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  • Summary: You are the head of all rescue units – Fire & Rescue services, Police and specialist personnel are at your disposal. It’s your job to see they do theirs! A huge range of realistic emergency resources and vehicles including helicopters, heavy salvage trucks and more. [Strategy First Inc.]
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  1. The vehicles look and sound good, but I would have preferred an update to the sirens used in the US version of the game.
  2. Micromanagement is emphasized, explaining its popularity(in Germany)--so if you're into that, Emergency 3 is an enjoyable RTS. [July 2006, p.67]
  3. Emergency 3 really has a lot going for it, and breathes new life into a stagnant market full of destructive gaming. Still, the nagging issues of a clunky interface, coupled with rather monotonous gameplay, may present some problems.
  4. It’s an innovative title based on a unique premise. Where it falls short is in a few key elements, the rigid gameplay structure, dumb artificial intelligence, overly challenging missions, and poorly implemented control scheme all greatly detract from the overall enjoyment factor.
  5. Emergency 3 will appeal to the small segment of gamers out there that can put up with controlling the minutia, which is pretty small segment.
  6. The interesting premise of Emergency 3 is negated by often clumsy controls, frustrating mission design, and terrible artificial intelligence.
  7. 40
    Emergency 3 isn’t so much a bad game as it is a disappointing one. It’s a title that has lots of promise and potential, but steadfastly refuses to deliver. You’d think by the third game, they’d get it right.

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