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  1. Mar 18, 2011
    Simply the best RPG of the last 10 years, together with Dragon Age Origins.

    Incredible plot
    Incredible OST
    Incredible gameplay
    Incredible storytelling

    Bioware learns how to create games, as always.

  2. Mar 18, 2011
    The PC version of Dragon Age 2 suffers from severe consolitis, most noticeably in the lack of the isometric camera known as the "tactical view" in Dragon Age: Origins.

    The game is set in the city of Kirkwall and it's direct surroundings. You will be in the actual city for approximately 80-90% of the game. This is made even worse when it becomes clear that Dragon Age 2 is a rush job. This
    is painfully evident in the level design. There are several caves and interiors you will fight your way through close to 10 times each, that are supposed to be different locations. By the time you finish the game, you will have thought to yourself "this cave AGAIN?" more than once. Expand
  3. Mar 18, 2011
    I must admit, that DA:2 is not what I would call an improvement compared to DA:O. But that doesnt necessarily mean, that its bad. There are a few things that put me off a little bit in the beginning. There is the combatsystem of course... lots of blood and pretty much the same every time. you kill the first bunch, then suddenly another wave appears out of thin air. then, no customisable armor for the other partymembers. for me that was an extremely big annoyance. Also kinda got on my nerves when I played ME:2. but that is also understandable to some extend. In terms of story telling it is an important part that the characters wear something that reflects their status( for example evelina...if she walked around in some kind of Bandit armor, that would be kinda weird oO).
    The Story: well, people can say what they want, but I actually liked it. Sure, it is not the most complex story there has ever been, but then there arent many games that even make it as far a DA:2. I liked that a lot of the Companion-,secondary- and side quests played into the main story line to some extend. Also, you've got to hand it to bioware. even if the story wasnt all thaaat complex it was very well staged with the tension building up until the end.
    now, my final point: the thing that annoyed me the most and where I couldnt find a reasonable explanation for....WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO TO THE INTERFACE??!!! I mean, its not like its too complex or anything, but it just doesnt fit into the setting at all. I liked it the way it was in origins. had a nice fantasy-ish feel to it. But this?? it looks like it was designed for SWTOR or ME3 but then it was decided that DA2 desperately needed some Sci-fi elements (?????) and thats what happened.

    Well, all in all though, I still enjoyed playing it through till the end alot. I mostly forgot about those thing that annoyed me at first while I was playing ( except for the interface >:O). And I think you cant say its a bad game just because its not as good or different from the first one. If there wouldnt have been a tag on the box saying " Dragon Age 2" I bet most people here wouldnt have been half as mad about the combat system etc. It would've probably been praised a a game that found the line between traditional RPGs and Hack n' Slay games Like the Diablo.
    Its not perfect, but its still very good.
  4. Mar 18, 2011
    With all these "negative reviews" I don't see where all the fuss is about. This is an amazing game! I just completed game on normal a few hours ago and now playing on nightmare mode which isn't breezing by. So far the DA2 has great story telling which kept me guessing through out the whole thing. The pause option provides you a more tactical view of the battlefield instead of blindly stumbling into a fight. If I wanted to play through a 1 button hack and slash game I would be playing Dynasty Warriors. I enjoyed the dialogue very much and having options to choose from instead of a set in stone story line. The cross combo tree lets you customize how the player wants to play. Instead of just do 1 thing and 1 thing only, I can DPS with an optional support role or crowd control. I enjoy the micro of the game between characters, why only use 1 character when you can manage 4 and control what they do. Good game, lots of fun, worth your money. Expand
  5. Mar 18, 2011
    Everything about this game has been improved. Combat, UI, and even the story. This is not a sequel, really. It's not Dragon Age : Origins 2.0. It's a story within a story. Pick it up.
  6. Mar 18, 2011
    What a waste. This could have been a great franchise. I love DA:O very much and regret every single cent spend on DA2. In a nut shell: the graphics are obviously better, but taking a closer look it's pretty clear: money was saved in production by receycling NPCs endlessly. Females (even parents) are ridiculously sexed up in order to serve a adulescent male consumer base. The controls and all relevant RPG aspects are seriosly dumbed down, "Consoleros" will find it great. Dungeons are mainly based on the same basic model reused over and over again.

    I'm sorry for every single cent and won't preorder any future Bioware Games. I despise the greed of the producers and my own naiveté. Believing Bioware would stick to the high quality standards of the series while it was able to cash in on a inexpensivly produced cash cow was plain dumb.

    I'm giving this game a score of 2.0 but metacritics system is not accepting it. (Error "Score (10.0) id must be a floating point number.") This leaves a fool taste...
  7. Mar 18, 2011
    MAIN PLOT: This game's storyline is a slow build, but once I got to Act 2 everything changed. I started appreciating the plot and the almost gentle progression. SIDE QUESTS: I dont think I've had so much fun playing the side quests before. I basically ignored most of them in DA1. COMPANIONS: (a) Voice Acting. Awesome. (b) Subplots. I like that we have subplots with them in every act. Fenris and Aveline's subplots were very well done and definitely memorable (and funny!). (c) Same-Sex Romance: I still feel the need to thank bioware for including this again and in full form.

    (c) Romance in General. I romanced Merril, and the only thing I kept thinking was that I wish I had a chance to talk to her more. I felt as through the romance was based on very limited dialogue (more like a mass effect 2 kind of romance as opposed to DA1). BUT the romance scene itself was so well executed that I forgot about how little I spoke with her before that. The pillow talk after the scene was *great* too! Also, as it goes with romance pacing, it was strange to have Merril move in after our first sex scene, especially since we weren't really dating or anything like that. And now that we've moved in, nothing is being said about it.

    (d) Dialogue: There feels like much less companion dialogue in this game. BUT I also like that I haven't exhausted the dialogue yet either. Being able to speak with your companions of the fly was nice. Merril has very few things to say about herself, the past or the Dalish. Also, I found the flirting lines with Merril really cheesy, and only did because I wanted to proceed with a romance.

    (d) Banter. Lots of good stuff here and with the number of companions, I don't think I'll ever hear all of the banter.

    (e) Character designs. I love how distinct everyone looks and acts. The new body types are great.

    (f) Comforting Hawke. I am soooo grateful that someone asks me how I am!

    (g) Companion Interactions. Its refreshing to see the companions visiting each other and seeking their guidance. Like everyone else, I love that dog is there. The fact that now I can ask a question to my party while in conversation with someone else is a good thing.

    THE WORLD: I have no problems with being in one city, but I guess I expected the city to change more than it does. I don't mind the reused areas too much. I'm fine with there being a few places you always visit (the bone pit and sundermount) but its when I go into other places that seem very similar to each other, that's when it loses flavour for me. I would have appreciated more fantastical locations (like in DA1 Sacred Ashes quest). I will insert thought that I love the fact that mines/maps/areas have multiple exits now and that leaving a dungeon is so much easier.

    (a) Companion Inventory: The fact that I can still equip my companions with their own weapons saved the day for me. If they were completely static, it would have been boring, but I am still able to upgrade their weaponry. As for their armour, I also like the idea of upgrades. I sort of wish I'd see the upgrades though, as a different colour of armour or *something*. The fact that I didnt have to equip the upgrades myself was nice too.

    (b) Junk: This container has gotten a lot of heat, BUT it does serve a purpose. i can now mark items as junk and sell them all with one button when I get to the store, how convenient is that? Very!

    TIME JUMPS: This left me feeling disconnected from the game. I believe its because I'm not filled in on what happened during the jump with myself or my companions (or perhaps the lack of control). The game tries to remind me that 3 years have passed, but its hard to "get into" that.

    ACTION: I loved the speed and looks of the action. This game is so much fun to play, now I actually enjoy the battles unlike in DA1. The skill trees are fun as well.

    Its hard to explain what this game is actually missing for me without saying its missing "charm" or "soul". What I think has happened to create that feeling is the mix of: 1) not enough companion dialogue/backstory/progression, with 2) the fact that I'm not sure why my companions are still following me around.

    In DA1 we were a group of people thrown together to save the world. Even though its not unique, the fact that we were drawn together and that we had that camp common space created a feeling of "we're in this together" and "us against the world" which is missing from DA2. In DA2 I just feel like "stuff happens" and maybe some of my companions will be around later. They, currently, don't feel integral to Hawke, not even my LI.
  8. Mar 18, 2011
    Playing this game makes me really want to play DA:O to see what the backlash against DAII is all about. For one, I found the combat in this game to be incredibly addictive. It is extremely fast-paced, but still requires you to pause the game frequently to issue orders to your companions. Like any good RPG, there is still a great deal of micro-management to be had: stats, skill trees, and equipment are all still there. You can't change your companions' armor, but that seems to have less to do with "streamlining" the gameplay and more to do with taking away the ability to change their in-game appearance, since the rest of their equipment is still customizable. What is a bit annoying is that much of the game's challenge comes from it throwing waves of cannon fodder enemies at you. It does make exploring the dungeons feel a bit more like you are playing a God of War style game and I can see why many fans would be disappointed in this regard, but it didn't bother me a whole lot.

    The biggest complaint I have with the game are the recycled dungeons and interiors. It really takes you out of the experience when you you realize that the cavern you are exploring is structurally IDENTICAL to the cavern you were exploring a half an hour ago, or when you enter a house that is identical to your hero's house, right down to the decor. This, more than anything, just seems like pure laziness on Bioware's part. I'd also like to know why they didn't make this a more open-world style game since the vast majority of it takes place within the walls of a single city and its outskirts. Instead, you get a handful of small, disconnected areas you reach by clicking their icon on the map screen. Would it have been that hard to connect them? Graphically, the game is pretty simple. Again, it seems like this was a lazy decision made just to get the game out faster and that's really unfortunate.

    Where I absolutely cannot fault the game is its storytelling and characters, both of which make Dragon Age II an experience I'm not likely to forget anytime soon. As for the story itself, it seemed pretty unfocused and I never really understood where the storyline was headed or if it was headed anywhere at all, but the frame narrative made me much more interested in finding out what would happen next. I was also surprised at how much I came to care about all of Hawke's companions after not caring at all about anyone in Mass Effect. I commend Bioware in particular for creating a great female character in the form of Aveline and for being much more inclusive than in their Mass Effect games by including male same-sex romance options.

    I enjoyed Dragon Age II immensely despite all the recycled interior areas. Yes, the game borrows certain elements from action games, but it is still much more of a true RPG than either Mass Effect 2 or Final Fantasy XIII. Not a total success like ME2, but not an abysmal failure like FFXIII, the game is still a very welcome refresh of a genre. If Bioware has put more effort into designing the game's world, it would be an easy 9 for me. As it is, it's still recommendable because the characters and the underlying gameplay are just so good, but I really hope Bioware doesn't try to cheat us like this in the future.
  9. Mar 18, 2011
    Game is awesome. Combat is still tactical like in Origins, just a bit faster-paced. Still awesome story and dialogue. So it isn't as awesome as DA:O, but almost nothing can be. It is still a great game, don't listen to all the hate.
  10. Mar 19, 2011
    I like the game. I enjoyed it, so it was worth the money to me. I think people are being unfair. It's very much worth a purchase for entertainment. Some of what people have posted here are myths about the game, having played it.

    I think the combat in Dragon Age: Origins (the original) was overrated. This combat is much faster but still reliant on the underlying character statistics. In
    DAO it was easy to potion spam, and be basically invulnerable, especially with the Arcane Mage class. With DA-II it is a little more difficult to have a single winning strategy. Movement seems far more important. One criticism, but it's by no means a show stopper, is the lack of a free camera or isometric few occasionally leads to oddities from the camera, which is annoying in the middle of a quite fast battle. The 'waves of attackers from nowhere' method of improving difficulty seems seems lazy versus facing NPCs and attackers with statistically determined attack profiles. Maybe there is. Doesn't feel like it though.

    The size of the weapons in the game is a bit cartoonish. It seems odd to have a grown-up plot and then have comic book style weapons. While the story falls into a few RPG cliches, it's not awful by any means. The voice acting is generally good. I thnk the game strikes a good balance between cinematic elements and interactivity. There do not seem to be as many outright deterministic conversations. The games RPG system does feel more like an MMORPG than something with its roots in tabletop gaming. Unlike say Fallout: New Vegas, which while some distance away from its GURPS roots, has that feel of total personalisation. This misses that satisfaction by hiding a great deal of the underlying derived statistics from the users, particularly with regards to enemies. This will actually please some people, who prefer MMORPG style questing. I'm neutral on the subject.

    Overall, if it weren't for the potential pricing of DLCs versus actuall add-ons, I'd say if you've got the cash it's a good few days of quality entertainment. I like it. I have yet to replay it, but I'm less hopeful of major plot differences based on my character. Simply because I don't feel the underlying statistics can affect speech/negotiations in the same way the current Fallout series does.

    Graphics wise, rather annoying to have to run beta drivers with a high-end NVIDIA card. I have installed the high-res textures pack and it does make a difference. But for a product making a point of being DX-11 enabled it hasn't got a particular wow factor and looks like a console port. It does the job though.

    Compared to many other current games I'd give this 8/10. Which is a must purchase for raw entertainment value. Rather than arguing about the particular direction they took. I like the fact it deviates and updates on DAO canon, if only because that will annoy DAO fans. I've given it 10/10 because it will annoy both DAO fans and others.
  11. Mar 19, 2011
    Is it great? No. Is it horrible? Absolutely not! It's fun, and mostly well-rounded. There are bugs and the game can be repetitive. (Worth more a 7 than an 8, but an 8 for all the h8trs.)
  12. Mar 21, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Game without soul.You have killed system rpg in game.Now, I am disappointed in your company.Ð Expand
  13. Mar 21, 2011
    Can't believe all the hate here.... Are on my second play through and not disappointed at all. Graphics are clearly improved from DAO, but the style is a bit different. Voice acting is good overall and generally on par with DAO, while the story in my opinion is better. The conversation wheel works fine and for me the voiced protagonist is much better than the silent expressionless glare of the warden. I didn't see the combat as "dumped" down. Its true that it's a bit easier on normal than DAO, but I still managed to die a couple of times and tactics are needed to win the harder battles - even on normal. On the downside, the combat can feel a bit rushed at times and the gore is way over the top. All in all not a perfect game, but still a great one (and just as good as DAO). Expand
  14. Mar 22, 2011
    I found the artwork absolutely gorgeous, and the interface extremely slick. Some things were 'streamlined' compared to the first, but I much preferred the new interface. Combat was still challenging and required strategic placement and use of skills - though I did miss friendly fire on Hard mode. I loved the new ability trees and crafting mechanics, which didn't feel like a chore. But what I really play Dragon Age for is the story. This one did not disappoint. It felt a bit slow at the start, since Act I is mostly building up your character through various tasks without really being able to see where it is going. The threads fairly quickly begin to weave together though, into very satisfying second and third acts. The story isn't quite as epic as the first one, but I think a more personal story is actually the better choice here, rather than a "save the world again" rehash. My character went through moments of tragic loss, impossible moral dilemmas, and a shocking betrayal. The new companions can give the old ones a run for their money, and having a protagonist that isn't silent is a big improvement in character interaction. Secondary characters are extremely well done; the Arishok was a particular favourite. Expand
  15. Mar 31, 2011
    Great action oriented, mixed with strategy elements, gameplay, Very strong storytelling, all new development Skill Tree. Loved the ability to evade an attack like an action game combined with the need of strategic gameplay (at least in Hard difficulty setting).
    People judge not for what it is but for what it could be. Game looks a lot like Mass Effect which was a huge success.
    This game
    can't get a score of 1. I understand for some it's a bad game, but it can't be THAT bad. Expand
  16. Apr 10, 2011
    The first mistake people make regarding DA2 is to think that it is the same as DA1, the game has been streamlined for the less devoted RPG fans. This game is made for the masses, and I love it. Yes it is not as long as DA1, yes it is not as complicated as DA1, but it is still a good game which you should not dismiss because you don't like the new combat system. This game is epic, I could not stop playing since the moment I sat down to play it. Stop judging and just play, you will enjoy it. Expand
  17. May 17, 2011
    Baldurs Gate, Planescape Torment and now Dragon Age 2. This pinnacle of RPG's has taken the storytelling and interactive combat to another level. Its smooth combat aided by the future generation of quicktime events proves that turn-based RPG's are a thing of the past. Extreme unprecedented level of detail makes the cities feel alive and it makes it feel like you are living in the game.
  18. May 17, 2011
    No longer bound by the aging cRPG format, Bioware presents the greatest RPG of the decade if not the entire genre. Kirkwall is a living breathing city that evolves based on the decisions you make through your ten year rise to power as Hawke one of the most dynamic and charismatic leads ever created in any form of media. Coupled with the deeply strategic and visceral gameplay there is only one word sufficient to describe this game: Awesome! Expand
  19. Jun 8, 2011
    Where is BioWare I ask ? BG2 is the best cRPG in the history but then it gets worse and worse,
    and ends with DA2 a total downfall. Dunno if gamers gets more stupid or just devs think that we have no more sense of beauty and brain to spam us with crap that is on a monkey level,
    arise with BG3 or ....
  20. Jun 2, 2011
    How come game developers decided that if a game is successful the sequel should be dumbed down? It used to be the other way round - remember ancient great games such as: Warcraft (version II much better than I), Command and Conquer, Civilization, Myth and, Bioware own, Baldur Gate? While Baldur Gate II was a great game the sequel i.e. Neverwinter Nights was mediocre even though the graphics were much improved. The story line was not interesting, the humor was gone, the likeable characters were gone (Minsk, Jan) - the player just walked around whacking everything that moved.
    Now, the idea of "whacking everything" in a Dungeons and Dragons type game is not new - it was perfected in Diablo II (and some other games) and rehashing it in Dragon Age II was not a great idea. I have bought the game recently and was able to finish it on "normal" difficulty without dying once (or loosing a character). Bottom line: not very interesting, too easy, too dumbed down - an overall disappointment.
  21. Jun 4, 2011
    Actually DA2 is what DA1 should be and the biggest disappointment is the disconnection between those two. DA1 had a far more flat story, huge problems with the camera, non-voiced player character dialogues etc. etc. It's main advantage was it's 'Baldurness' which - let's face it - has little room in modern RPGs.
    The problem with the whole DA series is, that it actually introduces nothing
    fresh: romance copied from Mass Effect, steering from Baldur's Gate + 3D, Grey Wardens concept from The Witcher, DA2 story (templar-mages confilct) from The Witcher, DA2 dialogue concept on Mass Efect and so on...
    Nothing new to combat...

    DA2 advantages - quite coherent story, interesting characters,
    DA2 disadvantages - walking same-looking locations over and over again...
  22. Jun 14, 2011
    I was pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoyed this game, my friends had convinced me to play it. I tried the demo for the 360 version and didn't like the controls. Tried the PC version and found it much more comfortable to use. The first game seemed very dull, long, and tedious by comparison. Thus my hesitation with picking up the sequal. I loved the characters and the story the most in DA2. There are a lot of strong female characters in this game and there are actually homosexual relationships for the male protagonist. Most of the previous Bioware games I've played have reserved homosexuality for the female protagonist. Dragon Age 1 had just one. Dragon Age 2 has two. Overall the game did not feel like it was meant only for the straight, white male demographic like many games out there are. The game is progressive with the fact that Bioware is clearly recognizing that the video game audience is growing and changing. I applaud them for going against the video game norm.

    The story takes a leap from the typical, predictable Bioware story. There are clear indications they tried to use influences from the Mass Effect series, however a lot of it such as the voiced protagonist and the dialogue wheel was a very good thing. The scenery could stand to have some variation and more creativity put into it. The ending felt a little rushed and if one is not careful, it's extremely easy to trigger it before you're ready by simply reading a message.

    Overall, I wouldn't call it game of the year, but it is an enjoyable game to be considered. I have and will continue to recommend it to customers and friends.
  23. Jun 15, 2011
    It is perhaps impossible to review Dragon Age 2 without making comparisons to its predecessor. Dragon Age: Origins was a stunning achievement in late 2009, winning multiple game of the year awards and lauded as one of the best RPGs of the generation. Considering the daunting tasks that the game had to achieve and how well it succeeded - creating an immersive setting, establishing a fun and tactical gameplay system, and building a strong fanbase for future games to capitalize on - it's no wonder that the game took 5 years for the RPG veteran Bioware to complete.

    Comparatively, Dragon Age 2 was released in March of 2011, less than 1.5 years from the release of the original in November of 2009.

    That was probably the first clue that something was wrong.

    See the full text of the review here:
  24. Jul 20, 2011
    Well I just got done with the game (ah the joys of the long 4th of July weekend). I am someone who loved DA:O and wrote a glowing review on it. Frankly I liked DA2 more and find it hard now to go back to DA:O anymore. I just don't really understand the hate for this game but than everyone is entitled to their views. When I play games I am looking for some good, fun times and really not any kind of serious challenges or overly complex tactical scenarios maybe because my real life already has all that and games to me are mechanism of fun escapism and DA2 fits the bill here perfectly. I am currently on my second play through as a mage and it's again fun so far playing a different class and I am not bored or anything. I think Bioware kind of fumbled really bad on the marketing of this game. This is not a true sequel but rather a stand alone rpg set in the world of DA:O. I guess if they would have positioned the game correctly it may not have suffered the kind of wrath it did. Now that being said the game in my view has been trashed sometimes unfairly bordering on hate for the sake of hate just because it's not a clone of DA:O. A lot has been said on this game so I am going to keep my review concise and highlight what I liked and disliked about the game. The game does have some Cons but the Pros far exceed them. PRO's: 1) The graphic engine (with the high texture patch) is leagues ahead of the original. The buildings, interiors, exteriors, dungeons, armor, cut-scenes etc. look beautifully rendered and highly detailed in my view. 2) The voiced protagonist lends a more cinematic and personal feel to the game. One of my complaints with the original game was the disconnect I felt with my silent Grey Warden and DA:O to me felt backwards coming to play it after ME2. The conversation wheel in my view makes it more stream-lined to follow the story of the quest and it is much more intriguing to see what Hawke will actually say which lends to a more cinematic feel. 3) The story line of the game feels more personal as it is the story of Hawke rising to fame & glory from rags. It doesn't have the epic feel of clear-cut good vs evil fight of the original but it does appeal to me more in the form of my (Hawke) story line amidst all the political and other schemes going on. 4) The combat system is indeed a real improvement over DA:O. I many times thought of giving up on DA:O just because the combat was slow, sluggish and boring. DA2 combat is lot more fun, faster plus the animations are real good, and funny sometimes (I can never have enough of those exploding enemies hehe). Playing a warrior in DA2 was lot more fun than it was in the original. 5) The banter between the companions is back and is better than ever. Try to put Isabella with other ladies and hear the amusing fireworks. Sometimes it's quite fun to be had. :) CONS: 1) Repeated use of the same maps. Initially it doesn't matter much but as you are in Act 2 and up you do begin to notice this. Frankly DA:O used the same recycled maps in most interior dungeons but the game did had us travel to different locations which eased the fact that interior dungeons were recycled. I think in DA2 having the player just stay in and near Kirkwall exacerbated this feeling greatly. I hope in DA3 Bioware really pays attention to this fact. 2) Limited ability to equip the party members. I am 50/50 on it. In DA:O though initially i liked dressing up my party members but later it just became a irritating hassle. I am somewhat glad they toned it down in DA2 but i think they toned it down too much. I think I should be allowed to equip my party members with basic armor and weapons of all kind without any restrictions. Bioware should address this too in DA3. 3) A bit too overt gay angles in the game. I mean it looks like almost all male characters wants to start a romance while it takes quite a effort to work on the females party members (except Isabella ofcourse). Very soon whether it was the optimal configuration or not my team members were all females hehe. In all I ended my journey of DA2 on a happier note, felt my money spent was worth it and looking forward to DLC's and DA3. Now if Bioware can combine what made DA2 great like the voiced protagonist, the new combat system with DA:O epic story line and customization options they might make amends to the offended fan base and have a hit rpg once again. Expand
  25. Jul 30, 2011
    I understand how people are quite upset since the story is different as to the story in DAO. Never the less I loved this game, like I loved Origins. 10/10 for sure
  26. Aug 11, 2011
    Hey , I dont like posting/checking user review online because very often I tend to disagree with them, Dragon Age 2 is no exception... Here is my quick take on the game: Granted Im disaapointed on a few level with the game (because ya we have to compare it to the first one), but all and all I realy enjoyed the game, so here are my reason why I liked it and why I didnt. So the fact that they removed the tactictal view is frustrating at time to say the least, each time you click a protrait its centers the view on that charcater wich is a bit annoying because you never can get a general view of the damm thing. The massive reuse of asset, by the beginning of ACT II you start to remember that you ve seen some of the dungesons/cave (some a lot) and it get worst as the game progress, dont mind that the action is centered in one big city but please add variety so we dont the same corrirdor everywhere and more location outside that we dont go 20 times (small exageration here) by the same passage/corridor. And my last negative item is a bit of a mix feeling, the dumbing down of RPG element like removing the ability to thinker with companion Armor, realy bugged me at first but in the end I forgave the game because I liked searching everywhere to find those damm upgrade, but please dont do it again in the next installement or give us the choice to disable it if we want to equip companion ourselves. Now to the good, the heroe has a voice, witch doesnt seem big but is a big help on the immersion factor, I was much involve emotionally wih my companions than in origins, due in part how the story is told, in other part because some origins companions returned, some as new companions and some other as cameo, but mainly I was realy sad to see that I lost one of my companion for the better part of the game, and well without giving anything away, well some have chocking trutch behind them and some die + I liked the fact that you charter evolves through serveral years, made the relationship more meaningfull for me.. I didnt find as some people said that your missing some information between acts, but thats me and I like Varric as the Narrator telling what happened to the seeker on a one on one interrogation, those moment are not too frequent but it give a sense of mistery to the game, but the main focuse here is the journey of the Hawks, the benter between companions are pretty funny, from those I remebered I liked way better than those of originis, espically those between Isabelle and Merill (youll see) :), oh and last bit while I didnt like that fact that I couldnt zoom out ot have a general view of the battlefield, I like very much the new combat system, more focus, action packed. The attributes screen ares alos way more efficient, every stats are weel explained and shows what derives stats it will improved, I also like that they did with the revamp of the abilities, like it better like that... and while some say the graphics are horrible, I found to see a lot less "fuziness" on charcater and the scenery is definitely an imporvement... Expand
  27. Jan 19, 2012
    I recently got this game plus the downloadable content for a xmas present. I was quite surprised at how much I enjoyed the game. I liked the evade in combat that Bioware added to the game. I am surprised at the negative comments.
  28. Aug 29, 2011
    I can't believe I put in over 2000 hours playing DA:O! I expected to love this one, too. I liked the look, and the story, and in the end I would say the combat is somewhat improved. Too much change for change sake, reminds me of dogs marking their territory. Too much increasing of the challenge. Not sure if they are trying to appeal to FPS players or hide a shorter story, but it ruined the replayability. I may never hit 250 hours of game play. Expand
  29. Sep 23, 2011
    1st and foremost, taken on it's own merit, dragon age 2 is a good game. It tries to do a lot of things different from its predecessor and it has mixed success. Giving it a score of anything below a 5 is ridiculous. Why? Because it's still a good rpg. Having said that, there are things that stand out as annoying. I didn't like the constant reuse of dungeon areas but it wasn't a deal breaker. The choices you make don't really effect a huge proportion of the story either. Certain events are inevitable and the choices that have some presumable impact don't do it on the scale we saw in origins with choices effecting allies we could call upon in the end of the game. It's still a good game after the fact. Party members can still have their abilities and skills tailored if not their outfits. You have to play Hawke but it's not a bad thing. I find it difficult to see how dragon age 2 is continually slated and the Witcher 2 gets away with a lot less. For instance dragon age 2's controls are far more intuitive and easier to customize. If you play the Witcher 2 you have to exit the game before being able to effectively customize keyboard controls. Combat is even less strategic than da2 and party customization is non existent given that Geralt is a one man show. I think it's important to compare the two. Both are good games with there own faults but da2 is taking a lot of flack for not being dragon age origins 2. I enjoy da2 and I replay it a fair bit. It's definitely different, from the experience of dragon age origins but trying something a bit different is sometimes a good thing. Don't be put off by scores less than 5 in my opinion. It may not have been the dragon age 2 everyone was hoping for but it's still worthy of a good long play through or two.

    Unless of course not being able to change your party's outfits drastically, turns you emo
  30. Nov 8, 2011
    I played the first game, which was amazing and unique. I loved the story and the gameplay, the sound and the graphics and the characters! And I had high expectations for Dragon Age 2 (DA2). However, I was surprised that they tried to make the game more action packed for the more causal gamer. The graphics have been improved and they have added a story that is more like a movie. The story telling is very typical Bioware which I always enjoyed, but I found that the impact of my decisions had less effect then in the previous game. The characters were also not as well built (no backstory, don't really get in touch with the personalities like in the first game). The gameplay is okay if you enjoy fast action/adventure type games, as opposed to the traditional 'pause' and lets plan our next move...which has been the tradition. Gamers who enjoyed the old system may be quite disappointed (hence the negative reviews). Overall a pretty okay game, but overshadowed by its predecessor. (Score 7.0) Expand
  31. Jun 4, 2013
    All in all, Dragon Age 2 isn't a bad game, but I could never shake the feeling that the game would've been better suited as an expansion pack. There are probably about 10-15 hours of Bioware quality content that doesn't feel like filler amidst the MMO-like pedestrian quests (Playing this after The Old Republic couldn't have helped that feeling one bit); if they had cut off the fat and delivered a more focused title I believe this game would've been much better off. Still, I don't regret playing it, and the moments of greatness pulled me through the moments of mundanity. Origins remains the far superior title, but if you absolutely love the Dragon Age universe you're missing out on quite a bit of good stuff if you decide to skip the second outing.

    Score: 6/10
    Time to beat: 37 hours doing all but two quests
    Play this if: You love the Dragon Age universe and don't mind a few filler quests
  32. Oct 16, 2013
    So the story is great and I would love to give it a better score but, the rest of the game is kind of a step back from DA:O thanks to the short development cycle (unless you hate iso tactical battles, DA 2 is much more action filled combat wise).

    Enemies are done via waves, very annoying and doesn't add tactical depth
    Art assets are reused like crazy. There's only 2 or 3
    dungeons, 2 houses, and a warehouse that gets reused all game long
    No ability to create your own character. You will be a human from a set family, all you can pick is class and looks.
    The Mass Effect convo wheel has been added giving misleading information about what your character will actually say when picked
    Very linear. You can explore maps but the extra areas are just hall ways/rooms
    Short for an RPG, took me about 25 hours to do everything

    I found the story to be epic. I knew the Templar/Mage setup from DA:O had issues

    TL;DR if you played DA:O and liked it, you'll probably want to at least try this on sale to see the build up to DA: I. If you like the combat from The Witcher, you can probably stomach this.
  33. Feb 5, 2012
    OK here it is ...

    It plays like a MMORPG and made it single player. But the AI is not good enough to act like other players, so they let you do so for combat. Now that being said, the combat is so fast, and the AI sucks so much that you will continually die to your stupid party mates.

    They found that out, so they let you "recover" or some such so every time you die becasue the party AI
    is so bad, you can at least come back.

    But really why a MMO for a single player? I mean really we WANT TO DO cool combat stuff on our own, not just push a key when it it is not greyed out.

    Next, in this day and age we can load a HUGE world (like SKYRIM), why are we in this game only able to go to a shot list of area's?

    And even then, the running to an area made us aware of our "locality" in a world. With this game it feels like levels on a causal game map, not like were in an epic adventure.

    I did not try it without the high textures download. but one of the nice things is the great graphics. The story is fun, but when I am in it it makes me feel like I am just a bit part.

    It is a BIG step down from their last game and I am glad I got it on sale, so wasting a few hours didn't feel so bad.
  34. Mar 20, 2012
    Dragon Age 2 has been very much criticized by fans of the first game, and I understand why. It's true that the areas in the game are way to few and that the story and characters aren't as good, but I enjoyed this game a lot. It may not be one of my favourite rpg's, but it provides at least 40 hours of content. I'm not saying the game is flawless, cause the combat is certainly not as good as the previous one. It's less tactical and more like an mmo, but it's still fun to control 4 characters at once, and the boss battles are probably a little better. There's also better graphics, voice acting and music, and all in all it's actually a pretty good game Expand
  35. Mar 23, 2012
    Not as good as DA:O but still a lot of fun to play, besides the recicled caves and endless waves.

    The voiced PC gives the game a lot more depth and I also liked the faster combat and the more personal story.
  36. Apr 2, 2012
    I am really baffled by the strongly negative reviews that have been posted. I thought the game was very much in the spirit of DA:O, but with improved graphics and gameplay. I logged over 100 hours on nightmare, going back through multiple times to try different builds and plot developments. I was a huge fan of the cross-class combinations, finding it an improvement over the spells-only combos of DA:O; playing as a rogue and backstabbing staggered enemies was extremely satisfying. The writing was just as good as any Bioware production--some parts of the main plot were a little clumsy and the scope of the plot wasn't as epic as DA:O by nature of its set-up, but it had good pacing and coherence. Party dialogue was also great. I found the characters extremely compelling and felt very attached to every recruitable companion. I've heard of people avoiding the game because of the negative fan feedback, which is unfortunate; even if people think the game doesn't live up to DA:O, it certainly doesn't deserve a 0, 1, or 2. It's solid and enjoyable, warranting at least one playthrough, and can easily suck up a lot of time and provide a lot of fun if players are completionists or like broody elves. Expand
  37. Oct 8, 2013
    Well you guys, I loved it. The characters, music and setting were all spot on. My only qualms about it was that it didn't develop much in the lore, because obviously the first Dragon Age was the first game and introduced a whole new world of fantasy to me as well as only being able to choose the one race to play as. The combat was a vast improvement where attacks felt more powerful and the skill tree was much more tightly focused with less useless "filler" spells. I think the only reason people hated this is because Bioware took the game in a different direction and focused on the one city and a genuinely unique story this time around instead of the clichéd "evil horde, one saviour to stop it" plot. PC gamers don't like change, which is why new things bomb. Dragon Age 2 actually put me in mind of Planescape in many regards since it's setting revolves around the one central hub, which is the city of Kirkwall, and a lot of the enjoyment from the game stems from your companions, all of whom were excellent in DA2 and easily the equal to, if not superior to those seen in Origins. Even Anders was given a much needed overhaul so he's not just an Alistair clone this time around. Expand
  38. May 6, 2012
    THE GOOD: Combat is more fluid and abilities make more sense than DA1. Scripting the characters works also better. Story is fine, characters are interesting. THE BAD: The game mainly plays in a city. It looks like it has different buildings, but in reality its just one house. Whenever you enter a mansion, its exactly the same from inside. Oh, a door is barred here, and you enter through the cellar, but its still the same house. There is one cave in the game. Well there are multiple caves, but from inside its THE SAME. You enter from a different direction, a rock slide blocks a path you could walk in "the other" cave. But its exactly the same map. There's that hill. Well there's multiple hills, but you get it. You're basically exploring the same area from a different entrance point, and some passages blocked off here and there. There's several Warehouses in the city as well. They're all the same. One word comes to mind: LAZY. Yeah, I felt kind of ripped off, cheated. Like the thought I wouldn't notice. Well I did. Another bad thing is that combat consists of waves of enemies popping out of nowhere. Suddenly they're there. You kill them and *pop* another group pops out of thin air and is beating your healer up. I really hated those two aspects. I really really hated the lazy repeated environment. This alone is the reason why I discontinue buying DA. This bores me immensely when "exploring" the world consits in entering the same places, pretending I'm somewhere else. If I want to pretend something, I won't buy a game for it. I'll just pretend. Expand
  39. May 28, 2012
    The good: fluid, enjoyable combat; good characters; involving storytelling; nice character progression system.
    The bad: almost no replayability; the story leaves you at a rather awkward moment, leaving blatant room for a sequel; some strange gearing mechanics (like the sets that nobody will ever bother to collect; not many actual dragons(?).
    The ugly: constantly reused environments.
  40. Aug 8, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. There are some improvements in combat visuals, and the mechanics is a lot easier to handle, which attract newcomers to the DA series. But for those who enjoy the complex combat system of DA:O (I consider myself one of them) some disappointment might come from this game.
    The game is not a brilliant achievement in graphics (and sometimes it does disappoint, in trees, buildings and the sky) but the characters are pretty well modeled. Reusing locations is also a bad thing that must be noted.
    The storyline could be better, its true. This game is basically babysitting a huge city and (the final act of the game) witnessing what will be the story for DA:Inquisition.
    The quests are pretty entertaining, but the secondary characters can sometimes be quite forgettable.
    Conclusion: Dragon Age 2 is a GOOD game, but it falls short of DA:Origins.
  41. Jul 19, 2013
    Dragon Age II is a very enjoyable experience. It has a greatly refurbished combat system that feels like DA:O while still improving on the clumsiness of the original, it feels smooth and enjoyable and significantly faster paced then the original. The story, while not following the grey wardens, is both well written with plenty of references to the DA:O story. The characters are well designed, and even though you are stuck in one city, the city feels vibrant and interesting. A great game to get if you want to get into Dragon Age or you played the first one and want more to do in the same universe. Expand
  42. Aug 13, 2012
    Stunning game, superb story and characters, and combat is faster and flows better than Origins. Has a few issues with reuse of environments etc. but doesn't detract from the games brilliance. A must for roleplaying fans.
  43. Sep 24, 2013
    It was a solid game. The gameplay was just as good as the first game, the dialog was better, your actions have direct consequences later in the game (as you should expect from a Bioware game), and it was a lot of fun. My only real complaint is that they recycled maps so much. Every cave in the game is the same, only with some passages shut off. Same goes for mansions in Hightown, back alleys in Low Town, and Deep Roads areas. I also really like the endgame, it's exciting and sets the tone for the next game in the series. Expand
  44. Feb 19, 2013
    There is mixed feelings on this game, as it not a "true" rpg, but after a while the game grew on me. I must also say, that this game now only cost just under 20USD which makes it good value for money. However had I paid full retail for this game I would most likely give it 5.5 or 6/10. But for 20USD this is a good game and the storyline is good, not mass effect good, but good.
  45. Mar 17, 2014
    I've played it mostly for the plot. I am preparing for DA: Inquisition. This game is much worst than Origins. Simpler, poorer and making impression that developers were in a hurry. Many times You have to travel through the same maps. Main plot is concentrated around one big city. Even big bosses aren't very challenging. It is totally not as good as in the E3 trailer. RPG elements are also much weaker than in DA:O.
    But despite all issues it is still good 40h of worthy game. If You like the climate of DA You should definitely play it. Class balance is better than before and npc are finally doing something smart. Characters are nice, plot quite good, music great, and graphics still nice. Worth of trying before DA:I premiere.
  46. May 2, 2013
    More like Dragon Age Episodes.
    If DA O was like a tasty soup, then consider DA 2 a watered down version of that same soup. Hence my rating doesn't go lower, because there is still some goodness left. enough to enjoy the game. Still, here comes the bad:
    So what happened? It honestly appears as though EA has twisted Bioware's nuts and asked them to make a sequel in such a short time. The
    main problem in Da 2 is the content, or rather the lack of it. 3 different stories occur and then the third one leads to a cliffhanger ending. Choice system this time is annoying this time which leads to the mages screwing up no matter what you choice is. Half the character roster is annoying and we are limited to 1 city (which still manages to be repetitive in itself).

    But i guess there is enough good that will still make DA O fans play this. For other ppl, pick up DA O instead its a better game
  47. Apr 29, 2013
    i'm giving it 2, because i had so high hopes for this thing, i didn't even want to find anything about it in advance at it turned to that crap. of-course there are several things i like but due to critics way too high reviews i can't give 6/7 as i first thought just above average. might have been worth 7/8 without DA Origins
  48. Feb 6, 2014
    Let me start by saying that I first played this on Xbox 360, then PC, THEN played the first game. The PC version, while better looking, didn't seem optimized control wise for this game. The console version just seemed ... better. Some very interesting things here still, not a BAD game at all, but it is the worst incarnation of DA I've played outside of EA's attempt at a flash game version.
  49. Aug 20, 2013
    This game is classic 'two sides of a coin' to me. The graphics, the dungeons, the changes in the races suck for me. Badly. The new combat system worked fine with me, as I played the game quite a time and didn't compare it anymore to part 1. But I loved the story, I loved the feeling that I'm not really the star of this game. That all the other characters had lives of their own, which did not always involve me. I really enjoyed that I with all good intentions walked kneedeep and deeper into That's what this game really made special for me.

    I think, without EA Dragon Age 2 would have been one of the best RPGs I ever played.
  50. Jul 18, 2014
    How the mighty have fallen. Dragon Age II marked the end of Bioware as a serious RPG developer. This is a long winded dating simulation game. Huge amounts of resources have been wasted in cut scenes and NEVER-ENDING blather about the sexual politics of the NPCs. Everything else in the game has been totally neglected. There is not even a city to explore. Only one dungeon, re-used for all encounters. Limited and impaired loot. Limited and impaired encounters. A 'new' art style so much worse than the old one. And a story that railroads the player into a single (horrible) 'Hawke' character. Dragon Age Origins was good but flawed. This game is WORSE in ALL areas. One can conclude that if fan wrath about this game contributed to new management in Bioware that MAY be a good thing. Cross your fingers for Inquisition. 2014 will allow us to see if Bioware still has what it takes as they go into direct contest with Larian (Divinity Original Sin) and Obsidian (Pillars of Eternity).

    We pray for a Bioware redemption of course! All the best Edmonton!

  51. Apr 11, 2014
    Before I start, I play games to enjoy them, not to criticize. AND THIS IS NOT DRAGON AGE ORIGINS!!! Very very very different game but i still really liked it borderline loved it. Positives I do like the dialog wheel much better than DAO's list. Absolutely loved the social conflict between the Mages and Templars. Preferred the combat. Despite no tactical view. Loved having voiced protagonist!!!

    Only being able to be human, while I am ok with that (due to the fact I like a voiced protagonist) it takes a lot of replay value away that DAO had witch made that game great.

    No tactical view. Though i prefer the combat in this one compared to DAO, when you play a nightmare play-through, you NEED tactical view!

    Not really a faithful sequel, it changed a little to much from DAO.

    Fourth, and my biggest gripe with this game that made me what to stop playing my second time threw, was the size of Kirkwall and how they reused areas. I would rather a game take another year to finish then to due what they did here. I would assume most people would have overlooked all it slights if it didn't reuse map after map. Come on Bioware change it up a bit! It was the must frustrating thing in the DA franchise, even more frustrating then the FADE!!!!
  52. Nov 7, 2013
    - Love the new gameplay
    - Good character customization
    - Voiced MC
    - Choices
    - Faster gameplay


    - Will never be as good as the first BUT i still recommend giving this game a try if you're really into RPGs
  53. Nov 14, 2013
    Graphics: The graphics are definetly an improved compared to the previous game, and the blood couldn’t look any better. Character models look smooth, environments look okay. It’s not the best looking game out, but it still looks great. 9.
    Sound: The soundtrack has some moments but overall it’s not as good as the themes from Dragon Age origins. 9.
    Gameplay: The gameplay is an
    improvement from the previous game, but also some elements are missing. It plays similar to Dragon Age origins but a lot faster paced, and casual. The mechanics are much more fluid, meaning every hit is now more realistic, and the spells look a lot more action packed. Some of the new specs are great and like Origins I played a rogue, and the gameplay felt much better and more simplified (one of the reasons for the hate of this game). I enjoyed every last moment of the game, and I highly recommend this title. This is an excellent sequel but it does have its fall points. Unlike origins, when you meet a group of enemies and you kill all of them on screen, the game feels the need of spawning more enemies that drop in from random spots around you. This makes the game more frustrating and annoying. Another fall point is the fact that every place you travel is within and around Kirkwall, meaning you will revisit the same areas over and over again, and the funny thing is, the maps become undiscovered even though you fully explored it 3 times earlier. 9.
    Story: I enjoyed the story of Dragon Age 2, and I did import all of my decisions from the previous DA:origins/awakening/witch hunt, and you get the idea. It is amazing how moments in the game you meet up with familiar faces. Bioware has always been known for its fantastic storytelling, and connect from a previous game to the next. Only one fall point was that in Origins I never recruited or interacted with Leliana, and in Dragon Age 2 supposedly she helped the hero of Feraldin. The game follows Hawke instead of your previous imported character, which could also be a fall point, but the fact that Hawke is an amazing character, makes this acceptable. The story always progresses nicely, although you never know your main end game goal, just playing through the story is quite fun. The ending leaves room from a 3rd, and I cannot wait. 9.
    Lasting Appeal: Definitely worth getting, I bought the game and played all the expansions as well, definitely worth playing Mark of the Assassin and Legacy. The exiled prince is also a nice addition to the story. I won’t separate them into impressions because they aren’t known as other campaign like DA:Origins had it. Either way if you haven’t played this game, it is worth getting. 10.
    Overall Score: 9.2 out of 10.
  54. Feb 17, 2014
    sure thing. this is not dragon age origins. what we loved about the first part is a total mess in da2. the other way around, everything not so cool about dragon age origins is made perfect in the second part. the teamfights for example are one of the best ive seen in strategic rpgs. the talent- trees are much better than in the first part and specially as mage i got addicted in lvling up.
    no question, story and characters are lousy compared to his predecessor. but if you see this game just as a good strategic rpg simulation you got a good game. there are not much games outthere with such good combat-simulation. shame, the other stuff went wrong.
  55. Jun 10, 2014
    DA2 is a game for those who want more action. It is far easier than DAO which is a good thing for those who play for the story rather than a constant challenge. Combat is fast and fun, although with less emphasis on tactics than DAO. This is NOT a game for those who want a challenging, classic RPG like DAO. The Good: - Fast, fun combat, closer to Mass Effect than DAO - Decent story - Interesting characters
    - The player character is voice acted
    - Enhanced graphics over DAO (still not incredible and not as good as ME3)

    The Bad:
    - The UI seems to have undergone a significant downgrade from DAO and can be confusing
    - Because of the more linear story, character customisation is also a downgrade
    - Item stats can be hard to compare and seem like random numbers
    - Items are either pure crap, or incredibly overpowered, the DLC items are especially overpowered.
    - You cannot customise the armour of your party members
    - Very boring environments that are used over and over
    - Absolutely terrible female walk animation. It looks more like a horrific disco dance move that would cause joint injury than an actual walking anim. Fortunately this can be fixed with a mod.

    Overall this game is a downgrade from DAO, but is worth the price when on sale for the minor improvements and more fun gameplay (It is worth about 60% of its price at best).
  56. Feb 8, 2014
    Well, the combat IS better. Kind of. Faster, with more colors, mages are no longer helpless weaklings... The rest is much worse than in DA:O.

    Skill trees are chaotic, GUI is designed with "click as much as you can" motto in mind... And the locations. One single city, two outdoor locations, two dungeons, repeating over and over again (with different names and different doors locked so
    while it is still the same, you always get lost).

    Enemies are most funny. In DA:O you came into full room and cleaned it. Here, you venture into empty room (they all are) and the enemies start coming from all directions, including the mile long corridor, you just cleaned. And from walls. Which is OK in the city and hilarious in caves. The idea of 100 bandits, hanging by the ceiling, waiting for their 10 fellas to die before sending another 10-men wave to get slaughtered... Boooooring...
  57. Feb 8, 2014
    If you loved Dragon Age: Origins, as I do, then DO NOT play Dragon Age II. It is in every way worse than its predecessor, and in fact the only reason I didn't quit in apathy and disgust was that the third installment might be good again and I want to know what happened. It in fact makes playing DA:O less enjoyable because it so trivializes enemies that were built up to be interesting, difficult, and unique in the original. There's not plot to speak of, and what plot is there is so railroaded that despite all the dialogue options there aren't really any choices that matter other than your character can be happy about what happens or not. The dialogue 'choices' are pathetic and without nuance, and hardly ever react in a human way. The main character has no motivation or development, or any traits at all other than being a really effective mercenary. The main plot threads seem to almost try to keep you from choosing to follow them since they seem like just side quests at first and often go completely against the Hawke character's interests to the point that I would never have done them except that the game eventually made it clear I could not progress until they were complete. The visual backgrounds are reused so often that you'd think they would have put more time into them in the first place, and the game design is so insultingly lazy that they just throw a cart in front of a cave entrance and pretend it's a new location without a cave.To be fair, the companions are fairly interesting and their subplots have actual plots that are sometimes interesting, and their banter is probably the only element up to the Bioware standard. The Qunari are interesting, though once again you have no real choices in how to deal with them. They are probably the one visual redesign from DA:O that doesn't look worse than the original (the darkspawn, by contrast, are done so poorly that they can't be taken seriously). If you really want to know what happened during this shoddy prelude to DA3: Inquisition, I strongly suggest just watching the cut scenes on youtube since you'll get the same result without the drudgery of fighting yet hundreds more undeveloped enemies who want to kill you for no reason even though your only character trait is that everyone knows you can kill anyone. Expand
  58. Feb 21, 2014
    The obvious reasons: A puréed combat system, dialog that, too often, doesn't say anything close to what option you pick (and often has unforeseen consequences), reused locations (they seriously thought closing off one passageway in the same map I've been through 20 times was going to make me think I'm in a new map?).. storyline was atrocious... mostly for the weak tie-ins to the great game that preceded it, changing the art style, the look of the Qunari, the feel of your companions, and so forth and so on... etc. etc. I feel like a jilted love. "Let me count the ways in which I hate thee..."

    I say the positive too, of course. The graphics were pretty good, albeit really weak for fighting and magic animations.

    It is obvious this was nothing more than a quick money grab. And, it is hilarious how games studios never consider gamer backlash. Goodwill is a small line on a company's balance sheet, and execs overlook it and its significance constantly. And no, it is not where they donate used clothes. It's how they keep track of things like how loyal their customer base is.

    Anyways, there's almost twenty-two hundred bad reviews on here. I doubt anybody other than myself will get around to even reading this one. Just my middle finger to Bioware. But I bought this garbage game around release day... and if I want to attempt playing it ever again to see if there was anything redeemable in there I can't because Origin sucks and says I never bought it. So, they still got the last laugh.
  59. Apr 12, 2014
    It's funny, but I didn't play this game at release due to all the bad user reviews it was getting but recently decided to do a play through before DA:I is released. I wish I'd followed my own usual advice and ignored the Internet. Hell, I'm even beginning to wonder if people weren't trolling the game at release. This game was fun. Decent story, good characters, great voice actors and a better inventory/power management system made this a very enjoyable experience. Was it DA:O? No, definitely not. But as it's own game it was a great deal of fun to play. I'd recommend this game any time. Expand
  60. May 2, 2014
    I wasn't going to create an account but this game deserves some more positive comments!
    At first, I hated it. Camera was annoying and at first the game was boring and scenery was similar everywhere and all that is true.
    BUT! In the end I still really liked the game. You got used to camera and all battle movements were beautiful and exciting, (especially Fenris. And mage's movements were
    cool) and even tho some of you deny it, but the game looked really pretty.
    I'm not experienced gamer, my difficulty was set for normal and I admit most of the battles were pretty easy but I liked it that way and if I had set it to hard or nightmare it would have been much harder.
    At first when the game started I felt like I was just watching a movie and I didn't really connect with my Hawke at all. it didn't really feel like it was MY character and MY story. But as the game went on that feeling disappeared and I really started to like what my Hawke was becoming.

    And for the story, I really liked my companions (Varric and Fenris you were the best) and I liked the plot when it finally started. I loved that I got to meet some origins/awakening characters again. I would have wanted to have more conversations with everyone and about trivial things not just when plot needed it, that's one of the game's biggest flaws for me.

    I truly don't think this game deserves so harsh comments. I spent +50 hours on it and enjoyed the game very much. It isn't a game I won't be playing the game again any time soon, because there really isn't another path I'd like my story to go but for me this one time is well worth of the money I paid.
  61. May 9, 2014
    Not really sure why this title gets hated on so much. I'm guessing it's mostly because avid fans of the original were expecting the second game to be very similar to the first. It's definitely different, but, in and of itself, I felt like it was an entertaining game.

    I think the bad points are already well known:
    -levels get re-used a lot, which feels lazy
    -can't equip your
    companions, so you find a lot of neat gear but can't put it on anybody
    -overall, a bit rushed feeling. for example, there's a lot of generic rings, etc. that you find

    But there was also plenty of good:
    -improved skill trees
    -more original storyline. Most every other rpg is about saving the world. This gets dull. DAII is a more personal story about a refugee and a city (I do wish the city changed more over the course of the game though). I also thought the framed narrative made for some cute moments.
    -combat was fast paced and flexible, so you could pretty much have whatever sort of party you wanted. If you were really in love with the more strategic, pause and play style of fighting from DA, you might be disappointed in the new style. I happen to like both, so it was fine for me.

    Overall, the game was fun to play which is basically all that really matters to me. If you really, really wanted another dragon age origins, this isn't it. If you're just looking for a solid rpg, however, then DAII is pretty good.
  62. Jun 5, 2014
    They took the first game, which has polished last gen graphics and gave the new game even more slightly polished graphics. No amount of user mods were able to bring its quality up to standard. However, the graphics aren't awful either, just very old for a AAA title in 2011.
    Unlike the first game, I enjoyed the main character (female character) much more as it feels like the put slightly
    more effort into him/her.
    The best part of this game is Varric Tethras who steals the show from every other character.
  63. Jun 9, 2014
    I can see why this game received a lot of negative comments. To start off, most of DA II players have played DAO, and in my honest opinion, the former is inferior to the latter. Nonetheless, the DA II still has some commendable features...

    Graphics: Slight improvement in comparison to DAO
    Story: More or less in par with DAO
    Gameplay: This is the main advantage of DAII. First of all,
    the mage class seems to be stronger (If you recall from DAO, mage spells like fireball and chain lightning deal ridiculously low damage). In addition, the talents and spells were also improved. The only downside of DA II's gameplay is that the "talent tree" is weird. I don't like the concept of "upgrading talents" since it wastes precious skill points. Bottomline, the gameplay of DAII has significantly improved in comparison to DAO.
    Difficulty: For some reason, I find this game way easier than DAO. I rarely die in normal difficulty, and nightmare mode is relatively less difficult than DAO's nightmare. However, I won't list this as a pro, nor will I list it as a con. I guess it is up to the player's opinion
    Dialogues: One of the cons of DAII. There are less dialogues.
    As for the MAJOR DOWNFALL of DA II, it would be the EXCESSIVE and repetitive maps. Seriously Bioware, what has gotten into you? For the duration of the game, the maps you visit in Act 1 will pretty much be the maps you will be visiting for Acts 2 and 3. To make things worse, they added this stupid "night time feature" which adds to the burden of exploring the SAME REGION just to collect items and resources. It gets more boring and tiresome as the game progresses. The only reasons why I'm still giving this game a relatively high score are the improved graphics and game play.
  64. Jul 29, 2014
    "Dragon Age II" lacks the epic feeling of its predecessor, although its plot is far more interesting. The dystopian tone of the three-act storyline, the issues it comments on, some intriguing plot lines, such as Leandra's creepy murder or the Qunari uprising, and some more interesting and modern companions than their "Origins" counterparts (with, perhaps, the exception of Morrigan), attempt to give a more mature touch on the series, and partly succeed. Unfortunately, this results in the game's looking weird at times, in addition to its many other weaknesses, including a claustrophobic setting, recycled corridors and some pointless quests. Its great improvements on "Origins", in terms of plot, maturity, thoughtfulness, originality, combat and graphics cannot possibly save the day, making it an love-or-hate sequel to a universally acclaimed predecessor. I liked its darker and more adult look, but it is a great disappointment, should you consider its potential. Expand
  65. Sep 21, 2014
    First let me say: I quite liked this game. So why am I giving it only a 4? Because I don't think it's a good rpg. I enyoyed the combat and like the dragon age lore, so that really helped me to enjoy the game. But lokking at it more objective- it has a lot of problems. Level recycling, a lifeless and static world (the npcs in kirkwall are just standing there and doing nothing), bad graphics (the comic look doesn't help in a "mature" rpg). Choices don't really matter. The story execution is bad, while the idea behind it was good. Excessive violence, while the sex scenes are "censored" (characters in full clothes). And again, choices don't matter. Expand
  66. Mar 19, 2011
    She was the most anticipated game of the year. With trepidation, I watched all the interviews and news. And now the game is released. A feeling that we were betrayed and sold.
  67. Mar 12, 2011
    I have to say I don't understand all the negativity surrounding this game. I really enjoyed it. Like really. The conversation wheel is exciting, the main character (you) is cool and funny and quests are generally entertaining. There is a consensus among 'hard-core' gamers that this has been 'dumbed down' from Dragon Age:Origins. I disagree. The combat is slightly easier (this can be changed by putting it on hard difficulty though), the graphics are better than the predecessor (although not stunning) and the city of Kirkwall full of life and things to do. It is my opinion that people are riding a wave of dislike for this game as they judge it too firmly on the previous one. This is a different game in some respects. However it is also a brilliant one. Flaws include many loading screens and a small world map, but the new dynamic combat, the improved visuals, the main character speaking and the depth of the gameplay (where your decisions really seem to matter) make this a brilliant role playing experience. Just not one for the hardcore, baldurs gate loving PC gaming community that seem to spawn from troll land at the moment.
    Graphics - 8 (if on very high detail)
    Gameplay- 8.5 (a little repetitive but fun)
    Presentation- 9 (Beautiful loading screens, simple menus)
    Sound- 9.5 (great music and superb voice work)
    Lasting appeal- 9 (a long game with multiple plot lines)
    OVERALL- 9/10

    Bottom line- If you liked Mass effect 2 you will love this game.
  68. Mar 14, 2011
    This is the worst... First Person Shooter ever. BUT IT IS THE BEST RPG EVER! Dragon Age 2 is absolutely phenomenal in every single way. I bought it and I still can't put it down. It is a brilliant technical accomplishment by BioWare, and is easily one of their best games. BioWare never fails to impress, and Dragon Age 2 is no different.
  69. Mar 14, 2011
    Sorry for my bad english but after reading some most idiotic rev. i had to write rev. myself.
    From my point Dragon Age 2 is good game that removes very draging areas of 1st game (like Fade,Deep roads) where you spend hours and only point is to go from point A to point B and kill every one in your way.
    Story is well writen and dialogs and voice acting is amazing(different accents for
    people from other areas of the Thedas)dialog tree is practicly same only he is done ME style wheel. Story is more personal and follow your character rise to power over years, they dont put you against evil gods to deafeat or demons that threatens to consume worlds and this is nice change from stereotype. Pople who have problem whit it there are millions other RPG whit this plot. My only problem in this game is reused areas and open ending (witch smells by EA DLC policy)
    Game have only few bugs and most of them only shows in Nightmere Mode
    Hate campaign this game have is unjust.
  70. Mar 14, 2011
    DA2 took me 36 hours of gameplay (skipped 10+ quests). Good:
    Bioware games are always about the story - and it is the best story written by David Gaider so far. Connections between DAO/DAA and DA2 are far more complex than in Mass Effect 2. Crafting system was nicely improved. Combat changes may seen controversial, but itâ
  71. Mar 14, 2011
    Game is just absolutely amazing. But let me start with cons. I seriously dislike new design of the Darkspawn and I hate those horns on Quinari. Didn't like idea that party members can't be equipped with other armor and robes and reused maps is just stupid. Well now the pros. Characters are amazingly on same level as DA:O characters which was a huge surprise for me. Plot is far, FAR superior to DA:O and plot twist at the end was just shocking and wanted to beat the crap out of my favorite character for that, in the good way. Some side quest actually impact main story, graphics are nice, soundtrack nice too. Gameplay is largely the same as DA:O, only is much more fast-paced which makes it harder and more fun.

    This game is a must buy for anyone who like RPG games and future DLC's are expected for this game and Bioware doesn't fail with DLC's.
  72. Mar 14, 2011
    DA2 is not your "traditional" Dragon Age, mind you - but what means traditional, if there has only been one title of the series so far? It's fast-paced, action-filled, gory goodness and at least I enjoyed playing it very much. Just don't expect as much RPG as in Dragon Age - if you are okay with that, you will have fun!
  73. Mar 14, 2011
    Revel, savour and bask in the brilliance; this is a game that no gamer can afford to ignore. Everything here is bigger, better, brighter, faster, longer, sicker, cooler than the series has ever been before
  74. Mar 14, 2011
    Sleeker and faster combat, improved interface, improved graphics, and great characters. The plot isn't as urgent or immersive as the former game, but the game was still quite enjoyable.
  75. Mar 15, 2011
    C'mon guys those of you who gave it less than 6 are pretty harsh aren't you? What did you expect a perfect game from Bioware? For God's sake if you didn't like the demo why the heck did you buy the game and then **** and moan and give it a zero?! I've played it for 10 hours so far and personally I feel that the story feels more personal this time, I'm quite intrigued by the whole idea of 10 years of the main protaganist's life spanning the entire game. Really interested to see how things will progress from here on. And when you do things in the game it feels like you'll actually building up your reputation and relationships, due to the no so insignificant matter of the main character actually able to speak. That's a welcome addition and personally I feel that it covers whatever the game lacks as compared to DAO. Yeah inventory was simplified and stuff but c'mon did it really matter what your party was equipped with? If all you guys out there wanna compare DAII with Planescape Torment, Baldur's Gate or whatever fantasy epic you've put on a pedestal go ahead. And continue to **** and moan and probably not enjoy any of the games coming out now and in the near future cause you guys never will, since no modern rpg will ever match whatever exacting standards you guys have. Don't get me started on those zeros, now those are really insanity at work. Personally I'll give it a 9 because Bioware is one of those companies who consistently push out decent and enjoyable RPGs, despite having to endure the crapstorm that inevitably follows every time people don't like certain changes. Imagine having only Baldur's Gate to play for what the next ten years? I WILL go insane. Anyway just wanted to say a big thank you to the developers for loving what they do and being brave enough to change certain aspects of the game, for better or for worse, rather than spinning out Dragon Age Origins II Expand
  76. Mar 15, 2011
    I really, really liked this game even after playing the first one and all of its rpg glory. In all honesty, that stuff got a tad boring - I mean the strategy was great and all, but the game looked like crap, ran like crap, and lacked a personal story. This game fixed nearly everything - the story is great (albiet a bit choppy), characters voice their own opinions, and combat is satisfying. People need to stop complaining about how it isn't like Baldur's Gate because this ISN'T Baldur's gate. Dragon age is its own franchise, and they can change things to appeal to a broader audience. This was a lot like Mass Effect 2, so many things got revamped, people started complaining. Grow up, accept change, and have fun with one of the best rpgs ever. Expand
  77. Mar 15, 2011
    Don't feel as though this games deserves a 10 (an 8 would be fairer) but everybody else seems to be doing hyper-positives or hyper-negatives to draw attention to their opinions so I might as well participate. Combat: Never had a problem with Origin's combat system and was never aware anybody else did, so I wonder why Bioware changed it, but I can't help but feel as though people who are deeply upset about it are letting their negative impressions about other aspects of the game color their experience of an otherwise solid system. Why exactly is an intense and fast-paced RPG-party brawl with plenty of room for diversity and optimization a bad thing? And on a more positive note, the spell/ability animations are beautiful. Difficulty: The game itself flashes messages in-between loadings which often recommend you adjust the difficulty if you've reached a segment of the game that is too hard or too easy. People want a golden mean where the game perpetually hits a point where things are hard enough to feel challenged but never difficult to the extent you feel obstructed; people need to realize that video game's almost never turn out that way, and when they do it is mostly a happy development accident. And in the 8-bit era they were almost universally hard. In letting you switch difficulty modes within the game, Bioware let the player do as much as any gaming company can be expected to do. So, difficulty works fine as long as you are prepared to pull up the menu and adjust it. Story: Dragon Age II has the best paced plot and character development of any game ever made, an artistic achievement that has been completely overlooked for some reason. Telling the story in "Acts" divided over years allowed them to approach the characters and the story in a distributive way unprecedented in any game. I thought it was fascinating, but other people seem disappointed it didn't conform to the inferior Origins standard. The one thing Origins had over Dragon Age II is a larger and somewhat more epic setting, but in terms of characterization and pacing the plot Dragon Age II surpassed it. I'd be happy to explain my viewpoints more in depth to anyone who wants to inquire. Inventory: Always the weak point of a Bioware game; their inventories are either cluttered with useless objects or all options are streamlined into oblivion with equipment divided into early game and late game. They combined the Mass Effect 2 streamlined system with Dragon Age: Origin's Graphics: Graphics aren't really important to me. Granted superior graphics are consistently more aesthetically pleasing, but I think any game which combines colors and images dynamically can look good, regardless of its time period. I think that the aesthetic of A Link to the Past and Final Fantasy VI (two of the best Super Nintendo games) have a unique appeal that no contemporary title can bring to the table. Comparing 16-bit to a game like Crysis is like comparing Impressionism to Cubism; they aren't comparable and both have unique appeal. In those terms, I think Bioware's attention to detail pulls through to make a visually compelling game. The biggest point against them is that they recycle sets a lot, but that's nothing new. Bugs: The single biggest problem with Dragon Age II is also a trope of early Bioware releases; there are bugs. The ones that intrude upon companion quests are particularly grating. Prospective customers might put off buying the game until a few patches get released that address these problems. Expand
  78. Mar 17, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. An excellent successor to DAO2. The story is engaging and the conflict between mages and templars is compelling, forcing you to make some hard decisions. The combat has been streamlined in a good way, and although I personally find some of the combat animations abit over the top, I found that it was actually better than DAO after going back to DAO and comparing.

    DAO's animations looked tortured and sluggish by comparison. I know this is what people call "realism" but seriously? The way people swing 2handers in DAO is full of defensive holes and quite unrealistic in its own way.

    People who complain about the story not being as epic or good as DAO are simply expressing an opinion coloured by their butthurt over how this game has evolved over DAO. The story in DA2 is just as unique and entertaining. You just don't get to play the hero.

    Also not being able to choose your race was negligible, having a voiced character is leagues better in terms of the role-playing experience.

    In summary i'd give this about an 8. However actually I'll rate this full marks to spite the idiot band-wagon jumpers who thinks this is the worst game ever made. GTFO and take your butt-hurt with you.
  79. Aug 13, 2011
    Well now, I'll be honest to say that its quite a bit different than its predecessor. Does it mean its bad? No, its just DIFFERENT but done quite nicely. It's kinda beyond me why sequels (apparently) have to be the same as the original. Doing the same trick over and over gets dull (just look at the CoD series). If you're looking for a good solid action-rpg, DA2 won't be disappointing just don't expect it to be an exact copy of the original DA. Expand
  80. Nov 16, 2011
    This game is very very good to be honest. I know that some people throw some bad scores at it but the fact is that it does provide a very good experience. Now, having said that, i am a huge dragon age and bioware fan in general. This game is moreso like a mass effect game when you look at the speaking options in the game and also the way that you interact with things. It is stll a dragon age game but it just doesnt feel like the first one at all, i 100% find dragon age origins to be one of the most fun games that i have ever laid my hands on, and even though dragon age 2 doesnt live up to it hardly, it is still an amazing game that is recommended for anyone who likes rpgs. Expand
  81. Mar 19, 2011
    I like every bit of the game. Better story, gameplay, grafiks (pc texturepatch) and characters than in DA1. Since BG2 their best game. The camera and the recycled environments are the 2 things i can complain about. Maybe the shouldn't have called it DA2, because so many people expected DA1 style with a proceeding story. Give it a try, you will like it.
  82. Mar 20, 2011
    Great game, not quite sure what people seem to have against it, i'ts great story, and much improved game-play; just look at the critic's reviews to see how good a game this actually is.
  83. Mar 20, 2011
    Generally still a great game.

    Compared to Origins the story is a lot more interesting and believable, the antagonists are actually interesting, and Hawke is more than you typical hero, the choices are not based on straight "good and evil" and especially the aggressive choices feel a lot more believable, than your typical "evil" choices. You can play a selfish character that does not
    threaten to break every ones legs all day...

    Graphics are more unique, which makes them more risky, personally i really liked the characters and urban environments, natural environments were rather bad though.

    Recycled Dungeons are never a good design-decision, but its bearable.

    Don't listen to the haters, have faith in one of the best developers of our time.
  84. Mar 22, 2011
    9/10 (would have given a 9.5 or so), because it's obviously not perfect, but I think it's a very good game. The new combat system is really a step in the right direction -- more action, more gore, more fun. I don't like all the characters, but I don't get the feeling like I'm supposed to like all the characters. The ones I do like, I like a lot, and the ones I don't like, I hate. I'm not talking about the way they've been characterized, but I mean their actual personalities. I find the game very engaging.

    I like the new skill tree system, and the dialog wheel that gives you an indication of what kind of persona you're going to portray before you select something. Some of the dialog options in DA:O were a little vague so you might accidentally say something you didn't mean. The wheel system (ala Mass Effect) takes the vagaries out.

    I also find the story to be very engaging, and for me this is the most important aspect of any RPG. Without getting into spoilers, I have found the story to be driving enough to lead me to replay the game multiple times in order to get a different story. I'm also something of an achievement addict, so naturally I have to get all the achievements!

    Technically, the graphics are very nice, and the game actually has less bugs (for my system at least) than Dragon Age: Origins did. Overall, the game would have gotten a 10/10 if it weren't for the companion armor system (which I don't like).
  85. Oct 13, 2011
    What a great game... not perfect but very good.
    in fact it just like DAO.
    so why i gave it a 10. Well because i dont agree with the user score. the user score need to be at least 8.5
    I didnt play BG1 or 2 so I am not a "true" fan of rpg but i finished DA1 with over 120 hours and of DA 2 and the two DLC MOTA , legacy with over 70 hours, fallout 3 -60, fallout NV-150, oblivion-350, DIABLO
    1-2-90, torchlight-55, dungeon siege 1,2,3-76 , sacred 1-2-140, Divinity 1,2-135, so yea i am not what you consider a rpg lover, i dont role play,, expect in bed, i dont play D&D of any kind, i dont buy most games but DAO and DA2 i pre-ordered.
    skyrim here i come............ DA3333333
  86. Jun 6, 2012
    Awesome game, It ties in story elements from the first one real well and makes a nice continuation of the original. Great story effecting elements Bioware has crafted into all it's newer games. Great story, Great gameplay and Great character development options. Not much else I could want.
  87. Dec 11, 2012
    It's true. Dragon Age II did for Dragon Age, what Mass Effect 2 did for Mass Effect. This means the combat is more streamlined and there was more time left to put an effort into an epic storyline spanning several years of the protagonist's life. To me, this is a good thing. If you're an RPG conservative though, probably not.
  88. Mar 28, 2012
    I'm a huge fan of DA:O and enjoyed this game as well. I understand that people would have appreciated more variety in the landscape, but I found the storyline to be interesting and I liked the cast. I played through this game twice, which says a lot given my limited free time these days. Anyway, if you play primarily for character development and character interaction, this might be worth picking up. Expand
  89. Apr 7, 2012
    I've bought the game knowing that it has many bad reviews and made Bioware fans angry. But I like this game. It's story is far better than the story of its predecessor. We have some plot twists, not many things are predictable. The gameplay is very dynamic, but it lacks of tactics. You can take control over your companions, but it's not necessary. The only use of that is when you try to avoid damage from area spells. Anyway, it is fun. Crafting system is also quite good. Main flow of the game is area recycling - you will march through the same caves, mansions and underground passages all the time. But it's not that you will come back to the same places - you visit completely new locations looking like several other places but with different doors locked, blocked passages etc. It's the same mistake that was made during developing original Mass Effect. It seems that someone was very lazy. Anyway, I am very fond of this game, especially its plot. At last, we are not saving the world, we are watching a political struggle. It's more mature than contemporary RPGs, particularly other games made by Bioware. Expand
  90. Apr 30, 2012
    I try to review based on the merrits of the game in question, not on its predecessors and not on ideas about how the game should have been. Dragon age is graphically great, the fighting is enjoyable and the story works well. The dungeons and other areas are very repetetive which was a little dissapointing but did not marr the experience. The inability to enhance armour on team mates also dissapointing. These are all minor issues and overall I really enjoted the experience and would recommend giving it a spin. Expand
  91. May 15, 2012
    Honestly I loved Dragon Age II. The quests felt important, the story had wonderful immersion, and the voice acting was incredibly fun to play with and listen to. I admit the lack of a variety of equipment was a little disappointing, but I never found that to be horribly important to the overarching plot. The ending is lovely and epic, but it has a very cut short feeling to it that leaves you going, "That's it? Wait... that's the end?" I look forward to Dragon Age III in hopes that this confusion might be cleared up. Still, one of my favourite games, even if the combat does lack the challenge present in DA:O. Expand
  92. Aug 13, 2012
    I felt that this game wasn't so much bad as it was a disappointment. While it takes place in the same world as Dragon Age: Origins and shares the same basic gameplay, it feels very different--and not in a good way. The item/inventory system has been vastly simplified but, unlike Mass Effect 2, this does not remove the need to manage loot: it just makes it far less rewarding for those who want to take the time, while still forcing everyone else to sort through a pile of generic rings, belts, and swords to see which are worth keeping. The combat system has also been changed to make it more action-oriented and fast-paced, and while it does make hacking or zapping enemies more fun, the changes remove much of tactical depth present in DA:O. Moreover, unlike its predecessor, most fights now feature waves of enemies which spawn all around your party (shades rising from the ground, thugs jumping down from buildings, etc.), making any useful strategy difficult. I did find that the characters and story in this game were pretty good--not quite as good as DA:O but still worthy--and I thoroughly enjoyed developing relationships with my party. One improvement is the friend/rival system, which means that unlike DA:O you don't have to suck up to party members to get their bonuses: each character has 2 unique bonuses, one for a friend and one for a rival. This game severely limits your main character by forcing you to be a human with the surname Hawke who must follow a single basic path throughout the game, and who has far fewer dialogue choices than in DA:O. The upside is that your character is fully voiced, so NPCs are no longer the only ones talking aloud. One significant fault of this game, however is that all the events after the intro take place in and around a single city, so you spend the whole game visiting the same locations over and over. This didn't have to be a major setback, but the developers failed to incorporate much variety into the locations: every cave, warehouse, backstreet, and tunnel look the same--they just reused the same blueprint for almost every location, with certain doors added to seal off unneeded areas. There is also a paucity of variety in enemies: you spend most of the game fighting the same spiders, bandits, and blood mages. Between these two problems, the game-play is far less fun than it could be. One final point is the graphics: overall they are improved from DA:O (except for the tiresome re-use), but for some reason the handful of characters from the first game just look AWFUL. Most look very weird and poorly done, like the artists did them over lunch one day. As someone who spent dozens of hours playing Origins, I was appalled to see my beloved friends looking so horrendous. Overall, I still think this game is worth playing--mostly for the story/character development--but unlike DA:O, this is not a game I can see myself playing again and again. Expand
  93. Jul 31, 2014
    One may ask about given the low user score, is this a bad game? The answer is NO.
    Within two months of the launch, this game has sold over two million copies around the world. This means that this game is perfect. It adapts to the taste of Call of Duty audience such that this game is no longer can only be enjoyed by those hardcore players, but by everyone who wants to play a game.

    dumping all the complicated RPG elements, adopting popular mass effect decision model, and intensifying the action elements, the game becomes a fantastic experience for gamers, especially the majority of gamers, the COD fans and action gamers. This marks the epic era of RPG games, and should be the future trend of RPG game development. So, one can soon foresee the failure of upcoming DA:Inquisitor which tries to resist the flow of tide and adapt for the hardcore players again, which is only a minor portion of players. Expand
  94. Aug 16, 2014
    It's hard,even for the Master's at Bioware to replecate perfection that was Dragon Age Origins. What we are presented here is a game that was rushed to release,and it clearly shows in Level Design. Alot of reused assets throught Campaign. However,what is in the game is great,better graphics than Origins,Music that is arguably better;Characters while new,are still brought to life with great writing. I have faith Dragon Age Inquisition will be more akin to Dragon Age Origins.

  95. Oct 20, 2014
    It's a good game. I start by saying that because it's easy to forget with all the flaws, but it is. The gameplay is faster and more visceral and the dialogue system is much improved with a fully voiced pc and dialogue wheel. Characters are memorable and well developed. Now the bad: dungeon maps are recycled again and again, the plot is nearly linear for the most part, and the setting is limiting in scope when compared to previous Bioware games. In addition there's really no through line within the plot. This is all harder to swallow because of the massive potential in the game. In a city like Kirkwall, with nobility, mages, and templars all plotting, and a rags to riches story for the main character, Bioware had the opportunity to make a dynamic political thriller in the vein of A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones) which it should be noted was one of Bioware's biggest influences in the first Dragon Age. The small confines of Kirkwall could have been expanded and varied into a medieval Vice City. Add to that a Qunari uprising and you'd have one hell of a story. But alas this is not so. Still as I said, a good game. Expand

Generally favorable reviews - based on 45 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 38 out of 45
  2. Negative: 0 out of 45
  1. Apr 18, 2011
    Moving even further from the classic RPG, strong story and clever combat are nonetheless still found within Dragon Age II. [May 2011, p.52]
  2. Apr 12, 2011
    Despite some advancement in storytelling approach and liberal borrowing from Bioware's Mass Effect approach to gameplay, Dragon Age 2 on the PC has a lot of bugs and is populated with re-used settings that make this feel like a play performed on a stage with two sets.
  3. Apr 11, 2011
    For a rushed product that is still battling bugs, the currently offered product still provides 40 hours of challenging and engaging gameplay. This combines to provide a good, but not great gaming experience.