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  • Summary: Falcon 4.0 is an extremely detailed Simulation integrating a fully dynamic, realtime Air, land, and sea war in which you take part as an F-16 pilot. Running on any OS platform capable of supporting Directx 5.0 and above. Falcon 4.0 not only simulates a fantastic and versatile fighter, but also a very versatile product. With 4 years of hard work behind it, it is the ultimate Simulation experience for all enthusiasts. [Falcon 4.0 HQ] Expand
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  1. The game has great depth in realism and dynamics. Its campaign and scenarios are without equal. It's the best and most complete documented game ever released, and includes fully featured training missions for the novice pilot.
  2. Can you believe it? It's finally out - and the four-year wait was well worth it. [March 1999, p.100]
  3. The plane physics and world realism are incredible.
  4. 84
    If you're a serious air combat fan looking for a sim that's big, beautiful, challenging, and truly convincing, Falcon 4.0 is tough to beat.
  5. As it is I hereby award this game a Silver award for taking risks, partly delivering them and for being a game with plenty of scope and depth that takes a lot of getting to grips with.
  6. It's got tons of depth and detail. Just make sure you download the latest patch for the game before playing or your results will definitely be less than they could be.
  7. Hardcore combat sim fans with equally serious hardware and a cast-iron stomach for aspirin will find themselves engrossed in a simulation of incredible depth and subtlety.

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