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  • Summary: Prepare to serve up worldwide conquest on an epic scale once again with Empire Earth 2. Become the greatest conqueror of all time by creating, building and forging the grandest of all empires as you progress through 15 epochs that span more than 10,000 years of history. Introducing new units, powers and leaders through 3 expansive campaigns, Empire Earth 2 will once again set the standard for real-time strategy games with the latest technology and features that expand both the single-player and multiplayer experience. Relive more than 10,000 years of history as you lead one of 14 different civilizations spanning 3 distinct campaigns that feature all-new units, powers and leaders under your control. Challenge an all-new reactive and dynamic artificial intelligence system that will adapt to your every move and test the limits of your strategic warfare knowledge. Adapt to ever-changing weather conditions and constantly revolving seasons that will impact your civilization's growth and necessitate new tactical initiatives. Engage your opponents over a LAN or the Internet within nine types of games featuring improved tournament support, multiplayer co-operative scenarios and all-new features including a new reward system for demonstrating superior military, economic, and empire-expanding strategies and a tactical planning map to coordinate efforts with your team. [Vivendi Universal] Expand
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 32 out of 39
  2. Negative: 2 out of 39
  1. We especially liked the intense array of challenges always pressing in on our fledging world. Empire Earth II is a real-time strategy game on steroids.
  2. Put away your social calendar strategy fans - this game will eat out months out of your life.
  3. I am certain that Empire Earth II will someday make it to the RTS Hall of Fame. It has surpassed the original in almost every way possible. It has become a new force to be reckoned with in the RTS genre.
  4. This ambitious game spans half a million years of human history and is so vast it could take months to explore all it has to offer.
  5. Empire's elegant interface does its best to help the player consolidate power. Drudgery like reassigning workers to new tasks can be done instantly, and a small window allows you to keep an eye on hot spots. Objectives are always clear.
  6. Empire Earth II may not be the best historical strategy game on the market, but it is bloody good all the same, and points to a bright future for the RTS. [PC Zone]
  7. Games like this are the reason micromanagement is a four-letter word. [July 2005, p.57]

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 22 out of 35
  2. Negative: 12 out of 35
  1. MatiasK.
    Jan 4, 2005
    The Best Epich Strategy Game Ever!
  2. DanielM.
    May 25, 2006
    I thought this was a brialliant and very stratigical game.
  3. Feb 5, 2012
    One of the bets game I have ever played. Played 6 hours a day for a long time...I got my life back.

    It lagged a lot..old machines couldn't
    handle the unit masses. Multiplayer was sooo good. Learned about history from this game....loved the expansion of it Art of Supremacy. Expand
  4. AlphaO.
    Apr 22, 2005
    I've had the game 24 hours. So far it's a bit disappointing. The only graphical improvements I can see are minor: The water uses pixel shaders to gain a slight "sheen" and the people models are slightly better ... frankly it's hard to tell it isn't Empire earth 1. A lot of the "new" features (IE borders, trade caravans etc) are just the "old" features of other games (civ3, rise of nations etc.) so it just feels like a mishmash of a rehash. It's not BAD.. just not great. I've finished the four tutorials. .. and haven't yet mustered up enough interest to play the campaigns. Expand
  5. Bonedoc
    Sep 27, 2005
    I'd give it a higher rateing if it didn't freeze while loading saves so often on my Falcon Mach V. Honestly, you would think it would run without a problem on a puter that runs Doom and Half-life on the highest possible settings. Expand
  6. Sep 16, 2013
    One sentence: "Way to miss the point."

    You know Empire Earth as a whole was a great game and Steel Studios progressed far beyond it, even
    simplifying their games as they went along. Whoever was behind the pseudo sequel went all out, they nauseated players with a barbaric and ancient bloated resource system that did not make things simpler, it did not make things more fun and along with a brutally unfair or completely stupid AI, the game is hardly playable. First off, its visuals are very good, even considering its age, second off, this has nothing to do with the core gameplay mechanics being a chore, even for RTS genre standards. It gets nothing right in the economic aspects, it tacks on several new resources that absolutely HAVE to be used to construct different units. It does away with a simple Epoch upgrade system as well. Instead you must now send villagers into a building to gather "tech points" to upgrade different facets of your civilization before actually progressing to the next age. I've never even bothered trying to play that long, you know, the end game when you've tech'd all the way up? Nope. Not even gonna bother. The game moves at a snails pace, half the time you are simply waiting to have the resources to do something. Did I mention the wood gathering? Do I really need thirty villagers gathering wood? Why would you choose to emulate such a tedious thing from the original game developer? Why? The combat is horrid, even goofy, you can build up an army, but somehow the AI knows what you're up to and usually out builds whatever force you've been desperately trying to build up. Combat is not the focus here, its resource management and micro resource management and it is a chore. The whole game is a chore. Who cares if it rains or snows? Those weather cycles are simply eye-candy, icing on the games engine and they don't cover up the terrifyingly bad dialogue or sound effects. The music isn't memorable, the ambiance is just what it is, "ambient" and has no bearing on anything your doing. Even I liked the background music in Empire Earth. I guess between the really weird ideas, like building "roads" or "pathways" to facilitate faster unit movement, the naval combat is kind of lax as well, and how about the territories? Oh yeah, those are just great. Be the first one to build a settlement there and its yours. Guess what the AI does in most matches? If you're answer was A. Make muffins and twiddle their thumbs while you enjoy their delicious sugary treat you were unfortunately wrong. It was B. Out build your sorry ass and take territories faster than you could even get your piddly "economy" going. The game has niche appeal in the worst way, it travels to the lands of "slow paced" RTS genre, it takes the boring things from Empire Earth and just tosses them back in to be made even more tedious. Not one thing has ever made it out of this game and into another RTS title since. The miniature camera, you know the one that took up way too much of the interface, which was also a goddamn mess of a UI, has never been seen outside of this game. It lacks scope, it claims to have it in spades, but who wants to sit around waiting for a war? When I think of games like Age of Empires, though it has aged a bit, I recall never having to wait for too long before a skirmish would break out. Either over a gold mine, or a forage patch and yet, in Empire Earth II, you are literally waiting forever just to assemble some kind of an army. And even though their are some great features in the actual game, they add NOTHING to it. Walls in my territories? Pretty cool. Oh they just get knocked down pretty quick and are kind of useless. Citizen manager? Oh hey that's not really that useful as their is still a mini map and its pretty easy to figure out what's going on even on some of the larger maps. But that user interface should get the most flack out of any "feature" here. Its just a mess, an utter incoherent and tedious mess. Their is not that much to worry about here, this is an RTS, not a grand strategy game. Last time I checked, this wasn't Crusader Kings, or Port Royale, or Rome Total War. It does a lousy job of letting you know what you can do, it merely hints that it must have some higher purpose somewhere far from your keyboard and mouse. What surprises me the most, is that even "Empires: Dawn of the Modern World," is an improvement over this game and most aspects of its predecessor. What's even worse is that games like Steel Studios swan song, Rise and Fall, a game that they WENT OUT OF BUSINESS WHILE MAKING and was handed over to Midway for completion, turned out better than this game. Expand
  7. GeorgeH.
    Jul 27, 2005
    It is one of the worst games i have ever played, however the first game is one of hte best games ive played.

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