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  • Summary: With a candle's last breath, journey to a world of magic and mystery. Accompanied by your personal fairy guide, explore the world of Everlight and discover your magical talents lying dormant within. The inhabitants of the village of Tallen are cursed. By day, they go about their business and live their lives. By night, they become their polar opposite personality, and their lives are turned upside down! Empowered with the ability to function both during the day and at night, you are Tallen’s only hope to lift the curse. [The Adventure Company] Expand
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  1. But the puzzles work well enough, and it has just enough going for it to bring back fond memories of LucasArts adventures, and so it’s a reasonable enough purchase, especially at its $20 suggested retail price.
  2. So if you like a fanciful game, with meaty puzzles, a fun cast of characters and a playing time that is easily 15+ hours - if you don’t cheat and consult a walkthrough - then Everlight of Magic and Power should be just your cup of tea.
  3. It seems Everlight struggles to break free from the generic mold it was cast in.
  4. 69
    A pretty generic game with a pretty generic title, but it seems to know that and want to break free, hence a sprinkling of uneven goofiness which mostly serves to boost the rating to T. I call it above average without managing to be good, but for twenty bucks you can do a hell of a lot worse.
  5. All in all, Everlight is a generally pleasing experience, though it could have been much better with a bit more spit and polish.
  6. Average in all means. On first sight it looks like a kids adventure but then it slides to adult tuning. Permanent loading is irritating almost the same as the in-game “German” humor. [Dec 2008]
  7. Lame jokes and long loads are all you need to know about point-and-click adventure Everlight.

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