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  • Summary: Follow the Wayfarers Brotherhood to the war-ravaged Realm of Discord to help end the tyrannical ways of the Muramites once and for all. Mata Muram, the leader of the Muramites, is rumored to be building the ultimate invading army. It's up to you to thwart his plans. Experience EverQuest: Omens of War and the twisted lands of a realm where war is persistent and death is constant. Face the fear of the Battlegrounds of Discord. Explore the shattered landscapes of the Discordant Plateau. Then take your fury to a landscape that teems with Muramites preparing to invade not just Norrath, but countless innocent worlds. Adventure solo, or in groups and raids to complete "epic quests" and earn prestigious weapons. [Sony Online Entertainment] Collapse
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  1. 90
    Getting from level 65 to 70 will keep you very busy. So will the new epic. Just when you thought the game was getting too easy.
  2. 88
    This expansion brings something to the table for both the hardcore and the not-so-hardcore gamer. As previously mentioned, it also shows that SOE is willing to listen to its customers and make the game fun for them--a step that I truly hope is followed through on any expansions to be released in the future.
  3. This is yet another title that gives upper-level players more content, but also does a decent job of giving lower players a chance to play and level. The improved graphics are also a welcomed addition.
  4. I have to thank Sony for making the spells easier to get for this expansion. To get spells you have to kill specific named creatures and they will drop a murmite rune. You turn this rune into the specific NPC for your class and you receive a spell. This is a lot easier than the last expansion that took a lot of difficulty to get spells.
  5. While it does cater primarily to existing players of newcomers, EverQuest: Omens of War is one off the strongest expansions since "Scars of Velious."
  6. A solid expansion, with enough neat new toys to keep the existing players something to tide them over for a while. It’s also a good sign from SOE that they aren’t focusing the end-game solely on the need to be in a large raiding guild.
  7. A must-have for hardcore players, most of whom undoubtedy already own it. [Jan 2005, p.71]

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