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  • Summary: id Software's terrifying battle with the forces of Hell. A massive demonic invasion has overwhelmed the Union Aerospace Corporations’ (UAC) Mars Research Facility leaving only chaos and horror in its wake. As one of only a few survivors, you struggle with shock and fear as you fight your way to Hell and back, in an epic clash against pure evil. Built on id’s revolutionary new 3D graphics engine, DOOM 3 draws you into the most frightening and gripping 3D gaming experience ever created. Expand
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  1. It’s the atmosphere created by the outstanding people at id that makes Doom 3 standout from the crowd. The lights flicker on and off, enemies hide in the dark and wait for you, and you truly feel alone most of the time you’re playing the game, which is surprising considering there are other characters that you work with.
  2. The environments in Doom 3 are exceptional. The lighting and lack thereof is so well composed that, given the appropriate system, you will bleed into that reality. It does not look like a game.
  3. 93
    There are some great firefights where the odds are so heavily stacked against you that victory, when it comes, is an emotional event.
  4. The game has such an immersive, dark style that it stands out as one of the scariest games ever made. The action is intense and gripping.
  5. The weapons are pretty unimaginative (all the imagination was in "Doom 1" – this is just a continuation) and are often useless (ever try using a rocket launcher in a small room? Well, there are about a billion small rooms in Doom 3). The BFG is fun as always, of course.
  6. An essential title. The best graphics ever seen, incredible sound and some superb horror FPS gaming all add up to one hell of an experience.
  7. Possibly the least original shooter released this year. The enemy AI is standard but effective, the guns are big and beefy and it's basically a case of running around and pulling the trigger.

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  1. Negative: 50 out of 263
  1. D.Q.
    Aug 7, 2004
    I amped up my machine for this game and it's worth it. I was blown away by the graphics, it's like actually being in there and that's 10x scarier than anything. When a game with this kind of evil pulls you right into it, it's definitely unsettling to say the least. I've been really limiting myself on when and how I play it. I only do a level per night and I go as slow as humanly possible to let my nerves get the full load of adrenaline and terror that each corner, closed door and hidden place where evil lurks provides. I was surprised with the story, it's like being dropped right in there, I wasn't ready to be so immersed in this kind of world. Expand
  2. JK
    Jul 30, 2005
    Very intense game, full of non-stop action.
  3. Nov 13, 2011
    Trapped on that Hellish world known as Mars, which is in fact, under siege by the forces of hell, Doom guy finds himself in a bit of a pickle; all of the his companions are dead, and he has a machine gun. Getting right down to the point, Doom 3 is a great game, even with present day games, I find it harder and harder to find a game that has great action, and one that is also a challenge, and Doom 3 was quite challenging. The story for Doom 3, it wasn't bad, but it certainly doesn't stand out , but you don't really play Doom for the story, you play it to kill demons! This is a game where monsters are plentiful, but medpacks are not, a game that makes you fight for any kind of reward, with no regenerating health. However, This is not a horror game, although the developers wanted to put a horror twist into the game, when it comes right down to it, not everyone will be scared by this game, although I sure was, this game kept me tense most of the way through, and although I could predict a few scares, it just depends on what scares you. All i can say is, this is a great shooter, and although the enemy AI has it's flaws, the large amount of enemy variety has always kept this game fresh for me, I would highly recommend Doom 3 for anyone who wants a fun and addictive shooter game. The game does make me a bit mad that you have to beat the game in order to unlock the night mare difficulty. but what ever : P Expand
  4. abcdef
    Jan 6, 2009
    OK this a more a review on these user reviews than Doom 3. First I think I should clear up a few things, as many of these user reviews are entirely wrong. So wrong in fact that it seems as if they've played another game, couldn't remember its name and then for some reason come to the conclusion that the game that they played was called Doom 3. For example, Andy D mentions a level where you go to heaven and become an angel. Don't know what he's talking about as there's no such level. Benjamin L mentions a gravity gun. That's in the game's expansion pack and not in the game itself. He also complains that there's only one boss in the entire game, which is ridiculous considering that there's 4 very distinct bosses and some encounters which can be considered mini-boss battles. The list of inaccuracies goes on, as people who claim to have only played the game for 15 minutes reckon they can review it. I reckon it takes a while to really get into any game. Doom 3 is a very repetitive and basic FPS and it's not all that scary but it does have an eerie and tense environment and some very good moments. Most Doom fans wanted to see their favourite child hood game remade and that's exactly what ID have done and they've accomplished this very well. It allows fans to play the original Doom games but now it looks and plays much better. If Doom 3 had an extensive plot and a set of new weapons all with alternative ammo and firing modes it still would have been canned by gamers for destroying the Doom franchise. If you gave this game a 0 its because you don't like FPS horror survival if you're not a fan of the genre why are you playing and reviewing this game. If you are fan of this genre and gave it a 0 then there's something wrong considering that this is much more fun than most horror survival FPS' and has a far simpler plot than all the others which attempt stories which are usually convoluted or undeveloped, like F.E.A.R or Condemned. Expand
  5. SimonB.
    Aug 16, 2006
    Alright, alright. Now what went wrong with this game in particular? After a long arse install (quite short compared to Half-Life 2's install), Doom 3 opens on a rather classic menu with the classic game modes for the game. Depending on your level of skill , you will either play "Recruit", "Marine" or "Veteran". The game will therefore adjust itself to your skill. It will only do it once, so that you are constantly under the pressure of your skill. What makes the game hard in some points is that particular instinct of survival. If you play on "Recruit", you'll have a lesser feeling of survival. If you play on "Nightmare" (unlocked after beating the game), you will be much more interested on making quick and short meat of your ennemies than you would in easier modes. Of course, the game's story-line only makes you pissed at times, as it cuts the action thoroughly to make you shift through some audio logs and listen to some dead man's speech. Other times, you fiddle around rooms to know what you should be doing: A great hint, whenever there are ennemies, you're in the right place. A thing that helped a lot in ancient Doom games was the fact you could remember certain corpses layout according to places you went and came from. In Doom 3, aside from blood patches, you have no idea if you already went this way or are coming back from there. Though, that is a very rare case, unless you are the kind to get lost in all the generic environments of Doom 3. This game is very linear and should pose no threat to your brain's function, aside from thinking: "Should I dodge this guy?" or "Should I press the button?". Your brain is slightly a bit more turned on than Painkiller's level of IQ-requisite.(which is very low, I'm sure you'll agree)You get a bunch of weapons around you, counting from your "Marine-Fists" to the chunky and effective BFG. Monsters equally range from slow and overly dumb zombies to slow and overly dumb Hell Knights. What REALLY works about those big Knights is that they take a lot of place. So , the only stress about them is getting cornered because you weren't quick enough to kill them. Other monsters rush at you with speed or not. If they do not, they rush en masse. Okay, so... Good action at times, somewhat shy on the sides, Doom 3's BIGGEST troubles? A.I, storyline and gameplay. Isn't it wrong to see soldiers like those in Counter-Strike able to turn on a flashlight while wielding a PARA or a shotgun (both of which take two hands) or any other weapon... While Doom 3's idiotic mute Marine (whom grunts every now and then) can't even strap his flashlight to his machinegun? It's understandable that the UAC's base uses latest technology, but I'm certain that at some point... Technology would make sure that every marine unit would have some sort of night-seeing device or a flashlight that has no need to be wielded while there's an arsenal at your disposal? It adds to the atmosphere was an excuse, I think , that was used because some people forgot that most weapons nowadays have secondary fire options and flashlights attached to them. 7 For what looked like a possible great game, which was weighed down due to some incredibly big turn-offs. Expand
  6. AnonymousMC
    Aug 27, 2004
    I still remember the excitement I felt when I first played the original Doom. Actually I lie; I felt that when I played Wolfenstein 3D first. Here was a game that truly started the 3D revolution - it proved that an immersive, first-person experience was possible on the computer and in my eyes at the time, I saw a future of photorealistic environments obeying the laws of physics where a story set in any world imaginable centred around you. As far as I was and are now, concerned this is where computer games will end up; the place where ordinary people can live extraordinary lives. Wolfy3D showed that the photorealism in computer games was going to be achievable, all it needed was a bit more beef under the hood of your PC. And so with relish (and not a little imagination) I ate up Wolfy. Then Doom. The sheer pleasure of exploring a basic, yet fundamentally believable environments - with guns - was every bit the revolution it deserved to be. Then came Doom 2, and I the magic was beginning to fade - I couldn't quite put my finger on it... the graphics were better, there were more demons... but I was enjoying it less... and not for the first time, I was reintroduced to the axiom; gameplay is king. Then came Quake, Quake 2 (fully 3D characters) and a multitude of followers. Every one improving on the previous one's graphics, making the world seem more real, but all forgetting the impetus that led them there. The search for the realistic world in your PC was continuing apace visually, but was neglecting the most importanct aspect; interactivity. Since then, the gaming community has periodically roused from it's creative slumber to give us the likes of Half-Life, Deus-Ex, Morrowind etc. Always we were waiting for what ID did next to point the industry back towards where it will eventually end up. And so we come to Doom 3. What are ID telling us now? Well for one thing, they are telling us that bump and specular mapping with polygon-heavy environs, dynamic lighting, physics, 5.1 sound, 2x antialiasing can run very fast on a moderate system (2.8G, 1G RAM, 9800PRO). To have created such a rich environment and have it run so well is truly impressive. And what they say about game 'polish' should be a lesson to all. Computer panel access, cut-scene integration, PDA, the use of positional sound and lighting - the whole game reeks of the time they took to make sure every last little experience is a cut above what has gone before - although I might have a small gripe about the quality of some bump and spec. maps (even on extreme) which are not always as detailed as some in Far Cry, or the heat effects which again are not always quite as realistic. But these are mere triffles when such a convincing world has been created as in Doom 3. But that is where the good ends. The only other thing to commend ID on is the name; this truly is the third Doom game. You walk into a room, you get attacked. Your press a button, you get attacked. You pick up armour; attacked. Don't look behind you? Attacked. New weapon lying on the ground? Attacked. Not been attacked for a while? Wall opens and you probably get the idea... Worse still, these aren't monsters that are waiting in corridors or ducts that you flush out or hear having an argument - you can't surprise these demons - they appear when you pass the pre-programmed point and not a moment before. Pass the point and you will no doubt hear the noise of a demon being conjured from an electric disturbance nearby (reminiscent of anything?) but even that is not needed. I once walked through a door backwards and saw two spiders literally appear out of nowhere. Okay you may say I am being picky, but that the designers could not have though of a better way to infest a world with shootables is very disappointing. You start to get the impression that ID spend the ENTIRE FIVE YEARS on the engine for this game but a week on the gameplay. Or maybe no time at all? All this really is is Doom 2004. If they took the time to copy the story of Half-Life (science installation goes wrong, opens portal from another dimension which infests installation with beasts), the beginning (walking round installation before disaster) and the method of beast appearance (ball of electricity) - you might as well just swap the word "Xen" with "Hell" - why did they leave out the friendly interaction and AI? Yes, there is NO AI in Doom 3 - demons see you as soon as they appear (i.e. you are close enough - even if hidden) and then go straight for you. The more I play thins game, the more it amazes me that they though so little about the games that have come before it (except Half-Life of course). There is no stealth, no headshots, no need for ammo conservation, no using friendlies, no branching routes, no branching story (you might think there is but there isn't), no respite from attack. No subtlety. Graphically, this game delivers as advertised; it is the benchmark. Concerning gameplay, it competes with the likes of Doom 1 and 2, Quake, Serious Sam etc. Quite how so many reviewers have ignored this is really quite amazing. But I guess there are many people out there who don't realise that gaming is about an immersive experience shaped by the player and the games where you run around shooting stuff that moves is a little... passe. This is a game has no brain and requires none from the player. For a game that took five years where we have lived as Freeman and Denton, I can only be disappointed in that. Expand
  7. KaitlynM.
    Mar 31, 2005
    This game is horrible! i mean, holy crap, the guns are so friggin stupid! they are all basically the same thing, they just look and sound different. same damage and everything. and what is up with the AI? there is NONE! the enemies just run towards you in a straight line, it's friggin stupid! what were they thinking? and to think, they complained about only spending 4 years on it, when a much better game spent 6 years on it, and beat the living shit outta it. if you like this game, you have never played a real first person shooter. Expand

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