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  • Summary: Elder Sign: Omens is a digital version of the popular board game by Fantasy Flight Games. Build a team of unique investigators and fight to keep an all-powerful Ancient One from invading our world! Explore museums, oceans, deserts and more for the arcane Elder Signs that will help seal the Ancient One away. Expand
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  1. Apr 2, 2014
    Computer adaptation of a tabletop game based on Lovecraft’s work crushes players with distinct atmosphere of ancient tomes, madness, sinister incantations, old cults and Elder Gods. [04/2014, p.70]
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  1. Apr 16, 2014
    As a fan of table top games from this series (Arkham Horror, ..) I was looking forward to getting this game.
    As soon as I started the PC game
    I felt ripped off of my 14 Eur !

    Its clunky, user unfriendly game that looks like bad games from 95' !

    This is very mindless conversion of board game into cellphone game which was in turn badly converted into PC game.

    It has SUPER complicated rules (comming straight from tabletop version), but only tutorial or help is in form of videos you have to watch before the game, that just recite the rules in machinegun speed.
    Theres no way to memorize all the stuf that way so at the end you are just more confused.
    It looks like you are supposed to run the vids multiple times and make 3 pages of notes to play this game.

    The GUI has dozens of changing icons, yet NONE of them has any text explanation or tool tip !
    Clearly an artefact of Android version, that nobody bothered to fix in the PC version.
    Overaly the gui is a complete mess.
    You never see any idicator of where you can / should / shouldn't click and what it will do.

    The game plays partially differently from the tabletop game. For example it doesn't seem to let you see parameters (difficulty) of Task, before you undertake it so there's no way to make any strategy and you end up being at complete mercy of bad random number generator that seem to almost make completing the task impossible.

    Overaly very difficult and frustrating game.

    Ultimately I believe whever made this game was sadly just a bunch of freeware amateurs.
    Don't waste your 14 $ / E on this.
    If you are a fan of ArkhamHorror line of board games, as I am, you will be better of buying a tabletop version of Elder sing !