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  1. Mar 14, 2014
    I know its a free to play game, but there are some corners you just never cut. Such as interaction sounds for gathering nodes. The lack of those is really disturbing. "Hold mouse button to attack". Why not just do what everything else did and lock target and auto attack? There has never been an issue with that system...
  2. Jan 18, 2014
    Dragon's Prophet is a pretty standard MMO with all the features you come to expect with MMOs today. It has intuitive, responsive controls with a action feel to combat along with a mixed bag of graphics. The environment looks terrific, with great vistas and very long distance field of vision. However, the character models and armor appear to be low quality. Overall, while repetitive in quest grind, it is a fun game where you can tame just about any dragon you encounter and use it as pet or mount. I would normally give it an 8, however I gave it a 10 to offset the ridiculous zeros. This is a polished, high profile studio game, not some f2p,half finished game from some no name company. Zero is simply uncalled for. Expand
  3. Jan 3, 2014
    I was so excited when this first came out. The thought of raising my own pet Dragon made me drop everything and download on the spot. Unfortunately, you will rarely see a traditional "dragon" you can catch (Read: Smaug). There are cow dragons, velociraptor dragons, bird dragons, gliding bat dragons and so on. Hundreds of dragons to choose from but mostly recolors of previous ones. Let's face it, when you say you want a pet dragon, you want a dragon-looking dragon, not cattle with scales. That and the never ending grind, unimaginative quests, so-so graphics and crazy spawn rate that almost always gets you drowned in agro mobs, this game is just a huge disappointment. Expand
  4. Dec 26, 2013
    I played this game since 'open beta' and I know some things about this game. Positive things: This game is really nice... you can make levels more easily compared to other mmorpg. It is a free to play and you can get your free (tamable) mount since low levels. You can have your own dragon. You can train your own dragon. You can fight while mounting your dragon (really fantastic)
    Also free-user has a chance to get their own big ancient dragon.

    This game saves your progress in real time (so also if you crush... you don't lose anything)

    The main story is good...

    There are nice events as 'halloween event', 'merry-christmas'....and there are some free useful stuffs for all "free-users".

    It is a good game everytime in expansion and in evolution...

    Negative things
    At the beginning maybe is a little hard because you have many options, panels, and maybe you can be disorientated from that. However are similar to other mmorpgs (otherwise there are settings where you can modify what you want)... Online there is a forum and a wiki with some useful guides.

    The game sometimes (usually) crushes. Randomly.

    In every new patch you can see old bugs fixed... and new bugs that comes... but Isn't it a problem for those who knows 'Skyrim'
  5. Dec 17, 2013
    The only thing good about this game is that it includes dragons and action based combat style this is the only reason why this game is still alive.

    The questing is your typical kill 10 monsters or go fetch plants/ect. The main story is so utterly bland and feels like normal questing yes it is go kill 10 monsters or fetch plants, the only thing that is different about main quest and
    normal quests is the npcs or NPC that gives it to you XD

    Everything is RNG, your gear's stats, attribute transfer, dragon skill transfer, dragon skill slots and stats. Even if you buy it with daimonds to obtain those things it is still RNG. I know players that bought 50 whips and was only able to transfer 1 skill over to his dragon.

    There are dragons that can only be purchased by real money and some of these dragons are faster flyers than any other drake you can get ingame.

    Do not join this game if you think you are going to capture a drake and think you are the one of only a select few that will have this drake.

    There is also a huge gap between free players and paying players when it comes to pvp, speaking of pvp it is utterly unbalanced with rangers being OP. Melee class is at a high disadvantage against bosses due to their attacks are aimed to KO close range players in a few shots.

    Can't comment on housing but to own an apartment isn't bad. You do have free reign exactly you want to do on ur piece of land but plots arnt always availible and if you bought a "land marker" (as I would call them) of a certain size and there isnt any well tough luck, hope there comes more islands in the future so you can spend that "land marker"

    Guild system is lacking and players never seem to stay so you are constantly looking for guild members if you are the hardcore type. This game is utterly buggy and your 1st thing your going to do is find out how to minimise your crashing (here's a few tips: delete your 64bit.exe file and also turn you windows theme into basic, take note some dragon skill also cause crashing) some dungeons players even avoid due to crashes or dungeon reset or black screen.

    In the 1st hour of play you will imediatly feel the need to purchase daimonds cause you need dragon space, you need bag space, you need bank space, you want that dragon pack. Well more so to get rid of the things that annoys you.

    Like I said the only reason why players stay is cause this game has dragon you can capture and fight a long side u, but this game is really unpolished so do not expact a lot other than that.
  6. Dec 12, 2013
    Let me start off by saying that this game is far from perfect. Even in its public release, [at the time of writing this] the game is still rigged with bugs and performance issues that might turnoff some people. I know... because it already turned some of my friends off early on when they were playing the beginning stages of the game with me. Sad really.

    Another thing that must be said
    is that this MMO feels catered to true fans of the genre. I know many of you will bash me when I say that the typical "Loot X, Kill Y" quests are ok for this game to have, but I think it all depends on the individual's exposure to the genre. Played RPGs for 10 years straight? Then I think for the most part, you've seen all there is to questing... [fetch, escort, group, raid, etc] until something truly groundbreaking happens. Yes, it is true that the developers did not truly innovate something new within the genre, but as far as a fun game goes, this game has a lot of potential. It still may not be polished the way we want it to be, but I have faith. Let's break this game down a bit.

    - Active Action-Based Combat System:

    As mentioned before, depending on your exposure to the MMO genre, your reaction to this game will vary. For the most part, within the genre, I only played World of Warcraft SINCE RELEASE. As much as I still occasionally enjoy logging in, I was about ready for something new. I can not tell you the joy I experienced when I played with this combat system within an MMO game.

    Taking hints from other MMOs like Tera, in this Action-Based combat system, Dragon's Prophet uses auto-target and combo systems to give you fast-action gameplay. With an emphasis on precision, skill, and wide range of tactical options, Dragon's Prophet's engaging battles set it apart from other traditional MMOs. Combat is fluid, you can attack multiple targets at once with a single click, chain your attacks and skills into devastating combos, etc. Oh... did I mention that you can also DOUBLE-JUMP!? You can also attack from your jump! You can also dodge and run towards or away from danger!

    THIS IS WHAT THE GAME IS ABOUT! The world is shaped by dragon-kind, with over 300 different dragons that roam the land in search of riders. You can fight, capture, train, and ride them in order to unlock their unique skills and abilities. Think of vanilla WoW hunters. You see a dragon you like, try to capture it, and use it as a mount, gatherer, fighter, wingman, w/e. People like to refer to the Dragon system to Pokemon and I'll have to agree. No two dragons are the same. If you capture 2 Lockjaws, they both will have different stats, skills, and spells that you're allowed to hotkey. It is through dragons that you define your experience with this game. Play the melee Guardian class but still want to heal? Then go hunt several dragons and hope they come with healing spells and there you go! That is the driving force behind this game.

    Think of it like this for those who've played an MMO where you needed to be a certain level to acquire a certain skill. You think to yourself, "Oh man, when I hit this level I get 'Spell X'! I can't wait to try it!" As a result, you end up playing more so you can reach that goal.

    With Dragons' factors such as appearance, skills, effectiveness, and included stats, those should inspire the player to keep hunting for exactly what they want.

    - PvP and Housing [Personal and Guild]:
    The Frontier System within Dragon’s Prophet allows players to compete against each other in a persistent conflict over the archipelago of Sky Islands above the world of Auratia. It allows guilds to come together and form Alliances, which can attack the islands of an enemy and claim it for themselves. Once an island has been captured, it is up to the Alliance to defend the island from potential adversaries.

    The Frontier System is comprised of three main sub-systems: Citadel System [The attack and defense of an island], Highlord System [The governing and maintenance of an island], and Housing System [The player housing located on the individual islands].

    - In-game transactions:
    Let me try to make this very clear. This game is NOT PAY-TO-WIN... I would rather call it PFC [PAY-FOR-CONVENIENCE]. There is nothing that I have noticed within the marketplace that gives you any extra power over one another, and TECHNICALLY, 99.9% of this game is accessible Free-To-Play.

    HOWEVER, even though this is a F2P title, the game does not hesitate to make you notice that paying for SC [Station Cash] is a viable option. Do you want more slots to hold more Dragons? Expect to pay. More bank slots? Expect to pay. More bag space? Expect to pay. I don't know how else to word this without it sounding like endless ranting, so I'll just end it here.

    All in all, this game is just yet another typical MMO that [what I feel] provides a fresh and unique experience for those who want to try a new MMO.
  7. Oct 26, 2013
    Gotta say when i got into this game it was great. Great idea and liked that most market items were avail doing in game quests. Liked the idea of guilds and guild hosing but needs alot of work.

    Reason i score this game is negetively is for the performance issues this game has with mainly Nvidia and Intel graphics users. First time i tried this game i could not play, just kept crashing.
    Few months later tried again and same thing then took me almost 2 days to find a older driver that worked. Even on release it was not stable, release had low med and high gfx and almost no difference between the 3. gtx 570 drop to 6 fps.

    When on live stream with one the main people from SOE Rodd when complaining about perfomance to my question "why they adding and worrying about focusing on large scale PvP when 80% of players are having frame rate issues" his response was its the devs of the game and nothing they can do but focus on things they can change like the large scale pvp. They only care about the people who can play the game. like wouldnt it make sense to make the game more enjoyable to all before they add big PvP battles.

    Game is focused on adding things opposed to performance.
  8. Oct 20, 2013
    This Game is the work of what Gamers have been waiting for. Finally there is a Game where you can go Capture a Dragon and use it as a Mount to Explore or Fight Enemies with.

    It's Still a Very New game and Obviously needs a few tweaks, but what new game doesn't? One of the main things I hope to see sooner than later would be the access to play from Australia. I'm in the US and have gamer
    friends from Australia; Once they expand to there I will be playing this game every day with my Friends.

    The Combat is good and the amount of skills to use is Goldy-lox. I find that when a Game Implements tons of Spells it Takes away from the Game Experience. I've stopped playing games due to spending too much time messing with the loads of spells that my character has and doesn't really need. Dragon's Prophet has uses a handful of spells that Differ depending on the Class you choose. The best thing about the spells and combat would be the fact they have a combo system. Instead of having a plain spell it offers variety through the different combos you can use.

    There is a large area of different locations in this World of Dragons. The Character Creation process is done very well since they have Implemented a Percentage Based Customization Process. You are offered the experience of going into immense detail when it comes to the different categories of the Character Creation Process.

    To be Straight forward... This is a Great Game especially for being so New.
    Whoever says this game isn't enjoyable or poorly made is either having a bad day or is a pessimistic downer who enjoys spreading negativity wherever they venture.
    This Game is Well made and is Free To Play so forgive me if I don't see how someone wouldn't enjoy playing a Well made game where you can go out and capture a dragon and use it as a mount to go fly around.
  9. Oct 15, 2013
    Dragon's Prophet is pretty, and includes a small number of novel concepts. Early flight makes travel much less annoying than the typical MMO, and the combo system is a big improvement over unerring autoattacks (e.g. World of Warcraft) and earlier combo systems (e.g. as Age of Conan) but is somewhat opaque and confusing. Combos aren't logical- one move doesn't follow sensibly from the previous one. It's almost as if each attack is simply followed by some unexplained follow-up that has to be memorized.

    Besides the small improvements, the game is, at its heart, "just another MMO." It begins with quests to "kill X of Y" or "gather X of Y" while you watch your mini-map for little question marks and exclamation points. The crafting system is boring and requires farming for materials, just like every other tedious MMO before it.

    The monetization system is also a bit harsh. In games such as Guild Wars 2, many mid to high level conveniences are pay-to-use, but in Dragon's Prophet, the annoying inconveniences that can only be solved by spending real world money begin immediately. Monetization is best done by giving players the option to pay for cosmetic bonuses and for conveniences that an non-paying player could do without if she is willing to put up with some austerity, and by making the purchasable conveniences mount up as the game progresses, so that players can choose to invest money after discovering whether they like the game. With Dragon's Prophet, however, the tiny inventory, dragon stable, and other annoyances make the game extremely limited from the get-go for anyone who doesn't want to put in their credit card number.

    Summary: Very little of original design or concept, annoying monetization model. A typical run from the MMO-mill.
  10. Oct 13, 2013
    OK that guy that said this isnt pay to win or pay to play is lying. You need to pay for backback space and slots for dragons. You can NOT possibly do this game with default. This guy lied to everyone. Thats you Frenk-the-Vile. Thats you.
  11. Oct 3, 2013
    The targeting needs work. A few of the controls could be explained. Layout of the menus are a little complicated. Overall though I found a lot of fun with the dragons but the platforming is sweet. Dashing into a double jump to clear a gap to get into an area where a hidden dragon is is a awesome.
  12. Sep 30, 2013
    Dragon's Prophet has a lot of potential. You can tame and train hundreds of Dragons, you can ride on them and fight side by side with them. The world is´great, quests are of standard quality. The most interesting part is the PvP & housing system.
  13. Sep 29, 2013
    I don't understand why the public even knows about this game yet. It is so utterly unfinished and lacking in almost every modern day MMO staple that I question the sanity of the people who made the choice to launch it.

    I was always under the impression that Runes of Magic (the previous MMO from the devs) was fairly polished and pretty decent. How they went backwards in their new game is
    beyond me.

    The game has some potential, but almost everything about the game makes it feel like an alpha version. Considering the lack of attention and poor ratings across the board, this should be a sign to the developers and publisher that Dragon's Prophet needs to be taken off the market until it is up to modern MMO standards.
  14. Sep 29, 2013
    Game has a lot of potential. Combat could be fun. Mount system and lots of dragons are good, and the housing system is spot on.
    This game is complete garbage in two ways
    First, the opening few hours are disgusting. 100%. They are so slow, boring, endless cutscenes with lip-syncing that I would expect from a PS1 game and the subtitles do not math the voices.
    Speaking of PS1
    games, put the game on the lowest settings and you'll see what I mean. Anything that's nearing the middle-range of your vision begins to move at a few frames per second, so a character will move a good distance and have taken two steps, and that is just not acceptable for a game being released in 2013, even on lowest settings.
    On highest settings, however, the game still looks like it's something out of 2008 and yet is ridiculously hardware intensive for how bad it looks.
    2/10, painful to play
  15. Sep 28, 2013
    I really liked this game, 'till now (1 week). I think dragons as pets & mounts are cool, combat based on combos is enjoyable and more challenging than auto-attack, and graphics is overall nice...depth of field quite sucks, but characters and obj. in landscape are good.
    I think the point is: will this cost me money? Not so much, not just to's not a P2W for what i've seen.
  16. Sep 26, 2013
    This game suffers from one of the worst early game experiences I have seen. If you have the patience to stick it out for a few hours it gets much better, but this makes you wonder why they would make the initial experience so bad? It is like a different team took over the content after level 20 and actually knew what they were doing.
    The game is not horrible, it won't eat your babies or
    stab your cat or anything. The combat is far better than similar games like ff14 or wow, but the targeting seems heavily based on luck, especially when fighting more than one thing at a time. Ranged classes are somewhat of a joke as nothing stays at range for more than a couple hits and your escape abilities take so long to animate the mob is right on top of you again by the time it finishes.
    Overall id say this is a good game for free, but I wouldn't put any money into it yet. Dropped them a few points for making inventory expansion cost real money then filling your bags with unstack-able useless crap much like Neverwinter does. Never use auto loot, it will drive you crazy pretty quickly.
    It's passable: combat is fun, graphics are horrid, and it starts wanting to stick its fingers in your pockets before your even really settled in. I would play it now cause I doubt it's going to be around later
  17. Sep 25, 2013
    Just when I thought A MMO couldn't get any wors than Defiance or Guild Wars 2, it gets WORSE. Dragons prophet promises revolution. But delivers dissopointment with the same fantasy MMO setting and generic gameplay.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 6 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 1 out of 6
  2. Negative: 0 out of 6
  1. Nov 20, 2013
    Yes there are tons of dragons and yes, you're gonna catch 'em all, but sadly this is not enough to recommend Dragon's Prophet. Under scales and tusks there is an ordinary MMORPG with boring quests and too much grinding in it, and the old graphics engine doesn't help to keep players engaged, but at least it's free to play.
  2. Oct 11, 2013
    Dragon's Prophet is a pretty standard MMORPG enriched with some action and tons dragons. Those aren't just mounts but friends, helpers, allies, enemies and ancient gods. Unfortunately, they live in a pretty boring world.
  3. Oct 11, 2013
    Seducing with its dragon theme, free to play and quite well done as it even offers advanced housing, Dragon's Prophet is an MMORPG which does not look ridiculous. But we do have to admit that it lacks some punch to be able to compete against the genre's stars because of poor polish, an old graphics engine, dull quests and a small amount of races and classes. We note that those drawbacks could be improved by an update overtime which allows us hope. But is trying Dragon's Quest enough to get hooked? Not really but at least it's free to try.