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  • Summary: EVE Online: Incarna (Also known as Ambulation or Walking in Stations) is an expansion which features Captain's Quarters - the first step towards opening the interiors of space stations for players; new graphics and animations for ship turrets; and the Noble Exchange store offering new and exciting goods. New players will now embark on their journey in EVE Online guided by completely revamped tutorials and the familiar voice of Aura, while the new agent finder and corporation recruitment tools will make life easier for all pilots. Expand
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  1. sYs
    Jul 21, 2011
    This game is hard and it is a little bit resource demanding. I love this game just because of the great community and player driven game play. EVE IS HARD Expand
  2. Jul 1, 2011
    @ Freakshow

    lower your resolution bro, there goes all your stress lol

    Making a game run on lower systems is what they do on PC games by
    default, fiddle with your settings, and get your previous visual standard back.

  3. Jun 22, 2011
    Miffed, not pissed. I actually have a descent system, but I'm sure all the people with super NASA computers that come with their own satellite will have a problem with this review, but for those of us that are on a strict budget and don't have the financial means like some that have those set ups that can run Crysis 1 with tiny effort. This is mainly about the character creation and captains quarters interior, space still seems to run okay. The game ran better before the release of Incarna, but now it strains to desperately keep up. I know what you are going to say, get a better machine, want to help out with that? But I actually do have a very nice machine, or at least it used to be. My processor is a 3.0 with 2 gig ram (maxed) and Nvidia GeForce 7800 GTX 512. An now after the release it struggles with all the interior addons, at lowest possible settings for interior graphics it runs somewhat at a tolerable level, but it's at such a low quality you might as well not even play it. Thankfully they have an option to turn off exteriors, but you stare at a blank wall, you don't have the option to go back to the way it used to look, the way that it had for so long (until now). The other improvements are actually quite nice, improved tutorials, the new agent finder, planetary interaction to build structures and well... exploit planets now, the turret makeover, and the jump bridges for each system. I know how hard that they have been working to improve this game, they have been working on it so hard and diligently. It's such an unbelievably massive game, but they might have overdone it with the human avatars with the requirements that need to run it just to show the beauty for what it should be displayed at or don't even bother. I'm confused why in this day and age why they can't make it so they improve their engines rather than making something that -oh say- used to require 1 gig of RAM, "but with our many improvements!" now requires 8 gig of RAM... is that really an improvement? You know your engines will impress more if they can operate on lower requirements than costing the consumer to purchase their own personal space program. (oh and for all those 'computer guys' out there that have those supersystems and the spare systems just lying around collecting dust after they toss them aside for the next best newest thing. I gladly will accept donations or we can work out a price if need be, or point me in a direction that they know of someone else) remember when games used to require Hard drive space in the MB scale? Now i just saw a game that required a minimum of 20 GB! I mean... come on... Seriously??? Just wait until games start to require TBs. Getting more with less is an improvement, requiring more to work it these "improvements", is a cop out. Expand
  4. Jul 5, 2011
    This expansion allows Eve players to walk around in a terrible looking single player room. There is literally no extra content. The inability to adjust graphics settings for "in space" and "in station" individually means that either your in space graphics will look terrible or your in station graphics will overheat and burn out your graphics card. It is far more resource intensive than Crysis to render even a single simple ugly room. This is a problem that CCP has acknowledged in their latest dev blog. The expansion literally feels of being pushed out solely to show case a "virtual goods" store with items that cost between $20-$70 USD. Furthermore, this is something that the leaked 'Fearless' news letter and leaked CEO email have confirmed.

    Even disregarding the total lack of content, many tasks that were previously simple, such as seeing what ship you are flying or checking your cargo contents, are now much harder - to the point that the only real option is to turn off the expansion in the options menu and have the game developer literally "show you the door". By popular demand, CCP added the ability to temporarily turn off the Captain's Quarters - though CCP says this is a temporary measure and will be removed at a later date. Even after a much publicized meeting with the CSM, CCP has confirmed that they will be removing this feature and enforcing Incarna usage (read: a single player room designed only to force a massively overpriced vanity item shop in your face).

    There is a thread in the game forums where 2000 players signed a "the first thing I did was 'turn it off'" petition. There is a separate thread where 6000 accounts were deactivated over Incarna, the associated "virtual goods" store, the Fearless newsletter, and the leaked CEO email. The game may not die, but this expansion is total garbage.

    I am supremely disappointed by Incarna and have terminated all four accounts (~$60/month for the last 5-6 years).
  5. Jun 25, 2011
    One to miss. You can have 3 characters or 'alts' - but only train one at a time. So, really you only have ONE character. They expect you to buy multiple accounts - and multiple monthly subs to get round this. And about skill training... it takes time. Not just like 40 hours of mindless grind, but weeks - sometimes months - per skill, with some ships taking up to a YEAR to learn the bare basics to fly. And a deep wallet because it's a pvp heavy game full of griefers and gankers. So, you end up buying Plex to sell in game for Isk (CPP are gold sellers, essentially). The training for a Titan, for instance will cost 6 billion isk (about £300) and 2 or 3x that to buy and equp - and it can be shot out the sky.

    Fan boys will flame saying hardly anyone trains capital ships. And this is true, but if you want to do mining a Hulk takes months to learn a good 300 million isk to buy and equip - and it a regular fun target for griefers. Can say the same for the gate campers, pirates, etc. This is all part of the game though. Like or or leave it.

    So far, I'd rate EvE as a 4, I like it, despite the huge number of griefers, but I don't love it.

    What dropped it from a lowly 4 to a 'don't touch with a bargepole' zero rating is the blind arrogance and stupidity of CPP, the games owners. They have introduced a tonne of game breaking changes, essentially using the entire PC player game to beta test (shoddy) code and ideas for a planned PS3 console game (Dust) and another MMO. This includes adding RMT (real money / micro / macro transactions) on top of the Plex currency RMT sales - and on top of the expensive monthly subscription fee. For instance a vanity monocle costs $60 - and will be lost if - no WHEN - you are podded (podded = pkilled). Thing is they want to extend this to ammo and ships, destroying the economy and the game.

    As the time of writing there are a staggering 255 pages of complaints on one thread - 7,500 angry post - and increasing at 10 a minute. And there's just ONE official reply that essentially seems to says "FU, I wear $1,000 jeans, suck it up, we are going ahead with this"

    This after a leaked internal memo labelled "Greed is Good?" detailing ideas on how to screw over and milk the EVE players to cover the cost of developing two other games (and keeping the leader developer in $1,000 jeans!)

    It took some 4 days for them to even bother replying and that was the best they could offer? If the posts are to be believed they are losing a hundreds of accounts per hour. People with up to 10 accounts and years of time money and love invested are cancelling all subs and walking away.

    There's a lot, lot more to this, but essentially they are turning a deaf ear to their own programmers (apparently sacking anyone that questions management) and have taken the bizarre stance of starting to permanently account ban players that disagree with this farce. That's right. Account banning you if you flame them. Admittedly the first guy that got a permaban was way out of line, but so was their response. And when people started to support this guy, CPP turned on a few of them too. Crazy.

    Oh yes. And with the new code - intended for a PS3 and not a PC - unless you have a very high end PC the game now runs like a dog. Genius!

    For the record I paly a lot of RPG's. MMO's and have for decades (Rift, WoW, Eve, Warhammer Online going right back to text based MUD's in the 80's) and i have never, ever seen such awful behaviour from a games company. Unbelieveable!
  6. Jun 25, 2011
    This expansion was a waste of time. The entire thing can be turned off with a click in the options menu. The vanity item prices are just ridiculous, and to top it off, leaked documents show that ccp is going to microtransaction all of their games (eve, dust, and wod). You can read about the arrogance of CCP by going to this link, scrolling down to find the PDF download, and reading that PDF. http://tinyurl.com/67mtfsm Expand
  7. Jun 25, 2011
    This expansion is the start of the end of Eve. No actual content except for an in game store in a graphically intensive single room which offers nothing other than a way for you to spend vast amount of money above and beyond the subscription. Awful and pointless. Expand

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