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  1. May 11, 2012
    The game offers challenging missions in which you race against the clock to not be seen, grab the chips, kill the bad guys and make it to the surface. It's definietely something I would recommend to anyone looking for a decent challenge. It has some replayability in the campaign (trying to unlock all the achievements) but the actual replayablity comes from it's community made maps accessible and designed from in the game itself. Expand
  2. Nov 3, 2013
    Good fair bit of good old fashioned puzzling fun. Concept is simple which opens itself up to complexity in the design of the puzzles, which, by design ramp up absolutely perfectly.
  3. Mar 6, 2013
    Succesfully creates an atmosphere of thrill. The level builder shows a lot of promise with community-rated levels. It received a bad user review because of unresponsive controls, however I didn't experience that, and overall the game played super smoothly on my 5-year-old laptop. It's a game I'd recommend especially to those looking for less graphically demanding games.
  4. Feb 25, 2013
    Very fun game. You should give this a play! I got this on Steam for PC playing and have about 9 hours in it completing the campaign. I found it particularly good for playing maybe 20-30 minutes while taking a break between doing other things. While this is a mechanically simple game all you have is a flashlight, bombs and shadows you use these to your advantage to escape the fortified levels. The game is fun from level 1 and stays that way the entire way through introducing different adversaries and defenses as you advance. How you use this simple game mechanics to manipulate your environment distracting guards, carving out tunnels, and more is the fun of the game. Some levels have a goal to escape without killing any guards which for me presented some of the most challenging levels as destroying guards is always the easier way to play. I haven't played or built any user levels yet, but may do so. Apparently there's much more in user created content that I haven't seen yet. Bottom line: this is fun. Play it. (Note: I experienced no problems with keyboard controls on PC as one other reviewer mentioned. All was enjoyable from beginning to end here). Expand
  5. Jul 22, 2012
    Game controls very poorly on PC, there's a delay between pressing a button and the action actually occuring, plays like a poor man's Bomberman clone, wasn't worth the 3bux I paid. It was very clearly designed for phones and is only impressive there

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