Dragons and Titans PC


Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 4 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 4
  2. Negative: 3 out of 4
  1. May 28, 2014
    Dragons and Titans suffered a very rocky start. Various reviews and discussions have painted this game in a bad light. As such, the population is low and I can’t guarantee a great experience for everyone. However, Wyrmbite has risen up to the challenge quite a few times and there is evidence of them paying attention to community discourse. With a gameplay molded after other successful MOBAs and a (somewhat) family-friendly style, Dragons and Titans certainly has a leg up on the other “dotaclone” games.
  2. Mar 14, 2014
    MOBA genre conventions are much better executed by Dota 2 and League of Legends. Dragons and Titans just isn’t a worthwhile alternative.
  3. 30
    Dragons and Titans not only fails to go out of its way to attract new players, but it fails at providing a basic online experience, even if the idea of duking it out on dragaonback sounds enticing.
  4. Mar 20, 2014
    Dragons and Titans is a mere shadow of other, richer MOBAs, and while its significantly shorter average game time may give it some initial appeal, that appeal comes at the cost of almost any enjoyment of the time invested.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 12 Ratings

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  1. Aug 16, 2014
    Genial, un juego muy entretenido hay mucha variedad de dragones poderes armas etc... para sus gráficas tan buenas me va muy rápido en mi pcGenial, un juego muy entretenido hay mucha variedad de dragones poderes armas etc... para sus gráficas tan buenas me va muy rápido en mi pc que no es tan buena y eso lo valoro mucho, lo 100% recomiendo Full Review »
  2. Apr 26, 2014
    The current so-called professional reviews of this game should be completely disregarded as they completely miss any of the unique gameplayThe current so-called professional reviews of this game should be completely disregarded as they completely miss any of the unique gameplay elements D&T offers. All they refer to is the superficial looks of the game (Cool looking dragons) and then directly compare it to the heavyweights of MOBA - LOL and DOTA 2. I have experience in both, over 1500 hours in DOTA 2, have dabbled in other alternatives and can assure you D&T has a lot to offer.

    While it is true D&T is not as complex or deep as these heavyweights having no item building in game, D&T is a fantastic entry level MOBA for those who are wary of the steep learning curve and unforgiving communities of LOL and DOTA as well as offering multiple team strategy options to win matches for veterens and hardcore competitive players of the genre. It also offers gamepad support (which I choose to use for this game) which works extremely well.

    Your 4 main abilities for a match are comprised of 2 dragon abilities and 2 rider weapon abilities (that you level up throughout a match) which you choose at the beginning of a match. You also get to choose two support spells. This allows you to customise and create your own gameplay styles and strategies before a match even begins. For example I like to combine and have great success with the Direbone dragon with Bladebiter as my rider weapon or Heartsone with Gorefist.

    There are three competitive maps to choose from a traditional 3 lane MOBA map, a capture points map and a 1 lane ARAM map. They are all worth playing and offer a great experience in their own right.

    The traditional 3 lane format of the genre. Even this map offers a very different experience from other offerings with the mid lane containing the traditional heavily fortified tower structures (shrines) whilst the top and bottom lanes contain less fortified titan protection structures (obelisks). Your team strategy therefore could be an all out mid push or a more sneaky backdoor approach or a combination of both.

    There is also a third approach and this is where the gold that you collect from killing minions or opposition dragons enters. By taking your gold back to gold wells (which also replenish your health and mana) you can release a chaos titan which devastates the opposition structures. When you die in the game ALL gold that you have on you at that time is lost.

    The game is won when your team releases your titan from the enemy cage.

    Unlike most other MOBA's however the match really isn't won until that titan is released. It can appear like a team has the game in the bag yet the other team ends up winning with a change of strategy. BRILLIANT!

    There are 5 capture points on the map. By capturing these points, taking capture points from the opposition and recapturing lost capture points your team weakens the enemy titan cage shields and you can release your titan. This is my least favourite map personally but it is still well designed and works perfectly.

    This is a single lane team all out push/brawl map and boy is it fun. A random dragon is selected for you (you are given the option to reroll for another random dragon once if you really dislike the dragon you have), you select your weapon of choice and spells and then you go for it. Your player skills are really put to the test in this format and the design and execution of the map is simply brilliant.

    Dragons and Titans is a diamond in the rough in my honest opinion. The community is small at the moment but they are more forgiving than in other MOBA's particularly the giants. The game is balanced (though not always in matchmaking) and very well executed. All three maps are worth your while playing. A brilliant entry to the genre together with strategy and customization options for the experienced
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  3. Mar 19, 2014
    It may not be the greatest free Moba game, but that doesn't mean it should be criticized and avoided, If you want to spend money on it you doIt may not be the greatest free Moba game, but that doesn't mean it should be criticized and avoided, If you want to spend money on it you do it, if you want to spend your time playing you play it, there nothing forcing you to make those decisions whether you liked the game or you didn't. As for me I enjoyed it, It's not pay2win, well... maybe to like upgrade your dragon and weapons more quickly which is a con and also the match making is pretty random at times like you'll be ranked up against rank 30s (max lvl) when your probably still a rank 5 and there are runes in the game so that's unfair, also if those players start calling you a noob like really that isn't going to help. There is a solo campaign which is cool just complete all the missions within an act to unlock a dragon and if you collect all the stars which is a lot that dragon would be fully upgraded.

    In game currency are called crystals and money currency are called war marks the way they are is just 2x exp and crystals for a match. The skins, rider, and such would just have a price displayed like 1.99$. You can't buy whatever dragon you want, if you do you're going to have to spend money. If you don't care whichever dragon you get you can just purchase a dragon pack which contains 3 random dragons for you same goes for weapons that can cost money or crystals.

    The combat works well, but things end up a bit laggy in my end whenever a hit would register unsure if anyone else also has this issue.

    The controls feel fit, very straightforward. It may feel strange at first, but it does work.

    No shop and there are abilities that you get when you rank up (like in league such as blink)

    Free rotation on Dragons and Weapons. Grab whatever you like or take the weapon that appears recommended for that dragon. Dragon's have 2 abilities and so do the weapons with the common Q,W,E,R controls. You can fire your Q with just your left click and holding the right trigger would have you move, also holding spacebar would make you fly back-words, simple right.

    There are only 3 game modes such as Moba, Domination (not really called that), and Aram.

    The graphics are something I never review on because of my weak video card, I do like how the maps look however and also the main menu which looks as if they may have more added into it in terms of acts or whatever maybe.

    Overall the game needs more dragons and weapons and some better option making, other then that it's enjoyable and well worth a try if your up for something somewhat new or just because you can fight as dragons!
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