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  1. May 30, 2011
    The Koei's well-known saga is now a mmorpg for Aeria Games. Dynasty Warriors Online has the same imperfections of the main title, and the same appeal: the fans will enjoy this free mmorpg, everyone else is not invited to the party
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  1. Apr 19, 2013
    First of all, I'd like to second all the negative reviews about this game because it's all absolutely true. Yes, the game does play like theFirst of all, I'd like to second all the negative reviews about this game because it's all absolutely true. Yes, the game does play like the other Dynasty Warriors games but the battles usually leave something to be desired. There is no main general, you'll get the same cpu allies everytime(if you're solo farming)with a real general ''maybe'' popping up every now and then if their side is losing the battle but the few times I've actually seen this they've come when the battle is just about over, some have come when there is literally only 5 to 10 seconds left in the battle. The modes there are all pretty much about either base capturing, killing a certain amount of enemies, or certain amount of generals and there's just not much strategy at all in this game. The quests in this game are also a joke, there are a few that are pretty easy and it's good that quests are repeatable but there are some quests that you won't be able to do or get a good grade on without the help of some sort of guide, and I'm just talking about some of the newbie quests, I can't imagine how the higher ranked ones would be. Also quests are never fun in this game, or they don't feel like it at least, every time I did a quest I just wanted to get it over with and I don't think I've ever felt that way in a Dynasty Warriors game. Reason being is that the quests range from, destroying towers in a base(which is very boring btw)to having to kill multiple bandits with super armor, meaning that they don't flinch from your attacks and they can also kill u in about 3 hits, are you serious...? And if that wasn't bad enough, they do have quests where you can play with others but with most they are solo only quests... why? This is an mmo, you shouldn't ''have'' to do quests solo, especially if some are near impossible. I heard on the forums that this game was all just about pvp anyway and that a lot of the lower ranked players were just alts of veteran players. I don't know about anyone else but I think a game should try to be solid in every area it can, not just pvp. There are a few good things about the game though, like being able to customize your characters looks, use many different weapons and there is also crafting but in order to do it you'll need a great deal of patience since it requires a lot of farming. You can also get lieutenants which can range from humans to animals but this also requires farming and the chances of finding them are increased if there are more players but this also means that one of the other players could get the lieutenant. The game could've been good but it's just so watered down and doesn't feel like a real Dynasty Warriors game because all they focused on is pvp and pvp alone. Full Review »
  2. Jun 11, 2012
    So bad. The game is pretty classic Dynasty Warriors, but they took out everything that made it fun. Love huge battles? Too bad, the maps areSo bad. The game is pretty classic Dynasty Warriors, but they took out everything that made it fun. Love huge battles? Too bad, the maps are small. Love plowing through armies for an hour and working out which routes to take to avoid the main general getting killed? Sorry, there is no main general and you only have 15 minutes on any map. 15 MINUTES! Every map? The game has about 8 or 9 modes, and NONE of them go over 17 minutes.

    This game is really imbalanced and is hard on noobs. There is basically no tutorial as far as I can see. You get a 15 minute starter quest telling you how to hit things, and guess what, you are FORCED to do it. Yes, thank you, I've been playing Dynasty Warriors for 10 years, I think I know how to pull off a combo. But how do I get new gear? What should I do first?

    Everyone you face in Melee mode, starting out as a guard, is going to be stronger than you. Much like Shogun: Total War Online, players are allowed to set up ranked matches (because the devs are stupid), so you get a ton of people rigging their matches.

    Combos are insanely powerful. You can get hit by an opponent while you have full health, and NEVER be able to recover from it. In some ways this is DW at its core, that you can basically killed lower ranking officers in one flurry. But I feel like I have no control over my ingame progression.

    You can choose to play alone, but why? Its an MMO.. Did they expect people to get the game because its a free version of DW? Why would I pay money at their item shop if the game is so biased against new players who like to play with other people?

    Otherwise, the game mechanics are like DW. You don't get a bow, and every officer doesn't potentially drop new items for you as far as I have seen. In the original DW you run around killing bosses and 'farming mobs' a bit, and that honestly seems a lot more skillful and fun than this game. Who doesn't love running for their life from an insanely powerful boss and trying to get cheap shots in on him? That isn't in this - and I guess that's why the real DW series costs money.

    The community seems pretty varied, but, like in most MMOs, they are terribly afraid of communicating with other humans. If you talk, you may be greeted by a helpful person, complete silence, or someone telling you a Yo-mama joke.. But usually silence.

    The game might actually be fun if you -really- like farming by yourself. Crafting looks like a headache and a farm fest, and you have to do a stupid quest just to unlock it. I don't understand this game. The 15 minute timer tells me its a casual game, but everything else tells me its for die hard farmers. PICK A NICHE AND STICK WITH IT!
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  3. Sep 4, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. It appears to be the classic Dynasty Warriors, but witohut all the events during battles. This kills the entire feeling of Dynasty Warriors. Also they but an endless 'tutorial' that all you need to do is making the same thing again and again. If I had to put a name on this game it will be Dynasty Warrior for Dummies. Full Review »