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  • Summary: Europa Universalis III: Napoleon's Ambition features the following new features: The expanded timeline to 1820 encompasses the wars of the French Revolution and Napoleon. New leaders, rulers, advisor wars, countries and national ideas have been added as well as dozens of new units to give more tactical choices. Historical Options: For those gamers looking for an even stronger historical experience, this option is the one. In addition to hundreds of new events, players are able to see their rulers, leaders and advisors appear on the accurate historical dates. Improved Interface: A new added map mode for trade displaying all goods is produced in each respective province, including its value. This means more pages for the ledger including information about colonies and leaders, and several improvements to the interface. More Gameplay Options offer more Strategies. Now you can emulate Peter "the Great" and create an all-new capital for your nation. Influence trade in your nation, add centres of trade to bring more wealth into your nation, or remove them to focus trade on a few valuable trading centres.Conquer Europe as Napoleon and dismantle the Holy Roman Empire. Enchanced Trading System: An all-new system to auto send merchants allows players to choose the trading centres they most want to focus on, and the game takes care of the rest. This system also includes a new rule for trade overseas. The only way players are able to access markets is to use war or diplomacy to allow merchants in. Get there first and reap the profits. Players also have options for "No Inflation", "Free Colonisation", "AI Aggressiveness" and many more. [Paradox Interactive] Expand
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  1. An excellent historical strategy game and very addictive. Graphics are still awful; add-on only is more like a commercial update. [Nov 2007]
  2. As long as you're satisfied with the core gameplay of Europa Universalis III, this add-on won't disappoint.
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  1. LOUDelf
    Sep 26, 2008
    This expansion is definitely an upgrade over the solid EU3 product. The graphics are not fantastic, but this is a game of history and strategy, not flash and bang. Beware the ALT-TAB crash issues, and autosave often. The additional historical options, and improved trading feature make up for the probelms. Expand
  2. dan2a
    Nov 28, 2007
    Great "expansion" if you loved EU3. I quote expansion because the file is like 10 mb. It extends the timeline to 1820. You can play as Napoleon with France. Pretty hard to conquer all of europe with the Bad Boy points,but its possible(everyone pretty much declares war when napoleon comes to power). I loved the updates to the trading.You can now send traders automatically to CoT's. Support one the developer's that keep the Strategy genre fresh with these historical games! Expand
  3. meestyk
    Nov 28, 2007
    Another historical POS game. First, I'd like point out that the game graphics give you the impression you're playing a 1990's game, which by the way a total bad BJ. Then you got bugs all over this thing during extended plays. Ohh yes, you'll feel it all including but not limited to, crashes and so on. Stay away from this POS. Save your hard earned money for something that doesn't fustrate you. A game is supposed to make you feel you're on a vacation not an OT job. Expand
  4. DouglasM.
    Dec 21, 2007
    I really wanted to like this game. I liked the previous incarnations. The problem is, that it won't work on any of three computers I tried running it on. You see, if your computer has Intel inside, all of the land areas look just like oceans. It is really surprising that Paradox would release a broken game. Expand