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  • Summary: Your adventure begins as you depart on a journey to save your beloved wife. Enter into the shadows, and explore catacombs and hidden passages as you travel the pathway to darkness. [Dreamcatcher Interactive]
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 6 out of 13
  2. Negative: 1 out of 13
  1. Seriously scary and atmospheric without being horrifying, more of an elegant Vincent Price scare than an 80s slasher movie. Think Goth Disney, and you've got the right idea.
  2. An optical masterpiece with ample amounts of creativity melded together to form an extremely entertaining experience.
  3. 80
    We've been waiting for a respectable point and click adventure since "Grim Fandango" came along, and although "Dracula Resurrection" is a quick ride, it's well worth the price of admission.
  4. Die-hard point-and-clickers may be turned off by the lack of any real brain-busting puzzle action, but an engaging plot combined with terrific graphics and sound should make up for these shortcomings.
  5. It's very short, so even novice adventure gamers won't have much trouble finishing it in a few sessions.
  6. The games biggest draw has got to be Artistic Director Jacques Simian's fabulously atmospheric world. The other characters (and there aren't nearly enough of them) are gorgeously 3D rendered right down to the last bloody facial capillary.
  7. Because Dracula Resurrection is too short, with little interaction, few options, no Count Dracula worth mentioning, and because the challenges aren't engaging, requiring that players be little more than undead (or brain dead) themselves, I suggest that only die-hard fans of computer artwork/animation bother with it.

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  1. Dec 26, 2013
    The game title is a pun. Not only Dracula is resurrected but also the Stoker's story, to which this game is a sequel. Back in its time, the unique graphical style of Dracula:Resurrection was critically acclaimed and it still translates to now as not very much games can compare. The most important aspect of the game is how minimalistic it is. Everything in it is there for a reason, there are no distractions, side stories, or unnecessary eye candy. The user interface is also very basic: you have one context-sensitive cursor, a no-text inventory and that's it. No reminders from the protagonist, no quest log, no hint system. It prods you to pay attention to the story and not to over-think the tasks at hand. You still might get stuck but most puzzles are quite intuitive. On the other hand, the game overall is quite short and some dialogues, animations, and cut scenes are a little silly. Nevertheless, if you like good old games, Dracula:Resurrection is a classic well worth its price. Expand