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  • Summary: In Eden Eternal, players will trek across a magical realm filled with vibrant races, robust monsters, and prosperous villages as they work to uncover ancient secrets surrounding the mysterious Soul Stone. Help the powerful Eternal Children solve the enigma of their origin and ultimately bring peace to the continent as part of your final quest. Collapse
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  1. Sep 13, 2014
    Well, this game has stunned me with great visuals and the best class system ever seen. Switching between ranged and close combat? Genius. Haven't tried out yet? Then definitely do. Expand
  2. Aug 1, 2012
    Eden Eternal is one of the finest free to play MMORPGs I have ever played and I have tried plenty of them. I love the class system implemented in this where you are able to level every class on a single character and switch between them freely. Also, the classes are very well done with distinct differences between them - something lacking in a lot of other games in the genre. The world is lively, the graphics are charming and the gameplay is fun. However, like most free to play MMORPGs there is the usual grind to get through the higher levels but that wasn't an issue until well into the game. Also, Eden Eternal is currently lacking in end-game content but new add-ons are continually being developed so there should eventually be plenty to do. Definitely worth a try if you are in the mood for a light and fun online RPG. Expand
  3. Jul 22, 2011
    It's certainly a free to play mmo, there's no escaping that fact. The class system is unique and great, you literally CAN'T play just one class. There are 5 categories of classes and 15 classes overall. In the Magic DMG category it goes Magician/Illusionist/Warlock and in the Healer category it goes Cleric/Bard/Shaman. EE's class system is awesome in that if you want to reach Warlock you must be a lvl 50 Magician AND a lvl 50 Cleric, and there is criss-crossing like that all over the categories.

    Combat is ok. No moving while casting, no 'real' jumping just visual jumping, you're still confined to paths and terrain. They cover every base, however, regarding control schemes, mouse, keyboard, however you're used to moving around in an MMO is likely supported in EE.

    My biggest concern is the end-game and PVP. As far as I can tell (and I am level 35 out of 50 while writing this) the only pvp are 1v1 duals. I'm unaware of any guild vs guild mechanics or any large scale PVP game modes, which prompted me to put the game down today until they add that in, hopefully they do.

    There are two races, Humans and what are basically a Mouse race, they do have slightly different benefits depending on class, nothing major though.

    Overall I would rank this game higher if I felt it was more complete upon release. I can only assume they'll be adding in end-game mechanics but so far there are none, and that is what this review is based on.

  4. Apr 14, 2013
    Graphics- It's ok, bright colorful to keep you entertain throughout the whole game, but eventually it shows it's laziness with reused skins.
    Storyline- Very lacking, it's text-based, which is not bad, but if you read the story, it's unoriginal and boring to say the least.
    Gameplay- This is one of the few things that keeps this game alive, with it's unique class-changing system and dungeons, it's somewhat addicting, til you get to the point where you're doing the same thing over and over again. Same quests, same reused mobs etc. At least you can change your class to refresh your gameplay.
    Music- It's ok, on some cases it really matches the tone of where you're at, while other cases it does not. On the more negative side, it loops constantly and some tracks get reused quite often.
    Difficulty- The only real difficult part is the constant grinding in this game, where to the point it becomes a real chore to do. Other than that, killing basic mobs is really not too difficult.

    Overall, this game is decent, with it's unique gameplay, but with the high repetitiveness and the reused skins and music that makes it seems like it you're doing the same thing, over and over again. If you are extremely bored, this MMO could waste some time. Other than that, unless you have friends who love this game, I don't recommended for a long time.
  5. Nov 9, 2013
    Worst MMORPG I played. And here is why:
    1. Broken Arena
    Pets are enabled to attack and can 3-4 shot you when a high level character pass it
    to his/her lower level character and use it. There is a time when you can enter the 3v3, 10v10, etc in arena and the difference between range and melee is huge. Range can run and cast their skill while melee cannot. Gear dependent and not skill dependent.

    2. Pay 2 Win
    The events every week is you need to spend a certain amount of AP to get an item.

    3. Worst Game Publisher (Aeria Games)
    Always no ETA on things thats why the game are full of bugs and problem. Example their Halloween event which the quest is bug and it takes 1 week to be fix. Also when entering Guild Towns, Arena at the loading screen you will get DC and a message will pop that means you're DC in the game.

    4. Worst community
    All fanboys which ignore and don't care about the problems in the game. If you point out a problem in the forums game. The community will flame you or defend Aeria Games and mods always lock the thread. You can see there is always a lock thread in their forum and rather than discussing it the mods will lock it. Also if your a noob who ask questions in the forum the community will flame you and will tell you should ask it in-game and mod as usual will closed your thread without an answer when in in-game people will ignore you since they are chatting about with their friends in-game. Also in-game the peer chat which is use in finding a party is infested with people who goes blocking people who is finding a party and only wants to see what they want to see.

    5. Class System is not original at all
    If you think it is not a grinding game because all class in one character your probably wrong. You still need to level all the class level separately and certain classes use different kinds of armor which means you need to grind or spend a lot still to have armor and its not one but three or five armor if your focusing on using each class.

    6. Worst Point to Click MMORPG
    When targeting a monster sometimes even your point is on the monster the point still not changing to attack status. Also the other target shortcut on the monster is TAB but this is a problem also. When using TAB sometimes it will target the monster that is far away from your character.