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    Truth be told, the entire game consists of pointing and clicking your way up a miniature mountain slope. The only effort required is staying awake. This game is so void of stimulation that it should be recommended for insomniacs.
  2. There's so little to it, and what it does offer is dull.
  3. PC Gamer
    It seems that my best efforts to "train" [my fellow climbers] in the various arts of climbing, they all seem to lack the most basic cognitive thinking. In fact, they keep insisting on trying to walk through rocks (as opposed to simply walking around them), and they bunch up when it comes time to climb, crawling around on the ground like common baboons. [Sept 2004, p.63]
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  1. Merucho.
    Aug 12, 2009
    I'm a mountain climber and there are only like 3 climbing video games: 2 called Everest, and a rock climbing one sponsored by Power Bar.I'm a mountain climber and there are only like 3 climbing video games: 2 called Everest, and a rock climbing one sponsored by Power Bar. In graphics, this Everest game is better than the others, but even when I admit that this may not be the best, I still give it a 10 because we have to play the only option we have. Again this is no shooting or blood, just a game to entertain those who work at offices and have a few months a year to climb the real thing. Full Review »
  2. Josh
    Dec 6, 2005
    This game isn't for the person who is looking for the shoot em' up type game, it is for people with inspiration!
  3. LycissV.
    May 18, 2004
    Where to start? First off the game struggles to recieve a 1 rating from me... The over all idea of the game is great and after playing it, Where to start? First off the game struggles to recieve a 1 rating from me... The over all idea of the game is great and after playing it, the idea is still there... The graphics really arnt all that bad... but the game play is beyond horrible and almost painfully dull... Why is it that you only have to summit? Part of the danger is also decending the mountain back to the realitive safty of base camp... Also why do you have to successfully complete a previous mountain before you can go to the next highest? My suggestion would be to allow you to pick from any moutain, however the difficulty of each moutain is different and choosing a harder one when you have less skill may prove fatal... something that happens a lot... Why is it that you can only pick from 10 climbers? and where are the females? Didnt the makers know that women also climb mountains? My suggestions; Allow to pick from some premade climbers or you can make some climbers... Be able to choose their names, sex, nationality, appearance, ect... and choose some flexiblity with their starting stats... The benifit from choosing premade is they perhaps have some experience and make good guides for your newly made climbers... The other good part about making new climbers is, death happens to climbers, something that ive never actually seen in the game... Which brings me to the topic of, why is it also a requirement for a select number of climbers to make it to the summit for it to be considered successful? More realisticly not everyone can summit and perhaps those who dont still gain skills for future attempts... Or perhaps those not humbling their abilities turn out tragicly... The game only allows each climber to carry a single piece of equipment... whos idea was this? the makers of the game must of had vague notions about mountaineering... My suggestion... Allow climbers to purchase gear... such as crampoons, ice picks, hemets, clothing, tents ect... for each item adds additional climbing aid for each climber... In the game it seems as though money isnt really necessary since ive never ran out of money... This is where strategy would come into play that is not currently there... If you dont have much money you buy all the things that would make the climb easier... The Climbers themselves look good and their animations are realistic... As for the mountain... It could use a bit more than just three types of terrain placed here and there... My suggestion for the Terrain issue... allow the climbers to go anywhere on the mountain. You can keep the Rocky, Icy and Sheer abilities but just blend them into the surrounding terrain... That way there is not a distinguished route but simply choosing your own route... By doing this you add in the element of, It may look shorter distance but its a harder route, leaving the climbers more fatigued and requiring more resources... Or the less steep route might tax the climbers less but reaching these less grade slopes may require more switch backs... Also the mountains are not very high if you compare the climber to how far they actually climb... Increasing the mountain height would make it more realistic and fun with the terrain change i suggested above... The weather effects on the mountain are neat and realistic... The effects on the climbers is great and also realistic... however there is no real threat to weather unlike an actual climb... This should be changed with forced turn arounds or snow blinded by white out and cant proceed. Or stopped by being too cold to move, ect... The avenlanches are a nice and realistic danger and climbers fall which is also interesting and realistic... im not sure about the heights that they do fall though... Sometimes when the climbers do fall they can break bones, and this is the case on actual climbs, but in the game if a climber falls and doesnt break a bone, he can climb the same suffering no loss of ability or moral this however would not be the case... my suggestion; every time a climber falls, a loss in climbing ability for that type of terrain should be taken into account... and the opposite for each successful climb of a paticular terrain an additional skill gain in that terrain type or more experienced bonus... With my terrain changes mentioned above... when it comes to avalanches you can add randomness all over the terrain of falling snow, ice or rock and perhaps add in a skill that recognizes potential dangers that would be highlighted on the terrain itself... telling the player that the climber has recognized a danger and can choose to avoid making a route through the danger area... but at the same time not forgetting the undeterminable avalanche... Next... The premade camps got to go... Camps are not left on mountains and they have to be painstakenly set up by carrying up tents and supplies by accending and decending from one camp to another as necessary... This also helps in acclimation of the climbers. The need to set up camps would further the strategy of the game and increase the danger for the climbers and add the very needed realism to the game... Oh there is quite a bit more that i would add, or change about the game to make it much more fun and challenging to play but im tired of typing... Maybe ill try to get the source code from the makers and see if i can add in some of my ideas... Full Review »