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  • Summary: The creators of the award-winning, best-selling Empire Earth II bring you this expansion pack. With graphical upgrades, new campaigns that span the ages, and more unique units & wonders. New Civilizations, Units & Wonders - Russians, French, plus the Masai & Zulu of the all-new African region. Three New Campaigns - From the Pharaohs to Napoleon, relive more of mankind's greatest moments. New Hero Units - Common units rise with experience to become powerful heroes. Custom Civilizations - Make custom civilizations to fit your personal play style. Persistent Units – Keep your units and the experience they earn in battle across multiple scenarios. [Vivendi Universal] Expand
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  1. Fans of the series will do doubt lap up the new Campaigns and Turning Point missions, but it won't draw newcomers into the Empire Earth II experience.
  2. A reasonable amount of content, but lacking in genuinely new features. [Mar 2006, p.96]
  3. The real problem here is that the game's three new campaigns are so same-y and cookie-cutterish that they end up feeling like the sort of added content that you'd expect to get in a free patch or download. [Mar 2006, p.63]
  4. Supremacy? Hardly. Fans, enjoy the second helping of EEII. Everyone else, head onward and upwards to brand new conquests.
  5. In a final note, which may just be where my head is at the moment, but there's something really disturbing sexual about the battering ram's swinging animation.
  6. The developers at Mad Doc Software balance every good feature in this expansion with something either uninspired or ill-advised.
  7. The whole thing feels more like feature creep in a box than an expansion pack. [Mar 2006, p.84]

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