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  • Summary: EA announced that a new installment in the Dragon Age series will arrive in the first quarter of 2011.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 38 out of 45
  2. Negative: 0 out of 45
  1. Mar 14, 2011
    If you were like me and worried about Dragon Age II, you can relax. It's not quite the same game, but where it's different it is better.
  2. Mar 8, 2011
    It may be difficult for hardcore gamers to ignore the revamped combat system, but once you calm down and excuse some minor flaws, you'll find an amazing game in Dragon Age II.
  3. Mar 21, 2011
    Dragon Age II might stir up a little controversy for the radical changes BioWare implemented in the series, but many of them were done to make the game more accessible. It's still the Dragon Age many of us know and love, it's just growing up a bit. If you're looking for a fantastic adventure with incredible dialogue, vastly improved visuals and visceral combat, this game won't disappoint.
  4. Mar 31, 2011
    I found Dragon Age II to last about 27 hours for my first playthrough, split almost evenly between its three acts (though the last was a bit shorter). This was disappointing compared to Origins, which took more than 50 hours, considering both were fully explored at a fairly leisurely pace...With that said, DA2 is still a pretty darn good game.
  5. Mar 20, 2011
    Ultimately, Dragon Age 2 still manages to be a good game, but it will also be a VERY divisive title among RPG fans.
  6. Mar 8, 2011
    But as a game, its streamlined mechanics and more action-oriented combat should appeal to console players, but hardcore fans of PC RPGs may feel slighted.
  7. Apr 12, 2011
    Despite some advancement in storytelling approach and liberal borrowing from Bioware's Mass Effect approach to gameplay, Dragon Age 2 on the PC has a lot of bugs and is populated with re-used settings that make this feel like a play performed on a stage with two sets.

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Score distribution:
  1. Mar 8, 2011
    I really enjoyed the new combat. Characterization is fantastic. I love the new dialogue system and improved character development.
    This game
    I really enjoyed the new combat. Characterization is fantastic. I love the new dialogue system and improved character development.
    This game is a lot of fun.
  2. May 27, 2011
    In my opinion Dragon Age II is not much like the Dragon Age: Origins. There is no prolonged battles, there is completely different dialogueIn my opinion Dragon Age II is not much like the Dragon Age: Origins. There is no prolonged battles, there is completely different dialogue system (which by the way is taken from the Mass Effect) and a totally different concept (we are fighting basically not with darkspawn and problems in Kirkwall). But still, in spite of repeated locations and unfinished written story, it is still fun to play. There is pretty various and interesting characters (Merrill, my favorite :3), simple but elegant locations, and a lot of drama. Expand
  3. Mar 17, 2011
    Is it as good as DA:O? No. Ist it on my list of possible Game of the Year candidates? No. Was Bioware cutting corners left and right.. yes..Is it as good as DA:O? No. Ist it on my list of possible Game of the Year candidates? No. Was Bioware cutting corners left and right.. yes.. Let's face it, DA2 feels like it was rushed to the market without the care and attention to detail that made its predecessor special. DA2 suffers from repeating dungeons over and over again and disappoints me with a over simplified skill tree. Let's just skip over the whole party armor upgrading business and while we're at it, cram the stupid dialog wheel system from Mass Effect down the players throats. It's getting almost too casual now. Yes,I do feel like this title was produced with minimal effort, to rake in some more additional cash. And yes i do blame EA for it.

    Act 1 unfortunately being especially bland, while Acts 2 and 3 do pick up a quite bit, with my party members finally starting to develop some actual profile. But does it deserve a meager 0-4 scores? Hell no. It is still an entertaining title that will keep fans of the old DA:O or faster paced W-RPGS entertained for a good 20h if not way more. My first play thru took 38h. It has a decent storyline, it's technically 'sound' - not great, mind you, just average. I haven't experienced any bugs, crashes or whatnot. I liked the story, it even does lend itself to be played at least a second time through. Plenty of quests to go around, too. I think this title is getting bashed a bit too hard here.
  4. Mar 10, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Being a fan of both Dragon Age Origins and the Mass Effect series I looked forward to this release with glee, but after completing Dragon Age 2 I am sorely disappointed with it. While at first the faster game play while in a battle was refreshing by the end of the game each battle felt hollow, in comparison with Origins each battle requires much less thought or strategy and I would often find myself simply pressing the same combination of number keys at the start of a battle, using a health potion if needed then repeating the same actions until the game decides weather it would send an additional 8 enemies into the fray after the first group had been dispatched or allow me to continue a quest. The game seemed content to throw a large army at the player simply for walking along a path between quest points and to do so at every possible opportunity, one stretch of road I remember would have taken the players group a mire 30 seconds to traverse unopposed but instead it took the better part of 10 minutes because the group was set upon by a band of undead, short distance up the road another pack of undead would attack and after they had been dispatched a third group of miscellaneous rouges decided there number was being served. I expect a game to throw a large group at the player once in awhile but must a quest involving the retrieval of a herbal plant or an unimportant crystal require the attention of a horde large enough to sack a moderately size town Every Time? The enemies the game presented me with end up not acting the part of a band of rebels or thugs intent on kidnap or slaughter of innocents but as pebbles in the bottom of my shoe, striped of character in my mind by the sheer tedium of having to fight the same groups of 7 or 14 enemies every turn of the corner to finally reach a bag containing ultimately worthless and trivial items. Dragon Age 2 shares more in common with an MMORPG than it does it's predecessor in that you will be spending a large amount of time doing fetch quests like returning a lost piece of clothing or freeing some damsel in distress until you reach some arbitrarily decided point where the main plot is allowed to resume. Dragon Age 2 greatest weakness is in the way it treats the story, while Origins had a somewhat cliche but warm over arching storyline, giving vaguely defined goal that slowly solidifies as you make progress, Dragon Age 2 there was very little to grip my attention or engage my curiosity, the game leads the player forward by glimpses of coming glory told from a future vantage point where the actions the player had taken or had suffered were judged and debated for there merits and sucked all mystery and opportunity of total surprise out the window, you were constantly made aware of what you would become and the story completely skipped so many of the small but vital aspects of storytelling. For those of you that have played DA2 Demo, I felt that the Hawke responded in a cold and matter of fact way to your siblings death no matter which conversation option you pick, that there was lack of effort from some of the voice actors and that sense that the event lacks in gravity never left my mind through the game, Bioware seems to have forgotten how to create realist characters that actually give the impression of life, all the companions conform to one trait of there character at all times, for example one companion will join you as an outcast of their people due to their one core trait and at the end of the game and personal quest line they carry and react the same way they had upon first meeting the player, caring for their people but never says anything if in the course of their quest line you end up killing their people or not, they just feel like a cardboard cutout and unfortunately this is not isolated. As for the main plot itself, I went from one major plot to the next without feeling any real need to do the involved quests because it is hard to feel that my main characters attempt to save up the money to Buy A House (Act 1; Hawke attempts to get on the property ladder.) is worthwhile after running fetch quests for pennies nigh on 4 hours. To boot the ending to the game had me questioning weather or not my characters moral choices had anyway bearing whatsoever on anything at all, aside that it all lead up to what was in essence a promotion for Dragon Age 3. Before this game had I asked myself what was the worse Bioware game I had ever played, I would probably not answer that question very well, And unless Dragon Age 2 is the beginning of a downward spiral, I can answer that question without thinking. fans of Origins story and lore should stay well clear of this game, and to anyone one else I'd say wait for a drop in the price. Expand
  5. Aug 26, 2011
    It's extremely unworthy, so unworthy it should not possess the "Dragon Age" title. Mostly everything about the game is either extremelyIt's extremely unworthy, so unworthy it should not possess the "Dragon Age" title. Mostly everything about the game is either extremely underdone or just extremely bad, seriously. Bioware tried way too hard on attempting to make this game successful. If I were to explain what went wrong with this game I'd be writing this for hours, don't buy it, stick to Origins if you must. Bioware has always been a developer that you could trust with the uniqueness and success of their content, their trust has most definitely been shaken. Expand
  6. Mar 22, 2011
    Refrain from buying this game if you have any expectations. While the game is not a complete disaster when regarded as a standalone game, youRefrain from buying this game if you have any expectations. While the game is not a complete disaster when regarded as a standalone game, you will get disappointed if you want to play it because you liked Dragon Age: Origins. Basically it is just a thumbed down, simplified version of its predecessor.

    My rating is not only game related, but mostly Biowares fault. While I would give the game a 4-5/10, Biowares extreme failure forces me to make it 1/10. How can a gaming company even dare to censor people opinions about the game in their forums, having workers write ridiculous hymns of praise on metacritic and paying major magazines money to give outrageous scores? Just refrain from buying Bioware products if you can avoid it. Don't support companys with such low ethical standards until they feel the consequences. This is the only way to hurt them for deceiving people in such a shameful, pathetic way. Greedy bastards.

    But now to the game, which I played to the end. DA2 had 18 Months of development time, while DA:O took about five years. This manifests throughout the game which looks nice in the beginning, but lacks quality the longer you run around doing mindless, uninnovative quests. The combat system itself is fun at first but gets annoying due to it repetitiveness and unfair spawn system. A typical mission looks like this: Go to a cave, do x, collect y. Encounter enemies which spawn in weird waves that make no sense at all. When you run into the middle of a room you can be sure that enemies spawn right around you and the first thing you have to do in every fight is moving your fragile casters around the place and kite monsters so they don't die. Monsters are killed, many more enemies spawn for an unknown reason (couldn't they just be there from start) right in your casters again. Repeat kiting. Expect this to happen in 95% of all fights. And why do monsters suddenly spawn in hordes when there was not the slightest sign of enemies seconds before the encounter? Challenge in the fights come from unfair mechanics like hordes of monsters spawning in your ranged characters. This was so annoying, I can't put enough emphasis on it. Boss fights suck. On higher difficulties they are next to impossible due to near infinite health rather than intelligent design. You will do the same few button combinations for half an hour if you decide to fight that dragon/random other boss on hard difficulties. Often the result is endless kiting until the boss is finally dead - not worth it. A really sad game mechanic for a hyped 2011 game but probably the only possible outcome for a game which is rushed to make more money from the franchise.

    Next annoying thing is the game recycling as you advance through the game. While the main city Kirkwall and 4 locations outside of the city are not too shabby at first, EXPECT TO SEE THEM OVER AND OVER AGAIN THE WHOLE GAME. EXPECT INSIDE LOCATIONS TO BE SEEN DOZENS OF TIMES WITH DIFFERENT ENEMIES. Every house, every dungeon, every cave is used multiple times. Seriously, there is no excuse for this in any way. Next thing are shallow companions inculding a crappy dialogue system. Low friendship/romance options are usually maxed out by pressing the "friendly" or "heart" answer 3-4 times. Clicking through the choices couldn't be simpler and has really nothing to do with role playing. Random pirate **** which offers sex to you the minute you talk to her, eerie looking elves on crack and other rather uninteresting characters you can have fight along your side.

    The storyline is another failure, since there is NONE. You flee from darkspawn to Kirkwall and try to become a champion there, which you are later on by collecting generic herbs, fighting some bad boys and rescuing maidens. There is no real mainplot which guides you through the game, generally you don't have a clue what to do next or what happens, since you will start running from one questmarker to another. At a certain point I didn't even bother to read quest texts anymore but rather collected the exp from certain generic, really, really, boring sidequests. This game is tricky though, at first it made me think "Aww.. what a bunch of haters, the game is not too bad. Nice fighting, decent graphics." But then you realize more and more that the hate has a foundation. The foundation is bad game design which can hardly be considered standard in a 2011 AAA+ game. Basically you end up running around in the same textures over and over again, slaying the same models of enemies over and over again as you advance through the three acts in the game. I also did not like the unlogical choices you are forced to make later on, but this is rather my personal taste on the story, which I found really awful.

    Do not buy this game if you are searching for a good role-playing game.
  7. Apr 4, 2015
    Я искренне удивляюсь, когда кто-то пишет или говорит, что игра Dragon Age 2 - это конечно не Origins, но тоже пойдет. Рассмотрим подробнее:Я искренне удивляюсь, когда кто-то пишет или говорит, что игра Dragon Age 2 - это конечно не Origins, но тоже пойдет. Рассмотрим подробнее:

    + не замечены критические баги и вылеты - и больше плюсов не замечено

    - ужасные, уродливые лица персонажей (особенно мать глав.героя) . в Origins лица в 100 раз красивее и живее. здесь же ощущение, что лица слепил пьяный левой ногой за полчаса. вся остальная графика сделана неплохо, и только с самими фигурками персонажей какая-то ужасная лажа.
    - и из своего персонажа можно слепить только нечто не очень приятное на вид
    - анимация боя в стиле аниме, с дурацкими прыжками и кривляньями. битва теперь больше похожа на цирк
    - в бою сперва ты дерешься, допустим, с 6-ю противниками, побеждаешь их, потом откуда-нибудь спрыгивают еще 8, потом еще по 4 выбегают с двух сторон (неважно, что за спиной у тебя уже все зачищено, они вылезут и оттуда), а потом еще штук 10. это довольно-таки сильно раздражает и надоедает - потому что это нормальное явление, и так проходит КАЖДЫЙ бой
    - массовые заклинания теперь не действуют на своих (что за читерство?)
    - тупейшие диалоги. впечатление, что их писал умственно отсталый первоклассник
    - главный персонаж - не герой, который пришел всем помочь и всех спасти, а жалкая и ничтожная личность, которая если и помогает, то как-то неохотно. а в иных случаях наоборот - как-то чрезмерно экзальтированно.
    - выбор ответа совершенно ни на что не влияет - вежливо ли ты говоришь, шутя ли, или агрессивно. никто не замечает твой выбор - добро ли ты совершаешь, зло ли. на сюжет не влияет совершенно. - события в игре бестолковые - и добро не добро, и зло не зло. а какая-то скучная неинтересная ерунда, до которой, судя по диалогам, глав.герою нет никакого дела. а мне, игроку, почему должно быть дело?
    - какое-то издевательство над миром первой части игры. в Origins был довольно логичный интересный мир - маги, которые должны пройти обучение, чтобы не стать одержимыми демонами (что было серьезной угрозой окружающему миру), и храмовники, которые можно сказать, жизнь кладут на то, чтобы надзирать за магами, чтобы сдерживать одержимых. в Dragon Age 2 мы видим, что маги - это такие вольные художники, которым демоны не беда. главная беда -это жестокая и кровавая тирании храмовников, которые только и умеют, что подавлять нежную и мятущуюся душу мага, и делают это исключительно от природной жестокости
    - бестолковые скучные квесты спутников, где нужно решать их проблемы, которые мне как-то совершенно до лампочки. сами персонажи скучны и пусты, и никак не раскрываются
    - тупейший, скучнейший сюжет. даже не сюжет, а какие-то разрозненные куски. удивительно тупой финал, в котором снова продемонстрировано, что игрок абсолютно никак не влияет на сюжет

    игру хотелось бросить с самого начала, и в процессе игры интереса к ней не было никакого. прошла игру со скрипом и только чтобы узнать, хоть над финалом-то постарались разработчики? оказалось нет, не старались ни в начале, ни в конце.
    в целом игра выглядит дешевой поделкой, которую сделали на отвяжись, и которая ничем не маскирует то, что она дешевая поделка. просто заплатили потом за отличные рецензии. рейтинг 82 процента у этого убожества? это просто смешно. не каждой ХОРОШЕЙ игре дашь такой рейтинг.
    в общем, Bioware очень сильно облажался, но главное, не переживает по этому поводу абсолютно

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