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Dragonriders: Chronicles of Pern Image

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  • Summary: For centuries, the dragons of Pern and their riders have protected their world from the alien oppressor, Thread. Mightiest among the dragons are the Gold Dragons, and their riders, the Weyrwomen ? crusading for the free people of Pern. But now your Weyrwoman is dead, and her gold dragon is dying. Unless you can find a new rider to take up her mantle, your weyr ? and perhaps all of Pern ? is doomed. [Ubi Soft] Expand
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  1. An absolute must for fans of the series - it's as engrossing and complex as the best of Anne McCaffrey's novels, and as a stand-alone story, it's fun and well worth it.
  2. It's an absorbing adventure-cum-interactive story with a lot of people to converse with, a lot of good deeds to do, and an arch baddie to expose.
  3. Not a good game. It takes the primary elements of the Pern novels and uses them to fashion a run-of-the-mill adventure game that offers very little actual adventure and too many frustrating mechanical issues.
  4. A tiny bit of truly awful combat has been thrown in when it should have been thrown out, and this may be the last third-person game in existence that doesn’t support the mouse in any way.
  5. 38
    Too bad, as is, one of those lazy dragons needs to turn its fat ass around and blow some fire directly at the game from which it came, as a little smoldering action is the only salvation I can fathom for this beast. Steer clear, far clear.
  6. 33
    A bad adventure game based on far better books. Go read them.
  7. Only for blindly hardcore fans of Anne McCaffrey...Everyone else will find the entire experience tired and uninspiring.
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