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  • Summary: Mankind assumed it would take five billion years until the earth began to die. In reality, it is 2016, and the planet earth is living its last twenty years. The Sun has begun to grow, burning everything around it and turning Earth into a lifeless nightmare. Mankind must adapt to extraterrestrial conditions or find an Earth-like planet where humans can live. After learning the dreadful news, the powerful A.X. Corporation produced a vaccine which allows humans to survive in any environment, and now plans to inject everyone on Earth. The alleged discovery of a "Second Earth" threatens the financial future of A.X., and C.I.A. officials become suspicious of the corporation, their motives, and the mysterious vaccine. Secret Agent Francis Rixon is commissioned to infiltrate the A.X. headquarters and discover the truth. Exodus from Earth is an action-packed shooter based on the advanced Riposte game engine, provided by Tools Media Corporation. Riposte uses modern processors and video accelerators to produce realistic and enriched game environments. Players are kept guessing until the final step with an intriguing and unpredictable storyline, battles and exploration through high-poly, epic locations on two planets. The powerful arsenal offers multiple, unique attacks for each weapon to be put to full use in the dynamic gun-toting gameplay that transports players from the road to the sky. [Strategy First] Collapse
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  1. 62
    The last two-thirds of the game may contain some interesting ideas and good gameplay but many gamers may never see that, having been put off by the shabbily-handled beginning.
  2. Simple and straightforward action shooter. Strictly linear level design and weak presentation does not mean you can enjoy the fierce fighting. [Dec 2008]
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    Aug 21, 2009
    The Graphics look excellent if you put it on Ultra high. The main problem I have with this game is that there are too many puzzles. They are very difficult and the game dosent give you any hints. But other than that it is a slightly more than decent game. Worth the 15 bucks at Gamestop Expand
  2. Rulero
    Dec 30, 2008
    Pretty good old school shooter if you are a fan of the old fashioned run and gun genre, you cant miss this. for sure it has its flaws, aiming is something to get used to, and the game can get a bit slowed down, at scenes with smoke and particles, no matter what pc you have. but nonetheless, i bought this on steam for just 10 euro, and i enjoyed it for as long as it lasted, nice graphics, decent voice acting, and the length of the game seems just fine. Expand
  3. SamT.
    Jan 22, 2009
    I bought this game on Steam about a month ago, and while it's far from perfect, EFtE has some real entertainment value. Cons: The gameplay starts out rather slowly and drearily. The graphics are somewhere between HL1 and HL2. (Not bad, but not very good either.) The storyline is very generic, not that you'll understand it anyway due to the poor localization. The weapons are also pretty standard fare, taking more than a subtle nod the the weapons of Half-Life. Pros: Some of the weapons have interesting secondary functions (you can detonate grenades in mid-air) and the enviroments are always varied. The gameplay is paced extremely well, although at times finding where to go next can be a bit of a problem. The enemy AI is far from perfect, but the soldiers will do their best to keep you from completing your objectives. Gunplay is fast and furious (as well as chunky, the gore is hilarious) and the game does a very good job at killing you if you let your guard down during a firefight. As I stated before, the translation of the game is horrendous, but that's where a good chunk of the entertainment value comes from. Phrases like "the Earth will soon have a deep tan," and "I have nothing to do here!" are common, and are good for more than a few giggles. Also, the gameplay becomes considerably more fun once you get through the first third or so of the game. Overall, Exodus From the Earth is a good budget-priced ($20.00 on Steam) FPS that will keep you laughing throughout it's entirety. Cheers! Expand
  4. Oct 31, 2010
    This game looks like Alpha Prime a lot.The weapons the enemies the gameplay and the locations are pretty much the same with alpha prime.The story isn't original either.And the character you control si boring.The graphics are worse then alpha prime.The game is full of puzzles some are hard and some just boring.The tension is 0 and the ai hard.Just like alpha prime.The only good thing are the head shots which do maximum damage.The weapons are pretty weak just look at the rocket launcher and you'll see.The smg is like the one in halo 2.The sniper like the one in battlefield 2142.And the rest are boring.Better stay with alpha prime. Expand
  5. GwarB.
    Oct 28, 2008
    Graphically, this is on the level of quake 3. It's not offensively bad just dated. The voice acting is a little corny and the music is poor however I would have played this game regardless. However. The mouse controlls are inaccurate, horribly so. The aiming is chunky and it's impossible to line up shots accurately. I didn;t think it was attrocious, just not worth spending time on. Expand
  6. Jan 16, 2012
    Exodus from Earth is a modern cyberpunk-themed FPS game that seeks to mimic classic FPS games. Complete with the absurd amount of weapons that you're asked to haul around and find a purpose for, the bothersome limitations of a health-pack system and an AI that just never misses. Although a lot of work went into building the maps and models, which shows, the gameplay itself isn't anything to get excited about. Everything has been translated from Russian into English by machine-translatio so the storyline is mostly incomprehensible and although the voice-acting is done by native English speakers, they still come off as if though they're rehearsing for a school musical. I first tried playing this game on "Hard" difficulty but that proved to be an insurmountable task with me often ending up dead before I could even get my bearings in a room, it soon turned into an inch-by-inch campfest because none of the guns packed enough bunch to dispatch of the enemy if I was out in the open. Except for the fireaxe. Unfortunately, the AI loves camping and has more patience than you do so you're often the one walking into their ambush making melee pretty useless. Luckily, the game allows you to change difficulty on the fly. This made the AI just as stupid as before but a little less accurate and a little less lethal. This doesn't solve the problem of your inherent inaccuracy. In fact; when the AI hits you, your aim is disturbed which makes it, on top of the already gimped aim, very hard to dispatch enemies quickly. The map design is, although pretty, rather confusing. Everything tends to look alike and there's no clear indication of where you have to go most of the time. A s much as I want to like this title, it just doesn't feel right. The flow of the game is broken up far too much by the constant reloading of your savegame and the path finding due to poor mapflow design. Not to mention that the map designers had no scruples with pulling dirty tricks on the player such as having guards with automatics standing right next to the hole you're about to climb out of. Good luck if you're out of grenades there. That's not fun, it's simply a load-game waiting to happen. Only recommended for hardcore FPS gamers with nothing else to play. Expand