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  • Summary: Dreamfall continues the story of "The Longest Journey," one of the most critically acclaimed adventure games ever made, and brings adventure gaming into a new era. Focusing on story and characters, Dreamfall features unparalleled 3D visuals, advanced character animations, stunning audio, and innovative gameplay - wrapped in a unique and magical ambience. Dreamfall is set in the 23rd Century, where a young woman accidentally uncovers a conspiracy related to dreams; a conspiracy that may herald the destruction of the twin worlds of science and magic. Confronted by mysteries that she cannot resolve on her own, she must seek assistance from the one person who might have the answers: April Ryan, the heroine of "The Longest Journey." [Funcom] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 45
  2. Negative: 2 out of 45
  1. 100
    The most engrossing storyline ever and without a doubt it will hold the title as my favourite game ever, until a sequel appears.
  2. This is one of the best stories in gaming since "Planescape Torment," and Zoe is one of the best leads, male or female. Her tale is as gripping as it is beautifully presented.
  3. While more linear than the likes of the excellent Fahrenheit, Dreamfall: The Longest Journey is compelling enough to maintain your interest through to the conclusion, which itself is disappointing since the game comes to and end too quickly and fails to match the quality of the remainder of the story.
  4. 78
    Dreamfall is relatively short, about ten hours, but chances are you'll play through it a second time to get some of the references you missed. Quite simply, if you like an excellent story in your games, go out and pick up a copy of Dreamfall for the PC or Xbox.
  5. If you’re interested in interactive storytelling, you’re an adventure gamer in need of a fix, or you’re a big fan of The Longest Journey, pick this up; no one else should feel compelled to bother.
  6. If you liked the world of the original, buy it, you’ll get a kick out of everything, but if you’ve not even played the first one, then buy The Longest Journey and see what Dreamfall should have been; like its predecessor, focussed on the puzzles.
  7. Although the game holds an intriguing and extremely likable protagonist in the plucky slacker Zoe Castillo, the rest of the game in the gritty parlance of the streets, blows enormous monkey chunks. [Jun 2006, p.49]

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Score distribution:
  1. Negative: 28 out of 167
  1. Feb 13, 2013
    It is a masterpiece, albeit simplified for the sake of gameplay time, no hardcore, but it is a new genre of interactive cinema, and this game handles told story not be forgotten for a long time zasyadet in your memory, this is one of those magical events, in which you believe. Expand
  2. Apr 25, 2011
    I truly loved this game when it first came out, the story and atmosphere and even most of the VA work was top notch. The core game play did have a few control issues that seemed to crop out here and there but nothing so bad as to pull you out of a great experience. Expand
  3. Jul 19, 2012
    A really brilliant adventure game that everyone should try at least once, highly engrossing storyline with memorable characters and very finely crafted levels with a variety of 'not too difficult' puzzles.
    Extremely enjoyable to play and certainly one game you will always remember.
  4. Nov 3, 2013
    Fantastic writing, amazing setting, characterization and storyline are superb, the audio is also amazing. So why am I giving it a mere "7" you ask. Well, sadly the game mechanics themselves are a little clunky, especially the fighting. However the story is so good it's worth playing anyway. As to how good it is in comparison with the original? Well, I haven't played that yet so I couldn't say. Expand
  5. May 11, 2013
    Note I won't be comparing it to the first game in the series.
    Dreamfall is a third person action adventure game (more adventure than action)
    which takes place in literally 2 worlds, Stark (technocratic) and Arcadia (Magical) and concerns itself with two main plots and a variety of subplots.
    What i liked :
    - Straightforward simple puzzles, none of the esoteric logic some other adventure games have.
    -Beautiful world and superb aesthetics. These places do feel familiar if they would've existed. Nothing looks too out of place and thus doesn't draw away from the immersion of the game.From Casablanca in stark to Marcuria in Arcadia, they all look equally wonderful and imaginative.
    -Stealth sections. Now compared to other reviews i didn't mind them. A couple of them have a puzzle sense to them (ie a different way to be steathy). Even if you don't like them, you can still complete them
    What i didn't like :
    -Combat It feels weak and rather random if you happen to hit the enemy or visa versa. It honestly seems tacked on.
    -CLIFFHANGER ENDING Now the good part is, at least 1 major plot gets resolved, but the game opens several others and doesn't bother to close them. AND THERE WAS NO SEQUEL IN THE NEXT 3 YEARS that really took 1 point off the total score.

    Overall, if you like an engaging narrative you'll like Dreamfall. You may not love it, but still like it. A 7/10 from me
  6. Jan 12, 2014
    Dreamfall: TLJ is a 3-d third-person point and click adventure game. The game is a sequel to a classic adventure game released in 1998 called The Longest Journey. It is not necessary to play the original TLJ to play Dreamfall, but it helps a lot, since the game universe and many characters are the same. The game is very heavy on story, dialogue, and cinematics, and light on puzzles and gameplay.

    Story: the story is both the best and the worst I have ever seen in an adventure game. In the last two years I have completed 12 adventure games including old classics and modern indies. Dreamfall has a very complex and compelling story involving several interesting characters, political movements, and the complex game universe. It includes elements of comedy, drama, and tragedy. The story really gathers steam toward the end, resolving one storyline while introducing several more. Then, in the middle of the gathering drama and revelations, the game suddenly ends with no resolution to the fate of a dozen major characters and a dozen major plotlines. This is perhaps the most unsatisfying ending I have ever seen in a game, movie, book etc. Even if they did plan on a sequel, this was just plain terrible. I know a lot of people hated The Empire Strikes Back because of the unresolved plotlines. This is 100x worse.

    Gameplay: there are a few puzzles that require some thought, but overall the mental challenge of this game is on the light side for an adventure game. It is a little unfair to say that this is just an interactive movie, there are some clever puzzles. Unfortunately there are many times you are just sent on a mission to fetch a particular item and bring it to a particular place. The purpose of these brainless missions is to trigger cutscenes that move the story along. A lot of the action takes place in small rooms and tunnels. This means the camera that follows you has to zoom in and out a lot. I suppose this is a problem with any 3-d third-person game, but it can make you a bit dizzy. The interface was tweaked to be more "console friendly". This makes it a little more clunky for the PC, but not terrible.

    Fighting and stealth: the developers added a few fights and a few stealth sequences in the game. The fighting is flat out a waste of time. Just stand in front of your enemy and smash the mouse button and you win. Either that, or the enemy is so tough you always lose. The stealth sequences were much better, although they did not really fit in an adventure game. I like to play adventure games leisurely, with one hand on the mouse and the other hand holding a cup of coffee. I don't want action.

    Graphics: the graphics are dated by 2013 standards, but they are nice, especially the Dreamcore sequence. The close-up shots of faces look the worst. Lots of cutscenes, some of which are pretty cool.

    Sound: there seems to be a lot of interesting music and sounds, much better than the typical adventure game.

    Overall, from the quality of the story, to the quality of the sound and graphics, to the overall scope of the game, this had the potential to be EASILY the best adventure game of all time. Unfortunately the game was crippled by bizarre decisions by the developers: the mega-cliffhanger ending, the introduction of bad action elements, the clunky interface, the too-easy puzzles. What were they thinking?
  7. May 14, 2012
    Gosh! That game really sucks....ugly character design,stiff animations and poor backgrounds!
    The graphic "designers" must have come straight
    from school...TERRIBLE !!!
    ( like: YEAH ! I am soooo proud of me....i can create a 3d model....i never was good in school but
    the computer makes me feel like a real artist !! )) LOOOOL !!! Just talent-free wannabe´s !!
    The story has been told like 1000 times....boring ! Stupid dialogues all the time.....

    The only good thing is: I like norway......

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