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  1. Jul 10, 2013
    This game improved so much since it was released on the beta. There are over 90 heroes to choose from currently and the gamplay is as intence and as rewarding as DOTA 1. I know alot of people will be hesitant to try it at first but there has been a new tutorial system implemented in DOTA 2 and I think it will help new comers. I know some people who play LOL might bash in this game, but both games are compleatly different. Its like comparing COD and Battlefield, they are so different that connot be compared. (no preference on either game, I think bot of them are good) Give this game a try, the learning curve is very steep but it is rewarding when you learn. I think this is the best gave valve has ever developed and has been the most played game on steam ever since the second year of beta development. Try it out, its free and badass! Expand
  2. Jul 10, 2013
    There's 2 things about Dota 2 it's completely free and it's developed by VALVe. If that's not enough for you to try this game I don't know what is. The only thing that you have to spend in order to play this game is time. That's right, Dota 2 is not like most other games and that's because it's very complex, so be patient, learn the mechanics and once it's in your system then you'll start having a hell lot of fun. I wouldn't recommend it if you're a casual gamer and can't be bothered to invest that time. If that's the case and you want to play a MOBA then that's where LoL comes in. If you already play LoL and want something more challenging and more rewarding then by all means try Dota 2. Plus it has way better graphics, great character customization and doesn't require any money to unlock heroes (which I find very frustrating in LoL). It is also more balanced imo. As for the community, well it's still a MOBA so don't expect too much, although it's not so bad. Expand
  3. Jul 12, 2013
    One of the best, most difficult and truly competitive games I've ever played. It is free and doesn't have any pay-to-win, all heroes are free, the only paid content are cosmetical items that DO NOT change gameplay.
  4. Jul 17, 2013
    Best free to play game in a true sense. There's no need to buy new heroes, no Pay-to-win issue at all. The game is absolutely fantastic especially after Valve has been putting focus on server stability, balance and the most importantly, community. It's amazing how the game has been improved since its first Beta launch back in 2011. I've played Dota 1, LoL, HoN, and Smite but I;m certain this will be my go-to ARTS game. Expand
  5. Jul 11, 2013
    Its a very good game. I started playing since the beta about 1 and a half year ago. Its true that its hard to master the game but Its very interesting and fun to master each hero. As you get to learn that each character is situational and not the same. I have become addicted to it and i find it as my favorite Action RTS.
  6. Nov 9, 2013
    This game improved so much since it was released on the beta. There are over 90 heroes to choose from currently and the gamplay is as intence and as rewarding as DOTA 1. I know alot of people will be hesitant to try it at first but there has been a new tutorial system implemented in DOTA 2 and I think it will help new comers. I know some people who play LOL might bash in this game, but both games are compleatly different. Its like comparing COD and Battlefield, they are so different that connot be compared. (no preference on either game, I think bot of them are good) Give this game a try, the learning curve is very steep but it is rewarding when you learn. I think this is the best gave valve has ever developed and has been the most played game on steam ever since the second year of beta development. Try it out, its free and badass! Expand
  7. Jul 11, 2013
    Compared to League of Legends and Heroes of Newerth, Dota 2 has more unique heroes and items. It is more advanced and rewarding than LoL. It is slower than HoN, which is important in team fights. The best popular MOBA out there.
  8. Jul 12, 2013
    DOTA 2 is the best in the MOBA class. I have played LoL, DOTA, DOTA 2 and some lesser known MOBAs and DOTA 2 is by far the best. In addition, it is F2P which is amazing. And unlike, LoL or HoN which require you to use a rotating hero list until you buy your own with real money or accumulate enough in-game currency to purchase a single hero, DOTA 2 immediately gives you access to its entire library of heroes, for free. In LoL as of the date of this post, it would cost $588 to unlock all heroes with real money. (15000RP/$100, total cost heroes 88185 RP. This calculation excludes bundles)

    Each character has a unique playstyle and skillset, and doesn't feel like a clone of another character or a cheap rip off. Every character plays a certain role well, and plays it uniquely. Playing well leads to great rewards, and playing poorly has severe consequences.

    There are issues with DOTA 2, the biggest being there is a huge learning curve and you are going to start out being bad if you don't have previous DOTA experience. Learning characters skills, what items do, and what you should be doing early mid and late game initially may be overwhelming. However, doing research and practicing eventually pay off as DOTA 2 is truly one of the most challenging and highest skill cap games available. Valve is also implementing (or has implemented) a tutorial, but there is no way the sheer amount of information needed is contained within it. But I'm sure its a great place to start.

    Graphics are great. Gameplay is great. Servers seem lag free. Crashes are very rare. ITS FREE!
  9. Jul 16, 2013
    Let me get it out straight away DotA 2 is probably the most fun and satisfaction I got in a multiplayer game.

    I'll just list everything great about this game:

    the aesthetics are great, the art and the graphics are gorgeous, the competition feel is big. The replay-ability of the game is infinite.

    Most importantly it's free, so just install Steam and install it as soon as possible.
  10. FBF
    Jul 16, 2013

    - seemingly infinite strategical aspects (!)
    - complex gameplay and mechanics
    - a thriving, international competitive scene
    - free to play
    - never gets boring (Really. I've been playing Dota 2 and it's precursor for 5-6 years now.)


    - steep learning curve
    - as in every multiplayer game, some people you encounter can be rude
  11. Nov 14, 2013
    DOTA 2 is the best game in its genre due to the variety of heroes and game modes it provides and most importantly it's free without any pay-to-win features. Matchmaking system needs some improvement but other than that it's flaws are minimal.
  12. Jul 12, 2013
    Never been so addicted to a game before! Weekly updates, balanced, and a economy if you like to trade. Basically this game has everything you can ask for in a Moba.
  13. Jul 16, 2013
    Valve did a great job by hiring Icefrog, you can't find such a balanced game without Icefrog and you can't find such a great detailed game without Valve

    Balanced Game Competitive game Greatly detailed GOTY 2013 :D
  14. Jul 13, 2013
    Alright, first of all I'll be the first to admit that DotA has it's own flaws in itself, being a really competitive game but some of the reviews on here are utterly disgusting. So let me bring this up as a Dota2 ex DotA and HoN and LoL player.

    If you're transitioning from league of legends, you don't have to worry about runes or stuff like that, since any imbalance caused by that is no
    trouble to us, secondly, you have ALL the heroes/champions. You can experiment without playing x amount of games for a 6300 IP champion, and doing that about 50 times but you have to keep in mind that DotA has more advanced mechanics and is more punishing.

    If you are saying that this games changes you, it's not the game that changes you, it's yourself letting changed by the nature of the game, you become more competitive and forgetting that you are playing with other players.

    While I do admit DotA has some minor issues as to the matchmaking system but it's not extremely easy to asses each player's skill and their improvement, it's never been done by machines with 100% success we have to be patient.
    And lastly, please do not talk about the game if you didn't play it extensively and competitively, since some reviews say that vote of surrender IS a feature in dota 2 (it's not). Don't follow the ragers that critic everything just for the sake of being cynical.

    All in all this is a REALLY strong game with each hero being unique and strong in itself but keep in mind the advanced mechanics, and if you are new, try practicing with bots, they are pretty okay to start, read guides, don't assume you're the all knowing guy and see you in the game.
  15. Jul 16, 2013
    I've been playing DOTA off and on for at least 7 years. It's become a part of my life like golf or the NBA. I can't thank Valve enough for bringing modernity to the game and making it a viable E-Sport. If I were to laud two improvements, it would be the matchmaking system and the shop in the game.
  16. Jul 15, 2013
    This game is just perfect, mostly for me: a guy who played dota for a long time, this game can be played by anyone, thing is, DotA 2 is not an intuitive game, you have various tutorials however. I know people can be a bit hostile, I am too, that is because in this game, if someone mess it up real hard, then you most likely lose the game. People have to know which role they are playing and play it at its best in order to win the game, but also, if you play perfectly but your team or some mates doesn't then you probably won't win the game, and if you are competitive like me, then you will get mad haha. But try it out, DotA has a matchmaking system so you will play with other people with the same skills as you probably, you will stand a chance there, and eventually get more skilled. Expand
  17. Jul 15, 2013
    The first time I played Dota 2, The opposing team did not show us any mercy, and I loved every second of it. This game is so addicting and fun, I didnt even care about winning or losing. Great characters, Epic Gameplay TeamWork Wide range of Options and all out fun are all available in Dota 2. A must Have
  18. Jul 16, 2013
    More than 10 years developing a system and balancing one game. Now bringed back by Valve and Icefrog.

    This game has got everything to raise to the glory. Easy to learn, Hard to master.
  19. Nov 14, 2013
    This game is great because of its steep learning curve and a vast variety of heroes and strategies. Anyone who likes MOBA -type games should love Dota 2.
  20. Jul 16, 2013
    Don't listen to the League Of Legend fan plastering this with negative reviews.

    Critics have done a bang up job for the most part reviewing this game, and the score shows just how good this game is. People giving this a 5 or lower are obviously not in touch with reality and truly need to be ignored.

    This game is deep, too deep for a review here, go read a few of the professional
    reviews and you won't be disappointed. Expand
  21. Nov 1, 2013
    Great game ruined by terrible company that is not involved enough with it's playerbase, zero communication, dubious approach to bug fixing and balance.
  22. Jul 16, 2013
    I played my first game of DotA about 6-7 years ago,and I must say I immediately fell in love with it.I played it a lot and after some time I started playing other games of same genre (League of Legends mostly).I have to confess that i was happy playing LoL and wasn't hyped at all when Dota 2 was announced, I thought it was another try to get money by copying DotA.I was very wrong,Dota 2 is the most balanced,fun and strategically complex game I played so far.

    Game is focused on gameplay but graphics are very decent.If you are coming from other games of this genre, it may take some time getting used to graphics.For those thinking that graphics are dark and wondering why,there is very good explanation.Terrain is dark so there is greater contrast between terrain and abillity particles(usually bright) so teamfights are more clear.Steam Workshop did a very good job making cosmetics for heroes, making heroes look even better.

    As for gameplay its a true skill based game.There are no bonuses you get by spending money and all heroes are playable from start.Game balance is almost perfect(Out of 96 available heroes on tournaments 96 are played at least once in last month).The most amazing thing about Dota 2 is amount of strategies you can play, synergies between heroes, lane combos you can play with friends.Even when you think that everything is hopeless and want to give up, with good timing and team coordiantion you can turn around every game(that is why there is no surrender option in Dota 2).
    The best side of game is it's complexity and in same time it is the worst.There are lot of mechanics that are very important and that you have to know to be a decent player, but once you learn them you will find them very clever and fun.All heroes have strong ability kits and are fun to play.Heroes are very different with very different playstyle, even playing against some hereos require different playstyle.Some heroes are easier to play then others so you may find them stronger at beginning but as you advance as player and learn how to deal with them you will realise they are not that good.Although game is updated every week, there are only couple of balance patches a year.Many people dislike fact that there are 4-5 new heroes added each year, but development team philosophy is to add heroes not for the sake of adding, but to improve the game.

    As for community I must say its very complex.Some people will rage at you, blame you, even troll you.I think that is kinda expected from online F2P game, but as you play more games you will get bigger MMR(match make rating) and you will rarely see this kind of people.Since there is report system most of ragers and trolls are banned/muted.Many people will complain about community, but in reality community is much more mature and friendly then in other F2P multiplayer games.

    DotA/Dota 2 as an Esport is a game played at almost every Esport event.In my opinion its in Top 3 Esport(others are Starcraft and Counter-Strike) of all time.Biggest tournament is The International which gathers best teams of the world to compete for 2-3 million dollars prize pool.Dota 2 scene is constantly growing, and it is a game that is very fun to watch (You can even bet with Cosmetic items on some sites making watching games even more fun).Games are watchable through in-game Dota 2 TV that is most amazing spectator client i have ever seen.You can watch games through player's perspective that alows you to see every action of player you are watching (His Cursor ,Screen...),listen to your favorite commentators and there is option to see different type of graphs and statistics available.

    It is highly recommended to play tutorial before playing against other players.Since at beginning you are matched with players who also created new account your first 10-20 games might be against DotA veteran or complete noobs,but it will get better after those ten game.Bad games can happen to everyone(even professional players have bad games from time to time), so If you play bad in some game and feed just say you are sorry and 99% of time team won't flame you.Watching guids helps a lot aswell (Purge and Merlini Recomended).There are even mini-guides created by community you can find ingame in top-left corner.Playing this kind of game with friends is much better.By the way if you don't know Russian you will learn a great deal of it (trust me :D).

    At the end Dota 2 is not the game you will play and master in couple of hours.Skillcap is enormous and even professional players can't play all heroes very well.Every game of Dota 2 is a new lesson that will improve you as a player.If you are looking for game to play without spending much time learing it ,this is not the game you are looking for.

    Note:Some reviews will bash this game,players and mechanics although they never played it before.Its mostly because of rivalry betwen Dota 2 and LoL.
  23. Nov 1, 2013
    Valve won't even give a single message to its community. Instead if fills the store with stupid ass cosmetics for them to line their pockets with. I appreciate that the game is free to play but it takes 10 seconds to log on to twitter or facebook and go "Sorry guys, no event this year." Instead they sit completely silent while the player base hypes itself up out of control in expectation. Valve has nothing to gain by being silent. Expand
  24. Jul 16, 2013
    LISTEN! don't mind negative reviews most of them are obviously made by League of Legends fanboys. If you don't like this review then stick to the critics.

    Dota 2 is probably the most addicting game I've ever played. I played the first Dota back in 2008 and it was amazing. Glad Valve developed this game instead of sticking to the Warcraft 3 version. This version is far better because of
    it's realism and challenges. If you like a fun and challenging game, this game is for you. Expand
  25. Jul 16, 2013
    Very addicting with a steep learning curve, you'll sink many hours into this game. Of course there will be abrasive players in the community, but guess what, there are function in the game to fix it. Mute and report the player(s), and play on. GL HF
  26. Jul 16, 2013
    Simply the best "Dota" game out there.
    Stop blaming about community, making the community better is everyone's duty, anyway, it's not the game's fault.

    Try it, especially if you are tired of LoL-- Dota2 is far more challenging and flexible.
  27. Jul 20, 2013
    Ok, so, DotA 2 is going to be what makes e-sports a mainstream thing in the West like it is over in S. Korea w/ Starcraft. I really believe this. Valve has done a simply amazing job of bringing the game over into its own while retaining the character and solid mechanics of its WC3 counterpart. It's a highly challenging game that will immerse you for hours, the support of the pro scene is phenomenal, and the little holiday events that Valve puts on just ads to the charm of the game. The characters are well developed and feel unique not only in their gameplay styles, but also in their personalities. They do not feel static, but feel very alive, just like an RPG should. It's the perfect blend. If you're into games that are addicting, have high skill caps, e-sports, team play, and community, then definitely try DotA. The community CAN be a little brutal sometimes, but once you find some good, mature, and patient friends to play with, that's when this game really shines. Their matchmaking system would be my only complaint. They are still sorting it and are actively looking at ways to improve it, but it's really put a damper on the game since its launch. The temporary issues with MM aside, this game is an absolute masterpiece. What could you expect from Valve though? These guys are the new Blizzard. Expand
  28. Jul 20, 2013
    Can be a little rough for starters. But, the time you would put into learning from the tutorial system or youtube videos would be well worth it. You can check Purgegamers for gameplays which is what helped me learn this awesome game.
  29. Jul 25, 2013
    I simply just enjoy this game, it was an amazing upgrade from playing dota1 well especially since it's easier in dota 2 to find servers etc. and matchmaking brackets seem pretty fine for me playing in SEA. This game has so many layers and layers of complexities and balances over the many years it has existed and the constant reworks and the amount of changes to maps and heroes, causing some to be removed from the game, but now it's pretty balanced with Frog just playing with the meta around. You can say the learning curve for dota is steep, but it starts to get worth it when you are able to play the game at a decent level, and even more when you conquer the steep mountain from an amateur to possibly a professional, not that I am one, I am still on that steep, steep curve but I can still enjoy dota :D. hope you enjoy this game.
    So far I have abt 1k dota 2 games, and I am still planning to play many more, hope to see you people there.
  30. Jul 16, 2013

    The gameplay is probably the most exiting and fun part of Dota 2. It's pretty challenging but when you win or kill someone.... the feeling just the FEELING OF OWNING someone is like life at it's greatest. As you progress or lvl up, you get to challenge more challenging opponents and of course the gameplay gets intense too. To win you need to practice more and more but trust me,
    it will take days, months or even years to be a master player and that's mostly the goal of almost all Dota 2 players: compete to the top (for fun)!

    One word: Masterpiece
  31. Jul 18, 2013
    You are looking at one of the best free strategy games ever with infinite amounts of ways to learn. This game in itself is fabulous you don't have to invest any money and and can still offer hours of fun, The possibilities to win are pretty much endless.
    I can probably go on about how good it is for ages but ill skip to what brings it down. This is nothing to do with the game itself
    although allot of people blame the matchmaking system, it just the players and how they react to you. Everyone believes there a pro and that someone else is letting there team down. Valve have put allot of effort into trying to prevent people from "flaming" or just deliberately messing up the game with their system of reporting and low priority pools, and i think it works for i'm pretty scared of leaving a game. People complain about being base camped but in my opinion that's one of the funny bits it easy to get kills and can you provide you with fun because you no longer care about loosing while the other team will hate having to take a death. So just go out and annoy them :).
    Another problem which cause me problems on Dota is some of the people playing it. There so insulting, blaming people for everything just because there loosing asking people to report you. Just ignore it have fun because most of the time there will be some nice people on the team who are just here to enjoy the game so enjoy the little things, from daring escapes to denies. because at the end of the day there going to be the one sat at there computer raging while your just enjoying this great experience valve provides. If it really bugs you get a friend with you and just make fun of them in your own private chat or something. Work on trying to annoy the other team than focusing on them, because loosing teaches you more than wining so don't get annoyed about it.
  32. Jul 16, 2013
    I love the game. I played original DotA, HoN and tried Smite and LoL. For me Dota 2 is the best of the bunch. Entirely free, no pay2win aspect, everything in the game is unlocked, purchable are only cosmetics, no content or powerups. The balance is great due to 8+ years of tweaking by icefrog. Enormously high skill ceiling and an extremely hard game to get into. Some jerks here and there can ruin games for you, as is the case in most mobas. Overall a great successor. 9/10 Collapse
  33. Jul 16, 2013
    Valve knows how to do free to play right. Dota 2 is the result of almost a decade's worth of dedication from various Warcraft 3 map makers and the collaboration with an award-winning game studio that can release the game to the masses.

    Even without any advertising, the game has attracted millions of players globally and is played as a sport with millions of dollars in prize money

    Dota 2 is a well-polished game and most people are surprised that it's... FREE!

    Definitely worth a try.
  34. Jul 17, 2013
    Literally the best multiplayer online experience you can have. This free-to-play game will provide you hundreds and possibly thousands of hours of pure multiplayer bliss. Dota is a very complex game with an enormous learning curve, and you will need to dedicate your time and your attention to this game if you want to be good at it. Thankfully Valve has made really neat tutorial levels that will introduce you to the game. There are also dozens of guides online that will help you.

    The goal of the game is simple: destroy the enemy's main building: the Ancient. There are two sides competing. The Dire and The Radiant. Each side contains five players. Upon entering a matchmade game you will be placed on the either side. After that you will pick prompted to pick your hero, amongst a selection of literally 100+. You will then buy your starting items and head down the lane (called "mid, "bottom" or "top") that you choose. You will then look to kill enemy "creeps", which are AI-controled monsters that periodically spawn from the base and head down each lane, and enemy heroes. Gradually you should look to destroy enemies' towers, after you have become more powerful. After you have destroyed the enemies' towers and their barracks, their Ancient will be exposed to attacks and you will be a able to destroy it.

    Dota contains almost limtless amount of ways you can play. The heroes, the roles they fill, the items, they are all so different, you are guaranteed to not get bored. From heroes that support their team like Crystal Maiden, to heroes who "carry" their team like Phantom Lancer, across assassins like Bounty Hunter, "pushers" like Nature's Prophet Dota will provide you a different experience every single match you play.

    As a free to play title it contains absolutely no ways for paying customers to have advantage over non-paying ones. All heroes will be available to you when you start playing. There are simply no buy-to-win elements in the game. What paying customers buy is cosmetic items, whose purpose is just to look pretty. This means you can choose from a collection of different sets of items to customize the way your favorite hero looks, and you can also buy different looks for your HUD and different voices for your annoucner. Did I mention this cosmetic items are available without paying money too? When you play a match of Dota, you are awarded experience and when you have enough experience you will level up, and as your reward you will get a cosmetic item. You can also trade your cosmetic items with other players, in case they have something you like.

    The amount of detail Valve has put in this game is astounishing. Every hero has their own theme, their story. The heroes are funny and always have an interesting line to say. Every hero has their own unique character. There are even rival heroes for example Lina and Crystal Maiden, two twin sisters, one who specializes in fire and other in ice. If they are playing against one another or are in the same team, they will say different lines to each other. Another example is Zeus who is a literal God, and will constantly make fun out the puny mortals he is pittied against. Anti-Mage, little to no surprise, has a quest to destroy all magic and will constistantly loathe magic users throught the game.

    Games are unpredictable. One team may be in the lead one moment, and then lose their advantage the next moment. This game punishes you harshly for making mistakes and rewards you greatly for making the right decision. Teamwork is the key to victory. You will need to communicate with your team and make plans together if you want to win.

    The communtiy of this game is not the best, but it is to be expected of a free-to-play game available to everyone. You WILL run across players who will be angry at you one way or the other, and will maybe throw harsh words your way. My advice is just to report them (open up the scoreboard, click then name and then report) and move on. As you gain in skill you will gain in your victories, and when you gain victories you will be put to play against better people. The higher you go in MMR (which is the system game uses to determine your skill) the nicer people will become.

    You should definately this game a try, after all it is free to do so. But trust me, you will get hooked on this game and it will certianly take away a large portion of your time.
  35. Jul 16, 2013
    Straight up, the most enthralling, engrossing multiplayer game I've ever experienced. There is no game (imo) that can compete with its complete and total addictiveness and here I am with ~2,000 hours on the game. It doesn't look to be stopping anytime soon. Graphics are amazing, UI is superb, the support from Valve is phenomenal, the heroes are incredibly diverse, and there is an endless amount of strategy to learn in this game. You will never be perfect at the game. EVER. But it keeps bringing you back to learn more. It has a sharp learning curve, BUT IT'S WORTH IT. I love this game, and I don't see myself putting it down within the next 10 years. Expand
  36. Jul 16, 2013
    I have been playing Dota2 for two years through the beta I have not even scratched the surface of this game in almost a thousand matches. I have become perhaps a novice. I've not even played all and definitely not learned all of the characters. There is one map I still discover new tricks on. Not to mention it is updated and patched once if not more weekly. The market thrives without giving any real benefit but cosmetics. The underground market with its own prices is so large that there are betting sites with items and money. People will pay thousands for the right items. Then you have all of the live feeds and tournaments. All of which you can watch from any perspective. I could go on forever about this game. This game requires forever to go into detal. This is the best game ever created. Bow to your new God. Resistance is futile. Expand
  37. Jul 17, 2013
    Wasn't this hard to make the switch from League to DotA2. The Tutorial and Campaign is more than awesome and the game binds you from the first minute. An outstanding Moba and definitively the best Moba at the market.
  38. Nov 1, 2013
    diretide when i wasn't playing but of course when Halloween comes around when i DO play no diretide. wtf this makes 150 characters you son of a beetch
  39. Nov 10, 2013
    Excellent game, with much more sophisticated mechanics than LoL. It is very unforgiving and requires lots of effort to master it sufficiently enough to know what needs to be done (doing it is even harder). Dota 2 is so good, that I will focus on negatives Unfortunately there are some and three of them I consider major issue. First match making I think it has improved, but it is… Expand
  40. Jul 16, 2013
    My all time favorite game. Every year new game releases turn up in a cartwheel of hype, everyone buys them like no tomorrow or maybe not, but they do sell regardless. If you look back, you've probably amassed a lot of games, completed a ton of those, but can you still name them all? Do you still play them? Were they worth the price tag? When I was a kid, I used to play a bunch of games like Populous, Dungeon Keeper, Theme Hospital, Beasts & Bumpkins, Age of Empires, Roller Coaster Tycoon, Brood War, Command and Conquer: Red Alert, Heroes of Might and Magic III and a bunch of other games of the time. While I enjoyed them a lot, I eventually didn't get any kind of fresh feeling out of those. While I enjoyed them while they were new and some a bit longer than that, they sooner or later ran out of content. Playing the same things over and over again turned tedious. Newer games, say, Diablo III, gave me about 2 weeks worth of stuff (chest simulation) to do. Hype was massive, reviews were optimistic, but games nowadays tend to be released like that. They have eye candy, but they're really hollow in the end. I never returned to that game. I never returned to Guild Wars 2. I will never play Bioshock Infinite again. Won't be playing Darksiders II, won't be playing Fallout 3. Won't be playing Oblivion or Mass Effect. Now this game, it merely got a facelift, hence the number 2, in case you have never played the original user made map inside Warcraft III. I've however stuck with it for 7-8 years now and I am not tired of it. I am not tired of it because I haven't got a set final goal or task. That's something most games have. They have a plot, chapters, maps or stages and when you're done with them, it is over. I was slightly hesitant to give a perfect 10, because that means perfection to me, but in all honesty, I have never played anything that has even come close to bringing as much joy, ordeal, satisfaction and gratification as this game, so I am going to give it that score. It has the right to get it from me. I got into the beta around October 2011. I have over 4000 hours played. Some has been just chatting, watching games and such, but I am nearing 3000 matches played regardless. I don't think a poor game can make anyone stick with it for that long. No mods yet besides some useless audio mods as jokes, but nothing that could keep you playing other games a bit longer. Just the original content. I don't even think the community is such a pain in the ass.
    At least 95% of all the people in the world are snap judgmental that aren't afraid to step on you if they get any kind of benefit or gratification out of it, but that fact alone doesn't seem to make people want to quit life. It's a team game, thus you probably should have a team or any group of players to play this with, if you are sensitive to the opinions of strangers. It's a game that doesn't fit a casual gamer, the kind of person who plays Angry Birds, Bejeweled or some other time sink of the kind, but it is a fantastic game for people who really are vehemently into games, the kind of niche group that played games before they entered a market of people who need their hands held. I think reviewing games of this nature is a bit hard at the moment, because it's being compared to things where you can choose how easy you want the game to be on you. I think grading Dota is like grading ice hockey. To play, you actually need to know how to use skates, how, when and where to shoot, what doesn't work and such. If you have no talent or are in no shape or form and can't be bothered to gain any of that with sheer will, you're not going to progress. You can't progress by hitting OK, as the game is testing you and your abilities. Even bad players can enjoy it regardless. They just need to accept the fact that games of this kind won't unravel spontaneously before them. The game itself plays a minimal part as your margin for error is at least as big as the skill of your opponent is. The fact that losing and winning is completely up to human co-operation and wits is something that keeps me playing. Casual games can be fun for a while, but they lack something that is essential for longevity and that is intense competition, complex tactics and a desire for knowledge. I might be up for a match of Mario Party with some beer, but I wouldn't do that for months every day or every second day. Maybe the beer, but easy and simple things just get stale fast, as they don't stimulate your brain when they become clear. I'll gladly discuss this game with my friends with a pint, reminisce our big plays, horrible feeding games, make fun of each other for our horrible stats in some games, flaunt how we completely demolished some pro or some total we've all played with, think of good drafts, which pros are huge noobs and so on. Other games are just games to me. I am not into speed running or to any stuff of that sort, so they're just one-night stands to me. To me Dota is a hobby.
  41. Nov 2, 2013
    I'm from Ukraine too, and I do not care whether or not Diretide, I thing in this game is a team game, and because of the lack of Diretide, I'm not going to put this game a bad score. But, I will say only one thing, Valve, do not forget about the players, and they will not forget about you.
  42. Jul 16, 2013
    DotA2 is for people who want constant action, unbelievable variation and plays in pro games, and those "Holy F**k that was epic" moments.

    LoL is for people who want slow steady, yet rewarding success, with slightly less PvP action in favour of PvE efficiency.

    Personally, I only play games for the crazy epic moments that blow my mind. Not saying LoL doesn't have that, I just get way
    more of it out of DotA. All the MM/community problems will eventually be ironed out of DotA just like it was ironed out of LoL. Expand
  43. Jul 16, 2013
    This game is actually too good for your health. If you're in a relationship where you're living together, you must make a decision: dota 2 or your relationship.
  44. Nov 8, 2013
    This game improved so much since it was released on the beta. There are over 90 heroes to choose from currently and the gamplay is as intence and as rewarding as DOTA 1. I know alot of people will be hesitant to try it at first but there has been a new tutorial system implemented in DOTA 2 and I think it will help new comers.
  45. Jul 16, 2013
    The oringinal sequal of DOTA!!!Fabulous!!!
    Dota 2 gives us a unique chance to experience the original DOTA experience!!
    The best MOBA game in the world.
    Thanks icefrog and valve for creating so much fun in dota 2
    I love this game so much!
  46. Jul 16, 2013
    In all my years of gaming (they have been many), no other game has been able to grasp my interest for as long and as passionate as this game has done it. Dota has an addicting combination of strategy and rpg; the balance of the game is a testament to the years of work and continuous feedback from the community. Valve has now taken the game to a whole new level with Dota 2, improving the graphics and expanding on the features that DotA needed so badly for years, yet leaving the game play exactly as its predecessor (which is a great thing!) Expand
  47. Jul 25, 2013
    this is the culmination of a decade of work by the community and the people directly associated with the game, its ever evolving and growing game that is best in its genre, give it some time let it grow on you and i assure you that soon you would wish to give it all of your time
  48. Nov 9, 2013
    Great game ruined by terrible company that is not involved enough with it's playerbase, zero communication, dubious approach to bug fixing and balance.
  49. Nov 1, 2013
    Dota2 was the best game in the world until a fat man as gabe newell (pepito grillo) ruined our game with no communication, no diretide, NO HEROES, HE LAUNCHED THE OFFICIAL GAME AND THEN WENT ON HOLIDAYS OR WENT SLEEPING HIS FAT FACE A 0.
  50. Nov 1, 2013
    Good things: -The graphics are gorgeous. -Animations are almost perfect and natural like they're supposed to be. -The core mechanics are extremely well-made. -It's quite fun at times. Bad things: -The matchmaking is a horror. Before you queue up for a game you get to choose the region you want to play in and the language preference, but the game doesn't really respect that. Almost everyone that played this game already knows this, russians are everywhere, no matter where you play, it can be US, it can be Europe or Asia, russians are everywhere. Now I've had some bad experience with these type of players even though I do not wish to generalize but when even the language preference gets ignored when you queue up for a game and you get a game full of russians where only 2 of them speak english.
    In my experience, russians are the worst players to have in your team. I am not generalizing here, I know there are exceptions, there are always exceptions but almost everytime I had a russian in my team he didn't even speak english or he didn't even try to communicate with his own team besides cursing and I only wish that I won't deal with these kind of players in my future games but it's inevitable since Russia is the prime demographic for dota2 by population.
    -The community is toxic, no matter what you, no matter how you do it, the community will always be toxic. It's a competitive game, it's completely normal, but man, I've encountered some type of players that are the worst human beings in this world. Now I'm speaking about cursing your own teammates or stuff like that, when you try and help someone, or teach them a lesson that apparently they don't know, their ego inflates so much that he will no longer be a part of your team. Most of them will either leave, feed intentionally by walking right into the enemy and staying there until they kill him or just doing things that generally helps the enemy team more than it helps you (a.k.a. sending the courier into the enemy lines so it will die therefore we cannot transport items and the enemy team earns a bounty for killing our courier, OR even using special items like the force staff to push you into the enemy etc, the list is way too long). Meanwhile there ARE indeed consequences, leaving puts you into low priority for X ammount of time based on your total abandons or abandon spree and reporting players but that doesn't seem to be enough.
    -The reporting system is a spam and that's it. If someone does not like you, they'll report you for whatever reason. I don't know how the reporting system works but sometimes I get into low priority for nothing, literally nothing or nothing that I know about. Do people actually check the replay for every report submission sent? Because that would be way too hard for the devs to do considering it's players number and the devs number and/or admins.
    -The matchmaking is a forced 50%. This means that if you win 9 games in a row, you will lose 9 games in a row and not in the same way. For example today you win 4 times and lose 5 times, tomorrow you'll lose 3 more times and so on until your win/lose ratio ends up to a roughly 50%. This thing means nothing whatsoever. People who are playing competitive games usually have hopes or are actively practicing games so they could step in the pro scene. Now the way other games in this genre are doing is by adding a ranking system bronze, silver, diamond, cheese, bacon whatever etc that a player can be proud of and show to the team he wishes to enter or to know his current status as a player compared to others. What does the 50% win ratio prove? Absolutely nothing, you're the same as the other players, it doesn't matter that you stack with other players and you're on skype or whatever, you'll eventually end up with players better than you that will kick you back down and down from the very beggining. The matchmaking should add players of your current skill level so the match would be even. Most games I get are usually one sided stomps that don't even get to see the 30 minutes mark of the game, which is considered a very important part of the game since there are actually heroes that are good only after that 30 minute mark, also known as hard-carries.
    -This game used to have weekly updates with old heroes that needed to be ported into the game, cosmetics so the developers can actually earn money and general gameplay updates and bugfixes. They also used to make events during the obvious holidays of the year, well, most of the time. A year ago DotA2 had an event called Diretide during the Halloween that had a new gamemode added to the game that was Halloween inspired, The Greeviling for the christmas and so on and so forth, but this year, it seems like that has changed. DotA 2 didn't get any Halloween inspired event at all and in the past 3 months, the game had a single patch besides cosmetics patch.

    I am no longer buying cosmetics from the store until they decide to work on the game.
  51. Jul 16, 2013
    I started playing a year before. First 10-15 games will make your head spin puke and go tear the hair out of your head. After 25+ games you will have the slightest sense of what is what and what is happening in the team fights. This game is not something one starts gets hold of the game in 1-2 days and spend all his time thereafter. This Game is complex deep with varying heroes abilities items item builds and interaction between each of the above said.

    My best advice to new players is stick to easy heroes like Lion sniper Earth Shaker Ursa Axe lich viper etc. Try to use in game guides .

    I have spent about 1100 hours and almost 1000 games played. Still i learn something new in this game.
    Knowledge is wealth in this game. The more you know about your hero items the better you can do in the game.

    If you do want to play other games in future don`t play this game. Once you cross the "critical line" (about 20-30 matches) i doubt you would rarely play any other game.
  52. Apr 25, 2014
    Best game ever with worst community there is. You cant blame the game for the player community tho! So play it with friends or use mute function frequently. It's worth every minute. It's deep and complex.
  53. Jul 18, 2013
    A faithful recreation of the game that inspired LoL and HoN. Valve absolutely nailed it, the graphical style and voice work are incredible. No pay2win but cosmetics for those who want them. 10/10
  54. Jul 22, 2013
    I don't see why people are giving this game a low rating just for the community. Yes they are really aggressive and that is something that should not dictate a games rating but I think this game is great and its free so why complain if you don't like it no problem its free.
  55. Jul 23, 2013
    I've been playing this game for quite some time now and I can say that while I enjoyed original DotA, this one is more polished and the gameplay is very smooth. The graphics are amazing too and the community has been quite helpful so far (even though some people say otherwise).

    I totally recommend this game to any MOBA fan.
  56. Jul 24, 2013
    Best MOBA Game on the market. It got a good fullfilling ecosystem, every game-mechanic is free and it works on Linux, OSX and Windows. Very interesting heros and mechanics, nice graphics, nearly no bugs, big communitiy which brings new content. Personally I would like to have a vote-surrender system like in LoL, but I see that this is not the philosophy of DOTA2 and i totally accept it.
  57. Jul 24, 2013
    I have spent nearly 1500 hours playing this game. It's been frustrating,punishing and perplexing; yet very enjoyable. it was overwhelming for the first 100 hours or so, not knowing the heroes or the items. However with some determination and guide reading/watching you unlock a highly rewarding and rich gaming experience which is unmatched!

    I have noticed in other reviews they talk of
    the trash talking community; ALL team games will have douche bags though dota compared to its counterparts is not as bad. You can easily mute unwanted language.

    This game is truly free to play. It's pay to look cool and some of the cosmetics you can purchase (or receive as drops after games) are truly amazing! you also have a say of what will be sold in the store by voting on potential items in the steam workshop.

    all in all Dota 2 is a demanding game and you will suck at first. Keep with it though and prepare for one of the gaming experiences.... oh and say goodbye to all other games!!
  58. Jul 16, 2013
    Despite the steep learning curve, dota 2 is very fun and rewarding. Best played with friend[s] to avoid the wrath of the internet thats bound to happen every now and then in this very competitive game.
  59. Jul 17, 2013
    Dota 2 is what a real "sequal" should be like. The game is free, the graphics are pleasnt, the gameplay is fluid, and the game has great balance. Valve has done a great job, and hopefully the e-sports scene becomes bigger, because League of Legends is a joke in terms of quality and balance.
  60. Jul 24, 2013
    I will try to be unbiased in this review as much as I can possibly imagine (despite the 10 in my score. I wish there was a 9.5). I've dedicated over 1400 hours to this game, and probably more in it's original incarnation of DotA back on the Warcraft 3 engine. NOTE: I will list all the technical aspects first, then go through the bad and mixed after that, and the reasons I absolutely rate this game a 10 will be listed after.

    First off, the game itself is solid. It is mechanically and competitively balanced. There may be certain heroes that are currently favored in both high level public matches and in professional matches, but statistics show that win rates are pretty balanced at the 50% mark.

    Secondly, the aesthetics and graphics are pretty well done. It is clearly a step above the original DotA. However, design style in comparison to other DotA clones are strictly to a user's preference. I know people who love LoL's design over Dota2's and vice versa. The caveat is that these things SHOULD NOT matter. It might get some getting use to, but overall, it will not detract from the experience.

    Thirdly, the (may be) bad. This is true for every ARTS (or MOBA) game out there. There WILL be rude players out there. This is a game where every game counts. Since each match lasts for about 30 minutes to an hour each, a lot of people will only be able to play 1 to 2 games at a time. As such, they are emotionally invested to get the best experience of playing the game every time. Being so will encourage players to be extremely passionate about each match, so when there exists a player who is clearly not up to snuff, a visceral raging will most likely ensue. This leads me up to the next point:

    Fourthly, the mix: This is not a game you can play just play casually forever. This game has a learning curve for EVERY aspect of the game, i.e. heroes, item builds, map control, laning, jungle control, warding, etc. You will SUCK at the beginning. It is inevitable. Everyone who starts this game has to go through it. This is the source of what many people call "Egoism" among veteran players. All of us veterans had to go through periods of mediocrity to be where we are now. We invested hours and hours into not just playing the game, but reading about it outside the game. This means we did homework on reading hero guides, watching replays, looking for tips on ward positions, etc. We went through sort of a "rite of initiation" to attain the personal skill level we are at now. In order for ANYONE to play this game WELL, they'd have to go through the same process over time. However, you will not go through this process alone which is illustrated in the next point.

    Fifthly, the good: The community as a whole is one of the BEST i've ever been a part of. This may seem weird after I listed the third point. However, aside from the vicious minority, I've largely felt that this is the multiplayer game with the least amount of "a**holes". I've also found that the people who regularly complained about the "horrible" community are also the ones who regularly berates others in game. A bad attitude always begets bad attitude from others. However, this is one community that also LOVES to help new players succeed. People regularly posts guides and videos to help new players out. You just have to search for them. There are alot of resources to be gain from youtube as well. And friends i have that had just started out regularly tells me about their experiences where their teammates and even their opponents would give them tips to perform better each time. It is always best to upfront about your level of expertise, especially if you're new. This will set your teammates expectations at the appropriate level from the beginning and they'd be able to help you out when you need it. I've even seen people offer to train new players.

    Sixth, The game itself has one of the most deepest design I have ever experienced in a game. You know that feeling that after 100 games of COD multiplayer, you'd feel like there's nothing new anymore? I've played this game (Dota2 and DotA) for 8 years and I'm still learning something new and subtle everyday. What sets this game apart from the other ARTS games is the things you DONT see on the surface. Everything is manipulatable, which translates to the evolution of a large variety of strategies that continues to expand after so many years. Things like creep pulling, stacking, lane control, etc are little nuances that may seem irrelevant to the untrained eye, but as you evolve as a player, you'd realize these little things help so much in the metagame. In extreme cases in high level play, a game can be said to be one from the moment you pick your heroes. This high level of strategic thinking is something other multiplayer games cannot achieve and is something is refined and evolved from community enacted plays over these years.

    I'm running out of space to write more about this game. Just know this, this game is WORTH IT.
  61. Jul 19, 2013
    I've come to Dota from League of Legends and that was like changing 10 years old Toyota car to brand new Ferrari. Better community, better ingame, no lags, no servers down and most of all NO ANNOYING 10 YEARS OLD KIDS.
  62. Jul 20, 2013
    If you enjoyed the original DOTA or League of Legends, then you'll definitely want to grab this game. I started playing later in the beta, around mid 2012, and it's always the game I go back to when I get bored of everything else. The game is free but you're able to purchase items and other things in the DOTA 2 Store if you so desire. I'll buy something every now and then to support the developers, but make sure you don't wind up spending a bunch of money on a free game; defeats the whole point! They're taking a while to release all of the new heroes, but a good game takes some time to evolve. Definitely get it if you have Steam! Expand
  63. Jul 21, 2013
    This was the game that League of Legends copied.
    to me it satisfies my hunger for really great PVP orientated RPG Fantasy type games... taht dont' suck up all your life like World of Warcraft Arathi Basin etc etc.

    i have to admit i played this game since it was called Aeon of Strife... so i guess i dont' have to worry about the learning curve.
  64. Jul 23, 2013
    It's depth and complexity results in a strategic and action packed game that is worth committing the 20-60 minutes per round. The down side to it's complexity is the super steep learning curve, and lack of anything really useful for learning in game. There are a huge amount of characters and effective builds for them. It can take quite a while memorize and become comfortable with all of it, but it's well worth the price. Low ranking matches can be quite frustrating with how long a rounds are. New and confused teammates will take out frustration on each other, but mid-high level players all have social skills and communicate effectively. The low level community is one of the worst I have seen in a game, yet the high level community is one of the best. Overall I think the game's complexity, and balance results in one of the best online multiplayer experiences you can get, but Free 2 Play isn't actually free as it will require a substantial time investment. It's a brilliant and polished game on so many levels, but until Valve develops a more effective teaching method I don't think it deserves a 10. Expand
  65. Jul 24, 2013
    I personally find dota and dota 2 to be the most addictive multiplayer games I have ever played. No single match is like another... Everything in my heart screams at me to give dota 2 a 10/10 but, unfortunately, dota 2 has plenty of problems. The worst, in my opinion, is match making, closely followed by the community. The content in this game is massive, there are literally hundreds of heroes to learn, and maybe thousands of item and laning combinations as well... The community is raging, but considering that dota brings out the competitive spirit in players, it is understandable. Very fun and addictive! Expand
  66. Nov 1, 2013
    DOTA is a great game.
    Valve promised us a new and good Dota experience, and after 3 years we still got no Dota.
    This DOTA2 is no Dota.
    This is a game made by a whore company who doesnt even care about their community.
    I dont want HATS. I want the game you promised us!
  67. Jul 16, 2013
    Dota 2 is a great game. I like its UI design, hero design and that beautiful map. Valve didn't disappoint players this time. However, the only reason I do not give a 10 is that this game still have some bugs and Valve has already released it. Those bugs do damage the game experience.
  68. Jul 21, 2013
    Few games manage to be both entertaining as well as extremely challenging, with a high learning curve, tons of different classes, customuzation, and in-game item builds. The game looks gorgeous, matches are lengthy, the community is friendly and well groomed, and the gameplay is as solid as it can get.
  69. Jul 22, 2013
    This game is great. It's free, it's competitive, it's fun. No stall meta-game, every hero is useful and deadly, good balance due to the DotA-Allstars dev team and the age of the game with constant patches. Pros: -Non-stall metagame -Fun with friends or if you're lucky enough then with PuGs as well -Every hero is useful -Only some heroes are somewhat-the-same, all others are very unique
    -Game rewards players for learning advanced mechanics (use of terrain, etc.)
    -A lot of heroes to choose from
    -Deep mechanics
    -Huge learning curve
    -Matchmaking often does a bad match with players

    This game is worth playing. When you'll overcome the learning phase of the game, the game will become fun as hell.
  70. Aug 15, 2013
    Extremely difficult to get into, but once you find a few characters your good at you'll start doing well and having fun. In the span of one match with Tusk I went from 1-5-3 to 4-5-8 by just getting the hang of the character in one match. DOTA 2 is definitely a step over LOL in the difficulty department, so i would use LoL as a starter to learn how to play MOAB games, then once you get good at that jump into DOTA. Overall I do enjoy LoL a little more, but DOTA is something i like to switch to to keep my MOAB experience fresh. Expand
  71. Jul 24, 2013
    I scarcely give the highest score for anything, but in my opinion DotA2 is currently the best multiplayer experience both in the MOBA genre and for PvP games in general.

    If you can live with the poisonous community (that is inherent in every competitive PvP game, but especially in MOBAs the "block player" checkbox helps in DotA2), you'll spend a LOT of hours trying to master the game,
    which contains many combinations of heroes, items and tactics.

    If you're new and interested in this kind of PvP gameplay, don't give up too early. The learning curve is quite steep, but the newly introduced tutorial missions should help a lot. There are also helpful guides on the web, and the matchmaking will create even matchups after a couple of ranked matches.
  72. Jul 18, 2013
    Valve put a tonne of thought and process into this game for a long time and to me it has payed good dividends in the long run the game was released how it should have been slow and gradually unlike many other games that are sometimes rushed out to the public to fast. I've put around 30-40 hours of gameplay along with many tutorial videos there is so much to learn, find and discover from the characters within the game it seems endless at this stage which is all for the better. Dota 2 is how a free to play game differentiates from all the other free to play games because it brings the community together more easily doesn't force item purchases or special content to certain players. Dota 2 will only get better from here to study characters and abilities correctly is hard enough and rewarding. This game gets a 9.2 from me with my nostril hairs seal of approval. Expand
  73. Jul 19, 2013
    Never got into Dota....But i love Dota 2 and i'm not into MOBA games or even MP games that much that are not coop games. But dota 2 has coop! I love the UI and how it has it's own Friends and invite UI and lessons on how to play. Fun game.
  74. Jul 22, 2013
    I can honestly say that DOTA2 is the best game I played in my 31 years of life, and I played quite a lot of them The depth of mechanics, fun and speed of combat, brutality of mistakes and joy of skillful play all compose into a perfect mix. Strongly recommended to be played with friends over VOIP. 700 hours played and I still feel like I was starting. So much to learn, grasp, so much satisfaction from actually doing it. Pick it up. It will take over your life if you want to play it well, but you're in for the best ride of your gaming years. It's free, but you will spend money on cosmetics because they look really, really cool, they can be traded which is fun in its own self, and they give you that feeling of supporting this game that you will wish to never stop existing Easiest 10 out of 10 ever. Expand
  75. Nov 1, 2013
    DOTA is a perfect blend of action and strategy. This game requires deep, thoughtful tactics, while also demanding quick thinking and skill to pull off said tactics. It's the original ARTS and it is by far the best as well.
  76. Nov 1, 2013
    Great game, I don't feel Valve is ignoring their community. It feels more like brats who have been given everything but still rage because now they want a pony too.
  77. Jul 16, 2013
    DotA is one of those games which define an important aspect of my life. I started playing dota before Frozen Throne even came out at my best friend's house and we used to skip school and wait for his dad to go to work in order sneak into his window and play dota all day. I have never gone more than a year since then without playing dota and now in Dota 2 I have almost 500 wins. I live in the Philippines now and it is the one way that my brother, cousin and I keep in touch and hang out. Expand
  78. Jul 17, 2013
    The game runs great, carrying the brilliant albeit somewhat unintuitive nature of the wc3 mod to a stand-alone Engine.

    It's definitely clear that Valve puts lots of consideration and dedication into their work, Dota 2 is nothing short of superb.
  79. Jul 17, 2013
    Extremely fun and addictive game. Gameplay is complex but still fun even if you're only a casual gamer.

    Only problem is that it's a little hard to learn for a complete beginner, but that has recently been fixed with in-game tutorials.
  80. Jul 17, 2013
    The best strategy/co-op multiplayer game ever. A lot of efects, and too many heroes and itens for you to play. It nevers get bored. I definitely recommend this game.
  81. Jul 17, 2013
    Awesome game, if you are new to the genre just practice a lot, its hard at the start just try to reach the point where you enjoy the game even if you lose

    PD: if you have emotional disorder, dont play this game
  82. Jul 17, 2013
    It's an Awesome game,Perfect at both video and audio quality. And it have all the good parts from DOTA1 and be taken out BUGs.DOTA2 is DOTA!! Game matching still not perfect but it's way hard to judge the power level of both sides' player. Absolute balance power is impossible.But Valve is still improving it~~Thx Valve and Icefrog,and Eul~~
  83. Jul 17, 2013
    Been playing this game for soo long since the first dota and I have to say that this is the best multiplayer online battle arena out there. Although, League of Legends maybe the more popular one Dota 2 is definitely the better game, graphics, mechanics and balance wise. They did pretty well with retaining the balance of both sides from the original game and it has been a very enjoyable experience for me. Expand
  84. fwb
    Jul 17, 2013
    I've played dota since it started as a small community 10 years ago (dota 1), and noticed that no matter what other popular online multiplayer games I tried (counter strike, world of warcraft, team fortress, etc), I always came back to dota. I thought I was weird, but now am happy to see dota get the attention it deserves. Dota's re-playability is unlimited. Because there are 100+ characters to choose from, you can play literally thousands of matches and no two games will be alike. It's a tough, teamwork-centric, competitive game with a steep and limitless learning curve which may not be for everyone, but if you are into those types of games, this is the best of its type, hands-down. Expand
  85. Jul 18, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Well Played! Expand
  86. Jul 18, 2013

    If you want the best moba out there, go with the one and only, DOTA. Half of lol heroes are copycat anyway. Dota have better graphic, smoother gameplay, better selection of champions, its a free game, not a ''free'' game like league where they want to sell summoner icon...WTF....Skill and champion make your success in dota, not only the ''build'' of items.

    Dota 2 is all
    about competition and skill where league is casual gaming and almost buttons mashing. Dont get me wrong, league is a good game but not as pure or as polished as Dota, just look at the League of legend uber archaic interface, its ridiculous.

    Steam and Dota for the win.
  87. Nov 8, 2013
    No one cares about metacritic user scores.
    No one cares about metacritic user scores.
    No one cares about metacritic user scores.
    No one cares about metacritic user scores.
  88. Jul 16, 2013
    I have to say, DotA is the best moba ever.BUT, I don't wanna look like a racist but those Russians keep raping the game.I can't even report them because Valve gives us only 2 reports a day.If Valve actually does something about Russians, I'd gladly change my score to 10.
  89. Jul 16, 2013
    Dota is a game that most people will hate because, as Purge famously stated it, "Welcome to Dota 2, you suck." You will be terrible at the game for hundreds of hours, and you'll then realize how terrible you are, and then you'll start trying to actually get better only to realize you're nowhere as good as you thought you'd be after spending two thousand hours in-game. But don't let that discourage you! Expand
  90. Jul 18, 2013
    Played the first one a lot...have about 1300 hours in this one. THE BEST MOBA GAME EVER CREATED!
    It improves on every single thing that was bad in the first...and lets face it,whoever played DOTA 1 is BOUND to LOVE THIS ONE :D

    Dota 2 best moba game hands down
  91. Jul 18, 2013
    What a game is this holy damn...Yesterday i played my first game and it was one of the best gaming experience in my life. My team about the game having no surrender option but after 10 min we did such an amazing comeback we all bursted into spaming in allchat. BEST GAME EVER!
  92. Jul 18, 2013
    One of the best multiplayer games of all time and it's FREE. Much better than League of Legends, all heroes are FREE and it's deeper and more complex. Very steep learning curve, may be too hard for the average Call of Duty casual gamer.
  93. Jul 18, 2013
    Dota 2 is the most addictive game I've ever played in my entire life. And it's legitimately free, with all heroes playable at all times unlike LoL.

    I don't often feel compelled to write video game reviews, but I felt that I owed it to you, my fellow gamers, to do it for this game.

    If you can get around the daunting learning curve, the game in incredibly immersive, action-packed and
    full of strategy at the higher levels of play. When I first played I was totally lost. I felt it would be impossible to learn all of the 102 (At the time of this writing) hero's 4 or more abilities, let alone all their specific interactions.

    However, I realized how amazing the game was and I kept playing. It probably took me around 200 hours to fully grasp all the basics. Was it worth it? If I was going to be playing video games anyways, I'm glad I was playing something this enthralling.

    Sure, it truly can be an emotional rollercoaster ride with some of the ignorant, rude douchebags you will inevitably play with, but if you use the ignore feature intelligently and don't feed the trolls, it's not a problem.

    I currently have 1400 hours in Dota 2 and counting. I would say it rates as my number 1 most played game of all time (2nd being Warcraft 3, 3rd being Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/Silver).
  94. Jul 19, 2013
    Good graphics, addictive team-based gameplay, free to play with no cash shop items that affect the gameplay in any way, very good replayability, steap learning curve. The only problems are: flaming school kids in the community (but hey, this is not the developers fault!), a rather small variety of heroes (Heroes of Newearth provide much more) and a certain lack of balance for heroes (some heroes are OP). Also there is no "concede" button so you end up playing matches much longer than you should: this is probably the biggest problem, which would be so easy to fix. Despite this the game deserves a 10. Expand
  95. Nov 1, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Great game! Great game! Great game! Great game! Great game! Great game! Great game! Great game! Great game! Great game! Great game! Great game! Great game! Great game! Expand
  96. Jul 17, 2013
    Dota 2 is 100% skill based. You need to learn a lot in order to be successful. This is not for the casual, or is it? Its fun from the get go. You can constantly improve and that makes it fun.

    But there are other Dota-esque game out there, why Dota 2? Well, LoL is to World of warcraft what Starcraft 2 is to Dota 2.

    There you have it. If you want a DotA game where the best skilled team
    wins, you choose Dota 2. Expand
  97. Aug 7, 2013
    Good grief, another amazing video game by VALVe! I was shocked when I heard the announcement that VALVe was publishing this game. After all, this game was originally a mod for Warcraft III, a really fun strategy game made by Blizzard Entertainment for the PC. VALVe is a company well known for their first person shooters (Half-Life, Team Fortress, Counter-Strike), so I was wondering why they were even entering Blizzard's territory with this game. My questions were soon put to rest when I played the game. All I can say is that this game is simply amazing. To start, the gameplay is a mixture between Real-Time Strategy and role-playing games. In this game however, you are not controlling your factions, you are only controlling your heroes. Basically, your heroes level up over time like in a Role-playing game, and the way you control them is like a strategy game. This is actually quite a good mixture. It worked in Warcraft III, and it works perfectly here. However, there is more to the gameplay than just that. This game pits two mighty teams against each other (the radiant and the dire). One side is noticeably more heroic, guarding a lush green forest, while the other is noticeably darker, guarding an ashen wasteland. The overall goal is to destroy the enemy team's ancient (base of operations). To do this, you really need to coordinate with your teammates, and let them know what is happening around the battlefield. I think that this is a very good approach, especially considering that the game is entirely multiplayer. The graphics of this game are also quite good. Everything is quite beautiful, and enjoyable for anyone who loves video game graphics. There is no real story to this game, which although I have criticized in the past, I don't feel the need to here. All of the characters in this game have their own stories to read if you ever want a good story in this game. There is only one real complaint that I have with this game as a matter of fact. This game does have a very steep learning curve. It is easy to learn, but incredibly difficult to master. You need to find a hero that suits your playstyle, which if you ask me, can take ages to figure out considering that there are over one-hundred of them. However, having over one-hundred heroes is not a bad thing. In fact, I'd say it's a great thing. It gives you so much more variety on what kind of hero you can play as. Overall, I'd say that this is another fantastic game by VALVe software. It is ultra-competitive, fast, furious, and one heck of a lot of fun. It's steep learning curve may be a tad bit problematic, however, that does not stop me from awarding this game with a 9 out of 10. Expand
  98. Nov 8, 2013
    Well job Valve. new update!!!Well job Valve. new update!!!Well job Valve. new update!!!Well job Valve. new update!!!Well job Valve. new update!!!Well job Valve. new update!!!Well job Valve. new update!!!Well job Valve. new update!!! GIve good update
  99. Nov 2, 2013
    Valve killed Dota 2. Hats, Hats, Hats, Couriers Tickets everywhere. Zero really good content in this game. Valve know how to make money but don't know how to talk with Dota community and they ruined our trust.
  100. Jul 19, 2013
    Great game that, despite having a single map, offers so much variety in terms of heroes and team interactivity that every single match feels unique. Not for the faint of heart, this game can take weeks or even months to become reasonably competent, but once you is very enjoyable and rewarding. And if you learn the game the right way, even the learning process is tons of fun. But if learn it the wrong can be horrible due to the community.

    Speaking about that...if you are looking to get into DOTA2, here are a few tips that I think should make your n00b experience less painful:

    1. Don't just stick to one or two order to be a good player, you have to learn what the other heroes can do so you can better counter them. The worst thing in DOTA is to be ignorant of an opponent's abilities and then do something silly like run around when Bloodseeker ruptures you and wonder why you died. You only get this experience from trying out each hero.

    2. On that note...until you are very confident, NEVER pick a hero you haven't played before in a multiplayer game. Always try out new heroes in bot games so you can get comfortable with how they play.

    3. Most importantly, realize that DOTA is honestly more like a team sport than a game. It is competitive, and if you don't take it seriously, you will ruin the experience for your team-mates. I know it's frustrating when people yell at you, and sometimes they honestly are just wrong and being jerks...but be considerate and realize that if you go in unprepared you are basically being a jerk too. I mean, would you play goalie in a competitive game of soccer without ever practicing or even knowing what the goalie is supposed to do? take the same philosophy with DOTA 2...dont' play a hero or a position/role when you are completely ignorant of how it is supposed to function. Just put in the time to do a bit of research and practice and you will have a much better experience!

    Happy gaming!
  101. Jul 16, 2013
    I love the game. I played original DotA, HoN and tried Smite and LoL. For me Dota 2 is the best of the bunch. Entirely free, no pay2win aspect, everything in the game is unlocked, purchable are only cosmetics, no content or powerups. The balance is great due to 8+ years of tweaking by icefrog. Enormously high skill ceiling and an extremely hard game to get into. Some jerks here and there can ruin games for you, as is the case in most mobas. Overall a great successor. 9/10 Collapse

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  1. Feb 19, 2014
    Simply irresistible and addictive as hell.
  2. Sep 1, 2013
    Unforgiving from the get-go, but a landmark in competitive multiplayer design. [Oct 2013, p.68]
  3. Aug 30, 2013
    A great PvP game that offers some of the most intriguing and nuanced team combat around.