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  1. Apr 14, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. ik vind het een super leuk spel met een vrachtwagen door heel Europa ik heb alleen maar 1 min puntje voor dit spel ik zal graag meer steden zien in Belgie & Nederland voor de rest is het een top game van trucks Expand
  2. Apr 11, 2014
    I'm absolutely surprised how much fun I'm having driving this truck around. Though, for me, with just the stock engines and transmissions, the game drags out the experience too close to home. So, modded, with powerful engines and transmissions, combined with my favorite driving soundtracks, this game is very addictive and relaxing. Such a nice change from all the teeth grinding, bone-crushing FPS games out there. The scenary is awesome, and there are many little subtities that make this game not just a drive through a repetitive map over and over. Landmarks, cars, pedestrians, hills, birds, sun, moon, rain, even the different rails used in different areas, all makes it so refreshing.

    There are lots of customization, and while there are many aesthetics, some of them are merely disguised. One commentor below said that there is no difference between the 4x2, 6x2-4 and the 6x4 chassis..This is NOT only false, but shows that he was not very vigilant even as a real life trucker.
    The 4x2 provides the largest fuel capacity, can be styled with side protectors, but comes at a cost of less braking power, though it is the cheapest option.
    The 6x2-4 has the extra braking power but has a very limited fuel capacity.
    While the 6x4 has the braking power, and a slightly larger fuel capacity but at a more costlier price than the 6x2-4.

    Considering the depth of the explained game mechanics above, that should put a cork into anyone thinking that SCS isn't very thoroughly thought out. Realistic? Well, for $25 retail price, you are getting what you pay for, and quite frankly, the gameplay is most important, not the specific kind of sounds you want to hear from your truck, and I'm sure there's a mod out there that lets you feel the full 25 tons of your cargo load and totally hamper your driving..hey, everyone has their fetishes.

    I just feel this game is very deserving of this mark, and I hope everyone can enjoy this game as much as I did. Good day.
  3. Apr 3, 2014
    This game is well put together, the graphics is great and the driving experience is realistic. I think that the only thing that is lacking within this game is physical truck damage when the truck take damage other than that this is one of the most well crafted simulation games made. I would love to see an American version of the game, but I found the details in the European version very accurate. I was surprised of the lack of any police in the game, however in Europe the is not a heavy presence either as most traffic violation are captured by cameras. I was glad of the GPS in the game as this was a very much needed when I lived there since highway markings directed you to large cities so you needed to know where to go. Overall this game is a must have if you enjoy driving games or a good simulation game. The company management in the game is good and I really like the leveling aspect of the driver as this is also realistic to gain prestige with companies. Expand
  4. Mar 18, 2014
    Ótimo jogo, ótimo suporte, pena não ser muito bem programado mas nem me importo tanto, o jogo está cada vez mais melhorando e assim que é bom, a empresa não está esquecendo dos jogadores, dou nota 8, muito bom o jogo, jogo todo dia!!!
  5. Mar 14, 2014
    I really thought I wouldn’t like Euro Truck Simulator 2. I thought it was in the same vein as Farming Simulator, Street Sweeper Simulator, Snow Cat Simulator, etc. It’s not. This is a quality game with effort put into its design and I actually do enjoy it.

    ETS2’s biggest positive is that it’s very relaxing to play. If I have a free hour and want to chill out, I will fire this up and do
    a quick trucking job or two. It also does a fair job in presenting you with different landscapes and varied scenery.

    The downside is that the landscapes are not quite varied enough. The devs made a decent effort but after playing for a while, you will recognize all the reused set pieces such as highway interchanges, exit ramps, maintenance garages, and branches of companies where you accept jobs. And aside from driving on the left hand side of the street in England and some different background scenery, the experience on every highway and inside each city is virtually the same. Driving in Stuttgart is the same as driving in Paris is the same as driving in Rome. You won’t see the Eiffel Tower or Coliseum in the background nor any other famous streets, bridges or landmarks from any particular city. Likewise, every toll booth and rest stop are exactly the same, whether in Austria, the Netherlands or the Czech Republic.

    It’s also missing visual damage to vehicles. Your truck can get damaged by accidents but none of it will show on the outside. Neither will it show up on any car you hit. Every once in a while I like to cause chaos by getting up a head of steam & swerving into oncoming traffic. It’s very unsatisfying when nothing much happens aside from traffic stopping. I know that sort of thing is more reserved for a title like GTA or Saints Row, but still.

    The option of playing your own MP3s over the truck’s “radio” while driving was a great idea. Unfortunately, I found this to be a buggy feature. The game won’t play many of my MP3 files and I don’t know why.

    To make up for these shortcomings, there is a very engaging career mode. The more deliveries you complete, the more experience you earn. This allows you to gain levels which in turn allows you to build up your driving skills to make more money, unlock new types of delivery jobs and unlock new options & upgrades you can buy for your truck.

    Speaking of buying trucks, there are a lot to choose from, based on real life models from manufacturers like Volvo and DAF. They are expensive, but you can take out a loan from the bank if you want to get things rolling early on. You can also buy & upgrade various garages around Europe, buy more trucks, hire drivers to drive them, and all of this will end up earning you even more money.

    I’m still in the early stages of the game as I only have the one truck of my own and am working on repaying a loan, but I’m looking forward to continuing to play this. It’s more of something I will progress in gradually rather than sitting down and trying to grind away at. It’s a very nice change of pace.
  6. Mar 12, 2014
    Euro Truck simulator was a good game, a bit better than the first in the truck simulator series. Of course, this has been more polished, but not as I expected. It was improved with more actions, but you can't play so much, as it becomes boring, earning money and driving against some streets that has the same appearance. Also, the graphics are not impressive. Therefore, 8
  7. Mar 2, 2014
    This game is extremely relaxing and you can actually play the radio off of radio stations from different countries within the game. It is a great game when played in moderation and the player almost gets an idea of what it is truly like to be a Truck Driver.

    PS: Watch out for the Traffic Speed Cameras. On a long haul they can completely destroy your profits.
  8. Feb 18, 2014
    This game doesn't deserve a 10 rating but it doesn't means it is not good. It is an OK game but I have to remove a few points as it is NOT a truck simulator at all. The graphics are quite good and you can manage your own garages and employees, which are great things into the game. This game is very addictive and it is a good thing because you spend a lot of good time trying to upgrade your trucks and your skills. However, there are a few things that makes it lose so many points. Every simulators start with the principle that you start without any experience and you learn how to pilot or drive your vehicule so you become better and better each time you practice. Euro Truck simulator 2 is nothing of that. You will start being the best driver on the planet and soon enough, the traffic commits so many infractions that you are getting 10 tickets and 20 vehicule collision per run, which is quite irrealistic considering the fact that most of the real truck drivers never get an accident of their life. Also, the ticket system is quite weird and stupid at a certain point. For exemple, if you have a collision with another car because the other driver stopped in the middle of the highway after overtaking you and getting back on your lane, you are the one who reveive a 400 Euro ticket for hitting him. Basically, the game is good until you arrive at level 20 and people around you starts driving like headless chickens.

    So basically, it's a good game. However, it is NOT a simulator. It is ONLY a good game which will give you many hours of fun.
  9. Feb 5, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Thanks to the Volvo Trucks - The Epic Split feat. Van Damme I only buy and drive Volvo trucks in Euro Truck Simulator 2. Things I like about ETS 2 is a wide selection of trucks, rainy weather, no speed limit that you can change in options and the whole game itself. I also like the penalties about over-speeding, car crashes and red signal offenses.

    The disadvantages, in my honest opinion, is medium graphics of the game that is inconsistent in nowadays. I'd like to see more AA options, more realistic world around a truck and better graphics optimization for PC. I must mention that the game is not optimized well, because I have a good rig, I have maximized all graphics settings but I have medium FPS, I can't tell accurately but sometimes it's annoying low.
  10. Jan 19, 2014
    OMG! this pulled me away from BF4.......i like driving games in general and this was going cheap on steam so i thought what the hell, im now a proud owner of a rather pimped up Volvo FH with 800 bph ........and 14 employees :) what makes this game even more puzzling is its converted most of the guys on TS as well after they heard me playing all evening without swearing about god damn snipers....very relaxing, great graphics and alot of fun.....stick that were the sun don't shine EA :p Expand
  11. Jan 4, 2014
    Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a trucking game. But, it's more than that. It also features company simulation. Physics are realistic. If lucky, you can see a plane landing. Also, you can make or download mods, which really improve the game. It's very relaxing just driving and listening to the internet radio with realistic physics, but come to the cities and the relax stops due to maneuvering through city traffic with a trailer in tow. Overall, it's an amazing game with huge potential. I recommend this game to anyone who likes trucking games, driving games, company simulation games or simply realistic games. Expand
  12. Dec 31, 2013
    It's hard to give a 10, as I think people use that perfect score too much for games. I don't normally play or even like playing simulators, but I was in the mood for one at the time this was on sale. I have to say that I was super surprised and pleased with it. It's a solid simulator with tons of potential. They did a great job making it more like a game than the typical sim. Yes, you get to drive and customize your ride (eventually), but it also lets you start up your own business, once you've earned enough money to do so. You can even hire drivers to work for you, buy new trucks, take on contracts, raise your skills or those of your drivers to increase what kinds of load you can haul and more. I also love the fact that you can tune into various net radios stations as you drive. There are a few things I think could be improved, such as the landscape being a bit repetitious as times, and the occasionally long drive that can get boring, after a while. The controls are a bit difficult to get used to on a keyboard, as there are many commands. The developers really thought through things that might make it challenging, from backing your truck into a spot, to getting fined for dings and dents, various traffic violations and more. It's an accessible game to various ages.

    NOTE: The person/people saying you can't look around while driving are incorrect. You can use your mouse to look around while you drive. It's difficult to stay on the road, but that also makes the game more realistic. It is a sim, after all.
  13. Dec 22, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This has to be the single greatest simulator game every made. It's hard to believe a trucking simulator is as fun as this. I can't believe I'm giving this a 10 out of 10! Anyways; let's start with the pros shall we? So, you start off at the very bottom of the totem pole. You have 0 trucks, you don't have anyone working for you, and you don't have a home garage. (Although you do have a home city that you can pick) You have to do odd little jobs to save up enough money and reputation so that the bank notices you. Once they notice you, you can pull out a loan. With the loan you can buy your own truck and start doing better and more lucrative trucking jobs. Throughout the whole game you are upgrading your stats which allow you to drive farther, haul hazardous material, drive longer distances, haul urgent deliveries, and so on and so forth. Once you gain enough money, you can buy your own garage, and upgrade it. When you have a garage, you can hire others to drive for you. Now, this doesn't mean you can stop driving, but they will start to earn a nice chunk of change. (And you can control what type of cargo they haul)

    Now, on top of all of this; this game accepts mods. There are a TON of mods for this game; both user created and professionally created. Some of the mods are horrendous and will crash the game; however some of the mods are extremely useful and make the game a million times more fun. Right now, with my game, I have over 200 different loads I can carry at any given time and I can travel thousands of kilometers. (Then again, everything on mine is maxed out) This is not a game you will beat in one setting, in one day, or even in one week. This is a nice relaxing game to play.

    Since I did the pros, I'll do the cons. (Which don't affect my rating because they don't matter much to me) You don't have any damage simulation. Well, you do and you don't. It's a partial simulation. If you damage your truck high enough you will have a tough time driving it as the engine will stall out on you. However, you won't notice any physical damage to your truck. It's all internal and nothing cosmetic will actually show. (Even the AI cars won't show damage when you hit them) Other than that big one, there aren't too many cons. Each person is different though.

    I personally recommend this game to anyone into simulation games and anyone who is interested in trucks. You will not be let down.
  14. Dec 21, 2013
    El mejor simulador de camiones hasta el momento. Podría tener muchas mejoras pero como no hay predecesores de este estilo con tanta calidad y detalle mi nota tiene que ser un 10. Recomendado para los fanáticos de la simulación y juegos de coches en general, curioso y original cuanto menos
  15. Dec 21, 2013
    top quality game if its trucks you are into then until you hold the full UK licence and have your class 1 then this is easily the best replacement good trucking
  16. Dec 19, 2013
    Hands-down this is the game I play most and is the most "fun" I've had with my laptop this year. It isn't for everyone, of course, but it's extraordinarily relaxing to cruise through Europe in a rig. The graphics are beautiful and I enjoy looking around as I'm driving. The game challenges, buying new rigs, building a business, add a neat strategic element to the game. I was a bit doubtful at first, but I am so glad I bought this game. It really is the best game I've played this year. Expand
  17. Dec 5, 2013
    While I enjoyed playing this game, I don't get the high scoring it gets, it really tells something about the reliability of the people that score the game since this game has big undeniable flaws.

    It's fun to get a truck, improve it, buy a new one, start your own company, evolve it, travel, a relaxing game indeed, but that's it, nothing else.
    The first problem I have is with the map,
    its like a repetition of a repetition, all streets look equal, all the background scenarios look pretty much the same, but at least near cities you can see iconic buildings in the background image. When you arrive to cities, all you have is like two extremely small city blocks, feels really lacking.
    Traffic is horrible, absolutely unrealistic, traffic AI is not better than any mid 90's game, everyone drives at the same speed, no one breaks the law, no one passes a yellow light, there's no overtaking's, just absolutely boring and repetitive.

    For a game that has 'Simulator' in its name, this is a pretty bad simulation, driving the truck feels nice, but that's it.
  18. Dec 3, 2013
    Huge surprise! I thought the premise of this game would be as much fun as watching paint dry. I picked it up on a whim in a Steam sale and have been so impressed (despite this not really being the kind of thing I am into) I would almost pay full price for it. What is the catch? Like a lot of people say there is something incredibly relaxing about it. As with many people I increasingly as a result of having a family have less and less time to do any gaming. This game allows you a ten minute or 10 hour fix whichever you want depending on what your day allows. Simply put you just pull up a chair listen to some funky euro Internet radio station and just go cruising. It scales well so you can drive from London to Warsaw in a realistic time frame, or just pull into a rest stop leave the game and pick up where you left off the next day. You get to build a fleet, go shopping for cool rigs and hire some drivers and watch your little empire grow. I can't put my finger on it but it is fun and relaxing at the same time. I am so surprised I like this game but I just do surprise yourself and huge value for money! Expand
  19. Dec 1, 2013
    I bought this game during a steam sale because I needed something relaxing. I'm no truck driver (outside of maybe driving a de-ice truck), and I have never been to Europe before, but I must say, this game really impressed me to the point where I feel like I'm really there and driving a real truck. I am positively impressed.
  20. Dec 1, 2013
    A game that managed to be fun and relaxing at the same time. This is for those who like to drive, simply drive. The truck thing is just a theme to carry a pleasant real-life driving simulation inside. I dare anyone with a bitter approach on this concept to try it and leave it without a smile. Beautiful graphics, smart AI, and of course a very down-to-earth truck simulation. A salty price indeed, but nothing that a Steam Holiday Sale won't fix. Expand
  21. Nov 30, 2013
    I picked up Euro Truck Sim 2 on Steam for £3.74 in the sale and I am really glad I did as it's a fantastic little game with a well-designed career format. You can take on jobs going from England to Holland and other various cities all over Europe to earn money which enables you to purchase fully-licenced high value rigs and customise them to your liking. This allows you to pick up more lucrative jobs in the future and increase your abilities as a trcuker. It's simple but very clever.

    The mechanics of the sim are pretty decent too; you can go for the basic automatic option or have the full trucker experience with all elements manual. The driving feels pretty good in neatly designed locations which are ultimately scaled down and often sparse; lacking detail but on the whole, it looks and feels pretty tidy with even neat weather effects also. The game lacks in the traffic and collision department though and more attention to road laws would've made this title a more realistic sim but it's not overly complex and frustrating which makes you want to keep on playing. As the game doesn't operate entirely to scale; you can complete jobs quicker which keeps you enticed for the next one without sending you to sleep on a 10 hour haulage haul. T

    On the whole; this is a brilliant title on the cheap that is definitely worth a look. The good career layout and shortened scaled jobs keep you playing on and on without getting you bored. Buying and customising your truck is great fun and the sim elements are appealing to all gamers rather than being too serious or on the verge of just an arcade game. Well worth a look
  22. Nov 26, 2013
    Perfeito!! Graficos e Sons de alta qualidade. Mapa amplo para poder viajar por toda europa. varias oportunidades de cargas.

    Os mais novos caminhoes da europa. Perfeito!!!
  23. Nov 24, 2013
    "A truck driving simulator"...? I was wondering at first. I wasn't sure a game about driving a truck would be any fun. Luckily, I decided to try it anyway, and I was pleasantly surprised big time!
    You get to to start your own truck deliveries company, hire drivers, deliver cargo over most of europe, and enjoy the quite realistic view. I've been playing this game on and off for a few
    months now, and it is really a lot of fun! Expand
  24. Nov 17, 2013
    Love the open road feel of this game. Very detailed and challenging game. The trucks are beautiful. The road can vary from parking lot to mineshaft. For all you get it does not take up very much hard drive space. One thing I was concerned about was the actual time it takes to make a run between cities. It turns out to be much less in game but still feels like the full experience.
  25. Nov 16, 2013
    I'm sure this isn't for everyone but for me it's brilliant. I have a 3 monitor set up with a G27 so it's a very realistic, immersive experience. The graphics and IA are top notch. It must be a labour of love for people who work on that game as it's the nuts.
  26. Nov 10, 2013
    What sets this game apart is how relaxing it is. Who would have thought that driving your truck across a European expressway for two real hours straight could be your choice of spending those two free hours you have after a busy day? Other games have you constantly fighting something or focusing, not really letting you relax at all, that's where this game comes in. It will truly just let you "chill" and forget about all those other problems for a moment.
    Yeah, maybe it doesn't deserve a 9 because of its atrocious AI, but frankly, who cares about the other cars, just let me slowly drive my big truck from one point to the other, leaving all troubles behind.
  27. Nov 4, 2013
    Yeah, it's weird this gets such a high rating. The best way to describe this is "pleasingly dull", it's really relaxing just driving your truck from place to place and it appeals to the hoarder and upgrader in you to turn your business into an empire.
  28. Nov 3, 2013
    This game is really great, perfectly captures landscapes of every captured place and driving model and trucks it's really awesome. I can't say anything bad, maybe about AI drivers, they can be really annoying.
  29. Oct 28, 2013
    Euro Truck Simulator is very relaxing, though frustrating and comical at the same time when you crash and get stuck on something. But the graphics are wonderful, and the rain feels very real. You have to play with a joystick or steering wheel. It's just not the same with the keyboard. Though the joystick is harder (in my opinion) it is much more real, and you get the feel that you are actually driving. Now, sometimes the AI decides to be stupid and crashes into you. OR if you crash for some other reason and you need room to back out, they decide to be a bunch of morons and drive up right next to you so you have no other choice but to plow over them, which I admit is very funny unless you get stuck. That is about my only issue with ET2, besides finding a few bugs here and there, which is not an issue because just about every game is going to have a few undiscovered bugs. Overall good game. Not amazing, but good. Expand
  30. Oct 27, 2013
    This is one of the greatest games available for the PC!!!!
    It puts you in the driving seat of various trucks and with the extra downloadable content from steam all for under a tenner makes it one of this years steals. The extra content is called "Going East" and it adds new places on the map as well as other things. Also, you can add mods that have been created by other users to add that
    extra spice to what is a beautiful game. You can play music from your own mp3s to the inbuilt Internet radio stations from around Europe.
    If they is only one game you buy this year on the PC....make it this won't be disappointed!!!!
  31. Oct 25, 2013

    This game is fantastic, but that doesn't make it addicting. It is a game you will play for like a couple hours a day then go play LoL or COD or whatever people seem to like... the gameplay is fun but it can get dull and repetitive. The world is HUGE but invisible walls make it seem linear, but it is fun to build up your company, the early game gets annoying because your only
    getting income through your own jobs and they are all pretty much the same... but the gameplay overall is pretty good. 6/10


    This game, looks decent, it's deep and engaging but in terms of the graphics, its ok...
    the graphics are pretty detailed at times but the cities don't look nice at all, the rain looks good, but when you travel across the sea with ferries you won't even be able to tell if you did it because there is no animation, but the graphics are decent. 7/10


    The controls are very impressive, turning feels good, accelerating feels realistic, the only problem is that the trucks don't go fast enough, sure it is a simulator but with the size of the world it can get annoying. 8/10


    I can't review this games soundtrack because it doesn't have any, instead it let's you choose the soundtrack so I can't score this. N/A


    This is where the game shines. It allows so much variety in the ways you want to play, want to just explore the world and let your employees do the work for you? You can do that. Do you want to get as much cash as possible and always be working every second? Do that too. 8/10


    This game will never run out of content. I challenge anyone to have explored the entire game world, it will take at least 12 hours to do that, plus all the jobs and things you can do, overwhelming? No. Enough to keep you playing for a long time? Yes. 7.5/10


    Overall, this game is good, but will not standout from other driving games like Need For Speed or Driver: San Fransisco, The game is different, as it is a simulator, but it is still not as impressive. Of course, for simulation standards, this will be one of the best games you will find in this genre, but if you are not into simulators, you should still try it out, because it can be really fun at times. 7.4/10!
  32. Oct 25, 2013
    Very nice game,very often is updates. I give this game 10 ,because I think this is the best Simulator Game. I play this game often,but this don't tired.
  33. Oct 25, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I've been following the evolution of SCS Software's trucking games and I must say the guys are not joking. I remember the plain and edgy games from the past their new baby is everything but that. Expand
  34. Oct 24, 2013
    I love This game it is kind of fun so please try to make new stuff in it so plz ubgrade it thanks And please make new citys i enjoy The city Londan and the Company Euroacers And Transnet
  35. Oct 17, 2013
    What can I say? This game is great (ok, I can say something). The Good: It is not just a driving simulator, it is also a business simulator, a resource manager, and a game of exploration. For those reviewers who mention a lack of views from inside the cab, look into buying a TrackIR, building a Freetrack system or installing FaceTrackNoIR (free) for headtracking. Head tracking is fully supported by ETS2. It allows you to look around the cab just as if you were sitting there.

    Others have commented that the trailers have no weight.....try stopping a 45 ton load when that blankety blank blank AI pulls out in front of you. Pull that trailer up a steep grade and then say the trailer has no weight. True, with a huge 750HP 3200KW motor it is easier to do so but with a stock 360 HP? I have found myself looking for alternate routes because the load is too heavy for the grade that I am attempting to pull them up, or I go up in 1st gear. Heavy loads means using the entire range of gears, not starting out in 4th gear or 5th gear like I would running bobtail (no trailer).

    The Bad:

    I do have to agree that there seems to be no reason to upgrade your chassis from a 2-4 to anything else as you can indeed pull any load with the 2-4. I would like to see that changed in future patches.
  36. Oct 11, 2013
    Graphics: 8.5/10 Realism: 10/10 Appropriate for All Ages: 10/10 Gameplay: 9/10 Price 3/10 Multiplayer: N/A In-Game Purchases: 10/10 Overall: 7.2/10

    One of the overall best games I've ever played. Great graphics. No in-game purchases (as far as I know). No multiplayer (which seriously sucks) Gameplay is great but there should be a little bit more excitement than what it is. There is a
    coded Mac version (which is excellent). Expand
  37. Sep 30, 2013
    A simulator with some potential. A trucking simulator could be an important application for the PC, but two flaws stand in its way of achieving any form of usability.
    The first critical flaw is simulated head-turning. When navigating actual traffic you need to look around. ETS2 does not have a working solution for doing this, instead offering the possibility to slowly and inaccurately
    turn your pow around. As a result you won't be able to achieve proper speed of decision-making.
    The second flaw is the "realistic" turning wheel, which does not translate well into PC-controllers. This makes controlling the truck actually quite a bit harder than in real life.
  38. Sep 29, 2013
    Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a very good sequel to Euro Truck Simulator 1, the graphics are a lot better, better trucks, better everything. The only downside is that you can't see your truck get damaged at all, it just gives you a indication that your truck is damaged. At least some paint scrapes or some dents would be nice. I highly recommend getting this game if you love trucking, simulators, or a pretty much endless game. There's also a DLC, which if you get interest in the game I recommend, or just get the gold version. Expand
  39. Sep 27, 2013
    i have play this one for a very long time.
    i have now more that 10 garages and at least three drivers in each one working for me.
    very exciting game.
    i can tell that this one is the best simulator game i`ve ever played.
  40. Aug 17, 2013
    Simply love it. Reminds me of Hard Truck 2. Very addictive and very relaxing. However there should be more trucks for example Kamaz, Sisu Now after last updates all trucks are licensed with one exception. Thats why i gave it only 9.
  41. Aug 12, 2013
    I have to say I wasn't expecting much out of this, but this game is no joke.

    If you are looking for a relaxing game which will allow you to really leave your house/apt/bungalow for a few hours a night and be somewhere else, this is pretty good way to do it. If you don't have a wheel, use mouse steering. I can't wait to get home tonight to play more. And that rarely happens for me
    since the console mentality took over in about 2004.

    Keep in mind, I don't rate games like game sites do, where everything tolerable gets an 8 or a 9. If I find it has that compulsive "I really don't want to stop playing" when its time to go to bed, then I'll consider giving it an 8. Anything else is 7 or less.
  42. Aug 5, 2013
    This is the seconed best game ive ever played, first best simalater, one day i was looking for a trucking game then i came accros this...
    I Loved It!!! Ihope u lve it when you play it to... and you dont just hve to use the truck that they give you, or truck in europe, the maps trucks mods... Hope you buy it
  43. Jul 21, 2013
    The best game I have! The game is amazing! You can buy and upgrade trucks, paint and put accessories to make a truckload of style! You can drive on all roads of Europe! You can meet new cities and explore them to find dealers and agencies to hire employees for your company. You can make several modifications to your truck, as the engine and even the accessories inside the cabin. You have to get gas, pay tolls and even sleep in hotels when your character has sleep!! Expand
  44. Jul 19, 2013
    The graphics for this game is amazing for the size of the game (2GB). Even if they copy roads can you design the whole of Europe using a different designed road every time?

    @Mephic yes they copied the German roads from GTS that's because the roads are based on real life designs.
  45. Jul 19, 2013
    I honestly believe this is one of the best simulation games out there. The Ai is very "intelligent" and that's coming from a Artificial Intelligence & Robotics student, this is a fantastic game that not only highlights why gaming is still fun and brilliant but also how hard it is to be a truck driver.
  46. Jul 18, 2013
    Has more graphics than simulation. The game-play is very repetitive another downside is the lack of customization for your truck. Game is ok, but the simulation is very poor
  47. Jul 18, 2013
    Already during the development of the game, it was clear that this game will turn out revolutionary, but I could not imagine that the SCS Software will be able to release such a powerful game.
    Another first part of the graphics did not suffer, however, ETS2, compared to its predecessor, has a gorgeous graphics.
    Physics of the truck did not stay ignored, now they do not stop
    after 5 seconds after we lowered the gas, and continue to roll to a stop.
    However, the fly in the ointment in the ointment there. SCS is not tsali recycle system of fuel, and left the old, at which the fuel burns regardless of the engine speed, and regardless of the distance.

    Summing up, I can tell you one thing: must have!
  48. Jul 13, 2013
    The best simulator of all time Who would have ever thought that a Euro Truck Simulator would get a rating this high? This simulator is one of the most relaxing games ever, but can also be very intense when carrying fragile cargo. The scenery is beautiful. When it rains ingame, I get the same warm feeling inside as when it rains in real life. I give it a perfect score because I just can't find anything "wrong" with it. Get this game! Expand
  49. Jul 13, 2013
    It actually has the feel of a truck almost.. Logitech DFGT wheel works fine in this game.. 150.00 usa new about 50-75.00 used on ebay usa..I assume equal value or less in uk.. Euro truck also allows you to combine controls.. I use my Saitek rudder pedals (saves room under desk with just one set for both sim types) as brake and gas while using the DFGT to drive.. stick shift works fine for forward reverse and no clutch really needed as the trans is synced as in real life.. Truck drivers use a clutch rarely while shifting thru the gears.. mainly at lights and to go into reverse.. oh and TrackIR is something else to look into.. works fine here as well..the game is also very moddable.. The onscreen navigator/GPS will have you owning the roads in no time.

    The graphics pull you into this one.. it looks very nice. I drove a lot of USA Volvo trucks in my day and the interior although different than USA im sure..does have that layout and feel.. the mirror system works great as does the synced transmissions.. I found myself down shifting and using the mirrors like real life within minutes..backing to hook and unhook with total mirror control.. was very close to the real deal.. trust me.. I know..

    Besides the work for hire mode, you can also start your own company while hiring other drivers to work for you. Although there is much variety and views… at some point the countryside may seem like the same old thing after a bit.. but to tell the truth.. once you hook and get down the road.. they all look like the same old thing more times than not… so acceptable for this type sim, if not demanded…Time is not Real life timed and again trust me.. you will appreciate that. There is a fatigue and miles capable of driving per your experience level. This is a very good thing.. a log book would be another nice feature.. maybe I missed it.. but by law is required at least on this side of the pond. Which keeps up with hours driven and locations. You can legally drive for only so long.. and sleep is another law. Don’t complain about the AI traffic jams because again.. traffic happens.. and more times than not. it’s pretty close to life… and much better than I would have ever expected.. the rain on the windshields works great as does night driving..

    They have a nice Music system allowing for your personal mp3′s etc set into a folder for game play along with “steaming” internet music. Although I would like to see a CB simulator added along with maybe a LTL delivery system put into play as well as multiplayer added just for road fun..

    Additional thoughts would be to add some deer and animal jump outs across the roads.. and tire recaps on roads (alligators) as it happens and some of the more accidental problems of road drivers.. A walk around at rest areas so the driver can inspect his unit and kick the tires.. also happens.. on a two hour schedule if you’re a smart driver.. for what you get… its very well done and worth the buy in..[GS] 8/10
  50. Jul 9, 2013
    Nice little game here. A bit quirky really, Ive always felt that playing this type of game and Rail simulators have been a bit "geeky" for want of a better term, but it is really quite I thought i'd just try the demo and they give you enough of a demo to want more. There is something quite nice about trucking across Europe in your own rig listening to your favorite music at night.

    There is obviously a business element to the game which works quite well,I felt the game could have had a bit more "action" on the road though. The Ai is a little dumb and on rails, I would have liked to have seen fire engines racing past or cops cars on a chase here and there or your brakes failing because you havn't taken the time to service your rig resulting in you becoming a runaway truck stuff like that. It can get a little mediocre.

    But overall its a good little game, try the demo at least, you'll get a nice feel for the game and i bet most of you will want more.
  51. Jun 25, 2013
    Created an account solely so I could write a review for this. In all honesty, I have only played the demo, but I have to say there is something strangely cathartic about this game. I do not like trucks, not into simulators at all and frankly the idea of Europe is foreign to me. So, why am I in love with this game? As others have said, it is so relaxing. I mocked this game when I saw it, downloaded a demo on a whim and thought "Oh my God! This is amazing." I hate driving games but something about this made me smile. I love driving through the countryside and staying in the right lane. Even if you don't like trucks or driving, I recommend playing the demo, if not the whole thing. As a first person twitch shooter who plays Saints Row the Third laughing while running over people, this game blew me away. Very good, looking forward to buying the complete version. Expand
  52. Jun 24, 2013
    Es que no hace falta ni que te gusten los camiones, es probar el juego y alucinar con las opciones. Con un mando mejora muchísimo la jugabilidad, y con volante ni te cuento. Puedo tirarme todo el día jugando y no aburrirme, es increíble. Recomiendo encarecidamente que lo probéis y juzguéis por vosotros mismos. Se le pueden poner pegas? claro, el antialias por defecto del juego no es una maravilla, hay detalles que pueden pulirse como los avatares de los camioneros, poner más peatones que hay muy pocos.. etc, pero son cosas que se ve que van arreglando en cada actualización, y el fin del juego es entretener y divertir (si puede sorprender) al usuario, y esto lo cumple perfectamente.

    Sinceramente se merece un 10.
  53. Jun 7, 2013
    Euro Truck Simulator is a great simulator in that it's actually fun. Unlike many simulators it has a working game-play aspect that makes it fun. I find it relaxing and entertaining to watch my little business grow into a towering empire. The game also features mod support which is always a plus for any games. The trucks have realistic physics and trying to control an out of control truck going 50 miles per hour on a country road can be quite interesting.

    The game is slow at the beginning and a bit tiring and usually requires you get a loan to start up, but it's fun once you get your own truck and a small business up and going.

    Overall, a nice buy, it's nice and relaxing, and controls pretty well even if you only have a keyboard.
  54. Jun 2, 2013
    Excellent driving simulator. Yes, it is about trucks, but i believe it sets a standard for future "driving games" (not to be confused with racing simulators).
    Proper force feedback wheel support, a good dose of realism, a massive explorable map with beautiful landscapes, high detail vehicle models with equally impressive interiors, EPIC engine/turbo sounds that make you feel you're
    driving a real truck, attention to detail from the developers, etc. All that in ONE game. Another popular driving game, Test Drive Unlimited lacked in many aspects compared to ETS2 and it probably had a 10 times bigger budget, so i consider this to be a high quality piece of software, not your average Simulator 20xx".
    I give it a 9/10 because unfortunately there is no multiplayer mode (that would've been so epic).
  55. Jun 2, 2013
    This is without a single doubt the best truck simulator you can get, after playing all the previous sims I can only say this is The Truck Sim at the moment. The Environment is gorgious, the trucks look really great and drive pretty realistic too (especially with a decent steering wheel). Besides that there are plenty possibilities to mod the map, trucks, interiors and trailers. And not to mention the many radio stations you can listen to, or even add your own radio stations to it. Greetings from the son of a truck driver. Expand
  56. May 13, 2013
    This is one of the most fun simulator that I have had the chance to play. Not only does the controls feel good and the game simply look spectacular, it has fun and interesting gameplay. I did not think that I would play a lot of Euro Truck Simulator 2, or at least not often, but it has become the game that I launch if I know I have at least 30 minutes free. I always end up getting absorbed in the game and when I crash I actually feel a bit of fear and sadness that I've damaged the truck that I've been working so hard to get. I have been enjoy ETS 2 a great deal and it has surpassed all impressions that I had from it. Expand
  57. May 12, 2013
    Considering I got the game for $18, I have to say it's pretty good. Realistic environments, repairs, fuel stops, leveling skills up and general truck driving, as well as the well integrated ability to manage your growing business with loans and other workers. Sometimes it can get a teeny bit boring on long journeys, and some cities do look a bit dull, but the way they've correctly put the speed-limits in kph/mph in the right countries is very good, and it keeps you alert along side the driving on different sides. Overall an enjoyable experience to consider looking into. Expand
  58. May 4, 2013
    Just relax, put your music and deliver the cargo. This game lets you feel like a real truck driver! Do your job through the streets of Europe, customize your truck and your business while you enjoy looking at the stunning, non-linear scenery of Euro Truck SImulator's big, big map with no loadings. For more longevity, this game is highly moddable too! Definetly one of those games when you are not in the mood for action and just want to relax and have fun at the same time instead. Expand
  59. May 2, 2013
    I've never been a fan of driving games, namely because I use the keyboard and mouse and always felt you need a steering wheel to get the full control, so I was a little hesitant when I bought this, but the price was 50% so said what the heck. It's a pretty good game, fairly addictive though the steering wheel would still help a lot. The graphics are really nice, the mp3 player and internet radio is cool and hauling stuff around Europe is great. The only drawbacks are the game is quite limited to what you can and cannot do. Yes, you can own a garage and have people work for you, but it's essentially go from point A to point B. You can road hog, clip stop signs with your trailer and often times hit vehicles with no penalty, yet other times the cpu drivers are so bad, they plow right into you! That being said; I think the game is quite entertaining and I really hope this development team adds more content as it could be a great game with additions. On a side note and something that a few complained about being a lack of sounds, skins, etc. There are some fantastic mods out there that change the game completely if one would just do an internet search. Expand
  60. Apr 25, 2013
    Driving through real world locations, rain pouring down and tuned into a European radio station. There's no real way to describe it, as a simulation game it's rooted in repetition which may annoy some. If you're a fan of similar simulation games this is a must buy, simple as that it's the best of the recent slew of games of the genre.

    But why do I enjoy it so much, I don't really have
    an answer it's relaxing certainly. It's interesting driving through the admittedly scaled down real world locations listening to local radio stations, maybe that's it, does a game need to do more then that to engage and engross?

    The options for customizing how you drive, the weather you drive in and the behavior of pedestrians/other drivers is amazing as are the options to pimp out your truck (when you eventually earn enough to purchase a truck until such time you hire yourself out as a driver for other company's)

    The game isn't the prettiest out there, your truck and things in your immediate view look fantastic however distant objects often have a 2d look to them which can be a bit jarring when the rest of the game works so well in getting you immersed.

    All in all a very pleasant surprise.

    *A slight edit here to clarify that the radio stations aren't per-recorded the game is designed with a very easy to use interface to stream the radio stations directly "R" key by default iirc, as another review here stated hearing a dj mention he recently had a large new listener base from ET 2 was a surreal and fun experience.
  61. Apr 24, 2013
    Such a relaxing experience and a new standard for simulation games. Got it at a price of $20 on steam though a sale. Definitely worth buying at any price. 10/10
  62. Apr 19, 2013
    From simply playing the demo and doing one journey i am already drawn to the game and will most definitely be paying for the full game. Whether it is the sense of realism it brings or the strategic decisions you must make in order to buy new trucks, workers etc. this truly is a real marvel. Thanks to coverage from various youtubers i am now 100% sure this is a MUST BUY!
  63. Apr 18, 2013
    At first I bought this game just to try it out because a friend recommended it to me when I had nothing to do with my old PC racing wheel so I just hooked it up and started to play and I must say that this is one of the most chill games I've played. It just feels excellent to drive around with a truck in this game. It's really fun and has quite some good mods for maps, fixes and changes to stuff.

    Totally buy this game.
  64. Apr 14, 2013
    Great game excellent features. Very good graphics and I would certinally reccomend this game. There is quite a lot of features on this game. Worth getting!!
  65. Apr 13, 2013
    Este juego es simplemente relajante, la verdas es que es muy divertido, te hace sentirte como si fueras un camionero de verdad, tambien podes escuchar tu musica y reproducir una radio online! GEstionar tu propia empresa tal vez paresca complicado al principio pero despues te acostumbras con el tiempo. La fisica capaz sea extraña, muchas veces el camion se me volteaba, segunds despues se me desbolteaba y miraba "0%" de daño al camion y a la carga. Lo que no me gusta, por eso le baje unos puntos, es el trafico, exactamente, ¿cual trafico? el que no esta, no hay trafico, hay mas autos en las rutas donde no hay nada (maximo 4 o 5 autos) que en una ciudad. Por alguna razon, este juego es muy
    "alemaniasante", alemania es el centro de todo, es el pais con mas ciudades y todo. Muchas rutas las encontraras aburridas, pero otras tienen curvas muy complicadas de dominar y la carretera es muy chica para un camion que varias veces lleva como carga un gran tanque de presion. Pero es muy recomendable que lo compren al juego, si te gusta manejar (mucho mejor con un volante), y los juegos tranquilos, Euro Truck Simulator 2, es para vos.
  66. Apr 12, 2013
    This game is really fun! I would have never thought I would be playing a truck sim, rather then a FPS. But this game sucks you in. I wish you leveled up slower, and a few more options for trucks and accessories but this game is a solid 9/10 add some mods to make things more realestic and it's a 10/10
  67. Apr 11, 2013
    At first I thought "who the hell wants to become a truck driver?", now I have to surrender to SCS. Great game, real deal. I am not a truck fan, but I find this game very relaxing and extremely beautiful, especially the raining effect!

    I highly recommend this game, it is a beast!
  68. Apr 8, 2013
    To be honest simulators are not one of my favorite genres Especially those that are titled Farming Simulator and "Road Construction Simulator But I haven't played such a good driving game since Grid on the PS3.
    ETS 2 has superb graphics and insane realism kind of like the Arma of the driving game genre. The AI of the other vehicles is clever and responsive The vast array of
    controls for keyboard wheel or even controller makes the game a fun experience without confusing the setup It is quick to load up and you can continue where you left off as a trip from the tip of Scotland to the bottom of Italy will keep you intrigued until its time for you to turn off for the night either in game or in real life! The ability to take out an in-game loan from the bank at any point makes it easy and non stressful to have a comfortable sum whilst you repay the money back daily not to mention the jobs that already have equipment provided even a truck )
    Overall this was certainly worth the money and has plenty of replay ability.
  69. Apr 6, 2013
    Compared to other simulators that have been released in the past, this one is pretty good. The sound is good, the graphics are nice (aside from the anti-aliasing), and the game-play is fun for the most part.

    The main problem with this game is repetition. Obviously there's only so much you can do with a truck simulator, but there aren't any random events aside from weather changes that
    occur in-game. They should have added random accidents, road obstructions, route changes, and competition with other freight companies. I do enjoy the challenge of backing and docking the trailer when you reach your destination; doing so gives you plenty of extra experience and makes it somewhat challenging until you get the hang of it. Just remember your trailer will go right if you turn left and vice versa. And you need to know when to steer your wheels in order to get the trailer where you want it just like real life.

    The scenery is nice but all the cities feel the same. They did pay attention to which side of the road people drive on in particular countries you enter which is nice.

    The NPC AI is awful. Cars will stop for no reason and block the road for a while. There's an option to turn pedestrians off/on but you seldom see any walking around the cities.

    Customizing the trucks can be fun but it's mainly cosmetic things. You can swap chassis, motors, transmissions, and wheels/tires but that's about it. You can, however, adjust the braking, throttle, and steering response, etc. in the game options which is nice.

    If you enjoy trucking simulators then this game is definitely worth purchasing, but don't expect it to be something extremely great. I see it as a way to kill time while I'm relaxing at home.
  70. Apr 2, 2013
    I'd like to see every driver on earth play ETS2 for at least 10 hours. Then they might realise why truckers want to break their head when they cut them off at roundabouts or leave them with no room to stop.

    Nutcase driving delinquents could do with a few hours hauling 18 tonnes of diesel between cities to see what it feels like to have cars passing them dangerously close or even dealing
    with the idiots trying to kill them!

    Perhaps traffic management and road designers should do a minimum of 50 hours "community service" on ETS2 to learn that 30 foot trailers do not go well around 90 degree corners covered in guard rails and street lights.

    It took 585 hours to decide that ETS2 only falls short in the commerce and driver management department the rest is pure eye candy and amazingly addictive gameplay.

    There are indeed some AI issues, occasional GFX stutters and a lack of depth in the commerce and truck and driver management but as a driving simulator it rates an easy 10. I understand that the talented but small team at SCS are working on the management aspect and tweaking the AI. If they can pull that off, it's a game with a lifespan of many, many months possibly years.

    If you simply want to smash stuff and look at pieces of trucks and cars or even blood flowing across the road, this is not for you.

    Straightforward, easy to learn but no two trips will ever the same. SCS is on a long term winner if they get that management longevity and perhaps just perhaps, even MP or at the very least co-op
  71. Mar 28, 2013
    This game is a good fun distraction. I know a lot of people think it's silly and all you have to do is deliver supplies with a truck but that's what the game is about. If you don't want to drive a truck don't buy it. It's a game that delivers exactly what it says. Sure it'd be nice if there were visual damage and the customization is mostly cosmetic but in it's core it's still a fun game that is very relaxing to play. Expand
  72. Mar 26, 2013
    I have no idea why this is doing so well, It is exactally what It delivers, a boring trucking experience of driving from point A to point B on roads and highways... After a couple hours I got bored and uninstalled; that said, it was a great time killer and the engine works well. For something so mundane its very impressive that it was polished so well. I can see how it can be a great training tool... but as entertainment.....??? I am afraid I just do not get it. Expand
  73. Mar 26, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. This game is such a fun game for the simulation lovers,driving around Europe with low fuel,or crashing with cars,or even using the awesome future of putting songs on the radio!
    this game is a great remake of the first one,just with better graphics,detail,and trucks of curse!
    drive around in london or hurry to amsterdam,in this game you can go every where!
    a great game!
  74. Mar 19, 2013
    Great game for simulation gamest. Graphics and gameplay are great. Plus with additional updates with extended maps, I will be playing this game for years. The only thing I would like is a little more detail in the business aspect. More detail would be nice. But this game is by far the best truck simulator I've ever played.
  75. Mar 19, 2013
    Strangely enough, this game has already proven to be a better simulator than simcity 2013. I don't know what it is about it but it is really fun! I'm pretty sure I'll get bored of it by next week but it really is a very in depth game. 9/10
  76. Mar 19, 2013
    This game is excellent in every way possible! The graphics are absolutely excellent and so much detail was put into just about everything in this game.
  77. Mar 18, 2013
    Coming from someone who found ETS1 to be quite boring, ETS2 manages to be alot more fun than it's predecessor. Driving feels great and it's alot easier to pick up and play. It's presentation is very good and the graphics are quite well done aswell. My only complaint is that Portugal and Spain are, unfortunately, missing. Solid game overall, I recommend it to anyone who likes to drive (in videogames at least). Expand
  78. Mar 17, 2013
    The last time I played a truck game was like 7-8 years ago, one if the 18 Wheels of Steel games from the same developer. To be honest the only thing I want to achieve in this type of game is to cruise and listen to country music. The part with driving a big truck makes the feeling a bit more realistic. I think the game deliver what I want to do in the game. I sure could wish for some more AI cars and a less repetitive environment but in the end this is a good game, Expand
  79. Mar 16, 2013
    I don't get the wooo with this game. Yes, the business system is cool, it has the real truck brands, and the trucks are very customizable... But ohter than that, it's just driving. Not high speed driving, no, just regular driving like the same I do every day for an hour.

    The graphics are meh, and the diversity of maps seems lacking. The second "mission" I took had the same map as the
    first one for several minutes. And they were supposed to happen in different countries.

    I guess it may be nice for people working on an office who find driving relaxing, but this game isn't for me.
  80. Mar 16, 2013
    Maybe it's the best existing truck game, but it doesn't mean it's enough good to be a really great truck game. While the graphics are good and there are a lot of different cargo stuff to carry around the countries, it lacks in variety. All the highways are equal, the incorporations to these, the handling of the trucks are very close one to each other... this game also needs more countries to visit, more photo-realistic streets and the real licenses of the trucks (only Scania is available as a real brand) Expand
  81. Mar 12, 2013
    If you like to repeat things over and over this is a wonderful game: very nice graphic, good management component, almost no software bugs and continuous updates support. Oh, also don't forget free modding!
  82. Mar 11, 2013
    I discovered this game through Steam, and from playing SCANIA Truck Driving Simulator which I purchased on sale on Origin.

    I have never played Euro Truck Simulator (1), But I liked that unlike Scania, I drove actual missions and traveled across parts of Europe.

    It is geared more towards people who play with a steering wheel control and those who like driving Big Rig trucks or

    On my PC I managed quite well, I only played the Demo. I have not yet had time to play the full version as I am studying for a few exams. But I did see cars, sometimes so many it was a pain to pull out or cross a major intersection waiting for a big enough opening. Some cars will stop, others will drive right through you as you try to pull out. Some will brake early and on yellow lights, causing you to hit them.

    I received a fine for headlights, but think it would be nice to see police on the road and on the side of the roads (speed traps). With the new features and camera views of Google Maps, I cannot see improvements in a future release. Games like GTA, Mafia and The Getaway showed how detailed games can be when it comes to re-creating cities and roads.

    Yes, you are mostly driving on highways, and there is rarely and views except trees, farms, and more trees... it would be nice to explore Europe and see realistic scenery and roads.

    Overall a great game, but I would probably wait for it to go on sale, as there are a few minor issues that kept me from buying at full retail price.

    One of which is tunnel vision when playing on a single monitor (possibly a multi-monitor setup takes care of this issue). Would be nice if I had the ability to temporarily turn my head and it auto centered my head to my previous view. People? Can't remember if I saw people or not... it would be a nice touch and make the downtown areas more interesting.
    With a few minor tweaks and possibly additions added with mods/upgrades. I think this game can be a must have.

    I would recommend this game to die hard trucking fans, and those who are just curious as too how hard it is to drive and park a Big Rig Truck.

    Yes, the physics are not realistic enough to be a great simulator, it is entertaining enough to give those curious a taste of the trucking life.

    I don't think there were any major technical flaws, so I think a good expansion and some updates/patches can fix any minor issues.

    My rating scale is basically Good, OK, Bad, when it comes to games. But this game is somewhere between Good and OK, so I give it an 8. Which is in line with the professionals review.
  83. Mar 9, 2013
    A lot more effort should have gone into this game. Less focus on size and more focus on quality will have made this far more enjoyable, that said this game is clearly aimed at a very particular group of gamers.
  84. Mar 9, 2013
    I feel like a truck driver! and it gets better knowing that the game has built-in internet radio. I was cruising outside Paris one day and tuned into a station in England when the DJ started talking about how his program had become a hit among the Euro truck sim players and it made me laugh. The game handles well and the steering wheel calibration was very nice (the game already had my old wheel set up for me) even if you don't have the latest logitech wheel. Only downside would be that as an American, who is used to the stone-age measuring systems that we use, getting used to speed limits, distances, and traffic signs take a few minutes but are easy none the less. Expand
  85. Mar 8, 2013
    An incredibly immersive experience. I have absolutely no interest in European trucking and I think it's important to point that out. Many people vote these games high out of bias towards their personal interests, that is not the case here. ETS 2 is straight-up a very well designed game. --PROS-- The map size is quite big. I reckon it would take 2 hours or so to drive from one extreme to another. The cabins and trucks are designed with variety, even turn signals sound different in each truck. The physics are not perfect but are quite realistic. It's quite difficult to go on a long trip without doing anything wrong the whole time, making it a rewarding experience when you do. The way the economy works and your career progresses is as well well done, allowing you to work for companies or start your own. The world feels open and alive as opposed to just a blank canvas to drive on. There are car dealerships, recruitment agencies, gas stations, rest stations, service depots and more. You can discover and access all of these on your own, giving the game a true open-world feel. The functionality of the trucks is also full-fledged, allowing you to adjust each individual mirror, access hazard signals, and there's even a function to flash your lights specifically as a means of saying "thank you" or "go ahead" to the other drivers. --CONS-- The physics seem to have been toned down just a bit for ease of use. I imagine true pros will find this a bit unnerving. The audio inside the cabin is glitched out, ends up sounding like the cabin is basically sound proofed. The AI drivers can be frustrating. There's a few glitchy things about them, for example they often slam on the brakes and stop when lanes merge 200m ahead despite having room to merge. In terms of immersion there's two things to note: One is that there is no way to get from town to town yourself if you don't own a truck and the open world aspect is removed when taking jobs. In essence you'll arrive in a city to finish a job, open the menu to take a new job in a different city, and magically arrive there. We should have to drive there first. Or take a bus with the option to sit and view the journey. Secondly your sleep resets when you finish a job. This ties into the whole teleporting to your new job... they've removed the aspect of continuity, which sacrifices immersion gravely as a result. Overall the CONS are more pet peeves and don't do enough damage to affect the game in any appreciable manner. I wish I could expand on technical details however my ignorance towards trucking prevents me from doing so. Collapse Expand
  86. Mar 7, 2013
    My only problem with this game is the damage detection! My engine will fail with only CAB damage??? WTF. No used truck sales but that is not a big deal. Fun game, lots of upgrades, and you can keep the same truck and keep upgrading it. Lots of different trucks to pick from, Long hauls don't feel too long and fun company to run!
  87. Mar 7, 2013
    This game is beautiful, engrossing and entertaining. Worth every penny you throw at it. Plenty of trucks to pick from, and many ways to upgrade not only the game (using mods to enhance realism etc.) but also the trucks. Great fun.
  88. Mar 6, 2013
    This game. I suddenly want to become a trucker. There is something so calming about this game that makes me keep coming back. In my first two days of this game, I achieved 14 hours in it. It is very silly that a truck game could be so good, but honestly? This game is addicting as HECK. I really do recommend it.
  89. Mar 6, 2013
    This game is pretty solid for one, a simulator and two, a truck simulator. The graphics AREN'T too bad for a simulation game and the gameplay is solid. There is something oddly soothing about driving down the highway cruising in your rig hauling a load. This game HAS to be played with a wheel and shifter. Without it you lose the soothing cruising experience and steering is not as engaging. Still, this game offers a lot of content, detailed and functioning cabins and trucks. The traffic in the game is moderately smart and the in-climate weather adds a nice touch. This game doesnt get a 10 because of two things: The sound of the trucks are ALL the same which gets very irritating after a while...and the sound of the motor is not loud enough....and TWO: Taking loads from one place to another gets repetitive after a while too..its all the same thing. Expand
  90. Mar 4, 2013
    I signed up just so I could write a review for this game. I was one of those people that made fun of this game when I first heard about it, but after seeing a trailer I immediately downloaded the demo, was hooked, played until the demo ran out, then purchased the game on steam. There is something addictive and staisfying about hauling a load of cargo from point a A to B succefully. The attention to detail and love for trucks SCS has put into this game shows, and even though it's not the most exciting subject matter, it's worth playing simply to appreciate the qaulity of what's been created. This game is what all simulators should aspire to be like. Expand
  91. Mar 3, 2013
    I'm not a fan of trucks, I decided to download the demo of this game by chance, not knowing that hours later I would be buying one of the most great games I've ever played. Physics is very good, the scenery is beautiful, and the thousands contents of the game deserve note 10/10. I rate 9 because you can not run the game on high graphics.
  92. Feb 21, 2013
    I've been looking for a driving simulator for some time, and while I this game has plenty of flaws, its pretty addictive and enjoyable enough. It's not entirely realistic there aren't really any visual signs of damage when you crash (although you are charged for repair), the sounds of the engine and particular the ratio could have been better, and one thing that was a bit disappointing was that some of the route I know pretty well and they don't really resemble them at all. Timescales are also a little bit disappointing, you can make a pretty lengthy journey in a relatively short time, and whilst I doubt anyone would want to sit behind a wheel of a cab for 8 hour straight on a PC game, it would have been nice to have the option available to complete the experience. Other notable downsides are the lack of traffic. It builds up quite well at some junctions but in the cities, which are extremely small and unrealistic, you don't really see much more traffic than on the motorways/freeways. All that being said, the game is enjoyable, with many decent elements. The graphics aren't overly amazing but do a reasonable job at making you feel 'on the road'. The radio is a nice touch (you can use your own music files or tune in to a genuine internet radio by editing the files) however it doesn't appear that you can just flick it on and off when you want.. you have to select one of your songs on a menu, taking you away from the game, and then press play. I couldn't see any shuffle or repeat options, so when it came to uploading an album of the same artist, you got nothing but them. There are some good elements of realism though... speed cameras, traffic lights and a limited weather cycle (only seen sun, cloud and rain so far). I've played on both keyboard and controller and both work fine after configuration. The game is currently on Steam at £24.99 and while I am enjoying playing the demo, I'm not about to part with my money. It's a decent enough title, but it lacks any resemblance to what I would expect from a 2013 game at £25. Half the price at this quality and I would probably consider buying. I'm still waiting for someone to take on the challenge and create a lifelike map of the UK/Europe/USA to drive around. Add in some Police patrols, boy racers and little old granny's and I'll part with my hard earned money. In summary, if you are looking for a driving experience that verges on the edge of reality rather than arcade, then this is definitely worth a look, however you will need to be able to look past the missing elements that could have made this a really decent simulator.

    Thanks for reading.
  93. Feb 20, 2013
    To be honest, I don't much care for simulators. Or trucks. Or even Europe for that matter! But something about this game has tickled my fancy. I can't quite put my finger on it but it has an irresistible pull that keeps me coming back for more. Is it the best game I've ever played? No. But it is a very well put together truck simulator that deserves your attention. Give the demo a try at the very least! Expand
  94. Feb 15, 2013
    Never played a truck sim before, but wish to hell I had... I'm not a truck nerd, nor a train spotter.. but this is not about being a truck nerd. This has all the addictive gameplay of ELITE, without the shooty bits!! the mod community is stunning. This is an empire building game and a driving sim all rolled into one. Seriously underrated, with mods this thing seriously rocks so goes to 10/10. It may never be cool, but for godsake download the demo and give it a go.. you might be surprised to find gameplay x100. If AAA titles these days had that much gameplay our heads would all explode.. get it!! Expand
  95. Feb 11, 2013
    This is by far one of the best simulators I have ever played! It gets the perfect balance between game and simulator, you can build you're own trucking empire and the simulation is very realistic, you really do feel like you're driving a truck. as for graphics, Euro Truck Simulator 2 looks fantastic on ultra graphics setting, which as many of us know is surprising for a simulator! All things considered, Euro Truck Simulator 2 is worth you're time if your a fan of simulators. Expand
  96. Feb 10, 2013
    For the curious:
    If you can't live without fast paced action and are always craving excitement, this game is not for you. This game lets you build a business on trucking and allows you to manage the business aspect while enjoying the aspect of making deliveries and stuff. It's engrossing and I often find myself playing for 3-4 hours on end. It has it's own brand of tension too. Rushing to
    make those deliveries on a rain lashed country road in the dead of night will get you gripping your mouse tightly changing lanes to beat the traffic. If you are a casual gamer, you will need to change how you play. Unlike saints row or GTA, this game wont work with WASD controls. Unless you want to spend 90% of your time in ditches that is. Using the mouse to control the steering wheel while using W and S for acceleration works better and will save you the price of buying a gaming wheel. Expand
  97. Feb 10, 2013
    Definitivamente este juego puede definirse como uno de los caminos del futuro de esta industria. Un camino de declive, donde la importancia grafica es absoluta. Analizanco este juego es un arcade no un simulador. No tiene físicas ni tampoco IA con lo que en diversas ocasiones te comerás a un coche que se ha quedado parado en medio de la carretra ,justo en dirección contraria, o los adelantamientos bruscos sin previo aviso. No importa nada lo que pongas a cada camión ya que realmente no afectará en nada al mismo Apenas puedes realizar fucniones y no se penaliza de forma realista los accidentes ni los golpes. Cuenta con la licencia de tan sólo 3 marcas el resto no son originales por lo tanto no comprendo porque se dice que tiene licencias si es falso. No importa en absoluto la carga que lleves en el camión ya que al conducir siempre tendrá el mismo comportamiento. Gráficamente es muy bueno pero dejan que desear los países, que de ellos tan sólo tienen el nombre porque conducir en Polonia es igual que hacerlo en Italia o Francia, ya que lo escenarios son exactamente lo mismo un Copy/Paste. El sonido también es el mismo para todos los camiones y la conducción es puramente arcade. La duración es más que correcta ya que para lograr tener una buena flota deberás muchas horas para lograrlo. Otro punto interesante es el subir de nivel al obtener una determinada cantidad de experiencia al terminar cada misión o al recorrer una cantidad de distancia determinada. Si este juego se llamará de otra forma y lo anunciaran de forma diferente no estaría mal Pero es que esto no es un simulador ni tiene licencias ni es realista y esta cargado de bugs. Creo que tras jugar casi 100 horas me queda un agradable sensación, ya que a pesar de todos sus fallos( en en muchos casos no son fallos en sí el recuerdo que me queda de haber surcado miles de kilómetros de carretera es tan real que recomiendo este juego, a todo el que busque nuevas sensaciones. Expand
  98. Feb 10, 2013
    I'll start with my only two bad points, the creators of this game often repeat scenery (to fill out the game) and that includes cities. They are all identical and consist of an eight-shaped design with maybe two or three little roads spiking off in random directions. They counteract this issue by filling the scenery with city specific items, for example. going into London lets you see the Gherkin and various other famous towers and statues. I would have liked driving around a city with buildings towering over the congested city streets. The other bad point is, like Nerd³ said, there are pathetic offences you have to keep paying if you leave your lights on or drive on the wrong side of the road. Ok, they are the only two bad points I have on this game, it needs big cities and less offences. Gameplay wise, it's fantastic. i play with a keyboard and mouse and it's fine to play. The rain is magical and increases your breaking distance, especially with a heavy load. I suppose you can check out other reviews for various good points, but I just wanted to tell you the worst of it in case they didn't. Great game, £15, you'll definitely get your money's worth out of it. Expand
  99. Feb 9, 2013
    This is my first trucking game I have purchased. I always knocked this types of games without having played them firsthand. So I decided to change that with EuroTruck Sim 2 which had been released on Steam through its Greenlight service. After playing around 9 hours of it so far, I can say I really enjoy it. There's just something to it which keeps bringing you back. I don't know if its just because its a new genre for me or what. But I like, a few MINOR things need sorting out but that's just me being VERY picky as the game is pretty much perfect. Bravo. Expand
  100. Jan 6, 2013
    A solid 7. Imagine listening to your favorite music while driving big rigs across thousands of kilometers of western and central Europe, all the while managing your own trucking network of more than one hundred other drivers! All of which is possible in Euro Truck Simulator 2 by SCS Software. This simulator starts you off as what I guess would be called a "driver for hire". You own the clothes on your back and a passport willing to drive quick hauls for anyone that would have you. You drive more routes to gain cash and experience.

    The cash can be saved for your first truck, truck upgrades, and later used to upgrade your garage to house more trucks and employees. There are several truck manufacturers offering one truck model each, but with deep customization options. There is very little different between the performance of these trucks, however, there are multiple mods that address this issue.

    Experience is your basic leveling system, at certain thresholds you "level up" and can put that one experience point into several different areas of expertise. For instance, you can specialize in long hauling covering massive distances, fragile cargo, high value cargo, or get certified to transport dangerous materials.

    Driving the trucks can be a chore without a game pad or steering wheel. But when everything is clicking, who knew that driving steadily across varied landscapes could be so much fun. It's not a game that will keep you at the edge of your seat, rather, you'll be relaxed taking in the scenes and slowly but surely building a very profitable trucking business.

    Very happy to have picked up this game, although the full retail price feels steep. I'd recommend shopping for a deal for this title to get the most bang for the buck. All in all, you can feel good about getting 30 hours of gameplay from this title.

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  1. Jun 10, 2013
    Quotation forthcoming.
  2. Feb 19, 2013
    If you love trucks Euro Truck Simulator 2 is a essential for your collection.
  3. Feb 5, 2013
    A surprising truly well-done simulation that puts you behind a truck letting you enjoy discovering and exploring Europe.