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  1. Oct 13, 2013
    A beautiful looking and sounding game has once again been ruined by Codemasters' insistence on catering for the lowest common denominator. It is ruined by such terrible steering wheel controls as to make the game virtually unplayable, and feels through and through like it was designed for the console generation to be played on a controller. A massive shame that leaves this title thoroughly unimproved from the previous year.

    Watch the on-board footage from any Formula One race and watch out for any moment when the driver takes his hands away from their default "quarter to three" position. It never happens. Yet despite Codemasters providing a Logitech G25 preset for the game, thus acknowledging that players are using this wheel as a viable option, the steering is nowhere near sensitive enough. The first time you come across any corner that is more than a slight kink, let alone a hairpin, and you will find yourself turning the wheel more than a full revolution, necessitating a hand movement. Now compare this with the on-screen hands. These should match up, but far too much input is required from your wheel to get even the slightest movement on-screen in a slow speed corner.

    Now combine this with the straightening of the wheel on corner exit. Even if you instantly straighten the steering wheel, there is some "lingering" in the steering that reeks of a concession to the controller, where the game is trying to accommodate corner exits on a less than suitable control method.

    Off-road car physics is appalling and nowhere near realistic. There is far too much grip on grass and cars simply glide over gravel as though it's not there. Again, Codemasters concede and resort to the arcade mentality they are so often sucked into, as the game artificially slows the car when it's off the road, rather than relying on accurate physics.

    Another concession to the console generation is that the car has almost no warning of loss of grip. I recognise that these are 750hp monsters racing on the brink of what is possible, but as a driver with 20 years' experience with racing simulators, the game does not provide enough information through the steering wheel to correctly establish the attitude of the car, so finding that line between perfect corner exit and a slide into the barriers is more about guesswork than learning to read the car and the controls.

    It might well be that the game work beautifully on a controller (or even another steering wheel; I haven't got another) with full driving aids enabled, but that is of no interest to me. I have a keen interest in true motor racing simulation, and that is how the game was sold, yet there's the strong sense that Codemasters have tailored this game to the 13-year-old Xbox gamer who just wants a bit of light-hearted fun and knows nothing about driving physics or cornering style.

    I admit that it is possible, with a lot of trial and error, to get the Logitech G25 to a point where the car is driveable in this game, but only barely driveable and it never feels comfortable. The G25 preset should be set up to accurately provide a realistic control method, not having to yank the steering wheel through 270 degrees every time through Grand Hotel at Monaco. Default force feedback setting is OFF, even in the G25 preset. Why would I buy a £250 steering wheel and not use force feedback? More to the point, how am I supposed to tell what the car is doing without force feedback?

    On the plus side, the game looks and sounds brilliant, and there is a wide range of different events including, for the first time, cars from the sport's history. Unfortunately they are all terribly similar and there is no real feeling that you're driving something special, or even different. It's worth mentioning that Codemasters have done a money grab and sold the 90s classics (and tracks from the era) at additional cost, so the true star of the collection, the Williams FW14, is available only at a premium.

    Multiplayer is a clear "checklist" afterthought, and there are no dedicated servers. This means constant disconnections. Perplexingly, there is no ability to join a session in the middle of qualifying, and the default for voice chat is always on. This is inexcusable, and no developer should ever do this. Worse, once you're in a session there's no way to disable voice chat, so you have to quit out and permanently disable it. This is a crime as there IS a push to talk setting, but it's just not default.

    A massive missed opportunity made by developers more interested in making large profits from ignorant teens rather than a true effort at a simulation. Trying to play F1 2013 with a steering wheel is like trying to fry an egg with a cigarette lighter: it works, but you'll get mightily frustrated in the process. After the huge failure of Grid 2 this year, Codemasters need to go back to the drawing board. But as long as the ignorant masses continue to part with their money for games like this, there'll be no improvement.
  2. Oct 8, 2013
    I guess we can all rest easy and pretty much not play this game, unless this is your thing. I couldn't really recommend this to anyone besides die-hard fans of the other games. It feels more like a rehash with tighter controls.

    I am uninspired.
  3. Oct 27, 2013
    As a fan of the series since the F1 2010 game, this is a huge disappointment, as was F1 2012. As other reviewers have stated the steering controls in particular for this game are awful, as is the massively over-played traction and an almost inability to mess up, even with all assists off.

    The steering is horrible and vague, the tyres offer more grip than is ever viable and attempting
    passes that would sent a real F1 car smashing into a wall are pulled off without a hitch. For a game that is supposed to represent the cutting edge of motorsport where cars are constantly held on the limit, this game is far too easy when you want to dial it into the hard setting. This is a game to avoid if you are after a simulation. Having recently lent my F1 2011 game to my dad, I had another go on it and found that it was so much more realistic (and difficult!) than the previous two generations, and would recommend this as the most “simulation” style of racing game. The first time out on this game, no setup done, no prep, I got pole in a Force India in Melbourne (hardest difficulty).

    A quick note on classic mode: other than gear ratios and the cars revving faster, the classic cars don’t feel ultimately different than the new cars. Cars from the 80-90’s were on the edge, cars that you had to muscle around the tracks. Not in this game; no spins, no spills, huge downforce (unrealistically so). Great for the visuals, no challenge to master what should be a very challenging car.

    Graphically, there have been some changes (hard to tell whether they’re for better or worse). Actually, scratch that, they’re worse. The textures are AWFUL and I play on a PC capable of maxing every setting. Melbourne springs to mind; the second to last corner is just one bit swathe of green from the kerb to the top of the tyre wall whereas in the 2012 game there was detailed grass shown. It’s unacceptable for an official game to slip backwards this dramatically in terms of graphical quality. None of the other textures seem to have the clarity of the previous iteration and all I can hope is that F1 2013 is opened to the Steam Workshop so that someone competent can make a HD Texture pack.

    There are other gripes, but I think that a side of A4 is enough for a review.

    In conclusion, this game shows the sad progression of a series that started out as a challenging simulator-style game where the rough edges were forgiven due to the excellent racing, into an arcade style “easy-for-everyone-regardless-of-setting” point-n-squirt game which presents next to no challenge. However, this time it isn’t even a polished example graphically. The only improvement, graphically, is that the from-driver perspective is lower down, and so more realistic. The AI is slightly improved too.

    I hesitantly say that this was released before it was ready. Codemasters, if you’re reading this, please take some time, patch this up, add the proper textures (or even the ones from last years game), fix the steering, fix the grip and give your customers value for money.
  4. Oct 28, 2013
    1 FPS BUG more FPS more speed.
    2 Online problems
    3 Cheaters in world TT
    4 Random bot speed and time in wet race.
    5 system of penalties and flags became even worse
    I have f1 2010, 2011, 2012. F1 2013 worst in the series.
  5. Dec 9, 2013
    I loved all the previous F1 titles, especially last year's F1 2012. However this is a huge letdown. Two months after the game's release many aspects are still broken and there have been no patches, unlike F1 2012 which was being improved right up until the launch of F1 2013. So in short this is just a cash grab by Codemasters who have no intention of supporting the product. They destroyed the DIRT series and now seem well on their way to doing the same with this series. Overpriced DLC driven scam. Save your money and enjoy the first three titles which were outstanding! Given the disaster that befell the DIRT series and this heap of garbage it is likely that this will be the last in the series as Codemasters could well be a defunct studio by 2014 as they don't really have anything left in their product lineup. Expand
  6. Nov 6, 2013
    First of all, I have played F1 2010, F1 2012, and this is the worst F1 game. F1 2010's lack of development and ingenuity was forgivable. F1 2012 the handling was perfect. there was only room for making it fun. So I was expecting F1 2013 to have the immerse and fun experience to make an awesome game. Unfortunately, F1 2013's handling is nightmare, a lot of understeer in low speed corner and massive oversteer in high speed corners, lose back-end, a lot of wheel spin, and finally a very depressing player interface, racing game experience is so boring Expand
  7. Oct 29, 2013
    Graficos bien consumo de gasolina y desgaste de neumáticos mas real pero la IA de los rivales es lamentable, al mejorarla hacen que se comporten cono camicaces. Basta como ejemplo el circuito de Mónaco en la recta después del túnel tenemos una curva a izquierda pues bien los pilotos no toman la curva y se estrellan todos en el muro de enfrente dos coches de seguridad y en 5 vueltas todos los rivales eliminados y al final ganas la carrera porque no hay nadie mas. En el circuito de Malasia en la parabólica antes de la recta de contra meta igual. En Canadá en el tramo de recta y curva a izquierda lo mismo ya que hay una gran escapatoria. Solo llevo estos circuitos y todos están mal no depende del nivel de dificultad ya que tanto en aficionado como en leyenda hacen lo mismo.
    Supongo que en circuitos como Mónza con su parabólica antes de meta spa con la eau rouge o la frenada después de la recta de salida de eau rouge, tendrán los mismos problemas. Si la gran mejora de esta edición ha sido la IA se la podriín haber ahorrado ya que arruina el juego por completo.
    EN 25 dias ya han sacado dos parches el último aun no se me ha descargado.
    La duda que tengo es:
    La gente que le da un diez de puntuación saben que esto es formula 1 y no un juego de autos de choque?.
    Soy seguidor de la serie desde el f1 99 hecho por take 2 el f1 2000 hecho por EA sports y la verdad es que el del año pasado ya tuvo errores como el circuito de Valencia que tenia el mismo problema que le de Mónaco este año y el de esta edición......vamos de mal en peor.
  8. Apr 30, 2014
    I'll rather go play Grand Prix 4 than this s*it. Horrible physics combined with so-so graphics and terrible sound design. Don't do the same mistake as me, get yourself some old Dirt game (1,2) from Amazon.
  9. Apr 2, 2014
    Impossible to recommend this buggy piece of mess to anyone. Corner cutting bugs, AI bugs/cheats, understeering bugs, oversteering bugs... Play it only if you want to experience maximum frustration.
  10. Jan 26, 2014
    How can anyone give it decent score? it's the worst console port I've ever seen. It's not broken but you cannot change anything and also gamepad support is zero. Yes you can configure it somewhat but it counts triggers as buttons.....

    oh god..
  11. Nov 23, 2013
    First of all, i am a huge fan of F1 2012 and played it ever since. But then i bought the new game and it is extremly awful. They tried to make it more like a simulation. That works, when your using the key buttons BUT NOT when i use a xbox wireless wheel. The control without help settings is unbearable. So either way, i will start playing F1 2012 again
  12. Mar 15, 2014
    I tried giving this game a chance, believe me I did.
    I had played this game as a part of the Steam free weekend, running a Mac Mini Late-2010. First off, it said my graphics card was not compatible with the game. I swapped over to a different computer, and they said I had to update it to the latest version. (As if the game wouldn't work with 10.8 anyway... it's recent enough.)

    tutorial was excessively long, and when I had gotten to the second day with 10 long tutorials, I had given up on the tutorial, and just skipped it all. And I'm glad I did because it was clear I didn't need to know anything other than acceleration, braking, and turning. When I got to the game, I couldn't help but be very bored. I was unable to focus on the game, it had no interest and boring gameplay. You could get a better racing game out of Tetris, it's that bad. I had tried almost all the gamemodes except for the classic vehicles.

    Multiplayer servers are nearly impossible to join. Also there is no way to turn off mic chat- which I personally do not wish to use.

    The only good thing about it were the graphics. However it was still probably bad enough to accept my graphics card.

    I am ashamed with you CodeMasters and Feral Interactive. You usually do better.
  13. Jul 30, 2014
    Absolute **** compared to 2011 and 2010 . This stupidification of games have to stop.
    Either they have screwed up support for my G27 racing wheel or everything just feels stale and unresponsive. The AI is absolutely retarded, even at highest settings. You really notice they get better lap times due to physics override rather than "skill".
    Graphically it is not an upgrade since 2011 (no
    surprise there since it launched for the potatos as well). My recommendation is to buy F1 2011. Looks just as good, but with better wheel support and better driving characteristics. Collapse
  14. Jul 30, 2014
    Absolute **** compared to 2011 and 2010 . This stupidification of games have to stop.
    Either they have screwed up support for my G27 racing wheel or everything just feels stale and unresponsive. The AI is absolutely retarded, even at highest settings. You really notice they get better lap times due to physics override rather than "skill".
    Graphically it is not an upgrade since 2011 (no
    surprise there since it launched for the potatos as well). My recommendation is to buy F1 2011. Looks just as good, but with better wheel support and better driving characteristics. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 18 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 12 out of 18
  2. Negative: 0 out of 18
  1. Mar 11, 2014
    F1 2013 is a pretty ambiguous package. On one hand it's the best lightweight F1 simulation ever, but on the other hand it feels like an another season update with overpriced DLC's and burden of current gen consoles. I think it really would benefit from updates like warmup laps and all the drama surrounding F1 circus. [Nov 2013]
  2. Nov 25, 2013
    Arguably the best in the series, but also very much a retread of F1 2012. [December 2013, p.95]
  3. Nov 14, 2013
    The F1 Classics mode refreshes the game and I would gladly welcome it as a separate full-scale title. Otherwise F1 2013 doesn’t get crazy with innovation, but maintains high level of the series. [12/2013, p.68]