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  1. May 12, 2013
    STAY AWAY... This game has everything you can imagine that goes wrong with f2p games... rather everything you could of ever possibly think ofSTAY AWAY... This game has everything you can imagine that goes wrong with f2p games... rather everything you could of ever possibly think of that makes f2p games miserable is found in this game. I have never... ever in my entire video game hobby have rated a game so low. A few reason why this game fails on every level and most of my anger is stemmed from PWE taking over this franchise.

    Graphics: The game feels like an enclosure due to the fact that it's a sand box game... in other words you are loading areas and entering dungeons constantly. The entire map is divided into small sections. Within these sections you have doors that lead to missions. There is no exploring areas or any feeling of being in a lively world. They tried to take guild wars 2 and tera to try to make this game. I have to say they failed. Because it is a sandbox game your graphics engine is going to suffer. Let me explain... the design is so chaotic they filled a small area with hundred of trees, particle effects, rocks etc... it is so clamped that 80% of gamers who do not have a beefed up pc will have to play medium settings. If you forget to turn on Vertical sync be prepared to have a fried gpu. Everything feels like clay even at max settings everything shines even your character just looks awkward. There are no vast vistas just cramped up in-closures. The sky looks absolutely plain, character models are plain, and the animation are just plane cheesy.

    PVP: There are only 2 maps which is fine by me HOWEVER... the balance issues are horrendous. The majority of people are playing as wizard controllers... I wonder why? The game is so unbalanced and it is usually seen when you see hundreds of players playing the same class. Good luck finding a healer... There is another reason for this, the control wizard has THE BEST animations of any class... every other class animation is just so bland. Look at major reviewers and you will see they are all playing as control wizards LOL...

    FUN: The game has its moments where it is fun for example, companions who doesnt love pets? BUT wait wait... the best pets are acquired by one logging in everyday to gather currency that only once a day you can acquire or by purchasing them using cash rather zen. You can earn astral crystals etc BUT some items require draw of the luck. SOME OF YOU may say... "well they have to make money somehow," I just have to say any game that uses any form of gambling especially f2p is in my opinion a desperate attempt to make money. I can name many game that are f2p cough cough POE...leage of legends...etc.. that use different methods which are just for cosmetic use. GREED is the best word to describe the F2P in this game.

    SHOULD I GIVE IT A TRY? Go ahead and enjoy the first few levels to 20 after that be prepared for fusions of weapons gear etc... lousy drops.. guranteed to fuse if you purchase items... btw did I forget to mention EVERYONE WEARS THE SAME ugly brown armor which you can buy dyes that can ONLY BE USED ONCE per item... LOL... This game is trying so hard to make money they found every single way to charge you.

    Cryptic Studios and PWE are two companies that sincerely need to go out of business. They got greedy with perfect world and city of heroes and now the greed is apparent in this game. Two horrible companies taking over a loved franchise. STAY AWAY people... you won't last till level 20 30 max before you realize the horrible mistake you made in giving this game a chance. BE FOREWARNED...