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  1. Aug 14, 2013
    Rating this game lower than a 10... is absolutely unacceptable. This game is way better than the classic and legendary NES version with a storyline to boot. The voice acting is spot on. The gameplay is fast and fluid. The graphics are beautiful and the game itself is a legendary series. Maybe this will encourage Capcom to make a Duck Tales 3 you know without any dlc lol!) BUY THIS GAME! 10/10!! Full Review »
  2. Aug 13, 2013
    This is the type of game that will make you mad after dying when you're at the end of the level and honestly that's ok.I got tired of the modern games re spawning you 10 meters from the place where you got killed EVERY TIME when you die, because that is not challenging at all.After repeating the same level, you're starting to notice that this game wants you to have a real challenge, without being impossibly difficult.This is the world with rules that you have to learn in order to beat it, you have to KNOW how everything works, what is the pattern of the boss, where in the darkness is the trap that killed you the last time or else you're going to suffer, a lot.Ther graphic is beautiful and it runs smoothly on highest resolution on my crappy pc, but I don't like the way in which characters are talking without opening their mouths, this was really annoying when I saw that a BOSS (Magica De' Spell)actually had an animation for laughting, but I guess the publisher was in a hurry and Way Forward didn't have the time for animating speech and lip-synch.The soundtrack is perfect and suprisingly there's even one 8-bit music that was remade as a dubstep(even if you're not a fan of dubstep [I'm not] you have to admit that this one is really good).The voice acting is perfect and it's is a joy to listen every character.The gameplay is almost the same as in the original game(there are slightly different boss battles).The controls are also the same as in the original game(go left,right,jump,hit a box[there's even a option to turn on a"hard pogo"for the people who liked the original controls]),the only thing I don't like is that I couldn't use my logitech gamepad even though it worked fine with many other games(like FEZ) and the game shows gamepad option in menu.The story is rather simple but the dialogues are written well and as if this was a good old DuckTales cartoon.Basically DuckTales Remastered is an old-school platformer made for modern technology, and thats exactly what I wanted to get when I've heard about this remake for the first time.

    -Beautiful graphic
    -Funny Dialogues
    -Amazing soundtrack
    -Good optimization
    -Challenging, but not annoying

    -Missing speech animations
    -Doesn't work with every Joy-pad
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  3. Aug 13, 2013
    When I first heard this game was coming out i literally squealed with excitement...sweet sweet nostalgia. Then i when i was able to play it, i relived some of the best times in my life..overall its a very enjoyable game with one hell of a soundtrack and excellent voice acting... but there is a few things that i didn't agree with...1 being the constant story interruptions within the main game...i felt like i had to press the skip cinematic options way to many times. Also this game...although fantastic on the PC and console systems should really be geared toward the handheld market like the PS Vita or the 3DS because the control over scrooge would feel more natural. Overall i give it a 9 because despite a few flaws its allot of fun!!! Buy it! Full Review »