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    Instead, I'll say that it means well and may appeal to a breed of old-school gamers. All others, stay away or take my warning that enjoyment will vary.
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  1. Aug 25, 2011
    it's surprising to me this game apparently has not gotten more attention in the indie community. there really isn't much to say about it - if you are a fan of old school turn-based RPGs, this is probably a game for you. it has a great storyline, nice side quests, decent variation of monsters and items - all of which made me play the game for almost 100 hours... now there's money well spent!
    the only thing i did not like at all and which might be a big turn-off for others too is the fact that one can't run and the walk speed is very slow. this is supposed to be finally changed in part III of the game though.
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  2. Apr 7, 2013
    The previous iteration of this game was described as "a turn-based game with none of the depth such a game requires," and since then, all that's really changed was the graphics. In spite of being turn-based, all I can really compare it to is Diablo, but with none of the pacing. Even without being turn-based, it's just a monotonous crawl of walking-by-clicking from place to place followed by 3 seconds of combat consisting entirely of spamming clicks on an enemy, followed by having to camp to restore HP or MP. Worse, it might be a trip back to town followed by an awfully long walk back Diablo had town portals for a reason. The only thing keeping you from realizing how small the world really is is how long it takes you to walk anywhere, and you're actively discouraged from exploring by just how utterly barren and empty the gameworld truly is. Yes, you can go off the beaten path, but all you'll find is a couple more monsters that are exactly the same as the monsters ON the beaten path, and a barrel that MAYBE has items in it, exactly the same as is on the beaten path. A better game would have rewarded your exploration to make it feel worthwhile.

    Also like Diablo is the fact that every monster is just a different name on the same old monster. Every monster has the same dumb-as-bricks AI of running straight at you, then punching. No elemental weakness to exploit, no tricks, no variety, just the same monster with more HPs and slightly higher damage.

    It's the hollow drudgery of a procedural Roguelike random dungeon without the expansiveness of one.

    Or the interesting monsters of a Roguelike.

    Or the clever tricks of a Roguelike that makes the game feel exciting.

    Or any excitement at all.

    It wants to be a Roguelike (actually, it wants to be a "Golden Age" RPG, but doesn't come close,) on some level, but doesn't seem to understand what makes those games fun... and Roguelike games are generally available for free, while you have to pay for the pain of playing this one. Go play free Roguelikes such as NetHack or Elona, instead, or play Dungeons of Dreadmore for a similar price. They're much more expansive games with far more character variety and gameplay to explore.
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