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  • Summary: Everest has forever been a quest that some view as a life-log calling...are you one? Bone chilling cold and horrid mountain conditions are just a few of the challenges Everest has in store for you. A rare blend of simulation and action adventure, Everest will take you on a journey to the ultimate goal! Climb 7 of the world's most feared summits. Falling rocks, jagged ice shards, avalanches and a battery of other elements await your arrival...death will stare you in the face. Continually shifting weather conditions...just like the real thing. Choose your climbing team carefully as each player has determined strenghts and weaknesses. Purchase 1000s of gear combinations for your ascent to the top. Expand
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  1. Truth be told, the entire game consists of pointing and clicking your way up a miniature mountain slope. The only effort required is staying awake. This game is so void of stimulation that it should be recommended for insomniacs.
  2. There's so little to it, and what it does offer is dull.
  3. It seems that my best efforts to "train" [my fellow climbers] in the various arts of climbing, they all seem to lack the most basic cognitive thinking. In fact, they keep insisting on trying to walk through rocks (as opposed to simply walking around them), and they bunch up when it comes time to climb, crawling around on the ground like common baboons. [Sept 2004, p.63]
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