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  1. Oct 8, 2011
    Excellent production values and an enormous fun factor. The city, music, cars and story create a 'Starsky and Hutch' style. Humor in various dialogues is genuinely funny. Driving/shifting mechanics are perfect. The handling, feel, response, and sound of each vehicle feels very right. This is a brilliant driving game!
  2. Oct 8, 2011
    This is truly a great game. The story, game mechanics, graphics, multiplayer, sound - everything is superb. The singleplayer, which set me back for about 15 hours, is packed with lost of action. You have a variety of events all available for you to choose, which you want to complete, because you have to complete some to progress the story. I personally completed all the events, cause I enjoyed the gameplay very much! :)
    The graphics are top-notch. Of course you see some lazy-cheezy designed work, but only if you stop to look at it. It's not a problem since you'll be driving at huge speeds all the time :D
    The mechanics are just mind-boggling! I mean load a portion of a city in half a second, and then suddenly SHIFT and load the whole other part of the city in half a second as well? Whoah, LOVE IT!
    Music is made specifically to resemble the 70s era, and there's a variety of songs for everyone to choose from, since you can always change the song.
    The cutscenes are a mix of CGI / In-game material. How did they were able to implement such a technology, I don't know, that's why the cut scenes always look great.

    Great game, go buy it, play it now! Bravo Ubisoft!
  3. Sep 30, 2011
    I didn't think this game would be so much fun. The shifting means non stop action, all the time.
    You'll need a 360 controller to get the most out of it though.
  4. Sep 28, 2011
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Was I surprised when they introduced "shifting" ability early on. Great, innovative idea. First thing I though about is whether I would be able to shift into a truck (from opposite direction) while chasing a suspect. xD And it worked! That was refreshing. Plenty of diverse challenges and dares. After some remapping, controls and general mechanics are intuitive and well though out. It got out much better than I expected.
    Car models are solid, graphics a bit dated and rough but ok, music and sound are brilliant.
  5. Sep 28, 2011
    I am a fan of racing games, I've been enjoying GT5, Forza 3 (waiting on 4) and Dirt 3, the last one being the one I like most. I messed around with Driver back in the day, but never spent too much time on it, later I tried the horrible Driv3r and hated it with a passion. My cousins and I would take turns during the missions and apparently beating them was a matter of luck more so than skill. Needless to say, we didn't beat that game and probably didn't get too far either. Now Driver SF is out and I find that it has what many contemporary games lack: FUN! Sure, you may complain that the keyboard input sucks, but then it usually does when you mix cars and a keyboard; it may have limited graphical options, but that should not matter as much as actual gameplay; it may not be the best looking game, but then again we're talking about Driver, a game that clearly knows its limits. Driver SF is also limited to vehicles only (no walking) and also has the craziest plot device ever: the Shift mechanism. But with all these flaws, the game delivers. The Shift idea may be insane but it works, its fun and it adds a whole new dimension to what would be a boring linear gameplay experience. I played Deus Ex HR, I completed it, and I immediately removed it from my computer; I don't think I'll ever play it again because at some point I just finished it for the sake of doing so, not because I was having fun. Duke Nukem Forever, well, I didn't last more than 30 minutes playing it. Warhammer Space Marine? Tried the demo and couldn't see myself playing it for too long either. Driver SF, on the other hand, has already swallowed 4 hours of my life (I had a hard time putting the game down) and not a single minute was dull. The game itself works, the story works, the cars work, the shift mechanism works, missions are no longer im-freaking-possible. The game mechanics are few, but they are simple, sweet, easy to learn and fun to use. Now, it is true that you cannot customize your cars, which is a bummer since it would've added a lot to gameplay, but you're going to spend a lot of time driving other people's cars so the use of mods would've been limited. It's also nice that every car (that I have encountered) is a real-life car. Also, I've never been to San Francisco and perhaps it would have been neat if the game was more true-to-life, but when designing a level, gamemakers have to be very careful and plan every single aspect so that the gameplay is fluid, this and technology limitations are probably the reason why it's not the real life SF.
    In conclusion, if you want an in-depth driving simulator, a shooter, a super epic triple A title, then Driver SF is not for you; however if you want to sit back, have tons of fun and enjoy hilarious conversations that occur when you jump into a stranger's car, then Driver SF is a delightful little title that will turn sunrise into sundown without you taking notice.
  6. Oct 1, 2011
    Best game about reckless driving in the city, and only one with licensed cars. Missions are pretty varied and shift feature adds several new tricks. Story and dialogues are surprisingly interesting for the series.
  7. Oct 17, 2011
    This game realy cool.
    Total-9.5!!! I almost do it. The story is fresh and original (like in movie or serial)! Ubisoft make almost perfect game1 =D
  8. Oct 30, 2011
    this is simply the best driving game ever, it was a little bit hard to drive only on the first 15 minutes but it's easy to master and enjoy hours of fun driving as the game is very long with different cameras, and a lot of cars, missions, chases. Also great graphics.
    shifting is a brilliant idea to avoid walking with the character or shooting because it is just like the first driver game
    it's all about driving only and this is the beauty of it. Expand
  9. Nov 4, 2011
    I thought that the driver series itself wasn't that good. But with "San Francisco" I think they've reclaimed some of that pride. Graphics are good, story is funny, good missions and massive area to play in.
  10. Jul 21, 2012
    I just picked this up on Steam for sale and I'm glad I did.. This game is amazing. I thought the game would be boring because you can't leave your car, but I was totally wrong. The driving experience is amazing and you can shift to another car quickly while driving. The graphics and sound are great. The main storyline is pretty good as well. The missions are also done pretty well. The one gripe I have is you have to do some kind of work around to get ti to work with a dual action logitech controller, but I haven't done that yet. The control keys are pretty easy to use. The arrow keys, space bar, and sometimes the mouse (for looking around). The open driving experience I havent found elsewhere and I've been gaming for 25+ years. Expand
  11. Aug 8, 2012
    I don't usually give out ratings but after finishing this game tonight, I must say I enjoyed the whole time I was playing it. I give it a 10 for the FUN factor. All the cons are outweighed by the humor of this game, story and plot is good. Graphics is an 8 for me but it does not matter, lots of cars available although it feels a lil bit of a kid's game, there's nothing wrong enjoying your self while smashing everything on your path and just killing time riding trucks and making them jump on San Francisco's crazy highways. 10/10 for the crazy humor, I was laughing out loud the whole time I was playing this. A must play! Expand
  12. Jun 18, 2012
    A very nice game, maybe it's not the same PS1 Driver feeling but it deserves a try. Personally i think this is how TDU2 should have been playing like. Sometimes i didn't even used the Shift to get to some event marker, just drive to it. Played with an XBOX controller.
  13. Nov 9, 2011
    A brilliant game. the game brilliantly lives up to it´s name - you have a blast driving and doing a great variety of things with whatever vehicle you jump into: timed racing (sometimes jumping between vehicles, having to come in 1st AND 2nd in a race), running down obstacles for points, chasing bad guys, being the bad guy being chased.... get the picture? A lot of variety. Great city streets and atmosphere (and you can NEVER hit anybody, all pedestrians are 2 fast 4 U!). Great feeling in the cars (150 of them). Very different characteristics. Actually, far too many, so that you dont really need or have time to do anything with most of them unless you merely drive around, Oh, and by the way, you ALWAYS get some points for driving around and doing whatever stunts you like, even when not on any specific missions. Expand
  14. Nov 13, 2011
    Really enjoyable game. If you like road movies, car chases in an open world this is for you. It has plenty to do and some really fun stuff. I can see it beeing a bit redundant if you want to do all but overall, it's really great. And collecting and trying each car is fun. Especially because they have so many licensed cars there. Of course it doesn,t get close to a GTA or a MAFIA II in terms of entertainment, as it's only car driving stuff but it is serious fun , expecially the shifting. There is a lot of humour in the cut scenes and dialogs which add to the fun. The story telling is very good, and you can see this was made for road-movies lovers. The keyboard controls are a bit hard but with a pad it's ok. With a wheel it's rubbish. Play with a pad. Expand
  15. Apr 2, 2013
    I have been playing for 3 weeks. The game is great it!, it will getting better the more advance yo go on story and city or side missions. With all type of missions stunts available I'm having a lot of fun, the handling of driving the cars is like a simulator quite realistic also as you go forward in the game you will be driving a lot of new cars suv 's, trucks and sports as well as racing machines and some off road vehicles.

    Also graphics are on top notch to be handled by DX9 every single part of the city, road, cars, crash, civilians, effects are all well detailed ...

    This game is like having 3 in one; NF most wanted, something of Dirt 2, and something of mafia 2.

    I highly recommend it. I know Ubi soft has bad reputation to have screwed some games but this one, is not one of them.
  16. Apr 21, 2012
    OK I actually signed up to write this! Just thought I should mention I love old car chase movies which probably affects my score somewhat! Anyway, this beats all the other Drivers into a **** hat. The driving model is superb - really fun and exhilarating to drive, realistic enough to be challenging but not too realistic to be annoying. The plot is pretty far fetched but so much more interesting than pretty much every other game of it's type, probably even GTA which can get a bit staid. The jumping mechanic is really cleverly done and adds so much to the game and removes annoying bits in such games as if you smash your car up you just jump into another one but it doesn't feel like cheating at all. The plot really grabs you and it's all served up in a 70's style cop setting which is very well done. The icing on the cake is the bunch of old car chases from films complete with cars and driver models (ie starsky and hutch, bullitt etc. etc.). 10/10 game, one of the best/most engrossing I've ever played. Highly recommended. Expand
  17. May 25, 2012
    This is what an open-city driving game should be! Driver San Francisco is an extremely polished and well built driving game that will deliver loads of fun for driving games fans and most others gamers alike.

    (9/10) GRAPHICS: Highly detailed car models and damage effects. Impressive draw-distance and lighting effects, beautiful city. The only downsides of graphics are a bit lacking people
    models walking the streets and somewhat noticeable bland buildings at times (they are meant to be seen at high speeds and not observed at stand-still though).

    (9/10) SOUNDS: All cars sound different, crashes and other effects are amazing. Music choice is very good. Voice-acting is well done for the most part, but could be better.

    (10/10) GAMEPLAY: This is where the game shines. Driver absolutely delivers in how the cars handle and the physics of the vehicles. Each car is different and unique in how it drives. The physics are impressive, cars feel like they have weight to them and burnouts and crashes are satisfying. Cop chases are very fun, especially considering that you can pick to either be a cop or an escapee. There is also racing (street racing) and other COOL driving challenges (lots and lots of em). The only downside is that the crashes and damage could be a bit more extreme (hopefully they will do it in the next game), for example no matter how fast you do a head on collision in a brand new car you will always drive away (with like 10% health in some cases), when in reality a car should be a heap of bent metal. Also in free-drive mode cops always have Corvette and Charger cop cars available (along with the regulars) so you basically have no chance at getting away if you picked a classic to ride. Although I must point out that there are many movie and other challenges that involve you riding a classic (old school charger, camaro ss, mustang fastback, etc... dukes of hazzard anyone or smokie and the bandit?? YES! these movie challenges are here) while escaping from old-school cops.

    (9/10) REPLAYABILITY: If you love driving, then you will love this game and play it when you want to do some crazy driving.

    CONCLUSION: I recommend you get this game if you love driving games. Driver is not like Need for Speed and Burnout, in this game the cars handle realistically somewhat and places Driver in whole other category of driving games. This game is a mix of arcade gameplay with semi-simulator driving physics and controls. So if you can handle your virtual cars from spinning while doing awesome drifts and burnouts then this game is for you!!!

    TOTAL SCORE 9/10

    (if you suck at "driving" go get Ridge Racer Unbounded which is also fun but a whole other game completely)
  18. Dec 30, 2012
    So far I enjoy the game. Started really well and the missions are fun! And there is a variety of real cars, which is something I seek in racing games. I don't like racing games, where you drive a non-existing cars :D
  19. Feb 25, 2013
    This game is simply amazing!
    I am 28 and have been playing PC games, including many driving games since I was 12. The handling of the cars is perfect extremely easy to steer (I play with the keyboard). The storyline and fun factor of this game is through the roof. The feeling of playing this game is comparable to the fun had when the original GTA came out, mixed with the awesome story
    driving missions in Interstate 76. I would pay double for this game. Enjoy Expand
  20. Aug 4, 2013
    I love this game, it is in that heavenly area between arcade racers and racing simulators, a bit closer to arcade though. i love simulators but do not have the skill to show for it, and this game compliments you by allowing you to pull off drifts with ease, unlike a sim, but makes sure you have control over the car, unlike a arcade racer, an arcade racer will be stupidly easier to drive compared to this game. if you hear racing/ driving game, you think of mariokart, this game is not for you, if you think of power-ups when you hear racing game, from speedups to nitro boosts, from turtle shells to guns, from banana peels to oil slicks, odds are this game is not for you. it is very forgiving but has a lot of rubber banding which is especially visible in cop chases,it can and will range from fun to rage inducing if you live in the world of arcade racers, and you can play it like a sim, but do not think you will win easily, the best way of winning
    is to have has your fair share if racing sims and arcade racers, you have to drift in tight corners and normally, like sims, brake and turn in larger ones. and the mechanic of shifting into any car you want is the most fun i have had yet,it makes the game fun and even challenging in events. and most events actually encourage you to shift into a different car and smash into the target. if only the deluxe had no DRM...
  21. Sep 1, 2013
    I love this game so much, it's very fun and has a lot of humor.
    using the keyboard is terrible because it's hard to turn just a little to the right or the left.
    but if you're using the controller it's much better.
    there are a few problems with the resolution that causes the game to crash, so configuring has to be done before starting the game.
    the story is awesome and i love it.
  22. Nov 14, 2013
    Sound: Realistic car driving sounds, funny voiceovers, voice acting is much better than in previous titles. I will admit though, I liked the voice actor for Tanner in DRIV3R (Michael M.). 10

    Graphics: Amazing graphics, so much detail to the licensed cars. 10.

    Gameplay: The car handling for each car is different which is a good thing, but then again it still feels arcady, and
    sometimes some of the cars handling is just plain ridiculous. Overall though it’s still a great game, and it does an excellent job mixing up the gameplay with various missions (racing missions, bomb defuses, stunt missions, etc). There are cars in which you can purchase but it seems rather pointless for the main storyline. As for the main storyline, you only need to do 2 missions to unlock each 1 mission. There’s only 2 story mission in each 8 chapters. The drifting element in the game is basic, and I had a few frameskip issues at times, but this is by far the most glitch free driver games compared to the past (Yes I’m looking at you DRIV3R). 9.

    Story: The story is really interesting, it continues a few years after Driver 3 and centers on Tanner (the way all Driver games should). He gets knocked into a coma, and its bent on stopping Jerico. Things that happen in the coma happen for a reason, and by the end of the game things get pieced together just fine. The game ends on a good note but still leaves some unanswered questions. 9.0

    Replay Value: The main storyline is really short but can still clock from 6-8 hours. There are tons of things to do if you get into the game, I also bought it on a steam deal for cheap, but I’d only recommend the game if you’re up for doing all the side missions. 8.5.

    Overall Score: 9.3 out of 10.
  23. Jul 10, 2014
    This is one of the best open world driving/racing games I have ever played, and I have played all of them. The shift ability is awesome. Control of the vehicles is perfect with a controller (trying to play a driving game with keyboard and mouse is just stupid), works great on my system i5 2500, hd 6670. This game shows what can be done on current systems and should be looked at by those making games today. If this type of open world and driving was incorporated into Watch Dogs it would have been game of the year contender. If you like any open world driving/racing games you have to get this. It is a 2011 game but it still holds up today. Expand
  24. Jul 20, 2014
    One of my favourite games. It's (knowingly) built on clichés, and all the more fun for it, but then surprises you by providing some impressively creative twists on its own set-up.

    It takes a little time to familiarise yourself with the knack of driving well in this game, but the time trial missions will encourage you to discover the approach required. Once you've cracked that problem,
    the game is a joy; cornering will become second nature.

    Driving itself is not D:SF's special factor. Our protagonist is in a hospital bed, with his soul untethered from both his body and our reality, existing somewhere between worlds. I know this sounds like the stupidest thing in the world, but D:SF rolls in its own stupidity with the glee of a pig in its own manure, and believe it or not you're going to love it for that. This means you can hop from your car to any other car in the world, shocking that car's passengers with a sudden detour into reckless drving. This makes objectives tactical. You could win a race through skill, or you could possess vehicles in the oncoming traffic and send them into head-on collisions with your opponents, or use the police to do your bidding. This ability also gives you the freedom to instantly select any mission on the map from an eagle's eye view, or indeed pick a vehicle for some between-mission sandbox fun. This ability improves in various ways in response to your progression, so you always feel the pull dragging you deeper into the game.

    It introduces some huge surprises towards the end, which I won't spoil, that you have (and will never) see in another driving game.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 11 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 10 out of 11
  2. Negative: 0 out of 11
  1. Dec 4, 2011
    Family-friendly smash-ups and a goofy concept. There's something refreshing in this game's profanity-free self-confidence. [Christmas 2011, p.64]
  2. 80
    We were worried that the new Driver would be just "good one" but expectations were exceeded by far. Great story, driving physics and a top soundtrack made new Driver a game to remember. [Nov 2011]
  3. Nov 9, 2011
    Hardly the drive of your life, but easily one of the most memorable--and a great one-time gimmick done well. [Holiday 2011, p.78]