you fancy animations and crunchy sounds and let bad players feel like the best.

    The red/blue enemies are incredibly frustrating to fight, they limit you to 1/3rd of your attacks killing any kind of creativity and freedom. They're not difficult, or interesting, they're boring. The blue ones are worse since the angel weapons do very little single target damage.

    Many of the enemies have an invulnerability state of some kind (witches shield, dreamrunner blocking everything) or in the case of the chainsaw and big buzzsaw things; large sweeping attacks that are unavoidable if you're close to them. In both cases the only thing you can do is sit back and wait them out this is just frustrating and boring.

    The AI in general is things just stand around you never attacking, they only seem to notice you if you're stood right next to them and they just don't seem to do anything at all if they're not on screen.

    The controls are clunky, since stinger (or the equivalent on other weapons) is activated by pressing Y" i'll often find myself activating it when I didn't intend to just from moving around. Also since there's no lock-on function it's a pain to keep sight of something and I have no real idea what I'm going to hit, I can't count the number of times I've use the grapple thing on something I didn't want.

    There's a cutscene almost literally every minute, even if it's just for a few seconds. They're always there, at the beginning, middle and end of a fight, constantly breaking up the action and taking control away from the player, to add to that they're also all unskippable, at least the first time round.

    The platforming, why is it there? Nobody liked it in the other DMC's or any other hack and slash game for that matter, why do they keep adding it? Sure, it actually works now and isn't clunky as all hell, but it's incredibly linear, simplistic and boring, it's like a glorified quicktime event.

    The boss fights all boil down to "hit the big glowing thing". All their attacks are easily avoided and their isn't much challenge to it at all. They're basically all set pieces that have you meet a certain criteria before you can mindlessly wail on them for a while. The best boss is easily Vergil, but even then he's incredibly easy, and they couldn't resist breaking up the fight with about 5 cutscenes.

    Yeah, this game actually has a story now, but it's incredibly pretentious, it's edgy for the sake of being edgy, very grimdark. The dialogue is bad and often very cringe inducing and the characters are generic and boring. The old Dante was like a cartoon character, he was interesting and funny. Sure he wasn't exactly relatable but his whole attitude suited the game's theme perfectly.

    I will say though that I do like the soundtrack, at least the Combichrist stuff. Also whilst the game looks very nice, the constant intense colours gave me a bit of eye strain.

    All in all, it's a HUGE step-down from previous DMC games, the game is more akin to God of War than DMC. It's sad to see one of my favorite franchises replaced by this...
  12. Feb 1, 2013
    the combat and game play of this is fantastic ,only problem is the short story and the boss combate otherwise the game is pretty good, i love the graphics and environment ,i runs smoothly on my pc
  13. Jan 25, 2013
    I've been a fan of DMC for many years, and I was very hesitant to try this one as I hated the direction they took it in. I did purchase it on Steam though and I'm glad I did, I've had a lot of fun playing it. I would have preferred the Dante of old, but the new version isn't half as bad as the haters are claiming it is. The gameplay, whilst less challenging and complex as the other DMC games, is a lot of fun and offers a good variety of combos, though I would have liked more. Ebony and Ivory are really weak, this irritates me a bit as it makes them pretty meaningless, I have not felt the need to use them and I don't think I will during this game. The graphics are really nice and the game runs great on PC, in fact this is the best version of the game so worth getting on PC if yours can run it. All in all my gripes with this game are minor, the story isn't anything original, but it's enough to make you want to find out what's going to happen and how Dante is going to come out on top. The gameplay is solid which is the main thing for me. I'd give this game a good 8/10 Expand
  14. Jan 26, 2013
    Why Capcom Why are you so hell bent on ruining good franchises in this case one of my favorite game series of all time even on PC at 60fps this game is still a chore to play and I don't mean hard because I was playing on the highest difficulty and it's still piss easy I mean a chore as in this game is simply boring and uninteresting the only thing this game had going for it was the level design but even that started getting stale real fast.Simply put this is like DMC2 all over again look you guys need to go back to your roots and stop outsourcing your franchises simple as that Expand
  15. Jan 25, 2013
    New DmC is very dynamics, very interesting and very clever game. It has breathtaking gameplay, enthralling story. I think. that "fans" of previous games about Dante is very wrong. They think, if developers changed skin of Dante and game design then game will be very bad and not intersting. Do not believe them. It very good slasher. On this moment, it is the best game of this winter.
  16. Jan 25, 2013
    Im glad to see there's some people with an open mind on here. Yeah they changed up dante and made the game easier to open up the audience. But deep down in side its still DMC and its a good game if you can get passed the changes. Graphics look great on my hires monitor and 3D vision support is a big plus too. Not to mention the game runs flawlessly which is an achievement in its own now adays for any multiplatform game. I honestly think the combat is improved this time around too. Yeah the enemies are a bit easier and arent as cool as past dmc titles. But there is a wider variety in moves which should please past devil may cry fans like myself. DMC has never really been about the story in my opinion, i didnt exepect much this time around either. I came to hack and slash some demons and chain together some great combo moves and the game delivered on that aspect. I love the DMC series because there just plain fun gameplay wise. You crank the volume up, get presented with a swarm of enemies and just kick there asses in the most creative way you can come up with. Its just plain fun and can get you on the edge of your seat once you get the rythem going and you see the SSS flash up. Where devil may cry falls short in my opinion is just the presentation. Limbo is cool but they over did it, half way though the game it kind of looses all its exciting moments since you come to expect whats going to happen. Atleast the varied environments make up for some of it. I also miss the whole "crazy acrobatics slow motion" cut scenes too. The new dante isnt half bad, its awkward at first hearing the name dante and looking at him but half way though the game i accepted him the same way i excepted nero. To be honest hes really just a potty mouthed nero. There both punks with attitudes and think there the sh*t. So if you got over nero in DMC4 you will accept the new dante too. Game producers try new things with franchises all the time, its just the way the world works. I would rather have a new dante then not have a new DMC at all. So just because they went in a different direction doesnt mean the game is horrible like half the reviews on here say. If you can keep a open mind, buy the game, sit back and relax and prepare to kick some demon ass. Expand
  17. Jan 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. A piece of a solid game. Just completed it and it was worth the money. Animations & story perfect. They have done an amazing job on this game. Do the lines were pretty cheese. They also could improve acting in some cut-scenes. People should stop hating on the character and actually try the game first before even writing the reviews. Expand
  18. Jan 26, 2013
    DmC: Devil May Cry is one of the finest action games not only on the PC, not only of this year 2013, but of all platforms and all time.

    Pretty much the ONLY downsides to this game are not giving in to the fan's expectations regarding japanese-style aesthetic design and storytelling and the overdoing of "cool, dark, edgy" execution. Everything else is top notch.

    Both combat and
    movement/platforming are very much in Devil May Cry spirit: They LOOK like DMC and, most importantly, FEEL like DMC.It has this unique "punch", this unique "fast and weighty" feeling to it, unlike the "floatiness" of other games such as Bayonetta and God of War, and that perhaps Ninja Gaiden shares with it to some degree.

    If you are a fan of this kind of game, get it. If you are not, check it out regardless. And if you are a fan of the series, this game is definitely for you UNLESS you cannot get over the "atmosphere" change.

    Because let me tell you: The characters and storytelling might not look and sound like Devil May Cry's, but the environments and gameplay sure do. And the music, while leaning completely towards neither side, manages to feel familiar and different at the same time.

    Completely recommended. This blew me away.

    A couple notes for rabid fans of DMC:
    Yes this game's combat may be simplified on the surface, as it is easier to be EFFECTIVE in this game.

    However, being STYLISH is just as challenging and deep as it used to be. The moveset is LARGE, and yes, there is Jump Cancelling and Just Charge (with Eryx, the new Gilgamesh/Beowulf).There are even a couple, deep techniques exclusive to this game, such as being able to hold Firearm charges without holding the button down (Dodge while charging and spam the attack button during the dodge: The weapon will continue charging. Fire to release the charge), Perfect Demon Evades, which greatly increase your damage output (and Style input) but have to be done within literal FRAMES before the attack hits you, and Parrying (which was possible in past games with some enemies, such as DMC4's Mephisto), which this time works for all enemies and attacks (including ranged ones) and must also be done with absolute perfect timing.

    There's no Devil Trigger Distortion, however. Devil Trigger has plenty of new special properties anyway, such as allowing you to use your complete moveset against all enemies without restriction: Enemies who couldn't be Demon Pulled, Angel Lifted or flinched/damage stunned now can be, and Demon and Angel-aligned enemies (who only take damage with Demon or Angel weapons) will now take full damage with absolutely any weapon (including the neutrals Rebellion and Firearms) during a Devil Trigger.

    DMC crazy combos fan, this game is DEEP. go for it.
  19. Jan 29, 2013
    At first I wasn't going to buy this game. I thought Bleh I hate that new Dante look. After a small boredom spell I broke down and bought it. Honestly it is a prequel with a modern day twist. A lot of the modern day technology we use today didn't exist then so it brought the series up to speed. It took a classic genre with a classic character and breathed new and vibrant life into. Whoever said the writing is bad doesn't know anything about the character. The characters dialogue fits him to a T. The story and the undertones are amazing. As well as the allegories it subtly hid in. I think this game deserves the critic score it got because all in all I was really impressed even after coming in with very low hopes. I loved the game and I applaud the studio. I would love for then to continue the series from that game. To me it has potential for a game of the year nomination. Expand
  20. Jan 26, 2013
    Great game and one of the best PC ports ever. I think that fanboys of older DMC should calm down, this game is not even named DMC5. Even MGS fans are less worried about that new MGR spin-off.
  21. Jan 26, 2013
    This is the second DmC game I have ever played, the first one actually being DmC4 (I never beat it, played till roughly the second/third boss and got bored). From the perspective of someone who is (somewhat) new to the franchise, the game is good. On it's own, it's a fun, action packed game full of slicing and shooting and destruction.

    One thing that makes the game really awesome are
    the visuals. The levels all look very colorful and interesting, and Dante's animations are fluent and fun to watch.

    A bad thing is the camera. I played this game with a keyboard and mouse, and had many frustrations during platforming sections.

    If you're a fan of the original DMCs, and are resistant to change (looking at you Dante), I'd assume you'd hate the game for being different. If you are a newcomer like me, the game is fine, and is well worth a play-through or two. Now, excuse me, I gotta go beat the game on Hell and Hell mode......
  22. Jan 26, 2013
    Overall it's a really fun action game. Controls are good, sound design and most of the voice acting is rather good. Script falls flat a little too often for the story to be particularly engaging or well... Good. Despite an overall lackluster story some really cool ideas are thrown in and they set up some great level design. Graphics are rather good for a multiplatform title. The combat system is very good overall. Tons of options regarding how you play due to having 8 weapons available at all times by the end of the game, and each weapon having several upgradeable/learn-able abilities. Certainly not classic DMC action, but there are 4 games that hold up perfectly fine if that's what you're looking for. If you're a fan of the series (like me) or a newcomer to action games there's a lot of fun to be had here, so long as you're willing to put up with a lackluster story. But I don't really know anyone who plays action games, let alone Devil May Cry, for the story. Expand
  23. Jan 26, 2013
    Ok Here is my review of DMC, It is awesome. As a long time fan of DMC with 3 being my fav, i really enjoyed the game the story, the music and the hack and slash combat. Only downside is that they removed the fix camera I liked that, but oh well this game overall is amazing, not better then 3 but for a reboot it is a really good start. Most of the review i read of people giving it a 0, are just guy who love old Dante too much, yes his the iconic character that made the DMC what it is. But if you keep playing it some of Dante's old look comes to play aswell as his red coat when DT is used. His hair will probably come back in the next one so don't flag the game as a bad one because i bet most of you haven't even played it yet. A FACT ALL THE PEOPLE WHO ARE GIVING IT A 0 ARE TROLLS WHO COMPLAIN ABOUT NEW DANTE. Expand
  24. Jan 26, 2013
    I love the game. I hated the previous DmC games for being too steep.. no story just brainless hack-and-slash.
    This DmC has the Darksiders feeling and it feels really special. I never liked the Asian style of the last DmC games.
  25. Jan 31, 2013
    Solid game, very bad Devil May Cry game.

    Combo ranks are easy to get to double S, bosses are trivial at best.
    Good platforming though, still not a solid Devil May Cry however, better luck next time.
  26. Jan 26, 2013
    I rarely write reviews, but when I do, it's because the score does not match the content of the game. 4.8 user score is just too low for this game and I believe it is just fan boys hating the new look of the game. Even if the game have flaws, like the common story and easy bosses (at least on lower difficulties), the game has an awesome level design, soundtrack that matches the action perfectly and a battle system, that surpasses any of the previous ones and it is a blast to experiment with. I'd have given it 9/10, but I'm giving it 10 to compensate for the haters. If you're and action game fan, get it! Expand
  27. Jan 26, 2013
    It's a shame so many people are giving this a negative review without even playing it. That's like Amazon reviewers giving a product a 0 because of a shipping issue. Garbage...

    I've been a fan of the series since 1 and have played every one since then. I wouldn't call myself a die hard fan, but maybe that's a good thing looking at these terrible fanboy negative reviews.

    As a game, I
    thought it played great! Ninja Theory did an excellent job of paying tribute to the original series (from gameplay, story, visuals, etc.) without it being an "abomination" as some call it. Combat was fluid and felt visceral which is what DmC shines at. I actually liked the story and VO better than the original series. The old games came off a bit cheesy here and there, whereas DmC has a more down to earth approach.

    Is it perfect? No, but it's a solid game and looks amazing on my HTPC with the great PC version framerate. Looking forward to the sequel! :)
  28. Jan 28, 2013
    I've been a DMC fan since Dante's Awakening on the PS2, and I suffered through DMC4's Nero and complete BS backtracking like everyone else. This "reboot" features elements from both while at the same time providing something new. Most of the downvote bombs are from DMC fanboys who can't bear to see their precious setting and characters under a new developer, especially not a Western one. They complain about nitpicky details that no real gamer would ever give a **** about, like the color of the main character's hair. This is seriously a contentious issue with them, that you have to play though the game to get Dante's hair to be white. The combat system is similar, but with some changes; fanboys accuse it of being "dumbed down" -- it's actually just more efficient and I will explain it. What they did was remove the lock-on feature and automate it based on the Dante's direction on the screen. It makes the combat more fluid, you can effectively attack large numbers of enemies at once, and you don't have to constantly click and press the lock-on button for every enemy if you want to use the effective moves. In essence, it's much easier to pay attention to all of the enemies when your camera and your weapons aren't trained on one, which would force you to toggle between them. On the other hand, you do often instead have to hold one of the triggers to switch between angelic/demonic weapons. I think it's a question of taste at that point, since the alternative would be to toggle between them, making it cumbersome to resume using the Rebellion/Guns. Like many other action games, you now dodge with the R and L instead of the jump button. This allows you to dodge attacks from non-locked on enemies with ease, and you never accidentally jump away from an enemy (instead of rolling away). Complaining that this system is "dumbed down" is like saying Windows 7 is a dumbed down version of Windows 8 because you have to click fewer times to get the same things done. Efficiency isn't evil. The game is also "more accessible" in that the DEFAULT difficulty levels are easier than the DEFAULT difficulty levels of previous titles. "Hardcore" gamers and masochists are very welcome to play the one-hit-and-you-die difficulties, but even at Son of Sparda the difficulty is massively cranked up, with more combat scenes added. The Ninja Theory team isn't stupid -- and Capcom held their hand the entire way. It's extremely easy to make a game harder -- just take more damage and place more enemies -- so there's no reason for people to assume that because it's a different developer they weren't capable of doing it. As for the story, it has elements of the original DMC games but with a contemporary twist. The story is essentially 'They Live' with a visit to Fox News and the Slurm factory, which is as ridiculous and over-the-top as any other DMC title, except it's a little more coherent. I have never heard a DMC player tell me honestly that they ever liked, or cared about, the storyline of DMC. DMC3 centered around some tower, a concept clearly just pulled out of someone's ass, and DMC4 was about a powerful religious leader who turned out to be -- hold onto your shorts -- EVIL, and a 20-something half-demon kid who just didn't give a **** until maddam **** gets involved. In short, the stories are equally compelling or non-compelling. I even heard complaints about fan service in this game, because of Kat's (the female foil's) short shorts and constant bending over. Oh really? And what about DMC3's Lady? She had a practically invisible skirt. And Trish? She was as big-titted as always. And DMC4? What about Nero's love interest with the massive bazookas? And the new Lady's ass and cleavage in the cutscenes? The reboot is RIDICULOUSLY tame in the fan service department compared to those games. It's a Japanese TRADITION nowadays to have some level of fan service, and I'd say Ninja Theory largely missed the boat on that opportunity by providing a love interest with plausible proportions. And who cares in the end? Hot women in games are like ducks in a pond. Anyone who complains about fan service is a douche. The one major complaint I DO have about the reboot is the platforming elements and the number of cutscenes. There are way too many platforming stages, especially near the end. HOWEVER, you can cut much of the platforming if you know where you're going, and higher difficulties add more combat scenes to break it up. The remaining platforming is a speed trial for which you're rewarded with a completion time bonus. You also don't have to collect all the orbs more than once! Finally I'd like to note that, aside from DMC4, this is the ONLY DECENT PC PORT OF A CONSOLE ACTION GAME IN EXISTENCE. PC gamers don't have Bayonetta or Ninja Gaiden, etc. -- just DMC4 and this reboot. The porting is outstanding, and in sharp contrast to the disaster of DMC3: Special Edition. PS3 gamers can compare this to other games, we can't. This is the best so far. Expand
  29. Jan 28, 2013
    First thing first, my english isn`t perfect, so sorry about that.
    I`m a great DMC fan, my favorite is DMC 3 SE and DMC 4. I maxed out both game, on every difficulty, every challange and of course the Bloody Palace (like hundred times).
    When I saw the first videos and news about DMC: Devil May Cry, I was scepting. Dante looks lame, they will rape my favorite game, gonna be casual for Call
    of Duty fans and for more selling, etc. After beating the game first time on PC, here is my review:
    Graphics: absolutely great! Great performance even on my middle category PC. The concept is really awesome, animations are fluid and Limbo effect is looks very cool. Environments, monsters, characters, they all looks great, in my opinion it is very artistic and I like it. There was one or two frustrating mission because of the visuals but thats it. Still 10/10.
    Gameplay: just like previous DMC-s, awesome combos, platforming, challenges, everything what I liked before and still something new. I played DMC-s with gamepad, but this time keyboard + mouse combination was far better for me. Simply you have more buttons to operate with, much easier to combo with other weapons, to evade, jump, shot and almost everything. With mouse to look around when platforming or switching between enemies is almost perfect. While this game is not as hardcore as DMC 3, it is still not casual, actually in DMC 4 Nero was a little bit. I give 9/10, because of there is only a few boss fight and no bloody palace.
    Story: well DMC 3 story was not a big deal but I liked that evil twin brother thing. Fighting against Vergil after those cutscenes really gives me a chill running down on my spine. DMC 4 was tried something new, with Nero and his love story. It was new and fresh, while Dante was the same personal, so I liked that too, even the cutscenes was great. In DMC: Devil may cry the story was nothing new, almost like in DMC 3, but in a new environment and modern world perspective. For a hack and slash game it is just enough. I give 9/10 because those awesome figthing cutscenes missing this time.

    Summary: I really enjoyed this game, I will play it through on all difficulty and waiting for the bloody palace. It is good as previous ones, be open minded, try out, finish the game and maybe you will realize that this is not the same DMC as before, but as a reboot this game is amazing. Great work Ninja Theory.
  30. Jan 28, 2013
    Decent story, decent boss fights, and superb everything else! The game really pushes you to your limit in higher difficulties - forcing you to nearly master this deep combat system, in turn making the game even funner to play. The level design is amazing, too!

Generally favorable reviews - based on 22 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 22
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 22
  3. Negative: 0 out of 22
  1. Jun 10, 2013
    It’s an awesome game, despite its flaws. Whether you like the young Dante or not, is purely a matter of personal taste. But that’s not an excuse to ignore this gem. [March 2013]
  2. Feb 20, 2013
    DMC: Devil May Cry sublimates the best of the genre and conquest PC user with a fast-paced and eye-catching title, made of pure action.
  3. Feb 14, 2013
    Graphical flaws and overly linear gameplay aside, DmC is a solid first installment in the relaunched franchise.