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  1. Sep 21, 2011
    A very ambitious undertaking, lacks AAA polish but has to be one of the top indy projects ever. I think it's our duty to support the independent dev's who care about their product. While most games today are made as disposable, evoch merc just keeps on giving.

    It's reasonably priced and has an active community who are very helpful.

    The physics are amazing and are integral in combat. This
    is much more a simulator than meets the eye. Unfortunately for Evoch most gamers won't give it the time it takes to master the Newton'y of combat.

    Over all the game play is great for newcomers to space trading, veterans of X and Eve may feel it's a little shallow, but the combat more than makes up for it. On occasion I find myself landing on a planet during sunset as the sun kisses the ocean, gorgeous and to my knowledge no other game has ever pulled off seamless space to atmosphere transitions. many many hours of fun, but you will need an imagination.
  2. Feb 16, 2012
    Overall a great game if you can get over the fact it cost about 25$. It stands out compared to all of the other games produced currently. It also is one of the few space games you can find. The combat is a little bit difficult to get used to at first but, doesn't ruin the experience of the game itself. The graphics aren't top notch but you don't need amazing graphics as long it doesn't ruin the difficulty of the game itself. The universe in the game is huge with a big map. It needs a big title to help push it along to give it more appeal to others. Evochron Mercenary has great replay value as well. Maybe it is a little pricey but it doesn't have too many flaws. Expand
  3. Jan 19, 2012
    This game offers everything you would imagine from an indie developer. and adding a demo is so much more pleasing as you can test the game to see if you will like it.
  4. Mar 15, 2011
    If you like space trader games like Freelancer, X3, or even EVE... this might be a good game for you. While it may not have the depth of control like X3, it certainly is a bit easier to learn and play... which made it more fun for me. The multiplayer component is what truly helps this game earn a 9, and not just an 8. The available internet servers allow for friends to jump in together using their saved profile from the single player game, so you don't have to worry about managing multiple players. If you prefer to host your own server, you can go ahead and throw one up for your friends to connect using Direct IP. While most might recommend EVE for multiplayer, I'm there to have fun... not worry about how another player's actions might affect me. Combat is fast and very active on the user's part, mining is simple and easy to do to earn some good cash, and the economy of the different star systems is affected by what happens in the world. Overall I find this to be a great game that sits just right when games like X3 appear overly much.. Expand
  5. Apr 16, 2011
    Evochron Mercenary's intuitive game play and features are enough to attract new players/fans to the genre and still have a lot for it's veterans. While, as others have said, not as in depth as the X series, it has just as much, if not more, fun factor due to the ease of getting directly into the game with competent tutorials (in game and some tutorial videos on Right away, the player has the freedom to do pretty much whatever he/she wants from the get go.

    There is a small sense of being overwhelmed at certain points in the game where you get a feeling of "ok, what now?" (though, not often at all), and I must confess that I was hoping for a little more with the planetary landings; however, they are still absolutely amazing and fun, don't get me wrong!

    I only have one piece of advice for players for this game.....SAVE OFTEN! lol
  6. Jan 24, 2012
    This game gets a lot of things right and a lot wrong. With the 25$ price in mind I do not expect a top of the line title but After an hour of trying my best to enjoy this game I found it lacking. Pros: Everything you could ask for in a space sim:
    Good physics
    Easy Controls
    As a serious sim it does take a long time to travel. Landing on planets takes several minutes, better bring
    a book!
    Graphics are passable, but not a selling point.
    Overall it is unforgiving in all the wrong points:
    - the first race you enter you have to race a ship that can knock you off course at will and if you fail you have to pay for gas and try again. -When you warp to a station prepare to hit the brakes as soon as you exit the jump. You will be headed toward it at max speed.
    I really wanted to get into this game but after an hour of frustration I could not will myself to pick it back up. And I have played and enjoyed space sims since 1998. Give this one a pass unless you love frustration.
  7. Feb 5, 2012
    Evochron Mercenary is a space-simulator reminiscent of X1 and X2 and I find it very difficult to judge. Graphics-wise, the screenshots are terribly misleading and so is the price it sells at. The game does offer some form of beauty in the form of fresh ideas such as being able to land on planets, escaping from the gravitational pull of larger objects, customizing the look of the hull of your ship and the simplicity of the interface. The controls are, as expected of a space-simulator, somewhat difficult to get used to but they respond well (Apart from the navigation map, this menu seems to lag and the zoom-in function is bugged which means I constantly have to readjust before I can properly zoom in) and the game supports a great variety of input devices. I was even able to use all the buttons on my G500 mouse which is something I do not expect from an Indy title. And although the interface seems far more cluttered than it actually is, the player will get the hang of it after a few hours of playing. The combat is somewhat tedious and dull. There are only three types of weapons; beam, bolt and missile. These weapons do come in different "classes" but it changes little. All ships the player can buy more or less do the same. Right from the start you can have a ship with 5 cargo bays and you do not seem to be able to go beyond this amount whether you buy what the game deems a "scout" vessel or a "multi-purpose" vessel. All the equipment that you can mount to each of the ships you can buy is the same as well; the only limiter is the "assemblage" limit. The more expensive your ship, the higher this limit will be. The very first ship you have might not be able to mount a level 10 shield but it will be available regardless. This means, combined with the weapon system, that each ship pretty much does the same in combat. Some ships might be more agile and have less armour or vice versa but that's pretty much where the combat ends. There's also a terribly annoying shaking cokpit when you are hit. Sometimes you simply vibrate to death because you are not able to tell the status of your ship while taking a continued pounding. On top of that, each ship has the exact same cokpit. There is no ship boarding, no launch-deck nor anything else you'd expect from a game that tries to copy X. I have to admit that in the 11 hours that I played, I have done preciously little combat. I wanted to focus on mining and industry but soon learnt that the game hasn't got much to offer in that department; you can only mount one tractor beam (Which doubles as a mining beam) and it takes a fairly long time to fill up five (5) cargo bays. And although mining is rather interesting as you can harvest gas clouds, planets, asteroids and asteroid caves or let mining robots do the work for you, I wasn't sure what to spend the money on. I couldn't buy more cargo bays as five (5) seemed to be the limit and I couldn't mount more mining beams to increase the speed of the mining process. You are able to buy new bases and hire other pilots but there's nothing in this department that X doesn't do better. Eventually, I decided to convert my ship to a fighter and see what combat is about. I must say it isn't very interesting, I found it easiest to simply burn a lot of fuel on the after burner and just slide past all the enemies while letting the on-board targeting system tell me where to shoot. I was too fast for the enemy to shoot down and missiles couldn't chase me. I am still playing the game and perhaps there's more to it than my relatively short stint has unfolded but judging from the videos I've seen and what I've done in the game, it's all very rudimentary and back to basics. It has multi-player but it doesn't have anti-cheat protection and it stores ship-data locally which, in theory, makes it far too easy to cheat. I was looking forward to this game coming on Steam but I wish I had spent the money on something else. I'm rating it average because of some fresh ideas and an experience that might be simplistic but is otherwise "complete" Expand
  8. Jan 22, 2012
    I wasted $19.99 on t his junk! I feel so ripped off. The intro video and graphics were awesome, but when playing the actual game, I found that the tutorial wasn't enough, too many keys to memorize, it felt like a lower version of the already low end rip off of Universal Combat, a knock off of the same game called Battlecruiser Millenium. Same game engine it appears to be, only I couldn't find any FPS in the game, not that I was looking very hard. Too busy trying to figure out how to get from point A to be B safely. The in game radio chatter is a total nuissance. I got the great impression that the makers of this game were trying to compete with X3 Terran Conflict, but failed miserably. The missions are few, and pay very little, and the learning curve for this game is pretty high, so I wouldn't expect to jump right into it anytime soon. I'm alright with the game engine, I would rather have ok graphics with a game that does a bit of everything than a souped up game with all the bugs. But my personal opinion of this game, is it could have gone so much farther, if the developer would have been me. Expand
  9. Feb 16, 2012
    I spent many many hours of game play time on X3 before things started moving along.
    It took lots of reading and learning and many slow hours of going from gate to gates just to get a map of the place. Mercenary is a lot faster to get things moving. Mercenary might seem like the same slow start at first but it is only the beginning few hours that are hard.
    The learning curve may seem a
    little steep at first but when you start to get the hang of things the fun just keeps on building. This game doesn't have the same level of depth as the likes of X3 but it has the fun that I never found in any other space game since Elite back on the Amiga.

    Yes the amount of different missions can seem small and they can get repetitive but there a many different ways or techniques to complete missions so even the same missions over again can be very entertaining.
    Mercenary has a lot to offer but a lot of the really nice things don't always become apparent until after a good few hours of play.
    Combat that seems impossible at first becomes gradually easier as you learn different ways to fight and fly.
    There is so much to find, so much to explore, even after weeks I am still learning new things. Having a good multi player universe gives this game a lot of extra life. Player dogfights and battles can be amazingly good fun and the community online is one of the friendliest I have ever seen.

    The graphics are not the best by today's standards but they have nice artistic feel to them and frame rates are smooth even on my low/mid spec system.
    There are lots of user mods available to improve the look and being easy to mod it has even inspired me to make some small PIT/HUD mods.
    Basically, to me it is an old school type space game sim with newer-ish graphics and a decent multi-play component.
    It all adds up to loads of fun and many hours of play time that make the price worth ever cent.
  10. May 15, 2012
    A fantastic indie game that gives you the feeling of floating in space, alone in your ship. I think that some of the negative reviews are completely dishonest, which is expected whenever a solid indie title outstrips popular mainstream games. There is indeed a steep learning curve as the tutorial covers the basics and you find yourself dumped into the vast emptiness of space with no idea of what to do next, however the community more than makes up for any shortcomings in that area. A few questions on the forums and most players are up and running in no time at all.

    This game is aimed more toward simulation enthusiasts than it is regular gamers. Mainstream gamers tend to struggle with sandbox games having become accustomed to other types of games. While Mercenary does feature a quest, the player is forced to decide their own path in a game that has no ending and no levels. This can easily lead to frustration and boredom.

    This game lacks massive multiplayer capability with players being capped at 35 per server. Some have compared it to EVE, however this community lacks the obnoxious persons ( likely due to small numbers) and the combat requires player skill rather than buying the biggest ship and clicking on the enemy but this game also lacks an in depth crafting scheme which EVE possesses. Still, they are different games with different target audiences.

    I think players should appreciate that this game was created by a single person, not a small development team and yet this person still actively supports and updates the game and provides timely technical support for his customers. Good luck getting that from EA. I have read reviews speaking of crashes and game breaking bugs, none of which I have ever experienced. It is possible that the initial release on Steam was broken.

    While Evochron Mercenary is a demanding game, there is a lot to enjoy about it. It is a vast, ever evolving universe, ripe for exploration and exploit. The nearly seamless transition between single and multiplayer is a unique and welcome feature.
  11. Jul 13, 2012
    This game is exactly what it says... and it means it except they negate the fact that it has you in deep dark lonely depressing space. If you play, go to the online servers, because then you can talk to people, and most people want to play with you and just get the whole community involved because its deep dark lonely space. Its worth a try in my opinion, not exactly my flavour.
  12. Sep 12, 2012
    This game is not for the faint of heart. Other reviews have already talked about graphics, gameplay and such. Let me tell you something different.

    You will like this game if you like X3, Freelancer, Freespace, Dwarf Fortress, scouring forums for lore and tips, and are not afraid of frustation (it's no Dark Souls though), camping, nerding out and role-playing with friends and/or complete
    strangers, trekking.

    If using almost every key in the keyboard for controlling various parts of your ship sounds like too much, go away, this is not for you.
    If you are not prepared to actually read the damn manual, then this is not for you.
    If you expect waypoints to tell you where to go and what to do, go away.
    If you need a game to have a storyline to play along, I'm sorry (and this is something I do regret of this game).

    This is very similar to X3, although immensely more immersing.
  13. Aug 31, 2012
    An adventure into a harsh universe, full of endless possibilities and ripe with discovery. Chillingly beautiful, extremely immersive. I recommend having a joystick, (Or even better, TWO!) to play. The feeling of piloting your ship is unmatched, the physics simulation is great. I'd summarize this as EVE, but you can fly the ship yourself. (Similar in theory)

    This game is worth every
    penny, and the developer (Alias: Vice) is incredibly connected with the community. I just chatted with him over email a few minutes ago, outstanding gentleman. Check it out! Expand
  14. Jan 24, 2012
    I disagree with the other posts complaints that the learning curve is too steep for this game. The game delivers pretty much what it states. I found the flight physics pretty refreshing from the typical 'point and shoot' simulators. Also, the seamless flow from system to system of from space to planet surface was a pretty neat change from most games of the genre. The graphics are pretty blah, even though I have all the settings on their highest. That alone doesn't bother me, but I have found some of the screenshots and trailer vids to be misleading. My largest and greatest complaint is the amount of bugs and crashes I experienced. Most would counter with, "what do you expect with a privately developed indie game," blah blah. Unless a game is free, I expect it to at least work. The problem is that a lot of the bugs you may not even realize you're experiencing. A lot of the rendered objects and menu options flip out on me, and unless you know there supposed to be there, you don't miss them. I also experience frequent crashes, which is extrememly uncharacteristic for my system. This game gets an A+ for imagination and creativity, but a D- on execution. If you don't mind donating $20 to support the indie industry, this game is for you. Otherwise, go take your grandma out for a burger. Expand
  15. Feb 11, 2012
    It's a sand box space flight free trading simulator like Elite 2 frontier. There is some learning curve at the beginning but it's less difficult than Elite 2. It's a very immersive and organic game as in your **** you can feel the newtonian physics , land on a planet or dock to a station seamlessly. Combat mechanics are the same as I-War 2 and combat is fun. And you got coop multiplayer , pvp. Of course it's a indie game, so graphics are pretty but not on par with a AAA title.

    By the way, it's a very different game than X series as it's not oriented strategy. and besides space infrastructures, you can't own a fleet . If you are searching for a much arcadey game like X-Wing, Darkstar one or Black Prophecy, go your way...
  16. May 17, 2012
    < A Game from ONE gamer, for THOUSANDS of gamers >
    I seems like a lot of people don't know that this game doesn't have a million dollar budget. It's made by one guy. And let me tell you that: Whatever he's doing, he puts a lot of thought into it. Considering that this company is a one-man-enterprise makes me overlook the still good, even if not top-notch graphics of the game, or the fact,
    that you might encounter bugs here and there.
    I support Starwraith 3D Games very much, because nowhere else have I seen a company that also takes so much care of its players. In the forum, every suggestion is being considered and thought of to find out whether this idea is worth to be built in the next patch or to be dismissed. All those ideas, thought and all the love for the genre put into this game are making it a great one.

    < Okay, but what is so special about Evochron? >
    To start with, the controls with the Newtonian physics are refreshing and challenging, the seamless planetary transition is something I've never seen before in the genre, a dynamic economy makes also trading more challenging, lots of options for customization and so much to do that you sometimes don't know where to start with as well as the already mentioned great customer support. Also there are some other facts like support for Head tracking devices, the small download size and the very good â
  17. Jul 16, 2012
    This game offers a lot more than others can. If you enjoy EA games or generic fps shooters where you just mindless plug and play, you might complain about this game. The game takes some patience to play and enjoy, but once you grasp that, it can be a gem. One of the first things I like about this game is the **** You can exit the **** view if you like. The music is amazing. The game play will be fun if you enjoy being let out on your own to do what you want when you want. You can enjoy progressing your ship and money as far as you want. If you're a console-kid, this game isn't for you. It is more tuned for invested pc gamers that want a flight sim and more realism than a 2 hour video game reminiscent of a michael bay movie. Expand
  18. May 19, 2013
    I’m a massive fan of space-based games and this game has hit the top of my favourite Space games lists because of the following reasons. 1. Completely open-ended the game is what you make of it. 2. Not too simple, not too hard once you get over the learning curve the payoff is a great gaming experience. 3. Multiplayer the other players are very friendly, there’s no trolling and everyone is online to have a good time.

    I’ve played many space-sims (EVE, X-series, etc) but this one has held my attention the longest. Also, the game is made by one guy I mean how cool is that. At $25, it's pretty much a steal, especially for the hours of enjoyment you'll get out of it. Just download the demo first to see if it's the kind of game you'd like to play.
  19. Jan 24, 2012
    This is a pretty neat little project, albeit with a thin atmosphere. I greatly enjoyed the newtonian physics, and mastering combat with this type of flight was an entertaining challenge. The graphics have a very dated look, but it doesnt detract too much from the game's fun. Alas, not long after you have mastered the game's steep learning curve, you realize you have already experienced all the game's content. For any readers familiar with it, X3 is harder to learn, but will keep you coming back for much longer than Evochron will. In Evochron, once you've been to one planet, one carrier, and one station, and flown most all the ships, you will already being to feel like you've seen it all. The game advertises how diverse its missions are, but each mission type is so straightfoward it very rapidly feels more like a series of errands, rather than missions. There is almost nothing to make you feel attached to any location or planet or faction. However, the newtonian space battles, as well as the always-fun element of getting to upgrade to shinier, faster, bigger ships, keep this game fun for a notable length of time. I would recommend nabbing this one for $10-$15 depending on the size of your wallet, $20-$25 if you love space combat sims. Expand
  20. Jul 28, 2012
    I recently got this game and I am already in love with it. Sure the tutorial could be overwhelming and the learning curve is steep, but the gameplay is rewarding and so is combat. The controls are a bit weird at first but it is easy to get used to it. I was impressed by the ability for me to be able to land on planets without a loading screen. The modding community is also pretty active and the game is easily moddable, so if you don't like the graphics and HUD then you can easily change it. Expand
  21. Sep 29, 2013
    A very good and immersive space sim. You can trade, fight, explore, upgrade your ship etc. You can dock at space stations and even descend to cities on planets which is great. Graphics and textures are not AAA quality but they are more than adequate. Since purchasing the game the dev has continued to improve the game and release free updates so all in all two big thumbs up.
  22. May 21, 2013
    A real gem of a game, really fantastic and well produced. I didn't experience any of the bugs or crashes that some have had but I'm running the absolute latest version 2.x so maybe they are all fixed now, on Windows 7 64bit with all the settings ramped to max at 1920x1200 on a GTX295.

    It's clear the developer really gets the genre and a lot of love has gone into the game. If you loved
    freelancer you'll probably love this game.

    That said, there are a couple of legitimate issues such as the second quest mission; the race. It is pretty difficult for a second mission and the opponent's shields seem to push you out the way a lot. You'll probably have to take a few goes at it to get it completed. My advice is to save at the station BEFORE you accept the mission so you can at least start back with fuel etc.

    The graphics look pretty nice to me, but as a programmer and game engine author, I can appreciate the beauty in the code that perhaps regular gamers are not so forgiving on. $25 is absolutely NOTHING for this game the dev isn't gonna be a millionaire from it and if you care about supporting creative talent and good gameplay, this is definitely worth buying. If you're looking for a triple-A HD graphics bonanza that doesn't care about the playability or control system at all, buy X3 instead.
  23. Aug 31, 2013
    Evochron Mercenary is on of those games that you are going to love or hate depending on what types of games you were brought up on. Do you like a challenge? Do you like to learn? Or are you looking for "instant gratification"? If you your answer is yes to the first two questions and no to the third, then continue reading. Overall, EM is cross between games such as Freelancer, EVE, and Privateer with even a bit of Wing Commander thrown in for good measure. Sure it is open sandbox space simulation trading game with combat, but it has continued to grow as the years have rolled by. It still garnishes updates and support even though the series has been running for over 11 years. Yes, that is right folks, it has been around for over a decade. So why have you not heard of this series? Simply because the game was developed by one person in indie development, and it has never had the big budget of a AAA title. However, there is another reason. Difficulty. There is no doubt that you do need to spend some time to adjust and learn the controls, just like if you were learning to fly a plane or play an acoustic guitar. If you are committed to taking the time to learn, the rewards are immense, as you will appreciate the vastness of the Evochron Universe, and enjoy finding all sorts of unusual surprises in the deep, deep space. I give an extra kudo to planet landing as many have said this is the only game I can remember in the past 20 years to actually pull this off seamlessly. The really only unfortunate part of this simulation is you really do have to have an imagination, as there really are no true "goals" which can lead to boredom. Mastering the aspect of zero gravity combat and inertial flight is quite a challenge but certainly not impossible. Use with a joystick and throttle is highly recommended, although mouse implementation for movement is well executed. The bottom line here is FPS players need not apply, as this is more of a "simulator" than a Wing Commander shooter. The best option for a space combat-trading-exploration simulator other than X series until Star Citizen is eventually released. Expand
  24. NLD
    May 24, 2011
    I do play EVE and I do play FPS and this game takes parts of both and tries to blend, but I really see no real depth to keep the players, FPS has speed & action, EVE has planning & an endless world with no reset button. Evochron has a reset button & lamented FPS combat (like a throwback to the 80's arcades). I found it dated and lost, somehow I feel there will be those that will like to play it for a while.

    Maybe I've been spoiled by EVE & it's one server, all players, no second chance.

    The only saving grace is it's free.
  25. Feb 4, 2012
    Imagine going to dinner and spending $25 dollars for your entree. When it arrives at the table you are presented with a 4 piece chicken nuggets with a small order of fries. Pretty sure you would be upset. This game needs another 3 years of development, and an infusion of several million dollars. Seems like PC gaming has been moving backwards since I started playing in 1986. Avoid this title and go to Pizza Hut instead. You'll thank me for it later. Expand
  26. Jan 24, 2012
    The game really fails at key aspects. Simple things like SAVING YOUR GAME literally do not work as intended. Reloading takes literally 5 minutes on my alienware PC. WTF? The price tag on this game is a huge rip off. It's not worth more than 5 bucks at the most.
  27. Feb 15, 2012
    Even at $25 this game is way overpriced. The graphics are basic at best. Piloting the ship is relatively straightforward once you figured out the key combinations and the space travel physic is quite accurate (In space that is, not when landing on a planet) but, beyond this, I have nothing good to say about this game. The game play choices are clear, either boring or nearly impossible to achieve. Too many programming shortcuts were taken in the making of this game. Safe for the player's information, nothing is saved. The same fighting mission stated number of foes will change every time after restoring a saved game. Regardless, you can never trust the information provided. The estimated number of enemy ships as nothing to do with the actual number of foes you'll be faced with. The difficulty has nothing to do with your abilities. It's always based on inaccurate information, better equipped enemy ships and large number of foes with seemingly endless supplies of missiles while yours will be expended within the first few shots. You can even get killed while docked at a station, just trying to trade or get a mission. Don't expect to be able to do the same though as you will never find your target in the same position. As far as upgrading your ship, you better be very, very, very patient. You will need about half a million credits to equip a barely acceptable fighter ship. With the ship you have to start and the type of missions you can hope to do in the beginning, you'll barely get 15,000 credits for each successful mission once you have paid for spent fuel and equipment. So just do the math... it's a long time on cleaning arrays (tantamount to washing windows), mining asteroids (Even there, you can not choose what you're mining so you'll waste even more time dumping what you did not want in the first place) and racing through ever winding ring type tracks. Fighting missions pay more but, as explained before, the odds are stacked against you and your slow poorly equipped ship. With luck though, you may end up fighting against three ships only and win the prize but, likely, other foes will materialize and blow you to pieces unless your lucky enough to make it to a jump gate and get out in a not too unfriendly solar system. The problem is that as soon as you accept to take a mission for one faction then the others will become your enemy until you accept long enough work for one of the others and then the first one will turn against you. Need I continue? The only thing I appreciated about this game was that it was easy to un-install... Good riddance!!! Expand
  28. Jan 23, 2013
    Combat in this game is simply way too hard. I find that as a Combat Pilot starting form the carrier, the contracts offered are usually much too difficult and only server to make your blood pressure rise from death after death. The Developers of this title are not cognisant enough of the difficulty level to use the beginner contracts as tools for the player to have fun whilst learning the game. Instead, they opt to make the experience as miserable and frustrating as possible while simultaneously failing to actually teach you how to play.

    If you like games that make your blood pressure rise, this is the game for you.
  29. Sep 23, 2012
    This game is wonderful! Most of the negative opinion is based on the absence of skills. For example somebody wrote here that if you jump to station you will hit wall. True is you have to know HOW you should jump to do it clean. If you faild with Contract you do not have to pay for gas because you can autodestruct yourself and go back to save (which you have done before start contract). Play ~30h and you will fall in love with this game. Greetings. Expand
  30. Aug 11, 2013
    Evochron Mercenary is an incredibly hard game, particularly on racing and combat missions. It can get very frustrating, very fast. And the universe as a whole struck me as quite empty and lacking definition. Single player campagins are a succession of random missions, and there is little more incentive to explore the universe and generally have fun than what you get the first time you start up the game. Menus are kinda messy and unintuitive, too.

    That said, this is probably the best-looking, best playing space flight sim I've played in a long time. It's incredibly easy to mod, and I've had tons of fun playing it with my Thrustmaster HOTAS-X. Outstanding game.
  31. Dec 14, 2013
    Amazing game, never before have I felt complete freedom like playing this. It's basically like Eve Online, with less focus on economy and more on piloting/physics. Definitely play on a multiplayer server, but your player updates in both single and multiplayer so you can switch between the two seamlessly without losing progress. A TON of hidden things to find in this game, including (if you're clever) our own solar system Sol, where you can land on or fly into the familiar 8 planets (and pluto!).

    Absolutely a must have game.
  32. Jan 14, 2014
    This game will not suit everybody. But if, like me, you've been waiting and dreaming for a near-perfect, sandbox space sim, then Evochron Mercenary should satisfy you! With no loading screens and a completely open universe, you can literally sweep through some planetary rings and harvest water, dock at the nearby station and sell it -- and then fly down to the planet, harvest some materials while you go, switch over to your Terrain Walker (like a 'mech) and walk over the surface of the planet to collect a cargo crate from an ancient, wrecked spaceship, then dock at one of the planet's cities to trade and refuel. You can do all this with no loading screens or stop to the gameplay. Very impressive for a game made by 1 man!

    It's not perfect -- the planets, although generated nicely, lack detail (no forests, for example). The combat is hard at first (although this isn't a bad thing). But really, the game is a lot of fun. I believe you can even get a demo which restricts you to the first star system, so you can try the game out before you buy it! Fantastic. It's available on Steam, as well as direct from the programmer (Starwraith 3D Games I think).

    I have already had 20 hours of fun in the last 4 days just having new experiences - fighting to land on a stormy planet with rain, wind and lightning; drifting (with newtonian physics) through an asteroid field which is inside a haunting purple nebula; skimming over the upper layers of a gas giant; dog fighting pirates; making the first of many millions of credits; and enjoying the scenery of the different systems as I explore, seek out trade routes and upgrade my ship -- this game has a lot more gameplay than you would think. Recomended!
  33. Apr 29, 2013
    This game was a disappointment to me. The UI isn't great and the learning curve is a bit steep for piloting. The graphics are very primitive. It takes a while to do anything, it feels like. The game was buggy as well I had issues saving. Any money you spend on this game is a donation more than a payment for a decent product.
  34. Vas
    Jun 29, 2014
    Wewt, this game is fairly good. I mean the physics and realistic space is nice, even being able to land on planets and fly around on them and such is nice. However it does have a pretty hard level curve when you first leave the system you start in, you have to get quite a bit of money and stuff before you can leave.

    Your save files are nearly unhackable, which is a big bonus with the
    game, being extremely hard to cheat with. Attempting to cheat will destroy your save file. Your save files work across all servers as well so you can play in single player and take your stuff with you to multiplayer.

    If you like space fighters and space games, you'll like this.
  35. NLS
    Jan 21, 2014
    I would give a 10, considering this is an one-man-project, but then again I give a 9 exactly because this is an one-man-project and I want this guy to keep working on it (and he does).
    The game improves constantly, Vice listens to his fan base (heck even ASKS his fan base), quite a contrast from other "major" space title ahem, X:R, ahem...
    If you check the game's site, you'll will find a
    huge list of features. The funny thing is that those features are INDEED there and INDEED work. Yes some are "average", but still a basis to improve.
    In a poorly represented (these days) genre and waiting for big names like Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen (and others), this is a must have and actually a bargain.

Mixed or average reviews - based on 7 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 4 out of 7
  2. Negative: 0 out of 7
  1. Jul 12, 2012
    A slow-burning but compelling universe in which to indulge your trading, mining and mercenary fantasies. [Sept 2012, p.74]
  2. Mar 8, 2012
    Life in space is probably not easy, so it's no surprise that there is a distinctly tough learning curve in Evochron Mercenary. Those with enough interest and diligence to stick with it, though, will be rewarded with deep, unfettered space sandbox game play.
  3. Feb 9, 2012
    Quotation forthcoming.