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  1. Unfortunately, while Fable: TLC does feature a nice open ended single player experience, you're likely going to be done with the game entirely once you've finished it.
  2. A quality port that adds more content as well as perfects the existing gameplay. Every single fan of great storytelling and compelling single-player fantasy RPGs should own this one.
  3. The production values are perfectly tuned to the game's style as the graphics and audio are beautifully implemented. Quite simply, I loved the game.
  4. If you don’t own an Xbox or never got around to picking up the original Fable, do yourself a tremendous favor and buy Fable: The Lost Chapters immediately.
  5. It's certainly one of the best RPGs out there and there's no doubt that some novices will consider it the best RPG they've ever played.
  6. Computer Games Magazine
    It's remarkably imaginative, whimsical, and full of life. [Nov 2005, p.68]
  7. If it had been launched directly to the PC, Fable might have become one of the greatest games in history, because the potential was there and the early previews stand testament to the designer’s intentions. Not the Fable is a bad game, far from it, but I just can’t help feeling a little sad, thinking of what might have been.
  8. Computer Gaming World
    Fun and ambitious, but not nearly as substantial as it wants you to think it is. [Nov 2005, p.96]
  9. This is Fable on the PC, but the lost chapters remain lost. I was only able to find bits and pieces of new pages strung about. Still, the game was good on Xbox and they’ve made it good on PC too.
  10. The game offers a lot to do for any RPG aficionado, including a compelling story bundled into a non-linear package that affords something many RPG gamers want – freedom to act as they please. Fable, with all it offers, is the perfect game for this type of freedom.
  11. For all its beauty, the areas you explore do seem rather small and hemmed in - especially when we're so used to expansive, open-ended RPG worlds.
  12. Where the game falls short is in not providing enough for the player to do, so its lack of depth becomes apparent. In the GTA titles the player was kept too busy to worry about the limitations of the world; in Fable there aren’t nearly as many options or missions. The storyline is also poorly crafted though engaging with its chilling touches of darkness.
  13. 80
    Even if you played through the Xbox version multiple times, there’s enough new stuff here for a look.
  14. The improved interface and totally configurable controls along with some superior graphics definitely make this the version of Fable you want to play.
  15. Game Informer
    Offers more of what made the original so unique, and succeeds at making a phenomenal game even greater. [Oct 2005, p.148]
  16. A polished and entertaining ride, jam packed with people to see and things to do. The graphics are nice, the voice acting is superb, and the combat is a lot of fun.
  17. Well-designed, attractive and ultimately quite a fun game. However, it is quite short, and despite the many side-quests and various ways to customise your character, really offers little incentive for subsequent play-throughs.
  18. 85
    You can see for yourself that Fable has damn fine looking graphics. The attention to detail can not really be underestimated in this respect. The character models look brilliant and the aesthetic changes in your hero’s look over time add just that little bit extra to the game’s finesse.
  19. 90
    The best version yet of a game that doesn't redefine the genre but surely reinvigorates it.
  20. Unexpectedly engaging, in spite of its utter lack of difficulty. If you are a PC gamer hoping to see Project Ego come to life, you will be disappointed--but most will find Fable to be as fresh as morning daylight.
  21. While we would’ve loved to seen a stronger emphasis on the whole ‘actions have consequences’ premise, Fable still allows the gamer to develop a strong bond with their hero.
  22. The controls have been well adapted to the PC and the graphics have been upgraded, so it doesn't even feel like a port.
  23. The story behind fable has to be one of the best I've ever come across. On more than one occasion, the plot took me completely by surprise.
  24. Although the story may be lacking “epic qualities” and a little short, the game still delivers on many of the promises that it makes.
  25. Fable's social systems are a masterpiece of design and, if the story and dialogue tend towards the prosaic, the compelling action and delicious presentation boost the experience far above the ordinary. [PC Gamer UK]
  26. Undeniably charming. Technically, it's not the best role-playing game on the market but it is loaded so much personality that its problems melt away underneath a blanket of just plain fun.
  27. A decidedly great game, all in all. Its most interesting, riskiest features may lie at the fringes rather than at the core--but they're there.
  28. 80
    If you already played the original version on Xbox, it's tough to recommend padding Microsoft's pockets again, but noobs will probably get their dollar's worth.
  29. The story is tightly linear, so it's hard to make your character's tale your own.
  30. You can tell the amount of love poured into this game, it really shows. An excellent title for anyone who enjoys adventure games, especially those who like the less linear feel that Fable has to offer.
  31. Innovative role-playing on the XBox that continues forth on PC. The control system is a little difficult to handle, however, and doesn’t quiet fit the gameplay mechanics.
  32. A very accessible and pretty RPG. Perhaps it could benefit from added complexity and higher difficulty.
  33. While the main game can take about 15 hours at most to beat, completing all of the additional side-quests may take you up to three times as long.
  34. I enjoyed the time I spent with Fable: The Lost Chapters, but when the final credits ran I found myself asking, “Is that it?” The game was just lacking something.
  35. Another place that the game really worked was the social system that was put in place. It's not terribly deep, but each town had its own life and people in it. The world changed depending on the quests that you did. The game had a level of detail in it that made me feel like I was doing something.
  36. 87
    At every turn the world feels wonderfully alive and the consequences of your actions have a real and obvious impact on the world around you. The identification you build with your character is stronger than in any other RPG I've ever played.
  37. Fable was, and still is, a cracking and practically beard-free role-player. Maybe in five years from now, we’ll see a sequel that actually resembles what we were initially promised.
  38. Frustration was heightened by incorporating diverse elements that did not mesh in a smooth manner.
  39. The sound of a leather boot impacting a chicken, and the resulting squawks and flapping that result, must be heard first hand to be truly appreciated.
  40. I hate to say this after being such a fan of much of Peter’s and the Lionhead Studios work, but once again Fable turns out to be nothing more than a legend.
  41. 80
    It's the definitive version of Fable, but only those who've not played the Xbox game, or are die hard fans should pick it up, given the additional content is not as plentiful as one would have expected, nor does it make the game profoundly different from what was released 12 months ago.
  42. PC Format
    Flawed but irresistable - Fable is lifted by the weight of its ideas. [Nov 2005, p.93]
  43. PC Gamer
    Fun, but it lacks depth compared to other PC roleplaying games. [Nov 2005, p.78]
  44. If you have played the original Fable and still own an xbox, I would recommend waiting for the xbox release of The Lost Chapters. If you have not played Fable and won’t be disappointed by the relatively short time required to beat the game, then buy it.
  45. Pelit (Finland)
    Expands the original Xbox Fable with new adventures, equipment and other stuff. The PC conversion is beautiful and an all-around fine piece of work, but the main plot is still too short and the world does not feel alive. [Oct 2005]
  46. The game’s audio is magnificent. The entire package is excellent and really brings the game’s presentation to first-class standards.
  47. Play Magazine
    There's a little more optional flavor and a great deal more core content. [Oct 2005]
  48. I did find the game to contain large portions of the elusive element of fun whilst I was playing, and a sense of exploration and wonder at some of the environments and events.
  49. It was a difficult task translating the refined Xbox controls to mouse and keyboard, but the system works flawlessly. Combat is basic yet fun, demanding timing.
  50. Sadly the action based nature of the game hasn’t survived the translation to mouse/keyboard as well as we could have hoped. The fundamental character/camera movement and basic combat works well; it just all begins to get a little messy when the vast amount of keys comes into play.
  51. 91
    Fable is a fantastic game and TLC builds even more onto it. The one thing I am disappointed with is that there is no multiplayer mode.
  52. It would have been nicer if the storyline was a little longer, but the ability to go back and replay the game, but choosing to be evil instead of good, or a spellcaster instead of a fighter, will allow you to enjoy this game for some time.
  53. It has everything I look for in an RPG - a quality story, superb visuals, excellent music, a hint of humor that doesn't overstay its welcome, and above all else, a sense of immersion that sweeps me away to another world.
  54. 80
    Graphically it's a generation behind its peers, and the control system betrays its Xbox roots, but if you can put up with that you're pretty much guaranteed a good time.
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Generally favorable reviews- based on 534 Ratings

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  1. Oct 17, 2010
    This game is one of the best I've ever played. I've been playing it since it came to PC, and I have to say I enjoyed it even more than it'sThis game is one of the best I've ever played. I've been playing it since it came to PC, and I have to say I enjoyed it even more than it's Xbox 360 sequel. The game is thrilling and open, and I'd recommend it to anyone looking for a great time! Full Review »
  2. Dec 20, 2012
    This is one of the most fun games I've played despite it's many flaws. Sure it failed to deliver the majority of what was promised but what weThis is one of the most fun games I've played despite it's many flaws. Sure it failed to deliver the majority of what was promised but what we got I still feel is a great game. It's reasonably short taking less than 20 hours for me to 100% it but with the amount of times I've replayed it I probably have close to a hundred hours in this game. The flaws just don't bother me as it's clearly not meant to be a challenging game. The ridiculous economy means you can get super rich right off the bat and the supply of potions available in Albion means you're as good as invincible. But the game was still fun for me, if you don't take it seriously you'll enjoy it a lot more. Some people may have expected an Elder Scrolls like RPG but Fable is a lot more light-hearted I feel and it revels in it's hyper-clichéd storyline. I spent a good deal of time with Fable Explorer as well, the only game I've ever really bothered to do any sort of modding with. If it was fun pillaging villages with fireballs and hammers, try shooting 50 bolts of lightning from your hand at once or Berserking till you're taller than most of the buildings in the village. It may be good for reasons the developer didn't quite intent but it's still pretty damn good. Full Review »
  3. May 28, 2012
    Repetitive gameplay, unbalanced combat, a predictable and agonizingly cliche story, a pointless karma system, and tedious (and sometimesRepetitive gameplay, unbalanced combat, a predictable and agonizingly cliche story, a pointless karma system, and tedious (and sometimes broken) side quests make Fable: The Lost Chapters an often boring and entirely passable RPG. Full Review »