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  • Summary: Inferno is a major expansion to the EVE Online series.
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  1. May 27, 2012
    Great game it is not for the faint of heard or people who like easy games, this is for people who like complicated games with a lot of politics, using spreadsheets, and meeting and talking to other people.
    this is the most social game out there. If you like to outdo your opponents this game is for you because is it all about how you play the game and your personal skill against the other, instead of being beat by a 15 year old who has to much time and has this special item and is now invincible like in WOW..
  2. Sep 8, 2012
    Been playing this game now for over 4 years . You pay 14.95$ a month and you gett 2 Free Expansions every year . the creator CCP is very out there on the forums,facebook and diffrent gett togethers all around the world ..taking suggestions from the playerbase . Graphics are awesome .. gameplay is unmatched . the whole concept of 1 server 50.000 people .. Everything you do has an impact .. your name will be known . if you lose a ship its gone .. there is no magical spell that lets you respawn like the other Soft mmo's .. its simply something els . Expand
  3. Dec 5, 2012
    Eve Online is probably one of the better MMORPGs to grace the world. The graphics are very sleek and the in-game soundtrack is nice to hear for those interested in synth music and soft tones. The gameplay mechanics are not intended for everyone, but as many of the players will say, "That's how we like it. Scare off the lazy and casual players." I personally wouldn't say that casual players will be scared off as there are plenty of "carebear" opportunities such as mining, planetary interaction, mission running, and hauling freight that players can play around with. For many people who try out this game there is the constant "boredom" that one eventually goes through which is why many do not enjoy this great game. Negative security areas are where many players go to experience constant warfare, real dangers when doing things such as mining. There are also better anomalies to experience with better ISK and loot rewards as well. The skill system is probably one of the most innovative ones out there rewarding the player for constantly playing and not requiring someone to spend hours grinding through quests and mobbs in order to level up. Simply buy the skill-book, place it in your characters queue and wait said amount of hours/days. Some will find this boring, but for those who do not have the time to play during work hours/school will find this an amazing concept allowing you to do all of the things you want to when you finally have time to play without having to sacrifice the time to do it. Eve is a great game for those who give it a chance. It has an amazing background story that is constantly evolving with players having some direction in where it may go next. It's pretty enough to please graphic junkies and the music is great to listen to even while simply sitting in a station. For those that like massive fleet warfare there is always null-sec pvp for those willing to join the corporations that dabble in this as well. Give it a chance and it may just rub off on you. Expand
  4. Dec 5, 2012
    Too complected. Cool when your in a corp like EVE University. I admit though I have been subscribing for like nine years! ;) There are times when there's nothing like mindless shoping for modules. The graphics are beautiful and I am biased because I love anything having to do with space. When you are flying with a fleet and in combat with an other corp the game is very exciting. You have to use mumble though which really enhances the experience. So you can hear geeky dudes talking about eve stuff all night long. Expand
  5. Feb 16, 2013
    This game looks nice. Otherwise, its a whole lot of waiting on the low end of play. This is not something you play casually or like other MMOs. You grind out funds and skills for months, then you can do the presumably interesting stuff. Its not a space simulator.

    Its kind of a 'fish tank' game where you watch everything. Pretty much everything is automated. The idea of all this advancement is cool, but I don't know why someone would sink that much time into the low end play which is boring. Even the people who play it all the time say its almost impossible to stand while sober.
  6. Oct 16, 2012
    It's best MMO Ive played. Way batter than WoW for me. Still I dont plan to extend my trial account.
    If I should put it in one sentence, in
    the age when everybody makes games from the most basic simple rules (DOTA 2) makes them short and packed with experience and fun, the EVE is right the opposite extreme for all this. Besides all the negatives, I find trying EVE to be an interesting experience. But there is just too much of everything and too much of bugs beside other things too.
    Like if the goal was to spend the most of time and thus the most of money while playing, even with as simlpe things as inventory management and intrastellar travel taking unbelievable time amounts... 90 percent of the game you will spend by all different incarnations of extensive micromanagement or space travel (which you cant really affect much - the travel)...
    So after all I have to say there are people, who confuse complexity and complicacy. I have a feeling, like if they were somehow gathered in CCP - the maker of EVE. It's almost impossible to imagine more complicated way to come out with space simulator, dividing everything into small little tiny steps... There are thousands of items and actions in every single respect and it's not very much for the good. You will spend endless time learning, as there is skill for every smallest triffle. On one side it's very nice and fairly complex "realistic" model of universe. But to do a few simple things is unbelievably hard and time-consuming. I have to say the fun is not quite there. All missions take terribly long, moving around takes terribly terribly long and the nice pictures of stars and galaxies will get familiar too fast... There's not enough diversity in star systems to make it interesting enough. And the whole idea in which you cant control your ship directly, but instead you study going really fast, study doing turns, study using less energy on shields... What? You can decrease energy consumption by learning skill? How does that sound? Then the system actually flies the ship for you, you only pick destinations (looks like reproduced sex to me)... And you study thousands of other things too... But everything is the same, you have 5 levels, every level brings some better percentage in certain activity... Booring.
    You have a few mission patterns, that switch quite regularly and you either have to mine for raw resources - which means to sit in the space for hours and deplete one asteroid after another very slowly or to fight - which means to fly in the space for hours and destroy one enemy by one very slowly... etc. The other kind of missions include securing positions or - which is my favourite action mission type - the delivery! Maybe Im not the right MMO person after all, since I dont find it fun to spend all the time just to get enough money to buy better ship and equipment to fight better fitted enemies, and again... and again... and again...
    Add some very unrealistic patterns like flying through objects, bumping with ships at full speed into objects just to be safely reflected back, fitting your ship yourself - again with another too-complex set of skills... It's a surprise there is actually no skill for walking or getting into the ship and getting out... But I'm sure this will be implemented someday soon :)
    If you like to hurt yourself, there are almost endless possibilities in Eve. If you like immerse complexity, hundreds or even thousands of item types, hundreds of skills, learning to fit the ships knowing that it's mostly question of luck who will you meet in the universe and who kills whom, since for every ship fitting there is some more or less strong counter... Then it's for you! But I am not very sure you are the winner after all ;)
  7. Jun 26, 2012
    With inferno patch the whole inventory system got really bad - unstable, laggy, functions removed and so on. Nothing in comparision to the system that was used before. CCP continues the way they started with Incarna-Update - stop doing what the community wants and redoing the game in a way they think it would bring some casual gamers.
    Since then they released some patches to fix the major problems, but one month after release it has not went better. Last minipatch yesterday removed unique graphics for the better minmatar-ships. Maybe the next feature of "unified eve", after "unified inventory" and "unified journal".