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  1. Jul 27, 2013
    This is a horror point and click adventure game, with unsettling and creepy scenarios with lots of gore, nudity, and the occasional jump scare. There are different routes or options you can choose at plot points of this game that change how you beat the game and which ending you get. I think there is a total of 5 endings.
    The game is short, I beat it in a 3-4 hour sitting from beginning
    to end. The unique story and hand drawn backgrounds are probably the best part of this game. There are something like 70~ hand drawn pictures used for all the backgrounds in the game. Some of the backgrounds have vibrant colors, some are completely washed out of color, some are distorted to fit the setting of the game it really feels like it gives this game personality.
    There are no voice overs which was slightly disappointing considering this game came out in 2009 although one could argue that adding voice overs could ruin the creepy mood of the game a bit. I also wish that a bit more of this world could have been explored instead of having it be a 3-4 hour experience. I had several problems starting this game and googling my problems didn't help me at all. If you have any problems with setting the resolution of this game just set it to 640 by 480 in fullscreen. The game surprisingly fits this resolution well my only complaint about it was its hard to navigate the inventory at the top of the screen (but at least its playable!).
    If you liked this game try out Harvester Games' new title The Cat Lady, it makes reference to at least one of the characters in Downfall, although I still haven't beaten the game at this time. I enjoyed Downfall and rate it a 8/10, its worth your time if you are into Horror/Mature/Gore games, if you are interested in a different stylized game with its twisted hand drawn backgrounds, and if you are just looking for a different experience compared to your average adventure game.

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