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  • Summary: Employing the hack-n-slash formula made popular by Blizzard's "Diablo II," this action role-playing fantasy features a character named Zak who awakens with amnesia on a primitive island barely clothed and initially carrying only a bronze knife and must slaughter countless monsters on the quest for his identity. Expand
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  1. Proof that the "kill...reward" paradigm still works. [June 2001, p.78]
  2. A game that is at once familiar, yet unique, this RPG from the folks who brought you the Rage Of Mages strategy RPGs is a strong, yet slightly flawed plate of gaming goodness.
  3. After playing Evil Islands and getting a bitch of a migraine because I stayed up in front of the PC for 48 long hours, I can safely conclude that Nival Interactive has developed one seriously addictive PC game. It can even be hazardous to your health, and it might have serious effects on your social life.
  4. While not quite as big as "Baldur's Gate II," this game is considerably large, totalling about 100 hours of the single-player gameplay.
  5. Sometimes fun and satisfying, but more often than not it is slow, boring and repetitive.
  6. Evil Islands does not present a very novel gameplay experience...But the excellent polish of the overall product, with particularly strong graphics, music, and artificial intelligence, makes it more than worth a look.
  7. In the end, the thing you remember most isn't the graphics engine, the nifty spell and item construction, or even the awful voice acting; it's the frustration of slogging through a poorly balanced game that substitutes saving and reloading for gameplay.

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  1. Dec 14, 2012
    Beautiful world, marvellous climate, great game-play and very interesting story. In my opinion there is no perfect game. This game is almost perfect, I give it 9,8/10 score. Collapse

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