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  1. Nov 25, 2012
    Let me start by saying DA:O is my second favorite RPG of all time with Planescape Torment holding the top spot. Now I'll make this short. DA2 was the biggest disappointment in all my years of gaming. Bioware turned a deep, tactical, thought-provoking game into a contrived, mind-numbing clickfest. Who's retarded idea was it to make opponents essentially blow up? Nowhere did it mention that our players swords were laced with impact-triggered C4. Then there's all the pointless side quests that some 10 year old must have conceived. Click here on the map, fight group one, fight group two, retrieve item, repeat ad nauseam. Although I understand why there are gay characters in the game, the fact that there are so many is baffling to me. Not only is this unrealistic, it feels like Bioware is pushing some kind of agenda on the player. I really liked how it was handled in the earlier Mass Effects and DA:O. In DA2 you couldn't swing your sword without hitting a homosexual (unintended sexual innuendo). You'd think this game was made specifically for gay 12 year old gore junkies with ADHD. I will definitely not be buying DA3 until reviews from regular folk like myself and not the big gaming sites come out praising the game. Expand
  2. Jun 3, 2012
    I personally love the new combat, but everything else was dull. Dragon Age Origins was a plot driven game and the story for DA2 felt very weak and dull. DAO also had vast varieties of places to explore but the island centric game felt too confiding. Character development for your companions are boring and you never really "care" for any of them.
  3. May 28, 2012
    The good: fluid, enjoyable combat; good characters; involving storytelling; nice character progression system.
    The bad: almost no replayability; the story leaves you at a rather awkward moment, leaving blatant room for a sequel; some strange gearing mechanics (like the sets that nobody will ever bother to collect; not many actual dragons(?).
    The ugly: constantly reused environments.
  4. May 30, 2012
    Of late game designers seem to have gone the route of making sequels less intricate instead of more intricate. Dragon age II suffers from this exact same problem and ruins the experience. Dragon age 1 was a game for the ages, an old school CRPG in the baldur's gate tradition which met with much enthousiasm from gamers everywhere. I remember thinking to myself "this is going to be AWESOME if they get an expansion going, with a follow up story and more classes!" Imagine my dissapointment when I ordered DA2 and found out that DA2 really has nothing in common with DA1. The story is completely unrelated to the DA1 story, the combat system is incredibly dumbed down to the point of just relentlessly button bashing and seeing pretty colours and the origins system, which was very promising, was axed alltogether. Can't give this one more then a 3, and I'll be holding off on any bioware purchases untill they prove they can get it right again. Expand
  5. Nov 16, 2014
    I just finished DA2 for the first time a few minutes ago and it's only now struck me how bad BioWare's writers are. The story is uninspiring. The references to DA:O feel forced (I'm meant to believe King Alistair came all the way to this crappy island just to say hi to a nobody, and that he's been wearing an impractical suit of armour the whole way?) The dialogue alternates between cringeworthy, skippable and jarringly anachronistic. Characters will shout their secret motivations in full view of their enemies, whose ears are probably bleeding from the booming echoes. The player's companions are one dimensional (I'm glad I was given the opportunity to tell the tragic and mysterious elf hipster to jump off a bridge, my score would probably be even lower if I had to bring him along too). The NPCs are largely forgettable. The ending is a bizarre sequence of boss fights that feel ripped from a Final Fantasy game, complete with oversized swords and screaming characters leaping around impossibly.

    Besides the writing, the music wasn't as good as it could have been and there were consistent texture issues with DirectX11 which I haven't seen in any other game. On the positive side, the graphics were generally good after reverting to DX9, and the art style (oversized Final Fantasy swords excluded) was coherent.
  6. Jun 17, 2012
    this game was pretty hardcore, but I think it could have been hardcorer. needed more weapons and death animations because they make games better always.
  7. Aug 31, 2012
    DAO was an awesome game whit a cool story and in the second one they just trhow it away , and give us just a lame game : no continuity, awful scenarios, and characters
  8. Aug 8, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. There are some improvements in combat visuals, and the mechanics is a lot easier to handle, which attract newcomers to the DA series. But for those who enjoy the complex combat system of DA:O (I consider myself one of them) some disappointment might come from this game.
    The game is not a brilliant achievement in graphics (and sometimes it does disappoint, in trees, buildings and the sky) but the characters are pretty well modeled. Reusing locations is also a bad thing that must be noted.
    The storyline could be better, its true. This game is basically babysitting a huge city and (the final act of the game) witnessing what will be the story for DA:Inquisition.
    The quests are pretty entertaining, but the secondary characters can sometimes be quite forgettable.
    Conclusion: Dragon Age 2 is a GOOD game, but it falls short of DA:Origins.
  9. Aug 8, 2012
    Bioware were pretty bold when they made Dragon Age 2. Sadly few things got improved from the first one. The combat though pretty to look at feels dumbed down, and the new conversation wheel is a complete disaster hurting a big part of the game. A lot of features from the first one has gone missing and overall it feels a lot more simplified. The writing feels uneven and has more downs than ups and the story lacks real choices despite despite being alright apart from that. The games biggest flaw however is that its feels rushed. Bioware must really like the environment because they are recycling material like never before. It really get embarrassing, especially considering that the environments weren't that great the first time.Its still a decent rpg though. Just don't expect to much. Expand
  10. Jul 12, 2012
    This game would have very likely received a slightly higher score from me had it not been named "Dragon Age II". Going into this, I had some (reasonable) expectation that the quality of the RPG would live up to its predecessor, and unfortunately I was disappointed in almost every way possible. The voice protagonist is an entertaining novelty, but I would have gladly given it up if it meant a richer story and more immersive environment rather than simply trekking about a city running errands for dozens of hours. BioWare really dropped the ball with this one, and I hope they can get the franchise back on track with Dragon Age III. Expand
  11. Sep 12, 2012
    Greatest disappointment in history of RPG's... Poor story where every action has only one prescripted outcome You are playing an emotionless doushebag Terrible graphics Untactical and repetitive combat Short Tiny amount of scenery and locations Boring WoWesque quests Poor animations Overhiped piece of **** Only thing it was good for was for showing how corrupted gaming magazines actually are. Expand
  12. Jul 16, 2012
    Boring story that didn't pull me in, unlikable characters, reuse of dungeons, butchering of the rpg genre and the dragon age franchise. There are so many things I dislike one of the more important ones......the diolouge wheel. Your are not you, this is not a sequal this is a basterdized couzinof the origonal.
  13. Jul 18, 2012
    Okay, the combat in this game is really fun: you can simultaneously choose the moves of every member of your squad, can switch perspectives to complete the fight as a different squad member, and are asked to be highly strategic during some intense battles. Also, the story is fun, even if it pales in comparison to the more nuanced narrative of Mass Effect. Why the low score? Well, in some ways, this feels like a beta-test version of the game. The dungeons are all obviously using the same one or two maps. The shopkeepers simply run out of items if you buy their whole supply. Enemies don't regenerate when you return to areas later. All of this leads to a game that feels unfinished. It is entertaining enough, but I would never recommend this game without pointing out its serious weaknesses. Expand
  14. Jul 19, 2012
    For those of you wondering whether or not Dragon Age 2's combat is different from Dragon Age Origins, it is. In Dragon age origins, the combat took timing, it took skill, thought and effort. You had to plan out everything you wanted to do, and it was great. Because if you didn't, you had a high chance of failure. you actually had to think, you had to work, and you had to comply with real terms of combat. In Dragon Age 2, it's completely different. If you want to win nearly ANY battle, including against dragons, all you have to do is spam the attack button and you will. I cannot tell you how many times I attempted to make it harder on myself just to make it feel like a real game. I attempted to limit my attacks per second, I changed the difficulties to harder, even so, I still won every single battle with ease because of the X button. I have an Xbox remote, during a few fights I just took it downstairs while spamming the X button, made myself a sandwich, came back up, stopped in the bathroom a few times, and came back to see not only me still alive, but everyone else dead because I had killed them. It was that simple. There is no justice in combat for this. However, I give it a 3, simply because of the fact that the campaign and story line do make some sense, they just barely follow Origins, but even so, I highly recommend you put it back on the shelf and run. This teaches kids that when they're in real world situations, all they have to do is spam the button. That's how I got my first girlfriend, ironically, but that's beside the point. Please don't buy this. Expand
  15. Jul 19, 2012
    After playing dragon age 2 I can't help but feeling a bit cheated.Not many games including skyrim can beat dragon age origins but it's the matter in which da2 failed that upsets me. The emotional attachment to characters compared to da:O is non existent,the storyline in my view is boring and the setting of the game leaves further disappointment.Background after background is overused and predictable enemy spawning causes frustration.The first game in my view is bigger in size better in quality and nearly has more depth of story in the intros combined than all of da2Don't buy this game you'll regret it. Expand
  16. Aug 13, 2012
    I felt that this game wasn't so much bad as it was a disappointment. While it takes place in the same world as Dragon Age: Origins and shares the same basic gameplay, it feels very different--and not in a good way. The item/inventory system has been vastly simplified but, unlike Mass Effect 2, this does not remove the need to manage loot: it just makes it far less rewarding for those who want to take the time, while still forcing everyone else to sort through a pile of generic rings, belts, and swords to see which are worth keeping. The combat system has also been changed to make it more action-oriented and fast-paced, and while it does make hacking or zapping enemies more fun, the changes remove much of tactical depth present in DA:O. Moreover, unlike its predecessor, most fights now feature waves of enemies which spawn all around your party (shades rising from the ground, thugs jumping down from buildings, etc.), making any useful strategy difficult. I did find that the characters and story in this game were pretty good--not quite as good as DA:O but still worthy--and I thoroughly enjoyed developing relationships with my party. One improvement is the friend/rival system, which means that unlike DA:O you don't have to suck up to party members to get their bonuses: each character has 2 unique bonuses, one for a friend and one for a rival. This game severely limits your main character by forcing you to be a human with the surname Hawke who must follow a single basic path throughout the game, and who has far fewer dialogue choices than in DA:O. The upside is that your character is fully voiced, so NPCs are no longer the only ones talking aloud. One significant fault of this game, however is that all the events after the intro take place in and around a single city, so you spend the whole game visiting the same locations over and over. This didn't have to be a major setback, but the developers failed to incorporate much variety into the locations: every cave, warehouse, backstreet, and tunnel look the same--they just reused the same blueprint for almost every location, with certain doors added to seal off unneeded areas. There is also a paucity of variety in enemies: you spend most of the game fighting the same spiders, bandits, and blood mages. Between these two problems, the game-play is far less fun than it could be. One final point is the graphics: overall they are improved from DA:O (except for the tiresome re-use), but for some reason the handful of characters from the first game just look AWFUL. Most look very weird and poorly done, like the artists did them over lunch one day. As someone who spent dozens of hours playing Origins, I was appalled to see my beloved friends looking so horrendous. Overall, I still think this game is worth playing--mostly for the story/character development--but unlike DA:O, this is not a game I can see myself playing again and again. Expand
  17. Jul 19, 2013
    Dragon Age II is a very enjoyable experience. It has a greatly refurbished combat system that feels like DA:O while still improving on the clumsiness of the original, it feels smooth and enjoyable and significantly faster paced then the original. The story, while not following the grey wardens, is both well written with plenty of references to the DA:O story. The characters are well designed, and even though you are stuck in one city, the city feels vibrant and interesting. A great game to get if you want to get into Dragon Age or you played the first one and want more to do in the same universe. Expand
  18. Aug 13, 2012
    Stunning game, superb story and characters, and combat is faster and flows better than Origins. Has a few issues with reuse of environments etc. but doesn't detract from the games brilliance. A must for roleplaying fans.
  19. May 31, 2013
    To put it simply this is a total let down after the fantastic first game. I was able to play it all the way through once but had no desire to play it again, It was helped greatly by the post launch day patch but it took them several days to bring that online.

    It certainly is not the worst game I have played but it was by far the WORST that Bioware ever produced and it shows that the
    change to EA was NOT good at ALL for Bioware Expand
  20. Aug 22, 2012
    What a piece of **** this game was. The story is written like a 10 year old's crossover fanfic, the characters are so cliche and poorly made, that I'm surprised that they aren't made of cardboard, and the graphics are just awful to look at. Not only that, but there are issues such as the dialogue options are too vague and don't show what your character is actually going to say. The worst issue though, by far, is the layout of dungeons and the setting. It's set in one **** city and the outlying countryside around it, but that's not the worst part, the worst part is the constant recycling of dungeons for every quest, meaning if you actually pay attention, you will notice you've been going through the same cave systems for the 30th **** time. The combat is the only thing good about this game, it's fast paced and keeps you on your toes, but everything else just sucks. Dragon age 2, suck my **** dick Expand
  21. Jan 22, 2013
    A very big letdown after the previous installments! The gaming world feels empty. The rpg elements are dumbed down, and the combat mechanism feels like playing with an arcade game. The story is weak, and the missions feel generic. Art direction is lazy. Japanese rpg like huge sword (I prefer when weapons look realistic). This franchise took a very bad direction.
  22. Aug 24, 2012
    A lot of people got their hate on for this game. If you payed $60 expecting a reasonable sequel to Dragon Age:Origins I don't blame you.
    I read the reviews and eventually bought this game anyway when the price was much reduced.
    This is a great example of a low end $20 bargin bin game. There is fun to be had. Interacting with the characters on your team is where most of the fun lies. And
    the plot is simple yet functional. Its a tad predictable but it doesn't really get in the way. They recycle maps like a son of a gun. I mean several years are supposed to pass between acts and your player is generally stuck in the same city. It would be cool if you could watch the city grow and evolve or maybe show off some of its devastation as the game progresses. I mean by the end of the first act I was sick of all the same old places that went basically unchanged as the game went on. Because every warehouse is exactly the same everywhere right? Just the way they designed the maps it feels very sandbox. But it is a solid play. And while it isn't "Epic" in any sense of the term I went into it with modest expectations and it didn't disappoint.
    Don't get me wrong they killed the franchise here. DA:O was an epic and could have started an epic franchise and its a shame this is the sequel. But looking at it as a stand alone game its alright.
  23. Jan 19, 2013
    As a sequel to Dragon Age: Origins this game was a big disappointment. You can tell this game was rushed like crazy with the ridiculous number of recycled dungeons, enemies, and graphic tilesets. This should have been a great game but instead fell victim to EA's ongoing overhype-and-overrush-quality-be-damned business strategy at making new games. The fact that most critics gave this game a 90+ score just shows how lacking in integrity game journalists are. Expand
  24. Sep 2, 2012
    Although I do not think it's fair that this game is getting a score of 1, it really is disappointing. The graphics are decent but not much if any improvement from Origins, but the gameplay itself took a huge nose dive. The thing that bothers me the most is the way the maps and quests are setup, it's totally generic, rushed, and to be honest seems incomplete. Seriously, after a few hours of play all the dungeons and a lot of areas are repeated and used again, and makes the game feel lame. The story as well was overall pretty terrible, I have no idea how they went from such a well written story in Origins to a game that really doesn't add up. I would have to recommend not wasting your cash on this, stick with Origins and the DLC/Expansion/Character Texture improvement mods. Expand
  25. Sep 5, 2012
    For a game that really only had to improve on the fluidity of combat, they changed pretty much everything from the first game, for the worse I might add. Combat seems to be the only thing they got right, for the most part. ----- The story was linear not allowing for multiple outcomes to situations. Bringing a hero through tragedy is okay, but absolutely dropping the story after the downfall is not. The point of a hero is the journey back from disaster and the choices that they make shortly after tragedy. Dragon Age 2 after every major event skips ahead in time missing all those pivotal choices. Immense tragedy with no option for justice is a good way to piss people off, not get them emotionally invested. because there was no proper response to events it made me realize that this is a game, and I don't want to play it anymore because my reaction was not expressed. Not even close. That's the opposite of immersion. ----- Speaking of immersion, the use of a main voice actor could have been an amazing addition, IF... the tone of the voice were more versatile. RPG's requires that you feel like you are the role you are playing and when you cannot be aggressiveness sharp-tongued or be righteously stern then voice acting obliterates immersion. Forcing voice acting into pansy good guy, cheery joker, and jack-off bad guy, means you do not get real characters but cliche stereotypes. And when you are choosing multiple reactions during a scene you get unrealistic multiple personality mood swings. ----- Party Character options got an axe to the face. No ability to equip characters with armor and no ability to choose any skill tree, killed this game for ever RPGer that played, and loved Dragon Age: Origins. One of the great things about DAO was that if you didn't like someone in the party, you could give that role to someone more interesting. The fact that I had to run 90% of the game with the soulless, emotionless, thought and humor inept Aveline because she was the only tank, was... well the dumbest character choice I've ever come across in a game. Lastly, I'll quickly touch on the combat. Really the only problem I had with the combat was the cooldown system. In DOA there was a dedicated tank and a dedicated healer, for the most part. This system works, use it. Healers were made extinct because of the over-powering cooldown system. I downloaded a mod to lower all cooldowns making this game faster paced and much more fun since the healer was viable again. ----- Needed mods to enjoy: (Armor for Party Members) (All Skill Trees for Party Members) (Reduce All Cooldowns) Expand
  26. Aug 13, 2013
    This is the game is one of the worst RPGs i ever played. After brilliant DA:O i had high expectations from DA II. Half of the dungeons in this game are just copy paste. You run same dungeon at least 20 times if you go all side quests. RPG system is garbage in compare to DA:O. At first i liked that story is not trying to be some ultra epic RPG, until i noticed how poorly written it is. And the ending is trash too. I give it 3 because of some good NPCs. Expand
  27. Nov 2, 2012
    This is not Dragon Age. This is some Mas Effect poseur! BioWare need to slow down and think about what they are doing. Critics? I have no doubt that critics are BOUGHT by EA. They are sold-out hypocrites and they are LYING straight to your face! Another example of EA being douchebags and more bad words.
    And don;t listen critics that review EA game - they are bought by EA (I have no doubt)
  28. Aug 22, 2013
    The Failure of Dragon Age II is likely to become a saving grace for Bioware. The waves of often vitriolic criticism of the game have surely awoken a sense of professional pride and seriousness in Edmonton. If the developers take it all in and take it to heart we should be able to expect amazing things from Bioware from DA Inquisition. Thus finally the failures of this game will finally prove to be GOOD for the studio and great for gaming. For all the great content in their games, Bioware has always had trouble with linearity of plots, and with limited exploration in their worlds. After they dropped the Dungeons and Dragons rule set, they never really developed a satisfactory alternative. While they hinted at building an interesting fantasy world in Thedas, they NEVER actually did so. Basically Bioware has been coasting on its Baldur's gate reputation for WAY too long. And their trust in their own ability to 'tell a story' has blinded them into missing the key design elements of world building. If gamers were less tolerant of the flaws in Dragon Age Origins, they would have noticed that it really WASN'T nearly as GREAT as generally credited. Having an adventure that simply ends with a mega battle, with no enduring world, no real-living environments is actually pretty weak compared to any number of 'open-world' RPGs. Origins was good enough but what was the business with all that DLC going nowhere, adding nothing? Even Awakenings was just another 20 hours of assorted tale-quests that lead to NOTHING. Dragon Age II was bad, but it was not that different from the way Origins ended: with just random, boring pointless, rudderless 'stuff to do in Thedas'. Bioware never looked like making the world live, or of getting serious with building proper character classes or systems where you could have continuous adventures and take a character from creation up to high level. Maybe after the screaming, the hollering and the backlash, they will put their heads down and get serious at last about RPG design. Maybe they will make Thedas a world worth exploring, and allow the players to create characters and stories that will let us invest emotionally (and creatively) in that world. Maybe Bioware will finally grow up and become the developer we always imagined they would be, rather than confused incompetents who lost their way and ended up giving us more than a decade of MEDIOCRE RPGs. Let's hope so. Let's send up a prayer and an encouraging cheer to Edmonton! Thank them for setting the release date for Inquisition a healthy long time into the future (Fall 2014), and ENCOURAGE them, to RESTART this franchise with rock solid foundation so that Thedas becomes THE FANTASY GAME WORLD of CHOICE for all of us. Simply blow our minds with the BEST RPG EVER. You can do it guys! Kisses!

    THE GROT REVIEW CRITERIA: After a long time writing reviews like an anus, think its time to set a few bad habits straight: Stop insulting designers. Show some respect for the design process and getting games in circulation. Hence (1) No Red scores. (2) Game scores as follows: Bad Game 5/10. Poor Game 6/10. Mediocre Game: 7/10. Good Game 8/10. Great game 9/10. Stella Game 10/10. To get 10/10 it must be a game that can be (theoretically) play-able for 1000+ hours. Not only great but near endless fun. Games may be bad or poor but making them should earn respect. Thus even the worst POS will still be a 5/10. 0/10 no longer exists in my vocabulary. Yellow is the new red. For the sake of accountability: you can reply if needed: Orctowngrot: Tim Rawlins:
  29. Qis
    Oct 13, 2012
    This game will get boring to re-play, it is because we can't customize our companions so we will see the very same thing. Each companions have their own designed and theme that we can't change it. There is no actual plot for the entire game, it is just about the survivor of the recent war make a living in a new city and then happen to be involve in numerous conflicts either by his/her companions or the city he/she live. Those conflicts are actually none of his/her problem, he/she doesn't even have to involve in anything either. The ending of the story is the same with a little different no matter what choices we make. Combat is anime-like, with no tactic, because of enemies can pop up from thin air, re-spawn randomly, so it will be hack and slash all the time. The maps are just copy and paste, recycled everywhere. The graphic is okay, but the rest is just dull. This game can be played just for fun and nothing serious about it. This game destroy it's predecessor Dragon Age : Origin. Expand
  30. Oct 3, 2012
    If I wanted to play Dragon Age Origins I would play that. Instead I wanted a good sequel that elaborates on the in game world without making me replay it. Hear that? I do not want to play a sequel and spend the entire game **** about how it isn't the first game because well duh, it's the sequel. Do I have issues with certain parts of the game? Of course, combat is to simple and areas are re-used way to often. However I absolutely loved the plot, more then Origins, and found Varric is only a close second to Alistair and although I don't like Isabella she's at least more understandable then Morrigan. Expand
  31. Apr 20, 2013
    LOL! 82 score, cmon this game is so bad compared with first one! trolllolololololololololololololololololooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  32. Sep 24, 2013
    It was a solid game. The gameplay was just as good as the first game, the dialog was better, your actions have direct consequences later in the game (as you should expect from a Bioware game), and it was a lot of fun. My only real complaint is that they recycled maps so much. Every cave in the game is the same, only with some passages shut off. Same goes for mansions in Hightown, back alleys in Low Town, and Deep Roads areas. I also really like the endgame, it's exciting and sets the tone for the next game in the series. Expand
  33. Dec 17, 2012
    Everything about this game is dumbed down from the original. The plot is terribly written with jumpy pacing, resulting in it feeling like multiple games mashed together but somehow still has significantly less content than the original. It felt like the devs couldn't decide when to finish the game so they just ruined everything they could in it. Your choices have very little if any impact on the game with key characters dying no matter what. Conversations have been dumbed down even by Bioware standards into a Good, Bad, or Silly response, with occasional inquiry options. Replacing the tactical gameplay from the original is a consolified "press X to awesome" anime-style system where by the end of the game you are literally making enemies explode with your sword. Crashes to desktop, worse graphics than the original, uneven voice acting with fake accents, an unlikable cast, the list could go on for a while. This game feels unfinished, unedited, and quickly thrown together unlike the polished original. Expand
  34. Jul 26, 2013
    Dropped it after reaching the first city. The plot is alwful. There is just nothing to do there. You take a pointless role of a bounty hunter and are told to go some place to grab some riches. Well, I don't find it motivating enough. There was no feeling of story at all.
  35. Nov 2, 2012
    This review contains spoilers. A cheap ripoff of something that once was great. Fights degenerate to a button fest, complete with exploding enemies. You feel like a monkey on speed. This in itself is something that turned me off so completely that I hardly could muster the strength to get going. Enemy hordes dropping from the sky do additional damage when it comes to immersion. Add to this repeating environments that reek of cheapness and a story that's very ambitious but contradicts itself, and you quickly reach the bottom of what an RPG should offer in my opinion. Sprites and the unnecessary revamping of the races substract another bit of the atmosphere. Give that game a wide bearth unless you're simply into mashing one button. There's nothing else to it. Bearable only after consuming a sixpack of beer. Collapse
  36. Dec 3, 2012
    a failed rpg game
    can't found anything great
    dragon age origin was a epic game and this game unable to touch e...
    hoping dao3 would be better.....
  37. Apr 29, 2013
    If you liked Dragon Age 1 youre probably not gonna like Dragon Age 2.

    Everything good about DA1 has been replaced:

    Combat System: Replaced with a worthless action oriented -no brainer system
    Skill System: Dumbed down to no choices at all
    Maps: THERE IS ONLY 1 MAP! All theyve done is make you enter from different doors. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE?
  38. Aug 29, 2013
    The game looks nice, the cinematics are ok, the story line and cut scenes are disjointed and all of this could be forgiven if the controls/camera weren't so abysmally, horribly awful. I'm not sure if they were making an FPS RPG, an RPG or an RTS. IT doesn't really matter which one because they screwed it up pretty badly either way.
    I tried the demo ages ago and couldn't remember why I
    stopped playing after 10 minutes. Now that I've given it a second go, I can remember why. Expand
  39. Jan 5, 2014
    Let me just get my gripes out of the way first. I think this game should be compared to DAO in every way since it's called DA2. Having said that, it is a step backwards in almost every way if not no improvement whatsoever. The graphics are bland and uninspiring. That and I can detect no technological improvement in the graphics from DAO, and I have the settings all the way up with HD skins. The character faces seem like they have no expression, something I'd expect bioware to put alot of effort into. And the levels are just the same bland corridors over and over again most often blatantly reused from other parts of the game. The combat is imo no improvement on DAO despite the new character animations (conspicuously the only visible improvement from DAO) and somehow just feels more tedious. I mean, sending several waves of enemies for every battle? seriously? The story is just way below bioware standards too, it meanders from one random plot point to another seemingly unconnected and giving a frustrating feeling that you don't know what is going on or why things are happening and I'm 19 hours in. Having said all this, it might be worth it for die hard fans of DA to pick up the game on discount off origin if you're looking for more of the DA fantasy universe. For everyone else, it just feels like a waste of time and money. Expand
  40. Jan 18, 2013
    I could write paragraph after paragraph here about why DA2 isn't even 25% as bad as the majority of critics here would want you to believe, but it would be to no avail I'm sad to say. In the first place, I'm suspect of any rating between 0-3, I'm also suspect of 10's. I could see some people finding this game enjoyable enough to give it a 9, or annoying/disappointing enough to give it a bland mediocre rating of 4-6. I can see where some people don't think the graphics are better than in DA: Origins, but the graphics are fine --- not exceptional. The storyline was interesting and some of the characters were downright hilarious, so I really don't understand any complaints on that end. Sure, some of the dialogue could be better ... and all games seem to suffer from repetitiveness, some more than others. I do agree that they overused the same areas/caves which almost gave the game a DLC quality, but I can't see how that merits a drastically diminished overall rating. It's true that combat is simplified and any difficulty encountered relies more on the excessive respawning of mobs than on the mobs' AI and innate abilities .... and it's true that they removed the complexity (or hassle to some) of having to outfit/equip your companions ... still though, the story is fun and intriguing despite its slightly bizarre ending. Yes, it falls short of DAO, then again how many sequels truly surpass their predecessors? I was hesitant to give it an 8, but giving it a flat 7 seemed a bit too low. I think this is one case where the Critic Reviews are closer to the truth than the User Reviews ---- note that they range from 58 to 95. Buy this game on sale and decide for yourself. Expand
  41. Jan 14, 2013
    This game, despite being somewhere between resoundingly mediocre and offal, was foisted onto the gaming community by a clueless industry and corrupt, bribe-accepting "journalists." If you like RPGS, don't play this. If you believe in journalistic integrity, don't play this. If you like video games and want the industry to improve, don't play this. I'll give this game a 3, because it's prequel was excellent and it held much (squandered) potential. Expand
  42. Jan 15, 2013
    I find the 4.2 too low for this game. Yes, it's not DA: Origins, it's not as good. Yet as a standalone game it's not that bad. It looks as good as DA:O (though it's supposed to look better, even if it feels like there was no progress...), combat system is waaay better, but everything else is worse. Your companions are not as interesting, your voiced hero feels wrong, and the responses a la Mass Effect are too few comparing to how much freedom you felt on the first game. Also, the game keeps reusing the same places over and over again, making it boring. Expand
  43. Feb 19, 2013
    There is mixed feelings on this game, as it not a "true" rpg, but after a while the game grew on me. I must also say, that this game now only cost just under 20USD which makes it good value for money. However had I paid full retail for this game I would most likely give it 5.5 or 6/10. But for 20USD this is a good game and the storyline is good, not mass effect good, but good.
  44. Feb 11, 2013
    mauvais...très mauvais même. Après avoir joué un chef d'oeuvre comme dao ça fait un peu l'effet de se prendre une bonne baffe dans la figure (incredibly bad)
  45. Dec 1, 2013
    HORRIBLE HORRIBLE this is has absolutely nothing to do with DA:Origins except for the name title!
    dumbing down the game for 5 year olds and brain damaged monkeys, Not for my intelligence, thanks for ruining a great game idiots.
  46. Sep 17, 2013
    This is certainly one of the worst games I've ever played it reminds me of one disappointment of the 8 bit generation in that despite my wish to write a lengthy and balanced review, I really just want to draw a line under it and never think of it again.

    It shares some things in common with some of the other worst game hall of famers, actually, especially as a sequel.

    This game has
    poor animation, horrible graphics, lots of game-breaking camera issues, half of the most enjoyable things from the series were removed or never implemented, most, I really do mean *most* of the game is played in literally the same areas, repeated with different names.

    The writing is shocking think the very worst NanoWrimo entrant or fanfic writer going full they eschew character development they appear to mostly have replaced it with infantile ribaldry, and there is a single unfinished, incoherent story arc with great swathes unwritten, missions will leave you agog at their idiocy.

    The whole story feels like it has been smooshed together by a first year humanities undergrad who thinks they are very clever, and in their mission to avoid "cliche" and seem "edgy" they have written a pulpy fanfic with no cohesion, no FINISHED MAIN STORY ARC, little or no recognizable journey of any of the characters for the player to feel invested in and what there is, what approaches an interesting story just sort of tails off as you realise they obviously didn't have time to write lots of it. You're basically playing a draft.

    As for the combat, imagine if somebody who had no interest in computer games say a space alien, a very lazy space alien with only ten minutes to spare and no play-testers attempted to replicate the gameplay of Fable.

    That's what you've got they've tried to turn the game into pure dumb fun, and missed out the fun part.

    Art direction is a bit worse than the writing, but forgive me I'm going to tail off here because you get the picture and this all seems very negative.

    In short, this game is shocking and I'm sorry I played it.
  47. Jaz
    Feb 23, 2013
    For the original Dragon Age i wrote: Very immersing story, believable world, interesting NPCs, fun and demanding combat. Well, Dragon Age 2 has nothing of those.
  48. Mar 4, 2013
    Dragon Age Origins was the best RPG to come out in a long while. Though DA2 was good over all by the standards of the first game it was a let down.

    First the good parts.

    It was better than most any game that came out around the time it was released and many that were made before it. The graphics were acceptable but not a home run. There are side quests to do and the character
    leveling and UI were acceptable. Interaction in the story line was good and though there was only a little room to customize the story through your decisions. Some of the old DAO flavor was there. Over all a good but not great game.

    The bad parts, mostly comparing to Dragon Age Origins

    Too Linear
    DA2 felt much more linear than DA. There was less content over all than DAO and less options of things to do.

    Graphics were rushed
    It is easy to see for any serious gamer that the game was rushed. The textures could have been better. The map areas were limited and more recycled that DAO. I would have liked to have more area on the maps provided. It reminded me of some of the older games because things were recycled as much as they were.

    A Console game
    This game was console based with PC as an after thought. Big mistake on Bioware's pare because the made most of the DAO fans mad. It was a more of a console button masher than a true PC game.

    Lacking in content
    Though there was a lot of content as a sequel it was too short compared to DAO. The content was not as decision based as DAO. There was no real main map like in DA. At the end I found my self saying "That's it?"

    I say, over all it is a good game but don't get your hopes up too much if you already played the first one.
  49. Mar 17, 2013
    I'm very disappointed in the massive amounts of negative reviews for DA:2. It is not origins 2, it is not skyrim, it is dragon age 2 so stop trying to make it what you want it to be and enjoy the game for what it is! I understand to an extent where they are coming from, but for the most part it is a good game, and the number one complaint is it's not Dragon Age Origins 2 but a totally different game. Why can't each game stand on its own? I think DA:2 does. First to address the poor points of 2 in my opinion, one the world has very few locations. It is not open, but neither was origins. Origins just had more instanced places to go. DA2 focuses on a central location and unlocking small instances there for storyline and quests. It plays very similarly to mass effect 2 in that way. Which personally is fine by me, but many people criticize that feature.

    The other flaw to me is the combat animations can get a little over the top. It's a little bit borderline anime when you're playing a rogue. But to me it's a huge improvement over origin's animations (try playing a two handed dwarf in origins, you look ridiculous when you swing).

    The last flaw is you can't create your own hero or play races other than human. Boohoo. Playing a dwarf would've been fun but I can live with this.

    The good points, I like the fully voiced dialogue more. Instead of picking a fully written response you select a flavor of response or question and your hero speaks it, like you pick a humorous response or an angry one so you don't know exactly what he'll say. The game keeps track of what you pick and you start to sort of develop a personality. And it's much better than mass effect's series where you're always trying to be all bad or good because it doesn't work that way here so you can respond to each situation however you like and reactions are done individually and don't need to be unlocked that way.

    Another thing I like is the talent tree. It's an actual tree now so it feels like you're making more of a build instead of just picking a selection of skills. You can also combine effects with other classes for combos so there's some depth there. Battle is not as tactical as origins but in general I like the combat and talents.

    The story is compelling and good to me. It's not on such a grand scale as origins but you're following a family as they rise in importance and it's cool to watch it play out. There's still plenty of lore involved and it's immersive enough.

    In general it's not as deep as origins but still a very enjoyable game.
  50. Apr 5, 2013
    Dragon Age 1 was one of those games you buy because it looked cool. I had no idea what I was about to live. So since the 1st one was amazing I thought DA2 would be similar.... don't be fooled... Gameplay 0 everything that made DA1 is dropped on DA2... you better get a controller for your PC version because you simply get a bad port from console to PC....

    DA1 had 2 differents type of
    gameplay, console and PC. in DA2 they just said F*** PC lets go easy way.
    Story as nothing near DA1...

    Everything seem wrong with this version.... Wonder what Bioware had in mind...
  51. Mar 17, 2014
    I've played it mostly for the plot. I am preparing for DA: Inquisition. This game is much worst than Origins. Simpler, poorer and making impression that developers were in a hurry. Many times You have to travel through the same maps. Main plot is concentrated around one big city. Even big bosses aren't very challenging. It is totally not as good as in the E3 trailer. RPG elements are also much weaker than in DA:O.
    But despite all issues it is still good 40h of worthy game. If You like the climate of DA You should definitely play it. Class balance is better than before and npc are finally doing something smart. Characters are nice, plot quite good, music great, and graphics still nice. Worth of trying before DA:I premiere.
  52. May 2, 2013
    More like Dragon Age Episodes.
    If DA O was like a tasty soup, then consider DA 2 a watered down version of that same soup. Hence my rating doesn't go lower, because there is still some goodness left. enough to enjoy the game. Still, here comes the bad:
    So what happened? It honestly appears as though EA has twisted Bioware's nuts and asked them to make a sequel in such a short time. The
    main problem in Da 2 is the content, or rather the lack of it. 3 different stories occur and then the third one leads to a cliffhanger ending. Choice system this time is annoying this time which leads to the mages screwing up no matter what you choice is. Half the character roster is annoying and we are limited to 1 city (which still manages to be repetitive in itself).

    But i guess there is enough good that will still make DA O fans play this. For other ppl, pick up DA O instead its a better game
  53. Apr 29, 2013
    i'm giving it 2, because i had so high hopes for this thing, i didn't even want to find anything about it in advance at it turned to that crap. of-course there are several things i like but due to critics way too high reviews i can't give 6/7 as i first thought just above average. might have been worth 7/8 without DA Origins
  54. May 6, 2013
    I was thoroughly heart-broken after playing this game. Most of what I had loved from the original game was stripped. The approach of having a "framed narrative" was interesting but I feel that the story just did not deliver (I had to ask myself midway through Act 2 what was my purpose for continuing) and it was certainly not of Bioware calibare. The characters were almost one dimensional with a particular elf who would not look out of place in Stephanie Meyer book. The recycled areas quickly got boring and the gamed ceased being an adventure. But most of all I hated the combat: enemys that explode as if they were made of of balloons filled with cranberry juice; endless waves of trash mobs which seems as a vain attempt to make the game feel longer; bosses battled that bordered on ridiculous (*ahem* Meredith and Corpyheus).

    In the end this game didn't not feel like Dragon Age I will admit in conclusion that there are worse games out there but certainly Bioware is better than this rushed mess. I hope for better in the third installment; having played The Witcher 2 and Tomb Raider the bar is set pretty high now.
  55. May 16, 2013
    Yes, the level design is utterly terrible and the visuals are sub-par, but everything else is pure gold. I acknowledge the game has its flaws, however I feel that those flaws are only minor blemishes when compared to the many redeeming aspects of Dragon Age 2.
  56. May 25, 2013
    Oh.. My.. God... EA ruined this game. Battles were way too easy. The story was boring and I felt almost claustrophobic inside the city of Kirkwall. Every cave looked exactly the same..
  57. Jul 29, 2013
    I never thought that a series could be more bastardized, more streamlined, more simplified, than when I had so unfortunately played Final Fantasy XIII. With Final Fantasy XIII however, it was clear that Square Enix was already going down a dangerous path and something as insulting to role playing game fans as Final Fantasy XIII was to be an expected outcome.
    The difference between Square
    Enix and Bioware is that Bioware should have known better. Considering that these people brought us Baldur's Gate, the best video game sequel of all time Baldur's Gate II, Neverwinter Nights, Jade Empire, and of course, Dragon Age: Origins, you would think that Dragon Age II would have been decent, if not better than the already spectacular Dragon Age: Origins. I could not have been farther from the true result.

    Dragon Age II elects to take the winning formula of Dragon Age: Origins and tries to do something new. My first problem is why do so? Dragon Age: Origins was absolutely fine and needed not revamping. The best way to make a sequel is to add some new original content, expand the world and story, and also improve and fine tune the few problems of Dragon Age: Origins. Instead, Dragon Age II tries to reinvent the wheel and does so poorly.

    To sum it up shortly, they simplify anything that required strategy the first game's combat into button mashing garbage that makes it feel like Mass Effect with swords and magic. The globe trotting and exploration is now walking through one linear corridor that will give you flashbacks to Final Fantasy XIII. Interaction is non existent. You have more luck talking to a wall in this game than your own god damn party! When the companions don't have their own story arcs and interesting backgrounds, the player ceases to care about them emotionally, making the experience feel incredibly detached.
    "Hand holding" is an understatement when it comes to how the game presents things to you. It practically pushes you to success with you not doing hardly anything. The game is so easy it's boring and feels like a chore to get through. The worst part? The lackluster, no surprises, plot line that feels like a really bad fan fiction and the unbelievably basic dialogue wheel.

    So, final words? It's the worst thing BioWare has produced followed shortly by the god awful and overrated Mass Effect games. BioWare, what the hell happened? Baldur's Gate is the reason I got into role playing games. Dragon Age: Origins was one of the first masterful RPGs in the last five years. To see you put little to no effort in it's follow up is sad. Hopefully Dragon Age: Inquisition is better, but I'm not getting more hopes. Neither am I getting my wallet out. I'll spend my money else where, preferably on CD Projekt Red's next title.
  58. Jul 3, 2013
    I never played Dragon Age 1, and after playing this game, I think I never will. The combat is so dull. The voice acting is bad, and the story is stupid. I care about none of the characters. NONE OF THEM! They are all shallow and could be described with one word. I was never surprised about how characters acted. This game was very little fun.
  59. Feb 6, 2014
    Let me start by saying that I first played this on Xbox 360, then PC, THEN played the first game. The PC version, while better looking, didn't seem optimized control wise for this game. The console version just seemed ... better. Some very interesting things here still, not a BAD game at all, but it is the worst incarnation of DA I've played outside of EA's attempt at a flash game version.
  60. Aug 28, 2013
    It's not awful but it isn't really fun. Take what you will from the combat and the graphics. They're not terrible but they're nothing to marvel at. In my opinion what killed this game is the combo of the repetitive environments and the lame story. The story is heavily cliched and fragmented. The narrative is constantly beating you over the head with the struggles of traditionalism and tolerance and it gets really old. I wish they would have diversified the narrative a little bit because the story and the environments felt like they were stuck on repeat for hour after hour. Even the characters didn't seem to change their outlooks very much over the course of the game, the hallmark of a frustrating and unfulfilled story. Expand
  61. Aug 20, 2013
    This game is classic 'two sides of a coin' to me. The graphics, the dungeons, the changes in the races suck for me. Badly. The new combat system worked fine with me, as I played the game quite a time and didn't compare it anymore to part 1. But I loved the story, I loved the feeling that I'm not really the star of this game. That all the other characters had lives of their own, which did not always involve me. I really enjoyed that I with all good intentions walked kneedeep and deeper into That's what this game really made special for me.

    I think, without EA Dragon Age 2 would have been one of the best RPGs I ever played.
  62. Jul 31, 2014
    One may ask about given the low user score, is this a bad game? The answer is NO.
    Within two months of the launch, this game has sold over two million copies around the world. This means that this game is perfect. It adapts to the taste of Call of Duty audience such that this game is no longer can only be enjoyed by those hardcore players, but by everyone who wants to play a game.

    dumping all the complicated RPG elements, adopting popular mass effect decision model, and intensifying the action elements, the game becomes a fantastic experience for gamers, especially the majority of gamers, the COD fans and action gamers. This marks the epic era of RPG games, and should be the future trend of RPG game development. So, one can soon foresee the failure of upcoming DA:Inquisitor which tries to resist the flow of tide and adapt for the hardcore players again, which is only a minor portion of players. Expand
  63. Nov 6, 2014
    I hope EA and Bioware will learn and understand the golden rule of gaming industry. Internet user feedback never reflects the wills of gamers. Because most of the fans are just enjoying from the wonderful game, generally don't even bother to leave a review here.

    Look at this game, it has all the elements contributing to its great success and sales records, but it gets a ridiculously low
    user score here. In fact, this game is just like Skyrim which is a master piece because it removes all the complicated elements of RPG, making the game an exploration and action oriented lightweight RPG. This reaches the top game standard, a game can be enjoyed by everyone, attracting a much bigger audience base.

    It seems DA3 is going in a wrong direction again, caring for a minority of hardcore RPG players will only result in a fall of sale. Because it will never attract the majority of gamers due to taste preference.
  64. May 8, 2014
    The most accurate description of this game that I can think of is: you explore a poorly made, small city(which reuses environments), full of degenerate people.... to find sequel-hooks and non-descript loot. That's it.

    There is nothing this game does better than it's predecessor. Absolutely nothing, While Origins had it's fair share of flaws, when this game tries to fix those, it jumps
    the horse and ends up doing something even worse. And that's when it tries to address issues. Sometimes it takes the good parts of Origins and completely ruins them. So here's the jist, starting with the most important things in an RPG for me:

    The story: considerably worse than Origins. While the first game had a pretty generic setting(save the world from the armies of Mord.. I mean Darkspawn), it was made unique and good by what was built atop that. Dragon Age 2 doesn't have a generic plot, but the way that it unfolds, with absolutist mentalities flying all over the place is what degrades it. Dialogue and plot logic is also worse than in it's predecessor. And what's worse, it doesn't even have a plot to speak of. All it does, at every turn, in all three acts, is set up the plot of the next game.

    Characters are either forgettable or downright annoying. There was one good character in the entire game, and that was Varric.

    The choices you get are between coke and coke zero. You don't get to say Pepsi, or none of the above. At the end of the day, you'll always end up in the same place. And it's terribly balanced as well. There are no complex choices that makes you think. You're going to choose simple coke over coke zero every time, since it is the better choice. There is no balance there.

    The game adds nothing to the lore, and does nothing to offer any answers to the questions raised in previous games. The only thing it does, is raise more questions, with a big sign plastered on it: BUY THE NEXT GAME TO FIND OUT. I have no problem with unanswered questions, they're fun, but when done so blatantly, and for such shady reasons... it insults my intelligence.

    Combat in Origins was too slow. But it was good, strategic combat. Dragon Age 2 addressed my concerns by jumping the horse, making it way too fast and cartoonish, and throwing away every strategic aspect to it. It even changed the laws of gravity and velocity from the first one... wtf?

    Customization is almost nonexistent. Nuff said.

    The environment is one tiny city. And it reuses maps over and over. You basically visit the same place over and over again. It becomes so annoying after a time.. and for one tiny city... it looks ugly as hell, the texture quality is terrible.

    Graphics haven't been improved much, they merely changed the aesthetics of the game...

    The aesthetics of the game are weird, cartoonish and look nothing like the dark, mature Origins. That's the most insulting part of it. That I wouldn't recognize this game as a Dragon Age game, because they changed so much from the previous. From the way characters dress, to the tone of the game, they even changed characters entirely, given them a "cool" look, with ridiculous armor that makes no sense. instead of the believable world of Origins, we're thrown into the world of Inuyasha...

    Overall, it's a 5/10, painfully average game, but I'm gonna give it a 1/10 because it insults the memory of Origins and then **** all over it.
  65. Sep 24, 2013
    Patético. Como juego es pésimo: la historia no es mala, pero está muy mal llevada, repetición de áreas ad infinitum (y más allá), detalles muy poco cuidados. Aburrido y repetitivo hasta la saciedad, con un combate simplificado a más no poder y un inventario de risa. Llamarlo rpg es insultar al género del rol. Ignoro cómo pudo alguien pensar que después de empezar una saga con algo tan bueno como DA:O y luego cambiar el formato hasta convertirlo en algo como ésto, iba a ser una buena idea. Expand
  66. Jul 18, 2014
    How the mighty have fallen. Dragon Age II marked the end of Bioware as a serious RPG developer. This is a long winded dating simulation game. Huge amounts of resources have been wasted in cut scenes and NEVER-ENDING blather about the sexual politics of the NPCs. Everything else in the game has been totally neglected. There is not even a city to explore. Only one dungeon, re-used for all encounters. Limited and impaired loot. Limited and impaired encounters. A 'new' art style so much worse than the old one. And a story that railroads the player into a single (horrible) 'Hawke' character. Dragon Age Origins was good but flawed. This game is WORSE in ALL areas. One can conclude that if fan wrath about this game contributed to new management in Bioware that MAY be a good thing. Cross your fingers for Inquisition. 2014 will allow us to see if Bioware still has what it takes as they go into direct contest with Larian (Divinity Original Sin) and Obsidian (Pillars of Eternity).

    We pray for a Bioware redemption of course! All the best Edmonton!

  67. Apr 11, 2014
    Before I start, I play games to enjoy them, not to criticize. AND THIS IS NOT DRAGON AGE ORIGINS!!! Very very very different game but i still really liked it borderline loved it. Positives I do like the dialog wheel much better than DAO's list. Absolutely loved the social conflict between the Mages and Templars. Preferred the combat. Despite no tactical view. Loved having voiced protagonist!!!

    Only being able to be human, while I am ok with that (due to the fact I like a voiced protagonist) it takes a lot of replay value away that DAO had witch made that game great.

    No tactical view. Though i prefer the combat in this one compared to DAO, when you play a nightmare play-through, you NEED tactical view!

    Not really a faithful sequel, it changed a little to much from DAO.

    Fourth, and my biggest gripe with this game that made me what to stop playing my second time threw, was the size of Kirkwall and how they reused areas. I would rather a game take another year to finish then to due what they did here. I would assume most people would have overlooked all it slights if it didn't reuse map after map. Come on Bioware change it up a bit! It was the must frustrating thing in the DA franchise, even more frustrating then the FADE!!!!
  68. May 31, 2014
    I've put so many hours into DA:O it's not even funny, and compared to that, DA2 was just disappointing.

    First the good: voice acting is top notch, characters are well thought out and portrayed, and the bioware storytelling shines through, though there's not much story to tell. I had no real complaints about the combat or skill systems, I actually thought it was a nice improvement.

    The bad: Every single encounter is exactly the same: wail on the bad guys, SURPRISE more bad guys came out of NOWHERE! oh, it's a boss fight? do it 3 more times! The difficulty of battles fluctuates wildly, you'll go from mowing through the normal encounters to wiping instantly in another.
    The story is meh. Nothing really happens. It's confined to the city, and, aside from some token appearances of DA:O characters, has nothing to do with that story. It might as well be a completely different world.

    The nits: in typical Bioware fashion, bugs abound. For instance, for the entire end of my game, Varric had no body. just a floating head.
  69. Nov 7, 2013
    - Love the new gameplay
    - Good character customization
    - Voiced MC
    - Choices
    - Faster gameplay


    - Will never be as good as the first BUT i still recommend giving this game a try if you're really into RPGs
  70. Nov 9, 2013
    Terrible. No scope. Recycled dungeons. Dragon age origens was a far superior game in many ways. I really hope inquiistion improves on this tripe.
  71. Nov 14, 2013
    Graphics: The graphics are definetly an improved compared to the previous game, and the blood couldn’t look any better. Character models look smooth, environments look okay. It’s not the best looking game out, but it still looks great. 9.
    Sound: The soundtrack has some moments but overall it’s not as good as the themes from Dragon Age origins. 9.
    Gameplay: The gameplay is an
    improvement from the previous game, but also some elements are missing. It plays similar to Dragon Age origins but a lot faster paced, and casual. The mechanics are much more fluid, meaning every hit is now more realistic, and the spells look a lot more action packed. Some of the new specs are great and like Origins I played a rogue, and the gameplay felt much better and more simplified (one of the reasons for the hate of this game). I enjoyed every last moment of the game, and I highly recommend this title. This is an excellent sequel but it does have its fall points. Unlike origins, when you meet a group of enemies and you kill all of them on screen, the game feels the need of spawning more enemies that drop in from random spots around you. This makes the game more frustrating and annoying. Another fall point is the fact that every place you travel is within and around Kirkwall, meaning you will revisit the same areas over and over again, and the funny thing is, the maps become undiscovered even though you fully explored it 3 times earlier. 9.
    Story: I enjoyed the story of Dragon Age 2, and I did import all of my decisions from the previous DA:origins/awakening/witch hunt, and you get the idea. It is amazing how moments in the game you meet up with familiar faces. Bioware has always been known for its fantastic storytelling, and connect from a previous game to the next. Only one fall point was that in Origins I never recruited or interacted with Leliana, and in Dragon Age 2 supposedly she helped the hero of Feraldin. The game follows Hawke instead of your previous imported character, which could also be a fall point, but the fact that Hawke is an amazing character, makes this acceptable. The story always progresses nicely, although you never know your main end game goal, just playing through the story is quite fun. The ending leaves room from a 3rd, and I cannot wait. 9.
    Lasting Appeal: Definitely worth getting, I bought the game and played all the expansions as well, definitely worth playing Mark of the Assassin and Legacy. The exiled prince is also a nice addition to the story. I won’t separate them into impressions because they aren’t known as other campaign like DA:Origins had it. Either way if you haven’t played this game, it is worth getting. 10.
    Overall Score: 9.2 out of 10.
  72. Jun 25, 2014
    How can you take such a successful game like DA:O and remove every single positive from it to create this abomination?

    Total Abortion and shameful theft of peoples money through the guise of loyalty. Disgusting.
  73. Dec 30, 2013
    This sequel is pathetic, story line sucks, characters suck and gameplay is completely ruined no complexity only button mash and it is obvious it's just a console port... maybe it is not bad game but it is awful as an RPG. Force finished Costume Quest had more 'RPG-inges' to it than this... at least it did not have false moral choices.. am not even comparing it to Dragon Age Origins from PC... Completely different league Expand
  74. Dec 13, 2013
    This is not as bad of a game as many people say it is. Yes, it's completely different from Dragon Age: Origins, but it's not deserving of the deluge of down-votes that's brought it to a 4 user rating. It's still one of my favorite games. Is it a 10, no. But it's not the 0 a bunch of people have given it, so whatever. Hopefully this helps balance them out slightly.
  75. Dec 16, 2013
    Dragon Age Origins took five years to make, Dragon Age II took two years. Companies can't always devote that amount of time to interactive experiences like the DA series. Dragon Age II still delivers a solid RPG experience with an entertaining combat system. Yes of course it's not as good as DAO but it's still worth playing from start to end. I'm on my second play through now. You can role play different types of characters from a blood mage, chantry minded, rogue. The dialogue options let you easily role play any type of character you want. Expand
  76. Jan 20, 2014
    A huge letdown for fans of Dragon Age: Origins. I'm not gonna spend my time reviewing this game.
    They took everything that made Dragon Age: Origins so great and shat on it.

    Shame on you, Bioware. Now go make it up to us with Dragon Age: Inquisition and don't make the same goofy mistakes again.
  77. Feb 17, 2014
    sure thing. this is not dragon age origins. what we loved about the first part is a total mess in da2. the other way around, everything not so cool about dragon age origins is made perfect in the second part. the teamfights for example are one of the best ive seen in strategic rpgs. the talent- trees are much better than in the first part and specially as mage i got addicted in lvling up.
    no question, story and characters are lousy compared to his predecessor. but if you see this game just as a good strategic rpg simulation you got a good game. there are not much games outthere with such good combat-simulation. shame, the other stuff went wrong.
  78. Feb 22, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. There are many unforgivably bad things about this game that make me sit and stare at the screen, hardly daring to believe that a game could have this bad an effect on me. I have just received the achievement that I have entered 50 caves (That all look exactly the same, Maker help me!) and it is only act one. Which leads me to believe that there are about 300 caves in the game...But enough about that, everyone knows about how lazy EA are. What I am tearing my hair out about is the bows. WHY DO I NEED BOWS? WHERE ARE THE RANGED CHARACTERS? Oh look! A bow for 133 sovereigns, I will give it to Varric. Oh damn it! He can't equip other bows! Oh, good thing there is a DLC to get an archer. It only costs 7$. Wait, what? 7$! I guess Hawke will have to be a bow wielding rogue. I shoot an arrow at the enemy. The enemy explodes into big chunks of meat and bones. Eish! Well at least they seem to be biodegradable. Oh and the bone pit! I get that you can tell Varric you want to start a business, but you end up with negative 15 sovereigns. At least the game is alright though. Expand
  79. Jan 5, 2014
    I love to see how users all around the world acclaim other RPGs with massive stories, but feel disappointed by DA2. Why? It's arcade combat system? I find it pretty useful to have an easy way of fighting your way in the world, but have plenty of time to explore the story, people and places that this wonderful game has to offer. No doubt that DAO was more interesting in this aspect, combat, but still, this sequel gives you an interesting view over Thedas, and grants Inquisition plenty of opportunities. It is a lovely game, beautiful graphics, wonderful motions, great story, and most of all, the characters in it are full and seem so alive. Bad parts, it felt shorter, for some reason, compared to DAO. Still, one of the great games of this age. Expand
  80. Jun 10, 2014
    DA2 is a game for those who want more action. It is far easier than DAO which is a good thing for those who play for the story rather than a constant challenge. Combat is fast and fun, although with less emphasis on tactics than DAO. This is NOT a game for those who want a challenging, classic RPG like DAO. The Good: - Fast, fun combat, closer to Mass Effect than DAO - Decent story - Interesting characters
    - The player character is voice acted
    - Enhanced graphics over DAO (still not incredible and not as good as ME3)

    The Bad:
    - The UI seems to have undergone a significant downgrade from DAO and can be confusing
    - Because of the more linear story, character customisation is also a downgrade
    - Item stats can be hard to compare and seem like random numbers
    - Items are either pure crap, or incredibly overpowered, the DLC items are especially overpowered.
    - You cannot customise the armour of your party members
    - Very boring environments that are used over and over
    - Absolutely terrible female walk animation. It looks more like a horrific disco dance move that would cause joint injury than an actual walking anim. Fortunately this can be fixed with a mod.

    Overall this game is a downgrade from DAO, but is worth the price when on sale for the minor improvements and more fun gameplay (It is worth about 60% of its price at best).
  81. Feb 8, 2014
    Well, the combat IS better. Kind of. Faster, with more colors, mages are no longer helpless weaklings... The rest is much worse than in DA:O.

    Skill trees are chaotic, GUI is designed with "click as much as you can" motto in mind... And the locations. One single city, two outdoor locations, two dungeons, repeating over and over again (with different names and different doors locked so
    while it is still the same, you always get lost).

    Enemies are most funny. In DA:O you came into full room and cleaned it. Here, you venture into empty room (they all are) and the enemies start coming from all directions, including the mile long corridor, you just cleaned. And from walls. Which is OK in the city and hilarious in caves. The idea of 100 bandits, hanging by the ceiling, waiting for their 10 fellas to die before sending another 10-men wave to get slaughtered... Boooooring...
  82. Feb 8, 2014
    If you loved Dragon Age: Origins, as I do, then DO NOT play Dragon Age II. It is in every way worse than its predecessor, and in fact the only reason I didn't quit in apathy and disgust was that the third installment might be good again and I want to know what happened. It in fact makes playing DA:O less enjoyable because it so trivializes enemies that were built up to be interesting, difficult, and unique in the original. There's not plot to speak of, and what plot is there is so railroaded that despite all the dialogue options there aren't really any choices that matter other than your character can be happy about what happens or not. The dialogue 'choices' are pathetic and without nuance, and hardly ever react in a human way. The main character has no motivation or development, or any traits at all other than being a really effective mercenary. The main plot threads seem to almost try to keep you from choosing to follow them since they seem like just side quests at first and often go completely against the Hawke character's interests to the point that I would never have done them except that the game eventually made it clear I could not progress until they were complete. The visual backgrounds are reused so often that you'd think they would have put more time into them in the first place, and the game design is so insultingly lazy that they just throw a cart in front of a cave entrance and pretend it's a new location without a cave.To be fair, the companions are fairly interesting and their subplots have actual plots that are sometimes interesting, and their banter is probably the only element up to the Bioware standard. The Qunari are interesting, though once again you have no real choices in how to deal with them. They are probably the one visual redesign from DA:O that doesn't look worse than the original (the darkspawn, by contrast, are done so poorly that they can't be taken seriously). If you really want to know what happened during this shoddy prelude to DA3: Inquisition, I strongly suggest just watching the cut scenes on youtube since you'll get the same result without the drudgery of fighting yet hundreds more undeveloped enemies who want to kill you for no reason even though your only character trait is that everyone knows you can kill anyone. Expand
  83. Feb 21, 2014
    The obvious reasons: A puréed combat system, dialog that, too often, doesn't say anything close to what option you pick (and often has unforeseen consequences), reused locations (they seriously thought closing off one passageway in the same map I've been through 20 times was going to make me think I'm in a new map?).. storyline was atrocious... mostly for the weak tie-ins to the great game that preceded it, changing the art style, the look of the Qunari, the feel of your companions, and so forth and so on... etc. etc. I feel like a jilted love. "Let me count the ways in which I hate thee..."

    I say the positive too, of course. The graphics were pretty good, albeit really weak for fighting and magic animations.

    It is obvious this was nothing more than a quick money grab. And, it is hilarious how games studios never consider gamer backlash. Goodwill is a small line on a company's balance sheet, and execs overlook it and its significance constantly. And no, it is not where they donate used clothes. It's how they keep track of things like how loyal their customer base is.

    Anyways, there's almost twenty-two hundred bad reviews on here. I doubt anybody other than myself will get around to even reading this one. Just my middle finger to Bioware. But I bought this garbage game around release day... and if I want to attempt playing it ever again to see if there was anything redeemable in there I can't because Origin sucks and says I never bought it. So, they still got the last laugh.
  84. Mar 24, 2014
    Classic example of EA paying reviewers for positive reviews. This game is pure trash. The same five maps are reused hundreds of times (and you are expected to not notice), the writers decided to scrap any and all writing (meaning no talking to party members, no talking to NPCs, no nothing) and this does not even merit the Dragon Age name.
    The game itself is essentially Final Fantasy 13; a
    linear game with no choice whatsoever moving you and your party members (who may as well not have names since talking to NPCs was scrapped in favor of flash animation cutscenes) from fight to cutscene until the end of the game. No difficulty, no exploration, all in the name of 'streamlining' (read: dumbing down) combat.
    I can't spoil the story because there is one. You get to pick which of the two factions you want to support, each without any decent in-depth story, then at the end of the game your choice lacks any substance at all because the same thing happens regardless and you get the same lousy cliffhanger ending that may as well be replaced with an add for Dragon Age Inquisition.
    Character creation is literally gone, you pick a class and your name is Hawke and you are a human. No origin stories, no tying in choices, you just ride the railroad tracks.
    Also, for those who did in fact play Origins and Awakening, congratulations, even if you saved everyone at the end of Awakening, because there is no post-game save some of the characters are made dead because this terrible rushed game has no clue what continuity is.
    Ignore all reviews that say this is a good game; this game is objectively too terrible to warrant EA pricing it even a quarter of Dragon Age Origin's price tag.
    Also, Qunari now have horns. Because character development is hard, let's just slap something on to say "hey look, we animated!".
  85. Nov 19, 2014
    This was unbelievably disappointing. I played the game to 'warm up' for Inquisition after I had kept away from it for years when I first saw credible reviews. I should have kept to it. It feels more like a chore playing the same battles in the same environments over and over (and over and...) again just to realize experience and money are worthless since enemies strength scales and the best items are delivered by DLC (stand in your home at the very beginning of the game). Waste of time and nerve. I feel cheated by the publishers and developers (for not standing up to their publishers crazy demands) and most reviews from 'professional' gaming magazines are straight out filled with lies. This being said parts of the game were actually well crafted. I liked the skill system and towards the end (last 30 mins) the story and enemies became more interesting. This game had a lot of potential and could have been great. Sadly it only lived up to the investors wishes. Expand
  86. Apr 8, 2014
    This game sucks. It's in no way a faithful sequel. It's a bad mix of hack'n slash and RPG.

    If you like tactical combat: This game doesn't have it.
    If you like in depth RPG: This is not a game for you.
    If you like flashy hack'n slash: Try something else.
    If you like open world games: Don't play this game.
  87. Apr 12, 2014
    It's funny, but I didn't play this game at release due to all the bad user reviews it was getting but recently decided to do a play through before DA:I is released. I wish I'd followed my own usual advice and ignored the Internet. Hell, I'm even beginning to wonder if people weren't trolling the game at release. This game was fun. Decent story, good characters, great voice actors and a better inventory/power management system made this a very enjoyable experience. Was it DA:O? No, definitely not. But as it's own game it was a great deal of fun to play. I'd recommend this game any time. Expand
  88. Apr 30, 2014
    how do you take dao and turn it into this one of my biggest let downs in recent years utter rubbish press a button and something awesome happens yes i eject the game.
  89. May 1, 2014
    **** game for absolutelly ALL POINTS.

    -The graphics are like a **** anime, clean and no way like DA:O ones(realistic and that) the elfs looked like fuking goblins with no-sence phisic esrtructure.

    -The story is awful, and VERY DISAPOINTING. You can't chose the race of your character like DA:O, You use a human with no more that 4 answerds each decision time (and the desicion wont
    change ANYTHING from the story of this ''game'')

    -Combat and weapons are the WORST THING OF THIS CREATION. The animation movements are like a super sayan with hyteria hyperactivity. And you leave the character doing movements and you win. No comments.

    My actual score i give is 0 'cose i cant give it a -9999 out of 10. A saga that will be forgoten and **** for the rest of the life. Thanks bioware (and ''thank you'' to for ME3)
  90. May 2, 2014
    I wasn't going to create an account but this game deserves some more positive comments!
    At first, I hated it. Camera was annoying and at first the game was boring and scenery was similar everywhere and all that is true.
    BUT! In the end I still really liked the game. You got used to camera and all battle movements were beautiful and exciting, (especially Fenris. And mage's movements were
    cool) and even tho some of you deny it, but the game looked really pretty.
    I'm not experienced gamer, my difficulty was set for normal and I admit most of the battles were pretty easy but I liked it that way and if I had set it to hard or nightmare it would have been much harder.
    At first when the game started I felt like I was just watching a movie and I didn't really connect with my Hawke at all. it didn't really feel like it was MY character and MY story. But as the game went on that feeling disappeared and I really started to like what my Hawke was becoming.

    And for the story, I really liked my companions (Varric and Fenris you were the best) and I liked the plot when it finally started. I loved that I got to meet some origins/awakening characters again. I would have wanted to have more conversations with everyone and about trivial things not just when plot needed it, that's one of the game's biggest flaws for me.

    I truly don't think this game deserves so harsh comments. I spent +50 hours on it and enjoyed the game very much. It isn't a game I won't be playing the game again any time soon, because there really isn't another path I'd like my story to go but for me this one time is well worth of the money I paid.
  91. May 9, 2014
    Not really sure why this title gets hated on so much. I'm guessing it's mostly because avid fans of the original were expecting the second game to be very similar to the first. It's definitely different, but, in and of itself, I felt like it was an entertaining game.

    I think the bad points are already well known:
    -levels get re-used a lot, which feels lazy
    -can't equip your
    companions, so you find a lot of neat gear but can't put it on anybody
    -overall, a bit rushed feeling. for example, there's a lot of generic rings, etc. that you find

    But there was also plenty of good:
    -improved skill trees
    -more original storyline. Most every other rpg is about saving the world. This gets dull. DAII is a more personal story about a refugee and a city (I do wish the city changed more over the course of the game though). I also thought the framed narrative made for some cute moments.
    -combat was fast paced and flexible, so you could pretty much have whatever sort of party you wanted. If you were really in love with the more strategic, pause and play style of fighting from DA, you might be disappointed in the new style. I happen to like both, so it was fine for me.

    Overall, the game was fun to play which is basically all that really matters to me. If you really, really wanted another dragon age origins, this isn't it. If you're just looking for a solid rpg, however, then DAII is pretty good.
  92. Jun 3, 2014
    Terrible, yucky filth and a script that inspires total and absolute celibacy with possible secondary effects of setting fire to my computer. This game is not so much a game more a money making, cheating piece of socio-political forcing liberalism. Even if there was any attempt at making a good game it would still be hamstrung by the plot and in game conversation options. Apart from one or two things here and there, this game makes me hope that EA and Bioware go under and a new dev can rise to power and start doing some really great games. I would rather be stuck in a lift with a man suffering terminal flatulence than play on DA2. Expand
  93. Jun 5, 2014
    They took the first game, which has polished last gen graphics and gave the new game even more slightly polished graphics. No amount of user mods were able to bring its quality up to standard. However, the graphics aren't awful either, just very old for a AAA title in 2011.
    Unlike the first game, I enjoyed the main character (female character) much more as it feels like the put slightly
    more effort into him/her.
    The best part of this game is Varric Tethras who steals the show from every other character.
  94. Jun 9, 2014
    I can see why this game received a lot of negative comments. To start off, most of DA II players have played DAO, and in my honest opinion, the former is inferior to the latter. Nonetheless, the DA II still has some commendable features...

    Graphics: Slight improvement in comparison to DAO
    Story: More or less in par with DAO
    Gameplay: This is the main advantage of DAII. First of all,
    the mage class seems to be stronger (If you recall from DAO, mage spells like fireball and chain lightning deal ridiculously low damage). In addition, the talents and spells were also improved. The only downside of DA II's gameplay is that the "talent tree" is weird. I don't like the concept of "upgrading talents" since it wastes precious skill points. Bottomline, the gameplay of DAII has significantly improved in comparison to DAO.
    Difficulty: For some reason, I find this game way easier than DAO. I rarely die in normal difficulty, and nightmare mode is relatively less difficult than DAO's nightmare. However, I won't list this as a pro, nor will I list it as a con. I guess it is up to the player's opinion
    Dialogues: One of the cons of DAII. There are less dialogues.
    As for the MAJOR DOWNFALL of DA II, it would be the EXCESSIVE and repetitive maps. Seriously Bioware, what has gotten into you? For the duration of the game, the maps you visit in Act 1 will pretty much be the maps you will be visiting for Acts 2 and 3. To make things worse, they added this stupid "night time feature" which adds to the burden of exploring the SAME REGION just to collect items and resources. It gets more boring and tiresome as the game progresses. The only reasons why I'm still giving this game a relatively high score are the improved graphics and game play.
  95. Jul 29, 2014
    "Dragon Age II" lacks the epic feeling of its predecessor, although its plot is far more interesting. The dystopian tone of the three-act storyline, the issues it comments on, some intriguing plot lines, such as Leandra's creepy murder or the Qunari uprising, and some more interesting and modern companions than their "Origins" counterparts (with, perhaps, the exception of Morrigan), attempt to give a more mature touch on the series, and partly succeed. Unfortunately, this results in the game's looking weird at times, in addition to its many other weaknesses, including a claustrophobic setting, recycled corridors and some pointless quests. Its great improvements on "Origins", in terms of plot, maturity, thoughtfulness, originality, combat and graphics cannot possibly save the day, making it an love-or-hate sequel to a universally acclaimed predecessor. I liked its darker and more adult look, but it is a great disappointment, should you consider its potential. Expand
  96. Aug 16, 2014
    Given that Dragon Age 3 is nearly upon us, I feel that this is the appropriate time to post my long-overdue review of Dragon Age 2. First some history... From the time I beat Dragon Age: Origins, I eagerly anticipated its sequel. Then Bioware revealed the game itself, and eventually released a demo. I had a PS3 at the time, so I tried the demo on that. After my first time finishing the demo, I was hooked. As I had been in the process of building a monster PC, with arguably the best hardware of 2011 (Intel i7 2600k, Nvidia Geforce GTX 580, etc) I wanted great games for it. And I considered Dragon Age 2 as one of them.

    I immediately went to my local Gamestop and placed a pre-order for the game, approximately 3 weeks prior to its release date...

    Four days before the game was released, I received the parts for my PC and set it up... and I was impatiently awaiting the release of DA2.

    On the morning of its release, I rushed to Gamestop and picked the game up, installed it as soon as I got home, and began playing. I was oblivious to the experience I would soon be subjected to...

    Needless to say, Dragon Age 2 is a vastly INFERIOR game to its predecessor. While its story is passable at best, the things that made Dragon Age: Origins great were completely missing from this game.

    Gone was the well-crafted tactical RPG combat. Gone was any kind of real character customization for your Hawke (Yes, you don't really even have a choice for your own character). Gone was any real diversity in the game's environments and quests.

    Instead the product I had paid $60 for was a disappointing experience that is a shadow of the great game whose name it bore. A game that seemed to have been designed with the intention to appeal to the current "CoD Instant Gratification" generation of gamers (Yes I did just say that), with its shallow and "flashy" combat system and shallow characters who serve only to provide more means to unrealistically dismember and eviscerate enemies for the intended "wow" effect to satisfy the aforementioned gamers.

    However, I was determined not to let this become a total loss of my money, so I soldiered on and completed the game's campaign. I did not even bother to get any of the DLC either. I simply completed the game, cried a little, and uninstalled it from my hard drive. I then proceeded to hide the disc away in an effort to put the experience out of my mind.

    In summary, I was among many who bought into the hype and then got burned. This experience has taught me to forevermore take anything that EA promises with some skepticism, and to never again preorder a game from them.

    Compared to Bioware's previous opus, this title can be viewed as the equivalent to a fecal smear on a public restroom toilet seat.

    I hath spoken.
  97. Aug 16, 2014
    It's hard,even for the Master's at Bioware to replecate perfection that was Dragon Age Origins. What we are presented here is a game that was rushed to release,and it clearly shows in Level Design. Alot of reused assets throught Campaign. However,what is in the game is great,better graphics than Origins,Music that is arguably better;Characters while new,are still brought to life with great writing. I have faith Dragon Age Inquisition will be more akin to Dragon Age Origins.

  98. Nov 22, 2014
    I've just finished the review of Dragon Age Origins and this is the opposite in any possible way. While DA:O is the succession of the gameplay from Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights, DA2 is more like a "social experiment" to test the players reaction at an "hybrid" of PC and Console gameplay, the result is that all console players love (when they hated DA:O isometric camera), and all PC players feels an empty gameplay totally focused to action and combos, it is the same what "build" you have because combos does more damage than skills. I will be clear: this IS a bad game, incomplete, invisible corridors, repetitive, recycle of scenarios, etc, but could be more close to be "digestible" as a "spin-off" in the saga, but that "2" ruined the saga irremediably, now we have to play Dragon Age: Inquisition with shame. And why? Because Bioware wanted to earn a handful of bills more... Expand
  99. Sep 21, 2014
    First let me say: I quite liked this game. So why am I giving it only a 4? Because I don't think it's a good rpg. I enyoyed the combat and like the dragon age lore, so that really helped me to enjoy the game. But lokking at it more objective- it has a lot of problems. Level recycling, a lifeless and static world (the npcs in kirkwall are just standing there and doing nothing), bad graphics (the comic look doesn't help in a "mature" rpg). Choices don't really matter. The story execution is bad, while the idea behind it was good. Excessive violence, while the sex scenes are "censored" (characters in full clothes). And again, choices don't matter. Expand
  100. Oct 14, 2014
    For RPG gamers, DA2 represents a milestone that will never be surpassed. This game managed to achieve all the below astonishing feats simultaneously:
    1. It destroyed the greatest RPG franchise after Baldur's Gate. Unlike any other RPG franchise, this is the first game series that went from perfect to trash in the collective mind of the RPG community. And it only took one sequel.
    2. It
    damaged the reputation of Bioware among the oldest and most consistent gaming community in the world. Sure, there are always accusations about many different things, including the EA acquisition, but all this is circumstantial. The day this game was released, Bioware died as an RPG developer and became a condole game developer.
    3. It exposed all big game reviewers (websites, journalists, magazines). A game that in the mind of the average RGP fan was pure trash was rated with an "excellent" score. You can fool many people, but if you try to fool everyone, you end up being exposed. Dear gamer, let this be remembered as the absolute evidence that you should not rely on game reviews when buying a game, but instead you should always rent and play it.
    4. It exposed the fake reviews in Metacritic: Who are all these people that "loved the first game, but the sequel is much much better!!!"? And why is it that they repeat, point by point, all the arguments that Bioware and EA brought forth when they tried to defend their choice to strip this game of all its RPG elements so that people who play Farmville and Street Fighter Turbo V X III ULTIMATE VERSION would buy it? Are we meant to believe that these "RPG fans" like button mashing? I am very surprised to find so many of them on Metacritic and other websites, when in real life I've been playing RPGs for 20 years and the hundreds of RPG fans I have met and talked to ACTUALLY HATE button mashing and appreciate a good storyline, character development and customisation and strategic gameplay? WHERE WERE ALL THESE RPG FANS ALL THESE YEARS? Where did they come out from? Could it be they are all fake reviewers? The answer is simple: YES.
    In conclusion:
    This game is an example in what not to do. It can only be compared to the toothpaste managers that took over the film industry as executive producers in previous decades and tried to replace the Scorceses and Coppolas with sitcom directors, and the De Niros and Pacinos with actors like Lorenzo Llamas and Dolph Lundgren.
    DA2 is not an RPG game. Whether people like it or not, RPG gamers want to play RPG games, the same way basketball fans want to play basketball games. There is no point in focusing in secondary issues like the graphics or the DLC when the game is not designed for the people that are meant to buy it. This is a total failure, and a DA3 must be at least as good as the Origins game, in order for people to reconsider buying another Bioware RPG title.
    BUY THE FIRST GAME, BUY ITS EXPANSIONS, BUY ANY DECENT RPG of previous years and decades, but DO NOT BUY THIS GAME. This is an ACTION/FIGHTING GAME (and a really bad one as well), not an RPG.
    (NOTE ON FACTS: I finished DA:O and its expansion, Awakenings, and my rating for that game is 10 - probably around 150 hours or so. I played around 5 hours of this excuse of a game before I uninstalled it and wished someone would had told me what I am telling you in this review).
  101. Nov 2, 2012
    This review contains spoilers. A cheap ripoff of something that once was great. Fights degenerate to a button fest, complete with exploding enemies. You feel like a monkey on speed. This in itself is something that turned me off so completely that I hardly could muster the strength to get going. Enemy hordes dropping from the sky do additional damage when it comes to immersion. Add to this repeating environments that reek of cheapness and a story that's very ambitious but contradicts itself, and you quickly reach the bottom of what an RPG should offer in my opinion. Sprites and the unnecessary revamping of the races substract another bit of the atmosphere. Give that game a wide bearth unless you're simply into mashing one button. There's nothing else to it. Bearable only after consuming a sixpack of beer. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 45 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 38 out of 45
  2. Negative: 0 out of 45
  1. Apr 18, 2011
    Moving even further from the classic RPG, strong story and clever combat are nonetheless still found within Dragon Age II. [May 2011, p.52]
  2. Apr 12, 2011
    Despite some advancement in storytelling approach and liberal borrowing from Bioware's Mass Effect approach to gameplay, Dragon Age 2 on the PC has a lot of bugs and is populated with re-used settings that make this feel like a play performed on a stage with two sets.
  3. Apr 11, 2011
    For a rushed product that is still battling bugs, the currently offered product still provides 40 hours of challenging and engaging gameplay. This combines to provide a good, but not great gaming experience.