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  • Summary: Dogs of War Online is a turn-based, tactical arena game with gameplay heavily influenced by the eponymous board game published by Rackham. Players are tasked with creating a squad of mercenaries made up of units of their choosing, and must send them to fight in fierce battles against other players. Movement and contact are based on a system of hexagonal boxes. Expand
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  1. Mar 14, 2014
    Dogs Of War is a game with extremely deep gameplay mechanics, very well balanced maps and good character design. Graphics are pretty bad and music and sound effects are nothing special. Occasional crashes and matchmaking issues compromise the final result.
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  1. Apr 20, 2014
    This game is surprisingly good, and like some other reviewers, I'm amazed at the low results. Please give it a try, it's free and really, very good. If you want a deep, fun combat game, with a lot of room to grow from here on, please play it! I genuinely want to see this game grow and be successful. Expand
  2. Feb 15, 2014
    Promises more, will review my review if they fail to deliver.
    Fora beta of the old confrontation tabletop skirmish game it is a pretty nice
    port to digital.
    The game is balanced, the design is great, i hope they get enough interest to warrant the release of the full version with all of the awesome races they have within that universe.
    Low scores so far seem pretty weak argument wise.
  3. Feb 11, 2014
    Honestly, I'm surprised to see that the first few reviews of this game have been unfavorable because I have absolutely enjoyed my experience thus far. You have three armies to choose from and 3 different Unit Loadouts nested within each army choice.

    There are the Humans, The Undead and The Wolves and each have their own play style. In about 8 hours play, I have leveled my account 7 levels and I have leveled an undead and wolf army as my primary armies. There are somethings that are exclusively paid for in money, like an extra army slot, but you can save up your in-game money to buy the more powerful units as your level and renown increases.

    I have not experienced any bugs as of yet myself, I haven't found combat to be imbalanced although matchmaking could probably be revamped(though it is sweet when you beat an equivalent army with lower level characters, and that should stand as a point by itself... strategy is still key to victory.), I haven't had any corrupted progress and I haven't even had a need to contact support.

    In my opinion, this is not a pay 2 win game like so many other F2P become and I think it only has potential to go up from here. I really enjoy it and look forward to playing it more and I think you should give it an honest try.

    PROS: Diverse Tactics Options, Capability to Customize/Create Own Army, Online Play at Different Point Levels

    CONS: Limited Single-Player Experience, Single-Player endeavors do not reward enough, Unit Imbalances by level in Matchmaking, slow leveling if you aren't winning matches.
  4. Feb 10, 2014
    Couldnt get registration mail for days, very buggy game, bad performance and lag all day skipping my turns and making me lose. The gameplay is ok i guess but the payment for healing units is over the top, you quickly run out of game currency and have to pay real money. Get it maybe when its released but right now its kind of hard to play with all these things. Expand
  5. Feb 10, 2014
    Somewhere under all the F2P **** grind and badly balanced units there might just be a game thats worth playing, but its hidden so deep it takes considerable willpower to deal with it. Expand
  6. Feb 5, 2014
    Extremely buggy, unstable servers prone to corrupt your progress, non-existing support, exorbitant prices in item shop, pay 2 win, imbalanced combat and matchmaking, 10 turn limit makes it impossible to have comebacks from a losing position, unit healing costs insane amounts of ingame currency or $$$. In short, this game does everything wrong, even while granting it its "free" status, its just not worth the download. Expand
  7. Feb 10, 2014
    First the steam store didnt say anything that this was a beta or early access until i added it to my library, then i couldnt get it to work at all because it loaded just a blank screen with "servers are actually down" written in the top left corner in tiny text. Then later it said "your game is obsolete" and i tried forcing it to update but no luck. I went to the developer website/forum but you never get any answers from the staff or tech support, they are clearly not interested whats going on. Once i got in the game after downloading the whole game AGAIN i noticed i got very bad performance and I have a highend PC. It made my gfx card run really hot, for a game that looks like League of Legends thats ridiculous (on a 760) then i just kept losing to some high level players with OP units, probably bought in the store for real money. I uninstalled it because im afraid for my PC and what the game does to my gfx card. Expand

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