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  1. Aug 18, 2012
    [First Impressions] I notice that many people giving this game negative reviews all seem to be "bad graphics" this and "poor port" that, but let me just give my opinion of the game without referring to such trivial issues. First of all, New Vegas in NOT made my Bethesda, but was developed by Obsidian. From a FI perspective the game isn't much to write home about; the gameplay is virtually unchanged save for new weapons and iron sight aiming and the quests are as fun as ever. The most significant difference is the reputation system which dictates how different factions and settlements will react to you. For example, doing favours for someone will increase your reputation with that settlement or doing vice versa will degrade your reputation. The system does produce interesting scenarios from a role-playing perspective but it means little to me as I'm more interested in the world and the quests. The game has a more distinct vibe to it than Fallout 3 despite the main story being uninteresting in comparison, the colourful Vegas looks quite spectacular from a distance. So from a first-impressions viewpoint, I like New Vegas. It still has plenty of interesting quests and I'll no doubt enjoy what the reputation system can offer but for some reason I can't get that interested in the setting. Expand
  2. Oct 24, 2011
    Graphics and sound are pretty much the same, however, as other reviewers already noted, this game feels much more like Fallout 1 and 2. It's set on a desert-like landscape, the game has a Western feel like Fallout 2, the dialogue for quests and just talking with NPCs is waaaaay superior than Fallout 3 - you have much more freedom and whatnot. Also, I don't think the game is linear at all - you are "guided" by the main quest, of course, but that goes for any RPG ever released. At any time you can just stray off the beaten path, get quests that take you to far places and whatnot. The only problem with the game, in my opinion, is that the story is far less "epic": you're not trying to save a Vault, your tribe or discover the fate of your father and then save the world (pretty much). You just wanna kill the guy who tried to kill you, then you start working for a faction for no other reason than you want to. Other than that, the game is excellent, and a must for anyone who liked any of the Fallouts. Expand
  3. Mar 16, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. New Vegas is just a stellar improvement on the FO3 formula. The new lands to explore (And conquer for some of us) are a fresh start, though the mostly vault-less land feels a little different than your usual Fallout romp. Still crossing the wastes of Nevada and fighting everything from Powder Gangers to Giant Rad Scorpions to Deathclaws is a blast. The story you follow of the errand boy of Nevada gone wrong is intriguing and leads you through some interesting areas to learn of what happened, and exact revenge on someone who wronged you. The DLC that has come out for the game has been pretty fun. I have the GOTY edition from Steam with all the DLC packs and I've gotta say Old World Blues was a helluva good time. The writing in that DLC pack more than makes up for any frustrating pieces. I love the Fallout Universe and it's always fun to go back and pick it up again and play things out in a different way or order than you did before. Great fun :) Expand
  4. Dec 26, 2011
    Awesome game. Fallout 3 with many more option and differents option for the story and the quests. For a quest give you 3 option, then these 3 option take 3 different ways! You can be whatever you want to me in this game. First i bought the game on console on full price, but it was unplayable for many console only problems. Then on Steam i got it at 6â
  5. Nov 10, 2011
    This was a fun game. After finishing Fallout 3's campaign I was looking forward to another game similar to it. Fallout New Vegas is very similar to it's predecessor in both good and bad ways. Good: Lots of hours worth of gameplay, the gameplay is solid, the graphics are alright for such a large game and the story is quite good. Bad: It's pretty glitchy, you can't keep playing once you finish the main quest and the facial expressions and animations could use some de-robotizing. Overall it was an enjoyable, yet glitchy, experience. I recommend you try the game out before buying it. Expand
  6. Apr 30, 2013
    This game has really grown on me. The more i played it, the more i liked it. Being able to shape your story how you see fit is a great time, whether you want to save Las Vegas and make it autonomous, or swiftly conquer it and murder the population with the Legion, you can do whatever you wish. My only complaints are the graphics, pc performance, and the combat. The game slugs at time and the controls feel wonky, probably due to a poor port job. The combat is just bad, luckily you have a "VATS" system which will help you get out of many tight spots. Expand
  7. Nov 17, 2011
    for what was a very creative and fun game series, fallout NV and 3 set an all time low. Sure, fallout 3 and NV pulled the series to 3d and open, and i admit it was kind of fun, but that fun was ruined by the major bugs, freezes, glitches and crashes i experienced on my copy. it happened on my PC,ps3 and 360 copies so its not my system. This is a very crap game that does not deserve a sequel. If 4 gets made, it must not be developed by obsidian and not use that crap gamebryo engine. I cant even tell you how bad the DLC makes it. Its unplayable after 3 hours gameplay. its like it purposly freezes to tick you off! Expand
  8. Nov 16, 2011
    Fallout new vegas is a good game, basically if you loved fallout 3, you're getting more of that game with a vegas theme instead. A few good additions were added to, like weapon mods and companions.
  9. Aux
    Nov 20, 2011
    New Vegas Is basically a strongly enforced version of Fallout 3. The most amazing thing in the game is its connection to fallout 2. It so close that I was almost ready to quit because I knew what would happen, but the BAM a twist emerges and you become extremely excited. I was hesitant at the fact that there's was much less "socializing" between the main character and others. That's why I had to put down the score a bit, it's lack of characters to talk with. Its an RPG, I want to talk a lot. Besides that, great game. Totally worth buying. Expand
  10. Dec 6, 2011
    An open world RPG FPS. So much fun exploring and killing especially with the gore in this game :)
    Also unlike most RPG's if you are skilled enough or find good enough armor and weapons then you can go practically anywhere in the game with ease. Also it has such a lighthearted 1940's tone and is alot less serious than Fallout 3 (another fantastic game). The best part is that yo ucan easily
    change fov and spawn in stuff in this game, so if your bored (console or not) go on a killing spree >:) 10/10 Expand
  11. Jun 2, 2012
    I have never played the first fallouts, so I was always wondering why so many users didn't like fallout 3, which I enjoyed a lot.
    After playing NV however I realized why so many people hated F3. It was more a shooter than a RPG game like the first 2 ones.
    NV really made me to immerse with the world, with the politics, with the factions. My choices influenced the events, how the factions
    react toward me, what I can speak with someone or what I can not. I really enjoyed that I do really play a role in the game's world, that my actions really influence things around the world.

    I could even give a 10, but some bugs here and there and graphical glitches really stop me from doing that.
  12. Jan 7, 2012
    The game is a master piece, another master piece from Bethesda Game Studios.I sold this game, but today I'm going to get it again...
    The radios are good but could be better, the game-play is the same has Fallout 3, EPIC, vast world to investigate, 3 endings.
    Has many weapons to choose from, suits to wear and you can even created your own character.
    If you are a great Fallout fan you
    probably already have this game, but if you're new to the series you should start with this one. Expand
  13. Dec 26, 2011
    In my opinion, which shouldn't carry a lot of weight, Bethesda really nailed this one. The sheer number of things to do, whether doing all the many quests, or joining a faction, or even just exploring and collecting unique weapons. this game brought to you something Bethesda didn't do, something black isle did in the original 2 fallouts, it gave you choices, a good story, and fun, you dont have to use VATS to win, like in fallout 3, if you like aiming with guns, use the ironsights, makes it more fun, and even feels better to play with, instead of pausing the game every 2 seconds to aim at some guy trying to kill you, you can just aim at him and let it rip. then you get the DLC...4 of them, all with a great story, that all tie together in a little way with the original game, bethesda...i take my hat off to you, Great job. Expand
  14. Dec 31, 2011
    Welcome to Vegas. New Vegas.

    After Bethesda Successful Fallout 3, we all knew more sequels were coming, this time from Obisidian, Fallout New Vegas takes all the new features from Fallout 3 and adds a lot from the classic games, gameplay haves some addition, like the new Reputation System that replaces Karma, you can be both good and bad while helping an faction, also most of the dialogs
    you need skills, Traits came back and they are a good addition, you will only gain Perks each 2 levels, as in classic games too.

    The story kicks in and you will play as a Courier that got shot in the head while delivering an important item that you must recover, at the beginning it's good and old Vendetta as you pursue the guys who shot you, then you will discover how much important that item was and choose a faction to help and bring this item.

    It's a good game, better than Fallout 3 in my opinion, it feels more realistic as you won't find too much Sci-Fi stuff, it feels like Mad Max a lot.
  15. Dec 31, 2011
    I think obsidian is the top rpg creator game in our days. New vegas is deep, is dark and have a very nice story and a world open to explore. Very nice work, very nice game
  16. Jan 17, 2012
    Huge open world, much better than the original Fallout 3 in my opinion. The amount of mods available for this game is staggering, from graphical enhancements, to huge content packs. You could easily lose >50 hours in this game.
  17. Jan 10, 2012
    Although i do not find this game as interesting as fallout 3 i still highly recommend it to fans of Fallout 3. This game has a lot to do, from exploring, side quests and main quests. I do wish the Main story line was longer but with the exploring and other side quests, it made up for time. Graphically its not as good as other games such as Skyrim or Crysis 2 but it still looks good. I had no problems personally running this game although it has crashed on me twice in the 40 hours that have been played. If you like rpg's or Couldn't get enough of Fallout 3 you should buy this game. Expand
  18. Feb 5, 2012
    It is enjoyable if you can get it to work..
    Constant issues comes by as I play it, it lags sometimes when I walk around trying to load up areas, even if I lower the detail it does it, it's something wrong with the game, and since I own an ATI Radeon graphic card, there is no fix as I know of to fix it. (Don't say I have a bad computer, since I can play Skyrim fine on Medium settings, and
    Fallout 3 fine on High settings.) I own it both for Xbox and PC and it is really enjoyable when it works for PC. Good game, but with bugs. Expand
  19. Mar 3, 2012
    I was kinda disappointed with F3 since for me it lacked the soul of the earlier Fallout games. In F:NV the world feels lot more like Fallout 2 and even the story is kind of continuation from that. This game is must buy for Fallout fans.
  20. Feb 28, 2012
    I really enjoy this game. The reason I scored this at 8 rating because it has often lot of problems such as loading took long but really never take to game. It turn out glitches cause it but it really worth to play.
  21. Feb 8, 2012
    Are you looking for a good game .Just get this .10 X the fun of 3 .You WILL love it .From the smallest of geckos .To the largest of deathclaws .You will love this
  22. Oct 15, 2012
    Obsidian took Fallout 3 and learned from previous mistakes and really improved the game play and the story. And they returned fallout to it roots with a lot of very "Fallout" tongue in cheek humor. I'm really surprised that it doesn't rate at least as high as Fallout 3. Just the options provided by the modding community alone should give this game a 90+ rating. They really improved on what they provided for Fallout 3.

    I still fire it up to play just to try out the new mods.
  23. Mar 15, 2012
    This is one of the best "CRPGs" of this generation with interesting characters, a huge amount of choice in how you choose to complete quests and a world that feels alive and somewhat plausible. One problem the game does have is that with all four major DLC packs installed the level cap becomes so high that all your characters will become very similar and pretty much perfect at everything so I recommend that you download J.E Sawyer's mod for New Vegas from his website. Sawyer was a leading designer on this game and it really refines the combat and survival mechanics. For fans of the Fallout franchise this is the closest thing we're going to get to a sequel to Fallout 2. Expand
  24. Jan 1, 2013
    This is a 10/10 game while at first there were numerous bugs that would bring this to an 8 they have been corrected a long time ago. Personally The DLC is hit and miss but you can get it all for 20 bucks do not miss this game if you are a fallout fan.
  25. Mar 14, 2012
    Best game ever. Made me go buy Fallout 3 which showed me how wise they were in New Vegas to decrease the popcap minefields that they called the 'game map'. Only bad part about this game is that it ends - but its an amazing ride.
  26. Mar 15, 2012
    It started out with a few bugs but nothing they haven't fixed with patches or to game crushing. This game is awesome any true fallout or ES fan should buy and play.
  27. Mar 15, 2012
    Most depressing game world ever, and yet so full of life I want to live in it. This games adds to what makes Bethesda one of the best. I can never put their games down.
  28. Mar 15, 2012
    Absolutely loved this game, great characters and the continued great game-play of FO3. Few games really make me feel like I'm in a living breathing world as Fallout New Vegas has.
  29. Mar 15, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. thou shalt get that bonus huehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehue Expand
  30. Mar 15, 2012
    I am not a fan of the Fallout series. Its bland territories and reused story elements aren't appealing to me. However, New Vegas changed my stance on this. I loved the environment, reinvention/modernization of old factions along with new factions, the dreariness and hope that associated itself with the post-apocalyptic world. I keep loading up the game because I'm not bored or overwhelmed with the depressive nature of previous installments. It is alive and enjoyable. Expand
  31. Mar 15, 2012
    Honestly, it deserves a 0. It's not playable. We preordered the game and picked it up that day. Brought it home and what happens? Can't even play it. Fallout 3 was buggy. Yes, very buggy. But at it's core it was still an enjoyable game. New Vegas was so buggy we never even got past the first mission. We couldn't. Game would freeze, crash, everything. I've heard friends say that the Ps3 version was less buggy than the 360 version (which goes against reports I heard otherwise) but still, it's unplayable and for that reason it gets a 0. Expand
  32. Mar 15, 2012
    Great game with a decent difficulty curve. enjoyable atmosphere with many wonderful DLC expansions. the missions are kinda bland at times but overall great
  33. Mar 15, 2012
    Très bon jeu.. Bien meilleur que Fallout 3. L'esprit se rapproche fortement de Fallout et Fallout 2.
    La liberté d'action est très développée et nous permet de faire des choix moraux douteux, ou au contraire preux.
    A conseiller vivement pour ceux qui ne 'lont pas encore fait !
  34. Mar 15, 2012
    love it. super sexy funtime. great laughs had by all. much enthused. party all the time. party all the time and sometimes twice on the weekend. most excellent views of the bums and birds. ice cream cones for everyone and more to come for those amazing mens.
  35. Mar 17, 2012
    I was initially disappointed with the game, I thought it wasn't nearly as good as Fallout 3 on my first playthrough. But then I picked up the first three DLCs on Steam for cheap and decided to play it again and I realized how much I missed out on. Sure there wasn't the urban environment, but the RPG experience was on par with what I would expect from a Bethesda game. For those of you put off by the initially buggy experience, I assure you that the game has been patched since then and the DLC only goes to show what great support Obsidian has provided for this game. Mod support is fantastic as well for those of you that care. Expand
  36. Mar 17, 2012
    A fantastic romp through the post-apocalyptic wasteland; lots of player choice and a great deal of attention to detail throughout. Lots of enjoyable people to meet, locations to discover, and weapons to use. Obsidian added considerable content to the game through the DLC that followed, giving tons of content that you'll spend hundreds of hours exploring. The classic Fallout fun and humor is revived here, as well. Fantastic! Expand
  37. May 24, 2012
    Obsidian did what he could to patch up Bethesda's incompetence to develop proper Fallout game. Given what engine they worked with they did great job. SPECIAL and perk system rebalanced, moral choices are no longer just black&white but rather different shades of grey, writing is on higher level...etc. Many features I played first two games for are included as well as introducing some new, and unlike Fallout 3's added features they are not dumbing down the game. Game is still somehow limited given the engine and the fact that it's multiplatform. Fallout New Vegas is something Fallout 3 should be. A game worthy it's predecessors name. Expand
  38. Mar 25, 2012
    Games like this are a favorite of mine. While I wasn't exactly happy with the ending, nor a few of the characters endings, I have to rate this game highly. How many hours of enjoyment did I receive for the money spent? How many DLC or even mods will I be able to continue the fun? The bugs and patches sucked, and the fact that you could only play it on steam (while online) bothered me. However I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who loves open worlds, shooters, with rpg elements. Expand
  39. Mar 28, 2012
    This is a fantastic RPG, filled with memorable locations, characters, and great writing. There several ways to play the game, who to side with, and how that affects the outcome of your actions.

    Best Obsidian game yet.
  40. Mar 30, 2012
    The atmospheric post-apocalyptic setting of Fallout New Vegas has seen me rack up 150 hours of gameplay and I'm still nowhere near the end. The graphics are nothing great but OK, but that's not why we play this kind of thing, right? It's got what you'd expect from an Action/RPG - quests galore, skills and attributes, companions, a sprawling game world - but without the hackneyed medieval/Tolkein setting, which is a nice change. I really like the music on the radio too, although it gets somewhat repetitive after a while (too few tracks). Great fun to play and well worth the 20 smackeroos I paid for it. Expand
  41. Apr 3, 2012
    Not sure where to begin. I've spent many hours of my life paying this game (lol), but for those who haven't played it yet I'll do my best to introduce it in a concise manner. Before you play it though, I strongly recommend playing through Fallout 3 first. There is a learning curve to F:NV even after playing Fallout 3 and its DLCs in their entirety. New Vegas adds many new gameplay elements, such as the Companion Wheel (makes it easier to interact with Followers), "iron sights" for aiming weapons, more organized factions and the Reputation system (represents the player's relationship with factions in the game), reloading benches (for crafting ammo), a **** of new weapons, a reorganization of Skill types (Big Guns skill is dropped, Survival skill, which affects food and clothing recipes and their benefits, is introduced), and Skill level requirements for weapons. Like the post-apocalypse Washington D.C. area in Fallout 3, there are real-world locations in the Nevada/Mojave region. My overall suggestion for this game: Play it, but make sure you've played through Fallout 3 first. Expand
  42. Apr 9, 2012
    This game is a beautiful work of art. It's Fallout 3 done right.

    Bethesda may make a decent engine. Good-looking and full-of-holes. But they absolutely suck at storylines. Fallout 3 and Skyrim fail to captivate my imagination. The quests are boring, the story is mostly boring, only the background and concept is any decent -- something you should expect from engine designers. The
    glitches are numerous and there is an obvious lack-of-polish. However, relatively speaking, if Fallout 3 deserves a 91; this game certainly deserves a 100. Expand
  43. Apr 19, 2012
    one of the best games ever if it wernet for the bugs it be perfect its not about the shootings its more about how you want to play its like your world recommend for evreyone to play
  44. Apr 25, 2012
    First; I've never played any Fallout-game before Fallout 3. I really LOVED Fallout 3, and finished it multiple times - both on the PlayStation 3 and on the computer. I bought Fallout: New Vegas at 75% discount on Steam, and for that price it's a fantastic game. I probably played it around 30-35 hours, and when I got closer to the end I just wanted to finish the game. I probably won't ever pick the game up again, and I have to say it's a much bigger chance that I'll replay Fallout 3 than New Vegas. But still, it's a really polished and enjoyable game. I'd probably give it a 7,5/10, but since it's not possible here on Metacritic I decided to bump it up to 8/10. Expand
  45. Apr 28, 2012
    Fallout New Vegas was fantastic and was one of the best rpgs I have ever played. I do agree things with the bugs but if your computer crashes because of it, get a new one. And I know that Fallout New Vegas was really hardcore and realistic but this game is meant for serious players and Fallout 3 is meant for normal and casual gamers, this game's variety of factions, quests, wars, battles, maps, weapons, armour and companions just made this game perfect except for one thing, hardcore mode. The reason I can't rate this game 10 is because of hardore mode, sure you don't have to play it in hardcore mode (yet there is a achievement or trophy for beating the game on it) but playing hardcore mode is ridiculous where dehydration and starving is a problem yet almost everything will give you radiation poisoning, ammo counts as weight which is stupid, armor and weapons break down faster which is a recreation of Dead Island, etc. But this game is definitly a top 10 in my list for being a very cool realistic game where if you're bored with funny games, put this game in your pc or xbox or ps3 and get ready to actually die. Expand
  46. Apr 30, 2012
    48 hours in and my interest is waning. I have all the DLC and feel like it will never be over, so I stopped. Too much content is not normally a problem but in this case it doesn't compel me to continue. The game is definately worth a play, don't get me wrong. 48 hours is a fair investment for a busy person. The weapons are interesting and some of the storylines are great. The vista is stunning in some areas and overall it was a great experience. Definately an 8, if you have the time. Expand
  47. Aug 2, 2012
    Absolutely amazing. I have 14 hours in this game in two days. TWO DAYS. I have never played any video game so much. I've never really bought other RPG games for PC but this completely wowed me. This game is so fun and you will just lose track of time in the real world. The only real problem i have is the bugs in the game which really take away from the whole experience.
  48. Aug 8, 2013
    I just picked up FNV ultimate on summer sale, and my my, what a great game. I always liked Obsidian games; despite being buggy and having other issues, they are known for their great story and characters. However, in my opinion, FNV surpassed a lot of Obsidian games in that department.

    Simply put, FNV offers both quantity and quality. The quantity of high quality content in the game is
    unbelieveable. My first character has gone over 60 hours in the game, and is nowhere near done. Still quest lines are of very high quality. Most games are either shorter (like Witcher 2) or much of the content are of lower quality (Skyrim), I have never seen a game that offers both quantity and quality like this.

    Also, the difficult choices in this game can almost make games like Dragon Age Origins pale in comparison. Characters are of high quality as well.

    Downside is that it is a buggy game. However, I heard it is not much more buggy than Fallout 3.

    The combat also feels clunky if you are accustomed to games like CoD or at least Skyrim; but once I get used to this RPG/Shooter hybrid system I feel the combat is okay.

    Overall a great game that I feel deserves a 10. Surely it's got problems, but for such great quantity of high quality content, it deserves it.

    A note on bugs: install MMUE/NVEC. That takes care of a lot of bugs; secondly, if there's a loading loop-loop-loop, start a new game and load a save.
  49. Jun 18, 2012
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  50. Jun 23, 2012
    If you played Fallout 3, you will feel at home with this game. The user interface is exactly the same and the basic features are still there, but the similarities end here. In this game you lose a bit of the post-apocalyptic feel and instead embark on a western scenario with a bit of old-world touch to it. Several new features are added, like the several craftable items, ammo types, companion interaction (which is a big part of this game), mini-games and faction system. There's the new Hardcore Mode too, on which you will feel a more realistic scenario, being subjected to thirst, starvation and sleep deprivation and some other changes making you more of a survivor and less of a killing machine.

    Unfortunately the game is pretty straightforward, with no possibility to continue after the last battle, coupled with the lack of memorable landmarks, makes New Vegas a bit subpar for Fallout 3 fans. The plot could be a bit more ambitious too, with more emphasis on morally subjective quests and choices.

    PS: The DLCs are a must. Each one has a particular theme and new possibilities.
  51. Aug 9, 2012
    Seems to be complete garbage to me... the graphics are horrible, it's like playing half life 1, that is not exaggerating either. The acting is below par and the game is buggy.. I have an i7 560Ti and 8ghz ram.. on ultra settings this game looks like a big greasy something I just dropped in the toilet.

    Don't believe the other reviews. Fallout 3 wasnt any different. Probably were great
    games after playing pac man and asteroids though, I don't doubt that. Expand
  52. Jul 20, 2012
    This game was awesome man, played through it and it was very fun, though there were some problems, but sometimes you have to ignore the issues and look at the bright side.
  53. Aug 16, 2012
    It had great potential, it really did. But, if you don't like grey, cold vaults and an endless dusty Nevada - this game is not for you. The quests get boring after a while, it mainly seems like the same thing. Had nothing that The Elder Scrolls series had. I'll be honest, The Elder Scrolls: Arena (1994) was a better game than this.
  54. Aug 25, 2012
    I'v been as satisfied with new vegas as i was with fallout 3 or oblivion IV. I have played all the add-ons and i personally don't think they are a must. Sometimes buggy (game crash) with the steam version but not much. It lacks of buyable houses in game to display your findings like we are used to in other open world rpg's like those mentioned up top (oblivion for most ... 1 house per town) Fun mini-games of caravan (card game) and casino games. Had and still have fun playing this great game. Expand
  55. Sep 28, 2013
    Was a bit skeptic at first, being a great fan of the two original Fallout games. But after more than fifteen hours playing, it's nothing but a true revelation. Actually I had waited for a game like this one for so long now !

    It just feels like I saw only a very few of what it has to offer, in terms of locations, quests, characters, hidden secrets, and so on (and yet, I saw quite a lot),
    that I feel dizzy in front of all the possibilities that are offered to me. Offered I mean, never imposed. Because you are not caught by the hand, never. You make your own choices (which are numerous, and almost never simple to take ok, I would still have loved to have even more choices, but that's because I'm insatiable), you make your own way through this giant world, you decide to explore what you want, and often you'll be (happily) surprised by what will happen to you.

    I could still discourse for long about all the qualities of this game, the game system, the story, but if you're a big RPG fan like me, and you didn't try it yet, then wait no more, I don't know what you're still doing here
  56. Sep 28, 2012
    its all about the first fallout game you play. if you play fallout 3 first than you'd like it better, if you played new vegas first like i did you'd love it more. over all YOU MUST PLAY AT LEAST ONE OF THOSE MASTER PEACES!!
  57. Oct 31, 2012
    Great game by the makers of fallout 1 and 2.
    Lots of atmosphere.
    It is has a better crafting system then fallout 3 and is darker.
    There are no real good guys.
    Because war, war never changes.
    Great writing although some of the dialogue has to much exposition.
  58. May 20, 2013
    Great depth, interesting characters, quirky places and loads to discover, this is quite simply one of the best games I've ever finished.

    You can tell it was written by the guys who pretty much created the Fallout universe, as they fill it with love and care.
  59. Feb 14, 2013
    First off, I'll state my bias: I love Bethesda games. Oblivion, FO3, Skyrim, I loved the hell out of them. FONV is no different in my book, and I don't feel I need to go into what Bethesda does so well. Instead I'll say 2 things. The first is about Obsidian, the designers of this FO installment. They are a studio that, imo, has had a bit of a bum rap over their history. But I think FONV gives us a hint of just how great Obsidian really is. The writing is everything it needs, characters with personality and backstory, humour, tension, politics, twists. All the writing is just so rich. I'd even go as far to say that they overshadow Bethesda slightly. The second thing I would say is a comment about the infamous bugs. Ok, Bethesda games are buggy. But I think I can forgive them that for the sheer amount of content in the game. Is it really possible to develop a game that lasts 10 times more hours than a game of similar budget and not expect a little lack of polish? I tend to not think so, and I appreciate the level of polish they pull off nonetheless. If you like sandbox rpgs, you'll love Fallout New Vegas. Expand
  60. Dec 28, 2012
    Fallout: New Vegas is by far one of the best games I've ever played only surpassed by Fallout 1, 2 and 3. While Obsidian has done a marvelous job bringing locations like New Vegas, The Divide and the Big Empty to "life", I personally think that they feel rather dead compared to the post-war glory of eg. Washington in Fallout 3. It's a top-notch game though with a rich lore and interesting characters - woulnd't trade it for anything, well, maybe except for Fallout 4! Expand
  61. Mar 20, 2014
    There are a few drawbacks about the game that, i believe are overshadowed by it's greatness.
    Like Fallout 3, there is an immense amount to do in this game, arguably more than in the original fallout 3.

    The music is great, the quests again are strange and intriguing. It's added many more weapons and a more in-depth system in how you deal with factions of people. If you enjoyed the
    Fallout 3, then it's hard not to recommend this game. Though definitely worth it if it's your first in the Fallout series. Expand
  62. Dec 29, 2013
    This game is awesome I put 360 hours into this game. This is fantastic I've never felt more free in a game! From the get go you can go wherever and do whatever you like. You don't like the way he talks? he sounds too king in a scary world? No it's not invincible like in many other games they make characters invincible but not this game... However there are repercussions for your actions. This is what I love about the FO genre, Obsidian and Bethesda don't create the game around a linear story line /characters, what they do is they create a game that the player can play how they want to play it. Now they still have a story line so if you want to hear the whole story it's kind of linear in that sense. I never beat the game though and I didn't have to in order to enjoy it.. How did I enjoy it? Exploring, character progression, different play styles Melee weapons, fisted weapons, Energy weapons, bullet weapons, Sniper, Vats, I'm sure I'm missing something here this is just the top of my head. There are random events, random loot sacks from other (NPC) adventurers. Theres gore! which in my opinion adds a lot to the game, it adds to the awesomeness of the weaponry. I'd say in total there are probably around 150 total weapons give or take a couple, but there are different types of ammo in the game and this changes the damage, the feel, the look of the projectiles and the slow-mo cam destruction of the creature. This keeps the games combat feeling fresh. Going back to what I said earlier though about the game feeling free to do what you want. The NPC's react towards your decision making, unlike in many other FPS/RPG where many characters are invulnerable, killing NPC's in the game has a reaction from others this opens so much possibilities!!! It's like real life it's so complex!

    There are down sides to this game may never enjoy another RPG or shooter again! Seriously I can't play half life, the weapons bore me, no exploration, no secret stashes, all hand holding. I might've liked this type of style of shooter if I didn't play FallOut, I can't play Far Cry 3 because I feel like the weapons in the game are being spoon fed to me compared to Fallout where I can barter, loot, and find weapons and sometimes find "unique weapons", in many other RPG/shooters you can't go and play how you want to play it. This is the Fallout curse the only RPG's I can enjoy now are Skyrim and Rage other Bethesda/Obsidian products. Some might interpret it as a bad thing to have this "curse" but it's really not, I just experienced such a good game that other games can't come close. This game is a must have!! I recommend it to everybody who likes open world RPG's/Shooters
  63. Sep 4, 2013
    Boring, boring, boring. Thats the only thing i can think about this game when i play it. Its combat is slow and clunky, its missions are uninspired, and youll find yourself spending 80% of your time wandering the wasteland doing nothing. I guess im just not a fan of the Fallout series.
  64. Apr 2, 2013
    This game has an amazing, rich, explorable world that has many to offer. Every secondary quest seems meaningful and the reputation system is a great addition to its predecessor. Too bad that it has been released too early, and too bad that it has such a bad interface and combat mechanics. This is just for players that like great story and dialogue. For great fights, look elsewhere.
  65. Aug 5, 2013
    Although not as good as F3, New Vegas does come through in the end and make for a thrilling experience, it does everything just as good as F3 except for the story, which was lackluster, since the story didn't really blow my mind away, it gets 2 points less than F3.
  66. May 19, 2013
    Fallout new vegas is an overall success its asically faloout 3 expanded and its just brilliant i didnt play fallout 3 but after getting Fallout new vegas I really do want to nowin a heinz sight just get this game really this is how awesome it is
  67. Jun 3, 2013
    This game deserves a solid 10. Jam packed with story, choices, comedies, creatures and weapons, Fallout: New Vegas is a perfect blend of RPG and FPS. There are a ton of game play and video glitches but it is well worth it. My favourite game of all time!
  68. AWG
    Aug 15, 2013
    I couldn't get myself to appreciate this game. Map is ridiculous, Italian localization is atrocious and above all there is no tutorial. I guess long-time Fallout players loved this one but if you're a new one (as I was) you have no idea about what's going on for most of the time. Also, graphics is horrible. That's a shame because the story sounds interesting but there are too much design flaws.
  69. Jun 14, 2013
    This is REAL fallout I expected. Fallout's identity is post-post apocalypse game, which tells us story of rising factions and rebuilding society after nuclear war. Fallout 3 was just common post apocalypse game. I think there is just one defect in this game. Ending of this game, especially Lonesome Road DLC was not very good. But overall, this is really good game and I recommend this game strongly. Expand
  70. Aug 9, 2013
    Fallout 3 did a much better job on this althought it's worth some free time if you are bored and want to waste your life.
    I give this game a bad rating. waste of time
  71. Aug 2, 2013
    Bought this on steam, running on a clean pc, no mods, no nothing. After about 30 hours there are occasional crashes. After about 40 hours, a lot more crashes. Then on top of that it becomes impossible to load my saves, I get stuck at the loading screen loopdeloopdeloop.
  72. Jul 27, 2013
    It manages to capture Fallout I and II spirit far better than FO3. Bethesda should learn, not everything is about saving the world.
    A game for explorers and people who like good stories.
    Far better than FO3.
  73. Aug 28, 2013
    Fun on the first and second play through, but it get's a little boring after that, not as many locations like F3, mainly because F:NV is mostly desert areas. But the companions, weapons, and stories make up for that, and also the modding community. This is probably best if you have a higher-end computer, I have a decent computer and I still face many issues, I went in and I think it was mostly because of all the scripts and actions due to the four different sides you can choose. Expand
  74. Sep 2, 2013
    In terms of game enjoyability, I give it an 8.7. It has a great story and gives you a lot of freedom to write your own backstory, and heavily improves on Fallout 3's system by adding more perks and true ironsights.

    As a standalone game, this shouldn't even get a 5. If you're expecting the transition between Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas to be similar to how it was between Oblivion and
    Skyrim, bury that thought. It frustrated me that New Vegas' weapons, engine, and game mechanics were essentially recycled from Fallout 3. I understand that there were time constraints, but making a shinier version of an already-released game (which is what most of the sports games and CoDs are doing at this point) is not an impressive feat.

    Not to mention, the game is incomplete. There are so many bug fixes that are needed, and luckily, most of those come from mods. With that being said, I reach yet another gigantic problem that no mod will be able to fix. The save issue.

    The reason why I enjoy the new Fallouts so much is because of the open world and the vast amount of things to do besides the story. Therefore, a playthrough can easily swallow dozens (even more than a hundred) hours. The problem with New Vegas is the fact that, in addition to the many bugs that flaw the game, the saves get bigger. It's not noticeable at first, but after a while, quicksaving will freeze up the game for a few moments. For a while, you won't pay it any mind, but after a few hundred saves, you'll know what I'm talking about. The game will become extremely sluggish. It will crash very often. It will take nearly five seconds to open your pip boy. And it keeps getting worse with every save until you give up on the playthrough. Mods tend to speed up this process, unfortunately, by adding more data to the game.

    Overall, I give the game a 65/100. Obsidian should have had more time, so-to make a better product that could have lived up to its predecessor, Fallout 3, but due to time constraints, all they could do was simply build on Fallout 3's system, which is very disappointing for a gamer coming off Fallout 3 and enjoying it a ton.

    Buy Fallout 3 instead. A lot of times, I tend to disagree with game critics, but in terms of these two games, critics are correct. Fallout New Vegas is *okay*, but Fallout 3 is a lot better.
  75. Feb 7, 2014
    If you want to see the real RPG this game is for you. From the first running till the last you play this game with interest. There are lots of quests, guns, texts, items, awesome situations. Fallout 3 was real piece of **** compare with this game.
  76. Sep 17, 2013
    After Fallout 3 was not the game I expected, and didn't came true to the real Fallout experience this game did it better. The atmosphere is true to the originals. It's not as good as Fallout 1 & 2 but I would prefer it all day before Fallout 3.
  77. Sep 27, 2013
    great game you could spend a whole week nonstop playing and you'd still have fun things to do in the game. The only real problem is that there's a mechanic with the companion where if u equip them with weapons or bombs they randomly drop them resulting in your huge treasure trove of weaponizes suddenly disappearing without you noticing. The morale/relationship system and better story writing makes this game better then it's predecessor by far The game even features a hardcore mode with perma death on your companions and requiring you to constantly eat which is great for those who want a challenge Expand
  78. Oct 5, 2013
    One of the best Action-RPG of last years. Perfect atmosphere of post-apocalyptic world, huge amount of interesting quest, NPC's and enemies. Unfortunately, there is some annoying technical issues and bugs, but in spite of this it's must play game.
  79. Nov 7, 2013
    If we were going on gameplay alone, this would easily get an 8 or even a 9, but there are huge problems. Positives 1. The gameplay is spectacular. You feel powerful once you get to levelling up and there are few builds that make it virtually impossible to complete 2. I like the soundtrack selection this time around. A nice mix of what you'd expect from Fallout 3 with a western tinge. Nice.

    3. Voice acting is mostly good (except Matthew Perry as Benny, who seems to be incapable of emoting)

    4. The story is one of the strongest in a Bethesda published game, bolstered by the undeniable writing talent of the Obsidian team

    Now for negatives

    1. For their writing talent, Obsidian doesn't seem to have good QA. Their games always seem to have major bugs and this game is NO exception. characters randomly disappear, objectives sometimes point the wrong way, saving too much freezes the game (a real problem in an RPG) and the game at times just feels incomplete. It's hard to recommend a game like this when the game is so buggy. And I know there's fan patches and unofficial mods, but I shouldn't have to tell you "You can play this but oh you need to download a mod made by a fan"

    2. Some of the DLC just straight up sucks. Lonesome Road and Old World Blues are awesome, don't get me wrong. Gun Runner's Arsenal just seems like stuff they had to cut at first to meet deadline. Honest Hearts has a good premise but is kind of boring. And Dead Money? F that one. Here's an idea: Take a game series noted for it's open-world and make you go through a linear pseudo-stealth mission to teach you about "the evils of greed".

    It's flawed, so if you don't like your games bugged out, avoid it, but otherwise, I'd still give it a try.
  80. Nov 8, 2013
    Fallout New Vegas is an extraordinary game on the PC. It has an incredible main story line with very well made side quests. The modding capabilities on the PC for this game in particular are amazing; you can find all kinds of lore friendly mods as well as mods that do not even go with the game. All the mods are free at Aside from the modding capabilities; Fallout New Vegas also has real world weapon designs as well as character customization. Fallout New Vegas is a very old western themed RPG with radio stations to go with that theme. The genres of music that are played go from Big Jazz Bands to Old Style Bluegrass. The genre expands even further with DLC packs. Adding all the DLC pack unlocks unique weapons and armor as well as quests and an expanded genre of music such as Swing Bands. Fallout New Vegas is my absolute favorite RPG game, and I recommend it to people all the time. Share my joy and grab a copy of The Complete Edition. Expand
  81. Nov 11, 2013
    One of the best games available from Bethesda, it has a lot of back story and a beautiful symphony of characters and story. Over all Fallout 3's story was better, but New Vegas's is not bad, and has a better combat system, great game, gamers from every genre will find something in this game.
  82. Dec 27, 2013
    I didn't see as many major improvements over Fallout 3 here as I would have liked, the main story was definitely fun to follow, and an increase in length of the optional stories made them more fun to follow.
  83. Jan 13, 2014
    The sixth installment in my favorite game series is an amazing game developed by Bethesda. With fantastic gameplay and amazing storyline, this game gives an extraordinary amount of game hours. The landscape is amazing and a great competition to the previous installment. However, even though it is more polished than Fallout 3, I found that I didn't enjoy it as much, but still worth playing.
  84. Jan 1, 2014
    The game has a few bugs but they don't take away from the overall experience. The story is exceptional and the RPG elements are fantastic. The only thing the next Fallout games has to do is fix it's it bug and and graphics because every thing New Vegas has done it does right.
  85. Jan 6, 2014
    I’ve played and replayed this game many many times. I keep coming back to it purely because people keep raving about it, and I keep thinking, based on that, that there has to be something I’m missing. There has to be some quality in it I’m just not getting. Now I think I can safely judge why people go out of their way to claim that it’s good: They WANT it to be good. They can see that this is the shell of a great game. But that is the big problem. It’s just a shell, hollow inside when you look inside.

    New Vegas is a complete developmental screwup. Everything that is important to the primary/important content, the factions and New Vegas and the plot, was stupidly deprioritized in favor of stuffing the game with frivolous irrelevant sidequests. It’s hard to process just how bad the content prioritization and presentation is. The making of easily cut content like the Boomers, Thorn, Jacobstown, rocket ghouls, etc, came at the cost of desperately needed faction quests and fleshing out. The entire main questline is padded with these sidequests to stretch it out, only ending up emphasizing how little you connect or get involved with the character and the factions. The Faction “system” is really just deciding which questgiver you want to receive your nearly identical selection of mandatory sidequests from. The reputation system is basically pointless, rarely amounting to anything other then NPC banter.

    People claim the writing is great, I found it dull and uninspired. The dialogue options are bland and soulless, clearly designed for a blank slate character and not one with actual personality. NPC quality varys greatly but tend to suffer from directionless voice acting. I’ve heard characters talk about their squadmates being raped in the same tone they use to complain about patrolling the Mojave. Not even kidding. The writing in the DLCs is pretty weak to boot, with Old World Blues actually being surprisingly involving and funny to boot while Lonesome Road may have the most incompetent, full of crap, and definitionally pretentious writing I’ve even seen in a RPG, outside of a Mass Effect sequel. Pains me to think one of Planescape:Torment’s writers was involved in that dreck.

    The world map is awfully designed, offering no incentive to explore what is ultimately a linear doughnut dotted with invisible walls, uninteresting and unrewarding locations, NO random encounters, and amateurly placed blatant progression Many things that worked fine in the previous game, like the radio and VATS, were and still are broken and glitchy. While I liked how there were more skill/stat checks, most of the other added features like ammo types (which were bugged at launch. Pretty sure they were bugged in the first two Fallouts too. How do you not learn how to program that in twenty years?) are easily forgotten. And I don’t think I need to bring out how buggy it is. Suffice to say the public had made it clear that it is utter unacceptable to ship a game with this amount of game-breaking and save-wiping glitches.

    The sad thing is that it’s clear that this game could have been good, even great, if it had been developed properly. And it’s even sadder that people feel the need to overrate it based on the standard of games this developer made twenty years ago, or worse based on what the game COULD have been like rather then what it IS. It doesn’t hold up to other RPGs. It doesn’t even hold up to other Obsidian games. New Vegas is, sadly, a weak unfulfilling game and a weak unfulfilling RPG.
  86. Mar 13, 2014
    great game even if there are bugs its story is a vast improvement over fallout 3. I think I have replayed this game over 15 times to try to get every ending possible. I find fallout new vegas incredibly addicting and it is definitely on my top 10 list
  87. Jul 2, 2011
    Utterly amazing game, if you expected Obsidian to re-invent the wheel that was Fallout 3 you will be sadly dissapointed. Despite this they have managed to tweak the games mostly for the better but at it's core it's just more Fallout 3, and when you consider what a brilliant game that was it's not necesarily a bad thing.

    However seeing how it essentially the same game with a differant
    story I urge you to pick up Fallout 3 if you are new to the series as it can be found in stores or online for about half the price. Expand
  88. Jan 16, 2011
    A very impressive game, addicting too. There is alot of quests to do and the only flaw about this game is the travelling, it takes too long and there should be some vehicles or something to make you run alot faster. There isnt much of a storyline... You're meant to deliver a package but you get betrayed and shot in the head. You get revived by a doctor and you seek out revenge to kill Benny (your killer) Expand
  89. Dec 19, 2010
    Great fun. Perhaps even more so than Fallout 3 itself. I played it two months after release and even after two major patches, I still experienced two quest-stopping bugs. Then there were other times when quests were just downright confusing. Also, crashes to desktop were fairly common. Obviously will need a couple more patches until it's near perfect. However, even with those bugs, this game has a lot going for it. There's tons of story and interesting places to explore (it's not all either wasteland or sewers as in FO3). The weapons and combat are enjoyable, particularly with the new iron sights, weapon mods, and unique weapons. The iron sights don't take you out of the action as much as the VATS does. There's a lot more perks and companions plus each companion has a unique perk, so there's a lot of different RPG and tactical elements to play around with. Also, I love Weapon Repair Kits for repairing those hard to find weapons. Expand
  90. Dec 16, 2010
    This Game has gotten a mixed comment with me. It is a typical FALLOUT game, and a such has a great reception with me. The bugs aren't noteworthy as STEAM sorts them all out and i haven't encountered any. The fact that there is no play without Internet is bad, but the additions and all the faithful exploring makes me glad that this game was brought to the public as it is one great RPG.
  91. Jan 29, 2011
    This is an enjoyable game. Its focus on the wasteland, rather than on the player's character's daddy issues make it very true to the originals. The wasteland also is built in a way to direct not so obsessive players in the right directions, minimizing random deaths. There are tech issues, but with a few hacks they never took away from my experience (thanks to the brains of community). What I'd like to see next time is more mysteries being revealed, as for now some of the plot elements are very strong at start, but feel like could have been expanded into epic side-quests, such as the solar power station could have added a bit more juice to the plot. In overall, worth one hell of a play-through. Expand
  92. Xyz
    Nov 19, 2010
    If you played Fallout 1 & 2 and liked them, and you played Fallout 3 and didn't like it because of its weak storytelling and atmosphere this is the game for you. This one brings the atmosphere and story that we all enjoyed in first two instances and combines them with gameplay dynamics of the third. Some say its just like Fallout 3, but I say it's not. It's got the soul of the first two parts, and technology of the third (Which isn't perfect, but it's still playable). Now, the only thing that prevents it from getting a perfect 10 are the bugs... They are plentiful, none gamebreaking, but funkillers all of them... So, with a few (possibly more than a few) patches this could be the greatest singleplayer experience ever... This way, its just a reminder of how gaming industry is just that, and industry... Oh, where are those good times when games were made BY GAMERS... FOR GAMERS Expand
  93. Jun 18, 2012
    To me, the most stunning part of this game is the DLC. Not that you can't have a bunch of fun without it. It's just super fun to explore the new dynamics. Highly recommend Old World Blues and Honest Hearts
  94. Nov 13, 2010
    Saying that this game is less than extraordinary would be a lie, that is, in terms of "RPG and action" that game is an epic, the game has it all: freedom, good story, game-play and an extraordinary game system, which is very similar to Fallout 3 (for players over time), but of course the game is not perfect, it has some glitches and bugs, but this is a very weak reason not to try this game, which will surely epoch. Expand
  95. Nov 15, 2010
    A true Fallout Fan, such as me, would not care if only a few changes were made from Fallout 3, this isn't Fallout 4, but it's still a new expansion and addition, with a lot of changes in the engine, it's still a little buggy, but it's a great RPG game, and far more enhanced than Fallout 3, great storyline + sidequests keep you entertained for hours.
  96. Nov 16, 2010
    Overall, this is a very good game. Decent storyline, tons of things to do, plenty of factions to work with, people to manipulate, and treasures to uncover. In a lot of ways it's what Fallout 3 should have been. The problem is, that while much needed depth and actual challenge (thank you so much for hardcore mode) was added to the uninspired and painfully exploitable Fallout 3, the price is even more bugs and stagnation in some pretty important areas. The shooting mechanics are no better than they were, and the bugs are many and varied. I've seen lots of mobs stuck inside the ground frantically trying to get out and I've had to load a game from 3 saves earlier to avoid a massive and recurring game ending crash. It might help to think of Fallout 3 as an alpha version of this, which would be the beta version. I'm still waiting on the finished product. Expand
  97. Nov 26, 2010
    Multo excellente amigos!
    Blackjack, hookers, cyberpunk, bargain & bang-bang V.A.T.S.
    Nice time-eater 4 adult gamer. So "bite my shiny metall ass!"
  98. Nov 26, 2010
    I would give this game a 6.5, unfortunatly we being users cant have that option, anyway. The gameplay and enviroment is basicaly the exact same of fallout 3, with vast role playing element improvements. I noticed many upgrades to it and many problems. Their had been far too many glitches in this game to even believe that it was finished being made. It should have waited another 2 or 3 months before a release. I felt that the companions and impact on the wasteland was very well made, but found the ai dumber but with far too much health. They put too much content in this game wich i think was a good and bad thing, they neglected on the gamplay and major bugs in the game, while focusing soley on weaposn and armor unfortunatly, it should have been better Expand
  99. Dec 5, 2010
    I understand many of the concerns raised by other reviewers however that said Fallout NV is still a great game and offers good value for money due to the hours and hours of game-play provided by the main story line and side quests. There are graphical glitches and oddly disappearing/re-appearing objects but after a while you don't really notice them. I would recommend this to any RPG player.
  100. Dec 20, 2010
    A good game, solid and entertaining. The factions were a nice change from Fallout 3. The introduction of weapon mods was an expected relief; they were one of the things Fallout 3 lacked. Character-wise the story was still quite dry but an improvement; less sappy than the father/child relationship that flowed through F' 3 with some nice role reversals as the player gains the upper hand in the latter parts of the game. Also a return to skills influencing quests and characters in ways not seen since Fallout 2.
    No noticeable bugs in my playthroughs; in fact it ran quite a bit smoother than F' 3.
    Nasty new enemies. More weapons. Memorable places and events. Add in the inevitable extra content which will eventually become available for purchase and fan mods it will be a very time consuming and pleasant experience for any gamer who likes RPGs or first person shooters.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 39 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 36 out of 39
  2. Negative: 0 out of 39
  1. May 27, 2011
    Quotation forthcoming.
  2. Apr 21, 2011
    Despite Obsidian's fan-service, Fallout: New Vegas is a heaping pile of bugs.
  3. Mar 18, 2011
    Fallout: New Vegas looks like an Add On to Fallout 3, but that should not mean, that it's a copy of its forerunner. It scores with an great atmosphere, nice story and all the typical and awesome Fallout features.