Falcon 4.0: Allied Force PC

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  1. StaikoP.
    Sep 4, 2005
    Being a real pilot in real life doesn't get closer. Very good graphics, bug free and with intense dogfights and scenarios makes it very attracting. However, learning how to use the aircrafts equipment is like ... studying aviation in a University. Very difficult but one thing is for sure, if you get the hold of it you wont let go !
  2. TedM.
    Aug 11, 2005
    This game changed my life.
  3. MiksR.
    Aug 20, 2005
    Superb game, great!!! Must have.
  4. HenryJ.
    Oct 20, 2005
    Truly spectacular. Forget MS Flight Sim this is the best flight sim by a country mile.
  5. MikeB.
    Sep 20, 2005
    Great sim, easy or realistic to fly. Great campaign mode too.
  6. [Anonymous]
    Sep 23, 2005
    Oh my god, the graphics, the realism, hte complexity, this'll keep me occupied till i'm 80.
  7. SamF.
    Jan 2, 2006
    Finally after about 6 years a Falcon 4.0 Game that is Stable and playable. Awesome. Allied Force adds alot of the improvements from previous patches and make this game the best combat flight sim period.
  8. C3PO
    Nov 13, 2005
    From the Developers, Lead Pursuit LLC.

    We're hard at work on Patch Three for Allied Force, and here are some great new screenshots featuring enhanced missile exhaust effects and a new dual seater viper model. Changelog and further details about the Forward Air Controller enhancements included too. Enjoy :) [img]http://lead-pursuit.com/new2.jpg[/img]
    From the Developers, Lead Pursuit LLC.

    We're hard at work on Patch Three for Allied Force, and here are some great new screenshots featuring enhanced missile exhaust effects and a new dual seater viper model. Changelog and further details about the Forward Air Controller enhancements included too. Enjoy :)









    New dual seater Viper:




    Changelog for v1.0.4 (Patch Three) due out at end of November:

    [b]Aircraft & Flight Models [/b]
    J-22 flight parameters updated.
    F-4SDK parameters adjusted.
    Loadout changes for mavericks with LAU-88.
    Hardpoint / weapons drag computation corrected for greater accuracy.
    Loadout changes on AGM-88 HARM. Two on 3/7 hardpoints only.
    Jaguar loadouts adjusted.
    More Tornado loadout changes.
    Flight models for the F-16A-MLU, F-16A-15, F-16C-25, F-16C-30, F-16C-32, F-16D-40, and F-16D-52 updated.
    Fix to load correct amount of external fuel for assymetric, multi-tank and unusual hardpoint filling.
    Make rudder inertia when going from full left to full right NWS rudder deflection again invariant of the game FPS.
    F-16, F-5, F-18D/F get smoke rockets added for FAC missions.
    New Dual-Seater F-16 model
    [b]Artificial Intelligence & General Improvements[/b]
    Rudder sensitivity toned down.
    Force Feedback effects should be back.
    Fix a bug with the FCRPowerOn / Off keystrokes.
    Instant Action should now have avionics properly configured when entering the pit.
    Repairtime lowered on small bridges.
    Adjustment to SA-6 radar acquire/track times.
    Stop the AI circling the target during ground attack. AI pilot ground avoidance improvements following a 'weapons free' instruction. Improvements to AI pilots receiving the RTB and Rejoin commands. Fix for active missiles losing lock prematurely. Fix for AI not firing air to air missiles after a bombing run. Addressed ATC violation when told to clear the runway after a valid landing. AI attack profile improved when flying low through a valley and the target is on top of a hill. Math fixes to some AI WVR routines for aircraft and helicopters. AI attempt to exit combat at Joker fuel level instead of Bingo. Improvements to AI pilot afterburner usage. Better TrackIR support in 2D pit. 2D pit panels are switched to using absolute TIR azimuth/elevation position. Using keyboard, mouse or POV in 2D pit to change view, will temporarily disable TIR view changes, until TIR is moved preset angle (70 deg) from last position, or until view is returned to the last view where TIR was used. 12 o'clock one-click down view is skipped over during TrackIR panning since it's too close to main view and would be too easy to change to it by accident. Using normal POV/keyboard panning you can still change to this view. In realistic mode, the padlock box is not displayed anymore, only the yellow rhombus depicting the next locked padlock object when switching. [b]Art & Textures[/b] Airbase tiling error fixed. Some objects lods fixed for various errors. Positional adjustments to missile burner placement to missile model. LAU-68 texture added. 2D cockpit kneemap for Balkan theater updated with roads, rivers and Tacandata. 2D cockpits Balkan theater reference views updated with rivers, roads and Tacandata. UI map of Balkan theater updated with roads, rivers and Tacandata. UI map of Korea theater was fixed for gap near the coast. (missing land). New animating flame exhausts for missiles [b]Avionics [/b] Fix issue where the avionics could end up selecting an empty hardpoint when dropping LGB's and switching to another weapon in the meantime. Removed redundant AIM-9 missile reticle in A-A Mode. Fix selective Jettison Bug with Maveriks as selected weapon. Wingman display fix for the HSD. Cockpit switch error corrected. Missile and Threat Volume knobs fixed. Fixes to A-A weapon switching if different types of the same missile were loaded. If the last A-A missile of a certain type is fired, automatically switch to the next type. Changes to Reference symbol and AG MasterModes: When the radar is in an AG mode, display the reference symbol instead of the bullseye, regardless of the ICP selection. In A-A Modes and BE mode deselected, the bullseye solution readout shows bearing and range from the current steerpoint to the cursors. In A-A STT Modes and with a locked target and BE mode deselected, the bullseye solution readout shows range and bearing from the bugged target to the current steerpoint. Do not display the radar cursors with an STT Lock. Change to the RWR newguy sound. Instead of playing the 3 beeps, play 3 bursts of audio at the emitters PRF. [b]Campaign [/b] More activity by teams in defensive and consolidation modes. Mission planning improvements. New modes added for Airborne Forward Air Controller (FAC[A]) / Close Air Support (CAS) / Battlefield Air Interdiction (BAI). Missile AIM 120-C5 added to 2005 / 2010 campaigns. [b]Configuration Options[/b] Setup options for intro movie, current player selection and Instant action scores are now stored in configoptions.cfg so they are not lost again during future patching, installing and uninstalling. Make sure to go over all of the Setup screen options once again after applying patch 3. [b]Documents [/b] FR Keyboard layout amended. [b]Forward Air Controller (Airborne) (FAC[A]) Changes[/b] On-Call CAS flights now check in with the FAC when the FAC is on station. CAS and BAI flights will look for an FAC in their package if they can't find a target within their patrol area. FAC can hand-off targets. FAC capable aircraft now carry marker rockets. FAC now launches white smoke marker rockets into the target area whenever it has aircraft checked in. FAC and AWACS radio calls now function if player voice option is turned off in the setup panel. CAS and BAI flights no longer look to engage ground targets en route to their assigned patrol area. FAC will continue to assign targets even if it has run out of rockets. FAC missions will no longer issue formation commands. [b]Multiplayer[/b] A padlock box shifted up on some ground vehicles fixed. ACMI recording is now more precise in MP. ATC voices from the same tower should now be consistent in MP. Successive Request Takeoff commands should now be answered by ATC in MP. Instances of duplicate pilot entries in debriefs corrected in MP. Addressed issue of player flight lead influencing other player aircraft steerpoint. The AWACS user interface can now be accessed for Tactical Engagements as well. No long distance warps or ground crashes anymore when joining an already airborne flight. [b]Stability[/b] Several crashes fixed including Font drawing in the UI Force Feedback stick crashes MFD drawing while switching views Mission Evaluation post flight Occasionally when Radar mode change Multiplayer issues Some occasional terrain loading issues Sound playing while switching views Some more post ejection crashes. [b]User Interface [/b] Briefing layout adjusted for longer aircraft names. UI Music now loops correctly. When adding a package, deleting a created flight and readding a flight caused it not to be flyable. Fog slider values correctly displayed in TE editor, Instant Action and Dogfight. Setup option for using TrackIR in 2D pit views in Controllers section (only availabe if TrackIR is detected). [b]FAC (A) Improvements:[/b] The Airborne Forward Air Controller - FAC (A), has a pivitol role in helping direct aircraft towards ground targets. They were used extensively in Vietnam and more recently in the Gulf War conflicts. The FAC (A) flies ahead of a Close Air Support flight. It picks out ground targets and provides bearing and range. In addition, the FAC can launch "Willie Pete" White Phosphorous rockets which mark the target for visual identification. The FAC feature was always present in Allied Force. But v1.0.4, will see a radical improvement in the way it works. It is more functional, more responsive and much more interesting to fly. Up until now, the FAC would only guide you to the primary ground target. If the primary target did not exist, or one was not assigned to it, attacking aircraft were left without a target to go for. Now, the FAC will attempt to find the primary target but if it was destroyed or a primary target not identified, then the FAC will go hunting along its waypoints to spot and find you a target. Lead Pursuit engineer Mike Laskey explains: "Sometimes too when AI fighters would check in with the FAC, after a few seconds they would call "Winchester, Request Relief" then they'd pick a target and attack. This has been corrected. AI fighters will check in and wait a few minutes. If the FAC does not assign a target within that time frame, the AI fighter will call in to the FAC with the request "Send me your targets". If after another short period nothing is heard, then they will hunt around for their own targets and attack." "The AI will now have the correct logic to properly launch marker rockets at targets. In the past, the A-10 would launch all its rockets in one pass instead of just one at the particular target, and in fact the F-16 when flying FAC missions would not be kitted out with marker rockets at all. Both these issues have been corrected so that targets are marked by the AI FAC aircraft." Mike says: "We revised the logic so that the AI FAC will only launch marker rockets whilst the FAC has fighters checked in. If no fighters are checked in, then the FAC preserves its rockets, flies along its waypoints finding targets and waiting for fighters to check in." The AI FAC will also fire a rocket at the nearest unit in the target battalion, to avoid overflying and getting shot down. Smoke has now been introduced for these rockets to clearly mark the target both day and night. Maximum enjoyment can be had in multiplayer mode with a human FAC directing AI and human-flown On-Call CAS missions. Players can fly the role of the FAC, launch smoke rockets into the target and use the FAC commands to audibly describe target positons to his AI and player-piloted allies. During the mission, the AI FAC, when it runs out of rockets, will remain in the target area and continue to call targets. It will return home when either all the fighters have checked out, of when fuel is low. Mike adds: "Improvements are not just limited to the FAC. CAS, BAI and On-Call CAS flights have had their logic enhanced. Before they tended to attack the first target they came across. Now they will ignore ground opportunities until they reach the target area, and then start hunting as normal for the rest of the mission.
  9. TariqW.
    Aug 25, 2005
    Definitely a classic buy buy buy!
  10. RicardoG.
    Sep 28, 2007
    The best, period. Having flown flight sims since the Falcon 3.0 era, I am certain that this version beats all the others. The dynamic campaigns, well modelled weapons, and dynamic enemy AI... I've been flying AF for over a year without yet running out of options!!! What are you waiting for? This is not just a great sim, it is a piece of simulation/software history.
  11. Aug 18, 2012
    The most polished flight sim I've played, this game executes everything very well, it's almost too large of a game to put into one review. Rest assured that this has a huge community, looks great, is terrifically optimized, all while maintaining a very realistic experience. The one thing that can really hurt a sim experience is wonky communication, having to repeat commands, or them notThe most polished flight sim I've played, this game executes everything very well, it's almost too large of a game to put into one review. Rest assured that this has a huge community, looks great, is terrifically optimized, all while maintaining a very realistic experience. The one thing that can really hurt a sim experience is wonky communication, having to repeat commands, or them not working well. The command system is wonderful, asking for a taxi puts you in line and it's very organized, if you are a flight lead your wingmen will follow you on the runway, and you are seamlessly transferred from taxing to takeoff by doing one command. Another problem with flight sims is that a lot of the game is just learning the plane, and not much is put into mission design and AI, well AF does both beautifully. Though randomly generated, there are a nice variety of mission types and scenarios will mix things up. There's also a custom mission editor which has a relatively small learning curve compared to most custom mission editors out there. The AI is done well, the AI makes mistakes, but at about the right frequency. Stick support is great, while most will work for any game, some sticks comes with trimming wheels etc. and they may not be supported, my CH 568(a bit older) works well with all the wheels on it as well, which didn't work in IL-2 1946. I can honestly say this is the best flight sim on the market along with DCS a-10, however this is much more optimized and doesn't require a high-end graphics card to run. All around the game is incredibly consistent, looks great, realistic, runs great, lasts a long time, huge community, and modding support. Expand

Universal acclaim - based on 7 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 7 out of 7
  2. Mixed: 0 out of 7
  3. Negative: 0 out of 7
  1. It is cheap, about as complete as a game of this nature can be, and thanks to the plethora of missions, the inclusion of a mission editor, and especially the several dynamic campaigns, the sim offers limitless replayability.
  2. PC Gamer
    One of the most welcome and significant new flight-sim releases in years. [Sept 2005, p.71]
  3. Easily the best flight and fight sim ever created. And I don't say that lightly. It's not easy but at least if you make the effort you won't be plagued by buggy programming.