Dungeon Empires PC

  • Publisher: gamigo
  • Release Date: Dec 3, 2010

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  1. May 10, 2012
    I really wanted to give this game a 9 out of a 10, however, the support for the game has dropped off to almost nothingness and it is quite sadI really wanted to give this game a 9 out of a 10, however, the support for the game has dropped off to almost nothingness and it is quite sad because this game fills a huge hole for turn based RPG board game fanatics. Anyone who is familiar with games like Hero Quest, even slightly D&D, and dungeon crawl type games would love this game ...... if it weren't for the bugs and extreme lack of support from Gamigo. The game is 100% browser based and uses the Unity3D engine and it makes it visually appealing. The concepts of the game are very solid, but their implementation is flawed. The game revolves around you building your own dungeon from preset room styles and slots to put in creatures of your choice, and fixtures to enhance your creatures abilities. This makes for a highly customizable game, and a unique Dungeon experience. Your hero character is use to invade other players dungeons and claim rewards from treasure chests by clearing each room. These chests have random loot in them which you can only pick one reward from each chest acquired. These could be room styles, new creatures to put in your dungeon, gold, or even fixtures. The tutorial to the game is very well done and gets you understanding how everything works in about 10 minutes. Where the game falls apart is some of it's buggy interface issues and implementation. Consistently your inventory bugs out and makes you refresh the window. The dungeon editor while very good in a small dungeon, once you start trying to cram in as many rooms as possible in to your grid, you start running in to severe problems of being able to place room tiles in temporary locations (only the room shredder, don't click it on accident and lose a room) so that you can try to build the best dungeon of maximized space. Another problem is everyone creates pure linear dungeons. This seems to be highly desired by players for a few reasons, if they have only 1 path to follow you don't have to waste time backtracking to clear a dungeon, and you want to make your dungeon that way so you force a player to see all of your rooms and creatures before trying to exit, maximizing your chance of killing them. This quickly leads to a very predictable player dungeon almost every time, only difference being room types and creatures. Another important piece for the hardcore players is the ranking system. You get a dungeon ranking based on how many players you kill in your dungeon, which should create a nice competitive atmosphere, however this fails greatly. Players tend to form guilds and then purposely die in each others dungeon to force improve your dungeon ranking which reaps you better rewards. So the only competition seems to be guilds trying to knock down guilds that try to flood increase ranking. Basically the bigger and more active guild wins because they can die more often in their guild members dungeons improving their rank higher than anyone else. Guildless people can rarely ever advance their ranking and have no way to advance other than pure luck. These are only a few points, but if Gamigo and Limbic took a little bit of programming time and listened to their player base, this could be a great, casual, turn based time killer with a strong community. If they get their act together and improve it, I will re-review the game, but for now, it's average at best.

    Edit: Reduced the rating as I had put money towards the game to help show support but serious bugs have led to needing support for the game and no support seems to exist for anyone on the English speaking side.
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