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  • Summary: Set in Ancient China during the 3rd century, Dynasty Warriors 6 immerses gamers in a truly cinematic kung-fu action experience. Celebrated characters have been completely re-imagined with new weapons and fighting techniques motion-captured from some of today’s leading stuntmen and women in Asia. With the game’s new “Renbu” attack system and game controls, players can execute lightning-fast combos and the most dazzling fighting moves with ease. Developed from the ground up exclusively for next-generation platforms, the game's proprietary engine delivers the most chaotic and challenging Tactical Action experience to date. Players can use the landscape to elude the thousands of soldiers swarming the battlefield. But as players move and attack, adaptable enemy A.I. devises offensive and defensive combat tactics, and can retaliate with packs of fierce hunting dogs and patrol boats. All of the explosive action comes to life in high definition, 60 frames per second graphics. [KOEI] Expand
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  1. 30
    Dynasty Warriors 6 isn't necessarily broken, but the fundamental formulas that govern the gameplay are terribly stale.
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  1. Feb 12, 2013
    first off, ign giving the game a 30 is pretty funny. well the story revolves around the three kingdoms period where basically you control one of several characters from of these factions and battle it out to determine the next ruler of China. graphics are pretty good not great but does the job. and controls are solid, the 360 controller is compatible, not correctly mapped but still good. everything else is extra dressing. lots of extra features like background story on characters, musou mode, lots to do. gameplay is pretty much, hack and slash real time action fighting. you can upgrade your character with different skill sets and weapons. no control of your own army in this one, so you go solo mostly. if you have played any previous dynasty warriors than not much different from gameplay standpoint. Expand
  2. Oct 12, 2013
    Best part of this games reviews on Metacritic is IGN's "we were not paid for a good review" ha. But in all reality this game is a blast especially for pc. There are a ton of mods available which can enhance your gameplay. Just try it out there is nothing to lose here. Expand

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