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  • Summary: It's Fun to Have Fun, But You Have to Know How... Go beyond the zany fun of the movie with an unbelievable adventure starring YOU as The Cat in the Hat. The Cat's crate has been opened and Seussian magic has turned the house inside out. Bring all the wacky fun home from the movie as you race to restore order to the house before Mom comes home! Master floating moves and other tricks as The Cat using his amazing umbrella. Jump, dodge and capture wacky Seussian creatures, including new ones created just for the game. Features all your favorite characters from the movie. Unlockable bonus content from the film. 20 wacky levels feature highly animated 3-D environments that capture the topsy-turvy movie world. [Vivendi Universal] Expand
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  1. A mildly diverting 'classic' 2D platformer (strikingly similar to the PSOne title Pandemonium) that will appeal to the younger audience but there is little to recommend this game for the more discerning adult gamer.
  2. The Cat In The Hat? A book filled with wit. As for the game, a big pile of sh...
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